Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 21, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1907
Page 2
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88et# $1, ^a^r ^tjilies Of Kansas City vls- l':l>i*U|llid airs. J. R J^iiueauu jes- ^|fc-4n4 Mru. Hannou Hobarl win Uq'ktiout'the work of Michael Augelo, his painting and sculpture. Mlsa AtiDti Frances of Colony will present the' paper of the afternoon. Tliiirsday afternoon a liarty of yuiiiig ladies of the high school met at the hpme of Miss Bessie Beck'; and or- guitlzed a needlework club. The meet ings will be senii-montbly. tiic next "f one to be at the home of Miss Grace B^ltttTiaVe^^^^ to lo:a and HaM on .N'orth Washington avenue. iJMJlde here. .Mr. and .Mrs. II o-i •^ •«• be at hbme iu their South There will be an ice cream social ti|g£:st|^t TCisideoce. lai anyon. Center this evening. The r-V-il^^'! • ', • * * Irplllt club of the Reformed church and Mrl WVIL Smith havu;„iii attend in a bodv. fcom a visit w-ith relatives in | f -r . i.^;MlB8 Hetty, aimstead rc-| TIK - lipworth league of the Methol,with tijem;.and will make aujdjst church met in library hall last 1'-Yl«lt In* I,dlB. ' L 'Vfniiis to arrauKC for a dramatic en* .* * " I tortalunient lo begin next Friday ev- "•Tlie ^ntry home of Mr. and .Mrs. culns for the benefit of the church. t. JgCiM<!Wlll!«Bi8-wa»ahe^«eene of a Miris Agnes I^ltch will drill the .voung ' Airy igatberlng of lola folk yester-1 ,„.ople fiir^^ ihe parts they will take iThe gtl«Bt» iwere entertained at and there will be some specfal music Br.ftod luncheon. Those present! im- the occasion. J Mi'. atfd'Mr?. Thain l^ake. Mr. | » • • I Mrs. J. S. Lntz. Dr. and Mrs. Karr.! .Mr, and Mrs. C. \V. .VdaniH gave a r. and'Mrs. Ja8.-;McClernen. .Mr. and fumlly dinner party last evening for a , ihfcJfr;-P.'Mltclieil. Mrs. Geo/ge Rus-j party of relatives in compliment to Jlra. Alfred; Brobes. Mrs. John!their scm and daughter. .Mr. aud .Mrs. ^McWlUl «iai8. Mrs.- R; J.-.Haj-. Laura (:. r. Sager. of Dewey. I. T.. The iRAMlleK Mrs. Frsjnk MtiClelUn. Blre. IHIIIP decoratiuns were extremely pret 'M.^McGuffln, Mrs. B. JW. C'iu and ty aud novel. Those who were pres- Ir. aiai Mrs. J. W. M'cWilllams . jeiit are .Mr. aud Mr.s. C. F. Sager, .Mr. . : 1 •.•^(Ri/;. ,^. •- and Mrs. J. A Adams. .Mr. and Mrs. At Keal, iKansati. tomorrow, a nuni- n. F. .xdams. Mr. and Mrs. G. \V. .\d- |.|bet'pf3ola<folk will enjoy a family re-jams. W. H. Wilson of ICarllon. .Mr.s. JuaiiDn'atj ithe home Mr. and Mrs.'flaude IJeUlnfr. .Misses lllle and Uu- ||Prank^a8eK Aiiiocb those who wllllnio Adams. Dnrton Adams aud George nr^nt arc .Mr. .and , Mrs. Cbrls' l.ipdloff. lttt |«U. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Russell.; + + * ir; Mnll Mrs. K \V. Russell. Blva and ! .Miss Kdna Wagner will be homo ^ lat-ker Russell. Mlsa J >'raDces Chad of from Yates Ceuier this evening after a ^nerJ granddaughter of .Mi;, and Mrs. visit with her grandparents. |Chd8 Russell, who Is visltiuR thejn to-; •> • |lay._^lll alKo attend. i Th.. folli.wlug ladies, all of whom I ! belong to the drill team of Royal |. The] Woman's Relief" Corns met In; .Vi-Uhbors :!6ri. will go to Chauute «}. A. ;R. hall y«;sterday afternoon, tm next Wednesday to attend the log ^erejwas no unusual business trans- rolling