Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 23, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1907
Page 4
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CHCULATION 4,00a' TIUIMONM. •u^acmrrioN RATKS. In l«I^MQu^Ctty, UnyoiivlBt ..X* .M TMr.....» W.H my RtalL Twr, ia ad «uiM... 9iM. Mtatba, la mdvHUM... tLM. " ia advaBM..., .44 •1 IMa. XanaaA Poatofflea, at BatM Mai* Knowa aa Ay pUeaUoB. OmCUl PAFEB, GITT OF BAS- y SET. ' AMOCIATBD PRBM. TIN lola 0 Uiy R«iii«tar is a iMmbar et •kt AMoalC*d Pr «M aaa RacalvM thi My lapart < f that araat newt organlta- "HI far •» lualva Aftimoon Pubticatlor « OS SECOND TUOUGUT. : JkBOtheiUiTIew of tbe Ulrl Que^itloii. A woman friend of this departniciit who alga* hersell "Kxpcrifnce" has offered the followiiiK view couceruing Ihe girl who went oui lo senice: "Tbe story of the girl wlio went out to work started out all rlghi and r^ad like tbe real thing that has been run- aing in various niagazincs. I was .luite Interested until I found iliat 'side grandmother excuse fur leaving Then It was all off. In my experience of all these many years with many girls, 99 per cent give tlie sickness at home excuse. , Almost alway.s U is 'jnother' who: Is sick with "grandma' running a close second. In graiid- nia's' case she is usually going to die. word" for It, the girl was siring^ you on a good part of the story. '• "Esperfence'* writes .entertainingly out she quite misses the i>oini of the ftory. The question as lo wliy the girl left or what e.xcuse she gave has nq bearing' on the matter. The emphasized J^int in her e.xcuse is this: |Iere was "a well educated, well bred, refined young woman, thoroughly i)ro- Scient as cook and housekeeper, who under stress of circnmstaiucs went ptit to ser%-ice. She ))ut on no airs ^d did her work capably and uccept- |\>1y. She was overworkml. jiivcu l>ed and fare at which^ a well bred dug would tuni up his nose, and treated With studied Insolence by the family which employed her. This is a free country and she didn't need an excuse to enable her to quit her i)laco. And being a lady In the belter sense of the term she would not have stooped ID falsehood to separate herself from tlu' bousehol^^'bich she could have left 4t any time of her own free will. The experience of 'Expcrleucc' proves that her own help has been recruited IVom that incapable ijiid ineillclent class tt-bich goes out to sei-vice becanse it 16 incapable and; inelhcicnt and which ^ades unpleasant situations wiiji "d.v- i|ig grandmother" stories because it tias neither the courage nur the moral perception which Impels the well bred young woman, to face them with the truth. The point made in the story of •fThe Girl \Vho Went Out to ScKice" t^nds unassailed. No really cai>able. efficient girl will, go out to dfiuiestic service because from the moment she floes-so she is trejited as an inferior Ittrson. Aa to the girl's story, the T «ritcr liappens to know that it was the absolute and exact truth. iMnskogee Red is in town. Have you oald jWr semi-annual assess- mient? From -whom are you Sliem. Ham or Japhct? descend^ gather from the appearance of ' bis whiskers that Artist Barle uses a fertilizer. • tMiile Senator Bailey succeeded in defeating the effort to turn his picture to the wail, we notice that a good deal] of dtist has accumulated ou the frame. The King of Slam is taking fourteen daahnnds ohme. Here is hoping he likes them so well that he will come back and get all the others. r-, Stensland is trying to get out of the penitentiary. Stensland is the man. yon will now recall, whom you had for gotten about , - i While the womA are very clever, we notice that none of them has been able to do much withj the banana, i There are some tilings we do not nnderstand. One of them is why! a dog prefers the hard lipor beside the kitchen range to a soft cotich any- wbtre.else. Bishop Potter says it's safer to thlak'tbanto speak. That being the i -case..Bi8bbp P.ootter *8 courage cannot i be qnestiODed. . Uke all tbe Best OoL F. 8. Savage who recently made "? • rvyage firpm Galveston to New York. ^-Barp be wasn't seasick a minute on -j Ihe'trip. vjCol. Savage is like all the rjreit .'B?