The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1944
Page 7
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, Billy Thompson Kills 3 Germans Blytheville Soldier .Wounded In Action n Normandy Front HEADQUARTERS, UU11OPEAN THEATER OF OPERATIONS.—Pfc. Billy w. Thompson, Blytlievlllo, Ark., is now :il HII Army camp in Englriml after having returned from tlie battlefields or France, where he landed on a beach 40 minutes uflcr 11-Hour on D-Day. He landed with « command unit of im Infantry Regiment which was the iii'sl regiment on this pniiicnlar teach. "One of my exciting moments happened on D-Day," he snid. ''Wo were moving otir conuiuind post up the beach and as we moved along we approached a bridtre which hud Leon destroyed by the Germans before we yot (here,, but was now under repair by our Engineers. The line companies hud already crossed the river and advanced about, a hall mile ahead. Just as we crossed the bridge, one of our medium tanks UlA'TimviLLE 'Kriegie' Newspapers Enliven Life In German Prison Camps -UiW-fro^ ttaOen^n "kHe^- "'•Tb W ex& e |» C ° I ditcK gcfa»Bne«» meaning war prisoner, lo keep abi'eas o yo, ,0 II Is the adopted name for British with tlie trend ot snd American piisoners of war hi of our complete Germany. •.:- ••'• by censorship. Also add "Kregfe Times", for that other than Gen of Stalag Luft III, prisoner of war ramp at Sagan, Germany, publish- comiumiily dcslKncd to kern n,,r «I by the "Kricgie's" themselves, bodies, inimls ami "ouls liealt v a, In v. " rcscmctl to the American aler.t, ^wiling |^ ,to vc a n - TOWs weekly, and contains all the turn to our o«-, ho >s within hi r general ,, CW5 rcaclifng tliem via own Imid "" cl " lllntl *I'irr*i»J L. . _n ... ..t.-.. ' d mail. Typed by an all American prisoner of \i-nr stuff, In form Imitative of U. S. dailies and with lettered in liends, each Issue Is posted on the cookhouse wall. / Two copies of tlie camp papers have reached the local Red Cross office, natc of Ihe Kregle Times is Feb. 8, 1914, while Thc Circuit, published by prisoners of the south compound . of Slalag Luft ;il. Is dated April 10, 1944. According to the Kregle Times, American, housewives may have their troubles with point rationing but (hey aren't alone with them, for recently established at Stalag "-• —, — "•" "iiuiuni lanus lul JwciHiy csiawisncu at Stala moved up to the bridge behind us L >"t til is "Foodacco" a bartcrin and was spotted by n German anti- • point values arc ..... .,„„„,.„„,.„ ,, } „ ufiniiiii iinii. arnem m ivnicn point values arc tunU which we found to be in ?. roof 8'vcn [o food items. Highest on the of a garage. The tank was knocked ,' list ls powdered milk, 120 points out causing casualties to the occu- ' ri '» of butler and jam are B( pants. The anti-tank nest was dc- |;olnts. oatmeal 15. According to stroycd by our bazookas and flame llle Kl ' e SW Times, eamp economists throwers. On the second day we I fciu ' tt " inflationary period now were moving the post farther in- tllat cigarette parcels an,j personal land. We were moving up a road l>iirc ? ls ''ringing chocolate are he- JillfI lllpl. smnn nf ,,.!.. i,,..i i . _i Eillnifll' fn rnll l>itrt /»iivi>s *^« i !,„„„ ••••o "i' ti iuuv and met some of our tanks wliicl led us on, "After a few hundred feet, abou 15 or 20 Germans jumped in be Uvccn us arid the tanks. I startec shooting at them with my rille am after a feiv rounds it jammed and took the next step, my bayonet On German was fairly close to me am I leaped upon him and thrust mj bayonet, finishing him oil, and w continued to advance. VFarther up this same road, a OMPSnan was coming around n nMgerowimd'i shot him with mj rifle. On D plus 5, about 1DOO hours we had just set up our command post and a bunch of German snip ers began finns; at us and I added iinolher German to my list. "On D-6 we were about a mill south of Mpntcburg. We were plan ning to'inove tlie command post, far thcr on when a German plane spot ted us, dropping a bomb which was behoved to be a half ton. The bomb dropped in the cwiter of our com- niand post. The plane circled niu came back and strafed us with machine gun fire. I was struck by dc brls'which was erupted by the explosion. A large chunk of'rock and clay hit me 0:1 the right ankle hurting it severely, but I mtumgec to get along on it somehow. Suffering from shock and loss of bloot I lost consciousness the next das •and •recovered five days later in hospital in England." Pfc. Thompson's home is at Bly- thevillc. Ark., ami Mrs. Thompson liis ,ivife,.:ih' Leaciiville, Ark -'' ."...'Solanfiin Blonds '•'.:•'. Some natives of the Solomon Islands arc peroxide blonds. The hlcaching, once done with-lime, lias ~Hf!