Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 23, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1907
Page 5
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! West&TKt, IoIa,(.bne^ block' frotn -j i ^narel Pisease ^tipf domestictited ||^ aoraaltsiiccef^sfully treated .charges idf^en^igoodbokstallsforpatients PI; Calls aibswercd promptly night or f|: day, 20; years experience. Veterin- IV ary Dentistry a specialty. rrmnkS,BetLUie, If. S. Honor Graduate of Ontario Veter- j inary College. Prop. I Hospital Pbone 1068 Res. Phone 139 1 ITS ictbry.PhoohTOBt li .-J r-/^ Remember:the opening at J. W. Coffey's Jewelry store Sept. 24, 1907, from 8 to 10; MISS NRLLFE Pow?ra left thJa n:omlng for her home In Chanute. Shf. has been playing here for tho VaiiflPtfe moviiJK piptiirp show. I'OR HRNT—Four N'clsrin F. Arors. ronni rnitacf. When you think of Wall Paper Remember, we have V a nice line of real bargains.: Patterns which are de*irab]e . arid pricea which are right. Come in and tee them. . Don'! forirrt '*TJic Flowrr of the Hiiiirh" ut Uie (Jrond theott-r tonlsrht. TOM nOI.r.A.M), nicht chief ilis- l.r.irh"^!- ;ii ChnniiK? was In ihf rify :i sliiiri lime IIIIK morning. .1. V. Tanner. lIcenNoiI anrtlonorr nnil sale i-rler, .lO.'i North .Menea. Gas Clfy. nishwnshor wantod at the Our Way TOM HYDR left tU!s morninB for j Knasas Ciiy on legal business. He, will • rcin.-'in ihere for some time. Uc in possession of tfie tiraiftt we say In plain wofds that no one in tnis town can sell as good coffee as Afbtickles^ Atiosa foi» as little money# A Indiaaa Wonai t«ll« ttoit Was MaNerrd. SPENCER'S Pure Apple Cider Vinegar can be had at Claiborne's mill. Phone 19.'.. r >piiverf>d tn nny nart nf the oify. .\. \V. niCCK l>-.ft|thiT; afternoon for Kr'.o where he will F. V. Crouch ill .focurin.c; ihi> rest of ihe ris^ht-of-wa.'- for th.-^ Kansas Southern Klectric Rail way company, which is to be built b.>- tween tliir- ciiy ami I'iitsburff. Kansas L. R. STA.VLRV i .f ihis ciiy lia.s teen appointed receiver I'nr Mr. Reod- 4>r. a Petrolia merchant, who has fjoiie into voluntary hankriiii;ry. Tlie ap- ; -Jioialmeni was piade by tlie federal ' i'.m^ at Fort S<!oit. .Mr. .'^lanley aii- ,|)ointed Kd.ijar Freenian and Ross •Prentice of this city and .Mr. Kiiidor- '^MlJck of Petrolia appraisers of the j litiick. They went nvi -r it yesterday ' viind filed their report wiili him today. Chaniite Tribune. Wanted—Kverybody to know that 1 W. p. Kelley & Son have moved their i transfer and storage olUce to 211 ! South Washinsfon. Ofllce and Day Phone L".iO. Residence and night I 'hone 17. THE CITY well on the YoiinK sir'i\ will be broiii^ht in the first part ^.f tliis wei .1;. >rrs. fnntrell. riiono m:. Misbranded and niake-believe Mocha and Java, or coffee sold loose out of a bag or a bin, is not as good value for the money,' nor can it be sold at as narrow profit, nor reach the consumer under as favorable conditions. When you buy Arbuckles' Ariosa Coffee you get more than 16 net OZ3. of straight, wholesome Brazilian coffee from the largest; coffee firm in the world, with that' firm's direct assurance that they are giving you the best coffee in the world for the money. Aimt 't.KI.K Il !10.=5.. N \v.- .Yoil; C 'Ui. We write insurance on Threahlng Machlnei;. R. M. Cunningham. \ CUUJ was born Saturday niulu 'o .Mr. anil .Mrs. W. I. I.esll.-. of .Vorrh I IWaltiul street. Don't forpel "The Flower of the rKanch" at the Gnind thenter tenlirht.; (.AVK N.VMK TO CIT OF BEEF. How the Famonx Porterhouse Came to He So Termed. Ar .J.F.Jameisan, qnallfled Teterla. | arJan, Dont'Iai Bros. Sam. Pbone 13. 