Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1908
Page 7
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Truth fmd Qaatity appeal to the Weninformed in e^yry walk of life and are es.«ential to permao^t success and cnxiitiblc standing. Accor- mgjy, it is not claimed that Syrup '•f Figs and Elixir of Senna is the only rtancdyi of known value, but one of many reasons why it is the best of personal and family Iatati\'cs is the fact that it cleanses, aweetens and relieves the infernal organs on which it acts without any debilitating aftereffwtsand without havingto increase the quantity from time to time. It acts plcas-iritly .md n.ifurally and truly as a laxaiivc, and ii> jomponcut parts t\rf fcno;i-n tfi i>id .npprovcil by pbj'siciani, .i.a it js friv from .ill objrrtii^n- aWc suhst.incrs. To 'cfl i!-^ boniTirial rffccJ--" alwaj-^ p!irch.if<c the cfnrline— manufactunvl by the California Fi-; j ^yrxip Co , uoly, and for -silc by all leading drug- 16th !N[ationaI IRRIGATION CONGRESS Interstate Induotrial Ksposition and »w Mexico.Tcmtorcal Fair . AUh AT Albuquerque. N. M. . sir, s{> Jo OCT. 10 Come ar:>l see the rro>p(»rons Sanfa Ke j?.Tij;htvst-f-wIi»re aU the way fn lu Colnr 11.x to Cali- lortiia water ts kiiip The t'. ? f;<'V'rati;o!:t now. spendinr niiilions of |il'>nars tn. get a j'erniatipnf Wiijtjiir s!i;n>!y lor the senii-ar:'i lati}~. It m>?ana miliiotis of acres made fiJ'aMe and fitifor homes. .\ national event. wj.,irth" crossing a continent to seK Foreign diplomats. Oovernment officials, irrira'ion experts aiid Captains of industry wUI anond". \ creai. evpo»:tion : of Southwest fartiis. r.i;;<.hp*. Diiii»s ar.d indujrrie.-. Indiat;.-. n;id cowboys—r. S ('ava!r> Tickets ?a >•> So;' Oct. ftti.i! rPMini !lnir 1?0S. If dt»si:.'d an api'l.- • to acont -\il>Mnuerii!i''. tirk'^ will t-e h"tinr>nl for return vi.» Clovis. .V. .\(^, and .JlniiriUo, Tf x. Attnicthe >i.l«.(ri»is t«» V. S, Br- rlaniation Projects and Grand I an > oh iif Ariiona. , Santa Fe Aet'nt. A.-ii W. V. KALSTON. lola, Kans. for Irrication Hookitt. EXCHAMiE tut SELLl List • yniir proptTtv with me. I have a large Us:| :o match from. -No exper.fe ii::less a deal is found tor you. I have ;4iJ acres in Nco-' Eho ccun'ty. Kas. to exchange for gi>£)d lo!a prcperty. J. T. MILES, fioom 10, Old Conrt Hon$p. ^cArf and Stool GIVF.K Frank Travis, randidato for state senator was labrhd "Hereford" as soon a.s ko arrived in ^JTates Center th.^ other day. and hois wondorinp how they knew what kind of slock he is. \ German Lutheran. Th'c regular Lutheran service with pirfrij'hins in German will be held in the G. A. R. hall Sunday. October i. at 'Z p. m. ^UI welcome. J. \V. WERUNG, Pastor. " Oovernor Haskell is asking the pen- p}.