Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 5, 1908
Page 1
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Thm Km^imter Ham t VOLUME X. NUMBER 295. EIGHT PAq£& GlrauMioa In Milam County of Amy liaWapapar Puhllahad In iha Gaaaiy lOLA. KANSAS. OCTOBER IJMK— MONU -iV EVEMNG. EIGHT PAGES. PUCK TWO cssn. GENEVA IS IN LINE REPUHLICAN MEETIX; SATIUIIAV MOHT FOIMI KVKRVONK THKHE. THE DEMOCRACY IS ROUTED COMMITTEE ORDERS HUi SUI'PLY «|- IJ.LUMlSAtlOXS KOH I8TH. iAWYER'S B|\H(|UET THE ATTORNEYS TO HAVE A BIG TIME TONIGHT. S AN ANNUAL OCCASION i HRIiaiT. SNAI'I 'Y I'ROGRAM TO UK RCMIEREI). AdTi'rtis«> Ralb In All the Adjotuing fountU 'S— A M«'«-tlii>r at. • If the Democracy had any hold on Geneva it was routed Satui-day night when the Republicans held one of the most su^essful meetings ever known to that place. Three automobiles, carrying a quartette, the county candidates an<l speaker.^, left tola at CrSO and arrived at the Congregational church where the rally was held some time before the meeting opened, giving the party a chance to meet the voters. Practically the' entire farming community drove in to the meeting and the church was well filled. There was much enthusiasm, the very mention of Taft iand tfie Republican party bringing .forth applause and hearty chi'Ors. Speeches were piade by .ludgo Oscar Poust. candidate for re-election; Cnpt. H. A. Ewlng. |ranrtiilate for county attorney. and A. F. Florence. The nEhilMirate Spread at the I. 0. t», V Hall—Lawyers Hate Heeu Fasting. .1 The members of the Allen County Bar Association will break a fast of several days when they sit down at loaded tables in the banquet room of the I. O. O. F. hall tonight. It is the occasion of the .fifth annual banquet of the association and ^he lawyers have been limiting their meals that they might do justice to the spread tonight. The annual banquet is one of the important events in the association iind the members contribute no little ^inie and energy toward making it a success. This year a One program And an excellent menu have been arranged. The following is the program: •sjieakers -wen fjieir remarks nvj warmly greeted and t with i -siieciul fav or. Mr. Flor.ence devotitl his talk to tjie iittlrji cdiinly ilck<t. telling tli viilers wt|y Ihey Hhould Hupporl every eitniliilnte; ai the election In Novein her - If thi> tippluuHi' which follo\v >Ml hU reuitifkH niiiy tuKen IIH tin <'.x pI 'i'MHiiill (if the lii'llltuii'tK III OelK 'Vn ••v«.fy Ui'}t«bllini| iind ninny of the Ivniocrulil will vote furC the liicnl H"'' puMlcitnM Ihlx fnll. • One of till' fi 'ttiurfii of ifio inei >t- ItiK wtiH the KliirU iinii ;Tiin <)uHrt«tte. Thi'V Hang n iiuniber o( MelectloiiR nnd wero called hack tltrie nnd nKnIn. Tall'« "canned" KiieerhoR delivered a ^rapha |lhon<• brought; fof'th applause showing that th|e Uep<ibllcan canill- da(.' for tin- pn '-sideniry is popular with the farmers. .The demonstration at this, the flrsi of the school house campaign meetings, indicates that a Republican victory' is assured in this county this fall from.president down to road overseer. The county central committee has arranged for a meeting at Petrolia tomorrow night. Captain Ewing, C. O. Bollinger, \V. T. 