Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 23, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1907
Page 2
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m lOLl PJULT BgOTSTER. MONDAY ETEXnfG, SEFTEXBEB 83, 1807. L NORTH RUf>. PrMliiMit ,P, A.. NORTHRUP. Vte*-PrMld*nt. O. P. NpRTHRUP. Second VIco-Pmt. HfMititj fir tie Oihel SUtes State efEiiMi iUei Ceiity A. U BRUMBAUGH, CMhl«r. MELVIN FRONK, Ant Cathtar. Established 1869. OIkil luk ii AOei Ce. Assets $i,200j,000 w. V. T: I. >oti>. Ira. B. l|. Keys Inis ri-iurnoil fioiii abbldt tt'hcrn s^lio- wnit in tiiiirijr some cliuioli unnnbi-ir: as m tlii ElUiilty of KiviiiK a roiltcsi Ilieniv /'Keys found lUat sitfcliil <hmcli Wtiea" together with various oihw Irs would so iiilerferr with (he at- ace that tl^e plans WITI - chanced le coniesi will ixiwr in ihv Kast church soon. be Union will tiivr a siiecial open ptlnR and n-ci-piiirn on Thiirsda> • home of Mrs. Abner Wood. JMl Sycamore street. + • • Mr5. <'«lli(irii Here. Ira. lo!a Colborn. the woman I 'im tola 'Was named, has conii' to be uest of .Mrs. Mary K. Nnrihrnp fur winter. :ReceniIy wlu 'n .Mrs. Xortli I was enroute to her lionie liiMc af- summer' in .\laska. slio vi .siied Colborn wlio was in Idalin witli ftUghter and persuaded -Mrs. Colto coiho here for an exfended Mrs. CollKirn is associaTeil with lerouB works of charity wliich been done in tola for tlie past years and lias Inniinierablp ada who will lie ^'lad to wclcnuK + * FNOiily Dinner I'arty. Ir. and .Mrs. .A. .\dains c .tvr a nlly dinner in lionor of and C. F. Sager "f Wewev. I. T, Sat- iJay evening, ('(pvers svcre laid for and Mrs. C. W. Adains. .Mr. and B. K. Adams. .Mrs. .Maiidr- I.cid- W.-H. WDson of Karllon. Mr. O. 18 of Thayer. .Misses I.illie and mle Adams. .Masters Curton Georgp Leidlofl' and Mr. and .Mrs |A . Adaiiis. - • •:• Drieicati'x to ChaDute. annerCanip It. N. A. .\'o. i"M will jid the foilowins memlier.- of tin- jl team to Ilif lo;; rolliiiK in Cli;:Mesdames A. n.l'liillips. C. \V. S..C. K. Kakin. Geo. TayNir. l »av- |5^oIfe. .1. W. Lamli. T. Trempoli. V •iHanKon. A. \V. Stillwell. .Mrs. C jton. J. AV. .VeWman, .Misses iflessie erley, Linnie .\dani.s, I.enoraj Uver- BesBle Potts and I.illie Adalins. * • • MNslonary Meetin^r. he .Missionary sooiet.^ wiii on Thursday afternoon with .Miss Itb Brown, .".01 .NOrMi ( Bt. . For .Mrs. Ii.Jieui<. Irs. C. fJ .SponeerTW^r an .ilti-r- party last Friday for hT sister. Irs. Hugh .Means of l.^iwrenre. The were ' niembr-rs -of tlie Uridse 4Bt club wlio enjoyed an afternoon [JcardH. Anions those, present were. H. Means. .Mrs. I.: .Noriliiup J. C. .Mitdebaeh. Jiis J. S. Stoy- ziivBd F. B. Smith. »s. f. J. Hor- MrS. n. P. .Nortjj^ and .Mrs. F. vNorthrui>. I'Mrlsfian Kudea^nr Sorial. He Endeavorers of Jiie Christian Bfch will Kive a reception Hnd su- ^on Thursday evcnlnst at the home liss Golda Klani. 21'':; Sontli Sec- "«treel. .\ committee" is arransin-.; sralii of music for the oocasiou. •> • •».' , \n .Ipitroacliint; .Murriaze. *ext Monday eveniiis at <'ii;lii ck. Miss .Mary CooH of Jnni'tinn ir?wlll be married to .Mr. l^avcrKnr of Muniboldt. Both tlie yonns l»le are widely known in Alleti Ilt.v, Mr. Orfon bein;;-a prominent yer of Hifmboldt where lliey will ke their home. t + * + IVonianV (iuild MF«-<4nir. he Woman's C.nild of Tininilix s |rch will meet on Wedin-siia.v afni- al 2:.'