Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1908
Page 2
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THE lOLA PAILT BEGISTEB. S^TUBDAY ETEXPrg. OCTOBEB t, 1»08. K. A. NOBTiBUP, Tke.ft««Me«t D. J. nOBTHKCP, tmi TkcPrMl j^^^-T* HOkTHEDP, orthrup Natiori^l Bank DriXKXsiriiD m miM •miitory fir Ski OHM Stitn Established 1869. " Suiti ff lamt • ' A. L. BBUMBACfiH. Caikler. MELTOr FBOSJt, Aast C M U» Men's and Young Men's Suits and Overcoats at pricjes that cannot be met by any local competitor. You can save; fron ^l $3.00 to $5.00 on each Suit and Over Coat you buy now. tIRAM* OPEMX« OF Fall Clothing Sale Hnndrrils "f (Uw sull.s rcudy for : jour inti|ie<-U-)n 1!E>'.S SIITS AT }|?4.8.'>. A fiiiP lot of Cheviot ami C-.n- \mere Suits usuwlly sold for $7..".0. At our gigantic fall opening t -.'U' MEN'S SI ITS AT JSi .S.l. illoc lanry Worsted Jiiul I'luvint. ill (iinglc iinil (lonblf liipaslcil, Hiar $10.00 values. At oiir pRJ'utU- opening salp MEN'S sriTS AT A variety of Worsted and Cassiniere Suits in all the nevvest shades, a mi>st- woiiderful suit for the money; SM IU the world over for Jt2..">0 to $l.'..iiii. At our gigantic fall ojiening sale MEN'S Slits AT )i ;i2.,">(> A bandsome tailored, well trimmed and nicely made in worsted and <-Iiev lot or\ cassimerc. single or double breasted, well worth tn:..'!'!. At our gigantic fall opening sale SUITS AT $14. To. There are Suits fully worth $2ii. our gigantic fall opening sa'e Ji?i4.r5 At JL The L'elchratrd, Well Knnnn •1" Systein tlofhing ThPse clothes are hand tailored, made and cut according to the latest fashion. W'c can show them in all the late I prevailing shade.*. Tlif'^i" aro the r-'oth". you have ln'cn looking for. Suits w.-ll unrlh $-0 and $"<•. .At <uir si.i;antic Fall Open- inn sale Cravanettes This I N a vcrv styliirl and full length waterprtfif coal, fori.ierly JU'.nii. At our sigihtlc fall oicning saic: lui;- ablo for iill sea.-ions MEN'S riUVENETTES AT }i ?r .i..">t> Think iSf it. a genuine Prci.itley Rain ish and trimmeil up t" date, and fancy, regularly soM at Coal, tty in black $U'i..'••». At our fall opeiiiiiK Hale ; I NUEKWEAK. A heavy fleece linfd p.irnieni ' fiiliy woTih T.'.b. durin*:: our fiiKautic fall I 'lvniir; ia;c- 11 •\ supt and rihb regularly gnntic sale lior quality heavy fleeced id carnieni, at yniir mercy, sold at ~i'V. ijiiiriiig our gi- 49<- II ill ATS AT Jf ;i .8.-> h ' A Kiir Hat w<'II made up. with le'ith- er sweat baud, in the latest styles and shade.s. alj regular hat. At our gigantic ijipeniiig sale BOY'S SI ITS. Boy's Splendid Wool Knee Pant Suif. with extra knfcker- bocker pant 16 match, in all sizes, regular $4.0o seller: during our gigantic: opening sale BOYS' KNEE PANTS AT (jJne lot of Knee Pants In all sizfr- and shades, the ftc >|iiality, at OIK gigantic fa'l opening laAe Mearly • II Eyerybody Current Event Club. The first of a schedule of enjoyable A large attendance of members i;^; programs will be heard on Monday desired on Monday so ttat the year! when the Current Event club meets 'nay he commenced with an Informal; with Airs. R. B. Stevenson. A busi- reunion of acquaintances and a review, ness session of the club'was' held done last year. some months ago and the outline ofj • * * ! jirs o OnMon -1 Go|no to Nebracka. ibers aif study for the vear made up „.. . day. the Presulent. Mrs. R. B. Stev.' A'^"™" half address, and » '"^"""aha. Nebraska. „^,.,U^,, ,h,. ^-oar and tho con , ^ stitutio will he reconstruct" d in sev- Wearing Empire Dresses. ' vrA\ cl f'.irls who are always up-t<vdale In ^.jjj current events and the roll call of the "f having their <y a brief P'?'"'