«jry man claims he doesn't :^^sesaldtaod that bis hair was once tthl^ abd^bDshy. • UDorontaaent note: iJohn G. Cooper. \ Trb» boM tiUberto ibeen on a jwrty line 2. -vilf baVe^n. t>rivi|te telephone nut Iti. ' Ki^if9c9^P«i^-is doi^Uese proceedlmt on uripnttMiny-lbMt a ^eacb of hrom- fwmtt Ji^'prira^ telephone tells no «;'l>rirBt^ tetei eiir'i^l i»t*!erS»^r Ibe ate of rfL ;;ja 'aiaB^*lives in by noticing whetbee be refers to:it M the ter" or tbe "opery liouse." Priscilla Gaston recently had an increase in salary amounting to about $IG a month. Priscilla has already planned ways to spend a sum which the extra $15 a month wouldn't aggregate In,eighty years. Life's ©bay Wblrl at IJalesbunr. Prom the Galesbnrg Enterprise. Seems as though Centerville Items have went astray. .Mr. Albert Shaw went to Parsons Saturday to have his eyes worked ou. The boys from here was well repre- scuted at the sale at Thayer Sattirday. Lee Moore bought a Jet black Indian pony. Father Castle hud the nii.sfortune of cutting off a part' of his index finger a while back. W. H. Morltz has been having his spring wagon mended. Mr. Roy Ponnelly got thrown off of his horse Thursday and got his arm thrown out of place. M'. H. .Morltz took some chickens lo Parsons Tuesday. . S. F. Engle traded for a broncho last week. An Exclusive Jewelry Store Opening .\round a newspaper olHce the man who is hated worst is the «me given the job of parceling out the circus tickets. We have noticed that if a man really likes a wottian it doesn't tnake any difference to him whether she pads or not. You doubtless think your woiU is pretty hard Ever try tu get a healthy boy uji in the luornina'/ You have doubtless noticed that the man who wrote the novel, "nread and Cheese and Kisses." put the kisses in It. the right place. Kell foulest Closes. The belt contest conducted by ilie Sabotlia Herald close*! last week. The priee for th<» best job of keepiitg his trousers np with a belt went lo a Sabetha contestant. Jimmy Stewart. Ihe Topeka boy entered by this department, was given honorable menticm. \s the prizewinner is not only a Sabetha man, but is also a heavy adver- iser in the Heralil we make no bones of saying there is somethitig suspicions about the reward. We claim iminy Setwart is the champion of Kan sas and will back him heavily in a ontesl to be decided by disinterested udges. npUESDAY, September 24. 1907, at & o'clock, lola will be introduced to its first complete and exclusive Jewelry Store. This store will be devoted entirely to this one line of trade and it* will contain everythinjs that* soes to mak; up a fine Jewelry Store. In fixtures and stock nothing has been spared to make this store a crediL t»o t>he city, and we hope onr efforts will be rewarded by a fair amount* of your patronage. We have arranged to receive all who are interested and we will ido our best* to please all who attend our opening. Each lady and gent*Ieman who attends will receive a souvenir. Old Court House BaHdiiig. J. W. Coffey ®f Son East* Side of the Square players are coming back. .\ .\ew York team made :','.'>>> runs in a game of cricket Thursday. What a line scientific game cricket must be We never take vyry iinieh .