'Watson and R. E Cullison will be among those who go down. Captain Ewing and R. E. CulTi- !son will address the meeting. The !Black and Tan quartette and the graphaphone will be .taken along. . The plans for the big rally here or. lithe i;«h at which Secretary Wilson jiwill be the chief speaker, are now be j 'iiig completed. The county <'i 'ulral i committee t (ida>'] sent in an order for 1 .')00 lon-hes to lie carried 1(1 the pa- i rade on the night of the Kith. Toreh<-> ' gecuri-d from other Kimrci-.s will bring the luial up to I<J<ii». A.I1 order wan also M'Mi In for ll .itlMi Hoinuii candlen ThiM will iniike ii fine dlxplay. The eoinniltii 'C; Ih aiko eloHliig di-air for pru<ileiillv all of tin- ImiidH In tin- <viuill> to illxpelioe imllliitle muMll' diirliiit till- iliiy iiMil ••veiiltiM. of the nilly ' •• 1'IM < lllei 'tliii; U III lii< Well lidvi 'i 'tlHed. not only In thin eouiilv but III all of the adjoining coiinlleK I'oHterd. Iel|. lug ofj the big rally, ari- lo lie' Rent to Anderwiii. WOIMIHOII, Neoxlio nnd lioiirboii eountliiM aiid alito jiluced in ' (he dejiots of all the roads paKsing Itiroiigh lola for a dii <taiiee of many miles. Th«'> MarrkHl Here. Friends will l)e surprised to know of the wedding of Floyd Stac.v. of this city, to Miss (Jrace Krux, of Hum- lioldt. The tie was made last Saturday in lola. but the -news of it was not. let out until today. Mf. Stacy is well knbwn here, being an employe of Davis & Merrit. He has lived here all his life. The bride is a charming lady. Mrj and Mrs. Stacy have not as yet arraogel a permanent home.—Cha-^ uute Sun. .\nnual .\ Ijy the President— ••Th»' Origin of!the I,aw" JOHN P. r.OSHORX The Lawyer's Lift* \V. D. COPE The Kvoludon of ihe Jury Trials J. U BARXES The .Mistakes of aj Young Lawyer J MARSHALL LA.MRR The Lawyer niiil tl)e Ooverninent ; . A. <!Alll) 'I'lli' l.oVcS of 11 l,ilWViT ^V. II, ANDHHStVN- .Iiiliii F <!<iv|i<irii, , Tonni MjiHit-r MBNU. • Fruit I'luxh Soup Uli -HUi' of OvKti -r . Salty .Siiiinn Rfliihet. niti- llilibon Celery Mixed Pickles 'Roast*. nnnst Young Piu With naked Apples innked Honey Cured Ham Mayonaise Pickled Ox Tongue I'andie.i Yams N'fW Peas en-case Salads. Fruit Salad -Meringue Stuffed Tomatoes Cherry Ice Assorted Cakf • Cafe N'oir Members of the Allen County Bar Association: Amos. Geo. A. Atchison. .1. B. Apt, Chas. H. Anderson. W. H. Bennett. R. H. Brown, .1. M. B.aty. L. C. 7lann-K, .J. L. t'.imiibfll. A. H. riiifor.l. It F. • "ulllMiii, |{. K. flip.., W. I). Kwlfij,', Jl. A. • KvaiiH, C L. , FoiTiHt, Frank R." "^'^ | Floieiice, A F, . • iiiiil. 8. A. tiafil. (], II, (loHliiirii, .1. F. ; ' flOHhorii, J. II '*• Mant^lnN. W. C. Uimer, .1. Mnrithall Mori"'. Travln. M.\l.i', K. \V. Miller. .1. n. McCInIn, Rnxter D. Orioit l.AVer«ne Pees. G. E. r Peterson C. J. Ritter. Chris Slough E. S." Stover. T. S- Taylor. Jas. S. Hon. Oscar Foust. District Judge. Hon, L. Stillwell. Former District Judge. Hon. J. B. Smith, Probate Judge. Shower* Tonight. The local weather predlcUona-Indi­ cate 'showers and cooler weather tonight and lair and cooler tomorrow. The.cold wave for yesterday was not officially predicted, according to Local Has: Typhoid Fever. The soi^ at Mr. and Mrs.S. A. Card is Irepofted'Quite s^riouaiy ill witltjoiM^rTer ScIioiNie..The pradlcUdn cer- typfaold I ^0,[pO AT TOPEKA LARGEST rROWD EVER SAW JriJUE W. H. TAFT. KANSAS TRIP lA VICTORY POLITUAL RECORD OF KANSAS [BROKEN SATURUAY. Was i Kausax City Yesterday- Spoke in I'hDrrta for . Y. M. C. A. Tope a. Oct. '>.