1 - O.VE Ht'.XbRnD aiVl twenty s.'ven i 'Ma p.-'oiilf. went.oiv Mie (xcnrs'.i.ti ID Kansas City over the .Missouri r.-: rlfic yc-iii'iilay. The ^rain left 1..': :;i ' .-.flt-lFi and the reiurnlti.u train r. ;u- "d •;Iola this mornins iI: just :'l .'hotir.s lai.r. The lola-people repmi .jji :.exr^ent Time.. On almost every bill of fare Ir- se.-n the words '•porterliouse steak." .Vow ii!o,>i| pi .-)i )k' l;uow what a )iorler. Imiise steak Is, havinp; on some nccas- iiiii ejiti'ii one. or at least a piece of 'leef that Willi liy dial nani:>. Imt lew .Koide know liow (lie name Itsi.lf or-f;- iliatec). Years ajjo thei'e was a hotel near Harcard I'liiversliy U."-))! by a r an nameil Porter. Soon this tavern lii.-nnie famous for its viands, especia! WILL IIOLII T«0 ELEfTIOVS. I'otfeyvllle to Vote on Bond Issue and Commisfilon Government. CoffeyvlUe, Sspt. 2:'.. —.\ccording to il:.' way in which the various pcti- i:<.ns were filed it was necessary for .M.'.-or .J. II. ^Mllco.x under the election i; ivs to call two sejiarate elections •10 voie on two liond Issues and on a eiiiiiiiiission-plan of Kovernment. 'I'lie mayor c.';anKe<l the orlsina! eall .111 (1 I he eleet'on to voote mi a fS-l.-'OO .-ihool l)c)ii'l projiosition and a %"<),• I 'lin rall :-ii :t(l bond Issue will be hebl oil Teiisday, Oclob:>r IT), while the election to vote on tlie adoption of the {•o.niiilssion plan of povernment will l>< lielil on Tuesday. November Hth. V.tlDETTE THE.tTEK CLOSED. .Miinii<;enien( Is WnlthiK to Know Oul- eonie of .Suit. • >^'ilcr Barber College. Kansas City. | ly for its cuts of meats. The siranser ""o. Teaches the trade by free clinic | :-:o;iii:iia iliere for a meal and not faiid careful Instructions in few weeks.' Utiowlnf; evaetly what to order would Poslfloris waiting: for everybody who' li.. advi.-eil liy liis genial best. .Mr , .MBS. BK.VDFORD TO HOSPIT.VL. IVIfe of .MIeired JunV Thief In fritlcnl Cnndltinn. The Vaudette Movlnp picture theatre last niBht closed its doors for about a week, or until somclhlng definite is l?arned with regard to their suit which'Is pendinB In the district roiirl of .Mien c^onniy with B. P. Fuller It lias been found advlsahle to t'or a lime at least. Wlien tin, Vaudelle ojiens again it r-|ll be n full fledK >d vaudeville house Willi eevry eiiuipment which makes an up-to-date vamleville theatre. A stai^e will he. built and if everythinp! u found sat'.sfaclory the floor will be'^d and other alterations made in tlie building. .As a closint; program, the manape- nienl secured Ihe services of the I ; win learn. Write for particulars. of. jt .7. A. TlTnOl.ES, who was f.iini j clerk for the Spencer Drup St:,r'. • this city, is here froni Denver. Coloia- | ; do^or a .short visit wiili liiv old iiiend.-; ' -Mr. Tui^gles is eiuploy.'.) in ;i -nm store in Denver." Dont. foreef "Tlie .Flower of the Ranrh" at the Grand thi'iiter tou!(:ht.! I 'l 'ii; r. Ill order a steak. So Rocid V. ••r< bis steaks tliat travelers often [ Roof Harden orchr.stra of Channte. ."Ir... ilariy f.radford. wife of Harry , This- orch'^sira pl.iyed the entire eve- I'li'.dionl -.vlio must answer to the, sjioUe of them and gradually liej ,M :i i-h.irKe of bavins: stolen copper from | •<) refer to tlieni as the "steal; von ?ei Mie lida Portland Cement company.. a. P.iners house. • From that' i, was ''^''>P I'O-spi^.l Ihi.s morning ."