>^liick in what a man says if he pais us un the back while sayin .i; it. T ^Bdl•lH ^I^. Four of tlie best small town new.s- paj)ers in Kansas are .Mack Cretcher's Sed.qrwiek I'antagraph.l Toby harsons Highland Videtle. Harry l.eslie'.s Robinson Index ::nd the Sells Itros.' Klllng ham New Leaf. .Ml four are printed in towns of less than a tiiousand peo- le, but there is never an issue of either that hasn't something in it that is worth reading. Cretcher. i.,arBon and Robiasou have been at the mill a <)iig time and eveiybnjy kn(lw^ them. The Sells boys seeni to be newcomers biit they are umkiiig a miflity good pai)er. Three Kansas weeklies whieh this d(>i>artment never fails to read are: Frank Jarrell's Holton Signal, Old Hert Walker's Osborne Farmer and Ralph Tennal's Sabeiha Herald. We used to work with Walker and .larrell and are j^robably prejudiced a little in their favor. But Tennal worked on an opiKJsition sheet and we hate 'l him. Tennal is the liiost marvelously indus- rious newspaper man we ever knew and he can turn out nmre good stuff than three average high grade report- eis. Old lJ(rt is a little inclined to be lazy, but every line he writes is worth wliile. There is more good.- sound, conion sense and less going off at half cock in .larrell's paper than In any other printed in Kansas. The best advertisements printed in any Kansas paper, big or little, are set for the Chase County Leader, run by W. C. .Austin at Cottonwood Falls. The man on the I^eader's ad cases Is un artist. ) He knows balance, harmony of! type faces, display and whiting out | like a book. One of the cleverest writers on any Kansas jiaper. large or small, is W. E. Blackburn of the Anthony Republican. Blackburn has delicacy of lourh. jire- sision. grace and command of BngUsh. He could make his mark in any newspaper office'. The iCansas paper to luake the greatest advance in strength and gual- y in the jjasi year or two is the "Troy Chief since Henry Caiman became its owner. The most promising piece of timber now in course of development in Kansas newspaper work is Bert .Miller of the Ottawa Herald. .Miller is young and will be a gun some da.v. If anybody tells you IJariiunrs circus has cancelled its Topeka date, do not bite. There is a barb under the bait. iCveryihing else having iiiilid. we hope the deep snuw v.ill gctXo!. Clarence .\latson"s straw luil. Wliat has become <if llu- man wh< ate only uvo meals a day and in:;isicd on telling everybody about if." SHfLI,S DID LriTLH D.V.M.UiK. Itedoubts uf Fort Itlley Uith!>t<ivd .Vrtlllerr lire Well. Junction City. Kas.. Sejit. 21. —.\s a rcsnit of tlte artillery firing u|ioii the big redoubt at Fort lliley that was built a year ago under the supervision of the battalion of engineers from I'ort Leavenworth it has iicen decided by the olllcers in authority that had the earthen fortiflcalioiJs been held by good infantry ihey would have remained unshaken. in the tiring upon ilie redoubt li.v the twenty-four three-inch gnus, two seven-iiieli giins and two livi'-iiicli gnus. I or. shells wcnr direeleil toward llie earth works. The shells from llir ihret'-inch guns made no impn-ssion on Uie redotibl. bnl the live anii seven inch guns did effective woric. particularly the shells from the latter, wliiih jiierced the galleries and bomb proofs a number of tinier, or the lieavy shells that were llrcd. live of the live- inch shells and seventeen of the seven-Inch, shells failed to e.\ii;odc. This Sxork in liring mi ilio nnlimlit by the artillery lias cume l<> a elosp as far as the technical (iiiesiiims :ir<' concerned. The two siege batleries making np the First battalion of the Fifth regiment of Held artillery of Fort LA 'avenwonh, left I'urt Ulley yesterday for Foil Leavenworth by march ing and battery C of the same regiment left at the same time by rail for Fort Leavenworth. They will not be at Fort Kiley for the linal attack whieli will lake place about Si-ptem- bcr when the two reglnieiiis of Kansas national guard will be here for Ilieir annual eiicampnient. at which time they will make the infantry charge