Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1908
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OLUXE X. ~ «BER 2»4. COST lUU i$IOO,000 TO «ET INTERSTATE RAILH AY L1 >E THROl.(JH HERE. RAWLINGS TELL HIS PLANS WRITES A LETTER T(» THE lOLA COMMERCIAL (LIB. Lrtt »T Will rhilmltlj Bo Turnctl (Iver ^f* t« Boostors—To««l Cost Is a* L. Northriip has received from R, C. RawHngs. president of the Interstate Railway company which proposes to build a line from Kansas City to CoEfeyvlUe through lola. a letter for the lola Commercial club, in which he tells tow much it will cost the towns along the route to get the road. As the Commercial club is out of business here, Mr. Northrup will probably turn the letter over to the Booster club. The following is the letter: Kansas City. , Mo., Sept. 29, "OS. lola Commercial club, lola, Kansas. As you are well aware, many plans have been made to build an electric road from your city to Kansas City and to other to'wns in your vicinity. Up to date all have failed, but I am at last permitted to inak n to your people, through your GommbrciaJ club, a <^mplete and iKisitivej w*ich. if accepted by proix)sition, the different cities along the route, a^;shown on the back of this sheet, will rt >8Ult in the Immodlate eonstructlon <>f the road. A large bond house In Neiv York olTers to t«ke bonds lor 75 per c«nt of the coat of ithe road, provldliyr WP can is Glr9ulatl9a la Allen Couuty of Any Mnwapnpm' PuMlmhed In the County, EIGHT PAGE lOLA, KANSAS. OCTOBER Z, laWi-SATCRDAY EVESI>«. ELECTED FRED SJnTH. n Executive Committee of Athletic Amsorlation. Al the meeting of the Athletic Asso- riaiion vi the high school yesterdaj: aft( moon P'rcd Smith was elected to roi resent lola on the executive board of he Allen county association. Besides apuinting committees on membership and l>y -law3. nothing else of iniporiunre was considered. Tht executive conmiillee of the Allen; County Athletic association is meeting in Mrown & Taylor 's ofBcei In the old iKistofflce building today. HIRSCH EQUAL TO IT REPIBLICANS INFORMALLY ASK FOR SPEECH AXD «0T (JOOD ONE. Told Sonte Excellent Reasons Why iteiiuhlicans Should Remain in Power. l>i. I". II. Hirsh,.Jhe well known lola citizen, was passing the Republicaii headquarters on West Madison street aslj night about S:;50. The grapho- jihnne was going and he stopped to lis ten to the songs and "canned" si)eech- es. \V. T. Watson looked out and. seeing the doctor, invited him in. Dr. Hirsh was in a hurry to get to his office and hesitated several seconds, de- ))ating as to whether or not he should, accept the invitation. He .finally yield cd and took a seat with the others. WTien the song closed some one called for a speech from the doctor. It was not a formal meeting, a nuni- 'H -r »'f voters merely dropping in as ;hfy p;tssfd by, but thi» cry of "Dr. Uirsh. a si'coch. a speech," was taken up. sat in his .-sent a few minutes. In- crUw urowlng Iduder. H«« said «(raise thoi other 25 percent. The rtwl.juM \v«i<f. he thought he would puuisih iheiu for the j»<ke they were trying to win c *»st to build and »Miuip r«^ttily to operate tn iKinds «u dprt-fcrntl stock. »r .,iHH> Jtimllf. or a of $T.««r..(HMt otH^rato N^nds snd pH'tertvd stwii. . st«H-k . Some w «^»teri) c «ptt.iltsts h»v<« »gr <HMi to take one -half of tht* prefer- rtHl stiKk if. t^«' other half can bo sold along: the line of the proposed road, thus showing their faith that the road win *pay- By proi >orfioning the amount which must bo sold alftng the route, according to the population of the . various towns. we find the amounts are as follows: Topeka $.-)75.O00 Ottawi 70,000 Humb<|ldt .. 20,000 .Cherr.Jvale ' .'•)0,000 ||,awrenGe 125,000 GameU 25.000 Ohanule, ..T S5.000 "Indepeindence . ... ....... .25.000 Baldwin 2.';.000 lola .'. 