Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 21, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1907
Page 3
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-• is.- • 4 5/ory of the AmerJcim Plains ihafiJRImgs TruBm llie Management takes pleasjare In \innbvs^iAng'^^^d^S^^ at laet in securing a perfdraauce of tlite ©reafest"''AinJ^^ PJay Ever Written. -:- -> ; .L~^^..; Liebler & Oo.'s Sumptuous Production "One :if ;i Thin- (M-iitliiiii -n, rii 'iiM-," SlicrhY. BY EDWIN MILTOM ROYLE Sale Tuesday! PRICES Lower Floor and -Boxes $1^0 Kakony: 50 aad 75c Uiileour (Irclp .Hail Orders Filled as Recehed. As Presented Seven Months in Wallack'a Theatre, Ntw York City, when it was seen by over: 300,000 people.; THE MOST FASGINATInG DRAMA OF THE AGE Mr, Henry AMD A HIETROPOUTAM OA OAST or- THIRTY WANTS! W.STUBBS GOMES OUT GAS CITY NEWS ITEMS I .anmicc StntcMiiiiii .Sajs lie is a <'au- (liilatc J'(»r Senator. I HELP WANTED I l<>lifK;i, Kaiisii.s. Sciiti-ililn'r I'l.— '•• ' j 'A". U. .S'lililis was ill 'rdiu-ka an '. iliDiir la.-^t iii;;lir on liis wav Ki Tiioiiias I-'Oi: HK.\T—FiiriUslied down stairs , <"iiiMy. wls.'ir he will sii<?al< lliis af- nmins for Uousckeoiiing. 310 South ; ••'"'"•""i- Snibit.s i.s iiiakiiiK spfcchf.s \V.\NTICI'—ilirl <>:: woriiaii to wr.sii ili^lie:^ al Kia;i>i-> CaU-. i;:' Kasi Si ' WANTICD—Hock loaders at K.itisas Portland Cement Plant. Imiuire at Quarry at Concrete. Walnut. I LOST and FOUND WANTED' -Mlsoellaneous \V.\NTi:n—A lilace for .n \n,y or pl.-l to work for lioard wliiie atfendins tlie lolu BusiiK'sa t'olJe^n. Tiifjilione Main 49,-,. W.\.NTKIl—.'.t onro. vnu;ur latly waii^s riiiiin in [•riv .itr iMt )(li ;rii IioM.-f. .\ddress 1". S.. thi.s ullice. ; LOST- A larui' lilack iiorkctlionk I < I'liiaiiiiir- vaiuaMf- IKIIHTS . Findi'r : !• al 1! >- Sniilli .-;n-i>i>i. liila. itv t). K. l.dST \ ii'.,iiu -^i.'Al fni.-i.~. l)i'Uvfi-a i;iili:i I d.--ii|]> ^t<«l,• anil ih'- ciii-nci' of Wa^hiiiuluii and l'.; •)adw .r>. FOR EXOHANOE FOR SALE—REAL ESTA TE l-'Olt S.\l - I 'nur ii'inii iiniiM-. Kdod will watiT. hnjiiiri' I'm; .Viuli Ki-ntni-ky. or iiiioin i ITn! '1 (1 i:.\('ii \.\(;i-;—I. c. s. COIK-SO in 1^111 li:i>i':i-:ii I 'liuiiii'iTini; I'l.r ^lasiiliiii- •.••A.l\\ii\ s;!..Mi lidiii r !))• .srii'W cMCili!,' I,-.!". I-: f. hi^ai;-. i;.'<-k-' i'l'ai s iii v;;:.-. .\io. LODGE DIREOTORY. rOK SAI.I-: CUF.AI'— r -'iii- n'om . lnln^^(• ,aiiil liara. ininl v.-.;!. \\>-\\ i;nliiovod: nn i -as;. I'.i: nii a' ''''i''> Snu'Ii J-'onrili .'^tifft ' Xit-e Sil a (T''< hay laad f.'i fi'd. 1' ! miles frmn rail mad from liila. •ttliitakcr <\: llnniii-l'. FOR S.M.K—Tw I) pijlii\ a<;'" iiu- ']>roved farms la .Ni'i'ii inniiiy JJ!"" eacli. ].ine!i.K-ii Mi'piii.-'^ I.a ilinri-^ KAK.'HTS OF .M.ICC.VCKE.S.— Kiiishts of .Miu 'calices of the World inrt 'i' In K. 1'. Mali, Fecond and fourth Wodnesday niulits in rach month. .1. W. Postwait, commander; R. U. Por- tiT. lecor.l keeper. \V. 0. >V..— r.iiiiii No. 101 meets in K. iif I'. Hall every Friday night. T. S:e->ie. r. C: A !!. Davis, Cieri Visili^rs coiilially invited. KMOHT.S OF PYTHIAS.