Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 2, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1908
Page 7
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ADELEGATE Local Laundryman Qota to National Ataoclatlon of Laundrymen at Cincinnati. C. B. Newton, proprietor o{ tbe loU Lajundry will leave Saturdaj- for CID' cinnatt, Ohio, where he goes as a del- eeate from. Kansas to the National Association: of Laundrymen. One of the principal subjects to come before iihts meettDLK is the-changing of the ! charter from a social order to a strictly business order. Mr. Newton has charge of the work of securing a i charter for this state and Is making'] an effort to secure the first state charter. Should he succeed thel charter for this state will read No. 1. which means that Kansas is always ^ the l^ad even among tbe laundry, men. WILL BE A GOOD MEETING. Capt' Ewln(h Al Florence and Quartette to Geneva. The In.Hoatlons that there will be a splendid turnout at the Republican meeting at Qeneva Saturday night at which Capt. U. A.' Bwlng. candidate for county attorne.v. and A. F. Florence will deliver short addresses. A nuartette, known ns the Black and Tan Quartette has been organized and will sing tt number of selections at this meeting. Songs and "canned" speechea by a graphaphono. will also he a happy feature of t^e meeting. iMt night a number of the Republicans gathered at the headquarters and , listened to the "canned" speeches and to selections by the quartette. It was an informal gatherlnK but a fine time was had. READY FOR BANQUET NOW. Lawyers Can Hardly Walt Until Monday Night. Everything is now In readiness for the bar banquet jiext Monday evening In the I. O. O. F. hall. Th.e lawyers are now undergoing a sort of a fast to be in condition to do Justice to the great feast In store for them. The banquet program indicates that there will also be an excellent intellectual feast. The annual .banquet is always looked forward to with pleasant anticipations by the lawyers as they get together and have a splendid time. GRAIN Th* S^sra Haa Arrired when the Insects Get* Basy In Cribs . j and Bins. The ^sejason has now arrived when insect)' injurious to|stored grain have begun |to' work so vigorously that the farmer must either |kltl them, dispose of his grain, or allow them seriously to damage it The principal damage done >y^ these pests occurs in bins and gl^ariest although in the South considerable Injury results from infes- tatiob of standing corn and of small grains In stack. Some such damage has b' en done to stacked wheat in Kansai this year; Of the twelve or thirteen species of beetlei attacking scored grains, not more »ban five or six are commonly found !at work in the farmers' bins. To these may be added four species of small moths, of which the .\ngou- nioi.s grain moth is the most serious pest Attacking ripened coru. and the meal moth and the Mediterranean dour luoth the serious ones In meal, bran, |or any of the ground grain products. The farmer applies the term ••wee\jH" to all of these insects and distin^ishes the moths by the term •fly weevil." All are of small slie. none bf the. beetles exceeding % of an Inch lind the tuost of theiu being less than of an inch long,; black or brown In color. The moths are tiny 'millers." and their work in the bins and .nranaries may Im distinKuisbed fi-oni |lhiit of ihe be«>tlen by thi- presence <.u web or silk in the gniln, linin. meal |or flour. MouHUres to be employed in the control of this clasis of Intiecta are both prevetitive and Insectlcldal. I'leilentife.