Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 23, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1907
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,0« VOL. LX. >o. m Whole >«. 626». SIX I'ACES. lOLA, KANSAS, SEPTEMBER, », 1907.—MO>DAY EVEM>G. SIX PAGES. PBICE TWO CElflKl AFTER PERJURERS NOW I > TKKESn N a DETELOPMEMS FOLUMV 1>U. TOEGTLE KAID. THE aiAiiKETS. MAY REVOKE HIS L'OENSE TOO III:LIEVKI»THAT iiiMnoLDTJOINT IST YHH,ATEU i'AUOLE. t'ouiil.v Al(oriii'.v MTiin-r* Tfuniorar* liijiinrtioii—( liari:*- ol° Yiolutiu); I'lTiiiil llriirU S(iou. As it it-'su I oi ilio liiicl by ihc lomi- I> odiccrs (ii; ilie J)i'. K.iil Vc )«»i;lle iliiiK sloif t?:iturday. IIKTI- may In- a miiubcr of !Iliiiibolili people who will baVL' to answer li> the ehali;«' of perjury. C'oimiy Aiioiney I'cser.son jiaid Ibis niorniiii: U:ai lie believed llial iiiaiiy of tluise wln> boiislit .'.(iiior oi Di/VocKtle iii.der the dn^Kf;isl^'s per- niil liad perjiued iheiii.selves in iliai llioy did no; MIITIM- frnni ihe ailinenis sworn to in ilieir aflidaviis. He docjs noi believe ilial. if ibey sHiTered fi-oii; tlio wliieli lliey swear ilmj did. they would have beeu al>li' ni have u-one down i(>wn li> set whiskey. .\li- I'eU-rson .sai<I iixiay ihai ho wa.s ^vii:i-; lo invesli.:;ate the manor and if he found thai iliey had perjured ilieni- .-ielve.s he was .^oinj: lo )irosct'uto ilienl A rather amusiu;; ease appeai -s on llie records kept by lir. V<»"Ktle. One man suffered from colds, fpver. malaria and diarihoea wiihin iwo w 'cks. aiid on the fourteenth day had nervous prostration. If he suffered from the different diseases he swore lo in' the aliidavit it is not stirprisint; that he suiTercd a nervous prostration on IIM fourteenth da>. Ttt Kfiukc I 'tTiiilt. Totlay County .\tiorney Carl I'olei- ' Mill liiod a petilion in the proba 'e f.i'ivi askiiii: .lud^e Smiih to revoke Ur. >"oesile's iieriiiil. ("nder ihe tcrni.- of the permit the dru.^sisi must no; >ell liquor as a bever;:';e nor sell I' a .nyone addicted to drink. He must re-iuire pmchasers lo take an oath ili;il the liquor is bonjlln as a remed .i. J'or the disease for which i' is wanted *.lr. Hoterson lia.s set up in his pe.i- tion tliat the terms of the permit liavi been violated by Dr. Vo«s;tle. Thi' diiie'of Ihe hearing of this jietiiion has not boon set by .Itidp» SmUh as y»( u- ;'.)(• attorneys had no; agreed on a >u|iuible time. i (iruuted Ti'iiijiorur.* hi.iiiiictiiiii. The application of County Atiorne.'' Peterson for ;•. tei.ipurar.v injuiicffon restrainiiiK D: • .'^lle from maUin;.- illetral sales ••• anted late Satiir- ilay afterii 'ii;! .Indue Foiisl. Dr Voe^tle is ••I'.ii-.ii il wit'i muiniuinini: a nuisance luni wj,;] baviiii; !n:-..l'> neall.^ forty sales of liquor. I)r. Vo'-iltle ;;av- bond for !iis ap|iearance J>id He Violate Parole.' Tile raid ou Or. Voi-.iriles <Iru.:j •^lon :i'>o resulted in a difoveiy «li :e !i ;;ives rise 'o the suspicion that p .Humboldt jniniisi who w;i? re.elilh paroled from jail where he was sei\- iu-j a term ior violtititiu the iirojilb- iuiry law had \iiilate(I bis parir'e. C)ii! of the conditions of bis ii ;ivnle \\:\ that he should not ciriuk li(iuor as ;i beverage. If it is proven that be did uof buy the Ijiiiior fn- the ailmeni -worn- lo. but as a be\>-ia;;e and thai liiiuor i has been sold al Ihe Voe;;li< dinir store as a lieveia~<'. he has violated his parole. The «-ouTit,v attr)iiie\ aiid sheriff were ;;;viij:.; some atfent 'uii to this ease loday. SUED HIS MINOR SON Aud; riatl I'aid Fallier Ii* and later- e^tia:; Case Ilro|i|ied. Can a pari in <\u: Ms ov.;-, child, ".ho is under a ;:i'. lor board ;in..! s.'Ciirc jedtroiiient V This quest ion caiiie ver> U'Lir bein^' bruuf;ht uji in .liicipe rough's court last we. -I, when I'ete. I'latt and wife sued ilu'ir son .\nil.\ J .alt for a ix/ard bill of $!».."(' • I In the coniplaiui .Mi. and .\lr >..l'elei I'latt say that altliouf;li their >t>ii An ('> is undei- -dRo, he Jias been ;;iveii liis fre<.doiii. or rather ];.