at Chanuto: .Mrs. W. H. Mor- |iOted., ' r rl.son. caiitain. .Mrs. ('. W. Thompson, % 4> f - '.Mrs. H. F. McGuire. .Mrs. C. E. Hutchi Because of the; imlnnent weather inson. .Mr.s. Thomas. Mrs. Woods, Mrs 'esterflay t|he Ar( Wbb^meeting was |Oliver. Mrs: Hildebrandt. Mr.s. Har- >Q8tf»nsd. On Frjda.v^October n. the bier. Mrs. Schwarl'i. .Mrs. Reynolds. :lUb 1 ^111 hear two nVograms. the onp ; .MrsJ Co.x .Mrs Vaught. Mrs. T. O. ||nrbich>^ould ,have been given ycsli-r-Ion'.:. Mrs. Trowbridge. Mr<>. F. .\. Wag- and th cone frtr October 11. which \ :\<-v and Mrs. Selgle. ;+ V + .MHd.'Uin' K. I labor Palhoriio nlio has larsp class of music |)U |iils in the «'ity is arrangitm tn present a nujulier •^iif luT most advanced studciit.s In a recital some time during Iho .second w.ol; in October. .Madame I'athorne liiis given several musical entertain- mi'.iils hero anions which was n canta- (1. ".SinKimr I-oavcs." at tlio Kat^t lola Molho<lls( church. + * • .Miss Zoo .\tchison and Mrs. K. Pef- Iv fDrmally opepejl „t.helr millinery oKialiMHlmieiits to customers yeslorday The display rboms were beautifull .V' •Icforatod. for the day and elaborate i-nd stylish creations were |)laced to Where ar« you going?" t VGoin'g after a sack of Um t^PaHmni ^qnr. My wife «B't nse anything else." «U*I S|ffix;ifll Sale of 9 for Next Tuesday wc have an exlraord- iiiary bargain in the line of Skirts. There aitjIS skirts in the lot, all new patterns, 'n^de cifilfte black French Voile. Each sl^if h plaited and made very full, trimmed i^ifaffetrsilk banks. I^gular price is 50; on sale Tuesday Morning at 8:30, Solid (•old and Oold Filled, monvted In both rUborate and jthiln deslgnifi. .Prices from 75c to tlOJW. MCNEIL BROTHERS. utlraci the admiration of the womeu who visited the different stores. The colors this year are most beau liful. ranging from the pastel shades for evening wear to the darker colors for tailored models. Brown in wood and leather shades is extremely pop ular for all occasions and is chosen by a great many customers for gen erai wear. ,The shapes are new and novel this year and attract one l>e- cause of the lustrlous and richly tint ed material which forms a basis for the trimming. .Mrs Pefly is just beginning hci first season in lola. Miss Atchison bur l>eoii at the present place of business fur some time and is assisted by Miss .rot:ephlne Gimby, formerly of (he .Vew York store. * • * .\ number of lola girls are arraiig Inn to Islt some of their Kansas (^il> friciids Kmiorrow. * * + .Mr. W. F. Shea of .\rkansas Ciiy who has been viKitiiig bis iiarents. .Mr ami .Mrs. .lohii Shea, will leave this veiling for his home. .Mr. Shea toller In a bank lu .\rkansas City. <* .Miss I'adlo .Melcalf of Ci.louy Is In the city today. •?* .Miss Agnes Rcardsoii of Sioux f"ity Iowa, has come for au extended visit with .Miss Kess .Miller. Libbey Cat Glass! A large and b:aBtiful as- sortHient just received. Will be glad to show you. Sewall, 1& Jeweler 104 North Washington. START NEW REFINERY I'rirolla Refining I'ompany .Made Fl^^l Ran La»t MghL Word conies from Pctrolla tr)da> that the I'etrolia Relluery company started their machinery iiigni KviMviliinir moved Hff nicely. It will bo some time, however, before Ihi' l>lani runs at full ea|iacily as many additions are yet to