—To avoid infeslaiion In the stack, the gruin should be threjth- ed us soon after har >'e8tinK as practicable. Fresh grain should not be ex|)OS^ to attack by being placed in bins q- granaries with that already in- festedu Before storing, the old grain should be removed and the floors, walls and ceilings of the bins thorough!^ cleaned. If the granary has been Ijadly Infested. It should be fum- igatedi Cleanliness Is very Important I6th National IRRIGATION CONGRESS Interstate Industrial Exposition •Bd New .Vcxico Territorial Fair ALL AT Albuquerque. N. M. SEP. 29 to OCT. !• Come and see the prosperous Santa Fe Southwest—where all the way from Colorado to California water is king. The U. 8. Government is now spending millions of dollars to get a permanfnt water supply for the semi-arid lands. It means millions of acres made tlllahle and fit for homes. A national event, worth crossing a continent to see. Foreign diplomats. Government officials, irrigation experts and Captains of Industry will attend. A great j exposition of Southwest farms, ranches, mines and industries.; Indians, too, and cowboys—p. S. Cavalry, r Tickets ion sale Sept. 25 to Oct. 5; finil return limit Oct. 31. 1908. If desired an application to agent Albuquerque, tickets will be honored for return via Clovls. -V. M. and Amirillo, Tex. Attracttve slde-trips to U. S. Be- clamatlott Projects and firand Canyon of Arbonai. 0 m w W. E. BALSTON, Afent . lola, Kans, Ask for Irrigation Booklet. EXCHANGE OB SELL. List your property with me. I ha\<e a large list to match from. No expense unless a deal Is found for you. I have 240 acres In Neosho county, Kas, to exchange for good lola property. ). T. MILES. BMH 10, Old C«nrt Htow. 1 i^. Oilfiilaxs fl—M*l CMtfaetar. Klacatona and- Cemnt Sidewalks MUI liquid |l)an3 or he bins heavier in preventing injury by these lnse<-ts. Uust .jdirt. rubbish, refuse grain, flour a.^d meal serve as breedin;; places. Freqiient agitation or handllnR of the grain jwia destroy many of these moths becaiise they are unable to free themselves' from a mass of It and perish in th^ attempt. \ Ina«etfc/dal— Fortunately, it matters little What species may be causing the .troub e. fori ail succumb to tiie same treattitent. The simplest, most effective; ind inexpensive remedy for all Insect's infesting the farmers' grain stored in tight bins is careful fumigation iwith carbon bisulphide. Thi» Amont of Liquid to l>e I'sed.— This jdepends upon the size of the site of the building, on its tightness, and the nature of the attack. If the build bg is reasonably tight and the infesiktlon slight, one pound of car- boa hisulphide is sufficient for every seveiti hundred cubic feet of space or one I ound fop every hundred bushe'.s of grain.. In case tbe building or bins are nbt sufficiently light to allow thorough fumigation, the amount of the liquid iihould be doubled or even tripled. If the insects are beetles and are very abun&ant. the liquid should in every case/'be doubled. Pr||paratlon.—The building and the bins must be made as nearly alr -ti .eht as i)bsslble In order, that the vapor may Remain In all parts of the space In ft II strength and for the required time.]! The vapor must enter all the cracks and crevices by diffusion. The doors, and windows should be arranged s6 they can be opened from the outslfie when fumigation is completed. Care should be taken to have everything ready and in its place, so that after the Brst vessel has received its liquid It will be unueccessary to stop to adjust anything. EverythinK shoujd be done to avoid unnecccssary dela.vs and to facilitate the rapid evaporation of the liquid. PUcIng the Lli|nld ^The shout<] be placed in shallow dish^ as high as possible in or btilldlng. since the vapor id than||air and settles to the IOWJT parts. It snould be well dlstrlbutedi. having not ioore than a half pound ii)| a place. I In la^e bins, to hasten and to equalize the operation it is well to put a qnanilty of the liquid in the center of the grain by throsting into it a ga.