— Xeosho I.ri.;',' \o. 4:: meei's every Monday 'liver the eniiie stale and while he says they are iiiii really •'.s|ieeches." the conniiy papers say lie is 'making ;.;i)nir' with wlialever they ale. i 'I lide every night and speak every 'day.' said Stnlilis last niglil. "I enjoy 'ii. tun. The liest iiieeling I over had ill ni> life was up a! Ulnr- Kapids the iilher (lav. 1 talked for an hour and iiiii! I'.u; people it was time for the , iial' yaiiie III iiegiii. ; They wouldn't I lei iiie ipiit and 1 talked for another hum" { lliiidilitallv il mi^hl he mentioned ilia' 'his spi cell was delivered in Con' m es.-.niaii t'alderhead's district, that ("aldei head owns a rarni within thici- lailiv III tiiwn. and last, thai Caldcr- ' Ill-all was ;ire...eiit. Aii.M)iie who has i .vii mill sneak knows that iliiir ideas and seniiineiils an- diamet- lie.illy ii ]ipiisi d. Yet Siiiliiis was cheered and madi- many friends. Sliililis would lioi di.s«liss the spe- ej.;l sessiiiii mallev. "I have MO means of kiiuwin.:: what C'lvernor llocli intends lo do," lie said. • 'iiiil nil ilie (iiliei hand 1 have no iiieaiis iif knowing wh.-it the railroads i-iie'al ii; do alion! ihis L'-ceiit fare I .VSPKCnoX OK (ITY MATKK .MAI .\.S IIA .S HEK.> (<».>!PLKTKI*. WILL NOT BUY A NEW ENBiNE KKPAIKS O.N .MAINS AM> KNUINKS MILL BK JIAOE. iMMii-iinee ('oiii|mii«S Kepreseiilaliie \> Coin'erriui; Witli rireiiieii Toilaj. Iota I,i>es Vyt lo ( onlniel. The representative of llie Minns & .Melloniiell comiiaiiy who ins|ieeled I the water mains in this ciiy with the 'view of seeing whelhi-r il would he necessary to put in a new engine in the local power lioiise in order to gel lirsi pressure has made his report lo the city clerk. There has been some doiiht whether this city was receiving the pressure from lola as slipii.l.ated in thi' contract, lint this doiihi was removed l>y the inspection. Ii also was shown that it will not he neces-: savy til put in another engine. It will only he nece.s.saiy to repair ilic one in use ai ihe present time. It al.-o will the meter as shown hy tlie gauges was practically three pounds, the gauges registering from .'lO to ti.% ptniiKls on the tola side and fnmi 47 to 1)2 pounds on the (Jas City ,.ide. This loss in head is not excessive, and in fact, is as little as is ever lost in the water jiassing through tills type of meter. The Huc- Ination of fifteen feet in pri^ssure is nt.donhledly due to the fact that several large consiiniers iiave taps between the meter and the main dis- iriliutio'i system of (ola. the (luctu- aiioii being accused liy Iniernilltent use of water in these plants. TIN guage on the tap at the west line of', f;as City indicated approxlmetely the , same pre.s.sure as shown by the gnage , ai the pumping plant after proper cor , reel ion had been made for the diff- ' ereiice in levels of the gauges. Tlie-'e tests show thoroughly that the city is receiving from lola as gianl. an dprohably a better pressure than is Ktipnlateti in your contract jwiib that ciiy, and an examinatiim of the riM 'ords of your pnmidng cn- giiiier shows that the ))ressiires at I the ilni'-s these tests were made were,* ' apiiroslniately normal with oth'jr • davs." * The report goes farther and points,* out the defects in the piiinii and tells' bow- ihey can be reinedieil. The in- good, and prnhahly a better pressure tion emi of the piimp wliicli will in- feie with its |>ei feet operation if run- niijg at hiKl> speed. W. H. ANDEB809, AUome]r>at*Law. Notary and Stenographer In Office. Pbone 466. •1 •, -1 • i* H. A.