Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 5, 1908
Page 2
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JL% KdSTUBUP, PmMeit r. irofitHBUF, TlccPrnMeat rupl^ 9. ir. XOBTHSVP, tU TIM -Kwt' atib^al V. r. IBTEKE8TPAID •• tIM|ll>BF0SII8 liiMllwy far tfci md StttM BiUbllshed 1869 Stiti if IlBMl mm^ [ illM CMBty Mut llfik ii mil b. 1. L. liRIJXBAU«H. Cuklcl. MEiTUr PBOKK, Assn Cstlli*. $1,200,000 Men's and Young Men's Suits and Overcoats at prices that cannot be met by any local competitor. You can save fijpm $3.00 to $5.00 on each Suit and Over Coat you bijy now. OHA>D OPEMMJ OF Fall Clothing Sale Hiiudrrds «f new fine suMs n-ady f<ir j - your luHprotloii MKX'S SI ITS AT $4 .H.l. • A .flno of ('lievK)t ami C 'ii<k1- mcrf Suits usiitilly sold for ITTiii. At our'glKHptlc fall' »i 'l<' MEN'S SlITS AT $7.Si>. Nicf fancy WorstpJ ami Clu-vint. both 111 single and dinilili' liit-asli-il, reBular 110.00 yaliius. At our uU;aiiiU' fall oiienlng sale «7.a.->. , MO'S SUTS AT mT .'i.. A variety of Worsted and Ca .-slnK 'i e Suits in all tho newest shades, a most wonderful suit for the money: sold the world over for $12.ri0 to $ir..Ou. At car gigantic fall opening sale 3IE >:S SriTS AT i !?12.."»0 A handsome tailored, well trlmni«'d and nicely made in worsted and cliev ioi' or cassimere. single or double breasted, well worth SKJ .r.O. At <jiir gigantic fall opening sale' f si ITS AT $I4.7.->.. There are Suits fully worth J20. At our gigantic fall oneiiing sale .$14.7.5 Tho OlPbrated, AVell Known "I" System Clothing • These clothes are^ hand tailored, made and cut ac- cniiliui; U) the latest fashion. Wi- tan show them in all the Inie.-t prcvailinj; shades. These art- the othcs you liavt- bresi lookins for. Suits well worth f2." and S.W. At our gisantic Ka'.l Open- in;; sale CraVanettes Th < is a verv •jtyllfh and full length watei iroof coat, fori.ierly J 12 .00.' At our J Iganilc full opening sale: suitable ^or all i^easuns $}).7.1 ME\S CKAVKNETTES AT }i ;r*.,'iO Think of it. a genuine I 'rel.stley Haln Coat, I stylish and trimmed up to date, in bl|ick and fancy, regularly sold at $li;.At oiir fa:i opeiiliig Eale" W rXDEKWEAR. A heavy flee.ce lined garment fully ".'ij. during our gigantic fall worth .1 Gper" ll.ii Ea'.e A superior quality heavy fleeced and ,i(ibbed garment, at your mercy. leKularly sold at I'n: duringiour gi- gantirl A !• er sw .«ale ML HATS AT m.Hr* V Mat well made up. with leath-. t hand, in the latest styles and regular li.r.i) hat. At our gi=an^tc opening sale ^at shadeli. a BOY'S .sriTs. • Boy's' Splendid Wool Knee Pant Suit, with extra knicker- bocker pant' to match, in. all sizes, regular $4.00 seller; during our gigantic o|iealng sale m\S' K>EE I'A.NTS AT t»."»<^ One lot of Knee Pants In al! {izp.-; and shades, the uc <|uallty. at our gigantic fa!! opening sale SmokelOLABOQSfER Gossip of Society jweij; is a Juvenile party on Thupday level ing for young pi-ople of the Tiiit Jreth«r«n church. The host am iss will he .Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E . and the guests will come w^ar •hildren's suits and frocks. Thin i^? first soirial of ihe fall anil will „ , • Ml I ! roliahly be largely attended. ,; FLOWERS. , i .'liMeiiA'. For the present it will be a i| a a .% Tl,e wind flower and the violet, theyj fedeiaiion of domestic scienc- depait-j j Aid Society. perished long ago, jm.nls of the various fhicago \Vom-| .pj,,. ^j,, ^„^^,.^y Vnited Bre And the briar rose and the orchils, en's clubs, but plans already ar- un- o! urch will have the regular • hos ;.Ma: ing the died amid the summer glow; un-' j.der way for extending the scheme' •But on the hill the goldeiirod, and ^ iliroughout the TnitOd .«tat.s. Coun^e:-, • the aster in tlTe •wood. j'^vjll be given in the making of clothes.; And the vellow sunflower by the cooking, household economies and, ii 'i -eiin-j on Thursday atternoon at the ' br^ok In atitumn beauty stood, i I — 1^8 Angeles Times. I • * I For Domestic Science. general houst-ki'ep^ng. Dr. .lulia! Solmes Smith will 'act as t«mporaty , i,. p;,.