Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1908
Page 4
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THE lOLA nXHA RFdlSTBR. SAT> RHVy ETEMXs orTOREn 3. m^. I I Tie lOU DAILY SE61STES CHAS. F. SCOTT. | •niered at lol^ Kansas. Postofflce, af \ Second-Class Matter. idrertlBlng Rates Made Known oh , ; ! ; Application. i SDBSCBIPTIOjr RATES. , ^Carrier In loM, Gas CUj, Lanjoi' TiUe or Lallarpe. j >ne Weelt.. 10 cents ino Montli.. i 44 cints Ou* Year | $5 .00 Bf Ipall. Ou< rear Inside cojinty $3.00 9n« jear outside county........$^1.00 Three Monttis, in ndvnnce $1.00 OUa Month. In advance WFlCIAIi I 'ArKll. CITY 'OK " BAM- ' ' SET. ' T <<lPl>lionct Business Office - - - Ultorlal Koom - - - • th>> rondifion of the pooiilp. will lu; r<'<;ou':!i<rndiiis rliat ycni close yciiir schonl.s .so that thp i><>o|iIc will npt roalizi' ^o^v nMieh thoy arc suffering. - Moiiiuoiith. 111. Just react that last iiredictioii ovor amiin. "If-the gold standard goes on. ih<? fiold sjtandaril advocates Instead of tryiris tp improvp the condition of the people, will be rcconiineiidinB that you close your schools so that the poo-• pie 'Will' not realize how much they are surferltiK." Read that declaration of what llr. [Hryan said woiild hn|ip<'» and then jiist recall to niliul what huK happened. Honor bright now. do you think n man who would uialie so pborf a RUess as that as to what was ! t;ood for the country lu 1S!)(! wotilil he any more liliely to riiihi In lOiis? He was just us ciTialu tiKMi as he Is now that thi> very snlvation of the country depeiul-. ed upon lilHj election as President. I.s he nut 1ll<e|y to he Jusl as inlstaKeii i!<iw lis he jwna then? .Mr. Hr,\^u sure iuhl the iruili wlieu ' he Hlild In I Is .S'eW York S|HM'clie«, last week hat in lS!i(i the eonntr.V| was afraid' iif hiui and his pidieics^ and he luJKht have told (Ite Irulli some' umre If he liad jiroeeeded tOj siv that the tniulde iu tills "campaign Is tl-al ihi> ci 'unlrv is still afnild of liiiu and- I his polieii'S. Mr. Hryan hiis never I yet d <\e !areil thai he ilees Irol lidieve ! the fre(> eninap" <if silver, (n. he tho best financial sy.<:feni for this roiiutrj and (he country has no .issuranen that it mi.dit not wake mi aotnn juorn. inc. ill case of liis election, and find in tiie iiaj>ers a Presidential inc:;:!ace liiiw -ST FOOLISH ACQUISITIONS. As a Kcneral lUopoHllloUj the people of the United Slates are sensible auci Ipvcl-heailed jaiiit onlinavllv- Ibey may be dependedi upon to jiass: a fair verdict'. In ixjery political campaiK|n. however,' charuos are !i\ad<> ai;nlii|st conspicuous (taudidates which on tlu'ir very face are too preposterous to l,ie believed and .which yet seem to infln- ence a great many people. These ac- duisitions arc not alwavs made a ::aiiist tfcc candidates of one iiartv onlv. al- . j. ... ^ . .