^ of Oklahoma'for contributions to help him down hi;; "••npcnies." Why doesn't" he start thos«> damage suits at onc>^ and niako Hearst and the oth- or ft'llows who have "'Ued" atiout him •onto ihroush? j; Presbyterian Church. First Church. The pastor. Rev. S. S. Hilsch«'r. will preach at the morn- Ins !5er ^•^ce at 11. subject. . "Fellowship! with t^d." After the sermon therii will he ordination and installation of ojBcers. reception and baptism emb<}rs. and the sacrament of the W T. Veriioh. recistrar of th^ trea.s- Mr>>r in speaklnc hofor<» .1 .se.s.sion of tlii> ("olon'd .Methodist's conference on cdiicTfJon of the colored race took occasion to say: "It has been v»'ry hard for ni'^ to k'<<>p away from poli- Mcs tonifiht_ t did not come to talk on that. Rut In closttitr 1 will refer to tlii> past when'tlere was a man of Ohio wlio broupht out the militia 1o iiroti-ct 'h>- n<^crr> rac.>. WTirv was that? The'man was .Mphonso Taft. t!i>' fatlt'<r of th.- i<r>>S(.>nt .Tudco T.nft who is ninninu: for the prfsidoncy." Tl.v l'.i;>ital in r> porting this s.iys th.Tt th<-r>' \v.\s much cii.'.rii;^ when Mr. V.-rnon finish'd. of Lori's Supper. In the evening thf p.ost )!• will [iresont the next in the yor- ies >f 'S'>rnions. on the subject. "Th l.av> of H«m<»sty." This '-will bo a prafj ical study of the roininandniesit. Thijiu Shalt .Vol Steal." Come and heari It. I S.jhhafh school at a. ra.. ami the !(-. K.' merthiR at The <n<»n- Chairinan Dolley will tako ircoi! r.i-<' th.Tt all wbb .CO to Topeka totlay hear Taft. Speeches will be made in th'' .\!iditorii!ni. the <'iran«l an<l*on the s!r<>'is from an atitoinohilo, V:i?ht hamls will he in the parade and it win ii'-a cr-'a' day for Republicans. ins breaching servic will lie hcM at ::>'^j Instead of S-cfclock. N'otio>' th" change in the time. Little Builders' Cfiapel. Mrs K N .loties. superintendent. T!'.." Boys" Sabbath school at t p. tn Th" r- ;ar (school .-jt n p tn. l ^'Oitis srrvic. at Bassett Cbapel. William l>ivis-. sup erintcndcnr. S.iHbafh school tit " p m. SaniU'-'l Ctonipcrs now has Mr' Rid- •r. the new- treasurer of the I >'nio- cratic National Coniniitte.'. nu^ *hr •.:ridiron. ^In spii'' of his [iro|.\..ts that he is a friend of th.' lahorin;.' man. the or.fiT of issut^d by (Jomp'rs acainsf .Mr. Ridder'.s office is prett.t good evidence that he i.<5 tiof sincere The chairman of th" Democratic Xa> ional Committee. Mr. Mack, says h« does not consider the affair of .an! importance at all. Hut then th'' lab- oritic men will rh.iirman .Martin of the State J> m- ora'ic roiiiniit^ee ref';s>s to he in'er- vi'>\v-il as to wh'ther he ri'jes on a pass or not. H.' is probab'y relyins up'in *h'' theory thai a man is intio ivnf tttittl he is proven Eui't.v. One of the many difference- he- Twer-ii President Roosevelt anil randi- dai>' Bryan President Roosevelt re'd Foraker while Mt. Bryan ;it'Mdf.\s'ly ••s''>tid by Haskell. I Mr Hearst is s'ill r-adm; l-rters tthich 'lirect'A oouc'-rn Mr. Foraker ap.d Mr. HasK'-I! Th:i' .«;.vn-.-- like nibbin;; it in. • \V^o says it. is a liar: who beli.-.v.-s it. :i foo;.'—Taft. Talilo Kock, N'ebr . Oct. 2 —.liid;e \Vin;a'!i H. Taf. ';?ed this sti-on.i: Ian•M.;-' here i-i 'lis labor si'eech here todi" • 'No^v some ordinary, cheap cnrt;a-i"n has devoted him.=elf to fh'- !ei.-iiies- of rtinnine around the co::ntr\ and .