>0 with Mrs. Parkinson on State street. * * * ... >VIII Eujio} an Uutluk'. Ire. .If B. Kirk has serufed a ll<en>e and i!< planning several oiii- I and excursions durlngtlie season. Post]Minr KntrciUinriifiit. Bpworth Uawie f>f the I'irst I" jS. thflrch was to bar euiveii a play |ti Friday eveninu in libi}iiry hall but tdatc. has been chanpeitl to Friday, ttber. 4. The partlcipsnts found the parts were too (linieult to Ded )n such a short ttiue. I _ • * * + • I Y .MeetiuK Thursday. Irs. boulsa Klake. 714 .Vortb si rent. I be hostess of the pociet; this Ik. The program wilUbe on tem- Bce subjects, and .Mrs. \V. It gle •will eive a lifteen-Jninuti- par- bentary drill. Libbey Cot Glass! A large and beautiful as- .sortment just received. Will be glad to show you. Sewall, ITe Jeweler 104 North Washington. Scott this eveiiini;; They will return Wednesday in the auto. .\!r.s. Cnllen Uobinson and daughter lielcii. were quests of .Mr. and Mrs C. I-". Ilildner. during the week end, .\hs. Uobinson was enroute to her lionie in Fredonia after a three months visit in .Michigan. .Miss Lila has gone t(j Kansas I'liy to spend tin- winter at Lorctla ai-ademy. .Mrs. Kdwin .McNeil is \i.-iiin.i; rela liv .'.-i in City. .Mr. and .\\rs. A. K. lOllis and Mr and .Mr. .Monte .McKinney are visiting r.<'laiives in Denver. .Miss .Maynie .\ii (iersoti is home from an I 'Xtended visit with her aunt .Mrs .\ I.. H. Street, in St. Paul. .Mr. and .Mrs. T. K. 1 laKcnbuih. of lola. and .Miss .Mar^aret Kllsworth. of fhcrryvale. were quests of Dr. and .Mrs. .Metcalf yesterday. .Mr. and .Mrs. .lohn T UKK I CS of Denver. .Mr. and .Mrs. .Anderson of Dewey !. T .. aie visiting their luoilier. Mrs, .>n>i"- Post. .Mrs. .Anderson will be rciiienibered as .Miss Siidie Post. .Miss Ulanche VanHuskirk spent Sun A:ty with friends in Kincaid. .Ml. and .Mr.s. .A. P. Harris and .Mr. Hid .Mrs. Cli -nii Finiiey retui:ned to •la.v from a visit to .\ei)slio Falls. * + + ...Mrs, Cretnr IniprorinL'. Tile many friends of .Mrs. Kiinicr lr'iiiiln '.;s C.resp will lie happy to hear It lii'i- apiimachini: (le)iarture from St Jclin 's hospital. .Mrs. Cre^j: has been .erioiisl;. Ill lor ;li(. two weeks. (ITY «;<)T .-..fHHt.tHHi «KI.I.. •'iioil Hi.i»er ltniiii:lil Tntrt. in on Uilsoii The city broii;;lil in a ."..niiu. i wi-l in till- Wilson p'ace Saturday night riiis Is the st'cond well brought in on iii.- ira.M. It is now Iieing cased .•iiicl lie coiiiieeted up shortly. The well .Sjilr]v,\vj^s leceutj^" "shot" by the city '4»" iiow-satiil t(^^)0 -1^ .Y'ooii .iiini well. .SI.STEHS K.Mri,(n .\.>ili)(l.\. IVfehifa .Mfoniej Uith C. H. .\pl Mill Keunsent Them In SntellfTe Tninhle. rominir and (•oinir. ti^. and Mrs. C. F. Sager havf refilled to their home in |;)ewey. 1. T r.a. visit with tlieir pjiients. .Mr. ^_ Mrs. G. W. Adams. Ii|r, and .Mrs. M. Skilleii and .Miss Ml^a Davis of .lerico Springs. 'Mo., ivlsitlng Mr. and Mrs. L. C. .Mun- R B8 Burdet.ta Wood of Klsnioie is for a visit with .Mrs. Grant IHllbe. B. J. P. Wright, of Illlniils. U here ir'w vlst with relatives and friends. iit. and Mrs. Harmon }]|obart and r4 J- l>. Arnett are going to Fort S MII .Vniidon. of Wicliita. one nl thf 'W's l .