Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 2, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1908
Page 6
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THE JOIJ. J)AIIJ .BEfll8im JIMPfJ gyEHEffi ^ttCiaMiElt^^ 1906 Ginghams l)n>«s liliiKlinms In ilark cdloii'.. plalilii. sill 111.;;. Wn-ikii. Jinil liliilti roliii!'. I'riii' |HM- yiiril . . . H)^ Apniii CIH'CU CIngliiimi'. •• NIUI H'I"'- liv ill li'iii', iMOwii aiiil Kici'n. I'rlf*- per yiint «>C Muslin •Yard Wide MUHIIU , extra quality, hlt-achod <,r iluL-leai-lied. ' i'rire y.or yard 5<* Sheeting S-4 Siandard Qualitv Sheeting. I 'er yard ;t-4 Slaudard Sheelinj;. ui.hleaoh- ed Bleached 24 ^ Outing Oiitiim ami C'cim.ii Khtnnel tiii- bleaohed. Price ..a. (Pi. T'». Sl-3 «inl 10<^ Women's Slippers Wo iV IVlt Slippers In black and color.-^. Prlc,. ... SHI.(M). JKI.'i.'i un.1 $I.r>0 SPECIAL SALE OF for Saturday _ .dieB' Slipover or regular style Gowns, made of extik quality muslin, beautifully trimmed with em- broi|iery and insertion; gowns worth $1.00 and $1.25, our l&pecial sale price, 65c adi 89c dies'Muslin Gowns, embroidery trimmed, worth our special sale price, 4- KMRKUinKKY. K.ihl.rojjlery Hands and Insertion, al:<o a ii'Y edj;e.s worth l.'ic and liOe varil. Spt|-ial iirioe for Satuiday per yard Notlinghain l-ace; Turains in write or .Arahi: ii, full si!;indard size. Price pair ....].. $1.04) and $1.25 jjNEW VKILIXiS. New Veilings in fancy Rui'siau luesh nets, hluelj brywii and Kri>y. 18 inches wide at ,1 '^rn* Ut d'H^ Handkerchiefs ;Worth 25c and 35c Sale price, each X 15c ULO\HS. Women's Cashnierette Clove.s. in <-oIor.s and lihu-k. al! siz >-K. prii-o. a pair Hovb* KouKh KIder Cloves in tan with olive sreen gauntlet i-uff.s with iUii decoration. F'rice paii- ."lO^ »• infant's Leather Faced tlaunHet .Mittens in all colors, made of |iear skin and astrachan. Price pair..."»Of TAUT-M POWIIEK. Airfloal Violet Talcum Powder, made liy the T:il«iim Puff To. Price per caii 10^' Suitings I'ancv Siililn}; I'loth.". ;S inchest widif in IIKIII critiiiid uilli lil:i< k ^llCipe. also daik blue. blolMi. red. ami i;ii>'en: e\- ai-l copies of till' new \vi;;iv.^ ill wiiiil- eii dli '-r' {•<»HIS Wiiifn 17 '-_.r,' til L ''iC Special price for Satur<l;iy 1 50 Stockinigs Kay Stiickinj^s for bo;.:; and pirls. the kiiiil tiial l.uli«.ii to the w:iisls Price per pair :{.•», 4<> nud Pillow Cases Standaril ^ize r.'.xW inch Piriow I 'aies.. each [ - lO^ Bed Pillows Ped Pillows covered wltli standard ticking. Price pair $1.1K) Blankets Crey Hed Blanket;, the kind that usually sell for G.'.c pair; Our price ."50^ Rugs '.ixl" Ingrain |{ii»;s, brown, led and Kreen. wtulh |t; iMi. Special pi ice $-!.!>.'> NEWS DF LA HARPE »' • A 18.PIIH K H\M» WII.I. HK (HMJ.W- IZED IIERK I NM :.\I{ IIU UK. FROM THE W. 0. W- MEMBERS HIGH SIHOOL FOOT B.4LL TEAM TO PLAY ( IIANITF (KT. 9TH. The Insurancr Adjusters Are Expected Here Soon lo Adjust Loss lij the Recent Fire—Personals. Better Thau Ever. • "In spite (^i the hupiiosed business depression we have done more cash business the i<asi month than any month in the jiast year.' remarked a La Harpe merchant yesterday afternoon, "We have raised our capital stock $3,(100 in the six months and ijmr business has [irospi-red. Ii is ueces- sar.v, however, lo keeji what the jioo- ple wani." Mu} ilatK U NUI I. \M Harpe may li:t\e :iiiiither band SoUie time ago jiir^l beturr the ^nu•lt• er* cloned down there WHM talk of or C^iilrliiK H baud ainotiK the member^ ot the local W.iodliMii <>t tlU' Wor .d Hut beCttUNe the MIHllfli. clu- rd IbrwW lilt; .11 iiunibci' oi ibe iiii 'U >>ui lif em |iltiyillclll till' lilcl war. ilb .ilii|iille (l Tlll< Jllail Mill I'l ll .iVe mil,* ;i IWeh'^ plect* build, all Kond iiiuil>laii' Now that lht< Xllieltei'! Ulll iipell ilKaill In u few diiy.K the plan will be levivi 'd New InmruinentK iiipl unlfornir* will be purrhased and the liand e .