• ' • -/to ("ouBress rccomniendinsr that the though It has seemed to us as if the , „ „, , . . , " . ,. , system be Adopted. ."Mr. Brvan has Republicans usually suffer more than their share of this sort of attack. We notice for example that some man in New York shouted at Mr. Hryaii while the latter was inakinj: a speech in the street. "Did you or did you not when you wore a Momlier of Congress declare that the working men of tbji country were begcars"'.' , Mr. Bry: very properly j refused (oj answer tin question assuming that it could mt - have been asked in good faith, t^i haps it -was asked in good faith a yet no man after a monienfs tliouj^ could seriously believe llie charge w true. No! public nian evei; lived America.! Democrat or U.M'ii!di:-:i|n wlio would make so false and silly declaratioii as this. It is on a par • with Iho charxe brouglt .-mainst •ludge Taft and that liiis pioliably been brought' ngainsi some caiididifte In every campaitni since parties \vere organized thiit h<' had .said- $I.(^n' a day was enough wain s for any wiirk- ing man. Of course .liidge Taft never innde such a statement and iieiilier . did any other public uiaii in .\!iieriea. In spile of the (;r<>;it mixture of nationalities aiid the vast differoiiee In social anil polilieal pioniitiene<' in wealth and In of Iter parlletilais we. •here-in America, are eMsentiallyi » homogeneous j people. \V<> all look at things from abotit the' same statid- iwint and wc; certainly take practi'al­ ly the same view on all i|uestions -e- :lating directl.y to tiie advancemr nt and welfare of tlie individual. It is a safe rule, therefore, when-we. bi;ar a prominent man accused of expressi ii; somp 6eniim«-nt whieh sounds revf It- .ing to us. it! is asafe rule to decile that the accusation is false, becaiy^e tb'e sentiment in question in all prob- abil ly would be just as revolting '^lo the man accused of iittcring'.it as if would be to us. Becauisela man attain!; prominence in public life and becomes a candidate for a conspicu- .ousiofhee it ought not to be thoui:Jii thatj he takes leave of ordinary coni- mort sense and deceiic.v. Kven if so coni^-eivable a thing coiiM he imagined as a,'candidate for the I'residency really uttering a feeling of contempt for the men-who have to work with their hands for a living, it oimht to be re- niembonjd that as a niirtier of politjy he would not; give titter.iuce to aijy sentiment or advocate any measure which tlie commonest iiilelligeii 'ji! would allenat<> the support otf ill right-thinking 'men. WIu'ii .MMI he; r a candidate aeeused. tlierefo 1 j some ejtpijession -wliich you know i man In hi safe Ihlngj rljrbt niiiiiL would ult.'r. is to ehaige |l up I i till catniiniun liar and forget it. nev<'r said <hat he has eeased to he lieve in the Oovornnient ownership of railroaifs. On the eonlrar.v he li;is enipbalically deelareil .that while l"e. country is not yet ready for it he does believe that sometime it la Iioiind to rome. AYhat assuraiiei> (loes tlie couiilr'y have in that in ease of Ills election he might not eoiisider the time bad come right tlieu and use his enormous power as President to force the adoption of that policy? fn sober truth what reason has Mr. Pryan given this country to believe that it may follow without fear n leader who shifts fioiu one e:inipai;:ii ••xpeiliciil to aiiotlier apparently witli as little sense of respoiisiliiljly .