100,000 Parsoiis 12.5,000 Cotreyville 150,000 Making a total of $1,27,5,000 or only 12% pjer cent of the total cost of the road. ' • • ^ Eastcni investors claim it is only right that if they risk the greater pro- IKirtion of the investment in building the road, the local people along the line should make at least a small ln -1 vestment in the project as a matter of good faith. The preferred stock win draw (! per cent per annum and win carry with it as a stock bonus one-half as uiueli common *tock which It Is estimated will pay not less than 3 or 4 iwr cent, dividends from the start,- thus making the preferred stock a profltahie and safe investment for all concerned. The Inclosed statement of estimated oarniti ?s' was based on an issue oi llo .tXMi.OOO in bonds, wiih fixed charges at JSOO.OtH): while under the r\res- ent |)Ian the charges will amount to »53B.50fl or Just J36.55(t more per annum. This amount deducted from the net sundus. as estimated in the state ment enclosed of $423,516 would leave $386,966 available for dividends from yie first year. ' • It is now up to the people of the various towns to decide whether ot not they want a road built, and if they do. let them give pledges for subscriptions for the amount named for your city, the money- to be deposited in yonriocal bank and tojbe used only in bBildiBg in your localities and even theHAUy as the eastprh investor puts up the remainder of tie amount necessary lor the work inltfcat- locality. This letter isj seBf ilid each town named, and an earl]r-iq^;|r:.l8 Yeqpei^- ixrijctratr on hini and ,<.o iiinrche^l up In r;ii >ui of »r\>wd «nd bes.-tn to p<<«k .\nd he was etjual to the oi-ea- I'Hv Dr. Uirsh made otu> of the best of(-h.ind poUlle.^1 speeches one would care to hear Of rourse anyone ought to l>e able to tel ni?ny reasons' why the present administration shoiiid be kept in power but ho advanced some very excelle|it reasons, backed up by statistics and an array nf facts that were truly interesting. He said that as the time was drawing n^ar when the voters of the countrj". were to decide what |iolicy_ should rule this country for anot)ier four years it behooved every man fo relied upon the needs of the countr.v. In a few terse puinied sentences, filled with statistics, he told of the progress of the country 'during the past forty years, the most of which time was during Republican rule. He then put the question: Shall all of this growth, this |iroBi)erity. this civilisation bo turn down and repudiated by a change in party power?" H P then directed his attention to the laboring man, totd of the advance in his wage;*, ot the comforts he now enjoys, the high esteem in which he Is held by the American people and cautioned him to ihiiik long and. deeply before he cast Ijis v<ito for Uryan. He pointed out t<i them what the radical position of the .Vobraskan as to the coniiol of alleged corporations and railways would mean in the way of throwing thousunds of working men out of employment, Diiriug his remarks Dr. Hirsh co :i- fessed that he was guilty of the un- (tardonuble' sin,—he voted for Kryan once. "Hut it was" when Bryan was advocating free silver and I was in the silver mining business In Colorado." added Dr. Hirshj with a laugh. . He closed his impromptu remarks by saving that sure'.y if the laboring man' reflected upon ail of these things when, he entered the election booth this fall he would say ".My vote shall go for Taft." \Mien the doctor took his seat it was in,the midst of a loud cheerin^i and sincere applause. Will Attend Opening. J. E. Owen left this morning lor Dallas, South' Dakota, where he will attend the Rose Bud Opening. Y. W. C. A. Service. • Vesper service at the rooms. 201% South Washington street at three o'clock. Miss Sejrie. igeneral aecratar^, ARE IFF TO GENEVA BEPIBLICAN SCHOOL HOISE CAM PAIUN BEta.NS TONK.'HT. INVITE SENATOR LONG HE OFFI ^I PAR (Jwinse II Hon. Ji^ IIS HIS SERYICES TO HIS Y IN THIS COrNTY. Tucker, of Eureka, and iiirs Betty of Kan»a.s City May Come Too. TTie first meeting of the school house (Campaign f»hich will be carried on ^n .\IIen cou fall will Three or :;andidates< the .Black tend this the evenin; date for Travis, caijididate for state senator, and A. F. go are L. ty by the Republicans this le "held tonight at Geneva, four automobile loads of and speakers together with md Tan i|uartette, will at- leeting. The .sjieakers. of are H. A. Kwing. candi- punty attorney: Frank L. 