-a.Mii2 triat \ am in favor of payinc a !.Tbu:ir!i: man a dollar a dav ant! tb;it 1 i:ave said that that is enough. T ^a?: .-It the hT-ad of the Panati-a rar.a' fo- fo-ir years and we pay ste.itiisli'T. <-! meii -i'l^ n fhere $2Tif^ a n'oiiti! \s T ficure tha^ out. that n)ak>^s a litt'-' ni^rc than one dollar i, day Aiiyt'odv that says I ever made '.•^at "-"marl-: i.s a liar and the man tt-ijo '.e'i.3i.jc: him is a fool. For, why uti'ler heaven 1 should say that I cannot 'in(?ersrand or what connection or Mr.iJ.r wha' rire'itas'anccs." i Christ Reformed Churih. ("orner .1.ack>-on avenii'e .-ind *'o|. tonwrtod stre.-'s. A n-w ii: stor be eins toiuorro*. K-v. Wni .\ .^In'.ts. of Tiffin. <>, assrimes il: > charu-' ijfiith'' Reform''I church • Re-Mlar I w-t-'kly si-rvie.s wi'l be b'^'nl until fuptb'T notice as follows: i'r<-a<"hins <\<'ry Sunday at II a. ni and 7;"'i !>. m. Prayer m-etiuu an'I Bible study every Wodnesda.v at T::,'<> p. (itn. Thein't f'lr Sunday mornitic. ••\\''e are ofids Fellow-workers." Ev- ejiinc:. ".I^su.s' Testimony Concern- int Himself." .''unda.v .school at 'J:45. Everybody welcome. First Methodist Episcopal Church. Th'' serviet's of this chur<;h ar-.v kutt'lay school at ?: vr.; .lutiinr I.-a cue at " p. m.: Kpworth Leaeue. f,.:\<\. ijt'd preachinc morninir. and' ••venin?. bvi the pastor. .1. M. Mason. Th'" niorn- inp, sermon will b'"' on *Th<l Pistrict 1,'Onference 3t Ya'es C-nfer." ai;d the eveninc sermon will be on "X Work- ii !c Girl's Exaltation." To alt of these services .overyone hits a welcome Our evening servi<-.s oKen ;•.'•> minnies ea'-lier than heretofore and votl are reqiiesterl to tal e notice. Special itistumen|al m'i>ic 1|:is beep arranc.-d for th.) eveninc ij^rvice . The doors- of th.- church will tjf' o;>ene,l ;it Nifli M'r\ices fur t"'' re- .j.'pti'in '>f members. U. B. Church. S.abbath School at f>: t?:. Preachinc at II :'•>•'. .Ir V. r. C. r. at .'? .".o PrtMchinc at 1:"'^. At ih" morning service a stimmary if the two years' work,; will he civen -at the ev.enin? will be the closinr :erm.on of conference year. Every- ijiody welcome at both services. 0. G. MISSAMORE. Pastor. IN WINTER QUARTERS NOW. rREE With each Pitno Purchase at the Rdterts Piaoo poose 12 N. WaBhingtjbii Bishop's An\ma\ Show Back to lola .for the "Off" Season. loUi I:- til be til- winter quarters • •I .1! l.'ast oil" circus—or rather that •lait of a circu- iisually calbvl a me- ii:i.-'t;' , Th. P.i-itic Express company Mils i!''>rnilii; ret ejV'il a larse coti- KiKiitcent of rare bir'Is. animals atid r«-pti!.'s coiisii;ii'"l to R. Bishop. w!:oi li%es in this city in the "off" season. M • Ri>.hop. pro! ably the otdy- real live showman lola and ev.-n Kan-Ha.*:! can claltn. is said to have ha.l a vi-r.y |Tri«(i.-roiis s.-a.son and int.-nds .sji' r.'\ til" wiiit'-r se'Kiir- n.*w attracfj li'ir: for hts iiniiui<l show In onie tba* he n!:tv S'MVI it o'lt ne\i y.-nf ' ••Iccer. better and grander than ev fort»," Baptist Church. W -H. Garfield, pastor. Sunday school at 3:45 a. m. Mornfnc service il."<' S'/rmon. Ch-ist'.