>' ^''o*^'"' fashioned in Em- rertewof some book readand enjoyed """^ ^"'^ "^^^ P^"*"-" Ther by each member. .exceptionally effective if made up in of friei The club ba.-< among itx iiiembt a score of refitted and practicall cated women who are very much In teratted in tho life the world as wellfiB things which ijld an ample do enson. will make an Mrs Elizabeth Parkinson will respond on behalf. of the club. Mrs. Henry; £yler will direct the discussion of current eve: day jvill be responded tg by Roller Skates T. LaCranKe. All active mem re quest.>-d to be present at pfct two o'clock. OlIiciTs will uses. Several new member: voted III. * •> * Sundy School Social, was a very pleasant meeting ds and members of the Prfs silk or a soft wool in pastel shadea hyl«jria'n Sunday School last evening '^""'^li" and several fola siria are adopting the in thri church parlors. The young. . fad. 1 ipr suflkts enioved merrv irameK nnrf The ' • • * Beard Meetinn. board of directors of the jer KU( Kts enjoyed merry games and jtheir lllders mingled Infnrinally' and ,j were * 'rved with small cakes and Ice . ., i. croani later In the evening, .\houf mmtle education anjl the pi-ograms |,|,„ns- Home will meet In oxeciiflvo nrf^fnt lor iMe year are compoHed of subjeels HesKlmi on .Monday In the court hnusol ^ .j. which promise to be of much benefit lo.jni. to •a. AsilHtlni; M IH .. Htevenxon In olllc' tjil 'Work will h« Miit. ('. n. Huclier, vJOB'jprwildMtl, MiH, W. U. finnKlo. HMrmry. and Mrs. J. \V. Holion, •!• * • », Called Meeting. 'I'liei'c will be a called nieetliig o! the LiidleN' .MiiHle Club on the H|>- itiiichliiK TucHday ul the home of : is no watch job too complicated fgr us to pitjperly handle, iktst time your watch is out of order bring it to us.' •ken: WATCH ita»AmiNa I W. R. £. Meeting. Ther») WUH life ilHUul nieeltng of I he W* Mina'M ll^-llef ('orps yesterday itfleriio^ii al iliiMl. A. li. hHll. There was n«; huslncKf of luiportnncp and only oije name Iwas prexented to be voted. I pnn for m^mbprship. + • • MI M Cn^llsh Home. s Miss Luciln 'E<nRltsh Is home from the sta n normal school at Bmporia jtor a w^ek end visit with her parents, t'crough the winter. Mrs. George Davis was elected president and Mrs. Oscar I-'ousi »vas chosen secretary- treasurer. •> •> + To Chanute. Mrs. W. K .Chattain. of Drexel. Mo., who has l |<«Mi visiting her mother, Mrs. A. 1. Beaiii for a few days has gone In fhaiiiite to be the guest of friends for the week end. • •:• • * List Incomplete. The list of musical numbers for the federation convention which appeared in last eveniim's'. soci''fy news was j iiiconiplele in that tho name of Mrs. I'. K. Waiish was omitted. Mrs. Waueli is nn>- of tola's most brilliant and accomplish>'>l pianiits and ' she will contribiit<- an iustnimental number to the program of Thursday af- leriK'on. Executive Meetings. Now that th<' tiiuf Intervening before the club convention is growing shorter then- ar.- numerous executive mecliugs ir: |>rogress. Yesterday the presldtiit -j of several clubs. Mrs. R, 11. SI <'veii :;oii. of f^iirrenl Event. Mrs. 1. n W'ishurd. of Sorosis. Mrs. O. T. Talbe -i of I'liilv aail .Mrs. Sadie Thompson, of the .Xrt cliib. met with .Mrs. W. r>. Wolfe, and lalked about details of the cnnvi-ntion sessions and the ho;-.pilality to be oxtendod to cu»sts. IjsT ••Vfiiiiii; . M IS . A V. l,odgf and M IS .'Stoddard ir.ff wUb .Mrs. R. Boycj »<i put into form ih'' nnnibers on programs for the several sessions. Th.- work is being conlin ued this afiiTMooii ami it is •'xpecfed that earl.v ii'-xl wt«-k the completed schedule »ili b«- r <aily to he sent to out of town club women who are waiting to know at what time they will app*-ar. •:• •:• •:• Exchange Sale. Kadies of Trinity church are having an exihance sale of cooked food toda.N at til.' Bri^hani hardwan- store -:- -:- -? To Kansas City. Mis: t'rain;!.