'Inrence. Others who will ,. Northrup. C. O. Bollinger. R. E. Cnlb^rtson. R. U Thompson. W. T. Watson man and will leave crs tonightl The meeting has been arranged on short noti<|e but it is expected that there will |e a good attendance. The committee is now getting a list-of all the school I houses in the county to which they||wlll send local speakers. Frank T man of th< Northrup. •-•tiuuty ecu has sent Tucker, of Congressnii tion »t th>' Itvss In :i>k.Ml lion •'ily lo SI tim»« a CO ! feied his he will be 'y certain will havf I AUIK. Chairman G. R. Gard. C. C. Ausher- k' H. Anderson, The party the Republican headquart- at 6: SO. ijiivis has Ic-en made cliair- si>eakero bureau by L. ^airman of the Rejnibllcan [ral iimimittee. -.Mr. Travis II Invitation to G «H >rge II. Kureka. who ran against n .Miller for the nonilna- •ritnurtes. tu deliver un ad- |iis «ii)inty lie has Janiei> F. tJetty of Kansas ak in thiA «-ounty. Some iiatoti ("hesi«-r I. I J»UK of- rvlci'* to .\ll«Mi eininty and ivttrd also It is pracilcal- that ;.\llen rt>nnty voters n opportunity to Mt. this niorni supiily hot •.rnce tfi to^ rho ra! y 1 tober i:!th. ~ii:rgestions{ the torch I will be ava I. I., .\orthrup. of the Republican j]j>unty central committer. ng received word from se in Kinsas with refer- Iches and illuminations for •re on the evening of Oc- The hoii 'se offered .several as to .suitable displays for {ji:hl parade some of wiiich led of by the coniniitiee. is polling The reiKjrts of the committee which rhe votes . in the different wards of this city put a damper on the ?laim «if th<| Democrats that there i.s » fight within the Republican party lieic on some ot it.s candidate.''. The reports show ;hat the party Is lintnl up tilmosl solijily for the entire ticket, .local, state ind national. Ex-I.letilelianl Governor A. .M Harvey is unable to till an engagement at 1..!, Harpe. (Jctober Hth and Chairman L. I.. .Vorthliip has secured Senator Chas. ("urtii who is to be at lliiiu- boldt the sajjue day. to take his place Mr. Curtis y^lll s|ieak lit the aftern<Min it.l.!i Hari ACQUITS WILKINS THE WEATHER. TDRMTENINCt FormiKt for Kantas: Inrrea<>ing rlondinriis with shanerk in xsv:.'. portion tonight or Sunday: narmor tonight. LAVEY A SUICIDE? FORMER lOLA MAN BELIEVED TO HAVE.KILLED HIMSELF. A Dispatch From Oregon ?rinted in Muskogee P.ioer Contained the Information. Jarj Finds t .-niUy iHim and Mrs. Porter >ol \>t iBiawful Cokabi.' tatlon. The jury tli the case of the state vs. O. S. Wilkl|is and .Mrs. P. Porter, charged wiljh unlawful cohabitation, brou'iht in a verdi::t late last evening '.>i not giiiltv. The case wf>ni to the lury about 6:30 o'cloc.;. The jury wa« out buj about hal|l hour. Ibe comnlaint was made against WiiUns by bis wife who came here ^veral day J a^o. it w-as alleged by the state thU WHkinsfand Mrs. Por- .-r wera liv: hg on South Walnut street as man and wife and Ifad been lor the !.'abt severa weeks. The defendanU .-oatended tljat Wllkink was boarding at the bomej According to a report at Leavenworth. Pat Lavey, who formerly lived at Gas City, may have committed suicide in Lefirande. Ore. l^vey was once coniiectiid with the Gas City Herald and is well known to many, people at tJas and lola.' It is said that wln-n h<- left bore hi- went to Leavenworth. The Leavenworth Post says: Vest«'nlay a 1.-»v<«riworth man re- c«>lved « cllpplug from a .Muskogee news|>ai >«T which stated that Patrick C. Ijivey. fornii-rly of Muskogee. ha<l commliied suU-ldo in La lirande. Or«'Kon. The dispatch was very brief but It Is l»«liev(M to l>.» authentic. Further detaUs will l«o !• aru.d later Lavey was tor s«-v<'ral years a eiiard a< the Kansas State Pri.-ion and was one of the men to p» down In the mine during the prl.«on mutiny. .\fter leaving the j>rIson <e went on the road with a slereoptiran giving lectures about the prison .and sellinc a book which he hail written. He married a Kansas City. Kas.. isirl. and cami" to I>>avi>nworth to live and for a time worUe.i on The Post as a solicitor. Il«" I<-fi here and went to .Muskos<'e where h<' seemed to be 'loing very nicely. He organized a land company known as the .Msunia Land cntupany and came out here and sold probably a hundred lots in tl:p AI- suma addition near Tiilsa to lyoav- enwortb people. The price was $"0 a lot payable in ."'i weekly installments of $T each. I.avey had an a:;ent here and the money was ;ijl rol|e;-te,| imt no deeds came. ..