|M )v.n attoruf.'s in tlie state vitii ('. Ii \|it of this cil.. will r« i leien: tin- Sisters of St. .lohn 's hos- ,ilta' in till' n>anilaniiis action liiinighi \\ I): ..I. S. Sntclifff against the in- ;!ilii!ion. The defense was given un•il October loth today by .lodge Fousi o ttiiswer the petition oi tile plaintiff The iii.innclion suit brought re<-<'ntl: 'i> 1 )1- Sut<-liflri- to pri'veni the ad• iscry board from liearitig tin' chargi-t •if improfcssional conduct against 'liiii will be taV'ii ni' n' 'his time also. ioi.i,oMi:i> ninTK (^IKL.S. MANY HEARD SERVICE W. K. C. aud U. A. It. Had Clurfce of Etening .Service at FIrxt M. E. The .Methodist church was filled with membors of Ihi.* congivgation Tliv W <i|)ien'8 Helicf Corps and thi (i. .\. K. last night durinc the special s .'rvice conducted l)y the latter .or aguiy.ation. The pulpit and chancel rail were hanked with ferns and there W (.ie innumerable flags held in place by bunting and flowers. A group ol tiie oftlcers and older memliurs of the Corps and G. A. R. together with of ticers of til.' Sunday school and triis tecs of ihe cliurch were seated in th* cho :r loft. .Mrs. S. Crumley villi a iileasing address presentivl a Pag to the Sunday school and Prof 1.. II. Wichard accepted the token with a response in which he spoke of ti;e civil war and wars of morality l'r <if. Wisliard referred to Ihe conflict n I he southern states and in Oklahomn •e >.-ariling proliiliition. .Mrs. A. Kppen iiir presented a flag to the church A li ;<-:i Judge Oscar Foust in a few well •l !(^--en wol-ds. assured the soldier -hottld be well and closely guarded. lion IC. II. Fiinston liiade fS.. ad I 'l'ss of Ihe evening tiiid during tin ciitirse of Ills remarKs hearty and fre MKiii applause showed the patriotism I 'hich was f >.!t by the audience. Theiv was .soiii.' ;iniivnall> good music. Tli p:o;ram wlii<'h was under thr liirec lion of .Mrs. I'hllp lleigle bein.s; as foliiws: (K 'liitig song. "Oinvard Clirlstian Sol liris." congregation. Invocation. Kev. .Mason. \ocaI solo. .Mrs. .1. W. Bolton. S<'riptnre reading. .Mrs. H. .A. l!}wiiig Vocal solo. .Mrs. \V. T. Wiitsoii. Presuilatiou of fia= to the Sunday • li'ol. .Mrs. S. K. Crumley. H.'sponce, Prof. 1,. H. W'isliard. sii ;trnlendent of the Siiliilay scliool. Solo. •Tenting on the old Canil Iiv'ind." .1. E. Henderson and con :.-egation. Presentation of lltig to the churcli li>. T Kppeiii«ur. i ;<'.-;ponse. .ludge Oscar Fonst. Pres lent of the Board of Trustees. So!o. -The Old Flag .Never Touch I the (iriMiiid." Jake Billbe. Recitation. '•Voiir Flag an<I My "lag," .^Irs. S. Vau :liii. Song, by Po .st and C <ir !is. "Beau !ful Flag." Adilrcss. Hcui K. H. Fiiuviton. by congregation. "America." B Jii -'iiction. Rev. .1. M. .Musoii. Bsibk Gombm Solid <.'old and iioXA Filled, mounted in l»otli rluhoratr and plaiu dPM |((u »i. .I'rires from 7<ic to mm. MCNEIL BROTHERS. TMC JE}/tCLERM. DR. MINEAR IS SUED TEN TEAMS ENTERED l'r(»|»eiis .Vre I MMM I fur Ihe . Tennis Tournament. Coniil} This ( harge .Made .\gainst Raj Rich unison. Colored, Todaj. Two wliite girls caused tlie arrest il Ray Iticliaidson. colored, last night •n the charge of following them, fhi • <nMg ladies were walking about the iliects and claim tlial tliey saw younc iticliardsoii dogging their steps. 1 \}o vouug nieii also told tliein that Rich irflooii was tollowing tlieiii. The> ttij -nt lip to police lieadiiiiaiteis and lia!d him arrested. The girls today rtipii to .ludgc Collins to gel a war rant for his arrest. It is als<i charged Ihjit Ri<-liard.son wrote a note to om of the gills a few years ago. and when reproved, swon- to get even with her Klchardson will probabl.^ be arraigned .Ills alteriiooii. A »VO<H)M.