!ly ill a very critical condition. Mrs. Hrad- a >'i..M iii,:e iiiiiil they wen. re- ,•„,.,, ,,„. „f „i,„.,p^„ years of f'rred in ;m the "porlerhoiise .s|e;il<.' am- and is Kufferiii;; from fever. Il is, I siiiee !hen l)U!ch.-rs all over the conn- ^"-'l '1"" ^''<' ""t ''ad the liest of I , .- . . .1, - „.i,-„i. ''»re. Af-er her husband was arrested try hav.. I.-,:, i out th., way in v^hich in,,,.^pdpj ^-i,,, ,,„„r com- Mr. Port -r eu. his fp .nnus steok and mi.ssioner in her behalf and the coun- hnve been niak;n!i ti.e cuts then: ly sent her to the hosjiiial. Dr. Beji.oIds .JPl ,one 52«. Res. i • ?::„'^?::!^^:::'^1. L "' FRKn '^I^ER Who was very eucei;. :\!iss Powers sang exception- v.-ell last evijiintr. beinar accom- p:t\ied by th.^ orclieslra. ((l.MEBT .\T P.VRK. Roberts' • Ir P.;£. Wanph, DentlRt Phone IK>. j- Office Qrcr ^Drrell 's Drag Store. P^rlns your old Ingrain carpets and 1 have (hem made into beautiful be Only li-;n--- the r. e:vfil all ovri : ;t.i-.:i'h at;o ili^ Band Entertained Crowd Yesterday. Lnrjfe oi i Por:er rugs. I 1:1'W Hou?e •.v;'s iiiovi 1 liacl: lo niake r<K ni fnr a of ti'ii 'iiienr !io ^:.=ec III.TI ar<lie;:.! Irpl! in <";.in: iif it i:i with tyjdioid fever, is n'ported iiiiich be- ter today. Don't foriret "The Flower of the Riinrh" nt (he tirand thenter tonlcht. Wdrk while others rest. Win through sheer energy. The greatest energy-producing food made from wheat is Uneeda Biscuit the perfect soda cracker. 5» Rober;s concur; band of this city, rendered another entertaining concert ai Ihe Electric ptirl: yesterday afternoon. Th;' day was a delightful one for both young and old to gather and bsten to the music and it was not ov- rrlo'iked, as then, was a largo crowd ixi atten'lance. The following pro- f-iam was rendered: .March. ••^Yith Flyns Colors." Cruger Selection. "W.-tng" Jforse Dance of th3 Nile Maidens... I.,osey .MeriU.y. 'Tndian Maiden"' MIssnl (Porto Rican Dance Missiil A Olcain of Heaven, ".Medley" Fluton March Selected ( lUBfH RE.ME.MBEBS BO.VTKIGHT Christian Conirreitutlon Gnre fhoir Choir Leuder Fine Baton'. /« moisture and dust proof packages. NATIONAL BISCUIT CO.MPANY As a mark of appreciation for his servl.'os as leader of the choir, the inemberB of the Christian church yesterday gave A. li. Boat right a beautiful baton. The baton is an especially fine one. being of fine wood. Inlaid with ivory and pearls and Is .sliver monnled. It also has the leader's In- liialH engraved upon It. Mr. Boat- lishi has cood reason to be proud of il both for its value and motive that prompted its Iicing jiresented him. MRS. I:NICR Gregg, who was operated upon at the hospital some time ago. Is r.-ported as much bettcx and it is expected that she will be able 01 leave (he hospital In a few days Retrlster lYant Ads., le • ITord. You had better look up that iV£W 9WT All the new shades and colorings Don't delay. Cfie Baitlay SAieltts Clothing JC( THE 8T0BE THAT SATISFIES. Richmond, Ind., Sciit. 23.—Turner Ipo, of Farmers, Rowan county, Ky., Is charged with the killing of Senator William Goebel, of Kentucky, In an affidavit by Mrs. Lulu Clark, which was publl8h ?d exclusively today by the Richmond E^'enlng Item. The affidavit was sworn to Inst April in the litw ofllces of ex-Oovernor W. Tny lor. of Kentucky. .Mrs. Clarke, whose maiden name was I.ulu Williams, lived at the time of the Go.