^, .M. E. church ""wiirmei^ pre .si .Ient .intil a permanent a:.s«cia ,1^ j_ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ; tion is formed.—Topeka .lournal. • + * Missionary Meeting. mbers of the Missionary society . At a Union meeting he4d Thtfrsday at the JLeague clult/ln Ciicaso rejjre- * • * : Aid Meeting Today. BentatlVes of a number of Chicagol The Aid society of the Christian w6man's clubs gathered for the pur-church is having a special buslnes:!,' jWedjiesday. A' program appropriate I to itiv occasion will be given, i + * + Business Meeting. Alt members of the Aid societv of pose of founding an institute of do-'meeting this afternoon. Tlie purpose tlie Jlethodlst church are requesteil to mestic science, which ultimately, it Is is to arrange for mea!s to be .served,be present at a session 1 nthe church planned.-will he a national organi/a- at noon on Friday and Saturday for at lliree o'clock tomorrow afternoon, tlbn' a^llated with the fieneral Fed- those wdio will attend the synod of Busi|iieKs relative to the preliminary eriatio of Women's clubs. the Presbyterian cliiirch. The meaM work The organization will ^e known as will ''<' served in the I.a.-emeni of the the 'Associated Clubs of llrdduate Optician! i One omnoi be loo c«refu1 Yvben the eycH are nHectetl. The bMt Optician 1 M nooe too ,i[Ood at lucu a time. On cou< liultlDg our Qtadiiate Opdciati iioN arc amtircd tliat you ate ^eating witli a man o' ycatH oi experisncie Domestic above named clnircli. In addition to I the business meeting today the usual , work of thi- society for the week will j hi' done. '> •^ Dinner Party. .Ml. mill Mi'N. Frank Hlxhy entertain• d Willi n family dinner parly on 8Mt- iiiilii> •veiiliiK In ciiinplliiieiit lo Mr. itiid .Mm, ChiiK Hm.iid * * * To Ottawa. A Int'Ki'-iiilinhot; of the liieinlKMK of |» .V A raiyp I'isi wIM go to Oiln- ^wii, nil I'l'ldiilv, 10 lie pri'Keiit at Ihe liililiitlou of n clnh.i of ten meinbers. •Thi' ill III team Is pran Icing iodny In be ready lo nsslct wllh the rerenion- le.<< on Friday. *• + Social Evening on Thur«day. i Ainbng the enterl&lQmentii for peo pie of (^urcb. QOci«t|es daring ithe slater, \ of the yi-ar will he dl.^ciissed. + • * Daughter Born. M |. and .Mrs. Claude Stewart an the iiarentK of a daughter born early lodar. Mrs. Stewart will be reniein- herejl by many fr (<'iidK as . MU h .Maude Funk! of .Moran. I + <• +• j: Dyke Builders, Tli!^> nyke nullderti- club of l.ltlle lliilliierH' rhnpel will lave iheir iiM-inl MieetlliiK lonlKht. <• * + Aid Soeltty Matting. ThjO Alil sorl<tlj' of the First nap- list liiiiirli will ineet on Thurtilay nf- lernrlin at the home of Mrs. Rarnh CrlglUr, :;il' North S.vcninoro sireot. * * + Visit Slater. <Mlijji Marie Mliner and .Miss I.nclle Huck b are going to Kansas City to- da yt|^ bettie gueats of tbx tatter 's Qui Vive Club. Miss Bertha Swigart will be hostess of the Qui Vive club of the i Presbyterian churc :i on Wednesday aftemooD. + + • Auto Trip, llr. and Mrs. H. Hobart. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Howland. Miss l^na LOTA and .Miss Evelyn Howland enjoyed an automobile- trip to Woodson county yesterday. The day was spent at the country home of C. P. Diver. * + • Mrs. QUI Coming. Mrs. Roy GUI. of Webb City, will be here this week to be the guest of .Mrs. May Curan. * • •> Visit in Kansas City. .Miss Kate Guyer will spenil a vacation with her sister Mrs. B. E. Allison in Kansas City and attend the carnival. * * + Mrs. Allison Leaves. Mr.", n. E. Allison of Kansas City has returned home after a brief visit with her mother. .Mrs. Gnyer. •> • • Returned to Emporia. MLs? I.iiclle ITngllsh returned to Emporia yesteiday after a visit with her parents. .Mr. and .Mrs. A. C. English. + <• + From Pleaaanton. .Miss Lutie Evans is home from an e.ttendeii visit with relatives in Pleasanton. + * •> Mr. and Mrs. Ammerman Here. Mr. and Mrs. .Melvin Ammerman otj Fort Srott. are t^e guests of relatives here. V * 'V Miss Horton Home. Miss Ethel Horton has retnmed from a visit to Independence. Sapnipa and other towns. •5- + * Mu^ic :CluK There wfTI be a icalled meeting of the Ladies' Music club at the residence of Mrs. O. T. I.aOrange tomorrow.