\> MKhTIMi. Cojinmlttet' Mill Arrauire for Chauule K.veursion Tonight. '= "Where are you going?" I "Going after a sack of Um J; Mplfff Flour. Mjrwife WM't ttse anything els«." 3 ("he Woodman comitiee iias ordered III I open iiieoiing for this evening to be I held in the .M. W. A. hall for the of determining liow map/ are coiiteniplatiiig on attending the big \I. \V A log rolling which is to be liclfi ill Chaiitite. Kansas, on Seiitem- iji -r I.'itb. It is necessary to know liow many e.\|iecl to attend si» the '•oiiiniinee can tell how many spuVal cars to charter to cany tiiem to that city. .\fter it is determined how many are; going the c-ars will be set out and decbiated for the purpose of letting Chjjuufe know that lola is to be rep re.sented at the log rolling. -SUE itV FEET l\K\OM>." School JMstrIrt Clerk Omits >othlnir in nesrriiition of Tearher. •Jri/e of feel unknown, <-oloi of hail liro^vn turning gra>. complexion limnetic." This was a iiostscripi wliich was iidded by the clerk of an Allen county sch^afil district.board in his re- oort to tlii^i.ouuDty superintendent of the opeuiiijrpf the «cbo<j| In his refer- euce to ib»%eacber.. The clerks are re<iiiired by law to fill out blanks re- gjirding the oiiening of schools. The elerk who seutj in the above descriplioi: ef the sohfwl niar"m evidently put in the post script as a gentle rap at what he thought was iinneci'.-isarily letailed report. Trj a Want Ad. In the ReffUter. Ttl I»EVKMM'K <; AS FIELD. Messrs, Kaney und Itutler Leasing Allen Counlj Land. W. W. Kaney and .A. W. Butler aif c day taking leases in tlie nndevelop (I -jas district known as Ihe Rock ,ow school district in tlie soi\Uleast rii part of tlio county with \ view developing it Immediately. The lield wliich these nieii e.xpect to devel- •)pe bord -rs on the north on the .\V- .ait;hliii field and on Hie. Elsnioro liel'i on the south. Tlie leases run between the .Marmaton and Big Creek rivers. Tlie men will bi -gln drilling ihi first of the coming wecJ\. The first well Is to be drllleij op the George Rroiigliton farm. A FA.nii.y RErMo>. 8l Four (•'enenitlons (•allirred of W. It. Rearh. Home l''onr generations of the Beaeli r.iiiiiij wer- represented Sairinlay eve iiiu" at a reunion held at the house of W II. Beach. 21!i North First sireei .Mrs I.. .M. Beacli aged 7,'. years. W. R. Beach und son Fred Beach and Grace Beach tlie one year old child of Mr. and -Mrs. Fred Beach were the repreweiitatives «)f the four seneratioiis. .^Iso present at the reunion were .Mrs. K. A. Bennett of Klgin. 111.. .Mrs. Fr:'d Beach and .Mrs. \V. It Beacli. Wile of Former iolti rii}sleiHn Muntii TempurHry Alimony. ] .Mrs. .Aniiii .Mln.'^ar has brought suit I ill dl"-tric( court for temporary alimo- i ry from Iter husband. Dr. A. N. .Minear ' and also for an injunction resiraiiiing •tlie Allen county bank and Dr. P. S. I l.atlirop from turiiiiic o\er to her hits- I baiiil certain sums «>f money which •• slie all'.^es they intend to do. ! The coiiplf! wer," married Septetnber ; li;th. l.sIiT and lived together until 'a^e.iii a year ago. I..^ter tliey livei! legi lh(-r for a time, but separated 'again in .May of tliis year. They have 'or.- <-liild. a little girl, .\lnia. seven : y.-ars old. It is allr.ged in tl;e [leiiiioii that r. Minear Is now practicing in Salt l.aUv City and has a daily iiieonie of Tile .