upon the ri-iimiiil. This will Ttave only the Si.xtli regiment of Held artilleiV. siaticmed at Fort Riley, to carr> out the artillery part of the iirograniiiie with its twenty-four three-inch gnns. which will be unable to do any malerlaf damage to the fortifications. We have often wondered if w<jiiien kill each other when there is nobody around to watch the performance. The average man doesn't care much aljout the total attendance at a College. His i«leresl ceases, when he Icarus whether last year's football ( IIOfOL.VTE IS DEAIL People Will Find TUlx. <lut ^Vhen Buying Candy at Cbrlstnuii. Cocoa, which has been advancing in price since .\prll. was marked up two to three cents a jiound in liie last week, by various mannfaclurers. and it is to be further advanced, it is jire- dictetl. Prices of cocoa, chocolate and chocolate confections are now said to be higher than for tweut.v-live years. The reason given by the maiinfactur- ers is that the bean costs them inore than ever before and double wliat it did a year ago. Thus far the retail priee.s liave not been generally put up, but dealers say that users of cocoa and chocolate will soon have to pay considerable more. The public will feel this, it is said, in tbe coining holiday season, when the demand for.bon bons is greatest. Some authorities say that the dear cocoa has been brought alioiit by a combination of New York and European dealers corueriiig the market. X large im|)orler said it is due chiefly to the increase in <-onsumption. a- mouuting to one hundred per cent in five years. tbe Keftlxter Want Colnmii. For best and Quickest Besolts use Appearances may be deceitful, but as long as they are, there is nothing like having them deceive for us instead of against us. There is nothing deceitful abput the clothes \ve make—you will find they will wear as good as they look. Ma<ie ai dotbcf should be made /) ' ^ gj by I.eapoid. Solomoa & £i«endntb. Chicago. l^r„^f-£^ ^ yl >^ Sold by one good cknbier in your city. C/C'fe*?'^ HE IS AFTER TRUANTS state Su|ierlnleiideul I'iiirelilld Pre- jmrlng tu Ittuind I'li '^lioDkle^." .Supei'int .Miiieiit Fa ':tliil<l is niaUing elalKirate preparations for lan-iing the mailt school boy back in bis this year. Hi is seuiiing out four sets of bliink.-^ lo each sii |ierJiUeiiileiil and the couiiiy superinteiulenl will in turn (lislribute ih 'iii aiiiuiig liie teacher, the truancy ullieer anil himself. One, tiling that is Calculated to gel rcsuKs is the fact tl-ai before teach- .•>rs ilrav.- their salal•ie ^i. they i ,iusi make the reqnir.'il r-poris' re.^ardini; truancy case.^. That is contained in till, trnaney law ami thai pariiciilar section .-'ppeais on iln blank that goes to ihe teacher. It reads: "Freiy teacher eiiiiiloy .-il in tli.^ public schools in the St.ile of Kansas is I'eroby lequiri-d. bel'or,- receiving each n'oiiih's salary, to nril>e a report lo 'ho couiiiy siip.>riiut'iuU>i;t of public !:.striiirlioii <ir lii !lie smieriiilendent ;>«• the city ill v.liieh In' may be eni- '."loyeil. showing the iiiiini s and ail- ari'ssi's of all juiiiils who have been truant <ir liabltnally absent from -chool liming the i>r,'Vi (ius motith. •iil'l stilling reasons fur siieli tnianev 11- I'.aliitual ab.-etic- \:\ cacli case, it Uniiwii.* - See. SL'. Scli ml l.;iws VMM. Below this portion <;f the law then; nre blauKs. to lie filled out by the teacher There is a plac.> for thv" nam'' <if the ab .-^ent impll. Irs age. litiies truant, ilays :,U-ent lia .vs of nnex cusable al .iseiiee. tlie ii inie uf the par- 111 or gii'inlianaiHl ;l:e aiMress. This applies ti) pii))ils wl: > are between 'if- as ^es of eight ati:! fifl-vn years. The second blank is called the ••(rn- ant (iflicer's caufioiiary notice to par ?nis." Ii Is to lie iis"d in iiotifyinv varents liiat they are not complying with the co !U |iiilsory education law. 