• h;id be .-n allowed to tr.Misaet liiv own bi;sines>. .\ndy worked at xho sinelters a'j' drew his OH ii money wr.iiout interrer- eiice from parents. Tliey claimed t'lat by so lioiiiK he wa> the same a< an adult and therefore insisted on Ms payiiifr board at ih- rate of a week. Tile case b:ii; it conie to iria'. wmiM have be;^n an iiiteiestin}.' one. but on pay day .\liu.\ came into court and I :ade I'li-opei- sell lent'.lit and so il.e case was diyinissed. .VLVIN IIAKT AHHESTKO. Mm UauteU for .\<!>»ull In .Mauliattaii ( aairlit in Deurer. Ueiiver. Colo.. Sept. L':; —.\lviii Hart, who If wanted in .Maiihuiiaii. iCaiihas. on a cliarne of erljiiliiai;y assaultlnK the thirteen-year-old dauirliter of a fanner! Uvlnir near .Manhattan, was ar- lested here yesterday to be iiitiied over to Sheriff Hobbs of Pottawatomie county. Hart was euipioyed by the father uf the girl. B««l8t«r Wiint Adi, Ic a Word. City. Sept. <"attie. receipts lit.nOO. Steady to strong- Xaiive steers $ 1.7."'S5.00: cows and lielfers $2.OKI ( II :•.'}(*: siockels and feeders ?o.00 bulls $1'2."/ftcalves $:;.50 ©ti.-.'i. Hogs—Ileceints I.UOu. Stron.:; lo live hiRher. Heavy JiJ.Wt?/C.IO: packers ?6.101iU.:;0; pigs and light $t;.-'0^ H.:;.">. Wheat—Receipts 111' cars. Half lower. Dec. 94's: .May ".t!i ^4 : casli .\o. hard SSftiiT: So. !tl*f(9.">: No. 2 red. !t4'(;•:,: No. ::. X'li. Corn—rnchangod to lialf lower. Dee 49>6; .May ."il-"^: cash .\o. i' ."T'.iS? 57^: No. :{ •>.">J4 It •'>">"4 : No. l' white. 57. No. 3 5G!i. DEATH OF MRS. EVANS UNYON ZINC GO. SELL THE WEATHER. JOPLIN (.LOUE llEl'OKTS A. U. (•0( KEIIILL TO BE PlKl IIASEK. fHE REPORT NOT Y J CONFIRMED lOL.V OFiKIALS lOlM) .Nt>T BE SEEN TODAY. i;«|iorl 1> (ienerallj Believed It) Be True—Coelierill Ila> Seu-a Phiuts. Fiineral of One of lolaN JIoKt Proinlu- onl Women lo Be Held Tomorrow. .Mrs. .lames ICvans one of the oldest .Allen county veitlors, passed away ystenlay afiernoon "f'er an lllHesi :•" only a f .-w day.^. tier death was lue to a stroke of apoplexy, which -l:e suffered last Tliursilay afternoon. Slie ;;radiially became worse after the itlack' and for several da.\s tlie jiliy sicians have despaired of luj- recovery .Mrs. .lane Newell Evans was born a .Mor:;an coiiniy. Indiana. October !!. 1^:2. On -May 1. ls.".l she was u :arr;ed to .John M. Kvans. the wed Hii:-' occurr ;i;i in Owen county. Indi- ria The History of .\llen and AVood- on ciuniies gives a v ..>ry interesting 1. count of I hi- coming of .Mr. and .Mrs. Evans to .Mb'ii coiinn. which place A as ilien considered a wilderness. In IS.-,: Thomas Killen. Ur. .John AV. Peter Carmine. Uichard Dit liars and others ironi .fohnvon county. •'.(liana, formed a colony for the ptir- iicise. of emigrating to l\aii .-'as and iski 'd -Mr. Kvans to join them. He did -o ami in October of that >ear they •::iiie to the territor."' in search of new "oiues. They came without any puriiose o/h •:• than lo search oui a location where •loni-i tillers of the soil ;ind eaniest Christian iieopU- <-ould establish thoin- solves, build homes and i>!;iiit the seed of a moral, intellectual commuii- •\y. .\fier traveliir.r ov.-r the conn- i\. il;ey liecUb'd to loeati. on llie high iUiirie niu -ili of D.-'er Creek. .""Ir. i^vaiis chose the section of land which is now the .\llen County l 'i:iir '•"aim. Witli the as>is!aiice of tlu "oniiiati:. he built a roumi lo;; cKbiii. i )u the I'.nh of .Viu-il. Willi l,b, vif,. ;ni(l t).'r>,-> cliildreu. .Mr. Kvaiis -:;I:I>M 1 from Wavehitid. Iiniiaiia. . foA Iieir iifw luinie on the Kaiisa< pla<Civ The jonint -y from WVivelaml to Terie H;iut • wji.-, made in wa'-'ons ftom Tine Haiiti' to St. I.ouis by rail. lieti lo Kan<a> Cii\ h\ sieanier and ••'1,1 Kiiiis;is Ci!.. lo .Mil :i county by v.a '.;ii :i. Tlie.^ I re ;ieheil their new location Jit !<i o'dock at night. May lotli. They ;i!l <-am|ied in Ciiiniine's cabin that !)ii :ht anil the next afterno'in .Mr. Kv- ins r:-moved into his own cabin, .