\lleii Conniy Tenels Toiiiiia- iiielit is to open next Wednes'iay afternoon in lola and the list of entries l is to be closed Tuesday night wheiiji; the drawing for places will lake place Cp to the present time ten teams ^, > ,i . i liave entered for the tonrnaiuenl. I .a ''" "^^"^ Harpe. Gas City, liniiilioliii. Savon-, in T'utiiian irotinty. Mo., which burg and Kismore are all ri 'presented. j h, rents for a year. She also The present outlook is that the t •A year, sfi.s II,at Dr. Lathrop wlm bought Dr. .Miiiear's business liore. lias 'n Ills |io s •ssjon about $7rtb wbicli he iiitei, !.s lo liiiii ovei to the defendant aii<: thai the Allen Comity bank also lias ^^:,|> which it will turn over to Dr .Minear unless restrained. Slie _____ I H UM fore asl;s for an injunction res- roniiilissiirj (>eneriil Has Keen .Stiid» - i " '-""g tbem from turning ovi-r tl.ese ItMiils lo Dr .MiiK'ar. S'le a--ks for I'sni'oraiy nllniony. suit money and ;Mto:ii(y |'ei -s. Dr .Miti'.ar is well Known over the practiced here for a tournament will be a grand success as every tennis player in the couiiiv is takiing interest in the allair. li wi.l probably lie several weeks before the linals <'ail be jiiayed and the haiid- sonie chanipiotisliip cup awarded. ! SEW lUKXS F((R ARMV RATIONS, ing .Methods In Knropeaii ( onnlries. Washington. .Sept. Co !ii|iii--sai y Heiii> i;. Sli .ii|ii' <if till. I';;- iled States army has n-t Mined lo Washington aft.-r a trip abroail. wheie he studied the met I KK ;.-; of feeding th- t:ooiis in till' British. Fr -jicb and Ge 'r- n<an armies. He brought back many iii'W ideas for the iniprov enieiit of the raiimis of Ihe riiit .'d tSates s,.) d'crs. CRABB SAYS: We have long had a reputation in ilii.s lor.ilily of filling prctciiptions with the highest finality };ooi!s that could be .secured, and in filling them in ji way which met with the approval of the e.ntirc mcdiial profession.' The same caretul work will be continitcil in the future. The same high quality gooils will be used that have been used in the past. We solicit your patronage W. L. Crabb, Tolophono 4-79 PreboHptlan OraggM i MAJORITY TOO GREAT Makes It Hard for President lo Re. iccl Constitntiou. ceiriry lii:in'-ei S |.rin". having of \ears He 1 -ft here in the SMALL FIRK LAST MtiHT. ; I .H'llp Lxploded and Caused a RIa/e Reiuirlmenl fallriL IIARRV RRAnFURirilLRK."" I'reliniinarj II'.aring on ( hiirge Theft Iddin, 01 The explosion of a lamp at .Ml !--oiilli SI reel ..-151 night resnlied ili .1 .lall blaze w'lieh ie(piir:'i| the as :i?lancc of the tire department to put oli'. I "i.- lamp was selling on a sT^'lf Harry Uradford. the .loim;; man wlio is wanted here for slciling pieces off of the machinery at ilie lola Portland. , ... , ., . ,,, , „ ,, Cement plant, was liroimb. bark from 1 supposed Fort Scoii and his i .ri 'liminaiy hear-:''"' 'he iiil Mise lieal caused Ihe ex- Ing is lieiiig held liiis afternoon in , i-li.-; on. Tlie ida/.e Imrned a small lodge Houghs conn. C. A. Hiad-„|. ;„,,„,,..,,.,., ,„„,|„. „hole dam lord who was arrested for the saim' ... oiremjF also-had his heaiini: Iliis alter- ""' '•"""•'•t^ •"" noon. ainoniit to more than $:">. Special Sale of SKIRTS! Por Next Tuesday wc have an cxlraord- inary bargain in the line of Skirts. There are 18 skirts in the lot, all new patterns, made of fine black french Voile. Each skirt is plaited and made very full, trimmed with Taffeta silk banks. I^cgular pric: is $8.50, on sale Tuesday