be made. However much of the demand can be met with the present output. The capacity of the plant Is one hundred barrels l>er day. The refinery means much to till' business interest.s of Petrolia. The >>w Pure Food and Drug Law. Wc are pleased to announce that Foley's Honey and Tar for cough colds and lung trimblcs is not affected by the .National Pure Food and Drug taw as It contains no opiates or other harmful drugs aud we recommend it as a safe remedy for children and adults. Biirrell's drug store. WHITES .«! SIC AT .MUHT. .Vrli.r Who Will .lp|>ear In "Flower of the Ranch'* IK Industrloux. .lo .sopli li. Howard, composer and author and musical comedy star as well, has his own distinctve methods of writing his successes. •I find that in song writing," says Mr. Howard. "1 can do my •)est wort from one o'clpck to three o'clock In the morning. This fact occasioned mc a great deal of trouble, for I find It difficult to get an apartment where the neighbors will be broad minded '•noiuh to allow mo to thump on a plaiio until I have a melody arranged tn su t itic. I try every song over and over again, until, when I finally havi- a Kong hit ready for the printer. T im vo tired of it myself that I hate t( htar It I write quickly, and have bivii fortunate in the past in select Ing airs that hava struck public fancy When 1 write a p'ay, 1 work illfferent ly I use a phonoi^^i-aph. and dictate ill i). as the ordinary stenographer makes me frightfully nervous. Then I fake the stenographer's copy of my conversation, an.l rr.vlsa it until It looks like a Chinese pir-!zle. and then have It freshly typewritten. When 1 wrote the music fo'- "The Time, the P:acp and. tho Girl." and "The Ufi- |i!rf. " I labored for a long time, but Rot sood results finally. With my two pieces. "The (rlrl Question." and "The Flower of the Ranch," I seemed to work more easily. The songs seemed to come of their own accord, and I flattex myself that I have done better work, j In "The Flower of the Ranch," especially. I seemed to be ahlo to write characteristic music, fjill of atmosphere. It may be that thlp was because F wrote the. play m.'i^lf. and felt Inspired with the scope and bre»dth of the W.estern subject," "The Flower of the Ranch." with Mr. Howard and Mabel Barrison as the stars, will be the bk attraction 81 th'-.•Grand Monday. September 23rd, und.^r the management of the Askln- S'nger company. riacatona aBd 'Cemmit Mdtiratka aatf /.Oarbiirib«Mta»eWtir. 0«M 1» Bul JMtow Am mmn 6ETFUt6.S «. X. II. and W. R. f. Hold Special Sen Ire at .V; E. tfaarcb. Tomorrow night at the regular eve nlDC service at the First Methodist chivcb, thet lola G. A. R. and Relie' Corps will have fall charge of the sei vices. This special • service is being bald for the purpose of presenting he American flags to the church One flag will be given to the Sunday school and the other to the church. The Hags are the gift of the mem bers of the Corps who are also mem urs of the church. The ladies be that every church should be decorated with an Amercan flag, that iiatrlotism mlsrht be taught to thf children along with religion. A sub irri'ptlon paper was passed afid tht 'lurchasc of the two handsome flags as the ri'Sult. The G. A. R. and R. C expect a blj -i-owd at the Kervic'^(5 and invi:atioih "lave been sent to the old soldler^' and their wives at Oas City and La Harpe. (o be pres-'nt at the service. .