The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on October 29, 1964 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1964
Page 7
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Thursday, Qct 29, ia&4 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE PAGE 7 CLASSIFIED RATES 1 insertion 4c par word 2 insertions .... 7c per word 3 mwrtions —?c per word 4 inst(i-t"-on» 11c per word 5 ins^rric-ns 13c per word 4 insertions 14c per word Minimum rate — SI.00 ; Charges are at a 'reduced c*sh rate and apply if the, nd is paid within 10 DAYS after the FIRST insertion. SERVICE CHARGE OF 25c WILL BE ADDED AFTER THE 10 DAY PERIOD. Advertisers should check their advertisements in the first issue thffy appear and. report any error at once as no allowance can be made, tfter the first incorrect in- tertion. " BLACK FACE LOCAL — 15c per line. MEMORIAM — 10c pu­ rine. CARD OF THANKS — $1.25 Call OS 5-2115 before 10:00 A; M. for insertion same day, mccept Saturday—call before !):00"A. M. CANCELLATION — UNTIL J0:C3 A. M. DEADLINE. DISPLAY RATE . Cass, per cel. inch 50c i inch per mo. daily „ $18.00 Each additional Inch - %V.M (RATE QUOTED ARE LOCAL) FOR SALE FOR SALE—Apples and cider Lester IUges, OS 5-6795. P-27 FOR SALE—1,600 feeder cat r tie, "250 choice yearling sjteers weighing 600 to 750, 200 good bolsteins, i,150 calves weighing 300 to 550 lbs. These cattle- are real good values.'W. V. Palmer, Phone 873-2921, Mexico, Indiana. C-22 FOR SALE—1 sow and 11 pigs, 8 gilts, 6 boars all pure bred " Hamps. Thomas Duncan. Phi 963-2551. P-24 USED CARS FOR SALE—Good '55 Chevy, 6 cylinder, automatic. Phone OS 5-4464 or contact- Steve Letsinger. P-23 FOR SALE—1902 Mercury Comet, good ' running order, -extras, good tires. Price $600. Phone OS 5-6599. Parke Hoover. : c-tf For Your Car Needs See ,2t S. West St. Ph. OS MM> Tiptor FOR SALE—New 1965 GMC pick-up, 5 tires, 8 foot body wide side, .127 inch W/B, 6 cyLi, oil filter, air cleaner, fuel filter,' air flow heater and defroster. $1,795. Service Motor Company, Inc., 123 S. Independence, Tipton. C-tf FOR SALE—Quality used cars. THROG-MARTTN AUTO SALES, 704 W. Jefferson St. /FOR SALE -i -8 x 36 2 bedroom louse trailer, reasonable. Call OS : 5-2768 after 4. C-24 TOR SALE—Spinet organ, excellent condition. Reasonable, tsi 5-6263. C-tf FOR SALE — Apples—Cider- Popcorn. Fainien Orchard,, i 2 - miles =«3t of Greentown, turn Ticrth and follow signs. C-42 FOR SALE— Apple*, and cider. Smith Orchard. 1 mile north, i4 mile east of Sharpsville. C-tf FOR SALE — Awnings, storm windows and doors-, Ornamen-. tal iron. A. J. JButz, Phone OS 5-2646. - C-tf FOR SALE—Apples — Grimes, •Jonathan Turley Delicious. On Stale Road 28. One mile east of Kempton road. Mitzenberg Orchard. P-23 Singer Six Months Old $39.23 Full Price A'alnut cabinet included. Make six payments of $6.54 monthly. Sews backward and forward, over pins, darns and mends, sews on zippers,, monograms, appliques, equipped to zig-zag, warranty included. Call OS 52135. C-tf SERVICES L. P. Gas Service OR INSTALLATION No Equip. Charge (100 lb- bottles) Prompt Service TENBRGOK SALES, INC. Phono OS 5-2054 114 So. Main St. npton Indiana RANTED — Furniture Upholstering aa^ Bepairl Lawrence Picirell, OS 5-4358. C-tf Portable welding. Phone 947-227? Tony Hancock. Shop in Groomsville. P -43 FEMALE HELP WANTED MAN WANTED, aged 25 to 40, ' married. $100. a week starting salary. Excellent chance for advancement. Call GL 7-8391 8 to 9 p.m. GL 2-1970 8 to 9 p.m. P-22 Foreign News Commentary By PETER KNOX LONDON (UPI) —The decision of Prime Minister Harold Wilson's ' Labor - government to toujour Child And School By DAVID NYDICK UPI Education Specialist • American Education Week (Nov. 8-14) is the nation's tribute to education. It is an excellent opportunity for the public to learn more about their schools. The theme this year is "Education Pays Dividends." A great variety of programs OPPORTUNITY COMPETENT MAN OR WOMAN wanted in area covered by •this newspaper to own, fill and collect from coin operated nut and candy