- Mrfinwell and Miss \AI cinda .McDnw.-ll uill gn to City tomorrow fo- a vi.-it with friends .;. .;. Surprise Mrs. McGulre. .\ number of frirridi^ and member ot the Ijjdy Ma''cabe«>s gave a pleasant partv on TVnrsday pvening'fo sur prise Mrs II. F McCIuire. one of their number. The EU^S I S were bapptly en fertp.iiied with music and several nov- H auiusen"'nts and refreshments were served Those pn-sent were: Dr. and -Mrs. (*. B Core. .Mrs. Ada Moore. Mr and .Mrs. 1, Proctor, Mr. and .Mrs. R .\. Pen-s. Mrs t'haney. Mrs. Strode. Mrs. II. .Mr. and Mrs K. W. Cantreli. Misses Irma Cantrcll Bessie Tipton. I,ois and Kdna Car*- tr ««ll. (lertrnde chaney. Emery and Henry MctJuir- . Kl<\vd and Hester .\ ser. Thti; i; th; (?rv» of .1 number of similji parties whii h will be- given during the wfnf.r and the evening was "Sp-^ially pleasant for all. •:• * + Birth. .Mr sn.l ytr: W >: Kerr, of Wheel •r Heic 't!; ha \f .innounfi-(! the birth of a ilauglit<<r on Wi-dnesday. 15>'pt .Mrs. K 'MT wa.>; Miss Kannte f'hastain pn-viou', to h^r marriage. • •> * Serve Supper. The .A'tar ooriety of St. John? •hlirch will s»-rve :;upper to the public It th«' Ht'Iinonicri r .-iii- tonii^hi. giagement or approaching wedding was made. The couple will spend fe^ days in Kansas City and return to make their home In LaHarpc. Mrs. Meyer; is one of the well known girls in th«> 'younger set here and is a daugiiter of Mrs. Kate Coop^ er who is among the most charming women of \IoIa. Dr. Meyer is a respected mcniber of his profession and will have the best wishes of his ow f-iends as well as those of his bride for a happy future. + * • W. C. T. U. Meeting. The W: C. T. ti. will meet on Mon day at three o'clock at headquarters toa greet Mrs. Wfntringer, who is coming to lect^urc I ere. All members of the union are requested to be present. • •:• * Whist Party. Mrs. E. C. .McClain will rnterfaln her card club at whist on .Monday afternoon. MRS. GULDNER DEAD A Former Allen County Resident Dies From Effects of Automobile Accident. Mi)t<; McKcnna Here. M'l^a R«'rilia .M.-K'-iina who has bf-eii ill a>lj<<l!ili»^ lnwiis lo the stiuth for .'-••v'Tal Wf.'ks i., |i.r<- to visit het n">'h"-r. .Mrs .Mi-Kcnna 'i* *** "'* Cooper-Meyer. Today In K .Tns :is Cilv war, sott^mu ized the niarriau' of Miss .l«"anette l.'ooper ot this city and fir H. T. Me.r- er of l.allarpe. 'I'lii- announcement I 'onies as n i -oinpl'tr lo al' e.\c»-pt lh<' ininiedluie Mends of thf family as no announcement of an en DYSPEPSIA ••H»»ln« l*kii|i tnnr wnnitvrhit "OMCtroM" Hf Ihr** innMik. i.i..lV-..,t..,Or"lv . nrvl ul >t<.itiMk a»Urrli «ii<til)>i>.iu.i«,n ILIhli • w>Mj at hrMMl* bnt »ui..nii avail «..| I m. I ikti rM ...,7t< t^win •i.f.1 iV« pV-*" "* ' ^/MU .« Jlchont. WH HtfrSI . J*nuClir.N.4. Best for Thtt5ow*l« I IIMOOW*f« ^ Word was received at Moran This moming announcing the death of Mrs. losephine E. Giildner at her home in Rushlon. Kas. Mrs. Giildner is one of the best known ladies of Allen county and was a sister of EM. Hosley who lives north of Moran. The dea|th was due to an operation which canoe as a result of an automobile accident several weeks ago. No particular^ of Hie accident could be learned t6day. Mrs. Guldner lived In this county for a number of years. The remains of .Mrs. Guldner will arrive in Moran this evening on the Missouri Pacific. The funeral will he held in Bayard. Kas Monday morning at 10 o'clock with Rev. Molesworth. pastor of the Moran Methodist' Episcopal church. ofHc iating. Announcement. The ladies of St. John's chuijch will give a chicken supper in Dclmonico cafe, north side of square. Saturday evening. October 3rd. 5 to S p. m- BUY FOR lOLA SMELTERS. George Moore of Webb City Sue ceeds Jesse Starr. The Joplin Herald says: Ex-Mayor George Moore, of Webb City, has been ap|>ointed general buy- r for the entire district for the Am erican Metal company, with smelters at Tola. Kas.. and Bartlcsville. Okla The general offlces will be moved from Joplin to Webb City. Jess.