Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 21, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1907
Page 4
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LmyoBvIM .....L..« I«.M. Qmcm rivEB» cnr oir BAS. BHP. » AMOOIATBb MBM. Ma OiHy PUHMIM - la « iiwmbar of ,, Prmt ana Rectivn f.h« FOil THE AXEKICA'S IIP. . It is really tuaiter for iiuiiunal good feeliug and rejoicing tliat ttiul flue sportsmnn. Sir Tlioniuii Lii>ioii. hu challenged onco more for a yuclit race for the America's cup. It has been rumored for'niauy mouths ihai he had determined not to Rive u|), aud -the Tiimor is now conCrmed by the official noUficaOon to the New York Yacht Club by 'the Royal Irit-h Yacht -Club, of Dublin—the formal challenge Is in the mails, on the way over. Muchhitere^ depends on ilie challenge, for 8!^ Thomas' has become wary after three attempts to lift the cup and the espenditure of probably well over a; million dollars. I3ui it was not until spor^tsmen e\;erywhere, and the leading^ jotirnals deVoied to yachting. , pointed ^out, the difllculties i>t challenging undeij New York Yacjit C -said anything abou' the rules of the |Ub that Sir Thomas ^ it. Then he iKiiut- ed otu that; it 'is a itrifle unfair to expect a yac|^t to sid^ from England under her own sail-r-thus requiring her to be stanch and seaworthy—and yet have to battje: with the calms which hare made to many of the cup races on this side mere driftiug matches. 8Q the rules hive t>een revised, aud it isundeir these: revised rules that Sir ' Thomas Lipton challenge!;. Whatever - happens, he will still have to build a yacht that can sail over here by her- _8eH, but it, is pretty broadly hinted that he has ta^en the very best advice of the yachting experts and has disruv ered Bome.iecnnicalities which, talicn, - advantage^, will reduce the chances of the defenders of > the cup. j This friendlir rivalry for an liislsiil- flcant trophy pepretenting so lari;c an honor has become in event of worldwide ImporUQce and once the icrjn.% of the^ agr^d upon it li« cei- tain that jtbe building of the yucliis. their, triab, and tiieir chances will .furnish topica for discu.ssiou for many a long day. ' We really feel that Sir Thomas du- serres that his' luclj should change, if he has been itpable to command suc- - cess, he has tk least' deser^'ed it, by fine persistency, hail good-fellowship, and by taking his losses smilingly and . like a man. Such is; the feel lug of ror- diallty about b|m on this Bide of the water that there are jdoubtlcss, many who wonld'liks tb dee him win—to glre an''Incentive to the sport aud to accord to a go6d fellbw his deserts. - -i-Washiilgton Herald. THE ViXVS iltLTU. Cin lohi I'eopic When weil-khoW^n residents and highly respected people of lola mukv L - such statemdnts is the following, li must carry coiivictiou to eevry rcad- -. er:' ' >' Mrs. Ida Smith, of 607 North street. ; ' lola, Kansas, says: "I can vouch for Ddan's Kidney; Pi is beiug a genuine i ramedy for-kid^ej trouble. My dau^h ? ter,-fifteen yedn of age, has suffend a great deal iioiti this complaiui ^ which <eame otv hi r during infancy. As time went on Uer condition got worse. Ji There were slmri pains over her eyct y^^^nd across the at domeu in the region V of the kidneys. At times the parts around her «ye8 vere swollen and the pain was ao'inense that she hav tl come Into the house' from scliuui screaming and jcrying. During the P Bigh't she hadi terrible dreams and wae nehrous and - rei^tless. A physician treated ber and short'time. 