Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1908
Page 5
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THE lOlA DAILY RE«ISTEK. SATfRDAT EYOiyC. OCTOB>.B ». A nnobhcement Hc^iuning October Is P/ RTMENT. Thev will i we will have solicitors call ou the citizens of lola;' in- thd interest of our SAVINGS DE- bc authorized to receive and receipt for deposits, and will also be supplied with SAX'INGS HANKS, wiiich will be eiveiti FREE to any and all depositors who open an account to the amount of ONE DOLLAR or :norc. All depositors wlio hajvc already opened 5,avings ac- cotiits with us arc entitled t(j> one of these new banks, WIMCH wiU he delivered upon presentation of your Pass Book. We simply ask that t^ur solicitors be given an oppor- luii'tj- to present t'» you the ,many good features of our Savin;.; .> Department, and whcq the result will be nivtually; bcncJicial. thoroughly understood, we know State Savings Bank OD SiOD T for ,\x per cent moQpy: no commli- no delar.-fSmlUi £ TraTls. Faraway Fuller. |n poliro haie bwn askorl to look man nan Fuller who ilisaii- peai erf somr>wl ere feotween Ottawa and [pla whilt» iravoling with Ms family f om St. .los'ph. Mo., to a point In Okl4inoraa. It s supposed that Fnll 'canw .<iid<onIy ill and wandered awah- from th«' family while delirious. No trarc of t le missinp man has heciS found. Mjindis now has the uRcncr tor f,owneys choc4late(t. h.-i.- anc' Ma, Kanmam Open from 7 lu S p. ml Saturdays and Pay Nights Use No. 7 riour • j-i'd 11 r thin M <••'. mfAV MARK HI" V\.- H.,u.! .• .. > . l-;'.i-h Short Stories o r •" — [ola Happenings ! ~ Dr. J. R, Prpper. Prnllst. I'hone 16S. PROin J I: ! f. . ,: ! A . ; 1 A K.ity Bridge Burned.. .- ,• • ,, jK .V ;" i: U. W'-r.' .i-ToiiiMoran \i , ., , , • V. :r, ! '. 1 I.'i I \. >:>M-i!.i> . on a('<-oitnt of a ' •riti-i-i-.. I rt-«c I > • ill I'vi'U'' t-.'hii t>Mrn.^l on! south II : • •• •. • X ;i I'" Fryer Bros. I ri;"ni- ::iM. :;<!•>. ha«-^;i» — Prink Peattle. V. S. Phone 139. Evans Bros. Dratra, Bookm, P»lnlm, Statlonmrs. ' Ollm Bl'mnk Bookm mnilOlam* Srihoot SuppH»m i Tyirowritir SuPolfmm, Offiam Suottllmm W**r<« qt!*!llT la main eon<i4- eratlon we huy the best. Where deroan.'.t win JurtifT,, we carry iriStf wd pricee.' leatk SUe Rqitre, let*, Kau. Camp Meeting Hours. ToTniMroiv ov.^niui; iht-r.^ will bo a • :ir.-o v\ x\\<- time of th»> <^venin= s'>r- • •> !:i .i'il rii.^ phuroheji. The vounc >; s' sorii'ti'^s wili m-^'-t at f ins:.;! i <if.7 :iv.i* the iip"'afhiiii sr-r- vies wiil liv:.'in at < o'clock in-ST^^ad ot: 7:::'^ > K\V — R. i\. rnnnlncham. « prr cent mnnej. '. Sermon to Men. ii-V \\| H. r.a-li.'ld. [.a.^tor'of t-hc I H.i: rjiurrh, wi!; jT^acn a special j s--rni'>n r<> m-^n loniormw morning. In ''•'\'< sV::;<ni. R.-v <;arii"M will nrob- \•^'^^.\ '''•'•>r with thoi--.- vhci advocate \:\ i|. .'. • !.. r r;;o Woiiicji Do the Your Choice I ri'iii a l.ri-<-;li>l ni lariii-< l-.iit-.iv. Vi>''iri. Orii'iui iuij IM ;<! M( \,\ :it j nit (.