Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 21, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1907
Page 6
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Qiiilili A PURE,healthful, grape cream of tartar powder, the only kind that can be used without impairing the healthfulness of the food. Makes the biscuit, cake and pastry more digestible and wholesome. Absolutely free from alum and phosphate of lime. jlJhcmica] analyses sliow tlis low priced powders made 6( alum to contain large quantities of fulphuric acid, ^nJ that a portion of the alum from alum baking pow- «^crs remains unchanged in tlic food! You cannot afford to take alum and sulphuric acids into ycur stomach. be raiJtr^ bevftfiitHfiflti^ ^y^the llrst of tbe week. The Journal has' been 'busy for some time gettingr tbem "ready. The premluia Itet not only gives the prized offered but names tbe entries^ Birtb. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kos.senKer are the imrent.s of a baby girl born yesterday, September 20th. 3Ir. Erans Elected a Meniber of Rourd. C. L. Evans was elected a member of the board of education from the I'hird ward at the last re.uular meet- iu.u. Mr. Bvans takes the place on file board made vacant by the resiijna- tion of J. K. I'arroit who is to leave so'ne liiiio in the near futurt' for W'sliiir.ann wliere he will niako his fiiiuri- liome. Mr. Kvans will t;ike iii> hi; new duties at oiire. 81 NOTES FROM LA HARPE UE.NRY RISTEU HAS BEEX qi Mi- A>TL\E1) FOB SMALLrOX. the I .-i liiir 'io pch* O I K ai a si >t >rial iii^' cnllrd fcr iii;it iiurposc. .Mi^;s I '.iiKO will teach toll secjiiii i;r;n!e in I he wet;t hrick. She takes the place (!f >;i^s Mylor who was recently )>ro- liiiaird lo llio Iiipii .^school. The icacl!- \ov is fy |HM -ii'urt';l. li.ivini; Uui^hv ii'ial y(>art- in the rouniry. NO OTHER OASES WERE REPORTED PHE(iAUTIOXS Wltl. BE TAKEN TO rKE'vEXT BISE.ISE SPKEAIHXJ;. I liMs Sfiiallpiix. ] M'-.u-y r.'.i'^'f^r \vhi!i:p ho;;,.' is v.\ \U<- j'i'l'ini Vrinl. is siifiiriiiir a sc- Ivi.M-c ;;ti'.u'k of si!ia'!;>i>x. lli-- li:,'-. i:''pn •:';irar.: i:;<vi and i-w.y clYnri Ki nrrvent tlu' lii'^casc I '-oai j ; iT'. ; In:--', ."•ir. I '.iislir dues m .i !ni\,' any W I UTC he comv'y. tin' (lisc.f Sl-. Ire (renin SiM-In). .\naii;:<'iii''iiis have been niadt- for all ice (Tea111 ::<>cial and a liood linn* at ilu' Laiiymi Cfnti'r for next Monday !i!"ht. TI)i'.-c occasions have in Iho past lioi 'M Olio of Kfcat amiiseliicut. If i.^ luMird ihis will iiol lip all ex.'oplioii. Uill Attend Opening' of (irund. .\ trrcat many l^u llarpi- poople liavo ii'annod on altoudiiiii " TI K ' Klow- cr of file It^nrli." thf show that will open till' t'lraiid tlnviti-r next Monday ni.i.'hf. This comiiaiiy is ri 'imt-'d to be ont> of t'u' Jip -l (>Vfr .'^ccii ill li'la. I'riends rhnrch. Siiiidiy s'chtiol at f(i a. in. I'roach- iniTat 11 a. ni. Senior C. Iv p. in. rrearliiTi'^ at T: !'