\fter ^nppi r was ov<|. and their beds made ready on the. Iloor. .Mr. Kvaii^ read a eiiapfer in the liibip and they Knelt ouether in prayer." In ISO." Mr. ICvans health fa 'Ied liiKl ho had to gve up his farm work •iii'l so liL- wont into partnership with ! . I.. .Vorthrnp in his store at Geneva. Kaii.-;:<. Ill ]sG7 .Mr. l::v;ins with lii.^ own moiiiy erected tlie fieneva .\cad- ein.\. Three >ears later .\lr. Kvans" laii.jly iiad th • mall pox Hi its worst fiiMii ;:r .d the. overexertion and nienttil aii.Nii ^^ resulted in .Mr. ICvan^' death. Mr^. Kvanii is s ,urvived by a sister. .MIS. \V. U. Ha.\. (d' Lamar. .M:ssoiiri. and .-;.\ childrrn. W. .1. and II. Tell ICwiiis live in lola and are eirjcged in the (irug business under the name of IVaiis ISroihers. Harry Kvaiis of Pleasuiiion. Kansas is iravi.'.iiig sales ii ;aii for a Kaii .-a> Ci'y wholesale gro- c>\-\ eompan.v. .Mr<. .\niietta IC-.tena Ileaiiy of Husuiii. Texas. .Mrs. Irene ]\iiowlioii of I:;;iloiaiio Springs. .Mo., and .Miss l.uiie Kvans of SiHjKane. \'."asliingiou. .Mrs. Beatty is at present ill ill a .-aiiitariuiu at Battle Creek. .Miciiivan and will be niiabb to attend ih" fiinei-iil si.vvice. Mis? I.utie Kvans of Sptdaiiie is alvo unable to aHem!. The r.-st of the ri'!a:ives and irifinls :i;e already her;,. ,Mr, Kxaiis w;is a nicinher of ilie i'resbyierian <'liiircli and has always bi 'eii a great worker in thai iubtilu- (ioii aiid Was oiii- of the worki-rs who lielped with till, organization of the lolu ciiiiicli. She had been a member O'' tlie chuicli for 49 years. The fiiueral t-ervice.-! are to b.'> held tomorrow at 10 o'clock from the re«- idiiice at 2t.".< South Buckeye street and will bj in charge of Rev. Hilbcher pastor of the Praebyterian church. Interment will take place In the Tola Fron; tlie information to le s -.'ciiro today and the f(/llowing article from the .lopliii Cloije il is almost i -afe to say that ilie Laiiyon Zinc company lias .lisposed of their smelters to .\. It. Cockeril: of .\evadii, .\Io. Some time i.go .1. U. Ilodgers, president of llio i -anyoii /.iiic company, acknowledged ihai he had 4jeen a|)proached on the .[uestioii of selling lo .Mr. Cockerill •mt at lliat tii.-t« nothing had been con- .iiimimiie'i. Today neither .Mr. liod- !:ers. presideni of tlic company or .1. !». Kirk, general superiiitondcnt. could be seen but an emplt>yeo of the com- i)an.\ who professes to know all about lie deal, refused to make a siatcmcnt. It is generaliy believed that by refusing lo eitlier deny or aniriii tlie report w !;cn lie pnifesses so know all iboiit the dijal. is simply acknowlcug- ing the (ieal in a vague form. The followin.;-' is the report from ihe loplin C.loiu!: Hiis the Lan.von Zinc compaii.. been iiurchased '•)} .\. H. Cockerill of .Nevada .' The rumor was cuweii! yeslerday in .lojdin thai the sale had been liiade ind that ihe L;uiyon-Sta;' company 'uid also been absorbed by tl :e Nevada man. The latter report was dc- lied. but the riiiiior that 'he l .iin.v<in •oinpaiiy had disposed of its sn citing phinis was neither conlirmed nor de- lied. The iinpression left was that if he deal had not been closed ne.goiia- ioiis were iieiidin.'.'. with more iliail a fair prospect of being coiisiinii'.led. If Ihe rumored deal of Mie absorption of the Lanyon Zinc company by \. It. Cockerill of .Xevada ,:;oes liiroiigh Mr. Cockerill'.^ conipiiny will loom up IS the biugest purchaser in the local )re market, having a (-aiiiicdiy c.f dou- bie that of it.s netircst competitor, the Xdgar Zinc I 'onijiany- .\t present .Mr. Cocki-ri!! is (.perill­ ing seven .sme'.i iii .g ph'til-. .\i .\l- toona. (las (.'ity and l.a Harpe the Cockerill plants use gas for fuel. Coa! s iis'<d in the plains a; Uich Hill. \evada. I'itt^bing a .nd l!riice. In those -even plains ;ibiiui s..-.iiij tons of zinc ire :;ie used luoiitliiy. The l.aiiyon ^iiic conipaiiy. which ha> three plants. Wo at lola and n";e a' l.a Harpe. uses ibou; 2 .'iii ions. The Coekerill |ieo )<le 'hen if llie repoiled pii !