- The hour of half-past two has been named. T * * To Kansas City. .Mr. and .Mrs. H. A. Richardson and their children. Xellle. Flora and Homer will spend part of the week in Kansas Citv fo see the carnival. > + * + Is Pallas Athene. Miss Elizabeth McKnIght who will be remembered by a large number of acquaintances as having visited Miss Lora Cooper here at Intervals when the latter made her home in Iida has been chosen as rallas Athene for the carnival in Kansas City this week. The Star contains thes<> paragraphs in their story of .Miss McKnlghf.-' Several succeedinsr years she has appeared to take part and three years ago s'.ie was pronioK'tl to the position of atteiitlant to I'allas Athene. This at the age of lit years, she appeared as a candidate for the throne of I'allas Athene itself. The committee announced yesteniay that shf had won the prize and .would wear the crown and the gown with the long \ra\n. Sh.e was horn in Kansas City and is a grailuale of the Central high -ehool. Recently she rt 'turned from a summer's, stay in Boston where she studied voice culture. Her ambition Is to sing in public. Mi.«s .McKnIght has bliii' eyes, brown wavy hair and .she is tall. Her height of live feet and eight inches will lend statellness and ilignity to her reign as Pallas Attene. Her mother formerly sang In concerts and recitals In Bos'^in and she has appeared in public In Kansas City. The daughter has amhl ion and vivacity which she displays in her smiles and conversation. .Mis.< McKnIght was chosen from a number of candidates for the jilace Of all the young women who came before the Inspection of the commit t<'e sle excelled fn meeting its re qnlrenients. There was a bit of re­ gret in her victory Iiecause it meant tliat she bad graduated from t|h Priesti of Pallas a ^d that this was* her last year for participation, in tie aunuall festivities. ' *•!• Give Two Entertainments. .Mrs. P. S. .Mitcliell and Mrs. E. Champion are giving two aifternoon events this week which promise to be especially elaborate and pleasant and the most Important bn the social calendar for the week. ;ard party on V.'ediesday and a tea on Friday afiernoor. both entertain ments to occur at the Champion home • • • |-> Exchange Siiiccessful. The li'xchange salt of cooked fooil which ladies of Tri lity chdrch con ducted ,iit the Brigha u hardware store on Saturday was especially successful and the treasury tc which the proceeds were added was enlarged through the patronage of the congregation and numeroiiii ffle'n3s of the church. • + •!• I Willing W>rkers. .Mrs. J. M. Ma.son is entertaining the Willing Workers of tlie First M. E cturchj today. Thisj Is a group of the class Mrs There will he,a young girls who attejid .Mason has in the Sunday school and the meetings are to plan charitable work and social pleas ui^s for the win- jter. I + + -p. Club Dahce. The kclipse club *ill give a dance on the I approaching f'riday night in Masonic hall. jThis is the Hrst of the season's schedule. ' ! +* + Visit SiAter. Mrs. JAddie Rose, ^f Denver., Colo, is here for a visit with her sister. Mrs. Al Ellis. •> • * ; Postpone Meeting The meeting of the! P. E. O. chapter which \ias announced for tomorrow- will not! occur. Mrs; W. T. Watson was to liave entertained. i • • 4 i Visited Girl Friends. Miss JEdna Brlngle. of Texarkana, and Miss- Ethel Diners of Xeosho Falls were guests of Miss Cora Klein and -Miss Xettie Brigham yesterday. 1 •> j Visit Mrs. Crangle. Mrs. Sadie Lewis, j of Hutchinson, arrives today to be the of Mr. and -Mrs. W. R. Crangle for a short time. 1 I To Kansas City. Mr. and .Mrs. C. .T. Balliett left early today for a pleasure visifin . Kansas City. • + + + prom Colorado Springs. Mr.s. Harriet Chase and Mi.