\ very interesting "program has been prepared for the evening which Is as follows. Opening song. "Onward Christian Sol Ilers." congregation. Invocation, Comrade T. N. Fiinston. •last commander of th? G. A. R. •'ocil Solo. .Mrs. .T. W. Bolton. Scrliiture reading. .Mrs. H. .\. Kwlng. Vocal solo. .Mrs. W. T. Watson. Pri'seutatlon of flag to th'-. Siiudav scl:i.<il. .Mrs. S. B. Crum'ey. 'lesponci'. Prof. I.. H. Wishard, supei- •iiiMlcni of the Sunday school. •5olo, "Tent ing on the Old (<amp Ground." J. E. Henderson and con ;regatlon. Prrsentatlon of flag to tho church. Mrs. T. Eppenaiir. Rc«ponce. .Indge Oscar Foust, Presl- lent of the Board of Trustees. Solo. "The Old Flac Never Touched h«> (Jround." .lake Blllbe. t^ecitatlou. "Your Flag and .My Flag," Mrs. S. Vaughn. 'nnK. by Post and Corps. "Beautifii: Flag." \i:drftss. Hon E. H. F-inston. Song, by congiPKallon. ".\merlca." benediction. Rt.v. .1. .M. Mason. .Vttentlon Veterans U. .L K. You are invited to attend the Flag Presentation by the W. R. C. at the "irst M. R. church Sunday evening at •i 11. m. .Meet at the Post room at 7:30 ;harp. .1. S. WALKER. Post Commander. TROF. JACOBS RESIOS. t'heinlstry Tearher Was >'ot .SatisHed That He WHS Competent. Ilollovlng that he was not qualinoil o fill the. position. Prof. C. T, .la- ^obs. head of the deiiartmont of chi'm- =sliy in tho lola blKii school, reslvned 'lis iiositioii yostorday and will take •ip till' study of niPdicIii;\ Prof. .la- cobs uiadoa good record in Washburn college but did iioi fo;.l that ho wa"^ ible to handle the chemistry work as : is taught hero. Ho very candidly •(dii I hi. board so and his resignation vas accptod. Prof, .lacobs had —* liitonded to follow teaching as a pi-of- •ssioii but was merely teaching tliaf lie tiilKht Kot « Utile ready cash to take a course of medicine. Hi- will ••I'malii lier:> until a successor Is chos- •II. The board is now considering a '\. f. man for tho ixisltion. .Miss VinottP .Mauley has ipslgnod lior position as teacher of tho Libert;." ichol to take a position in tho Lincoln scbiKd Miss P.iiirl Wlieatlov will ill her )>lHce In the l.lborty school. .Miss Clodfeiter of Cherry vale is • •> takp a |)Osition In tho Washtiii:- •on school, made possible by the fall- 'ire of .Miss Cornollus. of I.,ano. to take up her duti?s because of sickness. Aib the Churches United Brethren Chnrcb. Sunday school at 9:45 a. ni. Preaching by the pastor at 11 a. m. Subject', "Three Crucifixions.' Preaching at l.'M p. m. Y. P. C. U. every Tuesday evening at 7:30. Prayer meeting Wednesday evtning. All are cordially invited to attend !uy and all of these services. O. G. MISA.MORE, Pastor. First a. E. Church. The i>astor. J. .M. .Mason, will preach It II a. m. and in the evening t^e G. \. R. and W. R. C. will have Charge ;lviug a program iii which two good lags will be prcscuied 10 the churvh. The Sunday school meets at the isual time. Junior League at U p. m. Ejiworth League at 7 p. ni. OpiMjrtunity will Itc Kiven at those jcrvices for new members to join. A cordial welcome is extended to .ill. Fast lola Jf. E. Church. Sunday school at a.4.5 a. ni- Proaching Servlci> ;it It a. 111. Sor- .11011 by Rev. II. ^. Callou, Whit'£ • o\Mi, Indiana. Class meeting at 12 m. Kpworth League at 7 p. m. Ev;,'ulng service. Illustrated scr iini: PaK:;ioli play of Oboraliinii-'i'grau • t s p. m- A. .M. HAHKNESS, Piisto. Little lliiildrrs Chapel. Sunday SCIUM )! at :i o'clo<k. There will be no preaching. Ciioral Huilders society at 7:;;ii. MRS. E. .