<lia.'>e becomes I faci. will have a mouihly consiinip- ;ion ill i'X<-ess of lu .'iun tons. .\ local mine operator who keeiis c .'ose x.aich upon siuelting coii- ii'ioiis. .-laled to a reporter for The 'Ilobe l:<l nlglU. tllilt be believed the •.•iiiuored purchase «:is IIUK'C or would 'le iiKide wiibin a veiy shoi 1 lime. He declined iri !.-ive ;iiiy ri asons for this 'ipinion. fiirtlpT tli;in thtii Ihe stoiy had come lo 'lim in pretty good aii- ilioriiy. cemetery ;:iiil .Mrs. Kvans nill bo laid tj re-t be.siiii. ihe husband and father. Mrs. Kvans was a Woiuan of u:iiisii ;il -treir .;th and lieaii'y lof character. Left a widow, with liiiiited means, at a lime when the country was new. when conditions of life even for strong men were harsh and discouraging, when opportunities were few either for investment or eniplo .MiieiiL the /itiire must have looked black indeed when tlie young wniaan with her brood of helpless children turned away from the grave of the husband who had been not only her strong staff but her pride and jo.v. Ili;t with tin.' courage of the iiioneer and the faith of Ihe Christian .Mrs. Kvans took up the burden that had been laid upon her. it would have been hard for her in tlie later years to have told exactly how she •managed.' Hut maiiagcd sin- did in some ivay. .\lanagcd to keep her children prospered there came lo her were growing iiii lo honorable iiiati- liood :iMd noble romaiihood. Maiirfged lo give them an ailei|iiale education. .Managed above all to inspire in Ilieiii her own line ideals of dean living and lo give them her own invincible coiir- agi' and iter own iincoiiqiieralt'.e determination. .\nd slie had her rev.ard. .\s her childre ;i piospcred tlieer came to her ease and comfort and many long years of lr ;iiii |uil lia |)piness. Troo |)s of friends ni'tf about her. and she had leisuie and ineaiis for the things she loved to do. liven Death was kind to her. for he delayed his coming until tile liilness of time when her work was done, and then he came swiftl.\ alid paiiilesslj. One n.oiiieiil bhe was In' her usual liealtli and spirits. The • •M nioineiii fell the stroke, terrible yi I merciful. And so she pasned over. For many long years she had been read.v. ready and ualtliig for the e«l! whicli her faith never permitted her for a moment to doubt would mean to her an eierual reunion witli tliose that had gone before her to tlie •"Islands of the Rlessed '• Ttie call came in an hour when it was least expected. Iiut tliose wlio knew her and who loved her best could not have asked for her a greater boon than <hat it shot)ld come as it did. for they know that' is as she would have had it if she could have chosen. Forecast for Jiansati—Fair touifrlit and Tuekdayi warmer touirbt. Data recorded ai Local Oflice. L' V'caiher bureau, yesterday, today •i ytur ago. Vostdy Vr. 2 p. Ill 77 I p. ni 79 tl p. 111. . 7,1 .S p. Ill 07 lit |i. in. W 12 nildiliglit . . ..;» ..B4 Temp.v..^ Min. 'I'emp. ^'l Pr.'cip. 7 p. W.. •£ a. 111. ...'». .. .. -I a. 111. . '-- .. .79 .. ..-.1 ... II Today . . . t;:! ... 59 i; a. 111. . - • • -I, .. ..57 S a. 111. ... ./.ti2 1 1 a. 111. . . . ' r- — . . . t 1 12 noon . . ...SI Precip. 7 a. .. 0 s. aiil ago .^5 S5 SI -^ OS «4 sr. tt*' 0 a no 0. Ill 5!i r.2 7C in 0 TO BE A BIG TRIP PKESIBEXrS PLA.N.S FOB THE WEST ABOUT tO .>ll 'LETED. A SPZCTACULAR RiVER PA6EANI .MAW BOATS WILL A(.rO.>IPA>V THE OFFHIAL STl-A.WEB. STUBBS TO BE DRAFTED Friends Saj They'll Force Him to l!nu fur (ioveruor. Topeka. Kas.. Sept. 2:!.