-^s Dora Chase of; Colorado Springs, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Osborne. I <• -> Mr. and Mrs; F. V Kerr and .Mr. and Mrs.; Frank Serve; enjoyed an excursion to Owl Cree;. fifteen miles from this city yestonlay for a pirnlc. The trip was maile iti an automobile. 4- ADOPT ('0 >.STlTrTIO\. High Srhool Athletic Assoeiation C.eX Busy. TSi WA.NTED—.Manager for Xewl Hranch of our business here in tola. Write promptly, with refbrences. The .Morris Wholesale House. Cincinnati. Ohi .i WAXTED—.Men to learn : barber trade, few weeks required, best p:n- ;ug work within the reach of |m>oi man. can have .shop with sniall|capital wages from $1L' to SJ'i week^l.v. wonderful demand for barbers, ealalosue mailed free. .Moler City. .Mo. Bart ler ; .College. WANTriJ—.Men at the Ktitisis Portland Cement Plant; night isliift. Appy at Concreto. j WANTED—lohi property jto ev- change for Kansas and .Missouri" land. Golden West Land Co. Ofllce over Iowa Store. lola. Kas. WA.VTEU—.\ iirst class sal ^iman to *ell our teas, coffee-i and specialties direct to the con.sumer In and around tola. A good paying biisinessito right parties. Write or call on the (Jrand Union. Tea Co., 704 Kansas Avenue. Topeka, Kas. 8ALES.MEX & AGENTS—« $ ( $50.00 pi>r week and over can be made selling New Campaign Xovelties from t:ow until election. Sells to Stores; County Fairs, Picnics and Private t^milles. Complete line of samples, charges pre- pai d' for 50c. 0 rder toda.v. CII1CAGO XOTELTY CO.. 60 Wabasb Ave.. Chicago. j FOR TRADE— Some sheep for fresh cow. Phone n.sS 2-1. FOR RENT. SALE OR TRADE— Eighty acres improved, f. miles west of lola. Will trade for rental iiroperty Address or Cataract ho lola. Business Ditectoty, • • DK. 3IILDRE0 CURTIS • Physician, and Surgeon. • • OfBce over Uu-rell's Drug Store • • Otncc Phone r.u4. • • Residence 214 E. Jackson • • Phone 569. • DRS. REID £ REID, • Physicians'' and Surgeons. * X-Ray and. Electrical Appliances. Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat. !• Office Phone 3B7; Rea. 396. " • i DK. 3IC.UILLEX, • Special attention given: to the • treatment of all Chronic Diseaa- • es and Diseases of Children. • Telephones: Offlc.ft 32. Res. 232. • Office over liiirre^l's Drug Store • . » West .Madison. Phone 687. Rea. 70|. DK. 0. L. COX, ; :Eye, Ear, Xose and Throat. , jSpectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. BIdg. Offlca Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 406 DR. R. O. CHRISTIAIf Pbysk-Ian and Sorgeon Rooms 7 and 8. Evans BIdg. • • • FOR RE.\T—Kiiniished rooms: 212 West .Madison. FOR UE.\T—Five room lious»-. quire 303 West >tree;. In- FOR KE.\T—Three fm ni .-iV .ed $8.00: 22S North Tl: : • FOR RKN'l'—Si.\ . . - a location and neighboii;..i.d. it; "S-'l North Sycamore. Inquire 704 Xqrth St. FOR RENT—S.x room house with or without barn. Close in. Phone 24S». PX)R RENT—Furnished rooms: G04 North .leCfcrson. fDJ9 tXOHAHBE \ ItJK riCADI-: Kipiiiy in t»<>; house fi;r teaiii. .\iiilie<s H. .\. R':--^!-i -;i. R. U. 2. lola. .VIso three room h'"!!-e for rent. P. n. MARTcr, • Surgery and Diseases of • Women. • Office and Residence Phone 576 * Office' 7 North Jefferson. • JEWELR9. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable leweler. no East Street. Lodge Directory KKI6IITS OF PITHIAS.—Neoaha Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. VIsIUng brothers invited. W. S. Thompson, B. C. Chris Ritter. K. of R. tnd S. TO LO .\.\'--$.''>.U00 priviiie money on farm land at a per cent.—I .-i !a Ljind Co. £057 FOUND TNEESOUIMO eats blubber. The liimbermen eat pork. .The Norwegian fishermen live oh cod liver oil. These people'are constantly exposed to cold and physical strain. Experience has taught them that fatty foods give warmth and nourisliment. For those who have cold and thin bodies, or are threatened with consumption or any wasting disease, there is no fat In so digestible and palatable a form as Scott's Emulsion Ptiyslcians prcscrtbe it. pira fai whkh li jwpean. mmt aAlratt and fnr XoamM* U m« of it^ertr'^s a i« tion. flOOn-*BOWN<.40M ^8Mitltortrd| 7. At Ihe meeting of the executive I board of the Alien County .