\ short lime aso the l>>aveu- wnrth people who had. paiil for lots, pli ^red thiir claims in the hands of County .Attorney l .ee (loud who took iip.t 'e niatter of the. Alstiiua l.and company and It was 'earned that Ijiv- ey was no Intmer <-nnnected. with the compa".*' !*"d had apparently never turned Iti any of the n'otiey. The land eoiupany wrote lot a list of the claims and sent quit claim <!e.' Is to the property which each had boiiaht ati<l eaeh il I was acronipanied by a request f <ir a!l feceipls and the original contract Mild Intiinatcl liiat Ijivey would be pio.seru;< d if cailp't. .\- Leavenworth . leaii wh<i lives In .Mus<\ocee recently wrote here to a friend and sai.i t.hat Ijivey had skiiv |H "d out of .Miiskoaeo traveling with a wild-«t St show as a rough-rider. |jjve.\ wa.s a big hearted Irl.shman and a genuine hustler but extravagant 111 bis tastes. He was im|>etii- ous in his manner and had quite a temi>er. The last time, '.e was in l.eavenworth was last winter when he had a roll of bills which' friends say was "big enough to choke a cow." He stayed at the .Vatioiial with his wile wbilf here. He has relatives tn the city who have heard'nothing of tjje reiKirt of his death. GUT THE CLUE HERE CNKNOWN lOLA MAN CACSED AR- REST OF HARRY PARKER, PHONED OKLAHOMA OF FICERS BKLIEYEO THAT INFORMEI^S "HAD IT IN" FOR PARKEI The Allrcrd Slayer of Peaijl Mann- IN-ar>nn Must <>n to Oliia|ionia for Trial. II now develops that some unknown man in loin first gave the officers in Oklahoma the club which resulted in the arrest of Forijest' Mingle, alias Harry Parker, who positively identified at Wichitja asj the of pearl City, a 'csterday man wanted for the murder Mann Pearson at Okl.thoma' few weeks ago. The Wichita Ka=lc of .says: Evidence is being collected about Mingle to prove that IMs is n(>t bin first crime in the past mot ths. It has been found that Mingle sold a diamond-studded watch for cne-tenth of Its rpal value to a resident of the North End. If has «lso beer proven that he has at different times offered diamonds for sale at a larce ^ut from their real value. The father-in-law of .Mlngl positively t^at Mingle was) Wichita on September tfi. the the murder of Mrs. Pearl This is counter evidence to t ment of .Mingle and his lawy he in Wichita.; During the course of inter EIGHT PAGES. FRICX TWO CKHT8. iias been of On. Porter. Jiige Garro^.Hera. states not in date of Pearson, pe state rs that .iew. an Eagle re|Mtner asked Mr. l|oalh. in the , pre.s «MU>» of his wife. thU direct que8tli>n: '1 "Wit."* l-VrnvM .Mingle here on Seiv temlH »r IttihT" i "No. he was not." was tl.«' ir^M'ly. It h.^s iHH ^n pniven thjit lh<« stories .Mlusle told his wife and h|»^r agiM l»ar>»nts w« n\ for \\w po.*t |K »r|. myths. His occupation. nie."tns o |r living, and his location when out of .be city. ar»» now in dispute. i It was stated to a repn-senjative of the Eagle that Minijle workeil at the Dold Packing company in ihe beef butchering department undbr Foreman .lohn Carey, for three jmonths. During this time he drew %\.^Tt a day. Shortly after he quit he prollnced a roll of bils amounting to scmaethlng like $LUI. which he showed Carey. "Gene Shaw, a pawnbroker Jkt lO'.i West Dotigfas avenue,' refii.sed ."to advance money on diamond rinrs which Mingle at various times atteripted to pawn, according to; S'.aw. \ revolver and a watch chain were panned liy .Minple to Shaw. Shaw says that he tolil .Mingle that h(\ if he didn't-look out he would fall in the hand^ (if the police .sooner or latir Before his marriage to Miss Mamie Hoath. MInsle. it is skid, had present- eil her with six diamond rings. He was a good dresser, made a ,:ood appearance and was well liked In North En I society. | Mingle has been deserted by those who had - honored him the most, his wife's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Hoath of 2*>oi North