machines. May cancel proposed Anglo - Spanish jU» being planned by many ! school systems and professional organizations. There will be radio and television presentations, newspaper coverage, and programs within the schools and communities. naval exercises threatens to embitter relations between the two countries. .Official sources here remained silent on the reasons behind the decision. But well-qual- , ified political sources said it! ™* educabonal system in a clearly reflected Labor's well- known hostility to the government of Generalissimo Francisco Franco. Wilson an d other • labor democracy is our most important institution. Education can mean financial and social success for an individual. Education provides the means by 12 hours weekly.) $900.00 capi tal required. Could be built into full time operation. Liberal credit expansion plan for those who can qualify. For local interview write, INTERSTATE MERCHANDISERS, Roches- spokesmen made it plain in ^^^jj 3 ^! 1 improve be handled part time along|the past that they did not be-. • tumt tQ < on with present occupation. (8 to l»ve. Briain should have any ^ educa ^ and £ ' " SFrTntlpain: ^ i ^ional or -enter other desira The Labor attitude can be traced back to the party's pol- the ability, he War when it sympathized with the- Republican cause. ter, Minn. C-22 WANTED WANTED—Ride to Chrysler 6:48 a.m. *- 3:18 p.m. Robert Butcher. OS 5-4255. . C-22 WANTED—Live poultry. A. L. Show, Greentown, Indiana. Phone 628-3875. C-40 FOR RENT YOU MAY RENT a piano as low as $5 per month. Mrs. Ted Sharp. OS 5-6263. RAddick Piano Co. C-tf LEGAL NOTICE TYPING Anything from letters to laundry lists typed accurately on good quality bond. Reasonable rates. Call OS 5-6947 after 4. p.m. P-24 INDIANA ALCOHOLIC ' 1IEVKKAUE COMMISSION 911 .Slate Office Itulhllns IndlunapolU.* Indiana LEGAL XOTICK OF PUULIC IIKAKING Notice is hereby given that the Local Alcoholic Beverage Board of Tipton County, Indiana, will, at 1:00 p.m. on the !Hh day of Xovem ber,-1964 in the City of Tipton, Indiana in said County, begin in vestigation of the 'application of the following named person, i questing the issue to the applicant at the location hereinafter set out of the Alcoholic Beverage Permit of the class hereinafter designated and will, at said time and place, receive information concerning the fitness of said applicant, and the propriety of issuing the permit applied for to, euch applicant at the premises named: ' Chester Wayne Hal ford dba Nifty pCook (Restaurant) Beer, Liduor, & Wine Retailers. North Railroad St., Kempton, Indiana. Said investigation will be open to the public, and public participation is requested. Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission By W. F. CONDON Kxecutivf Secretary JOE A. HARRIS Chairman C-in C-2S ble occupations: Parents and other adults have • «, IO-ICOO c „,.ioi, ri ,7iil a responsibility to all children, icy in the 1936-39 bpanisn civil 1 -,, r , . ... ... if rom «,tv,,-,»H with l The sch0 °ls must offer quality .waste of our most important \ SINGER RECOVERING resource. People are the back-' bone of our soceity, " This week should not only be directed at parents but at all adults.'Everyorie should-join in the programs to find out what is happening in the schools. Naturally, an individual could not possibly obtain all the necessary information in one week. ROME, Italy (UPI) — Boris Chris&ff, 45,. Bulgarian-born opera basso, underwent brain surgery Wednesday. Doctors said the operation was successful and that Christoff will be able to resume singing shortly, Christoff has performed throughout Europe and the .Unit- This should'be the beginning of ? d States His best-known part a new interest. Consider this week as an opportunity to begin attending school programs. There 'are several ways in which members of a community can help- improve the schools. One way is to support the schools by attending school board meetings. School board members serve without salary. -They spend many hours working for the schools. Those who attend board meetings