(iini N tu M ( it ol I IM . , Hrs. Lathrop. ()>teopalbs Phone <«8. At Yate« Center. .f n (i;.>«ii a!i<J fa.'iiilv ov.r I jfintn f<^i!a .<a"i;''f;i'. and .^'ilidHi. vi.<!»Ii::- • !.if!-s. M-- .in.i M-s. Uenrj II.!;..-.vv Vr.t.'^ r.-iit. !• N-vvs. ij 1'K an.! frfs-«sf line of ran- in tii«!! Is at .Mi;nd:s>. J. a, THGM Palnior and Papur Haagor ':ieet»d Mr. Giltiatt. A-••!•.• II-.-. ii.T-: ..f |.i!a T> p.<;:iaidit I . .' iiiii.-.M. !,. M 111 l!-.. U. ciM.-r ofllc- p.!-' V.'w- Crtiat' wa-* • I .TI . .| i-t III yiii.i.I \Iiir\iii I.'-c «!•.> • I ]\- ni'iV'l III K' Scotl. Kas j'l'hir !|l.ltl tlli-i ttnt^llMi jillt I .Hllln" »ra:isac'f-d j> ' ! --In<ilitl on haTlnsr T. S." floir. •^'••^•\ Goshorn Won"t Speak. i<i!i.- Cj!t. !.< «l Kf.l >. l>.ink«»c. 'I' .-.I..^niil l.c 11(1 s|..-akiTic in 'h' •' i; '•]!':> ]; ;i.ii)iiat-'. : s tliU cvfuinC- IT;:- ' • •. ;.ail liia !•- nrranu-.--ini'nts for ' ri -'(J.:f :->• hv .I.i-n flosorn of Tola. ; T'ii-; i-.iniinir llr Cr-.ihorn s^nr word J: •• t( T'in: h" V.-VI luiahle •ii !>•' h---ri" li.cjjii-.- of sicknf^ss. The II'Ni =;.aki:':r xh'-r-: wiH !.f Monday ..\' w!>-n T .1. K'l.i.-on. of f're- .... • t'"'!'^'^^ •, ...!'i"tii:.. Tleinorntic^ for con- n,:t..i,,r:;i. P .HIN. ?-;(i;() Iol:i. Ka>.l^iH make \. ,-w.;,.vrr ;:f iyi'rc vs.- l'»r-jno-'r^ss.—-Chatiute Tribune. T ,,.:r:^: .'vi-ers on ray-; —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. v-v r 'j }': .:i ra>-. a:;d in v-hair' cn^ ... way n: ^le'-ornii.g ac- ei! v.; h "'iic i-I;c-ic 'Snnhwes?. wl;i ^^. . ' •r:::i .^''-M cntiietenre. Ct StTJ kt.; a 'r> iiil ki< Mrs. >^r^' K R. .M retiirijed ( friends a Indcpend Wilier Home; Ilf-r. of fil? Kast Btr»>«'t. •oni a two weeks visit Coffeyville. Neodi-slia SIcn paiijfing. Fred Rowden. In Chas. Hesson Hurt. Iia.<. Hesse n of .Moran was. vi-ry jously injiiieil yeslenlay liv '>-irs I'd l >y a luul*'. He was loaditi:; Lar of mul-s for shipment an'f lie to tiiir-y one of ihi- aniin:.!-- the ear t l-ecaiU'- vicious .itid d. IIS hopis striking h'.m in iith. tireani iFIUserald II«n<rho|<t «! and Phkne S»S. A luotht-r i i\oiius to I a lett.-r Siifnth. cetrni; r- e.ii.'stind u his jaw. Storaee and ^Tranxfer and piano n'otrtnfrt store room In the cHj. Wm mfinkmep Your Mali > AM - TJirree Monihm tfYouP^SfBlOO or Ovar • 0, At Yojur Peril. JudBe. I N.-oshrt'Knpiil.-i i> ad off Cupid. Sh.> har to Prtitiate .tiid-'^ .1 1' nditi'- hitn. not adiisinp him. liiit coainiandinc 'i I not til iiiarr> ar.> yoiinc: pe.niil. CO line in liijn from Neosho Ra;nds Tl • l.Tt'T contained no furth'^r in foifciiatlon liiit it is supi>osi'd tha' sh> is I int.>n>st.'d jin one of the two inter ri« ftf y.^u watj itf cards Mnndis f parti-'s |.;e. Litid objects to iht»ir mar t the ilatest and nicest the market, get thetu uc sto-o. No Time for Politics. i\ local harixT was h'-ard to say a U\\ days acis that he hopeii thi' pen- H ; tit races li th.- liJK leacii«<s would 'Ifse as qiiii k!y as possible as he de sited to civ' .