Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1908
Page 8
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K. C. MARKETS I city Stock Yards. Oct. 3.H ~«tUe, tiila week. 76 700; last weoki mSdO: B&me week last year. S5,700. iWk^ts bave tuled even during the r ek| top 17.00 for steers not strict- prime, fair to goodffed steers. |S.60 jo <fi!;75, grass Westerners $3.60 to |6.2b.|; Hogs are strong to IS higher, dosing, the week with a rise of 5 to 10 cents today.'bulk of jrrass cows at $3.10 to $3.35, top cows $4.00, heifers $5.50; bulls $2.30 to $3.6^. Galves ' ^re 25 to 50 cents higher this week, ruii of calves much smaller than In recent weeks, top veals today five higher, at'$3.00 to $4^40, cows $2.60 ,to $3.25. Stockers antt feeders arc strong to 15 higher this week, better demand due to recent rains, stockers $3.00 i to $4.25. feeders $.'?.60 to $4.80. Hogs, this week S5.600; last week 71,800; same week last year 41,700. flig receipts gave buyers the best of it, but all hands | purchased freely* with less drag to the market than In recent weeks. Quality slightly better this week, market closing stronger today, top $6.S6. bulk $6.40 to $6.S0, pigs $4.00 to $6.00. General feeling Is that highest prices have been touched for the present. September receipts were 273,000 head here,.heaviest on record for September and SO per cent jrreat- er than the same month last year. The prices today are 25 cents under a •week ago. Sheep, this week 53,700; last week 42,100; same week last year 46.100. IRah and Colorado furnish the bulk of •heep and lambs. Market has had upward tendency all week, culminating today in the sensational rise of 30 to RO cents on Inmba, which are SO cents to $1.10 above a week ago, for killing grades, sheep and yearlings 15 to 30 higher. Country grades are no more than steady with a week ago, as they had shown small change In the days of depressed prices on killing stuff. Top Iambs today $6.10. yearlings $4.10. ewes and wethers $4.00. Feeding lambs are worth $4.25 to $4.75. sheep and yearlings $3.00 to $4.00. including breeding ewjes. Packers' purchases: Cattle Hogs Sheep A. p. B. & Armour ... jCiidahy ... Fowler ... iMorrls ... Ruddy ... p. & S...... Swift.; IP. Co. 1116 .. 7232 .. 6383 2096 ... 6738 .. 742 ..6012 .. 8247 Totalj ... 115 23625 13468 13109 10368 10007 «7 5672 4142 2243 .3158 5.557 5961 38566 79698 26820 A H^KD STRCGOLE. JMaay an lol^ Cltlzipn IFinds the Struggle Hard. With a ba^ck constantly aching. With distressing urinary disorders! ence is but A struggle. No need io keep it up. Doans Kit ney PJlls will cure you lola people endfjrse this claim: S. E. Vaui;hn, retired farmer, liv'ng at 601 Soutli street, lola.. Kas., says: "I. first lea -ned of Dean's Kidney jPllls some 1 5n years ago. 1 had been |troubled foi some time with kidney IcQmplatnt aid at once diabetes set in and my con lltion became serious. The kidney seen tlons were of an unniitur- al appearaice, scknty at times und profuse at (thers. attacks of p iln in catches would tak hardly' get about. noise almost There were severe my back and sharp • me so (hat l could I suffered from jbackache sc that 1 could hardly reiit as also nervous aud any uue:(|)ectcd distracted me. Dizziness po troubled ime that at times my wife ^ad to lead {me for fear I would fall. 1 tried a number of remedies but only ^btaiaed slight relief if any at all. until I learned of Doan's Kidney Pills hie banefltlU derikred from their use (was so sreit that] iixes I wai like after taking three a different person They absolujtely cured me of diabetes, ihe nervousness and dizziness left, the iwln in my iack wis relieved, and my -wjiole system toned up. I have used i )Osn's Kidney Pil^s on a number of occaaions siic6 and they never failed tjo give pron pt and! satisfactory relief Mrs. Vaughn has also used them for backache and kidney trouble and she Talnes them as. highly as I do. We procured them at Chas. B. Spencer & Co .'B Hmg BfjoTe." { For. sale by all dealers. Price 50c. FoBter-Milbnk-n Co.,!Bufrelo, New York, role agents for the BememVer the 'take-ii6 ojbelr. THB lOLA DAILY BE0I8TER, SAXrHDAY ETEMNfl. OCTOBEg 8.19661 United States, nlame —Doan's-j^and ^ Tailored Suits ml Gin^hams| i Orcss Ginghams In light nn/i dar): colors, plaids, stripes; checks, am' ...10(1 plain colors. Price per yard A))rc'n Check Glngbams. extra qual Ity In blue, brown and green. Prlr^ per: yard 5^' Muslin Yard Wide Mu.lin. extra quality bleached or unbleached. ^rlce pe^ yard 'tp! Sheeting S-4 Standard Quality Sheeting. Pet jard ; 20^^ 9-4 Standard Sheeting, nnbleach ed 23(S Bleached 24p\ Outing Outing and Cotton Klannel un bleached. Price ..5, 6«. T^, 8 .1-» and 10<| Women's Slippers Women's Kelt House Slippers III black and colors. Price ... $1.