\. .lONES, Supt. CRABB SAYSs We have long had a reputation iu this locality of- filling prcicripuons with the highest Equality goods that could bs secured ."and in filling them in a way! which met with the approval o( the entire medical profession. The same careful work will be continued in the future. The same high quality goods will be used that have been uieii in the p-ist We scilicit your patroniage W. L. Crmbb, Tolophona 476 Pre»oH0tlon DruggM J. S. Bass and A. Gaiul)le. 7:4.'>. Praise Service. .Anthem by the Choir., Gloria I'atia. Sermon by the Pastor. Solo, .Mrs. T. W. Green. .\ cordial welcome to visitor.^ lo all of I lies esorvices. Wni. I!. .lOlI.NHO.N". Seriiud KaplNl. ; Siiiiilay sihool at 1" a. 111. • I'i'oacliiiig at II a. 111. and at S p. ni.! You are cordially invited to wor-; slii|i with us. The Koso Drill onlortaiiiiiiiiil to!il;;ht at GrDDiiior's hall iiroiiiises to lie a grand affair. Dun't iiii.-s it. .Xiso tho trip arniind the world Thursday iiit^lit. Sept. L'Gth. Conio and lake the I rip' with the ladie.H of tin- Second Baptist church. »TEYER»S GROCERY ; Headquarters for Good Things to Eat. TelebhoDe 159 Firsl Chnrch of Christ, Scientist, Sunday school at 10 a. m. Church service at II a. m. Subject. •Reality." Services are held lu C. S. hall, 110 east .lacksou avenue. The hall is used as a reading room from to I |). in. ouch week day. The piililic Is cordially invited to the reading room and to tho services. .MRS. EM.MA E. ADA.MS. First Reader. Baptist Chnrcb. Snnday school at 9:4.'i a. in. .Morning service at 11 a. iii. Sor- inoii. ".lesiis as Master." It. Y. P. r. at 7 p. ni. Evening sor- vico at S. Sermon. "The Lejicrs De- siri- to Mo Healed." W. II. GARFIELD, Pastor. BRADFORD Churged BOYS I.\ CCSTODY. I'rrsbylorlan Chnrcb. Tho pastor. Rev. S. S. Hilsihor will |iro:«cli at 11 a in. and S p. iii. Sil'batli School at y:l ."i a. ni. C» E. at 7 p. m. .\ cordial invitation is KIVCU to all. Little Builders' Chapel. Bassetl Chupel. Tho llasselt Chapel Sabbath srhoul will meet at ji. in. The Christian Church. The topic of the sermon at II:oo o'clock Is ".A Groat Flag." The evening topic at .S:00 is "Tho Devices of the Devil." Tho Miblo School iiiods at I" o'clock. The tiiiiiistor extends a <:ordial iii- viliiliiiii lo all luou from l."> lo '17t pears of :n;o lo ioln his Hihlo Class which moots In bis study promptly at 10:00. Yon will like It and It will do you good. Tho young people have their mooting at Tho niid-wcok incotiiig is on Wod- lionlav a> S:00 p. in. R. H. EIJ.ETT. Minister. With Stealing Brass From lohi Porttand. .Marshal Jim Frwierickson of Bassett, went to Fort Scott this morning '• to br ng back Harry Bradford to answer to the chai;?e of stealing coiiper from the lola Portland plant, "ri'ie copper was stolen a few days ago from one of the departments of the emeut plant and .Mr. Frcdcrlckson .vent to work on the case. He was Kirst .\. .M. K. Church. Sunday School at !*:l."> a. ni. Preachin.