—AV. R. Stiibbs, Senator .loe Dollcy. of .Maple Hill: Carr Taylor, of Hutchinson, and Harry Larimer, secretary of the Sipiare Deal l^cague, had a meeting here Saturday night. Robert Stone was too ill to attend. Nothing of a news nature was given out after the conference, but it is readily surmised that they were- here to talk special session. II is known Ihai ihey fear an extra"" but lo the end of preparin.g liieiu.selves in case Governor Hoch sliould act in thai manner, information is now being sought as to thy al- 'iiiide of ceriain nienibors of the leg- islaiure with regard to passing a direct iiriiiiarv bill. Especially are the seiiaiors being watched. Siiibbs says he is a candidate for he Cnitcd Slates sejiaie. His friends say ilnit lie does not'want to run for governor, but that liiey will force him to it. .M(>>AI{lll fONTRAfT LET. (oiiiies EntriueerUitt Cojuuanv of Kansas City lo Erect Humboldt Plant. tleorg \\". Harris, special representative of the Monarch Portland cement company, which is to be erected at Humboldt, announced today tliat tlie ctMiiract for the bnildinR of the plant li:id b:'en lei to tiio Gaines Kngin- reriiig company of Kansas City. The preliminary work is to be begin at orce. The actual construction will he gn probably the Ilrsl week in October. .Mr. Harris also stafMl fiiat ^H' .\llis -Chaiiihors people had secured the coniraet for furnishing the eqiiii)- mont for the plant. This ineaiis that il'.e .Monarch Is a go and that work i^ (o begin ininit'diately. The company has been busy si <;iir- ii.g gas lease's. At present ;;soo acre: are under lease. Tlie Moiiarcli is to have a 500 barrel capacity. TO PAROLE KEN>EDV. Friends Are IVorkinc for Release of Famous "(Juail Hunter." Spriii{:heid, :MO., Sent- "i. —Jack {•Ceiineily. of Kansas CUy. alias Quail .'liinter Keiiiu.'ly. now serving t wenty^ five years in tlio penitentiary for holding up the St. i^otuhs-San Francisco train at .Macomb, ^lo.. .seven years ago. will soon be fri'o if the efforts of friends succeed. .1. T. Neville, circuit judge Stat", s.-nator P. .M. .McDavid and Dr. C li. Klkins. v.eiit to .lofferson City r'olk to pardon Kennedy. They will it is stilled, claim Kennedy is innocent, by producing new evidence. THEY'RE «IIA.MPION HL'XTERS. .1. B. hirk and H. E«!ujir Got Big (•anie. .1 i;. Henley iud II. Kwiug of this city collie to tile front hite this afternoon with llie statement that they are the champion one day hunters of this city. While out hunlinK near Colony last Saturday they killed' sixteen prarie chickens and nineteen ducks. This is ceriainly a remarkable record. CITV ATTACHEy VAUUETTE. Claims Thai a )^->4 Bill for Eleetrlcity Is rnnaid. Tlie city this afiernoon levied on the Vaiideite picture conipaiiy oii the Kust hiue of tile squaie to satisfy an allegeil bill of »5« for electricity. A rr.iisialile tir'v afternoon took charge of tlie llxtrues Tiie attachment suit will be li?ard Saturday in .liidgei Potter's court. • Some I'liaure for Peace. Casa HIanca Sent. 23.—The desiriic ion of the Moorisli camp south of here Sunday has resulted in new overtures for peace. " Be^ster Want Ads, Ic s YTord. Luusli Entertniumcnl I'reimred—lun< ton, Keokuk, St. Louis, t'airo and ^ .Ucuiiilils to Hear Speeches. ed by Assistant Secretary Latta aUd also by representatives of the press associations, but they will not aecom- jiany the hiinters on their quest. A miniature While house will ie established at a convenient place, and .Mr. I^atta will keep his chief informed of important developments in affairs of state. The exact Itication of the hunting camp will not be announced until it is established. The camp life will be shared by .Mr. Jlcllhenny. I)r. Uixey ind a few other iniiniale frieud.s; and they will have'the services of local jjuides. The party will be in camp front October 5 to 21. Returning, the p'resi- dent will speak at Vicksburg and at the near .Nashville. At the latter place he will pay his respects lO the memory of President Jackson. Oyster itay. Sept. 2;!.—President Roosevelis summer vacation at his Paganiore Hill home will end at It) a. 111. Wednesday, when he with .Mrs. Roosevelt, members of the fanilly, and the executive staff, will take a special trail) for Washington. During the three and a lialf months the president has occuiiied the htmie- slead. lie lias had the quietest and at the same time the busiest vacation he has indulged in since lie became an occupant of the White house. The rec ords show that since .lune 12 the presi dent has received 125 persons at Sagamore Hill. Some of the callers have been distinguished foreigners, and a fev.