- G •^tarr. representing the company a Joplin. iaving resigned because of his inc-eas»d duties with the I..anyon Starr Zinc company. Mr. Moore for merly *as connected with the Ameri can Metal company, but in a snbordin at^ position under Mr. Starr. Mr Starr's resignation resulted In th" pro motion for Mr..Moore. The location of the nllic in Webb City has not been d«»cided upon. If business Justifies Mr. Moore will establish a branch offlceat Juplin later on. The Christian Church. Bible school at 10:00. Moming service at ll;On Sermon topic. A. Di.sastrous Failure and its Causes.\ Junior .Meeting at 3:00. Y. P. S. C. E. at K:Sn •Keening service at 7:.10. topic of sermon. A Mart After Pod's Own Heart. Splendid singing; lead by a large chorus is a special feature of the ser vices. Note the change in the time of the evening service. R. H. EI.I.ETT. Minister. •EUmore May Incorporate. . For some little time a number ot our citizens have been aellating the q\ietitlon of Incorporating our little city, hut up.lo the prraeni time nnth Ing has been don«* toward lnc«ri>or«i Ing. The law requlrea that any town Ihnl twlshes to Incorporate iniiitt first havp a (lopulatlon of 850 or more In habitant*. A p«-tillon slinied by a nin- Jorlty of the electors and presented to thi* board of county commissions praying that the town be incorporated is all that Is necessary to do. now have over 260 residents and we believe every person over 21 years of a«e is interested enough in the welfare of our town to sign the petition. Why not call a mass meeting for that purpose?—Elsmore Leader. WAN'TED—<;irl for general hou.-.e- work: small family: good wages. L'l'o Bast street. '. WA.NTED-:-.Mana.^er for New Branch if our business here in lola. Write promptly, with references. The .Mor- .is Wholesale House. Cincinnati. Ohio. WAXTEIJ—.Men to learn l)arber trade, few weeks re<iuired. best paying work within the reach of iioor nan. can have shop with small caiiital. wages from $12 to $20 weekly, won- .lerful demand for l)arbers catalogue mailed free. .Moler fSarlier Collfse. Kansas City. .Mo. WA.XTED ro EXCII.V.\GE—A $:;'j'i'i 'ivery barn and stock for an i^u or ir.O jf equal value. J. T. Miles, room lo. old court house, loin. Kas. W.V.N'TKD—lo!a property to cx- 'hange fol- Kansas and .Missouri land. CKilden West I..;ind Co. Office over Iowa Store, iola, Kas. WAXTED—Housekeeper f<>r small ;'ain;ly: middle aped woman preferred. Address H. W.. this office. WAXTf:D—.Man and wife or two Eirls to cook and wash dishes, hotel ind cafe, steady work, good wages. Call al South Side Hotel and Cafe. Humboldt. Kas. Wm. Uailcy. Prop. WAXTED—A i.rst class salesman to ^ell our teas, coffees and specialties direct to the consumer in and around tola. A good paying business to right parties. Write or call on the Grand Union Tea Co., 701 Kansas Avenue, Topcka, Kas. SALESMEN & AGENTS—J $ $ $.^.0.00 liOr week iand over can be made selliiig \.»w Campaign Novelties from now until election. Sells to Stores. County Fair.-s. Picnics^and Private Families. Complete line of. samples, charges prepaid for 50c. Order today. CH 1C.4GO NO'/ELTY CO.. 60 Wabash Ave., Chicago. Btfsiness Dittctoty. 