The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 1, 1996 · Page 15
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 15

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 1, 1996
Page 15
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THE SALINA JOURNAL Almanac TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1996 JOYCE JILLSON Creators Syndicate Inc. HOROSCOPES • ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19). Travel plans dealing with foreign countries are lucky. Older people offer assistance. Sticking to beliefs is the key to clearing up a communication glitch with a mate. The boss is paying special attention to you. • TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Trust your instincts on a work-related project. Seeking the approval of others is not necessary. Love Is highlighted with the addition of new members to a community or political group. Scorpio rocks your universe. • GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Your words and style are compelling and draw followers to any plan you put forth. Risk a career change. People are afraid of hurting your feelings regarding an issue with a family member. Speak messages of hope. • CANCER (June 22-July 22). Creativity is spurred by chaos. Leos and Capricorns cannot stop complimenting you. Business deals are successful with additions to partner membership. Let your mate take care of you for a change. • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). T Work done on speculation brings luck. Your talent becomes evident to the boss during a period of intense pressure at work. Profits come from projects begun now. Your innovative style attracts lovers. • TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (Oct. 1): This is an unusual year ,when little things turn Into bonanzas. The work of the past two years pays off by January. But before that, you'll have job offers in November, which your current boss will match. Bonuses In January and July depend on your being firm and confident. By February, old loves resurface, but your best bet Is another Libra, met while travelling. Postpone major moves till March, when money, luck and power are tops. Marriage comes in late July. • VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). New associates are in awe of your grace and eloquence with clients. Defer judgments until you know all the facts. A friend offers a chance to travel to an exotic or unusual place. Be optimistic about life with a Cancer. •-LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Finishing a current project ahead of schedule impresses higher-ups. Problems at home can be solved with group meetings. Luck in love comes via mail or a phone call. One side of the story Is not even close to the truth. • SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Delegation of tasks at the office is now your responsibility. Tone with a lover is all-important. A gregarious neighbor may stir things up at a social event or outing. Make the most of less-than-ideal social circumstances. • SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Aggressively seek new duties at work and a raise or promotion Is on the horizon. Compromise is only temporary with a loved one. A major decision regarding an investment should be made with professional advice. • CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Use competition to fuel your spirit and raise the quality of your work. Be very clear about your intentions toward a past flame. Rational thinking will carry you through a tough meeting. You have a talent for teaching. • AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Part-time work turns into a future goldmine. Attend seminars to obtain ideas for creative ventures. Pisces or Libra seeks a more romantic slant on your friendship. Pick up an instrument. • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Family tension is lessened with the introduction of a new outdoor activity or sport. A colleague's loss is your gain. Your mate needs to obtain a deeper level of commitment. It's time to get over an ex-love. HOROSCOPES • Call COMMUNITY line Category 7827 MOVIES *Bad **Falr ***Good **** Excellent * Prlmetlme & Seniors $3.50 Other Times $5.50 INDEPENDENCE DAY PG13 **'/« (*5:00)-7:35 Central • 2 hours 20 mln. FIRST KID PG ** (*5:15)-7:20 Central • 1 hour 41 mln. FLY AWAY HOME PG (•5:05)-7:25 Central • 1 hour 47 mln. FIRST WIVES CLUB PG (•5:10)-7:30 Central • 1 hour 43 mln. TIN CUP R *** (*5:00)-7:30 Mid-State • 2 hours 10 min. LAST MAN STANDING R * (•5:05)-7:25 Mid-State • 1 hour 42 min. EXTREME MEASURES R *** (*5:00)-7:30 Sunset • 1 hour 57 mln. ALASKA PG *** (•5:05)-7:25 Sunset • 1 hour 50 mln. Salina today WEATHER Kansas today 85 HIGH 57 LOW Today, breezy, unseasonably warm and sunny. High 85. South wind 15 to 25 mph arid gusty. Tonight, becoming partly cloudy. Low 57. 