(R), jpi.rja and In blue, brown, green, grey and black; gored Skirts, button and fold trimmed, open front or back, 34, 36 and 38 inch Jackets, satin lined, satin velvet ^d button trimmed. The best collection of up-to-date Tailored Suits we have ever shown. Priced at $10,$l2.50,$l5,$l7.50i$20iipto E.VUKOIDEKY. Knibroidery .Hands ^ind ln;:ortion, alSo a tf/v edges worth l .">c ami 20r yard. Special price for Saturday- i)cr yard 9^* —1 '. LACK ( IKTAIN.S. Nottingham I.«ico Curains in write or .Arabian, full standard size. Price pair^.^. Si?l.(M) and Sj?!.**.! NKW Y£Ii.l>GS. .N>w Vpiliiips III fancy Russi .-in inr;~li nets. blue, brown and pr^y. is iiKli '.>s wide at to (M^- Handkerchiefs I • ! Worth 25c and 35c Sale price, each; lOLA, ATCHISO.X A>D PITTSBIRG. KANSA.S. Women's Ca^^hmerette Gloves in colors and black, al". sizps. price, a liair '^lii^ Poy .>i* Rough Ilider (Sloves in fan with olive gre^n gauntlet cuffs with star decoration. Price pair iiO^- Infant's Leather Faced Gauntlet Mittens in ail colors, made of bear skin and astrachan. Price pair. .."^fO^^ TAUTH POWDEK. ' Airfloat .. Violet Talcum Powder, made by the Talcum Puff Co. Price per can iO^ y.ivy Suiting Cloths. 2» inches wide in liiiht ground with black stripe, ul .-io dark blue, brown, red, and green; ex- art ciqiies of the new weaves in wix>!- en dresK..s:o<)rts worm IT 'l^c to ••T,c. Special price for .Sj^turday .-Ll^^ Stockings Kay .Stbckings for boys and girls, the kind ;thal button to the ' waists. Price per pair :{5, 40 and 50f GITHBIE. OHLAIIOVA A.\n t:ARTHACE, .WLSSOFKI. PHlow C^ses Standard size 42x36 inch Pillow Cases, each H}p Bed Pillows Hcd f'Hiows covered with standard ticking, price pair $1.00 Blankets Grey Bed Blankets, the kind that usually set! for fi.">c pair; Our price | oO^ Rugs a .viL' Ingrain Rugs, brown, red and green..worth JB.liO. Special price $4.95 to ORGANIZE TEAM tivs, LA U.VRPE AND lOLA T(» tJET IP AX ELEVEN. CROWIWOFFANS COMING. Kun^Mt Uleam Bring Sotne ioaters Tomorrow. intit «Bi4 t|>at t»® weather is fav- l^toTa nvniber of Humboldt will Ifer the accompany the game at Electric jldtihii taken a great ihalr'taam this summer )aK the doBlng Tbeir team is •tUf .proposltton, 'W «yi^ «* Add ^baititwtders in Bi-uin Practice Tomorrow—Skeet Ellis, Add Brennan and Aichiiion in Lineup. Tola is to have a foot ball team, or nther lola, tras City and La Harpe « mbined, are to have a team, probably to be known as the "Triplets." For soaie time the oca\ foot ball enthusiasts have bee 'i talking about organ- izjpg a tean. but the talk did not de- vtlope anything tintil today. A meet- in ; of foot ball players from this city Gas City and La Harpe will be called' tor one night the first of next week wjien the organization" will be per- febted. The exact time of meeting will be\ announced later. However, ail ith<>se interested in the game are re- I quested to I>e at the fair grounds tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. By selecting players from lola. Gas City and La Harpe a team whicB would be equalled by few, could be organized. It Is said that M}ler Atcb isoh, the star fullliack for the lola bl^'school team when lola won the 8ta e: cbamplonship, will 'be here and wil flit that poslUon this year. However, if be should not come there ts oth ir material frpm wbieh to select a goo J.full back. With "Warren^ Allen uidj lueslie Campbell In tbe guu the Ellis. Add Brennan. "Tamer" Gray, and a ijUniber of others to. scrap for the end posiiioiis. excellent in Gas City. Lii llarpc and from which to till the other position,. Roy Krwiti who played with lola a n imber of years will probably play quarter for tbe "Triplets" this year. ff the ornanization is perfec-ted. the games'V 111 likely J>e played at the loia Electric {park; a central point between lola, Ga^ City and La. Harpe. One oB the ambitions of the "bunch" will be to take'the scalps of the Cba- nute "G<l.-Devils" or "Jap-Warriors." materia Ibis citjl! ooooooooooooooooo o o O ADDITHIXAL SHORT STORIES.© io . o looooooooooooooooo day's paper |stato that an- old Humboldt boy has been advanced to tbe iiosition of S.