'DR. MILD^' D CURTIS • Physician abil Snrgreon. • Office over Bu'teil's Drug Store • Office Pbone 554. • Residence 214 E. Jackson • Pbone 569. • • • • • • • DKS. REID & REID, • Physicians and Snrgeons. • X-Ray and Electrical Appliances. * Eye. Ear. No^e and Throat. • Office Pbone |357; Ree. 396. * DR. Mc fILLEX, • J Special attentictD given tp the * 1 treartment of all Chronic Oiseas- * es and Diseases ot Children. * Telephones: Office 32. Res. 232. • ' Office over Burrell's Drug Store • West Madison. • Phone 687. DR. O. Eye. Ear, No4 Spectacles Properly Office A. O. Rei. 70L ^ COX, ie and Throat Fitted, U. W. Bldg. Offlca Tel. 10S3 DR. R. O. Physician Rooms 7 and • • • • • • • • • • Night Tel. m CHRismir and Surgeon |s. BvanS; Bldg. F. H. MARTO, Surgery ani^ Diseases of • Women. Office and Residence Pbone 576 Office 7 North Jefferson. SAl£-miso»llmmmoin FOR RENT. SAL"^ Eighty acres irnpr-v- : of Iola. Will trade • Address or call at Ca: tUm FOR RENT—Three turnisbed rooms J.S.iiO: 22S .North Third. Phone 1231. FOR Rh:.NT—Six room h<>us.\ ;;rod location and neighborhood, at Sl 'l North iSyoamore. Imiiiire Toi Xtirih St. FOR KENT—S;\ room house with or without l>arn. Close in. Phone 219. TOR RE.\'T—^^lrni^hed ,rooniy. t^ot North Jefferson. sleeping TO LO.AiN—$5.0tiO private money on farm laud,at 6 per cent.—lo^a Land Co. IvOST—Back comb, \.\methysts t»» n green gold. R»-waild. Return to 117 I-:a<=t .Madison FOrX'n- Stray shoat. Owner can have same by paying for keep and this advertisement. 1003 South State St JETWELRS. B. F. Pancoast. old reliable Jewsler. 110 East Street. Lodge Ditectoty SKIGHTS OF ^HLi9.-NeoSht Lodge No. 43 meets every Uonday night at K. of P. iHall. Visiting brothers invited. W^. S. Thorapson. E. C. Chris Hitter. K. of R. tnd S. r OF Maccaqeea KXI6HTS Knights of ineets in K. P. Hall Saturday nights oj W. Postwait. commander ter. record keeper. W. O. IV.—Campi K. of P. Hall every; MACCABEES^ ot the lirorld second and fourth each month. J. R. B. Por- No. 101 meeU la Friday night. W. T. Steele. C. C..! Al H. Davis. Clerk Visitors cordially invited. M. W. A.-The |M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday! night in M. W. JL Hall. Visiting brot^hers invited. T. C • Cotfield. V C. W. ^. Cowan. Clerfc. SOTAL >EIGUBpR&-Ioia Ounp No. 36i, Royal Neighbors, meets _ ^ ond and fourth TUesdays of each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oraclsk Mrs. Mary Hntton.j Recorder. 413 West Street ooooooooooooooooo o H. C. WEAK. O Wichita, Kansa.*. O O WE.STERX LANDS Sc BA.NCIIES O For Sale or Trad". O $3 on au Acre. L 'fi. O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FRATERNAL qROTHEBHOOOr- Fraternal Brotherjltood No. 380 meeta second and fourth iTTjursday of,each month In A. O. UrW. Hall. Vliitliig members cordially jnvlted. W. H. Anderson, president; diolda Elam. secre- Urr. \ OUR TELEPHONE is constantly ringing these days. Sej)- tember. you know. Is the time fo have the summer dust cleaned out of carpets. We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attentiifn. Phone us today. IOLA RUG FACTORY nmm* Ut. IRHI<;VTiO> (OMiRESS KNDS. .Shtrrntb >HlloQal .VretinK Knin at AlbaqncniHe.' Albuquerque. .N. M.. 0<t. The sixteenth national irrigation congress will complete its work this afternoon. Aside from cb (M >sing the next meeting place the day's program contains ttlc of interest. The iiiccting has teen successful both in attendance and interest shown in the reclamation 1 <rork. COLOjNIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA OLDMliXICO THE! NORTH^^T AVDi BRITISH COLUMBIA ON SAI Sept. IsttoOct.aitt Ask for FuU lafonnattoa.

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