- Call to .Afen" B. VP. f. at •>;.'?'> Eveninc .service 7:'.".o. Sermon. "The Separating Power of fetn." First rbninrl! of Clirttt Mentht. Sunday school at l'"' a. m Church service at II a ra. Subject Tnrea-lity." Tesrimoniit.! mee'ine Wednesday at p. m. Services held jn Chrijfitin Sei.-rce lhaU at U<i East .(ack.-^,.n. The ha'! is Used as .a' reading rfH%m ft»>m " rf. t each week day The i.-; cordlaj- y invited to the s.'rviies aind to visit the rejdins; p»«ni. .MRS. E.M.M.\ K .\P.\MS. Flbt Read.^r AN BEMEDYt PERSON'S WANTING boy o work for board 'vhile attendiog sehooi «lrl tb 4E$SE STARK RES I If* Rf ^lim» !ht > years the To-night and Monday At THE [NEW YORK Children's Bearskia Coats, to brown, latj, ereen, red, white and blue, tonight ai:ti N'o tday special ( s, m orown, %1M Chiliirca's Deatskin Coats in all the new two lone tifecls. ail color<. ^:/es frntn to 6. J|/rt Tonight anil Monday (l/Mf. Children's pretty velvet Coats in rcu,' bine green, sizes 3. 4. 5. 6—-sptcial for tonight and Mondaj' ,03ts tn rcu, $350 Mi-^scs and Junior CoUs in black, red green, brown at:d blue. Irotn $7.50 fo $20,00 asrNmcsi»t}«»t>» cc**''*''t tic w Children's Cloth C..-. nred. ib velvet and tan > b-aid. S-ze>6. 8. to-Mtil ^. 12. Special prcc U.r tb- ^\ •? night and .Mo day *./''J\ - ChiUren*- loth C ;'t brown and mixfie*, >!ze- fr ini tj to 14. Jpe i 1 t. r tonigbr a:.d Monday Children'.-* Bear-kin at .1 \ Coats in all he rew .sbadrs. S z 10, 12, 14. Th'Sv are be<.uii' \$5.98. $6.98 $798 1 Big Sale of Ladies' Tailored Suits Tonight and M<mday Filth shipment leceived today. Be on hand early and secure rir^t choice. Onr line of Ladie.' Long Coat^ now ready for year inspection. Dep't. Barg For Saturday and MondRy T IRELESS efforts have been .madi by our Milltnery buyer, jearcbii.g the marXtts for extra va ue*. with the point in view of miking Saturday and Monday record-breaking barfatn selling days of the Kason. Barsain Item No i .—50 real, dev - er nobb. riat> i .r little girls Al' th new shapv^, ,'< cords -uid nbbon banc, tnmmirg. . T:-.e. prices Wc. $1.25, $1,50 Bargain Item No. 2.— • bi- rectoire" Itats JUT iiii e girls; r'.;d. navy, brown. til.ickt-upe: trinimcd with the pT ,^-':"'.':':':''.,..,s '2.MtoK5fl Bargain Item No. 3.—l-3<3ies' noh- bv vcivtt lists, prettily trimmed with S^rrn^::?:..$2.95, $3.56, $469 Bargain Item No. 4.—Ladies' hand some \eh-tt Hats, all t.J.iborately trimmed with wings, tfps and Per- »r i Special price ^Vm\ Orill<"g for Gas at Toronto. LEOALS .VKCDI nf SoH 'Ifer ronipai^ P»<titi»n. • 'Piti.*htir? Headlii^ .)e.<;.'ie o i^tarf. for te (•e|.re.«ej(nallv.' nil the .\m4rica'» .Me'a' •"Uil'.mji. The l.anv .'.n 7.itc company. The t .iln>n::i -Starr Snieltl IS <oni,''ttiy ic.'l the PfttshuTc Zinc r>m;i.tii^. ha? reslcned as repre.^Tt.-itiv. , of the tirv two companies. lie»!t f: effecrivf yesterday. Mr. Starr »ho Is inteffsted in th l,anj-on-Starr ^me'tiUK tii'iupany and the Pfttsbnrp ?lnc com ()i |ny. uili de vote his time lb these companies. He will roniiniie btiylnK ore and will Iiave his omtv?