-•oni''' attention to the national catnpaicii. at l*>ast enough tc I find our who is the proiii-niia.' n iniinee on the tickets H-' says he is^lso liusy' walrhins the fittat for the championshi I in the leagtics that he fliids no time to watch rh"^ political frjlcas. J J nnonnremrnl. f»r SutciijTe wishe.5 to itijortn hi.- rincr pa'r.fins and th<' puh'ir that he s re>iini<>d th*" cneral pricttc Vd 'dictne. cfimhinins It with ."-iir^T..- Ojfice h'lursil'i to II a m . t t'l "'and to « p in To Eldfarado Springs. .Mr ai.d Mrs H. I. H'>iii!i'r;oh \\\\\>- ui- In Klllor; .'o .>;iriii:;'s. .Mo. fur 1i.-ti-ti| Of .Mrs. H»*ijd-r.>»oii"s allh P: !is H^l.ili h.ilii'i'i r.'V Moiis trips have helpid j-son and her many frlctids for' an Iniprovi'm-'tit this i — Vntoinamitr and Repair ^bop for «'|i klnd« rjf ropafrlne. Antomohflr 'jyerj. Pho^e W8. Wr|te Campaign Songs. .-Ji-VLial (ola (lartiV.s aro. writiiic iiu'paicn ."tones fo'r the U'-puhlican Ijniifrty /-.•(itral cominl't.>e The old :ine> ar"' )is»>d hut the words chan^• d to jol'y Rilly B->an con.sid'^rahly •JTwo SOIICS &:tt. wi -re submit 'e<i to the com- 'S<<-rday. ,. A raise Report .\ r>-;.of was circulated li'-rf- yester '!a;. -I'.a; ("h.-is. Knowlton. G^nev- I :•.'A y..-} some inet-ature [ •••„> s-i'f.-r.-d a <'rok*> .i( i.aralvsis. 1: O:.;-.:. :. Arizcna^ctc. ,i„.-^ 1,. e« 1. arn.d that the r» 1. I, n \ I .bTON, AiTCr.-. lola, Kansas. —.Me.-chanr?. Lunch at Our Way. M VI;AZIVKS .VM» PKKIODICALS 1 STOP PUAllMK HKK . 1 , J. K. Ilemlcrsoa { Sparlis From Tniia Set Fire t« Dry r;;:..^:V-h:rat''tho''';:;w:sr%"e| '^"— F -- «-Hed HOS. , I'>-s::.<- '\'\:-y, sa isi livtuiii to Vati' pital. 1 Plionr 414 N. ljuckeyo Tharpe & fIo»gh <•olltr.i«•t«>^^, Kuiclnem, SurTPym. I Knlly euuippod for all kinds of r.ur»eylus. enstirotit'^F. patent drajr- toK. blue prIaU, maps, 8idc«|alks, eurblns. and famdraisag*. Wii.ii promised for a time yesterday Hfternon to be a destructive pralne fire »as i becked before much daiuAxe ill IT Til"' Uxf. .-'art-d it is said 'iiiii i.parlc.t friiti: iln' Katy switch en- Kiii- 'alllii:: In dry uruss on the K. K Ta.'liir larni .south and east of the St, Johns hospital. It fproad rapidly and before It could be stopped It iiad reached as far as the hospital barn. It spread southward and eastward ju far aa the Katy triacka but no-damalircl was done. I. • -Paper Hanirtr!3 Vtti\ Ror«den. ffbone .!«:•«. F-inish Pipe .Line. \V V FussDian informs us th.-it the iip» linf from the tiic ea.« fi<"M south- ,,a.=t of town is practically conipI«-ted to town. Theri- iieinc a small amount j)f piiM? to lay as .«oon as it srrlvep. JThis ea.s line will lirins ua.s to our •ity for the Humboldt f;a.s company, ind will Ijf used to supply their cus- rionf-rs with fuel for liKht. hear and iliow.r.