-' at II a. m. by Rev. Hill. p. in. Sons by the Choir, niielt. Mrs. W. II. .lohnson and .Miss .\lattie Ewoll. Si'inion. Rev .1. E. Fletcher. S'>lo. .Mr.s. j:ila Western. Remarks. Rev. T. W. Green. .Ir.. Dr. Do You Digest What You EatP V. y\. (. .V. SCIIEDILK. Sunday, .S'pL ii. J:::o p. .M. —Itoy's Gosiiol meeliiig. | ;'.:;;0 p. . M .—.Men's Gosiiel meeting. [ Speaker, Capt. Wliittakor. Subject. "The Heavenly Vision." .>Ionday, Sept. 23. .'•;oii P. .M.—Itoys Bible class in the study of Itie Life of .lesiis. 7;:;o P. .M.—Senior basket ball. Tuesdaj, Sept i\. 1:011 P. M.— lioy's (lyin class. Squad I. .".:"i<i P. .M.—Hoy's Giiiy class. Squad -. 7::'.il P. .M.— Miisiness iiicirs .qyiii class Wednesday, Sept. i't, 1'. .M.—Lunch and Bible criass. Study of S. S. lesson for next .Sunday. ) 7::;ii to S::!il—Yoiiiif; men's pyni class.] S::;ii P. ,M.—Maskel ball. Thursday. Sept. 'iC. I:uii P. .M.—Boy's syni class, ."^riiiad I. j .'i:'!'' P. .M.—Mov's KiPiy class. Squad "J. j S:nii j>. .M—llliistiatod talk on •Tho Grand Canyon." Froo to all. Friday. Sepl. 27. T:;:ii I". .\l. I!iisine.:s im ii's e|:i:;s •<::M I'. M - l!:!s-ket ball. Saturday. Sept. is. li.iii' A. .M. —I'.oy'^; ;;yni cla;-is. I. to::;ii .\. .\I.--l!o.>'s ^yni class. Squad 2 T::'.ii I' .\|.—Yiiimu iiion's class. Ko:;iil:u- v.-i.'ik in ibr gymnasiiini for young men and business men will be- ii'm next week. Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UTTODATE HEAT MARKET IIS Hast Madison Fryer Brios Can Cut Down Your Grocery and Meat^ Bill :: :: :: :: :: Th9 Auto Oarage and Ropair Shop Agents ict long in getting evidence that point-' " » **} quite an- cd toward C. -V Bradford as the oth« to dirat the food. Many people ;uil,y party. Mr. Frederickson ar- SJf^SfSi^^i ^'^^.SSi^^S; 1^^^^^ ' rested hint last night. ..bout an hour ta'STma^'S^^^^^m'^^Th^ef i ^ t^'-S.^- -stonuch isout Jt j might also be able to tell something gat the most important thing, after about the stealing. Mr. Frederickson ga, is to know what is the matter, for began a search for him but Bradford (henUUessreaoacbtoknowwlisttoda iruie sot wind of it and took the Missouri ^Slf^SH!^!!^^L!'lJ^}S±,^''^^'JtJ° Paciflc train east last night. Mr. Frsderickson fJergaphed to Port Scott and had Bradford arrested by the olHcors there and lodged in jail.. The brass stolen is valued at $'J5. Marshal Frederickson sweated C. A, Bradford and secured th€> information which led to th.? arrest of Bradford's brother. Mr. Frederickson *l8o made Bradford tell where a part of the cop per was hidden and the Bassett marshal securiil It •in U roQ h»Te aajr dlfesttve tmbie. Aa iu le lodlcMes. It is forlust tbat venr atlment. KOtiEHS 0PEX8 REALTY OFFICE.' Former loU Boy Will .Use Study L'^Artliur Rodgers, who was formerly u the real estate business with John Wood, has returned to lola and Ig to .so iuto the real estate buslnces again. pHe will have rooms with F. .1. £|rler |oh*the \\ioat side of the squareJ\Mr. Rodgerg will go Into the comm-sslon and lirokeraga builness and his sparn time he will devote to the study of law. Mr. Rodgers expects to open htg oflce for business the first of next week •od tbst it ourea U pToreo t>r files of Tolanisrr tMdaenisU la oar office. Mors direct sad per- •ooal proof csn be ot>tatDed to colas to your nesrett dragsKtsml imriiurB SO