have an opportunity to learn about school operations and an opportunity' to express their own opinions. The schools also have a responsibility. They should make every effort to keep the community informed on their operations" and needs. Too often schools raise a wall between themselves and the public. It is important that a community, be well informed if it is going to. vote intelligently on school issues. The most appro- education designed to meet the pria'te way to become well in- T>- i -_ »- „..,„„,. o,;^ ti,,ti needs oi each child. second, formed; is to participate in all Diplomatic sources said I that < te schools are -^^^ to ' available, school activities and now that Labor is in P° wer 'the interests of students, aduits meetings. In return the schools and the nation. Any talent, should arrange opportunities in which is not developed is a which parents can participate. FOR SALE-Septic Tank. Call King, Windfall LY 5-3385. P-29, FOR SALE—Water conditioners and water softeners. Russell's Dairy sales, R. R. 5, Tiptorfc Sharpsville phone 963-2550. C-tf SPECIAL PRICE on all new portable television sets as long as present stock lasts. Wiseman Sales and Service, 108 Dearborn. C-28 SEPTIC TANKS, toilet vaults vacuum cleaned. Sewer and basement drains cleaned with electric cutting knives. Phone Elwood FE 2-2684. David Sewer Cleaners. C-tf FOR SALE— Pure apple cider 80c gallon. Jonathan, Red Delicious, Northern Spies, Black Twigi all $2.50 bushel. Harry Clark, Phone'Sheridan PL 85514. . ,- . ' : lues. Wed. Thurs. Cr22 FUEL OIL - WHIfE GAS 1 any,amount at. station. WEBBdlCCO: 215 S. Main "2 Tlpfon •FOR SALE—2 metal-utility cabinets, one antique love seat',-dtie •marble top chest and other small articles. Phone OS 56373 or 521 Walnut ' C-22 MUSIC IN YOUR HOME.. Pja- nds — -organs. Rental plans available. OS 5-6558. . ' P-tf FOR SALE—One female Chihuo- hua A.K.C. registered. Other Chihuohua puppies, pure bred. $15:00 Phone 947-3204. P-22 FOR SALE—2 mutt and snow tires, 750 x 14. Used 2 months. OS 5-2647. P-24 FOR SALE—Natural gas heater. Used one winter. Heats rooms. $75.00. OS 5-7223. • "• P-25 SJINET ORGAN may be had by assuming small monthly pay T ' meats, Credit . . Indiana. P-25-|" Gilts all sold. • We have extra good S.PJF. Hampshire boars Bill Findling. Phone LY 5-3575 MILLIONS of rugs have been cleaned with Blue Lustre. It's America's finest. Rent electric shampooer, $1. .Carney's Drugstore. C-24 KING SEPTIC TANKS and Sewer Cleaning at a fair price. Licensed and Bonded by Ind. Board of Health. Windfall, LY- 5-3385. P-29 FRONT END ALIGNMENT — Wheel balancing, EBERT Sinclair Service. Phone OS 57125. ,. <M* mOM '/pTO 90 TON* SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY INC. me CALL: B ^ipy ooooiiipffr D»O?I C «M»H nmip Me |pS ;;'; ; V'-,v: COMPANY INC. CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank the Tipton Sharpsville and Goldsmith fire departments and all others who helped to extinguish the fire in our corn field Tuesday. This service was much appreciated by A. M. Michel and Glenn Lightfoot. IN MEMORIAM •In memory of our dear father Omer Goodnight, who passed away 5 years ago today. Mr. and Mrs. James McTaggart Mr. and Mrs. Jack Goodnight IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of Herbert C. Campbell, who passed away October 29, 1961. Remembrance is a golden chain Death tries to break but all in vain To have, to love, and then to part Is-the greatest sorrow of one's heart. The years may wipe out many* things But this they wipe out never— The memory'of those happy '" days When we were all together. Wife Freda Sisters and brothers again after 13 years, its strong J anti-Franco bias is likely to throw a new strain on Anglo-1 Spanish relations. These already! are troubled by the Gibrantar problem. The row over, the naval maneuvers was seen by these sources as potentially the first move in a series of exchanges that could bring Anglo-Spanish relations to a new low. Certainly, Spanish claims to Gibraltar are likely to be pressed. Newspapers here are discuss-, ing