^bel mnrder at .Mount Stor I'ng. K.v. She has a cousin named Gcr- trade King, who then lived at Mays vine. Ky. Miss King was nt that tlmn according to the affidavit, "keeping company," with John Sanford of Covington. Ky., a son of an attorney who was killed by Wlllllam Goebel In a fight I nCovIngton some years ago. Tl :e fi.ght was the re.sult of a political Tiinrrel. Mrs. Cl-ark swears that on the da; oebel was murdered, she and hejr cousin. Miss King, wen to Frankfori Ky.. and that they started to ent tl .e state house by the rear entrance WThile on the steps a shot was fired. .At the same time th.°y noticed a man sianding just inside the door whom they recognized as Sanford. In a minute a .second man came running out of the building, dressed like a moiin- Mineer and earrylm? a rlUa. Ho ran to Sanford and satd: '7 got the •" That man was recognized by the affiant as her friend, Turner Igo, of Farmers. Rowan county, Ky. Both men ran out of the building o a fence, where Sfjiford gave a pair of shoes which he was carrying to Igo who exchanged his boots lor them The men then disappeared. The affiant states that Igo told her a: the Mount Sterling depot on Jan nary 2.5, 1900, that he was going to kill Goebel. and that she saw him af terwards nt Jeffersonville, Ind., nad that he reminded her that he had fu filled his promise. She also ftays that Sanford had told flertrude King a few days prior to (ioebel's murder that he Intended to kill Goebel, sayslng: "Here is my chance to get revenge The legislature has met." The Evening Item also publishes correspondence between Caleb Pow ers and the per.son.s who .secured IJio .iflldavlt. and afterwards Investigated its allegations for •erlflcatlon, showing that the expenses for the Information gained were paid from the Pow ers defense fund. Threatened to Get Even. Cincinnati, C, Sept. 23.—The John Sanford mentioned in '^•ohmnU Ii.d., dispatch is a .son or me lale ,\t torney Sanford, who was killed by Vailiam Goebel. Goebel was acquitted but young Sanford was many times Quoted as threatening to "get even and has even been suspected of the murder, although direct evidence was lacking. His mother, wife of ^he dead man. Is at present In a sadltoriuro her mind having given way under the strain. Young Sanford has not been a; home for about two. years. He Is understood to have gone to China, and is now somewhere in the far East. Told Tarlor Three Tears Ajro. Indianapolis, Ind., Sept 23.—W. S Taylor could not be found today to verify the statements In the dispatch from Richmond. The Clark woman formerly lived here and was a brakeman's wife. They were divorced. It Is said, two years ago.. Three years ago Mrs. Clark told her story of the Goebel murder to an Ipdiannpolis newspaper man, who carried it to Governor Taylor, who took her deposition. The story was not imbllshed, as Governor Taylor feared jiubllcatlon at that time might make verification impossible and he hoped to locate the woman who was with .Mrs. CInrk. Preliminary to the first tr.'al of Caleb Powars, friends of the secretary of 8tnt3 sought to establish the fact that .lohn Sanford was In Frankfort on the day of the shooting, hut efforts to establish this failed. A force of men were - put' to work this rooming repairing two breaks In the water mains which resulted from the heavy pressure being put pn last night when the fire alarm was given. Both of the breaks were on Madison avenue and under the pavement. The fire fs said to have caused ahont 13 damage but the cost to the city will be 15 times that much. The cost or repairing the breaks In the water mains, tearing up pavement and put- ling It back again and pay for the flro department, will be a large .imount. The man working on the street say that It Is not an uncommon thing for the water mains to break when the heavy fire pressure Is pUfc on. GRADIITG FOR SWITCH. Preliminary TTork on Carlyle Plants Has Began. Twelve or fourteen teams were put at work this morning grading lor the new switch to the new brick plant f« which Is to be built at,CariyIe.'j|!