\thleiic nf.- sociatlon held-last Saturday afternoon the by-laws governing the association was passed. Nothing else of importance was considered. The board will meet again next Saturday for tho purpose of arranging the schedule ) of athletic events for the year. Officers of the as.soclatlon will be electc ^d at this meeting also. The by-laws passed by the board follows: The constitution and by-laws of the Allen County .Mhletic association. Article I. The association shall bo known as the Athletic As.soclailon o the Allen County High Sch»K >l. Art. 2. The object.-* of the as.tocia •.ion are: To lead to A more per.^ona participation In ont-door exercise; to give zest by creuling u friendly rivalry and t(» give u better opiMirtnnity for instilling Kehdol spirit and high UleaU. .'\rt. ::. "The assoclmloii nhull be roinpoKed of thoiie high Hchl>o:^ o (he coiiiiiy un shull elect ri 'prexent.i 'Ives on lliv exueiillve iMiuid iiiid lo itubiirrlbe to the terini* Of ihU loiifctl- tilllon. Art. 4, The vxeeiiilve iKiurd xhall he ciinipoHetl of two nieiiiherM from eitrh Meh(M)l, one a Hliident eleeieil by he sehiMil. lhi> other a ineiiiber of the faculty. Art. Ti. The oxociiilve board »hnll elert It 's own officers, I. r.. prenldent, vice president. corresiHtndlng secretary and recording »pcretary-lreas- urer. Art. fi. The executive hoaid shall hare full control .of and flnul jurisdiction of tbe affairs of the associa- ooooooboooooooooo o O H. r. WEAR. b O WlrJiita, Kansas. O O WESTF.R.N LA.VDS it K INCHES 0 O ' For Sale or Trade. O O $a.00 au Acre. Up. O i o • o OOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOO KMGIITS OF MACCABEESi— Knigbts of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Ilal!. second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. | "J. W. Postwalt. commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. Vi. 0. W.-Camp No. 101 meets 1 In K. of P. Hall everv Friday night tW. T. Steele. C. C. .\. W. Davis.. Clerk Visitors cordially Invited. ~M. \\. A.-The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night In li. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. P. a Cotneld. V. C. W.A. Cowan. Clerk. KOTAL >'KI (;]IR0IU >l.— lola Camp .Vo. 36.\ Royal Nelghliors. meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. F. ^A. Wagner, oraclai Mrs. Mary Hutton. 413 West Streei Recorder. Elegibintjr to take pan in OUR TELEPHONE is constantly ringing these days. September, you know. Is the time to have 'the summer d ~rt cleaned 'JUt of carpets. We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. lOLA RUG FACTORY PfcMfi ue. ' FRATEKXAL BROTUEBHOOb.— Fraternal nrotherhood No. 380 meets second and foiirth Thursday of each month in A. 6. U. W. Hall. VlalUng members cordially Invited. W. H. Anderson, precident; Golda Elam. aecre- Urr. track evenis and tenuis shall be governed by the A III let ic board of i!ie KanAUH I'nlverhliy Uuse ball shall l>e conirolled by Ihe aHhoi-latlon provldi-d ihut if the pending report of the n.iii- lillllee on high school atlileiii-h adopted It hliall govei u. Art S ThU roii^llliilliiii xbiill be eoiiKblered operallM- when tidopli'il by repi'eHellinllvii of the MchooU llieellnt^ fur lliMl pii^poKC. Signed JtMIN W HUOWN. A. I DECKER. I,. II. \"i 'ISirAUI). : Coinnilltee. To T «i «lir) III Oklahoma.' The sheriff's office this morning received a subpoena to be served on Ed McHugh who is wanle4i as a w^inc.-<s in the i;ase of the state vs. George. Jacki ^n jn Guymomn, Texas county. Okiahonui.' COLONIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA OLD MEXICO THE , NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA ON' SALE Sept. 1st to Oct. 31 St Ask fur Full Informatloi. €;P/Hale»Agt. 1 K

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