< pipe,]loosely plugged at one end. down whicn the carbon bisulphide may be poured and the plug loosened with a rod .J 'The liquid may be applied directly in this manner to infested i;rain or steds without Injuring their edili!e or fermlnattve qualities. If a building of more than one floor is toibe fumigated, the operator should begip one the first floor and work upward, and after placing the liquid in the jsecond story leave the building through a window that he can close after him.- If imiwsslble to get out the tipper story, the carbon bisulphide should be first distributed here, work ing downward as rapidly as poss-ible to avoid the sett'4ng vairar. L<!ngth of Expwnre^The bins or bulljding should be allowed to fnini- gat^ from 24 to 'J6 hours. The best plan usually is to apply the liquid on a Saturday afternoon and leave the bui ding closed until the foUowiug Uo: Ida .v. Ventilation. —Doors and windows should be opened wide and tbe building or bins aired {thorotighlv one or two^ hours before entering. Slight traces of the odor will linger in corners and other places where the air dnesi jiot piove freely, but these will grud- iialljl- disappear. vantlon. —The vapor of thU li|s highly inflammable and rxplo- Ko fire or light of any sort be allowed about tbe buiVling , the fumigailon is in progress, duplication ihould always be In daylight, for artificial light of kind la dangerous. Electric must be uaed. sincej wheh turning then or oB there la always danger of producing a spark. Nor is it safe to hare heat of any kind In (he building while the funilga,tion is in progress^ qBORGB A. DEAN. Majphantraa. Kui^.Bapt. 3?. IMS. \ Saturday •S DAY AT THE I NEW YORK STORE i Children's Bearskin jcoats, io browu, tan, green, red. white /h/^ tr\ and bine, tomorrow spe-. \ / M\ ci»i qi ^t40 Children's Bearskin Ooats in all the new two tone efiects. all colors, sizes from 2 to 6. Tomorrow Children's pretty velvet Coats in red, blue green, sizes 2, 3, 4, 5. 6—special lor to-morrow Misses and Junior Coats in black, red green, l>rnt^-u und blue, Irom $7.50 to $20.00 CISTINCt!0t4i>.o>>ts« Children's Cloth Coats. i »t.-r!y tym- lued. in velvet and taiiey biift«ii-s, and braid. Sizes 6, S. ib and 12. Special price l«)r tomorrow ^ Children's Cloth Cuats in ii.w. hint-, bruwu and mixluic<. si/cs from (• to 14. si )C <iil !t>r toiunrrow Children's Bearskin * :u il \>Ivrt Coats ill all the new shades. Si/cs ii, 10, 12, 14, These are beautic!> lor $5.98, $6.98 aiKl $7.98 BlgSakof Ladies' Tailored Suits Tomorrow Saturday Fourth shipthent received today and another sbipmeit expected tomorrow. Be on band early and secure first choice. \ Oar line of Ladies' Long Co^^ts now ready lor your inspection. Millinery Dep*t. Bargains For Saturday and Monday T IRELESS efforts have been nude by our Millinery buyer, searchii.f the nurketf foe extra va'ues. with the point in view o^ C aking; Satorday and Monday record-breaking Iffairj scllinf days of the season. Barlgain Item No. 1 .—50 real, clever nobby Hats lor little girls. All the new shapes, silk cords and ribbon band i:;d ';:^.-...".^..«c .a .2j,$i.5Q browii swell j Prices Barsain Item No. 2.—The new " Di- rectoire" Hats lor little girls; red. navy. , black taupe; trimmed with tbe !"'.!""'::....$2.i0io$35a Bargdn Item No. 3.— Ladies' nob­ by velvet Hats, prettily trimmed with SJ1 ~"..$2.95,J3.5I .$4 M Borsain Item No. 4.