'Wei edi«s,,bBt In )io although there waf some impror0meht it only lasted fur a tried different rem were the results edlMk hot in Ho t$aa were tne results satlafietonr. I tew Doan's Kidney Pills-ItlSUf^rMBOunended by people 5-; here In IoUraa4 I went to Chaa; B. ilr- : Spacer A Q>.'si<lrug store aqd got-a 3 . box. The b«neQt received was decid- ediy aaUstactorn She ha< not had the ~ leAst^i^ dC pup: over tier eyes since ^J. <^ tilidiig tUs^^ and thigre has - ^iMmsaMi^ In her4»n- I moa^,heartily l^aillBi*, Price EiO^ New Ydrki States. I ]. •«-:-aBa , i ^ ^ . \ ^— — Great September NOW IN FULL BLAST. THOUSANDS WILL RESPOND TO TfllS ALLURING BARGAIN BUGLE BLAST. • • Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Your opportunity to save money is here—grasp it. We never had a better offering at the bej^innlng of the season and we never prei<entefl such a good bargain at a better time. Constant increase in business indicates the incrsase of public confidence repose in this great institution. Our mer*- chandise is not merely an expression. It possesses value of significance to every woman who is alive to her interest, and awake to the economies pre-* sented by lola's Greatest Store, which is associated with twenty-six other stores, making it one of the strongest organizations in the United Statiesi QiganiiG FaiiOrems Goods Sa/e Over 300 pieces iu stuck. Save 25 per cent aiul wear nothing but the most reiia- ble stuff, direct from Ihs best foreign and domestic lociu.s: a larger btock than you can find iu all stores put together; all the much wautcd colors and weaves, at 25c, 50c, 75c, $1, $1.25, Si.50. $2, $2.50 Buy the most beautiful dress goods for tbo money you ever owned, siiitfible for suits, skirts, costumes, children's dresses, morning and party dieises. Oau't fall to Asva jraar Brmma Oomdm ; mum-amtl and mhruak by our omUbr»- trnd/mprovrnt/mpomglngmaehlno. Shoe Bargains Ladies Siioes Iu McKcy tcweil, single or dotxble .sole, at $1.35, $1.50. $2.00. I.(dies' Fine Shoes, in French Kid or I'.it- eut Cole, turn or welt soles, baCtuu or lace, $2.25, $2.50. S3.00, $3.50, $4.00. September Sale of Silk and Net WaLsts, pri­ ces range from $3,08 to ,$IO,OOm Remarkable selling black and eo'oied Dress & Waist Siilis At Special Prices. Black Toffeta Silks, 75c, Sr.00, 25, $1 50 Black Peaude Sole, $1.00, $1.19, S1.39. ^i -53 A great variety ol Fancy Silks, suilaMe lor waists and costumes, at 50 G , 75 G , $1.00 ,$i.25. aud most stylish footwear, always come to the New York Sl6re and have 3 our feet properly filled Gieat Sale now on. School shoes, all leathers, welt and single soles, $1.35. $1.50. $2.00, $2.50. Our Display of New Tailor SuitsF Is most comprehensive and embraces almcst two hundred autoritative models ranging in prices f-^om— to $45 M.iny i)( llicse garment.-; arc e.\acl corses d the newest Paris creatiors. Short as wtU as the extreme long coat effects are represented, plain tailored or fancy trimmed effect?, .stripes and invisible J laids, also imported rough materials and Chiffon BroadcJoihs Every garment is extremely fashionable and t^iey come iu all the newest shades. Models a:e e.xclusive with us. Exlraordinak^y Sifirt SaieF 300 new Skirts just in. iroui New York, eihi"racing the very late -t models to choose from, Chiflon Panama, Seizes and French Voiles. Special Prices ror'Saturday, Monday aud Tuesday. Chiffon Panamas— $3.88, $4.98, $5.98, $6.48, $7.98 French Voiles, 12 new models— $5.88, $7.j98, $8.98,^$!0.00, $12.98 Are you Ready to huy your New Fail Qioaii? We are showing several hundred new ones and they are l).:autie .s. Despite the fnct that materials are much higher, we are able on account of our i^iiliense purchasiug orgnnization to tjifer you better styles and better values than ever before. Come and we will convince you. Annual Sale of CoHon and Wool Blankets Is Now in Full SwingI New Fall Millinery Now Ready For Your Inspection News of the County WKSLEY 1'1I.\PEL. .\Ir. (Jtuige Heininiug left Siiiurday for Colorado. He is ibinkiiie of Koing there to )lve. Mr. Wiliiaiii Myt-rs weni lo Kort Scott John .Mrs. Kin Wra. J. R. Turner left Tiieisda.v for Oklahoma, whete she goes to vis/, ber JiBtcr and brother. She. will sion at Wichita aud viHit .Mr. Turuer'a Bister. Mrs. Jyjve, .Myrtle .and Roy were ':al !or8 on .Mrs. Kiug Sunday after church. ilr. Fred Uanielb aud family of La- Harite. .Misu Thurza iiusley and Mrs. Sam Tijouipsou visited Mr. L. W. Hig;i »s and fauiily Sunday. Mr. N'elran threshed for .Mr. Clo|>ton Tueaday. They threshed timothy. Ws are needing raiu very bad at iireseat, but we are boiiing or u good 3oaker soon. Mr. Hunting aud sou left for the In- llan Territory Tuesday. \S'hen he finds a location, he will send for bis family. Mrs. Hunting is a sieter of iSrs. Talley. . £pwortb League, was well attended jSndday nls^t. r The tateeting waa led litib. A fiotp waa aiiiiK by Tiicri'." Also some graphophone music by .Mr. Hunting made the I.