Wiishington (avenue, are now inclineil to bleleve ihat the pri-tty tales he told ft:eni cofiVernlng his business interests were niere fal>- rlcatlons. Even his wife, so' | MI.VS her In the she mother, has lost confldencej man in whom, until his arrest, held the sreatest confidence. Mr. and .Mrs. Hoath gave lin Eagle reporter a cordial receptioti on his • visit lo the residence yesterday. They said that if Mingle had been the man who had committed the dwd. they see him Schools Are 0. K. County Sii|>erinrendent Maude Pun- ston returned today from a week's visit among the schools in the northeast part of the county. She found the schools prospering., A BMr fiw. I were as willing as an.vone to pay the (lenalty of hi3 crime. Mrs. Holath. although somewhat broken down under the disgrace which her son-in -law 's arest has brought on the j^ily. mat aged to tell a pretty concise' storjr of the-doings of Mingle since entering their home. She 8aid^:'that he had represented himself as the agent for a cr4am separator company, with fifteen men In his employ. She said he woiiid leave the house, not saying when i e would be back. "The femi y did -n Ft know, witbln a week of w ten he wonld'r»! tIme .F "Hp always acted a jentlcman aboul the house."- said -Mrs. Hoath. ".Although he borrowed money from me lit different times to the amount of $|o". 1 always thought it was in good! faith and that he would repay it." • * * .Mil. and .Mrs. Hoath and their daughter. Mamie, who is now .Mrs. Mingle, have always borne the best of reputation during tioir many years of residence in this city. The mystery of the connection of Parker and Mingle was solved yesterday. The sheriff at Guthrie was called up over the long distance 'phone by a man in lola. who said that Harry Parker was Forrest .Mingle and that he was .eetting mail at 2001 No. Washington avenue. Wichita. The sheriff at Gurfcrie turned the report over to Sheriff Garrison of Oklahoma City, telling him it was worth investigating. Will Light, a member of the Oklahoma City police force, notified .Joe Thompson of tho local force of the clew. He gave the 'number as 2002 North Washington avenue. Sheriff Oarrison later telephoned tre local polieo station, giving the number as 2001 Washington avenue. T ARE IN KANSAS NOW T.iFT AND HIS PAKTT >VILL BE AT TOPEKA TONIGHT. LARGE CROWDS GREET HIM FOCRTEEN .SPEECHES TOBEXADE BCRIXt; DAY FRO.M TRAIN. IT'S A WILD RACE MOTORLSTS ON NEW YORS TRACK CAISINt; DISASTER. Desire to Achieve Speed Record Has CauMMl I 'arttriimut .s to Forget Prudence. Brighton HeacU Ra«e Tiack. N. Y Oct. With a trail of injured .md dying luen and hopelessly wreokiii racing machines l>ehlnd iheiii six ot the twelve automobiles that si.irted in n twfutj-fonr hour'rai-e at |trit:li!oii Beach rare n.iek last eveuiug wen- still in il tjaid xvhirl <«t eight oi:v»vV !< day ApWiiently prudesicv w.ns oa.-i to the wlhils. no ebanee was c»>u >iij- errd t «H» threat and no d,-»nger io«> mcti acing to dVtvers of ih.e flying niKchine^ As.a restilt a!l previous revtirvis have lKt >n broken and aptwirently ne.irly one'hundred miles will l>e added 'o the twenty-four heiir fis'tres ' HE'S CUING SOUTH Said Tliat FuL 'iti^e AutoiM Mho KHIrd Cit} Child. Is Making It to Triipiral /one. Excitement over the escape of young Busscy. the Kansas City' young man who is reputed to have run over and ktllcil a jvmng girl while drivinc an auto in Kansju'i City la.-^t .Monday seems to have dwindled to a point where the unfort.unate occurrence may be classed with the musty mystrriei of (lolicc depa'rtnient annai.-^. For several days the t'i 'y Star kept ii pan uareasiiig a =it .itioii against the KaI:^as City polite to do something aliiiiii what if termed ih.- criminal iiegllaence of the chaffeiirs who drove their car into the sprini; wagon, kii.ed a fourteen year old iiirl and Injured several other.->. With the escape.of the rlniu.ffers, the crime wa> relegated to the du <t> reeord.s of the past and th- disf<i.->itio:i nun seems !o "let It go at that" Readers of newspaper'' in tliis section had. however, kept (-a.->os Oil the accident and it was much eoiti.