> p. n'l. Subject for ninrnin;; "The Inllnonc" of the nonii'." Kveriiiis snhjccl "The Meast and His Mink." Hcv. 12:1.;. All are invited lo ih'.'sc service^. Me keep I'yroeraphlo eiittitM or any snpplies fur bunilni; i^ood. Milnsr & Worst .1 A. LAlfJHI.IX. Pastor. .MetlidilM i:piseo|)al Cliureh. ripachitii; ,!t il :i. m. Class nioet- iti.c .-It Pi in. .liiiiior lA 'a.^ne at :'• |). 111. lOpwor:!! fl,at'.ne a' T p.m. I'lV.icli ini; at S p. in. The inilillc; cordially invin'ii. Mra. Dr. SUpletoa and naother. Mrs. J. B. Thompson, cune in yesterdajr from Albany, Mo., where they have been visiting. George Wayraan xvill leave lii the near ufutre for Washlnpton where he will make his future H. J. Winters left y «'8terday for .\evada. .Mo., after spending sovcial days in this city visitiuB. L. .1. Harrison will leave nc\t week for Uurlington. Kaaisus. on a uusiuess visit. OUR WAY VS. PARK (•OIM I (<anu' Expeetoil a( Electric I'ark To-niurron. What laipht to in- one of the bcsl naines played ou llie Klectiic i'ark dianiuiid this season is to take place to-morrow afternoon when ilie Park and the Our Way fei ms meet. WIilli- both teams are now closely coMlestiiif: for the cellar chuinjtlonship yet ea;:li is as an.\ions to win as if I'm^y were tied for first place. That each team Is e.\ceediiij;ly desirous to win is evidenced by the fact tliat both have been liiiiis to streuRth en their line-up. The two Douoliu boys and a, pitcher. ..\rr. tturch, who works at one of the fac-tories have been slKiied by the Our Way. Manager L'uminings has beifli sconrinR the community in an effort to bolster up his aRBiegation. Bert i5all will likely pitch for the Park and Woodin lor the Our Way. For Trade, . A i:ood two room fraoe ollice biijld- iiii; situate on the main street of Kiu- caid. Kansas, and in a .^ood location. This ofllce buiidiug is sfltuated on two lots, is clear of incuntiirance and is priced at $.''>PQ. It is now rented for fi't p »M' niuiith. r want, a good vacant ii ><;ident lot in lola. In answering this ad five loc.ition of lot. .MKS. A.N.NA B. S.MITH. Kiccaid. Kansas. IU.\U (O.Ni'EKT T03IOBROW. Prowifuai and Entry Lists for Farmers Ekiijbit WUI Re ni.stribiiled Xe.vt Week. The LaHarpe Packet is h.^;ti !'|MnrtiTs for I allnriic Soiiven- i:. ami .lapanis<' <';i:na Wiir.-. ('. F. MOOKKIfLAP. rropr. Miss Brace EJeeted. Miss Bruce, thv present teacln:- of the Pleasant Prajrie school nonii of the city, was elei'.ted as a teacher in I'rcmliini Eist .Monday. (" W. ilainilloii. injlilisher i ,f the I .i Harpe .lonrnal, announces that tiie l';.\ .\1. I!K.\M.\.M. Pastor. l'rcHli _»iiT ]an ( liiirrh. Prenehinu- at II a. in. and S p. in. Sunday scliool at In a. ui. .Junior nieoJni; at .! p. in. Yonn,:; Pi'ople's im<(:il !U ai T ji. ni. You are cordially inviled <.o these services and «>• believe yiii] will find them i:itere.-iin,:; and protiiaMe. .lUH.V II. HUlCirr. Pastor. Personals. .1. 11. \'ai;(i\er. of liroiisoii, wa-; in i :<)l»ertN Rand to Play at Electric Park. 9 MIOIMDAY O 9 K)lieiis hand of this city will givo a concert at the Electric park Sunday afternoon. This band has given several concerts tliLs fall at the Park wiiicli were heard by large crowds. Spe(-al arrangetnynts hdve be.en made by i-Vnperintendenf .Alassengaie for carying the crowds. The following is the programs .March. "With Flybig Colors," Cruger Seleetion. "Wang" Dance of III.; Nile .