~ R0nc mort< ™ and ,is achiever ft, pcxorlde. • Hired Fonriafion 'I he crystals that make up snowflakes arc riirectly from water vapor in the free atmosphere at great heights'without passing through'a liquid state. ginning to roll into camp, for these re coin of the realm in a pris- -ner of war camp. German allowance lo officers and men arc rcicbsmarkv theoretically, but they devolve to mere bookkeeping. The weekly ration through the Red Cross, is one chocolate bar and 50 cigarettes per man. Eminently desirable, not abundant, and easily handled, they make convenient legal tender. Tiie Kriegie is assured of "escape" in the theatre. Policy of the present staff is to present comedies and musicals, jam sessions and symphony recordings, according to the Times. One barracks has been devoted to stage auditorium iimi classrooms. In these, shons arc rehearsed, sets constructed, productions presented. As seating capacity is approximately w per cent of the camp strength, each show must give five performances First American' play presented after tlie British were removed to another camp was "Charlie's Aunt". On the program arc "Our Town". "Tobacco Road", "Tile Man Who Came lo_ Dinner", and "Fliegcr Frolics", an original musical ex-' trrivaganza. .Music lovers have organized a 14- oicce dance band, a salon orchestra and a choir. The "Sagan Serc- nadcrs" jump-for the boys at Saturday afternoon sessions, using original arrangements of music popular when the band members were "knocked down." Thnt the American craze lor contest.-! !S.true even in a prisoner of war camp is evidenced by two contests described in tli e ' Times. •'"•• rictmes from home of rat, toothless, grinning. O r crying babies prompted the camp newspaper decide once an^ for all which pro! POW had the prize baby. The con tcstants, many of whom have nev seen their heirs, have writte nomc for pictures. Final judging b four colonels will not be held mil all contestants receive plclur from the wife. Isolation »• nc a, been, se " t " '"*• * <• 5"iti UO. We .strive to set up iiioite! Goucurreiill v with the KT bal contest, (he competing paper, Gc fangencn Gazette, is sponsoring Vfiss Stalag. contest for wives an sweethearts. Because religion is a vital pa. >f Kriegie life, both Protestant an ioman Catholic services are he! acl> Sunday in the camp thea er, and education is not bein neglected during tbe long days o onfinement. Thirty - seven da lasses meet each week in the foil lassrooms of.Stalag Luft III, whei Kriegie Collcsre" offers classes a iverse as differential calculus ndy building nnd accounting fo he small business. Col. Delmar T. Spivcy of the U SA.A.F., writes a fitting summa tion of the purpose of the "Kregi Times". "In the hope that bur people a homo may have a small Insight into our prison life, we dedicate thi ; issue of our camp newspaper, dc- —A few outstanding imported samples from Scotch Mills, including the famous PRESIDENTIAL LONDON SHRUNK Fabrics! V)o you have a low left shoulder? Are you hard ro fit in a coaf? Do you have trouble v/ith the waistline of your trousers? Do you have troubfe with your coat hanging right? Is there a particular pattern that you need ... IF SO SEE HUDSON THE TAILOR. HUDSON Cleaner- Tailor-Clothier lliink of you niul lhank nil 01 J'ou for your wonderful K if| S to »s-fnm, individuals, nnd from the Red cross, YMCA, and other clia- i able orBanizntlons - ,n,d nbovo r J '°" r and prayers. n prayers. Those who detain us have not licated us badly, and have given as many small concessions which have i', 1 ? i? "'"''"'"'ceraUoi] lighter. The pirit of the OeneM convention has been carried out and our treal- £ M . et '" (1| ' a1 ' llns been good. or Hits consideration we ar c grateful and know that in return, the treatment of German prisoners al home is considerate. "We have our moments of loneliness and hunger for Ihe companionship of home and home folks but on tlic whole we laugh and play most of the Mine. Thc rest of the lime is spent studying, rending working and liopljij.. ' "We shall hold firm to our faitl in all of you nnd nre el , cr nss itrc( of your love and consideration." Cactus, which llirivcs under tlic most trying conditions in Us natural surroundings, j s one of the mast oifficuit plants for man to grow successfully. The Maid Welcomes Yanks Steps Up Siirpriie vicloiy , n national i .O.A Championship makes Bob Kami ton Evansvillc professional,a leading candidate'for $13- S49 siMrA° '" 0|)e " (livis '°" of 5-12,500 All-Amei ican tournament over course of Chicago's Tain o' • Shanler Country Club Behind n plaque beiiring the initials