- menied iijxia evt-n though it concerned no oiie in thi.s vicinity. Consequently. »iiei! lola addt-d Its touch of color fo rile story, interest was revived and it Is now believi-d that young Uu.-sey. to whom'the crim.e is charged, is fleeing somewhere in the southeast and that he was in l <i\u last Tuesday night. Willi-oni Todd, a patroliaan. who at the time had uo official advice of the crime nor a descrijitton of the man j wanted, believes that, from the descnp tion he now .has. that the man wanted was aC the Ritter garage on Tuesday night. The officer says that the information be has gained since Tuesday night, makes it a matter of little doubt that the fleeing speederino was here.. Because of the absence of particulars and advice, however, nothing was {4pne.' Extra Train .K Intot KaniiaS Capital for Rally Tonighl-t iiy In FesUTe Dre». Garden City. Kas.. Oct. .t.—With all factions of Republicans alioard the siiecial ti-ain. Judge Talt today Invaded the Sunflower state. Itefore reachiuj; Topeka tonight ha will make fourteen s|!ceches. He began on crossin.a; the western line at six o'clock this morning whe4 the train stopped for wafer at. Syracnse and the crowd met him. The cand!- late shook hands and made a little ipcfch. followed by \V. R. ,Stubbs, lominee for governor. .Many People in Topeka. Topeka. Oct. ::.—Politicians froni different parts of the state began arriving last liighf for the big ing tonight. The morning trains, brought in several hundred and the trains later in tlie day carried extra cars for the Ta'fl rooters. Many of the merchants are decorat- itiu the fronts ;of their stores and of- i< e buildings will be generously covered wtib tlag* and bunting and plc- iuies of the candidate. The eight special trains arriveti late in the atter- :so<>n. ^|>ecla] trains will l>e operated HI' ol Tiipekit to take tho crowdik lowe. These trains will be run on•very HMd. leaving Toix-ka about aiiilt :i ;;hi itnd r'itinln.i; alHuit loO mile* fn ni Topeka This s^hould tb» rn<wds home by day light The details of tho imrade are finish- e»l and uutoj-s ;». hitch occurs thoiUail will move l >eforr T o 'vliH -k and should tivrh the .Vuditoriuni at o'cl«>ck.fThe speaking will begin ^is smm a» the ludience is seated. Mr Tnft will ride in an automobile at the head of the luirado and be es- i-oricii to the city auditorium, where he wi 1 make his first s|icech. After ;hi- meeting it is iflanned he shall address another croW'd. at the Opera honse and following this, an overflow nieetitig. OFFICERS CHOSEN 'Organization for County Log: RoiUng AMsiiriation by W. .1. Has Br.-n Perfected, i Following the deterniinatlcin of the Allen loiinty camp.-i of thel Modern • \Vc <Hltiien of .-Vmcrica tn -organize a :-oMnsy log roflng association, each .\I. W. .-X. camp in the county'will pro- eetd at qnce to elect one member to represent it «in the executive] commil- ee of the association. The executive cuiiiiiiiiiee will be composed of the iie :-:liers chosen by the IHdividuai •amps »)f the-county. After the addresses at the CfMinty picnic held In Riverside par^ yesterday afternoon, the delegates from the -everal camps in the county assembled ind.' havitu; determined to | organise the log rolling association, elected the ' following officers. , 1 • ' Frank R. Forrest. lola. president. .1. H. Car-Js?.-. H'ln-bo'dt. and Mrs; Jennie Klfin. .>loran. vice preisidents. W. Ji. Anderson, lola secretafy. -Mr.s. Kate Thomas, lola. tfeasurjer: . .\mong the delegates who were pres- , em at the conference' were: Fj P. Kates. Carlyle: H. A. Epling./Gas City. C. E. Urown. Leanna: H. H. Huffman. Bayard; A. C. Curlberg. Petrolla: ji N.' Clarke. I^ Harpe; J. H. I Gardner, Humboldt: K. C. Coffieid, lUa; sjirs. lennie.Elffn, Of Moran, and Mrs.: C P. Brown, of Leaniia. represented j^th* ' Royal Neighbors at the meeting. It is proposed to mal^ the log roll* . ing association a county affair, bnt the attendance will not be cHtiiaed to 'his county . . i Ths committee will soon liaTe a meeting and definite plans will be.. made. ' '• ' I , _ - -• „ Log rollings.! as an annnf^j talnment in_tliis. [ i

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