\T;iid'.'Us Medley. ••Indian .Maid«-.i" .. I'oit,) Uicaii Dance .V of Heaven. •Medley.• Kin ton .March Si'lecteii Morse . I.osev Harris .Missii! ROSK I ASE DIS.MISSEB. !?li>.i)im Dainairc Suit Stricken Front Allen Count} Deeket. BRO A DEATH- MO^KlNGi MABVEL AND WEAK 8 WOMAN'S WONDERFUL/ SHOW OF i NERV£ AND / NEVER EQUALED » SHOWON muvnMnjMrtxniaiuK.' mmtkmmemc»imwrrmam\ HMfrnVm 4M« M» sou <MJ.V>1 -MiTOKKnnuMi vnsHScciTnurin-: ttTwoim tttim,tm. «WBflMIWIll|«i fOKmi, cinoNua OF cxrusm •miut. wpm ua nwmi ann or KCTuuuu Ma-. , iMiUti •HirouuHCS «r TMC' RjWErnaanjKi nKumit •H J4« an MKn Mumn M1 nc cm HMOTT ccvwMw MO MM U: THRILUNG.SENSATiCNAL.B£WILDERING. ^YCICANTICNEW SPECTACLE urr. WimMnf uumo enat.'/ M mama or can tm HiMnnm;l!ll MMnVMMnwaUTUtf 'SVHKM'^ -* matmrm vt iommnr ULJ ninan cfUlMES ^i^'iima CHARACTERS j1,000 CHARACTERS g^^4Q Famous Fire FIglitire WHOLE. CITY Biggest Stage SS ^Ur £Er Tku 100 Tftutnt Tht Crcktrst 3p*ci*cU lh« World Uaa ET*r 9 «tn 8 BIG CIRCUSES Oiven by 300 WorId*Famous Performers in 3 Riags^ ^ on 3 Stages, on the Big Hippodrome ^i," Enormoos Aerial Enclave > e( Wild ud Tr»ln«d AniAsU fkan Any Oth*r Sh«w M Hulb. The B:u<*tH>rdot EIcpbutMl Em CollKta4. AU N*tm-> Birda-ksd wnd B«uis SulMlued and Hmd* tm P.rf ora. A Dl( C«ltecUon\, - ainc mU dM Odd CraUsraai «l CnatiMk. Onr 100 N<w, S«iU*tioa*l, and Surprisiag U :ch -Ct«M AcU^ WE- INSPIRING THAN EVER SEEN BETORE" -A CIRCUS MORE (Savonbiirg Kecordi ! .loiin slioweil np in lola last t-'attirday and a.-^kcd to havii his much talked of JIU.tM.Mt Janiage suit disniiss- id. ainl it was striclien from the docU- or. .\lxnit all the satisfac'. iiin Rose i v.-ill have, after putting itp no intle smu for attorneys' fees and costs of t!ie action t(» date, is the faci that lit conipelled tliee resptt-talde and law- abiding citizens of Savoidiur.:; to spend money for attorneys' fee^s in answer to wholly unwarranted charges. This temperance lecturer, but to put it in plain, everyday Englisli; the constant use of liquor is res|>onsible for Hose's ilownfall and long ago caused b:ni to lose h's df.cency. and self- respect. JSTEAL tJIH KE.\S BY 1V1I0LESALE, (>r ;runi2ed Rand of J 'rofe.ssluuals at i Work Xeur Vilas. ! r Clianule. Sept. L'l.—ChicUen tliI('V(v: have been operating in tin, neigliboi hcod of Vilas and froiu lhret.% places reported, hav,- secured frotn $75 to $lti(i worth of clilcUens. Tin; farmers ir that neighborhood are very innch I aroused ovi.r the matter, and it Mill rut tare very well v.iih the tliievea i: they ar.-" caught. Those reporting losses are- ("has. A Sale of New Autumn and Winter Dress Ooocis. 4000 yards of New Pall Suitings, all this season's styles, all in fashionable stripes, checks, plaids ard mixtures In the , darker colorings which are now most ia demand, also special values on desirable new goods In every department. Special Values in Colored Dress Goods. 