-is a <liiId-who plays llrst w'ti; one toy and then wllh another? If .Mr. Taft is electejl. pri 'si -iil poll- I 'ies will continue, present upward teiideneii's would reiiialii. ami prelum ably, would be aeclerated after the el(H*llon. .Ml befaiise- there would really lie no eliange of admiiristratioti, in the busine:;s sense. The advent of a Hryan adiiiinist i .'i- tion would he the adveiii of ;i gennliie Imsitjess diaiiiie, so far as political eonditioiis can niiilio idiaiige. It is iisidess to spenilatn as to what ili«' result woulil !»•. Xobody ikiiov.s v.liat it would be. .\nd that is fxactly the worst thing tt-at can lie said of pro- po.sed political adventure—tliat no one can foretell what jts <»ffect will be on the eotintr.v. Once the people begin to s|)oculate as to future busifiess <-i )n- ditions. and find theniselvi-s at s'^^i, just then public coiiridence begins ti; decline. And no man acting as I're--,! dent, be he right or wrong, can maki? headway against public .iistriist.— Katifias Cily Times. -Mr. Bryan lia.s joined the ininini- erable caravan of Denuiciati<' spellbinders who ac'Mise the Ue|iub1iean party of extravagance in national appropriation;;, but you will notice like all the others, he fails to give a bill of particii!ars. When some of V.wKt' orators jioint out sperKicaliy apjiropri- ations made by. llie last Coii"..'!! : ; which they thought ouuht not to lie ma<le. tlie eouiHry will he in a position to give more si'rious eiesi-iera- tion to ;!icir <-nmplaint:-. o I Dispateles n'jiorting tlii-i r''ee)iiioii (|it liiai greeted Mr. Miyaii in .New Yoil; ast week said: "It was the Pr.\an ilenintistrjttion of'eight and twelve vfMts ago that followed." Itiil .\oil wll! reiiienilii-r thai .Mr. Hryaii was not eleelrd eight or twelve y<Mrs ago. ! LEST we FORGET. Just,l»y way ijf rememmiiee ilie Ka sas CUy Klnrjhas lool;er| liaek 'ovi| It« old flics 4nd eiilled out .vin ^i choice imravTitplis of .Mr. Iiryan speeches In ISSO, ami (hey cirlaiiil |y make Interesting reading now. Ilije,' are some of them: , j IT protection has slain its thoiii- ands, the gold standard has slain Uk ten«**of thousands.—'NaVional cotiven. tioft. Chicago. The Democratic party 1 as begun a war of extermination agai ist the go ^d standard. W^' ask no' (uarter; we glT? no ^quarter., W« wi I prosecute our war until (there is no t an .American citizen who dares to tdvocatc the gold atandard.] You ask wliy? We answer i that the gold st indard is a -«onspiracf -against the 1 uuian race, and.41]^' we shoold no itore join i i .-it'tiuuDi lin .ail j ann-y to" destroy our J)aii|i «»^siid .&iailiea!—Albiny. N. Yi '•^''"•'BBlnre,, Ifer -writtei in Wool - iSy golf—Brie; P J . Wlial siii.ces.