- at Joplin. to . compainies and, as the no compajiles in witch I Interested jiave'Jn- T!i'- •1.'-;:? ;;rri\e! Monday and j vv.Ts t'f I!;' r.n th^' Pr.-'C't farm onc-j lialf ti'il.' f:,>-t>) iji town an'! 'Iri'-j '•••-: r.imiu'ii"d work \Vedn<'-.sfa\ nr: Th' Th" coinpatiy s'*eci well I'L-asc-.l with the look.« "f the tem- tcry around Toronto ahd no doubt we wi'l be Inirnins gas before ^i^rini; Toronto Repahlican. WAKEFIELD'S (.St'-cilion i;'>. article ;;. !... .mtoh (.•-lajie ^hall. at Mated tutii' •. x-v Ith.fir services Mich e..T!i;>eafa;j'"!; nviy b«- i.r->vided hy iaw S»nate t oncnrrenl Re»«liith>B >». II. V 5.rope,si»i.-)n am-nd the iot\-M- '•.' '.r? tci'a.ive ti> the .i':>'.ttiai:i( -.n 'It j'tdfci to hod r^frtun ofljies , He it reso'.vej iiy ;hf I.ecij;.;'i:re the State ©f Kansas, tw ^th'.rd-- < f the menjberti elected to each kctxjt 'b-rr- ol connnrins therein: Section 1. The foJInwiD? i>roi>o.i- tion to .amend the o.n^tiruti'jn of the .•itate of Kansa.- is hereh.j suhmn'-r'l to the •lUali'fied el.' cf the ^t.^•«.• r>ir their ajU'roval IT !ej(iT;i>n TT it ; ji.rova'. <ir reitction. The aniendmeni hereby i'r'it>Oie<l *^hall ttc designated \>n the utficinl t)a'.!ot ly the ffillowins titi" -The jtidicia! amendment to the er>!istitutin:i • and.sha!! V'.ted foi •T aua.nrt a:- provided by jaw undei <ni h V.''ic Va.^s<;d tt'ie ijenate January 2t). 1S<)7 Passed the H..U;e .March S. 1^7. ~ .\i'pr<ivtd .UarcJi l:.*. I.'M.T. I heret') certify that the for'jsoinc a true and correct cojiy of orfsinal ^t'nate cifjcrreu' resotmh.'n .Vo. U tuw en file at nn office <• H DKNTO.V. s ?eri, tary of-State WAKEFIELD'S Blackberry Balsam Geography a«s She is Taught. ' ' '• Th' followitu le.-ison in tjeopraphy n^ws.s pirk'iHl u;> on the street th»| other whicli t day and Is r-a!iy-too good to Ifaide: \ a bay ts larse streem notlnij ttim that fs noj be increased durtns their respe.-- ;tive tertns of office. Such jii<?ic-.- or ^^^^ judges shalt receive no fee-* or (':-.' * ' !qulstte< nor hold an.v other office ..r - * P«n«nsa-'a is land l-rpflt or trust under the authority tif.sronnded with wattr. — I the state, or the trnited State-*, ex-( 3 a sorw of a river fs While it is a quick and positive caro for'<^'^f^ i"**?*" atiy federal g-ounded with tend ' ' Diarrhoea. Dysentery and Cholera '>r .judge of a c.mrt of; ' ° ' . " „L . - - - t........^ .i.-;-.fbt»state. dunn^theterm ofomce r. - ^* * ^^^'^ ranfas tni land. an istlDiu.s is land snrro'jij.l with Liidies! paint with If not, you sbonld txj • Namei is the best fl<x>r A tnre paint on the maj-V e' •bont it. water COLD stottAdr CO ter. 6 an hiland is a larg»- women and babies have been saved by coUjinuauce In' offic*. havine .Wakefield*. Blackberry t ^ 2. TWa proposition sliall win. B.l«m In the house, ready for wdd<^?Sitted to the eleetors at the siaw'M^^ ^r^nxA^ attack*. FuU size botde 35 6eat >|a ^itiie jeeoetal eleedaojof repr»»enta- 1 T a lake H a little streem -in. thflijnu. -S.-fcJI^'T" [Flacstaiie awl.

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