—"Taffs triumphant triji." .These words make Saturday famous'in Kansas history. They mark the datj- when \V. H. Taft won the hearts ind votes of the happy, contented !iud prosperous people living along tile old historic Santa Ke trail. From Syracuse to Topeka his special trail on the Santa Fe wended It?way sUwly. stopping long enough in the prii cipal towns to give him. an op- portiiniiy to expound, in homeopathic doses, he true Uepiiblican doctrine and to meet and- exchange greetings v.ith the people. .•\s his train rolled into Topeka Saturday iiight he dictated the following on his uurney through Kansas: "The crowds we have encountered in Kaii jas have been surely phenonie nal. 1 had no idea tha: the towns of Kcnsu.s could turn iheni out. In (>ur travi'I. 1 cross the states I thought we bud en jouiiiered the height of enthu- i;"*ni, flit Kansas seems to have ioue tin-:-! 1 ji»< better. From what,.dititln- ';ii).ol:iM i Kalisaiis aboard the liuin tell me. I'll I from whai 1 myself, am abl> !o |ll|l ;|i' li.v I he ctlthurtlaiilll Ullil NI/<- r ibe !tii<><'(liiKi< we liav • hud. I liav • III mill III ii> to the iiiitcoiiii- III Kali- .1 III <liVl |UllnM ." Lati'i on, lliive .Miilviilie usked 'I 'lift: Whuf the iiuiier with KanHH:*?" 'l ''rot !i nil t can xee and hiMr," if tilled' Tift, 'Kansas Khoutd axk whatV Ihe Ilia ft- with 111"' reiii of ibi' eoiiii tiy " All I • t'ii trail t,t:i: .:ii| \u- kiiusas pfople and fraijkly said so; liu Kan.--^as peojile liked jTafl and M;I1I their customary modesty, said so. Satubiay night .\Ir. Taft 'wore a smile iliat would nol rome ^off. Ills a litlU- husky, but his suiil oing bu-siufss at the iild stand a broader .scale than ever. siatesnian on Imard i that no public man was ever ueh an ov.itiou here as Mr. iceived- Th< who went Willi ji -lt, on his two' trips in the state ears ago si^y that he did not lo half as many people on either Judge T.aft did Saturday. W'iiilie there was one continual <iva- |er another and responses from r end of the train, there also *;'s ciin.siderable political nndielne i.< iiiK tlijide inside the Taft ear. Sena iir Cliester (. .Loiii; and J. L iiristovJ wrr:: very cordial toward aeli o i.\ long Judte 'I'lifi was the ligiiie of .several great bltr niii iilratloii societies. Taft like I ier. and f.ristow was inforiued hut '•li'"'^' ^^riiiiig letters everywhere hisking Ileiilililli-atis to line U|. or tlij lieket from 'i'aft ilowii. This pleasiM llristow very luiich. He doesn't feel till' saiin- lowiird Long Uow that III' (lid liefi^re (he il{e|iiibli!'an iirlmarv. Setialjor ''tirtlH wasj UIKO liobiinliiittii Ihiow', and \V |{ StiilitiM was makiliK hlmhelf aureeable In \i\y. I I'KiirdlexH of past iirflllu- Wltll I NIIIIP > Ver) li lloliH. ' (ha; iiiiiti holley of the Itepulillrati Kiiite oniiiiltiei' iiiid I). W ,Mulvane. nation I I'oiiiiiiilleeiiiaii.. Joined hands "•i Jiiii (e eVer.MliliiK |ileasatil on tin- fain jiir everylMidy. Mul ane. Colonel Wilder S. Metcalf and S iibbs \(-ent to Denver lo Join the rain. Dolley, I.,ong. Curtis and (iov- rnor I loch and several other traders Joined It at Dodge City. In peaking of the triii. Governor Hoch laid: I I ive lived in Kansas for thirty- Bve yi ars, and have stumped the state for IV enty-flve years, but, have never knowi such a triumphant procession from line end of the state to the other ai th|t of Judge Taft today." Stu lbs, Bristow and all the other leade B said. "Those were their sentl- meuti " Senator l^ng took a peculiar satisfj ction out of this because it was he wlib helped to line up the state for Taft' ^{iriy in the game. Waato to Go to Coast «tIi|nsiaaUc is Jndge Taft. or6r which he Is rtealvliig ao One is