< J. do voii sii|i|i<isi- a Pri -Hid 'iit would bavi- in re;.'iilatlng lallniads who goi.ks into olMe.' wjih the avowed opinion that it Is inipossllile to regulator railroads, excejit by owning liiem. Tiiat is .Mr. PryKus po.-^i- tion on that question /•xactly. In a speech at lx)uisville. Ki -ntueky; i=epiember 12, PJOti. he said; "1 advocate strict, regniation (of railroads) am! shall rejoice if expf-rience proves that that regu'atlon can be made effective. Yet I would not he honest with you if, I did noi frankly admit that observation has convinced me that government ownership can be undertaken on the plan indicated with less danger to the country than Is involved iu private ownership. You say that all these abuses can be corrected without interference with private ownerstiip. I shall be glad if experience proves that it can be, but I no longer hope for it." Is It reasonable to belieyetliat a Geo. D. Bright Co. 117-119 WesL Slileet. Ida, Kansas. FAIL TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FOiLOWING PRICES. WE SELL IT FOR LESS! Dress Goods '.' I' I ;>| le.. iveil a lull lie. . I I ..v.iv llii Ciids '.ill til! ;.ii.- ' -''r J''i:t'. lli »\\'l :ind giffli, lli-e.-; Il-I lifliiw ;:t! illier.; .<! T.'. ::r ;-.d< i,iilli:- al "i-l.:'.'' $1 .1' •-•r .lde>. nojle; Ml !!>I .IM1 >l I'M m:iee.; ;;<>tnu ai '.7'tr •r. • •. i.i<li'>. uein:; ;M .Vlr .".111 \v::.\ sii!'i:;^s. a' '•U)v (.IM.:iA.MS. '.I.. • (i jir:l>:-les. e.f»'p.". .it iL'i I ;i'i::liMiii.-. ..i (AIHOK.S. S'ttinhn. .\|ii;id:!:> :i:id Tue?:! i.-.. .el hi:i!id.i!d piiiils .i:iiiiii; . j. •'»<" I", I lu< iu'j • iZKiwy ;ii lOi l"<- O.ii 1,.;:. r. .r .. ><i r'_.<- (tunti: i -i''!'.- .11 ..... . .. .'K- sim :TiNt ;.s. I.":..- fhiMo- Shi;iiiig ,11 . HIr III.- (levlm i^liii till/ ;.:iiiii:-. ;n .. .*T 7',.je .Sliirnnu^ guini- ;ii-.. I.AIMIS' (Of.l.MtS. 17.. lin /i 'ii i.:idji-' K.'fiiry l ,ij, |::i-.-. viiiii -, ;r l.MMIiS- I/idle.-,' l-',;iiili i I 7."'. la -sail $1 '•" XijiM '•"^ [.<^U>•> * I, I. I.e.- • ill till • ill •• ;ii ,t.l,etl SK ; I I'll I 111. k sk l,aili'-.>" l/idli':>' idles- l/!di-s- l.:ili !e.- I l.!idi.s' I l.uili.-.- l.adi.-:: MMIT (.(•WN.S. .ViL-ir I ( V. I!: .i: ! >I.-_V. n;: on ale .M . .#1 'HI .\Kirs' .^UIKIS. Ill nil I* .'.11 Jflliitt'in l':i'1 iiii:' SKn • iy'e:-t I sli;ide.~ and I'l ii<i» iW'.i I . !:ii|i.r ;:l .»'.\.'.0 Is wiitli ?I ;-'i :i !i'. Il iM»i:invKAi{ laiMvViNs. .e I'lii'iti S-lil:- v'liir.; :i- . I .'i • le L '-pieii' .= 11:1.- ...he--. lOi- .•:i.' wurlli l.">e. -"liie.; al l<tc I'-t. VMir'ii :il .l."»e e^.l. worih .'.:.(•. :;oii.;' at. .'Jbc I.AIMF;S' MOSK. i:i<- ;-illiA '••><(• li.i.-" :•(•;:.•; .1111 \ '•'•'>r I lo.^e ;..iih4 'aney LT IC llnse i nine a' . •:i:ic\ I."..- (losi- ;:'i;eu .•..!»< 'hiidi' •! (•|ijldie:i fliildreii f|iild:.':i $i.:.'i I'll T.-.e n.-i :.'ie I 'll Hll.IMIEN'S iniSI;. lil/l'.'d h".-e W 'lr 'Ji t:u- rili'i! hn..i' V, f.nli . !.">«• I ;;i'...d hn.