'i will contain pracrcally the report mailt, to him by the teac'aer. it has a semi-detached slieei ff>r the replv of '.he par:'nt with siiace for e.xplanation. If this notice does not hMve the dp. ?ired effect the trii'ancy ofiicerhas an- -llicr blank tailed 'le noliro of trii- Mit otlleer lo parent or guardian." In his blank he serv ;'s tiotiee uiioii the liarenis or giiaridan that lie has knowledge of tho violations of tile, compulsory edi'cation law and adds: "That Ihe atteiidai:ce and good conduct of said child al scIiMd are re 'Iii'red: and on f;iiltire to eompl.v wild •hi.s notice v.illiln five (.'i days afier this dat.'. it will be the duty of the uiider};ignf '1 to make complaint against .vou in some eourl of conipe- U-lit jurisdiction in iliis county. Hereof fail not. uniler penally of ihe law." Tpoii the failure of the parent «)r euari'lan to place the child comlilain- ed of in scliool th" truancy ofI\-er then fill '-^ a complaint before the ju.s- tice of the. peace in the county. It iv llicn np lo the Justiie of th" peace to compel thj olieyance of th" law. Jtoie care is 1)<'.tig taV ;ei\ witli tlie idea of enffircinir tlie truancy law this year tiian ever before. The amend aients made lo tlu- law diiring the last session of the Le 'iis'alure will be of material assistance to tlie county superintendents. It is tlioiiglit that with the perfect system outlined above tiiPv will have no trouble compelling ;; full att »ndancc of all children of school age •:• K.V.NS.VS CLIP -VNU tO.M.MEM v 'i' . . . ... . . ....... ti '• I No. .Maude, il'.-ir. ilie (pnitiOii of; "two per ceiil' and "Uvo eelits per" i. not Ihe same. Tlie rust is a "non liiioxicatiiig intoxleani. while the. lat ^ ter has to do with r.iilriK'.d pa>seiiger j rales. B<JI1I liave sumeiiiing to d-j | uUh tiviispoitali'iii iiowever. One' I '.anspdrts a man |ihy.-,!cally from on? p::rt of t!io co;iiiliy i<» tlie other, while f llie eoniiniied use of tlie other car-; ries him from happiness lo m 'S '-ry. from health to di !:eai -e, pin sieally. { f.e'Ha'.ly and morally. You may liave a V. reel; oil on." hnt you ;ile sure to !:avs :t on llu. olhi r if you keep at it.— Lar-] ned I'hidnoscope. The Junior Department Store A REPLETE STOQK Or TOY^t! 35^ W IO *Ss 1$ XJJL^I 13 i O K .SE.VKClintJ FOK PE.VnL.S. lola Men and ttuys Sjient Day at Xeo^'lto Kiver. Yesterday from almost Sunrise until late at night, the riffles of Ihe .Neosho river were covered with men and boys and even women who were searching for pearls wiiich arc said lo be in the shell beds of the river. Begiuning at the riffle jusl south of the bridge and extending as far down as Flat llock the pearl liiinlers could be seen ai work. The report is that many beautiful and valuable pearls were taken from the river. One man nshiiig near the lola city power house, secured a fine specimen. For Trade. iV good two room trace oflice building situate on the luaia sireet of Kln- caid. Kansas, and in a good location. This ofllce building is situated on two lots, is clear of iucumiirance and is priced at $.".00. It is now rented for ?t> per month. 1 want a good vacant resident lot In lola. fn answering this ad give location of lot. MRS. AN.VA B. SMITH. Kincaid, Kansas. .Niillii'iiy l .'i -piililir:!!'; .\u .\nlliii!iy! ;;ii "l ?;ave a ..liuiiilnT p :a -iy In '.vhich u'i tiiC ;.i)Uii.i; l.idies ill laey ,v !iil.. :;owil.- weii> s'ntfluil ill si-ri.'d ranks across. Ihe parlor l!:>or. \ ligiit was left! I^iiniiiig lur fear of biiiglars. -.-o wle n • ii.e g.rl of ilii.' l.<ni.-;e slipped out. (uil • oil her brothei-'s heavy slioi-s, stomp. 'd i:p Ihe walk and l;iiO"Ueil on the door, the vision of stampeded, siiow-clai'. •-ills failing ovi r the fiiriiituii-. them-, .-lives and Hi.