mrninff on his Record; the other is ninnin^ a'waj; from his MEDIUM GAVE FIRMSHtO EVIDKNt i: THAT LEO TO HARRY I'AHkEU'S ARREST. MRS.MANN TALKED TO MEDIUM MtlTHER OF .MIROEREn UOMAV AVPEVLKO TO SIMItIT WORLD. OAicers From <»kiabi)iiia at Wirliita t« Arr«->t Parker T«Ml»f—Luc- cork Hack. IT MEAN WAR? RILGARIA HAS DECLARED HER INDEPENDENCE TODAYi BREAKS OLD BERLIN TREATY THE EIROPEAN NATIONS ARE EX­ PECTING l.MMEDIATE ACTION. Keeord. irei lii.s 'iiiaiiaiiers lo j seif^lit foi ll|e work in liam Ihe I'acific for him. j soiiri today Jiidtie Tafi « iJ hat it (ould Hot be ^ St. Joseph. .\lar:svi!le. Chill ley are arianiiing ! wo j P.rookfieul wiiii a .-n»etiiig :hat he tried .irrange a trip ii They told him June now. Hut th .rips for him east of tlie .^lis^;ssi[lp^. f.Maeoii. Tliei first nieelingj One will be thr^ueb Kelilu.'ky. Ten- lessee and some other southern stai'-s. which the Kepiihlicaiis have hopes of 'jarrying. The other v.iil be throUL-li .Xew York and Indiana, the la.-t week of Ihe campaign. .-Vn ideal Kansas di'V made tlie journey p.'easani. One of the remarkable ;hini:s in Kansa* wa.s the Itirue iiiiiii- ber of first voters wi'o S'lriied oui lo hear Taft. Several uiwiis Ir.iy <• iibs if first ivolers uiid they were out to- .lay. .\ewKin haK the largest ciiib. Its membership is l.'io It was also no:d tbut tlie coI<ired voter.* weie all oil! to >.ee Tuft Tlle.V listened In him with i.'re:it inlerevt, and showed plainly llial they Here III line, till llle lie piil.llea'i ilekei - :' llle S:i'>t:i Fe '.lid llf.l pioiid' Jn ..Hid).II;. :lie triilii l';%"H jirie.iui I'.ii was l.iki'ii lo liiiiiu ilie yi;ilii iliioiititi .M lime lllul III KiVe l||e (i.irM l| S.lfe oiiili';,'' l '|i |';hl li;iiiis wen- •Me- raekeil foi un IHUI in onli'i to UKT he Tiili ti.iin the rlubl-of-w.iv. and ill piisseni:i'i trains toijk tin- stM rack. The M.ilt pulled Into To|eU;i ai •'clock, iliiily iiiinuies l.i h.'id M-lvd- le. Iiiit Illi^ ttiite u.i.'- taken up in liree towns wliicb were not on IIH^ .Kansas City. Ille r '.-l .S l,f ti Kas.. v.-ao deli ilie pithiie libf.-! I. In .Mis sjieak in rot he and loniiiht at that at ered from . GRIFFIN RESliSNS. Teacher of History is III and Gave Up Position. U'caits.- of tail 'health .Miss Kdith Griffin, teaeti-r of history in th- Inca ^.i^h seliiKd lias r.-sij:i:e«I her [ic'^iiiini to tak<' efie^t Hi once. She.l.-ft t.his afternoon fo: .Miss lleor uaie of th'- has lleitl .le her home, ett.' N. lleeney, a grai- Kansus Slate rniversliy •d to I'l'- ^o^^l^ion. but wlii-ri- stop.-. Taft a iliriiiee is :.. .-oniJian.* iUL- .•.s soon as it is ri'.?iii;:l itinerary, .vere I.l:iile lo give •• the milllitlllle. S.-.iaior l>ot ;ive(; Tafi on (be nip nded liolliver will strike on a sj-i-iik ng tour of til'- raeli.e ma.-i and all he nioiitrain stales. He will not lik' ly he in Kan.-^as again tbi:. eanii'Tii-rii. .-Hl.mMI at Tupeka. Topelta. Oei .1.—reeoi'ils fcr i>o- itical 111'in Kansas were lirok- eii fh, ii,>i.ionstr::i;i.n i.l r !ie Uepulill;.;ri p::r!y on ihe in-e.i;:L.,!i of \V. H. 'Lifl's visit to Ibis c!!.\ Satiir- lay ii!'.:bl. Ten tboiisam! peoji .• friuii lilt of lovii.v.ere )froii.")ii i .'i liv iai rains a::*! ilo- pO|iiilaiion of Topeka poRiei! out en iiKi'-x' lo :.i>id bear ill t{e|iUllli('all llollliTIi e |. I ll:e ,.leTi- leiiev. It is estimate.i ib.ii tii:i\ '.'i.