-e .»n III ! "•<• UU iililyd h'i:e vieri: !'i<-. .Bi' Men's Shoes or .Viti'i liiM. >l»:!d»\ anil lur>il .ii. . M^^•s i»i:K "»N siioi-s. M.n I'.ii.- ii i.-.:!i' i Ji.mii. r U'l:'!' •• I -i:'! at . . M. .- .>:: ".II I'.ii. lit I. .iili- I di.-.- •-:iiiii-j .It ..... '••> ••-.i ..-.i'. ..t \U i; - \ i .•' : i .1:! ' -1 - #i.l^ V I ; • tc MKN'i MOI.'h MIttKS. ;.iii. • K !'• i -i -:iii/- 'l| " ' I l.n \- •><•• iMii- • {d 77-- It. 't- on s.iif .1! ..'H- .•^11 I'M K IT - "II ai . . .'"'e .-^ i| |i' ; Mr • on ..ill .!i l!'c Sp' <-.,i.| i'U.A: 111 Sill! Sr. : nil i ,.M>ii;s' •'t.l KiiiK id i \iii ;iiii .• liiii'd Is HHIHSAS. I:i;is ..1 .it '.••'»<• IS I : •• •• It . .."('.le li!i(iji;e 'It. . -t'.'c I.AUIKS" rl .OVKV is i:ilii'l '<< o'li iii'iniiut tor tl.. loinri;:.:!. I eiil I'llie :il;d ;irires I1 w I'l •,|..,. - |.. • , . t 1 li.-l •. ••. I'l •-- -•• •.1,1, ; ,.,111 . • . 1' '1 "I 11 " •• I, »f»M s' .sji'.'l .s. f.:'?i..- (..'ififiT I'M"!..' Iiie''.;i U'f • V...; •! ••: ,u. .,• . I '••I..-. I .Ml !;--j.TM '.. . , , •••.Il a.!'•! Ml.:.-. M.,-:h -I. .;• .u-. . j ^^ZJ" l.iill. .- : .•.ii;:'.'.. . : !• k'l! .!•...•-; v <•: i: '.. . :i' ... .-iA'.} I.;iili'- \ I'-i. ii.i:. i:i ti;>'. «>.iii( r : ..'I. :•:<••• :il :»! Ml I .M 1 I ->- i .i .r:.-'.;:.- < r... ." :i' ! l.-|ili.-!i • •'. .I'iri!:- .'1 i:;;rk i.i I', •• <i>';.: . \M , Il •" 11 '. ..1 •>l.''n ( llli.i»i:i.\ .s .Mt<»}-.. t'ill ;•: 1' 11 .• I'd \\. •» ... K- .In..., ;i. lr ''i:i 1'.^; I '. v.m'h "ii '•• .? ' u 'iiit; Ii> .:\.'>'i M:^II ;!11 I;. OT I ;\'I ;K I »'-''•: i:.i >.'»••: i;!:>'s .-i'v» |'\ ST S'.II.. • I 'U:i . ii::i • •••.• '.^ i!i ' ••• '•!•' ::i.;e.- • liai.iili- ott^l''!. I.I .»•'..• I T.i.ri'. ••.•lie :!i .•;r.- at. .rl.t'O \n.vs simM'.s. Ml .? • 'I 'l l-^I'ii:^ •nil .li ... '•>'' Ml-'.... ';..'• S'.n:.- -••rt^ . •• ^i. ,, • Mil' ;i'!'l ''V'- -.••'••U :ii;i'. ;;-i-ii • at ;i)i- O 'l.- •'!• !•:' I.. .1 .-I .-Ir;'.- "i. -; . •• 5Hr .'. • 1 li.'.. : t . : ;..|!iv I,..-. .1: .'.li-l-'.. I.'lie. il M'-i, \|.'!1 I.' I.- I; .'• I, mi-.*' Il ' '• •• •>Ie:i : n.'i K I'll :i '• itiii. i !' l!l< i.>r 1(»e 7c .'>•- Men's Glothins Il. i' •111''a-iii 1 .•1 .i;v KM.I. ; .1 !, i::;| I- i.ii;:i.:i li.^l.--. ;..i.|'li'il >iiiiii:.| 1-.. -I •• .• •• ,. t.i|l-.r. .1 .iii 'l \. !!r ••'• ..', - ..• ?_'n .>il) I' • .-'ni.-. .Ill .i- ?I (!..''tt) :iM 1 :,:i: . :i . a.•1 . 'I .' t ,,1 ' ^lli.T 'i • 1.11'' •'!.••';!• ' r"*.'".' ^' -' •.• . ..;.'. ..• . . -;..,:i ..- ' . V ..• -.I.-' . . •. '••\. V V 11! ' i • • - iiv' .-lie m.v:^ iM>i.inu;.\i:. I.. .\ . I •-l -lis- •.••••••I: MIT.N. 1 : .r'.'l'-- •'.' . II . I' i' ti I- ..;:i'i|t ^ ., V.'• !i i |;.*. • . Lii'iii;: :it f'.i- I,.-:!. .<« i»e . . . •'»*• UK' il y'-, . 11 .... ::• fi .••••.<,:: ; ' r2.tM V I i.'.- ' Il . ^.'i .'I .>l.-">ll •\!. T, - H .; '• I, J .'.'.li 'in:- .' SI.L'., i>''i: ! :".i: «>i' <'.\!v iii.>s .sri:.\i)i;!;>. V,.; '...IV >l.;,'i. : •• •-•II. i':-i!i' •: M. II • S::'|. - i:.!: \:,,y-- M : •,.. i;'ii :• • .. .c v\\i\ yy.sis. \], I, ~ •••.