Morning at 8:30, choice. JURY OUT 14 HOURS Wa.shili;:tVli. Sept. I'li.sideiU. ; K <Mi;eve|| will liave .so miii-h pressing^ ollicial business to lilspose of during. lis iliree days" stay in Washington i ii;'Xl week tliat he will be unable toj give any consideration t <i tlie Oklaho-j ma sitiKitifin. Wlile tin- copy of ili.'i 111 w consliiiition and the vote casi for and agtiiiisi it will not be ecrti- lied lo liini for several weeks, both • the advociit .'S and opponents of t'.i';' roiislitnlion htive indieali .rl that they; would like to have an early tiinlienciv villi tile president. Tlie opponent-;; •.•ant to convince him that tlie const'- 1 tut ion should bo rejected while i»; advocates will point out rr.nsoits why il should b<.> proiiiulgated. j The president will leave on his west ern trip m-xt Sunday. Hi; will li.ive etiie spare tini-' on Ills hands between j sp-.-rlies down th»' .Misslssijipi and i •| is possible that I.e will arrange to! see the Oklahoma ilelegaiion while It is out West. I The Republicans of GMalioiii.i. hav • hade it a hard task for the prcsidenl | »TEYER'» GROCERY HeadqiMrtara for Good Things to Eat. Tel €|)hoD6 139 HomeMade Sausage of all Kinds. Cish Paid for Poultry ^nd Hides OTTO HINZE, UT-TODATt: MEAT MARKET 119' Madison to iejt.ct the coiisfitntioii. They did not demand Ihe defeat of the conslitii- •ioii Tliey only criticized it. .Most ol il-e campaigners w.?re I'li." warm in tlieii- opposition. When the ()i<:alioiiia Kepnblictin leaders wire in Waslii'iu- (oii last s).iing. I Ley led the pruiiid'iil H) beiieve that if the constitiifion w.i? adopt -.1 at all it woald be liy a uar- rew iiiar-iii. Set-riary Tafi wlio was the iiiatier for the administration told them to go hone, and heat the con- stilirion if they ciiiiid. am! if tliex Fryer Bros Can Cut Dpwn Your Grocery and Meat Bill :: :: :: :: :: majority down ; It i.s liiit ucCeysary lor you tr. give ii.s a tfial order on grocetie.s and meat.s if yoii want to demonstrate the fact that yon tvill save money by purcharinj; frqm us. We haveilhc choicest of staple and fancy Kroteri^s. |'We make a sptctalty ot cftering b the fastid- ous hou.sewifc who ' wants those Itttle e.vtras that ijp to'niake up an rxccplional dinncr-and which aic 50 hard to find in fhc average .\ biu iiiinoiil.v 1 1 i ^rccety ^tcrc. FRYER BROS. Or.jcery and Meat Market Phones 308 iand 301 Sept. :.M to St. .Io;;oplii .Mo., return limit Sept. ;;ii $6.bO Sept. 21 to Oct .'. Kansas fjly. Mo., return limit Oct. 7 .$1.11) Kas. reliirti 7ni; Jnrj r«»uld >ot Airree In KulN .FIjnn Uamafre Cai^e. .\fier being onf fourteen hourn the jury in the Butts Klynn case re^iOrled thai they were unable to asree and \M re discharged. This iv a case In which Hurley Butts, a minor, brought suit lo recover $5.'>'l" damaRes froi> H I . Klynn. alU^ing that the physician had he?n neffllRent in the care of 1 dislocated arm. The case attractetl <!ijlte a little attention, especially in the lliimholdt nelghborhoo*! as both part let! live there. The case was very hard fought. A number of phyfiiclans gave expeit testimony. It is said that the jury Mood » to I for the plaimifT n the lavt ballot. Register fTant Ada Brinf BetilU. eoii'd not. to el-;:-p t! to a few tlioii-and. vote .-igaiiist the (-(insiitiition woiil.' :-ev I 'le presid -lit V:ii-l,iiig •!! eas • II, n'jei -;ed I I.e ins! r ;;Mi -'ii. lint tli • •iiajeiity for tl 'i- eimsl il n! ion was over" iieluijug. .