- Hiil peo|p!e well- <'iowd< ; .il.lln iiM' I'f iniiili 'f Ibe piradi- wliii-li Itereileil Ibe ealiilM' \\ Dii- \';>.until, poi.e. a et I V. d w a:', a- iverllowfd I 111- eapaiif. ng .Miiiiil li.iHIit peop'e- v\i-ii lllllilini'., and ol|t>|i |e tl me.i ((It; ,•)<•() 111 lain for I'jiii.iaci .\t the Gialid opir,! boiire •<eiiaii.i .1 I" |io:'!\.r addie>;.-.J an iM'illuw iiir.-iinn a M'. lie wa.- aarliii The llii ilei was e'lowdeil vlHll over I'.il'I'l piojire .\fti'i' s|>iakti>i'. at llle Viidltoi'iiliii Mr Tafi '.^as l.ikeii lo ilie Griiiid. wheie he Iliad.' a -liorl s| i-li. 'lb-re were .-.till Iholl •.ilids of | enp'e oi; tile 'itreels who li:id !>• ea lltiable to oblalll ntraiire to either the .\iiditoilum or he Grand tlualer and Ibe.-e lu'ople were addres.-ed briefly l.y .Mr. Taft. .\s .Mr. Tafi iiroceeded along Kansas avenue at the head of the parade his progress was a conlinuoiis ovation. His address at the .^udilorlalll and his following address al the thealer were well received. '.vli.-r.- 'I'Mfi ell,l.:.d 1^lll.,Il III III.- tlllll.l- ill till- I'liiwd W bet • To jriM.touri Today. City Oct. —Just as a parting word to KUnsas. with meetings here and at Leavenworth and .-Atchison and Judge Taft will cross into Missouri for two days' campaigning. His day of rest in Kansas City was decidedly more' strenuous than was expected, but nevertheless, the candidate tills morning pronounced him- s\v \ r\Mi'\n;> \.\\\. • ! M<k l.iiiiirf«itrlh Denies l'r<i|i»<>lnt( i ;iMisa'.\|.|| ItiMiiu T.tiler oil. I'lii'ltiliatl. O . (let <'i!.iii;rr^-!if:iii Me'iil.iH Lo|i:;wi>iMi l'.da.\ eiiii.iiie (i the ea»l. llil>iPllll''ei| a* .1 ejimpalKll '|i the ptiiit'-d Htoi » tha! Ill a spi-eih .-it Uof k K..itii|,| UN. be propo-I'd nf Ier Juili:e T .W' bad served'two terms IS pre-iile'itj !{<o;evi.;t wo'tlil ataitl '•e .-I ( for ploslllelll. REDS WERE OUTCUASSEO. Ad Brennani Was Too TSTuch for Hunv : boldt Team. The (iiir. Way t. atu i!i UiiiiilHildi t:.-ils ye;uerday I.> tlo- Hii-ore !of i:; to I. Lehman was iir at -.lill >y tlie local I'-ain wliil- the UeiU wi-re uiKible to do an\i!iin~' with Ail l'.r« nna'n. tlo- siar soiiiiiiiaw of i!ie Siiri icfi'M W.-siem ..\ssoria lion tt'ain. In only (.tie inniii;; did 111" rted.- sljovv any si'.:nRi «if C'-tiing an eartie.l rtiii. bat fast fieMini; blast I'd their hopes. lluinlHildt got fiv'' bits off I'.ieiinali wliib- the locals :-;«' etired tell off l.ebnian. Taii'.-r Grav t-laved short for th' Our Way t.-aiii :iiid put on confi'dian stunts t'at fiiriiislie.l fun uorlli th admission. To oldiers* Home. .lobn Siiiilli. an old .-Mildier. wants to '-'o !-! 111.-! .Soldi' I lloim- a' l'"di;t l'll>. I 't- a!i|iealii| iMfoIe rtie lollllnis- imii-f.s ilil>| iiioriiinV aiidj asked that llle> iiiak'- t|ie foiiiial staleiilelil as to his (iiiaiHlal I'oiidltioli that will eii- lilll- hilll III a>lllllss|oll to ll>e llollle. it W.I. r.l.lllled I - -I - f« VHItino iHerii. Mr-'. .\ .Vj Sle\e ||V ;of lljlliativ. .\|0 , Is the •. He .1 of 1 II Twa.Iell. C. C. Luccock return'd yesterday muriiiiig from Wichita, wb.-re he weut to ideniify Forrest .Mini?].-, alius Har ry Parker, the alleged slayer of Pearl Mann Pear.son. .Mr. I.'iccock is con fid'-nt that Mingle and Parker are one and I e same, and feels that there will lie no difBculiy in convicting him of the murder. The Wichita i Eaule contained a story teci-ntly to the effect that an unknown man had call-d up the Okla homa offiotrs from lola and given the information that Min'^e am! Parker wf-e the same. It now develops that .Mr. Luccock the parry who gave the clue to t'-.e ofSo-rs. It will b. ren-emliered that .