7:13 p.m. ( Today's Sunset 7:27 tun. Tomorrow's Sunrise Extended forecast Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloudy Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow •TODAY: Mostly sunny and warm. Highs from the lower 90s northwest to 80 to 85 east. • TONIGHT: Becoming partly cloudy west, mostly clear east. Lows from the upper 40s northwest to around 60 east. • WEDNESDAY: Cooler northwest. Partly cloudy. Highs from the lower 60s northwest to the middle 89s southeast. v • THURSDAY: Little or no precipitation.•'-,;•• Lows in the 40s west and 50s east on Thursday. ,Highs • mainly in the 60s. U.S. today Salina yesterday TEMPERATURES Yesterday Normal Record/Year High 77 78 101 /1938 Low 54 51 28/1912 • High and low to 6 p.m . PRECIPITATION 24-hour to 6 pirn. , : ,, -, : • None September to date ? ;. 4.44 Average September ' 3.51 Year to date -, 29.39 Average year through September 24,43 Average year •-•••'.' /28;95 DAILY WEATHER* Call COMMUNITY line. Category 9494 , 50s. COLD WARM STATIONARY Pressure H L EE HIGH LOW SHOWERS RAIN T-STORMS FLURRIES SNOW ICE SUNNY PT. CLOUDY CLOUDY Kansas yesterday U.S. today Belleville HI .79 LO 54 PREC Anchorage HI 40 LO 31 OTLK Rain 62 66 Atlanta 70 62 . Chanute , CotfewlHe _Z§_ 50 Cldy Boston 70 49 .Clr 75 51 Chicago 79 53 Cir Concordla 79 57 Dallas-Ft Worth 84 56 Clr Dodge City 80 52 Denver 85 49 Clr Emporla .78 52 Garden City- 76 49 Qoodland * mnoity 79 JZ_ 53 Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles New York City 81 90 75 75 58 66 63 56 Cl Old C C Hutchlnson 78 S3 Oklahoma City 84 53 Clr ^ •; ,,_ KANSAS QpAD-CONPITIONS HOTLINE., -„, r ,,., - 1-8OO-585-7623 Provided by the Kansas Highway Patrol '. T ADVICE Lawrence 77 56 Omaha 83 56 Clr '80 "62" Orlando 89 '•7r Cloy Topeka' -.78 52 Phoenix 96 73 Clr Wichita 78 53 San Francisco 70 52 Cldv PEOPLE BUSH Bush eager to do his duty : AUSTIN, Texas — To some people, jury,:; duty is a chore to avoid at all costs. Gov.^. George W. Bush was so*, eager to serve he cut in-line ahead of about 300 * other candidates. "I have to get to work," Juror No. 536 joked, stepping up when jurors 1 to 200 were called to get. their assignments Mon- ' day at City Coliseum. :'-.'. Former President-; Bush's son was assigned to report to a<o county criminal court for jury selection!" Oct. 8. But he expects to be dismissed be-;-; cause, as governor, he has the power to- pardon convicts. Still, Bush said, he wouldn't try to dodge, 0 , the summons: "If you're going to live in a£; democracy, take advantage of a fantastic™ system, you need to participate." ^, Reba, Vince surprise Opry s : NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Some folks goS; watch a movie when!J they're just hanging out. Big-time country music™ stars like Reba McEntireT,,' and Vince Gill? They go- to the Grand Ole Opry —™ to perform. The two were attending a dinner Saturday^ night when Gill asked- McEntire, "You want to« MCENTIRE 71-j go over to the Opry and sing a song?" The result: They drove the short dis tance to the Grand Ole Opry House and made a surprise appearance on the year-old country show to sing their duet, , "The Heart Won't Lie." , ) Bulletin: Queen gets flowers- PRETORIA, South Africa — QueenJ Beatrix of the Netherlands received a 21* gun salute and a bou-»i quet of flowers from! President Nelson Man-J dela's daughter as she* arrived Monday int South Africa. The queen, her band, Prince Claus, andj their son Prince Willem. Alexander are visiting! South Africa until; »; it- hus-J BEATRIX Thursday. _ They were welcomed by Mandela at his*; office, where his daughter, Zinzi, present*; ed the queen with flowers. Ji South Africa's links with the Nether-jj. lands go back to the 17th century, when* the Dutch East India Co. set up a refreshy ment station for sailors on the trading^ route between Southeast Asia and Europej: at what is now Cape Town. » From Wire Service Reports* 30 years a wide gulf to cross when it comes to kids! Dear Ann Landers: I am a male in my 60s, retired, divorced twice, with two grown children and three grandchildren. I have been single for 20 years. I am now involved with a wonderful woman in her mid-30s who has never been married and who desperately wants children. I have never felt more compatible or loved anyone so much, but I have experienced the joys and heartaches of raising children and at this stage of life do not wish to go $ through it again. If we had children, it is unlikely I would be around during their teen years, and also, though my finances allow me to live comfortably, I do not have enough to support and educate a child. ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. I doubt either of us will change our minds. Even if she agreed to remain childless, I'm afraid she would always resent it. Is it wrong to continue our relationship in view of this fundamental disagreement? — Oak Park, 111. Dear Oak Park: I would never venture to make this decision for a reader, but I admire you for being so upfront and realistic about the potential problems should you marry this woman. A 30-year age difference is an entire generation, aside from the question you pose. I strongly recommend you both make appointments to meet with a doctor, a lawyer and a clergyman and listen carefully to their assessments and counsel. Dear Ann Landers: A member of my family has genital herpes, and I am wondering how contagious or infectious this is. I am 60 years of age. This person is a young nephew who means the world to me, but I find myself ill at ease in family TV TONIGHT social situations that involve food preparation and handling or serving drinks. "Mickey" often mixes drinks for his guests and never uses ice tongs or a scoop, preferring to use his hands instead. Whenever I see him do this, I cringe. He and his wife have invited me to dinner at their home many times, and I have never accepted. I'm running out of excuses. I really love these kids and would like to have a closer relationship with them, but the herpes problem is a serious roadblock. I have read that herpes is a pervasive condition in America and one in six people are now infected with the virus. Is that true? This means many cooks, waiters, bartenders, etc., who serve me are infected. How does one tell? I need information, Ann, and you are the only source I trust to give me an honest, informed answer. — No Name, Please Dear No Name: Stop worrying. Although it is theoretically possible to transmit genital herpes through food*; handling or bed linens, it is highly un-jr likely.. For this to happen, the herpes* virus must be transferred to the food or*,' linens by coming into contact with an£ open herpes sore. Then the object must«-> touch someone else on a part of the skinT receptive to infection, such as a cut, dur-^ ing the short time that the virus is still; alive and transmittable. » As for how many people are infected, ac-* cording to the Herpes Resource Center, the2 actual number is one in four adults. ManyJ of those infected have no symptoms and doj not know they're carrying the virus. « For more information, send $1 forj postage and handling to the Herpes Re-J source Center, American Social HealthJ Association, Dept. PR-65, P.O. Box 13827,» Research Triangle Park, N.C. 27709 (In-* ternet address: http:Xsunsite.unc.;; edu/ASHA/). They will send you free,* confidential information about herpes* and answer any other questions. I Best bets . 7 p. m . _ "Nova," PBS, Salina cable channel 2 and again at 8 p.m. on channel 8. Season premiere. The science series opens its 23rd season with "Einstein Revealed," a special two-hour portrait of physicist Albert Einstein, focusing on his messy personal life. F. Murray Abraham narrates. •" 8 p.m. — 'The People Next Door," CBS, Salina cable channels 5 & 12. Faye Dunaway, Nicollette Sheridan. A childless couple makes plans for an instant family when a single mother and her children move into the neighborhood. * 9 p.m. — "Running Mate," PBS, Salina cable channel 2. One- hour documentary takes a 21st Century look at the country's No. 2 jokjrand includes interviews with Al Gqre, Bob Dole, Dan Quayle, Gerald Ford, Geraldine Ferraro, and Walter Mondale. B a B Promised Land 97449 Comm Access Strictly 2975 Wine Festival 28371 o Movie * *»"The Three Musketeers" (1993) (CC) 36791 B Book of Virtues 67831 B Roseanne Roseanne Promised Land 68913 m IB m 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 Nova 39197 9:00 9:30 Running Mate (CC) 48159 flajor League Baseball Playoffs Divisional Round Game 1 •• Teams to Be Announced. 877913 Ulovls **« "The Three Musketeers" (1993) (CC) 71739 Simpsons Extra 80401 Movie "The People Next Door" (1996) Faye Dunaway. 