6Sc Shadow Checks will be 49o 65c Serge Plaids at 48o 4SC Batiste will be 39o 65c Pauatna will he 49 G $1.25 52-inch Bioacicloth will be 98o 65c Sheperd Checks In uew shadings at 48c 35c Check Suiting at 2 !2C SI. 25 45-lnch Voile will be $f,00 $i,25Chiifou Panama, exliaordinary value at $LOO 51 .75 Broadcloth Plaids and stripes, at $t,2S 75c Melrose cloth will be 60o Walking Skirts. Made in the new l.all and winfcr models, Chltlon Panama, Serge, new Tweeds ai.d Voiles, one and two folds, fancy trimmed. , Special values at <3 95, S5.00, $6 50, S7.50 Other Skirts, up to $20,00 Black Panama Skirts, $5. Fine black Chiffon Panama skirts, many cl which are trimmed with silk ar.d bias folds of tLe goods also in various pleated styles and are a special offering for fo-mor- row at $5.00 See our IJIack Voile Skirts at .. .$IG.G0 Pour Black Silk Specials 1 ii:cli b!aek T.lLt.i, a heavy bifck liis- tinus silk, the kind usually sold at $1.25, sale p. ice— ; 98c ,;G im-li iiiaik Taficta, suitable lor sepa- la'e skirts, cor.ts or waijls, I'cavy and soft finish, a beaut*ful black, sale price— $f.f5 iii'.li ;;i:ar2nice Mack Tatleta splcii- di^l wearing qualily aiul weight regular SI 65 vrdue, sale price— . ' $g.35 'J> inch plain and c!i.itig< able Sijk, 5i.::5 (pialitv, per yard— $f .oa inch black I'eau dcSuic, regular j-iicc ?i.25, sale price— $t .ao $1.50 Petticoats 89c Th'.sc pitticoats are ol black mercerized satci-n and imifatipn blaik bcatherblcom, five diffeient styles to select from. Buying at tlie .^^le piice means a saving of the difference b'.tween $i-50 «nd ^^lr. This is one cf the grtajfcst bargains ymi have ever stcn, • : Special Ename No. t» and Tea KcUles, regular $l .'2o,, this sale . .30c Large Dish Pans, regular Sl.OO, this sale • 50o 12 qt. Buckets, regular $1.00,<his sale SQo I All this ware has o aud 1 coats cuauiel au;! is iiot the (.irdiuar^ lioht one coat ware. THIS IS FOR SATURDAY and MONDAY ONLY^ T. B. SHANNON ENFORCE CURFEW LAW (liicf (iales ."^ajs Kids .Min^t .Sfnj In al MirJit- Chief of iiolice Wia. Gal»:= h::-^ i.s- .-iiicd :m order to the. patrolmen to .\delgren. .lohn C. Anderson and C. \V. Iti -Ue into custody any boys um'er six-j Olson, ivlio lives i^n what is Known jus ti:e .\. W. .Miderson fariiv. .\t tht. I ft"St. two mentioned places the thieves i!nli;cl;ed tn • door.) to the chicken houses iiiid then aft''r enipfyliij; theni tteii years of age, found loitering | around on the streets after eight (•"clock. This order Is the rc.-;r.U ot niiiny complaints lo the effect Iliiitj hoys were runnug afton: al ni^'ht c-on- l:indly locked the doors anaiii. The I had hahits an<l dlstnrhiiif; the Li^iKcs! los.-;.s are reported at theso j ,„,.j,.,. ^i,„nar order j two piiict-s. .At Olson's the thieves cnt I i.^^„p,, ,,„,i,.,. the screens and entered tlu. chicken hutise by a window. OEO, A. B0WLU8, Prealdent THOS. H. BOWLlis, Caahler. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DlRtCtOKS A. W. Beck, L. C. Bcatty, A. J. Fulton. W. j. Ev«ni, J. O. Rodptra^ Geo. A. Bowlus, Thcs. H .Bowiue. WEtSSUE OUR OWN DRAFTS ON AH EUROPEAN POINTS iAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RgNr FROM $2 to $5 PER YCAIt make any esi)r.cial effort to enforce it.j .This time Chief Gates says he means| The sieallu;; is t.hoiieht to have' ,„ ^.