—Humboldt t.'nion. i —Dr. P. E. vran?b. Dentist. Phone 12. Pajt M.urphy to School. W. \V. .Mun>liy. fh'» son of Rev S S Murphy, left yesterday niorntnK for Chicaso. where he will beei!i his second year in tre medical collese of Northwestern university—Parsons —Omers any style at Our-Way. Dr. Murphy to Baldwin. Rev. si S. Murphy left this mom- ine for Baldwin. Kan. where he wa.s called by the difath of a very near frietid, whose fut eral services lie will conduct. He will return Iw'for" Jtiin- da.'i—Parsons Sun. -rit— Our Way Soda Water. Rav Tinder has cone to lola to .1 i ventlse the Parsons Fair for Dr Jones —Parsonp Bcllpse. ' —Always ante to eat at Our Way. • • •• • Mr. Scott to .Ottawa. Coosr^Minan Scott." of tola, aud H. 1^ XMma*, of Bartinstoo. were tn Ol- uw» tour. Titer Tiait«d HomewMU .#5 Copynjht ^, M..r s,.h«-'ivi *. M«t» Superb DIaptay of FallSults, TopCdatSp Rain Coats and Overcoats M ADE expressly for us by HART. SHAFFNER. & MARX and STEIN BLOCK, is now at its best. It is wdland it is to your own interest to select your Suit early. Shed your light weights and come to us to see our new models in Suits—straight from where FASHION is born. Suits from . . . $15.00 to $30.00 Top Coats, from $10.00 to $18.00 Rain Coats, from $10.00 to $25.00 Overcoats from $!0.00 to $3Q.OO 4., I. A Word About Our Boys' Ciothos Every value here is unmatchable. Wc can a offer you a greater variety of styles and patterns to be found anywhere outside of the largest cities, and save you from $1.00 to $3.00 on a suit. Hav0 Your Soy Filiod Up In a Mow Faff Sulf Knickerbocker Suits . .$2:50 to $10.00 Long Pants Suits forBoj-s $5.00 to $15.00 imporiui and John B. Sioison Hats Both soft and stiff HATS for falL Every Im­ perial and J. B. Stetson Hat is best in quality and style- $3eSto$3.5§ tHunsIng Union Suits for Mem and Boym no Boot Undorwoar In il»o Oounlrv MEW FALL SHOES for Moo and Boys Largomt Oloihimg Siorm in Allom Oouniy thiv speak at UVdlHvllb- iitid lomor-! ,Mlen couniv. Is candhlale for ri -el- raw nlirht at Pomona foiijir's.<man •..,.||„,, : ciiar'i.v has made, an excel t::: t:";;:;au;;;"'f ::;''v .:::;^s-;r '->• ••-'-'^ Pollard, who will com- n. IM- .-.T -m-l . 'O ""'"'!-!-a ''in luajn-iiv. \W in ii If'rirt.for Scoii .Mr Pollafi; l.rotjjijr of '-x Polic..inaii Pr'd HollinS Miis i-iiy, and a brother of "i'l I- h'Tc OctolKT _l>. -ott.-tw 1 Re :„|. „f| li'ildir. ,K .-^i Uoliitia-r -K' .S'oti Repiibli —rie a Boo-.frr—Home Indu'try— '''^n. , N''i Riv(-r <'a» at Our Way. i To and From Burlington. • .InjiM I '.aiT-ft rami- in Thur-sday from-lola for a »i!!i iii.- parents A Fiie Musician. | Thf> f.icT will I"' of iiit'-r.-st that i Prof. O-orm- 1-. Wait-, of [ola. wno: , , , was rnarri-d at f;rac.- chur-h ysfr-J r.-lativr-s a-.d t-i-nd!'. • .Miss i-arah M-.-tcalf" of lola. Mrs. .1. .\. Huffman froiii n^ar O'- by lir. .; I> Krum. is onr^ of th- most j friniAa'wut to lola Tu-.-day to visit .1 'I Hufin :.Tn and family the Sunday school and a m. uib-r of V ' * Mr- .< .-V .-^mith o: lola catu-^ tfi.- choir of St. Titrnrlv.'.s ri uri-ii :i;i'i;in U'^ dn'-^.iav [or a ^ a' th«> home ha-s been oie^ of bda'.s most tj'>r'"!'