63523 Nova 24555 Life's 82623 Life's 8791 American Salina 88739 News 56371 Home Imp. Home Imp. SplnClty 54352 Relativity 72333 Spin City 4820 Relativity 39401 Movie "The People Next Door" (1996) Faye Dunaway. 55449 Major League Bassball Playoffs Divisional Round Game 1 •• Teams to Be Announced. 564438 Movie "Diamond Head" Cont'dlMovIe *** "Cactus Flower" (1969) 9777555 10:00 10:30 Charlie Rose 41246 News 7646468 Tonight Show Coach 73623 News 7807642 Salina 32062 News 13265 Computer News 7727130 News 6282401 News 6217197 Cheers 82371 Late Show Neighborhood Patrol 22913 Business Rpt. Roseanne Nightllne Late Show News 8552623 Tonight Show 'The Survivors" 61614468 Movie "Mary Popplns" (1964) (CC) Cont'd [Sound-Andrews 502791 |Avonlea 295739 Movie ** "Congo" (1995) Dylan Walsh. (CC) 727371 Movie "Mirage" (1995), Sean Young 802401 Movie *** "Matinee" (1993) 9570517 iMovIe *x "Wagons Eastl" (1994) John Candy. 16842975 Movie "Braveheart" (1995) A Scottish rebel rallies his countrymen against England. 488352 Back From Madness 382062 Roger Corman Presents 888517 Movie "Dangerous Prey" (1995) 741352 Women News 485623 I Inside Politics Larry King Live 572623 Picket Fences 2745159 Our House 9318130 Highway to Heaven 568555 World Today 569159 Miami Vice 2754807 Color 7796159 Color 7583062 Man Alive [Triumphs Rescue 911544975 Movie "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman" (1951) 9874284 Sports 642081 Moneyllne Unbroken Circle 9347642 700 Club 564739 7094420 743343 One on One LoveSt637159 Picket Fences 2737130 In Touch 9317401 Three Stooges 567826 Movie "House on Haunted Hill" 93355449 8303739 Softball Chall. 306623 Prime Time 710081 Jeff FoxworthylAllen Rewires Tompklns Sq. Lounge Liz. Bodybuilding 381333 ED m 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 Evening of Country Greats: A Hall of Fame Celebration 393159 Dallas 305994 Buzzkill This Is the PGA Tour 390197 Golf 866555 Golf 845062 Billiards: Masters 390081 Dream On TBA 920371 Singled Out Dr. Katz Pro. Surfing Pro Tour. 389081 Superbouts 387517 Auto Racing NASCAR Winston Cup •- Tyson Holly Farms 400. (R) 5352130 |RPM 4062623 Murder, She Wrote 581371 Boxing Hector Camacho vs. Fighter to Be Announced. 576807 10:00 10:30 Politically Inc. Dally 3086130 Ren & Stlmpy NHL Preview 399468 Sportscenter (CC) 380604 Rally 9998178 NHL 9907826 Silk Stalkings 580642 'Police Academy 3: Back In Training" 9564178 [Movie **» "Stripes" (1981) Bill Murray, Harold Ramis. 75408975 Movie **K "Malice" (1993) Alec Baldwin, Nicole Kidman. 13299333 NFL Game I NFL Game To Be Announced 9321604 Movie ** "Klckboxer" (1989), Denis Alexio 546449 Unsolved Mysteries 531401 Movie "The Forget-Me-Not Murders" (1994) 55126S Politics | Equal Time Movie "Magic Island" Cont'd Wild Discovery 929517 Myth America Happy Days America Happy Days Biography 947913 Press Box Movie "Blood & Orchids" (1986) 82526449 Press Box News 398739 Rivera Live 8425975 Charles Grodln 8445739 Press Box [Press Box Wlseguy 391826 Living 295197 [Mysteries America After Hours 8448826 Animals A to Z 7843913 Mystery Univ. World-Wond Arsenal (R)918401 UFOs/Allen 317739 Lucy 493517 Munsters U.F.O. (R) 397975 Mary 288772 | Rhode 720333 Silent Witness 934449 UnReal 197197 Comlcvlew 916159 Marfa 34623 I Canaveral de Paslones 844710 Primer ImpactoNoc. 18159 On Ice (R) 574197 Jonny Quest Fllntstones Gossip 145307 Bugs 1724284 News 690492 Tom and Jerry Talk Soup Speed Racer Night Stand Super Friends Next Step Myth America Taxi 126505 | Odd Couple Law & Order 946284 Beyond 2000 America Talk 509721 Sanford Notlclero Unl. Stern 637265 Rocky-Bullwln P. Impacto Stern 646913 Cartoon Plane PBS, Bunker Hill NBC, Wichita Fox, WIchlta-Sallna CBS, Topeka Access 6, Salina Fox, Kansas City PBS, Wichita I ABC, Kansas City I ABC, Wichita I Prevue I CBS, Wichita I NBC, Kansas City I Encore I Disney 8 Weather Channel Clnsmax 03 Starz ID Education Access BD Government Access Ql HBO Q9 Showtime m CNN Q) Headline News 8 C-Span Home Shopping Network OQVC BDf/X BD Odyssey Family Channel American Movie Classics Nashville Network Country Music TV MTV VH1 Comedy Central Prime Sports Network CD WON, Chicago ESPN OB Cable Health Club ESPN2 ED Lifetime USA Network EB C-Span 2 __ TNT 09 CNBC I B WTBS, Atlanta QD Court TV Prime Sports Showcase BD MSNBC BBTVI 8 Discovery The Learning Channel ID Mind Extension m Nickelodeon Arts & Entertainment BET 03 Unlvlslon ffi) KTCtSalina Marketplace QBE! 03 Cartoon Network QB Food Channel 6D Newsport ID-IB Request

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