- have made purely social calls, but ihe majority have liecu olTicials on strictly governmental business. While visitors have been comparatively few, the work which the jiresi- dent has accoinpfished in other directions has been great. His annua! message to congress is practically completed. The document needs onI> finishing touches, and but few ol these. In addition to writing the mes- .?nge. the president has prepared several comprehensive speeclies. One oi these was delivered at Provincetown Mass.. recentl .v. and Uie others will be aiade during the Western-Southern trij) which is to be begun immediatel> on his return to Washington. Tlie special train equipment by v.hicii the president will travel froir Washington to Keokuk. Iowa, will be taken frmii .lersey City to Washington. Wednesday, and will be occupied by the president and party returning from Oyster Hay at tliai time. At ^cKiuIey JInu >"oIeum. Washington, Sept. 23.—WTiilo Hit wparations for-Pjieeident RGOsevoU's Western trip have not been completed j ihe programme has been sufficiently arranged to make it certain tliat thf tour will be one of the most siiectacn- lar ever undertaken,by him. lie wiP leave liore a week from Saturday •ind will be absent from the seat of •;oveninient until tlie 2 ;;d or 21lli ol Oclober. The trip lias three disiiiiclive obieeis: Tlie dedication of the McKinley niausoleiim at Canton. Ohio, ilie iii- ^pectioIl of the .Mississippi river, witii •i view to arousing interest in a ship '.'iianiie! from Its mouth lo Keokuk, la. llid the Great Lakes, and the securing of a perii.d of recretitioii for tlie chief executive before llie beginning of ilic duties of tlie winter. Incidentally there will be some spec^he.-: on the return journey whicli will deal with current issues. The stay iit Canton on .Monday. October ."".O. will be of only little more tlitiii sufficient duration to-permit the (iresident t<i pay his tribute to the iiieiiiory of his immediate predecessor iiiit lie will there meet Vice Presideni Fairbanks and a number of otiier people of note, and Avill make a long spcedi. The .Ifeniphis ('oniention. He will then proceed direct to Keokuk, where Tuesday. Ihe lirst of Oc­ lober. lie will be given a notable public reception, deliver ah address and begin his journey by boat down tl-»- "Father of Watofs." said to be. with the exception of a short voyage by President Pierce, the lirst trip on the river ever made by a p'resident. .•\t Kecikuk. the presidential part} will be met by the governors of twenty-three states, all inlerestcd in al! 'irojecls looking to tiie deepening of 'he channel of the .Mississippi, and lie .general improvemeiiL of inland lavisatlon. and these, on another boat than tliiil on whicli tlie president will ravel, will constitute his guard of honor lo .Meniphi-s, where the party will arrive October 4. There will be two important stops on the voyage, at Si. Louis, October 2 iiid at Cairo, III.. October 3. and at both iKdnts speeclies bearing upon the -rouiitry's future will be delivered by the president. Reports from all points at which stops are to lie made indicate that the party will be entertained on a lavish scale throughout. .\t Keokuk there will be a water pageant, and many -citizens will convoy the president down the river in crafts of all,sizes 'or twenty or thirty miles and a num- be'r of them will accompany him all the way to .Menipliis. At .Memphis the 'iresident will find the deep waterways -•onvontion lit session and lie will de- 'Iver a speech. In the Louisiana Brakes. Tlieu the president will turn his back on civilization for a period of '•esi and sport in the wilds of .Northern Louisiana. This part of the pro- •iranime has been arranged largely by "Ivil Service Commissioner Mclflien- •ly.. a Louisiana sporting man of good record. He has hunted many timea over the t^round and has recomended the place in terms of praise as being well Slocked with game, both large -ind small, and sufficiently secluded to nrevent intrusion. The president will be accoiuDanied •o the border of this game section hy a staff from the executive office, head- .SO.ME SE>SATIO.