\Iin;;Ie -ivas arrested sr.on after the tragedy at Enid as a suspect. Mr. Liiccoek w.-nt then lo id<-iitify him. But unlike the snsix'ct was then nncoiiih and unkempt in his appearau'-e aiiil a iinin- 1H r of witnesses canj'- forward and s'.aii'd thai be was Forrest Mingle, lunce he Was rebjas.-d. .Mr. I.iiei'ock i:i)ii|i! not i-olivine^ lilliis.-lf ibiit .Mil: K1>- was no' P:jiKei' and lliialh iiMik ui the matter wil.llie otfli. !• '/y-llllil):' In an arrest. A 'iloiN iils .i appe.ii.,! \tt III.- K i«I' Siitiir.lai thai Mfs .1 |» Manii. of till* i-ln. iiloiher'of th.- iiinrderi'd woman. hinl etiiiMiilti'd a formne t. It.r (ii Hot SprliiBs. where -.he hn.', kol)'' shortlt nfle- the ti»K'''i> to reroV<r from lite sliorK of h'T da'icht«-r's ileal!,, who h ;iS inforne'd her ihiit the man arrested at Kiii-I was the miirdiir- er of her daughter Mr Litcco.;k said Ibis inornini; that Ih.- fstorv sulislantially i -orr-er. The hale as corpus proeeedinis which' .Minnie's alto-iieys b.-gan to secure his releas.- from cutttih}}- will be eoiiclii>!"d at Wichita today. Mili- ule has h»|»-.I ,t.> .net bis release on 5ialiea.< corpus proceedings before the aiilhorities had time to secure requisition nap'Ts but in this he has fail- 1 as the paiiers have b'-en honored ly the COV-, rnor and OklahtJtoa otTie- ers are awaiting at YTIcniia lo take him to the new^ state as j;ooii as the habeas corpus case is ended. Tie Ragle s-iys: "We ar.' iirepa-ed to prove tbat Forrest Cecil .Minule was In Wichita all Juring the day Pepteinl)er With his evidence, Ihe i>ri.soner nmst he rele.-i.s..<| ai.'il'cannot le arrested again on the same charge." The above is the stat-ment of John .-\danis. atiorn.'v for Forr<-st .Mint:!.', cliar-.'eil will- b.-iiii; afuKitiv.- from jiisiic. mailt- last iii.;ht to a re|Hirt r f 'lr III.' Kaul.' eoiieernlng the la beas cot pus proceeiliiiKS to be held his afieriiooii. Wlehllii. Kas. Oil. I —Sheriff Giir rlHoii of Okhihiinia f'lly arrived hifre Ills evening Wllll three wItllesSe;* WllO will |.•.^llfv liefore the court loiiior row ibat F I). .Mliieb'. charged with hi: liHirder of Mrs. Pearl Peursitui was In Dklahoniii City the dny of ihe niiirder. It IH Intended by MlngH'H nttoiievH to show that he was In Wieblla on lliat day. Mlnile hal few callers :ii the J)ill today and to all (|itesiioiis he main- falned that he was not gniJty of fht miird'T: that he was not in Oklatio- ma City 5«'ptember !»;. and that he purchased the diamonds which be longed to Mrs. Pearl Pearson and which were found at .Mingle's home from a man on a Rbck Island train. TBDE&TENIN6 Forecast and cosier east portiai^ !• the CMt lor Kani<a!t: Partly doady ton^t .with ;Tae »day (airj FMtio*. showers In with coeler Troops Are Gatheriu;; on Borders of Reltellious Statt ^FerdiaaBd 's PriM-laniatiun Today. "LET THE WOIMEN WORK." Rev. Garfield Preached Sermon to Men Yesterday. Rev. "W. n. Garfie'd. pastor of the Baptist cturch. prea.~hed a sermon yesterday morning, directed especially to; the. men of his congregation. In the sermon he said that it was a not- ic^ble fact that men werie not as prpminent in church work as women. Jl e men goi. he said, on the plan, nje.t the women do the worlc." Svjfia. Bulgaria. Oct. ^i.