the possibility that the Wilson government will take a "tough" line with Spain and not soft-pedal its anti - Franco feelings in the interests of commercial relations. Political sources here said the commercial question was one, however, which might force the Labor policy planners to think twice before pushing too hard against Spain. At a time when Britain needs to step up its exports, Labor clearly would not want to lose a market where British sales are expanding and now are worth more than $168 million a year. The' anti-Spanish attitude of Labor earlier this year caused Spain to break off talks on a naval building deal worth more than $56 million. According;to some sources, this attitude destroyed Britain's chances of winning other orders for military equipment. This was the subject of bitter debate in the house of commons. Conservative MP's have threatened to' raise the issue again when Parliament • reconvenes, in November. r^s VOTE f-J ON THE FARM FRONT (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By GAYLORD P. GODWIN United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) — A State Department official recently told a Brazilian audience that a strengthened agriculture is the key to future development of Latin American industry and over - all national, economy. Walt W. Rostow, U.S. member of the Inter-American Committee on the Alliance for Progress, summed up the role of agriculture in Latin America in a speech at the University of Brasilia. "Agriculture is a source of food for the cities, permitting a nation to avoid gross dependence on external food and,- in the long run, wasting foreign exchange to buy it," Rostow said. ". . . It is obviously unsound for Latin America, with all its unused agricultural capacity, to become -regularly and increasingly dependent on imports for its food supply." Rostow pointed out that a strengthened agriculture is needed in Latin America as a potential source of industrial raw materials such as cotton, wool, tobacco , and timber, and as a supplementary' source of exports such as coffee, meat, and bananas. He said the future of Latin American industry, during the next decade must be geared to the rural market. He 6aid this means the farm people who buy the industrial goods must KILL KARE KLUB Members of the Kill K a r e Klub will meet on Friday at 2 p. m:, in the home of Mrs'. Meda Griesel, 136 North Independence street. Ra- VOTE *» TUESDAY MEETING Matinee Musicale will meet •at the home of Mrs. Jack Legg, route 1, on Tuesday at 2 p. m. la VOTE Ra MEETING POSTPONED • The meeting od Double Dozen'get their money from agricul Home Demonstration club has t ture. He said it is the farm been postponed from the first people who must constitute a Tuesday of the month until Jhe. major market for industry. second Tuesday because of the I election. On November 10 the! The Agriculture Department group will meet at the home of has recommended a slight, in- Mrs. Ivan Presler, 1014 North/crease in total acreage for 1965 Main street 8^7:30 p. m. spring potatoes. 1* VOTE S» . .The department's acreage- CLUB TO MEET marketing guide calls for totpl The Tuesday Afternoon club spring plantings of 128,435 will meet at the home of Mrs. I acres, 2 per cent more than the Te4 McKinney; 232 Wes{ Wash-025,400 acres planted, in 1964. ington street, on Tuesday at 2 The departmenr said this p.f.m. - - acreage, with average yields, y Pa ypTf Sa would produce 25.8 million hun- HELPERS CLUB , dredweight of potatoes..This< is Mrs. Clyde Overdorf, 44110 per cent greater than in North 'West Street, will enter-jsmall 1964 crop whose yield tain members ' of the Helpers potential was checked by cold, club on Monday at 1:30 p. m. wet weather. PUBLIC SALE Having sold my property and moving to Arizona, I, the undersigned -will sell at public auction, located 320 West Washington St., in Tipton, Indiana on SATURDAY, OCT. 31,1964 at 12:30 P.M. 2 pc. French provincial living room, suite; 2 lamp tables; Crosley 21" TV; wing backed chair; .overstuffed chair; desk- bookcase combination; bridge