— Ladies' hand some {Velvtt Hats, all elaborately trimmed with wings, tips and Per- { C AA sian ^£Fect.s. Special price ^3.uU WITH TrtE TREASURER tola City Quarterly Report Small Balance on Hand. 00000000000000000 0 O Showa'O -VnOlTlONAL SIIOKT SKUMKS. O iO O OOOOOOOOQOQOOO60O BRENNANJO PITCH Humboldt Reds Play Our Way Here Sunday.—^Tamer Gray on ^^-hat wni proSbJbe the last •^aJ'I ^I^JX'cul '^^S ^a'^u:;; i ^ P-irionj,„, ,3,, rn, .ond of Mr «e,. game of the season will be pLiye^l at;»«h<he city council at a meetmg last ^^^^ ^j,^. ^^„„^„ ^j^.^^ asking)go • - -*! Electric park Sundav afternoon when ;.. ,T ^ «'|>»an«'^ '« J"*' '!iat he he ^ranted permission to con-1 „ • , , hands of the cUv tivasurer of SC.nSn 92 . . , . . , the Our Wav team meets the Hum- . ,. , , ,. -ist.-iict a sanil bin along the tracks of and was Itemized as follows: ' The report of Thomas H. Bowlus. Build a Sand Bin. Bond Approved. The bond of .1. \V. Kelso, a paving contractor, and the estimate, of R. 3. Gilflllan. the contractor who is doing the Sycamore street paving werA pre- j sentei! to the city cosmcil at its i^^t- was approved ar.d the estiniate|bf Mr. (Ulfillan allowed. ' Gas fund boiilt Reds. As is well known Hum-j Ijoliit has a fast bunch, they havlng|p^^l^ p^^^^ won a large per cent of their games,g^^^^ ^ t!if past season. Lehman, their swell „. ,. , , " ..... ^ I Sink g fund ... tos.-ier. will be in the box. | j n,^^^ The Our Way. bunch will be' ' .•itrengthened by the addition of Pitcher Aild Brennan, the crack Springfield Western Association twirler. On abort stop. Tamer Gray. Springfield's home! '^J'^y^""^^ "'^ nm clouter. will cavort. The Our i Ejpp^^jJ'« ^, Way team and Humboldt have long . „ ,, . _. , ... . . w : itreet & alley been rivals and it is a certainty that each will be eager to win. The game is called for 3 o'clock. ' $49.11:^.4:'.; ' th»> Missouri Pacific railway. This 1 Four FiFes in Septembe.-. .i''!" 4-;; ^itj, pevcral petitions for the constni:-! .\ccording to the report of Fire 4C.;.42|,j„^ Qf sidewalks was referred to a | Chief Beckes. there were four fires In this city dttrlns il-e niotah of Septem- ; R. R. bonds .. Ref. Bond Int. Paving ...... G^erai fiind. I council committee.;.-, on si:.29| :;".9S! •ir.1.96 Hold Vesper Services. Vesi)er services, the first next Sunday, will be held every Sunday by the Y. M. C. A. Other the aecretay. Miss Seyl. or some ialolater of the Cemetery Hlghl'd $1.1.471.99 J4.805.CT il2.S9T.47 s .nG .rt.i 119.77 cemetery j n.SSS.IO Wp ft L. Bond Int.; 1.342.00 D^l. In han^s of; City Tr^a."!. .Hay Jloie Here. K. Hunter and wife, of Savouburg. are in lola inspecting re.>;ideiice proii- erty with a view to buying and locat- [ in.i; here. If he finds suitalfie froiierty ! .Mr. Hunter will engage in some kind <.f buiiiness He has sold bis properly in Saronburp. IKT The reports of the fire chief do not detail the lo|;s. cause. ..••tc.. of the conflagrations. . R.ei>ort of Sexton. , The sexton of cemetery number 1 ir.ade bha monthly report to the city council last nisht. Hf shows in his niiort that .seven £ruves were dug ami that he received |26.G<>. f..-;93.92 I 161.843.35 Far. Beat aad qaiekest Hesoltt Use ti« BcffalM'a Wiat.CriiMWM' 1 Back From Wichita. .1. D. Manp and C. C. Luccock who j were I called to Wichita to identify : Forrfist Mingle, alias Harry Parker, who lis charted with killing Pearl |Cl .S42;!.''i jjjjpjjj p^raon at Oklahoma City a ton .^venue. The concerts will be cbn- i few jveeks ago, arc expected in ttla [ tinned weekly as long as the weat&er W. O. W. Band Concert. The W. O. yr. band WHi give Jts usual weekly concert tonight at the 1 corner of West street and Washtog- event! |permita.

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