^wlng. 8.A.Gard, G.R.iaard • EnUTG, GARD & CIABO, Lawyera. •; 5. Practice In all .Ooifffti^^. 9% W. MadlBon. Pfiqipt 'JBf • • • lsllle^-.•^. Sliihli.-^ srimied the idea exiiiessed I . , .: I.K-,,1 paper I., the eHeci ,iiat I •ii.iiMi .1. .S. Dollev virited Coveilior i ' Ili'iii a i'W (lays ago to paich up dif- linnees ln-twcen the two men. "! was iidl aware." he- said, "'liat i''i- (ioveriiiir and 1 had any dilTcr- nil:!,', at K. of P .Mall. Vi.sitinehro-' ,„.„ ,„.,.,)..,, ,,:,„.hi„ ;ais cuy port in Th. re­ in several .places, pari follow.s: "111 order to lest the adeipiacy of the pressure received from the lola mains, and to deterniine whether or' not the city of lola was furnishing I waier at the jiressure stipulated in MIUINERY OPENING Friday and Saturda}, Sept. The ('.as City band will entertain palroii.'^ and Souvenirs will he given 1 (1 al! callers. 41179. M. R. HHL • Horse.s Well, The city horses which have been cripiiled mi for tlie past week and DB. MeMILLEir, . ' • Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseai- 08 and Diseaaea of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. • Office in Mrs. Turner's Bldg., West Madison. • j • • I « •!• • • • Phone 687. Rca. 701, ' :i )B. 0. L; COX Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • • 3fflce Phone 1083. DB. B. 0. CHBISTIAN. Physician »nd SnrgeoB. Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. ' • • r-^* •': Phone 654. Tola, Kaoa. * DB. £D1TH 8. HAiejBL • Office and Re8l<[^3f«%4gNV>ir- * rell'a Drug Store. • Office'Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 2 . to 4 p. m.. 7 to 8 evenlnga. Sundays by Appointment. • Practice Limited to SurgBTy. 16 N. Buckeye. ' Phone 57«. • • • • • • • • • • • , FQH SA1.E-—Kiuir, rocli: lions.-, blocks from square. i ,.>>i'ii ca.sli. Phone CI 5. FOR UK.XT with furnace. .Ml '111-i I'llr.lll FOR SALK— 4 roomed hi.a^^^c. water j and sewer conneitimis. $r,fi cash. $11' a month. Grace .•^rnoid, phone DB. BEnanh^ Phyaletai *taiu*f *i Office N. E. Corner of Square. Over K. G. Plumbing Co.'a Store. ' Res. Tel 38. Office Tel. S08. «.• • «' • • • jpi» •. I^fi • • • • • • • FOR SALE 'NIisoBUatiBOtss BtlVAL .M:M;I1B0RS .—lola Camp, • iluv. V.I. I don"i pariic-nlarly care lo No. Royal Neighbors, meets sec- ailveriise iha' fact, f am a camliilate ond aiid fourth Tuesday.^? of each ami am winking. That is ail there month. .Mrs. F. A. U'ugner. oracle; ! is m ii." .Mr.s. .Mary HuUon, 413 Street, Recorder. - I FOR SAl-F—l-.iish,-N c'-ni, bushels poiam-s. ''. F. .i;; 'iii- fair groiimis. FOR SAI.I-:--Fi.-ii Third. I FO.U SAl.K - lliioii Imavy nam. wa.;- on and hariie.-s. !'il .\'iii-:'i K. ii'k.i, FOR KAl.K—<.;oi"i a.ili il civ,. \<K. .North Third. FOR SA1.I-: ciiK.M' f're.sceii! make. .)i :-i ride to school I'lnai. 1,11 I Y. A. A.— (lolden f.^.Tf Council No, 4>i2, F. .-\. A. mecTs first and third Wt-Jtiesday ninlits in each month in K. v. Mall. r. K. La<.ey, presi'le-it; Mahle Rhorliack, secretary. FKATKK'NAL BKOTIIKHHOOO.—i Fraternal lirotherhood .No. oSO mcetii | A second and fourth Tuesdays of each ' n monih in A. O. F. W. Hall. Visiiins j meinliers cordialy invited. H. Anderson, president; Golda Hlam, secretary. W Interest to Many. l-'olev's Kidney Cure w-ill cure any (-ase of kidiify or bladder trouble that is not lieyfiiid the reach, of medicine. No nii'ilii-ini; can do more, ni 'irrell's drug store. STRIKE AT BRUCE Spaniard* Wouldn't Work With Anierirun i,uliorer. an FOR SAI.K—.Mi'ch mw. Ii, North KIni. FOR SAl.K-A two Worn biilL Snuler llarpe, Kan.';. FOR SM.F. i'.