lamp; coffee table; Hoover upright sweepers; hassock; 2 card tables; 4 metal folding chairs; 2 matching 9x12 rugs and pads; several throw rugs; 2—9x12 rugs and pads; arm chair; 8 pc. dining room suite; corner vrhatnet shelf; wood dinette; Crosley refrigerator; Magic Chef gas range;, like new; 4 pc. bedroom suite, springs and mattress; 2 metal half beds and springs; dresser; several stand tables; desk chair; bookcase; cedar chest;" 2 pc. bedroom suite, springs; treadle sewing machine; G.E. wringer type washer; some bedding; maple drop leaf table with formica top and 4 chairs; elec. fan; curtains; 3 pc. porch set; metal lawn chairs; 2 ping pong tables; hand mower; step ladder; garden tools; fruit jars; flower containers; pots; pans; dishes; cooking utensils and many other articles too numerous to mention. JNOTE: THIS IS A CLEAN LOT OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS. TERMS: CASH NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS 1°- BESSIE MOORE, Owner LEWIS E. SMITH, AUCTIONEER, CICERO, INDIANA, LE 24224. r«sr :—; is the title role in Moussorg- sky's, "Boris Godunov." JET CRASHES , TOKYO (UPI)—A U.S. Air Force F105 jet fighter plane crashed into farm land north of Tokyo today. The pilot parachuted safely.. An obj^ct r believed to be part df-the aircraft set a farm house afire, but the family escaped injury. KEM'S Tenderloin Supper LUTHERAN SCHOOL Adults $1 .25 Child. 60c WORRIED? NERVOUS Over Change-of-Life? Cue your mind. Gat we/come rtllaf with special woman's merffcfiM tionally caused female distress. In doctors' tests woman after woman found that Pinkham'i Dont dread those years of mis- wy, of sudden hot flushes, waves of weakness, irritability. if you are going- through the change, don't despair. Do as countless thousands of women do -take a special woman's medicine— Lydia E. Pinkham'Vege­ table Compound—develoved by Compound gave dramatic hely without costly shots. Irritability is soothed, hot flashes subsided. So don't sit and brood and feel unable t& help yourself. You can feel better. Gr{ « woman —specially 1a help Lydia B. P'nkham Ve«*t»Vtt women by relieving such func- Compound today. rhm „.n«. m.dtclnm wMk If.. •«./!• nam* LYDIA £. PZNX11A.U GROCERY AUCTION I will sell at Public Auction my grocery store and equipment located 6V2 miles west of Atlanta, Indiana, in the community bet- ?er known as" Ekin, Indiana on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1964 at 7 P.M. AND AGAIN SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1964 at 1 P.M. . . - 1 This stock is all fresh and has been purchased within the past few.'weeks arid consists of KO-WE-BA canned foods; candies toothpaste; mops; brooms; washing items; cereals; Campbell's soups; and notions that are found in any grocery store. EQUIPMENT THE HILL DRY CASE reach in 8 ft. meat case; meat slicer; meat block; 10 ft. glass case; 6 ft. glass case; two 4 ft. glass cases; 18 ft. breakfront; Coke machine; Pepsi electric clock; round spool cabinet; two 7 ft. counters; 10 ft. counter; 75,000 3TU Coleman oil heater; liar's benches; 75 lb. computing scales; also 30 lb. —10 Ib-and 2 lb. scales; two chewing gum cases; stove trucks; platform scales; 2 wheel truck; Cherry wood case with 4 glass doors measuring overall 6 ft. wide by 12 ft. tall; arge store fan; bolt and nut cabinet; cracker case; double paper .-oiler rack; cash register and some hardware items. AUTIONEER'S NOTE: BRING YOUR MARKET BASKETS AND DO YOUR WEEKLY SHOPPING AT THIS AUCTION. ALL MERCHANDISE IS CLEAN AND NEW. TERMS CASH NOT RESPONSBLE FOR ACCIDENTS HAZEL BURTQN.-OWNER i -- - t •_«••>• - " - / AUCTIONEERS . CHARLES O. MULLINS, Phone OSborne 5-4805, Tipton, Indiana GEORGE M. ASKREN, Phone OSborne 5-2214, Tipton, Indiana. THIMBLE THEATRE you PROMISED ME YOU'D WORK UP "SOMETHING REVOLTING AMD HORRIBLE TO SET RID OP . j. •POPEYE'S COUSIN.' J? bv 4LEX RAYMOND YOU'VE NEVER TASTED MY BAKING ™ HAVE YOU, j WELLINGTON] PEAR? I BLONDIE By Chick YOIHUI BRICK BRADFORD By Claranc* Giz<v

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