^foree the order to the letter. i mESENTINO tVMV MOIIMNC AT 10 O'CUXX THE MOST OXX>SSAL, GOWJEOyS BIG FREEISTREET PARADE }^ Bia «EO« 6Y HUMAN EVBft, WUtMURATMG- /ASCLUTCLY THE OGGEST SHOW ON EARTH * ^ been done by jirofesslonal thfsves. j wlio travel through the countr.v, and • [make the.weeks receipts thh largest; SIIT TO C.V.M'kL .MOKTIi.KJE. ' by the wholesale. 1 Other farmers report the shooting; "•"o 'lpht by F. I». Teas AL'jUust of chickenx along the highv.ay bv; campsrs and other parties who are' F. V>. Teas today bro\i»iht suit in dilving aloHK and who I KIR thetr !''^strict eonrt a.:;ainsf . V . Sumner, et ai Kame and get awav before thM.y a.o]'^ "^'^''^ ''''^^''f'^'^J!''lJ*^ . the title to lots 7 and X. block 9, citv <^^"Shf. lot lola. It is alleged Ihnt in 1873. There is talk through the country |.I. Simmons delivered and e.xecute<l| ot orgauizini,'. and making a svst»Jinat-i •> mortgave of $90 to Mr. Simmer on! ic. effort to capture the thieves and ! '"fr l^'^'''!"' ™0'^«^Se ^as. • M «r,M a ID** fiLDM Ofl* «M B M B «Sii. t TStM Mayu I* BMnttSic. OiiUn* Date II TM «r Aft, B« Mn i jSnXIAL LOW KATE CXCURSIONS CM ALL RAILROADS ^ ^.^-W^JEK^. SEATS AliD ADMIS8I0K TICKETS OJf SALE OX SHOW DAY AT f BABB'S DRUG STORE AT T^E SAME PRICES AS CHARGED AT THE SHOW GROC.XDS. cai)tt n;ake an examjde of them. ! iiaid al)out two years later bur never! i recordf/J. It is stated that ai I number of vears acre Mr. Slmnions Moler Barber College, Kansas City, i delivered and execnted a niorteagt to Mo. Teaches the trade by tree clinic and careful instructions In few weeks. Positions waiting for ererybodr who will leara. Write for particulars. ^avne Brown on these lots and khat If was lat?r paid, but that there la no record of it! Mr. Teas asks thatithe mortgages be cancelled and tbe cljoud on the title cleared. in an orU .-ni .>vbich aS •wotnen at >proHr .h \vitb ; Jndescribablfr f'^ar, fot s. nothinjj compares with i t!:e pafn a::(i iiorror of • child-birth. Tlie thought of the suffering arid dan ;;cr ia store tor her, robo the erzpectaat mothet of all plcasa:;: atilicipations of the coining evei:t, and casts over her s • shado':^ ol ^lc-in which canttot he .ih>-ken off. Thou »at ;d5 of ^vonien ' have foaiii. ;'.\.t the use of Mother 's Friend during pregnancy rob» ' continemet -.t of nil pain and danger, and insures safety to life of mother and child. Ti ::b .'scientific liniment h. a god-send to ail '.votncn at tha ; time of tHe'.j-. niosc critical trial. Not only does Mother 's Fricflul " carry t.omen sst?iy through the perils of child-birth, ijut its usa gently prepares too system for the coming event, preveata "morning sickneR.s," aad otlier discomforts of tlj-i pericd. Sold by all .cru^gi?t3 at jil.oo per bottle! Book containing \aluablc information free. «k« BrodfiQid Reo^ilator Co.* Atlaata. 6*.

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