>">il mm Cull a' '.'in We.-t ^l;.•.•I \ iM r 11 il '\- llnV. . Shiiil : I.a I I .liMiior Order liiited Atneriean M» chanics.-M< "i^ every Wednesday even:!'-.; al S o'clock 111 K. 1*. Hall. All \i-iiii:g meiiilii :'s invlied. R. A.I \V:i:(k. Co'iMii-I-.r; C. U. Riack, Ret SI -; el.iry. j BUSINESS OIREOTORY V. idi t' (Pittsburg Headlight) The Cockeilll sinelters ;it Hriici' \> ei''.- .-:liiii down yi'sterday and will i:oi he (Ireil lip again for awhile at li list The sl'itl tiowii was <-aiisul by :< sUil:e of tile workmen over the I ace (piestioii. .\ii .\mericaii was put lo •iirk W<'diienlay I\A charger iiiid t|i<;j cured l] pressure was made drant in I -^asl lola at ;t :nr. a. m. Sep- lemlier Hlili. .\t ihis time the gauge Kgistered sixty pounds, and the ten i minute inspection showed little varia-! lion of pressure, lluctuating between was ill the city this morning coiifer- I ring uith the local firemen with ref- 1 • eiciice to attending the Firemen's Reunion tliat is to he held in .Neosho. .•.\Io.. on October I'nd. It is not likely that the local members will attend a.s and (>."• pounds. We next iilaied , I . , . , gauges .... the iwi. .ap.< at the meters;" |^ » trip for such a short re- and took siniiilfaneotis readings in j order lo del ermine exactly what head i was lost in the water passing through i the nieiers. These gauges were iilac-1 . , , ed at !.:).-. a. .... and reading were!'''"'''"'' >"<'t""'- "f the city taken for the next careful estimate i Specialist. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Glasses Furnisbod. Coitncil in S|ieeiiil Se<isiiin Tonlirlit.j .\i.iyor I'. II. O'Connor has called a council • Office Tel. 234. Res. Tel. 234^4- * 0. W. SIIADWICK, M. D. • General Practice. • • Obstetrics and diseases of child- * • ren a specialty. • • Office over Steyer's Grocery. evening for the purpose of tak-|' "mce over ateyer s urocery - •xt few minu es .\ . / repairing the big'* Hours: 9 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 and * ,1 the loss in l'='-'"^'I „„„„/„, HIV power house audi; t — _— .jj.jjj^ some <-hanKe8 in the rity wat- ! , W/\m«An T'l'.i^* i .«* *Mlr -l JFWKLKRS. •'FOR, SAI.K -.Miivin:,' pn';;;.- oiiMit comitlete. in linod i"nili'i"i! priie jSiianiai'ils notified the superinteiidewit i they would inrt work with an: The Modesty of Women Naturally makes them .«lirlnk from the Indelicate question*, the obnoxious examinations, and nnplea.x .int I <H -al treatment:*, wliich soiiiH physicians consider ess<'nlial in the treatment of di .<eas''S of women. Vet, If help cun lie had, it is tietter to siibiiiit. lo tills ordeal than let the di .si 'use (crow and spread. Tlio troiililn l.* that .soofK -n the woman iindergoe.s all tlic annownce and fhame (or nothing. TboDS^nd .iNif women who have been Dr. tion wriiK in er mains. This matter could he taken up at the next regular meeting, but since the mayor is lo he out of the city for several weeks a special sessifm is called. .