cent or It bottle. Tako it Slid Ton win be well; oettfriuit: results ere tusimnteed. le you risK aotlilns. Hoa (}«orKe C.Bankln. formerlr of Mon- aaeutli, IlL. sad now tssldlng sc Woshloctoa. U. C when he holds s hicli potftioB wlin the Oot- •mment. is s wsrm mend of Or. Csidwell's ttrrap Fepiln. He foend ttsa iarstasble toole SD« SB sM to inpslied mwnfli sad dttsttive srasa^sa opialoe sitsnd la \tr lliossssils of etfien. BesddsthstheOadsftpraaoiesbesith sad hsppiaets sad leeoBBsads that'U be Ic eterrhoasshokU Thsiels. ia troth, no better fsnilr Issstlve 1 Ob OsldweU's Smm Fepshi. lu gentlp eOeetfre setloasM ^esssot tsne lecom- PERFECTION WICK OIL STOVE f SAFE CONVENIENT RCONOMtUL Ityoardcmlerdon'tban^-c .t,wr«eto THE STANDARD OIL COMPANY, ^ MBditeraeeisllr to wssk stoBseha. ehiidren, , woaian sod «M peeele. It ia eqnsBy good (or ! tbs SMSt rolnist who .beeone eoastlpstsd or snnr fr«B intffestieo. soar stonach. oUious- acM sad other ateiaagh. Uver and bowel sU- •wots, bcesaaeresaltasresiiie sad pemsaeot. It is s isllsbie Iszstive sod evea s 60 eaa t bottle will help aosoy sieaibers ot s (snUy lo better keslth. FOR RENT—Furnished amily without children. JeSerspn. rooms to 604 Kprtb Distillal Water One hundred pounds of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons of distilled water suiUble for family use. Try it lolalce&CfldStoraseCt FRANK RIDDLE, Mgr. POLAR BCAP rLOUR Tha FW: ex ^^oaUtv Bv«ry- sack guaranteed ^We- HI* It is but necessary for you tc give u.s a tiial order on groceries and meats if yoti want to demon- .strate the fact lhat you will ^ave money by purcharing from us. We'have the staple andfancy groceries. We make a pccialty of catering to the fastid- ous housewife who wants those Itttle extras that go to make up- an Txceptional dinner and which "are ,o hard to find in the average 4^ ocery store. , FRYER BR05. tirucery and Meat Market Phoaes308 and 301 M hi Snni.if-o Sept. 2t to 2R St. .loseph. Mo., return limit Sept. :!'» $6.50 Sept. 21 W Oct. r. Kansas City, Mo., return limit Oct. 7 $4.10 Sept. 2} and i-T. Chaiiule Kas.. return limit' Sept. 2>i • 70c Sept. :;<•. and 27 Chorryvale, Kas.. return limit Sept. :'8 $1.85 Sept. US i!) Oct. 1. Wichita. Kas.. re-j luni limit. Oct. r. .' $4.00 Oct. .Oto Topcka, Kas.. return limit Oct. 12 $3.65 Oct. 12 to 10. Kansas City, Mo., return limit Oct. 21 $4.10 One-way second class colonist rales to California and the Northwest; on sale September 1 to October 31. .Inclusive. Please see us for rates, atop over privileges and so forth. Vi. E. Balston. Acent SpicialforSATDRDAii! Our bii.'^er has been to Kansas City and wt- iipw have just received a big shipment pt all kinds of Fruit, Vege- tab'es and such as can be had in'the market at.Kansas City. For joday and Saturday We will have the following: BellBower Apples. .\'ew York Pippen Apples. Tokay drapes,' Blue Damson Plums. Green (^ge Plums. Bananair. Oranges. Rocky Ford Cantalopes. Jersey Sweet Potatoes. Fresh Tomatoes. • * Kggplant Parsnips. . 3*1 Oreen aiid Wax Beans. : Radishes, Beets, Pie Plant. VegetabljB Soup Bunches. Blue Graiies. ; Respectfully, A. Q. MUMMAl For Sale Cheap,. tlood Firm Timd City ProBerty. See the.; THE JJ ^HAWKEB £A9]iK<eo^' ' for quick remrtta,.. phtOonrt^ HOOM,

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