- Iiep's of Ik-ir nigl.t J •!ressi-s, liekled a iiei^ihlior so laiuli • •iial he ah^eni-tiiindediy |iiil the liulit-, e,i end of his cigar In iiis iiioii'Ii while j •ijoyliig the seelP'. I .liiUe ill ".\liss lYKMUoiiias" iiDW I!M iig the,I\aiis;is tov.iis: ".My im- fle left everything he luel lo an or I'li.'in asjiirii — iwn bo s and threo girls." j Thf: first symptom of Conta.^ious .Poison is usually a little .<;ore oi ulcer which does not ahvay-s excite .suspicion' becriast; of its i!!.^i;j;nitie^nce: but as the poison becomes more Crniiy ro.itcd in tiie b'l .tx:, 'tlie and throat ulcerate, copper-colored spots, a rush Ijic-,'.'.:, out ou I'ne body, • t!:c Iiair begins to come out, ;jrhin':.-", in tlie nc .".:id gn,'i:rs r.v.ull, .iiul often iilccnititi^-.sores form on the litwhs. h:in(ld or I '.v.-e. \\\:\: uA.i is slot all: if tl'.ii ])';is ()!i i.<; allowed to rcuir.iii it \v<)r;c.s<lown ar.i! :itt."ck.>^, tiic iioiics. causing Jiei i-.sis or decay, and makes tt conipieto -piiysii .-ui vn.-,ic. of u^ie suitt.rer. It v.-il! not iTolotimper with a disci/.c .;o powurfiil as C >>;il: i -.^i'nis IIIooil I'oison, for every day the virus reiiiaiii.s in the b'lood t!:'; tr- >:;!j!e. is ])ri>;.-r-.ssincr toward <'i more dan.crerous si;:;rt-', an'l ma}' i:*. llio c;-:d t,a I h-cVf.vA tiie ru^ich of any treatment. TJierc is but otic, rj;::ii ;lc- cnru f,ir Ci >,nt .\','i^)ns 2U"ood Poison, and is vS. S. .S., the jfrc.tlasi cf li'.oo i p'jri'l-.r.'-,. Ti:is reiaedy altaciv-.-; the dise.nsc in the r'-^-Iit vv;:.v' by r.roi;!;; >\<w tlio bLxifl and forciiijjf out every particle of the poison. It :i:.u;':;;--. '/•,<• b'.oo ! ii'-.rc, strcn':^tl;ens tlie different parl.s of t !ie ]>M.\y, tones uf> ti;e .s-. steui and cures this hiiniiliatiu.!^ and dcsiruclivo disouirjr iierm.i:'.-,;-.: tb,-. T !;e i:!i;>:')-v:»:.-:ilent coKin:t .!ict;^7 as soon as t:io p.iticr .t prc'cs UTIJLT t'lc inlhicncc: of S. ."v and contiTUies ntitil every vt..ti;;t: of Iho poir^-.-.i is ilriv<-:i i;,i:n tif - 'iil( ;d. .-'.nd the Si: fftrer completely restored to heallli. ;-3. S: S. is id. a ;i cvp . riiiicii'.-, it is a success iir.d has cured t !io :isands of c:is. : of C .-r- :io;is Ji'^id i;«s.r.n in every s'.a;^e, .iiid ?>cin ;:j entirely free froti;. H;:-'v:.;'s. :s .i salo ;is v.ei'. ris co'rt;'.iu tre:it !!;e :it. If you are siilTcriii.i^ witli t!;';s ('/\' is ;::-,r- (l:.;fasc ;;c!; Ciia poison out of your blood with S. ,S. S before it Hoc; i -Trtlitr • Li:i:-i:r'.-." vVccial uoma tieatuitut book on the disease and rieni r .-il :i '!vi:-e it free t^' n\\ wlio iivritc. THE SWITI SPZCITIC. CO., i ^lfLAMTA, _GA. • Try a Want Ad. in the Register W A ]V T E 13 ! Yonng men and women for positions of tmst, where intellige/it scrtiee will be aiipreclated and paid for— Experienced men and iromen for jtositiotis reriuirini: ability and •| • * I People of all ages, of all talent^, ditcrs abilities, for .siiititble lines of eniploymtut— Used tliing.s—such as pianos, organs, every sort of nitisical instm- . mcut, wrifin;? machines, ca.<ih re::isters, .store and oflice fixtares, talk- Inif marhlnrs. book.*, engravings jiost cards, stamp collectJons, ru-^g, cari'Pt!<, furniture of every kij!'l— Horses and carriages, trucks, business wafjons, bicycles, guns, cameras, fishing tackle, automobiles— Ileal Estitc—lots, plots, acres, leasckidds, etiuities, houses, tiats, apartments, stores— Instmc'ions in painting, siniting, the violin and piano, short hand, •ecounting, corrrhpondiug, htnguages, dancing. Places to live—houses, apartments, furnished rooms, boardiag places Inhere life is interesting— These are soiue of the thousands of jieople ami tbiugs that are •Wanted" In tills city jost now,.and if jou can liU any of these wants You Should Inquire of the Pubh'c Through A Daily Reg^ister Want Ad. .

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