>lu}or O'Connor to Okluhouiii. Mayor I'. H. O'Connor will leave .Monday if he Is well enough, for Oklahoma, where he will buy more apples. He has been down there twice already this seas<in and each lime he has ^rce's Favorite Pre«crip- j found a ready market for the apples reciatlon of the.cure j ne will ship them to this eiiy again. right, w i;. lola, Kaiisa . Iton. ! i: \','.' I .Ma'll.-'iii. wiilch di»i>*i*»SN^ the examinations and local tn-mmon^^Tliprp U no other medicine ^o -iirp .. IKI •<afi' for ilellc.-tln ; ivomen as "Favorite Pre9cr |(itioti." It Ifon to Avoid Appendicltl!!. Most victims 'it appendteitlK are FOR RErtI- llfieoaiian0aus! - FOR RK.NT- (;i>ni| l.,;in. !-.''i ~Mil^ : extra fl.oor 'oft. •,:r:i,u 'I'l:. .\"i;li' Washlnglon - •{ FOR RK.NT—Furnished i.xim in modern house. '< .Noirli Syi-amoio. Phone ii»:ii. ,-,...1 conilnne .l on the woiLs »:omen_as "l-avoritn rrwcripuoti.. ii (hose who are habitually constipated. Am <o tinned on cm.i;de-|.lllla{ing drains Irre^'n arliy and Qrlno Lasutive Fruit Syrup cures la.j w.iiild <iuit. lenrale weaknew. It alH ^ys help*. U ,^ constipation hy stimniating Th- supirln'.enden: cndeav.u.-d to a ti .ost always cures It Isjtrlctly non-! j^,,,, j,^,^.^,^^ ,^ FOR KK-NT—Two downstairs sleeping rooms -for men. .'lit'. SmiMi Walnut. FOR RENT—S room modern house. .Cistern and city water. See Napier and Osborne. IJ. F. I'aiicoa.n. old reliable Jeweler, i iio l-:.-isi ti'.i:.^ '.Mn.rican and told him that if the .=1TA .M.MKR. Coinpieiv- court at the best school ' for sttniimerers in America at one-1 half pri.e ihis fall and winter. White i "" "' "' alcoholic iion - w-cret all its InitriMlienU >«^m...c:, .n.- for inform..iio:i at once. McKle School ;.x!,!ain to Hiem i'"- fooiMmess "1 , i^.j,,-printed on lis b <JttIe -wrapper: con- action of the bowels. Orino for yiammertrs. L'Ti'ii Ka=t 12th Street, ' K , o ..„..„„ V :ty, Mo. ,. j, .\,„erican Uie Spanainis were_ un .Kr.. auu .....j „.>,..^,..«. ...... n «.r ,mp KiibsH»ulP« , , .,' enteritiB Into Us compoRltion ha.s the full ; '",.;'*''r' "eiuhe buohuiuies,. allowed to <inlt an .i they were Pai'l, p„j„r^,^pnt of those most eminent In the ! r*-" « '»'-"S store. (.rr yesterday and the works shut several schools of medical practice. Some of these numerous and stronge .«t of pro• , , . .1 . i,„„ :.' fes .«ional etidorsements of lt.« ingredient*. The ore and coal at the sm.Jter is, ,^ ^ pamphlet wrapped being by the Res. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. DB. J. R, PEPPER. Dentist. (a permanently located over E. C. McClaln's Clothing Storo. and Is prepared to do all kinds of up-io-date dental Tvork. Evening work by appointment. • • • WlORMS "I had for r#*ani *ur»»r«"^ from «•*!»• i.« <1J' i.I ni^n - r«H»-t |ty>|.' i-'ia A.r.i » ;ii:i-r'i . ' tti" Su.u.i. . in • Acfu^i I p.IT. hKB--i a I- \ < f < "-.'"•ar. i,* un-l s.-r • I'liird to I t •! iii«t i •*i.»>l '••111"-: t >- a wi|:j:a».r. i fO'iirrotnc ILK ** r-*-. .1 Diic'"ur <looi'»r'i «ur- w..riii tliAt li.t,] U*- Il ^fli-ifiE II.* v; I- - v. ^ij. I Uii.:*- «-njo>>-ii 1 1.. S. .-I '.1 li. a.'. :i * vrr h.n--. • '. ti.:5 tcJtlin-i-fti V i ••: I . '.t r mlTi r. I - . f\ III jiiiiim 111 a |faujj/iii (Ti, shii'P'^i to til** pmplinr operr\e(i around the bottle, alsoinabookletmailed i«* Cockerill Smelting company: frre on request, by Dr. R. V. Pierce, of j in This city, which is taken as an inri»-| Buffalo, N. Y, Tiiese profe^lonal en** ^* ' dorsemeni--* should have far moro weight Its Economy To have your Carpets |. acd Bugs cleaned hy Cation thai it will he some tint.