\S PRO.^IISED. t'ase of Senator Borah for Land Fraud Was Culled Today. Hois?. Idaho, Sept. 23.—•|"he case of United States Senator Borah, charged J tliat has been discussed in a more KEEP THE PHILIPPINI AD.UIRAL DEWEl" GIVES 0POI09| ABOIT ISLANDS. KEEP COMMERCIAL ABE A GATEWAY TO THE OJUEST-^ AL WORLD. Japan Had Them for i»0 Tears Ui Would Like to Get Them AbTiln. ~ ^1 Washington, Sept. 23.—Admi »M Dewey strongly resents the propstt^iil-J with conspiracy to defraud the L'. S. government of lands, was called today before .Iiidgo Fdward Wilson in the United States district churl. The court was crowdf.'.i. .\n iniposinp array of counsel was on botli sUles The government cuiiiisel. frei'ly pre d'cf that former governor I'ranI Steuneberg. was one of the iiien in iictf.d with Borah for tiiecoiispira-j; •j defraud tho ogcvrnuient. SEAT SALES ARE LARGE. •'Flower of the Banch" Promises te Be Biir Attraction. .Assistant .Manager Harry LeVaii of the Grand lUeati-e. says that by jude 'ng from the advance sale of ticket there will be a well filled house to greet "TUs Flower of the Ranch"":this evening. Tiie advance sale at three o"cIock this afternoon was exceptional 'y good. It is even belter than thf. advance ijali., for th.:- opening night ast year. THREE 'IO .\S OF HE Tl> GAR.VETT sliipment »as .Wade Ou-r the Santii Fe Today. Three tons of ice was sliii/pod u Oarnett. thU-ui{fl3dEjB--ilit;^"2**i7 uorth bound Santa Fc. This sljipment i pu-hap>i the largest ever sent out jf lola by expres -T. Heretofore ^ the 'ce has b«^en shipped by fr;dglii. it is said tliai the express on the. let diipped tliis morning auiounK to about 'i:reo liintls tlio value of the ire. Hl.SBAXB WAS LUPROVIDEXT. .Mrs, B. Young .Makes i Divorce .Vctiou. .' 'hargi Itclle Young today brought suit in listrict court for divorce from Ifosen Voung. The couple were married ir lanuary, 1903. in .\sli Grove, .Mo. Tlie teiieral grounds for Ihe act-ion is ;ross neglect of duty. Mrs. S'ouiig •barges thai her husband faifed Ic irovide for lier. was abusive aii'd .dis- dpated. She asks tiiat her liiaiden lanie. iielle Sleek, be restored to her. Hl">TED PRAIRIE CHKKKX.S. lolu Boys Bugged Mncteeu .North of Pl(|na. Harold Beck, Curtis PMgertou; John Thornton and Marie Hilles cit^ini to i '.old the record for one afternoon's iiunting of prarie chickens for sodtli- eastern Kansas. Yesterday afteniou the.v killed nineteen prar'e chickens while hunting north of Piqua. This is said to be one of the mosf site ?essful liunting trijis ever made by lola n-.en. DK. R. O. Cliristian Is reiK )rted to- lay lis still improving. HJ is nqw out •jf danger and his recovery is almost •in assured fact. .\ine Executed Without Triah Lodz, Russia, Sept. 23.—Seveir wtirk lien and two girls were execued' here coday by shooting without trl^l for participating in the murder 67 -the owner of a large cotton mill, who was killed by his employees on September I3th because he refused to pa .v .tin\e vhile tiiey were on a strike. : DR. HOWABD Hill of Kansai? City was in the city yesterday and operated jn .Mrs. Bert .Morrison at St. .John's hospital. He left for Kansas CU'y today. ATTORNIiYS for .lim Fredrlckson today made a motion in districtlcourt to quash the action brought against •-he Itussett marshal by It. .\. .Mennear (> secure the possession of iC gun, which the ofllcer had taken from him on the grounds that justice cotirt, where the'case originated, hud no iurisdiction, but the motion wasrover- ruled. - . ACCORDING to' the police, the Air- dome and moving picture aii.owB are well patronized by the youngsterii about town. Since the chief of jiollee Issued an order to enforce the ctirfew law the police have "called dovn" every boy or girl under sixteen ^otind on the street after eight o'olocki '.Ml of the youngsters were on theif way to the shows. .