|ulppi'J wejl in every other way. ^-i ' I OCTOBEK KEtOKDS. The latest selections of up-to-datfr Recoi^ds Just received. Call and hear them. Maters j| Douforth Drugs ai^d Jewelry. Hlgh.Schoo^ Ts. Chanute. Pjof. H.vam at nounced yesterday that a foot ball game had been arranged' with the ChuDute, Kas.. high schcol team for October 9th. Chanute is reputed as having one of the fastest biftfa school teams in the Etat6 and will lucely give the local »tbleucs a hard I'.anie. Tbis year. Iiowcver. i t.a llarpe will have a iiiiui faster tuani ilian ever b«:rorc, .Mii>i |i«f the mem bers pla>ed tin:ether !:ist year which Klves an advantai:i' of|'most other team- lu the state. Slil.ce tht> gatiie will be plavid on the .-Ji'Cnllll day of ilie Fanner's Kxhibit ani4>\ceptionall.\ larce crowd is expecteil^ The e.aine will be one of the features of the exhibit on th afternoon cfij October !»th Will Locale II ire. Frank and .lohn .lau ice. of Sheldon. Mo., who iwere h<^re yesterday will locate in this city.; Wliile here they closed a deal for l.:i llarpe properly and in the futuer will make this !h<ir home. ; OSTEOPATHT— | DH.W.H. ALBRIGHT. ^ |: ' Registered Osteopathic: Physician. State Bank Bldg. liPhone 145. Only Osteopath In Ilii Harpe. Will <»|ien Oftiit-e. H. -M. ("line whose gro<ieiy business was burned in the lire i last Siindav ji tiiorning. has opened a tifmporary office in the building Just liortb of Will naUKlierty';; barber slioijl They will receive payment on ajjcoiints and iraii'acl other businesH However nothiiiK will .be :<>:d. .NJ ^i. ('line will reopen ,1 sioclk of Krocerlf's a.s HtHin as the loss is .'liljiisied an»i| the biiildinf; re paI red- Ar»< Wluuers Weiidall l>hi:iip:i and Jbhn M.-i<-l.t>iu A| H I U. aid weie WtilUfi • al. teiijiili yer'lerda) lil'liM iiiiiiii • Tlu>,\ defc'itij Obiili. t! I, C.-l. r.-T. ! I Kalicr and Ex|iHrl<i Ad.luxler'*! AdJilMters of the los., i| and the lllaker l.uiiibij whore biisliie .sf. w:.;; dnil la^l Sunday ninniiiiK iru expectetl here soon. The delay in reaching ln.'re .Soon. II. M. (.'line compuiiy. aged by fire Is due to the fart that adjusteis fioiii all of iho Insurance com pail ies an- in .Ninth Dakota and other states in the northern imrt of the riiile<l States adjusting the loss from foie^t tiles. IVrMiniiK. .Mrs. I.,. K. Helms, of .Moran. was here yesterday visiting relatives. 1). Phillip:- was in Vat.s Center. Kas . yesierdav attending the fair. • Mrs. Hoy Liimnaii and .Mrs. .Mlli>«>. of <ieneso. New York, are visiting at the home of C. H. Hackney. .Mr. and Mrs. William Hale ieiiirn>>)l to their home in Katy. ^lo . after a few- days' visit here with relatives. .Mrs. S. .Malcolm was the ciieKt of relatives north of .Moran yesterday. S. K. McGinnis was in I'niontown. Kns , yesterday on business. 'Jeorge Playo, John Jenkins. Ed Jenkins and Jake Myers left ve.sterday for Pueblo. Colo., where they intend to locate. Their families will follow- In a few d^s. Miss Marguerite Kirk|iatrlck who has been the guest of relatives fur the past several days left yesterday for Webb City. .MO. for a few da>:.' vi-^it before r>'turulni; to her home in H!iie Mound. .Mrs. John Portt-r left yesierda.N for lier home ill Plait. Kas. Sin- h:l«: been the guest of relatives ami Irlend' Iiele for the past seVeKil weeks Mrs. Fred S. Halm w<-iii in Kaii-as City yesterday lor ii lew d:i\;. vlit with relatives I.ewis .Marr'liHll, of Wlrhlla. was hele )e..tetday o|i a lliilt bll. lliei . VI 111 Mr and Mi:i WIMaiii hoif. i.r liar lleit\llle. aie till- liue'fi ol rel:ilivev IpM.. IhN Week Hallou IV Snittli. <.t South of liion- son, was here ye--li'nlaN mi a lMi:iiiie»s visit. Ill- say.: that many fiom lil> neighliorhiHHl art* plaiiiiiiig to attend the Farmer's ICxIiibll which i.