•! '\'..».. I'i II lll .l. "ll'.'> I'l" .\l "li'- • 11' \ •' r •-;.' iTc .'• lij'J.tlll SUu - '! 1' \ t;- .'Ml..- -.1 . Grocery Items fur IhM" dajv mil. -Saliirda). '>|iiii and 'iiir -.d.>>. •I,- ll :il ."^i:.!! ril!- |.il >\ii. j II:./.-! S'i'i'.- : It 'iiti:! ii :i :l. ."^1.;^!. ;; I- I T . . •• ;':e: :.•*<- r.'-.-i 'iii- ..n -1!. .1: i'l. 1- tj II .-iii> k::e! I'll I • !l"i.| St .ii. !i :|I , . . •!.•.. r.'i''-j-t-"ii .-^i inh :it . . . I'. !i.i:i •• <i:i^'-i, ... .•• i;;i' ^:ik S.,; ;. »'i I \; i-i :rt'i.; 'Sn.i i' .i* ilnr.i/ llfU S(.:lM T I .;,i'. S:::i;' ,11 ... '. .'. .: "•(• 111' S;.:'i;i;-- .it ill, ::ii.l r-' 1;..- I 'li.-i-tl l;.'! . .Min-iri.'ii .... I'll- V! •!.-'• y-i-t' .1 !•'.- ••].•• •: . 1:.. t i'll ':i;.'" -. -» i!!'l.::.i • ..' I.'. 'i. Ill.lti. .-::i )idai ll:- . I''i- 'I I iii;iln.'s. • i-iaiid;)!'; - ;il •j .ii- f, -., ll"-.-;. stall. ii'i 'i.-^ :i: . I.".. !•.•,!. !i.> ut ........ ! i'i :n-li'-s. ^-t::lldanl> :•! . |!ii- -I'l :n-;ie.-. .•^l.llld;•rd? :.i . !.;.- ( . i II .-::iiid:ii d?^ 1 I •ill :i. .i:iiid:ii lis- fi :;; . |.: I' H.ikiii-: l'.i«d.,;i :ii jr.- K (• i::iKiii:: ll-wi'.-r- u . ; j. K. <• Kiikllii: I'nwtlfi .:.': L.I- I i: '111.'l' H ;ii -.ii,m I'liuil.T : i .1 ( ,1.1111!.! !;:ikl!« I'nwil-'i' ; i'l ! ,1,11111. I |;:iKii:i. I 'ii «d'-i . :: I- I .. • t.-. .It I •. 11. . ,.i r :I-.. I ,,i..... i;:.iiiii.t i'"ii. ^I .O 'i III,, im. in.- i:ir •»r sis.. i<. !r X- 1.- ".ii- ILV. V- . . '«c . . I.".c . I-.V . PH- lOl- ini I2i . •><• . -Mr l> i'.".<' I7 '..r Mr I il'- ' :'l'f>-. .• -ri"' .ilil> a tf '.v • "1 til" 11, 1 .11-,111! . Ill llli^ •!• )i;ii i tii^-'i: ' \NKKls \M» ra'tjKilMx Kvtra Special ..• "1. ••'. i l\.':i,n r .l.-IN;,. t- .'!:i -.-i;...; .. / •... •;;>«•• <• n ' .:t^ .-I;.- ;ii .*I.<M» |<, ?;2j .V., u. .•-•!, ii'.;iii .>i..".i' I 'l $i;7'- I ( IIIi.DiM.N'S AM» .MISNKS' n .DVKs .J;;^". i."..:- i:i.jli:; :•: ^'JM ' i-: i-...., .- .•...,„:• ;f :. <t.m I'-) '•'.,.: . -'>,:;.; ;.f '• .* iSf.7.'. 0::i .it' i:..-. .-i-hi .-nl r-M;.- ,11 iWi't hMi liiMUKS. ; •- -in I'lsi i;i i'<-.-.|.'. nt -. tn'- .•:.,| . !• . :.•' lUli' 1.1 knit --..n .is •<'. .i!' k'lil- l >"Mi t;ii! Ill iii'ik ti '!-s liiit .i \.-i- I... II. .. ..r .,1 M: K::r • .-•'i iv. ' liiiiVi'.-.;. .Miliir:.-. S.-iiI.-;, Sv.i .:i* '• : - ''i :i'di"ir .s <':lp-^ iiii.- ' "< \'.'. ItKI^/SlMIKAUS. .'1 '-.oi- on 1- fl ..'iO I',.- ; Si.r.'ii .l.- .1:1 .--:il.' it . '. ^9c ljuw Si n.v I..,'. j.:.!.- .'^l|lr. wiil'i; J I li'l 1 .''I'll 11- Si :ii .-.i wni 'h oil on ill ?tt..-|(> \ Kii-»• I'.tci. •;<!'!» .-.ill*. Notice to FftrinerS* ^^"^ ^^^oducc is the same as Cash throughout our big stores, and it Will buy Dry Goods, Shoes, Clothing and Groceries. Tlje above are only a few of the many bargains we have to offer to the buying public. Just REMEMBER, |f Bright & Co. have it, they sell it ftr less. All Phone Orders will receive prompt attention. Phone 481. H. A. JONESv Manager 119 W^t St. lOLA, KANSAS

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