—Bulgaria, a tributary and a principality under tfie soverignty of the Sultan of Turkey,today piotiainied her independence of Turkey. The action was taken at Tirnovo liy Prim-e Ferdinand who was elected Prince of Hufgarla In 1887. Tirnovo is the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Bulgaria and it was there in the olden days that the ~](ings of :'.u!uaria were crowned. This anion is eqiiiva'jent to the :e;(r!ng up of the treaty of Berlin, •.vhile Prince Ferdinand's course seems almost certain to precipitate a •var bet v. I en" Bulgaria and Turkei-. liefore these possibilities the quarrel ver the Kasl Kumalian .section of the Orient railway sinks into i^slgnlli- \ince. Both armies are reported to tie luietly and swiftly mobilizing near the borders. Bulgaria is .said to be buying up munitions and on an -•xtenslve scale. The Bulgarians haVe faiih In their iiMn>. whii'h litis reached a high State if tificleney. aIihou);b 1; is perhapt« a.-kitm In oiticers and the war, for ' -xliiiii lliilguiia bus loio- l>een MUSporl- it Id ple|inrllil>. cnilld l-e touitht With ,.f adviiiHiigr for her now. iliau .vlieii tlie TurkUli Ki>Nernni<<ni Jiad jlUi- to teorgunlze lis ftirres. wHch nave liet-ome rlK'rvateit by the c,orriip* Ion .itid iieulert of Ihe oal regtinp. . i: Hi Nil public opinhiii if with t'tir* •:>-\ in the Bulgarian dispute uic all :he powers exrrpt .-\uslrla seem to be. Hid It ii'iiiains to be s<-ei( what ;the Kiiglish altitude will be lowiard aiitieX- itimi if that beconies a facf^ .\iistria is susp'-cied of eiicouraginK h'- recent Bu'ti:a^ian-Tu^ki^h troul>Ie for her own interests, but the British ,'overnment has blade proposals to tie ;wo countries:' hsiking to the settlement of the raiilway case, and the other powers liave agre<Hl to pive support ro the plan. «f bii-h contemplates ; the •e!:i;..,rary reijtoraiion of the railway I Turkey "tl) jiave her face." and then transferen-^e I'rom the company to the ilultiarian government. The KlBsIish press expresses,' sur- '.jrise thai Austria and Bulgaria should ;il<:f Turkey and asks if tlie '.real powers will submit to haTihg . distacles placed in' the way of the re- seueraiion of T-urkey. Frante Is Inleresled. j Paris. Oct. T. —The French government is ab.sorbed in the Balkan crisis. Official advitvs which have betjn re- •eived here lead the Temps to an- noiiiu-e that al Tirnova tomorrow 'ritice Ferdinand, the reigning prince if Bulgaria, will proclaim the Inde- letideiH-e of Bulgaria and will DSBume he title of "C'/ar.of the Bulgars.'^ Uoiimeiia win lie included In the proclamallon." says the Temps, "but piobaly 'I'lirkey will not ac(|ul«sc0 iiid a Tiirko-Bulgarliin war \* there" ore likely. The only thhiK to Inter- ere Willi Ibis pronraiit Is Prince Fer- illnHiid's piixslble beHltatlon nt the ln»i tiiliiuie. but this iiiorninK his reiiolii- Ion aiipeured to be dollnlte." Troops t» Front. Paris, Oct. r..—The Temps, today published !i dispatch from Vienna saying the Bulgarian army is marching toward the frontier and'the Turks also are moving forward. Austria Hun- !;ary is mobilizing two army corps. No official confirmation has been re ceived here of the reported mobiliia- tion of Turkish and Bulgarian troops. : Imm]grsnt<i to Aid. St. Louis, Oct. 0.—Bulgarians at GT-auite City, Ills., started a movement from the military company to aid the country in a threatened war with Turkey. Shot Thumb Off. Earl, spn of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. E^astwood.: of: Gas City, was plajriag- . with an air gun FViday and ahof thumb off.' This is the. second acel^p dent lie hii^ met within thie-<Ji«st twcT.;-

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