«aguu tjulle Intfrosting. K<;v. Wliarton expects to bc.iiin revival services about.the i3th of October. .Mrs. Ueade's sisliTs left for llnir homes last Friday. Mr. Tip Oaiighertys daughter. .Mi«. Collins, visited them Sunday. their dinner Monday. Miss Bessie Sprague spent a fow days in lola and I^Harpe aniong relatives the llrst of tlie wtck. Grandma Strickland who Jms bp«;n visiting with her daughter near Kincaid. lias retiirnad home. Bills arc out announcing a ^ale nt S. G. Sprague's on Tuesday the 24th. This will be quite a large, stock sale. .Mrs. I.,evi Robinson went to Parsons Tuesday She was called there by the d.»ath of .ler daughter's child, little Harold Va i Dant. She will remain several days. Th( famkly of W. W. Sprasue is Kovlng thefr household effects to Lone Elm this week. Their sale on last Mobday was well attended and things sold read'ly. Mrs. Hinze of Humboldt an^ Mrs. Kate Clark of LaHarpe, werei visitors at C. E. Greggs.^and W. W>. Sprasue's .Mr.s. . .lacksuii is i iiK'rlalniug her brotlii'r and his wif<' who an; iHTi- from Illinois vi^itiiiir. .Miss Carrii. Nadler has gtme loi Ottawji nheic .siic will ri'iiiaiii iliirini; j Ilie winter, S-IK- will iak(! special work | ill music. j On TiieFiiuy fvi'niiiK iif last W'.'ck | Mr. and .Mrs." Aiitiiur Scoll entertained (iMit<. a n:!!nb(>r f)f nii ,-Mts in honor of tlie .Misses .Vgni's and .\mber Scoit. .Many interestinj; gana-s were playnl ai.d refreshmenis wen; also servcl. Ti'.p young pioide report a line timi/ .NKW niLE FOK .SCIF.MISTS. A Coriincr in i\n: t' of Dculli Drom rnkniMvn Cause. For best and Qnlckcat Results use the ReirNter Want Colums. New VorU. S'|ii. 2().—The New VnrK U'dil'l ^;l.^s toilaj : .\s a ro.-iult of it<•< i!t |iro3i'eati(;i;.s agauist iiii.nibfr.s of tli:- Christian Science church in castj where nienibu's liave dieil wirhout re>;- iiiar ph.vsicians bavin.:; b'^eu called, I lie board of directors of the niollier i.hurcli ill Boston, insidrad directly '•y .Mrs. ICddy, has is-.siied a new by- 1.1 w. It is announced in ti.e following l;tnniia;e: ! .Art cle Z". .Seelioii .S.—SluldtJl do\ cea^^e-^ It" ;i iiieiiiber of the mothv -T I cliirrch shall cieceusi; siiddeniy without 1 i^r.^vious injury nr illness, and the ' ciii:^- tliereof be iiuKuonn. an auti;;)- I sy shall bi. nsude by inialified experl.-^. j Infpiiry today at the [jtopa^auda <,f } 11. e Christian Science cult in this city broii«lit out ihat the new by-law shall !•• read by tho faithful with iutejii- 'iicc. l-'or instance, v.hile eCery de- VDiii. .Sci< understands pt-.rfectly tiiai injury and illness as un Urstrjol 1>> tiie wyr'id -ai l ;ir;,'p. arc not injuries ai all. i/>ir. errors, and that no Scientist ever dies, but on. and wholly tlnoush lii.s' instance on his own error, jet sliic.'' certiiia ti .rms are in use, (i;e board o! directors of tho mother chinch, at t-io behest of .Mrs. Eddy, uopetiilly en ploys the terms indicat- iiii; to il^ Uity that there iffd times' wlK -u it i.< ijeimissiblj to call Iu thei ciTonur. . Tl^j by-law will be regarded as bindifiK 7iy all Christian Srf«nce (;)ti:rclies; ... ' Try n Want Ad. In tk Rearisler / Irregularity is bad in every department of life, in meals, \x\ sleeping hours,; but especially when it is a question of womanly habit. Not only is it a sign df female disease, but, unless cured, it will cause dangerous troubles, because of the poisons thus allowed to remain in the System. : If you suffer in this way, get a bottle of Mrs. Lucinda Johnson, of Rsh CrBek. Wis., vrites:'''! suffered for fourteen yeara vlih te#!- larily. causing great pain. At last I tried Caidul, and now I am cured." M aU dn^jists. in $1 bottles. I Write today farafttecnpy of v,luiNe«.5i«e ^maSB »W "m^i WRITE US A LETTER Advkc dnolfee K!^'fWSioSi

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