\ll thi- Democrats an I , good purl ilia of the- Ri .piiblica ii .s vol . d for it This far', timeih -r iv.i!i llie .el-i 'iioaal fae: that the I »"iiii rci:i 1 •:iei airi iii :'d.. several e |ian-es in tin- loiisi itiiiion siiir-ested by I be adniini.-^ I'atioii .-ifli -r the Oklalioiiia Iteptibli can leaders Iitol their eonferenc" Willi llie |iresjdeii(. s 'r(ingl> in'lenelie • lb'. IViiioirats III rase till- |iiesiileiii e .-niiiot sei- Ill- way clear to re |ieiT llie lOMSt il 111'on 111 - sii ".;:;esl ion lias liei -n made ;liat le c;in eliei Ii the (piestion lip to eoimr'.i- .-.lid let il take the respolisjbitil \. Tie eii;ibling act provides that if the eiDisiiiiiiion is repii !illc -aii in form, .-iin! if Ihe jiriiviMoiis of the eiial'Iiir.; .n' liitv • li '."n eoiMplieil Willi, il s!ia:| lie the diil.^ of il'i- iiiesidenl. luHii., Iweiiiy da.\s irom ilie re, e||,t of tiii- !• villi of tlie eli-etioii :inil a eojiy i,; the (oiisliliilioii. to Is.-.ue his procla n'alion aniionncing the result of tie- >i:iid fjjetion. It is snggesieil by H IOM. who wan' Of: lalioiiia to conic info tlie I'nion niider more favorable terms that the president mipht simidy refer tlie ma" ler to congress with a statem.-nt tlial i! and not le. wa-s tin- branch of gov- einnie.,, to make the new states. Thi. | „„, ,,„^„, ,„ si>ggesiion will not likely meet with j and we now have just received a big .Sept I and 1'.'. Ciiannle limit Sept. ji; .Sepi. ji; and :.'7 Cliei i#yv.ile, InVii iiliiit .-Sept. jS .... Sept Lvs lo del. I, Wichita: Kas. re- iina liiiiii Oe|. ,", $4 n'l Ka; . re .51 s:. (lit limit ito :i o-i. 'ro|ii|ja, I:; ...\.. K .v- reiiii ri — ?;!,ti.j Oct, IL' to i;i. Kansas City, .Mo. r"- tiirn limit Oct. zi. Jl in One way yec-ouri cjass colonist rates to California and the .\orthwest on sale .September ! lo Ot'tober :'.l. in- i elusive, please see over pri\il(;ges and. sir Ipr rates, stop forth. W. £. Ralston, Agfent. Special for SATURDAY! t;;e presidi'iifs favor. To sidevtL'i, ill I hat fashion wouhl bring down more criticism upon him than to re ject Ihe constitution. WIIV .IIKAT tOSrS .MOKK. .Serrelurj Wilson <ihe> Konr |{eaHun> for the Kaise. W,a«hiugton. Sept. 2:!.—Seeretary AViIsoii. of tile agricultural department ^ says th-re is no reasmi for aiiothei j investigation of the beef trust simply i because pric-s of meat are higher j beside the truvif. he says. are. respon- ; sible for the high prices. | "Ca\tl.^ are hinher." suhl lie j now than ever . Other things ! "Itunges are licliig cut up into sinail tracts and the cattlt. industry is being curtailed. V.'ase.- ..;e l.iglu-r. Ir i ; more to butcher cattle now. I3very- ihlnK is higher. Why shouldn't meat be higher7" shipment of all kinds of Fruit. Vegetables and sudi as fan be had in the market at Kansas City. Kor today aud Saturday we will havi- llie following: Helll'ower -Apples^. .New York Plppeii ^.\ppl(;.-i. Toka.v Cirapes. Mine Damson Plums. Creen (Jage Plum.s. I!aiiaiias. f)range.-< Rocky Koid C.iiitaloii" .. .lersc.v Sweet PofJitiM... Kresh Ti.riia 'oe -t ; i:::gplanl. I' |i.;. Creen and W ;ix I -.i -aii Radishes. r,eets. Pje Plant. Vegetable Soup linnches. Mine (irapes. Respectfully. A. Q. MUMM A. I For Sale Cheap. <;ood Farm and City Property. See ;he THE .TAYIIAWKER L.AJfD CO. for ijiiick resul^ts. Old Court House, lola, Eani.

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