of the Republic ot Franco , arid clccoralctl with Allied nags, famed statue of J K mnc d'A.c- lie Maul ot Orleans-seems to welcome American libWalors ot France as then- jeep passes Ihroueii die Oi'lcnns square, They're Hounds for Harmony V lUSAAr photo from NKA) Lads of a Fljiny Foiticss ordnancc-gvoup of the 15th Air Force ' II oir pet, who joins IhcrftNvllb n yFooi, comcs from M{ Bcl Form Agent Resigns To Accept New Post iVlLLE, Ark, Aug. 25. -Washington County F nrm Agent Clifford Smith has resigned ils post to become mitimircr of the Farm Burcnu Co-oijeratire'nt Fny- ettevllle. Smltli's nviignnUoii, which bc- comes .effective Sept. 1,'wns an- loimcecl Sunday. It followed by one lay the dismissal of G. M. Mcnsc- by of];ArtcaSisns board of tnwlec.v. Jt was believed tlial tlic board action had a direct bearing 01 Smith's resignation, since Mcn.sti infchis.-ilestlinony before llic baar, Saturday, said a group of Sprinn dnlp men hud suggcsLci the removal of Smith. MensJe.s siiir the S|>r|]igdale business men hat objected lo Smllh'.s working will farmers on "farm prices, marketing and other economic problems." Thc axis deer Ls found only ii the University Alliwl countries, Inrtln nnd Ceylon / 0,000 Acres Fine Farm Land For Sale Every Acre Located In Mississippi County All Cleared and Highly Developed Not in years has there been the opportunity for both large and small farmers to buy well developed farm land in Mississippi County, Arkansas at such a low price and on such lenient terms. All of this land is offered for sale in tracts suilublo for any size family or for large operators. \ Well traversed with good gravel and dirt roods. Every acre conveniently located us to a good store, gin and the Victoria school. SMALL DOWN PAYMENT-TERMS LIKE RF/VT Interest Rate On Deferred Payments Only 5 Per Cent on v Wilson, Arkansas Keeping Up With The Men In. Service Beryl. Udell Newsoni, .stationed ;it the Mnroc Army Air Field, Calif, with the Fourth Air Force, rcrailly completed the tmnlllteitlnn course with tlic carbine in which ho re- wived the ruling of ex|»cit. Scr- gcniit Ncwsom is tho son.of Mre. Joe U Ketvsoiii pf iilythcville. 1'vl. Henry O. Kessler, I'eturn'lni; from 27 months :overseas with the iutunlry, In tho soulli 1'uclllc, hus arrived i\t JelfcrMiu' Murrai'ks, Mo prior U) visltlnB hls> Lux-, ora. Ark. Corp. lluduy U, 'Unlis of n»ute 1. lilythevlllc,- has been priiiuoU'd to Unit (jnule at Ilic Infimtry lic- placemenl. TrnlnliiK Center »i Camp Hood, TUMIS, As u iiiumlm- nf i|u> Infiinlry . •', Cofporii) Davis ,., ... in- tllb 'Instruction ot now men in the InrniHry us they receive, Ihctr basli; lrnlnln«. - Men lnilncd' hero arc Inter asslRncd as Infmitri I i-ejiliiccnients, .Coi'iiorul Davis Is the son ut Mr: mid Mrs, Joj. \v D-ivlJ of Jtmilu 3, lllylliwlllc. ••' I 1'fc. Avon Wilson! son of Mrs ' Hie Wilson of Deli, Ark, la A mcmljoi of a tfnft, yvhlch 'has" re-J' celvcil H' (.omindHaatWii'from Brig Clcn Jub C r 0'>Aulon wing com-' miindu, foi 1U' contribution In aid- n B an i tghth Alt rorco nghte/ group to become operational fn 11 days after hrrlvrtl at'llio station'in Bng- '""" I ) li^atD Wllspn, v ho entered You're No I Too Old To Feel Young Tills-Is a niessiine for men who have known life bin. no longer find It Ihrlllinu because of tlu> luck of certain, vlliimln.s- nnd lioiniunes. 'Ivutiionc,. a recent medlciil discovery combining vltnmhis am! hoi- uioni's.niny multiply (he vim ami zcM. niid enjoyment you nma knew. Your whole approach; your whole attitude toward lite, may Improve when you begin to use' Tronumc. Now It iimy bo possible for middle "Bed muii to nuiiln enjoy tlie sainr .spirit, vitality and pl™sur ( .s that made- their youth a Iblnjt to remember. Added years iimy not subtract from your plensuivs when you life Truinoiu!. the new medical for- nnila combining vllamlns nnd )| 0 r- iiuuips. Follow directions oil label Troiuoiio for sale by Holjltison Dniv. Co. and druRulsts everywhere. Just Received * fULL CARLOAD of Priced Right! HARDWARE CO. ALL B AND C BOOK HOLDERS ARE CUGIBLE FOR CERTIFICATES- if their present lires are npt servtoabfe Now, as through 29 years of lire leadership, Goodyear is (he first choice <':" ; ' : of most motorists: Extra quality, extra value, the same plus performance l '' ' : ' ' l)uill-ni to every Goodyear, makes it the Number 1 choice for your" •: •'• Grado.I certificate. You get a good-looking tiro with a safe, load-hugging tieatl, and n.strong, easily recapped carcass ... so, bung In your Grade I today and drive out on a new Goodvear ^..thetireofextrayalue, ^ P/iorte 2492

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