* before the Uruce suielters will he fired up again. The plast w:»s being operatud hy A. I? Coekerill. who also operates the north works in Ihis city, and while i; was a small jilant it turnwl out considerable spelter. CiM.lirlt. r ^^ianl'l'. ri .t^Dl Tl»l»<l~»tDoGfiod, I h>r»rSlcitec. W^Mkrn orGru'r. If - r:^ iJ '.lJj.M j •oM in l*iilk. Til* t^uuifi.* lat'lri »Mim:*e.l COC Ua«f»at««a to tan or >'uur inuuv^ Vtck. Sterlinc Remedy Co., Cbic««o or N.Y. $94 imUALSALE, TEK MHllON BOXES K.C.PiaQibiof&Snj)plTC« 20 E. Jackson. PboaS>6s. GENERAL REPAIR SHOP tlian any amount of the ordinary lay, or non-professiona I testimonials. The mo."t intelligent women now-a-days insiMi on knowing what they take a.H medicine instead of opening their mouths like I a lot of yonns birds and gulping down ! wliatever is offered them. "Favorite Pro-1 acripiion" is of KXOWH COMPOSITIO.V. It make" weak women strong and sick women well. Ur. Pierce's Sf.'dical Adviser i.« sent/rr* on receipt of stamps to pav expense of mailing oiilii. Send to Dr. K. V. Pierce. Rullalo, N. Y., 21 one-cent .«tamps for pa- ))er-covered. or 31 stamps for cloth-bound. ' If sick coiisiiil thn lloctor, free of eharso by letter. All such communications are h«ld sacredly confidential. Dr. Plen-e's Plea.«ant Pellets Invigorate uiul regulate stomach, liver and buiralfc Where qoallty li main cooald- eratioo, we bu^ the beat Where demands will justify, we carry aO grades and prices. W0 SoUoU rmmm n coiiTH tiot: touAiiiir • DB. A. G. KOCH. • Snrgeon. • Office orer Post Office. OMce Plione'218. Residence Phone 8S. lola InfriMwy, mt, K. We use X-Ray?iVlol« SrAtic, GalTablc r-andv^l^radls Electricity wiin vibratory stlm- u^tion ln,nar.vBi^4u>d:.GtieCtn)le diseases. 4- . —thooe^SSe. • • Office Phone 611. « DB. LEVI i. NEWSOME. • Special attention given to the • treatment of Disease of Wornen • and Chi Wren. • <»fKce—50rt SoDtb Waloit 8t • • • P. L. Lathrop. .Mnt. Bessie Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC P1ITSICIAN8. Special attentloii given to DIs- ' eases of Women and Children, • onice over Our Way Restaiirant * Ofllce •Phone', Main 468. • • Res. 'Pbonc,. «6. • • • • • • • • J. L. liABNES, • • ? • • II.". West Madison, lola. Kansas. • • The Junior Departbriit S^^e A Rsn£tE sTemtyoA BIG tABlE HAS ARRIVED. Cured May Fertr aad Snmmn l?«W. « u ..~T~.%v.i. . ' .\. .1. Nasbaum. BatesTllI*, ^4«*Bi^ The »ork on Uit- Test Well to lou- writes- - T- . . tlnae. <• X^st year .v,! rniff*r«d fQr :i, three m'oivths with a sakiliitft col(t.l|0^ 'distressing that it Interter^A wltbify This morning the big 4 .700 pound busYness. "^^jrhid" mair wire cable which is lo be used In drill-' t^Jng ,ha« fever ing the big test wall, arrived and work gcrlp^on did not can now be begun again. The drUlera j took several medicinea are down 2..';00 feet; which IteVea but:to only 'aggravate my 51)0 feet more to complete the well.'ately I inilsted upon- The old wire cable had worn out by.|^Qey atid^'Tar in tl continual use and'^ It was necessary 'aM If-qdloHkly cared to purchase the n,ew cable.- Kpchfrr WMt Ain Rrlnir lllmlta.- PMONE 510. 10

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