^T the first work that has been done toward starting real work on the plant and Carlyle people are: feeling good or account of active work on the plant having begun. This morning a force of men were also put at work clearing off tfie ground which Is to be the location of the lumber yard and Mr. Wolf the Lumber yard manager Is today locating the corner stone for the yard. CAPTAIN JOLIFF DEAD. Foneral of Lincoln Park Resident Held Yesterday Afternoon. Captain R. W. Jolltf, a former captain In the civil war and a resident of Lincoln park, died yesterday morning at 4 o'clock after a long illness,' The funeral occurred yesterday aftem)x>n at 4:30 and was held from thev residence with Rev. Harkness, pastor of the East lola church In charge. Interment took place In the lola cemetery. Captain Jollft was tiom in IlllnolB. but later moved to Bourbon county and four years ago. moved to lola. He was 83 years of age at the time cf deaht. He leaves four sons, a!i residrjita of lola and two dangh- ters. Beglster Wait Ada Brtaf Bert/Ob . TO RELEASE A MORTGAGE. Ilanrey Lonfrsliore Brongrht Salt to Clear Title on Land. Harvey Longshore brought suit In district court today to release a mortgage on tw^enty acres of land near Geneva and thus clear the title. The suit is directed against Nelson Reuben Powell and his heirs. It is alleged that in 1873 that Daniel Hester and wife gave the defendants a mortgage on the land and that the mortgage was later paid but not released. He asks the court to release the mortgage and quiet the title. MRS. J. J. SMITHERS DEAD. Funeral of Mother and an Tomorrow. InOint Mrs. J. J. Smithers dl^ Saturday evening at her home near the Neosho river. Her death was preceded Just a few hours by the edath of her infant child. The funeral services are to be held Tuesday morning at La Harpe and the Interment will take place in the Moran cemetery. \n SoBtb Tr«8hIagtoii.-Heno 111. #7. S. GILFILLAH, General Coatnetor. Flagstone and Cement Sldewalka anl Curbing a Specialty. . OffiM 115 £«rt jMkSOB kl», PkiiM m. Tdnight! ,, i»resents'; '..7, and JOSEl^l^llCi|l^^ In this season's sinj^-^ dons snccesa(> ^ A western play ^ifc^ , Books, lyrics and • tnuic bf Joseph B. Howftrd .^nfpii ^Dtt^ wondrously 'beanfifHtr^'oc^, tnmes ever shown."; -yX 60 . PKOPUt - 6il 2 - Carloads Scebeiy - 2 JO'NiOHT Gllmore's: Players iPre«nt ' "Han W Panky Cards" "Grandpa's Vacation." "Stolen by Gypsies" "Cure for Lanfbago" Clianf^e of Pictures eacb dajr^.^ Two Illnstnited Songs TTitli Each Show. Open from 3 to £ & 7 to 10 p.iii. >Yest Madbon. Admission 5e. Thm Auim ammmgm JtmfMdr Shop Agents Reglsteir Want Ids BrlasrBMalti.; Solves the Problem If you want to give the bride something she'll value, take a pridi in and find continually useful—wouldn't a Libbey cut glass- bowl,' pitcher or some other character of cut ^lass articled be very welcome by her? Largest stock of Jewelry and Silverware in Allen Co. Mo. P^Cn Santa Fo and M. K. k. T; Watch Inspectors. aod er A Grant! IMsjplay of all Up-to-Date Mniinery. Ladies' Street and Dress Hats, Children's Hats and Caps, ija- dies are invited to inspect our stock. MRS. E. PEFLV, MILLINERY PARLOR 108i Bast Madison. ••.-«ft-f i->,i,B •,vv.-«r :!t. Opposite Marr'ir B «kerjr ^

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