«r|of Wfj-s .1 .1. Fl-niniiri; —BurIin?ton capable and successful musicians 'nit,..;- J,,,, ( the west. .Mr.s. Waite i.s a teach'-r in)' ' ' " youns ladi'-s Th< Ir !ri--iids will wi.ibj fiii-m lont; 'if'> and uumiiicl-d happi-, n....... —O'tawa H'-rald ft-piildic. \ <;KK\T KKroRp. —Soda Water, the Our Way kind, : ,. , , ... 7—— „ .. .' Or. I.e»nliardl > Intrmal Pile Kerned; Olson is Home. ""^••^ < "»« ' Mr. and Mrs Svlv. sr. r Olson cam- ,^n„;,ardf..; Hem-Ro:,l has been in from TotK'ka WVdnf^sday and will; tested in several thoii.-and cases, atid remain in .Savonbiirc fnrsom- tini" j"f'"'"s'''ful in <ii; but two p»r cent Kmerv Ol.-on is ...xp.-c'...l horn- th- , Hem-KMid.. wondr-rfu' record is due to rhe fact that i: is }.n internal rem- :att.h- parr of 'hi.-* »—k.—i^a^onburs j Th- cau.-^- of 1,1 v., internal. R-cord. :and It is tru ninch ro expect to cure r>l!es! with ointments suppositories or —Our Oysters Way. ' •>r*r»'i''ri.; H-ni-Ro .1 ceres the in- .lernal cau-e MI«K McKenna to Bartlesville. : Sn|d for ri under -"raranto-by rhas M... Bertha McK-nt. w.nt to h^r ^.^^^ ll'^f^::^:^'^. home in lola Saturday. Sh- will tak*» t,^,. |^„|ji,.r a i>os!tion with a printing office in —; Bartletiville. Okia. where .she hxs, (ard «f Tfcank>. been employed for s-veral y*-ars.— S wirh. to thank our fnrnd.^ and Savonbure Record. ineiBbbor* for their kindnes.* at the , death of our ilttle son. New post cards. Mundls drug store., .MR. .\.\n MR:5. .l.\Y RfSH. Aiiction Sale F OR the i>ciiefit of the Farmers of Allen Coanty, we will hold a scries of; Market Sales in lola, at the Griffith Feed Yard, 224 North Jefferson St. At this sale we will sell Ilorses, Mule.s, Cattle, Hogs. Implements and Hotise-. hold Goocis. List property you h.ive to sell at once with M. Grifith, that it may be advertised pn^ the general sale hill whTch will be printed soon. Farmers, bring in yotir stock as we will have good buyers for horses and males at this sale. WANTED—Stock and all kinds of property to sell at the Market Sale. / Griffith &Vickeits Get a Good Well. ! .VatnmoWleii. Drillers on the llch farm, a mil.-j njf.h pradeused automobiles, .ill | west of Fairview xchool hous.\ ,„;,k^y.., lowvst price.* .\ll cari» In hrouuht In a ftas well |;|st Saturday \.t v -„nd|,i„n I ship you any make of which is clalmedto be byitar the ^car. you pa.v for the oar when ym get • ell la the Fairgew field —Savon- 1, ,wrlje today for prfre aod spteUy hnr% Record. . jmake of car yon want. Now la the time to fciiy /THOS^^OWLUS , Prealdent ^JI^^COTT^MW!^^ ALLEN CpUNTY STATE BANK | Capital $30,000.00 Qoo4 Word, for Boiling^:. Chair BpUlnser; a former Bourbooi H. S. Vrooman. It IS Flabe'r Bnlidtns. Chlcajtto. DIRBCTORS A. W. Back. L. C. Bejatty. A. J. Pulton^ W. J. W. L. Bartlea. Thoa. H. WE iM9U£ oam owit SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES. FOR \REnT FHOM «2 INTEMST PAID ON TIME DEPOfl|IT& (TO is rv^y

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