>cond Assi.stant Post- Eastern Star Meeting. There will bea uieetinK of the East- em Slav on Monday evening. Several members will be iiiitinted. I master General. .loe Stewart, wt.o j has won this po.sition was bom In MuniboMt. He is the son of Major \\''atsoii Stewart, ilo has been in the Boverument employ for a long time and has been steadily advanced until I lie now stands third i:i i!)e list of jtbose in the ; postoffice department. j'o State Convention. Mrs. J W. Gordon, colored, who has- beet sick for the past three weeks, ttas 'sufficiently recovered 'to be able io leave in-the morning for Atchisonl Kas., where she will attend the {Baptist State Convention. Rial Estate Transfer. Abram Mason and S. A. Mason to EMward E. Gates, north one-half, of southweiL one-fourth, 26-25-19, consideration, ^p,600. '[He has won this preferment because Rev. Gordon Home. Rev. J. W. Gordon, pastor of the Second Baptist church, returned to-of his ahilityl—Humboldt Herald, (lay from Musliogee, where he attended a Baptist meetin?. Ho preached there Monday nighL Junction City Editor Here. C. H. Manley, editor of the .lunc- tion City Republic, was iTi fowa with L. V. Orton of Humboldt this morn- Visits County Clerk. iLeslie Patton, of Horse Cave; Kentucky, is here visiting his cousin. Icouuty Clerk Enimett Ciilbertson. A Humboldt Boy Advanced. The Washington dispatches in Mon- haltibMkj n *aU >e, r 'Hon You pay your' good hard money fo^ any thing, you want the t>est you can get for those dollars. No two laundries produce Uie same quality of work, owing to tbe difference In apt >llance8 and experience. We claim to bo tbe best in Iota and will prove tbe claim if you will give us tbe opportunity. loia Lmundiy A Son to Her. Bailey. Dr. Manley of East lola jyesterday ifceivcjl t< card announcing the birth t)f a son to Rev. and Mrs. Fred Bailey. Rev. Ha'Iey was fomierly pastor of the Trinity Methodist Episcopal cliurcb but is now missionapr to Old .Mexico with headquarters ih Eloro. ing an increase of over the stand taken in the Stanton county preceding month. Twenty-five cases case, wherein a mortgage speculator resulted in, conviction.s, seven were ^ tried to come In after 20 years of sH- continued and two were dismissed. lence and oust a bonafldc purchaser of an actual residence of 18 years on his j'land. These old mortgages were giv- To Kansas City. Pr. .1. R. Pepper will go Kan-!„ by professionarclalm-jumpers and s City tomorrow for a few days..He, will not be at the office on Monday.' .sas City tomorrow for a few rtays.. He, „^„„tiated by professional land sharks Ira Sniith Here. Ira Smith, a .Missouri Pacific de- 20 years ago and disposed of to eastern investors, who after investigating their investments considered them Got Dherre. Charles C .Ciirran was today granted .1 divorce from Itha G. Ciirran. A Hint to the Wise. Fred Baldwin, the Republican nominee for county clerk, has adopted a unique card for the campaign, one of probably more interest to stock raiser's than the. card he used In the primary campaign, in which he had the standard weights printed on the back of; his cards. In tbis he has a table of'\he hop market at Kansas City for a (teriod of the last fifteen years, which will serve as a valuable reference to any one itvterested in tbe livestock market.—Ottawa Herald. Report of the Police vludge. ^ The thlrty-Tour casei whldi were beton J. IL. OoiUna. police Jndse. for the xmtboC JeiiMfldie^^ lice of the city of lola. Kas.. is in the city on business. Atchison's Address. time received their tax deeds and for years made them their homes. Now professional mortgage scalpers are Notwithstanding the threatening! up theseold mortgages for a weather and the fact that both T^ne!^"^ '"T^'^ar to oust the owners and Greeley held similar gatherings j^" ""^^ ^^e southwest We believe last Saturdav.. the A. H. T. A. picnic i'"«'«« Thompson is right in calling a halt.—I.akin Investigator. BATTLE IN MANIU w^as attended by probably 2000 people and was a decided success In every way. Col. J. B. Atchison, of lola. delivered the principal address of the day. HP is one of the National relp- rcsentatlves of the order, and gave an interesting and mstnictive address scoDts and Xeros Jlet^ne Doxen pertaining tothework and objects otj gfl,^ ,^ Sneoanter. the organization.—Parker Message. Manila, Oct. 3.—A report received Seath to Get Returns. 'today from thfe Island of Mlndano tells Col. Seath of the phone plant l^'-^t » battle between tbe scouts and out thingInK of getting election returns,,a.W Moros in which over ii dozen cas- here November 3rd. It may be ttat he will iiave a direct line right through to both national headquarters as well as Chicago and New York. In this way he can fnralsh news of the electicm Just as soon as the couiit ia made.—Ft Scott Trlbniie. CemAMitte nily Thompeois,,. ualties occurred. An outpost company of scdnts was attacked on the Kletn- ley road by titty; Sloros. In lh# fital si^dden onslaught one scout waaUlM add two wounded. The company nd- Iled. driving oft the snperior ftom. with a toss of nlpe natives killed and reral wounded.

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