\s the officers are only after those who loiter about the streets the excuse is agood one. "ess academic way to surrender Philippines, which, of-all T)>«"»..JIie I leading factor in briugmg U •he .American flag. In an intei 'oday the adpiiral sets out the -ons which impel him to Insist u; he retention of tlia islands. Hioiig iioint of his argument is "uised upon the military or naval ortance of tho archipelago but yp|^ III tile great valtie present and prpahi •'ctive, of the Philippines to Ameri|ck: .1 th? extension of our trade with tii •jrient. ; Too Much at Stake. The admiral says: "Abandon tll||>^{ •-'hilippines? I don't believe our ry will eve^ do that. Certainly (ttS =ho!ild not. l>ecause it has altogethef- co imicU at stake. It is only outj- -jontroi over, the Philippines tbat^ uakas it possible for us to Insist upoit the optu door in the East, toward ^l 7.h:cli our diplomacy has been direct-] •u! for many j'eara. WV» want our s ;f tiie ..eoprmotjfcibmmerce of "Sast and we cant keep the door oi>eB^^ "or it unless w(, hold the islands, f | "Wliy did Spain for two hood •cars dominate the commerce «f' '^tr'ent.' Just because she had the jn^^ll^j^r .at JianUa. as » t^l^t ^i,* jfi^rttaT and Aa.val base .'Tfi^at" ;an be just asi useful to us' comtnCf*^:^ cially as it was to Spain. For tejf^; •ears every strong European natiaB'| las beeii trying to get a footiiold tOtU commercial and naval purposes In tlie ^j Far East. Tlirouifr the fortun^ of ^ '•\ar the United'Stiles obtained th«| •)ost iiosition possible, giving us super- | 'or conimerclul advantages over then itlier nations. WHiat sort of a CQnr"?| lion sense would It be for usto give 'I sucli il. position? If Japan Should Get Them. "Suppose we. should dispose of the;" Philippiiifvs and Japan should acqntrf.t •'icm. See how the islands .stretclii 'ilong tlic coast. Here are the Japan*^ ':'se islands, here' is Formosa, which ,^ Japan owns and then comes the PhlKj? ippinss. If Japan had them, she woul4 'p command every gateway to th6 Orlaot | and tlie United Sattep wiouid be completely shut out. "Everyone concedes that the Orient is tiie future great field for the prls' cipai commercial nations of the 'worWJ We ought to be leadei;s. but -we mllflt.| at least have, a share in the enteiprisj^ and in oredr to do so, we must .JnatB ^I tain the position we have occupied, t think it is plain that we must haVie "»j3 commercial base, such as Manila tiien, in order .to protect our cojtaa^tOB-i^ we. miRt have a naval base.. '(^^1 • ,M LO>GWOHTH NOT A t'A >DIDAm#* Uuder No Circumstances Will He B«» i for Cincinnatrs Mayoralty. i) Cincinnati. O.. Sent. 23.— CongretHk man ant] .Mr .s. Nicholas Longworth at-' rived here yesterday from their H*», waiian trip. Mr. Longworth. who been mentioned as possible repqblicail; candidate for mayor of Cincinaatli:^ said today that he would not under^ any consideration accept the nomln^ ation. • ^1 TO RIDE GROOM ON RJIIt Try a Wakt Ad. is the Register. Intentiouil of Charivari Party Fnis- trated by Ofticer Creed. Policeman J. J. Creed seems to hare \ arrived Just at the right time Sator- ' | day niglit to prevent a charivari party'V from riding the groom on a rail la *j East; lola Saturday night. It seeing, thai a young tnaii was married Satni^.^l day hight and a number of young Ui*y Iowa- went down to charivari the bri^, and groom. The latter was a Uttl* slow in "coming through" with Ui»: treats and the party proceeded to tM' oir the doors and window screens tO"^| get into the house. TlKy had a raiir' and appeared to be in earnest as th^XS [ told the ^oom they were going to rl^|^ • him on a ralL Mr. Creed heard tl|^^ {noise and went down. He atrrtred before the pfirty had gotten Into tlfi^a house. The'groom, however, hadVi^ treat in the house which he said wi|^^a , for the youn^ people/

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