-; to be held In this city October S tdul '.t (ieorge It. H:inna left this morning for Sheldon, .Mo. on a short business visit. NEWS OF GAS CITY n. ISHEl.l.'S LEFT FHOT MAS HI > i»Vi:i{ WITH UKE CAK. WAS VERY PAINFULLY MASHED THE FIKEMEX MET IN HEUi'LAR SE.MI..M»K\THLV SESSION. Blocks of .\uiulier One niiii Tno of Prime Western Spelter f«. No. Oue Will Be StnHed Soon—IVrsouals. H. I»l>ell Hurl. While working at the Prime Western smelter in thi.-! city. H. Isbell was liiiite painfully hurt yesterday afternoon. In some way be allowed a ht-avy car loaded with ore to run over his left foot, mashing i! severely. Mar>li:il Vaughn is Sick. ISecaiise of illness Cily Mar lial William Vaughn is off diitv ihis week. .N Itrowii. the a-si laiit nrarhall, has as Mimeil his diiti .s Firemen .Mel. Til.- members of the tire di^partmeiit W .le 111. lei-ular >e>l«i|l Wediii«ida.» IIIKIII .ManinMiUvr wa. e'l i led Hec to nil the \aia,-ic\ m.tde b.\ the re'sigiiatioii of William Vaimhn T. S Henry was named vice piesideiit to siicceOil .Mr. .Miller Tluf.- new members Were taken in. tJtlu'r liiisine <s was transacted Frank Erase Virj IIL Frank Frare was taken to the hi>?- pital yestcrdav atternoon where he will be cared for. He war- injured while workinp.oii a drilling rig about three yeaisapij and has never prope.r- ly recovt-red. His condition now is tbotiaht to be serious. Choral (luli .Meets Tonight. The Choral club will nuel at the horn*' of l)r. S. H. Swan this evening. The time will be consi:m»-d with rehearsing new music. One and Two to .Start. Furnaces iiiimber one and two al the Prime Western smelter will be started iu the near future. They will give employment for about filiy "unemployed men. Scarf and Stool PERSONS W.^NTINf; boy or cirl lo work Vftr board while attending schoal apply itt lola Business College. Phone 495. ^ f Antomoliiles. High grade used automobile?, all makes, at lowest (trices. All cars In A-l cotidltlon. I ship you any make of car, you pay for the car when you get it; W^rlte today for price and specify make of car you want. Now is the time' to bur. H. S. Vrooman. 1118 Fisher' Baildinc. Chicago. i This is­ mark which is on every genuine bottle of Scott's Emulsion sold in nearly all the countries of the worM. Notiiing equals it to build up the weak and wasted bodies of young and old. Scad titb adocTtlicmeat. tofletlwr WiUi niiBcofmwiawtiich It man. K** addmt and four ccaU to cover PDiUac and IK wiO tend yon a "CuapkU Haady AllMirf UieWatU" n :i :: t: SCOTT* B0WNS,4M FMSt. N. Y.| Personafs. Pete Khiy left vesteiday for Hartles vill* on an exteiuled bii .iiness visit. (t. ttrandoii. i.f Pinna, was here y«'s lerday ua business. I! W. Wilgiis was in l'ii |iia >e-i.M- day on a business visit. J. S. S;iwyer of this city who has bt-eii wuiklng a^: iiiotoiman on the lola Kleclric Kailwav line ihruiigli tlit^ cit.v. has lesiglied and left yi-sii-i .|;».^' for l\inrtn.-«ii Ixa^ •MIsH Cerihu Shuck canie in l.i.i eVelllllK IHilll a Week 'il VIII Willi liel sIMtr. .Ml^' .1 It Itiild. Ill AtK .iit ;ri Cilv She lelt IhlH luoiiiliig fill Col oii\. Ka-i , for a lew da> vlsll with relalivi-M .Mr. and .Mi.i. Chi '-'ler Cl ,-iwi «n wi!l |i-;ive liiiiioriow tor Kan ; City when lli«-.\ will visit fur the next wfi -k and take in the carnival .Mrs K .\. Johiisiiii is re|H>itc <l on the sick ILst. GIVEN rREE With each Piauo Purchase at the Roberts Piano House 12 N. WnPlduRtou ^riM.E FOIST TAI.KEII. He Took Part in K. A: I> of S. Exercises at HumlMildt. Judge Oscar Foiist made the principal address at an open installation of the Knights and Ladies of Security at Humboldt last night. He spoke along the line of the principles of the order. At the business session two candidates were initiated. A large number of Chanute iteople were iu .attendance. Probate Judge J. B. Sniitb was among those from iola who took tn th* InatBUatloB exerciees. ° p:«iiil with OhI-Nmnwl II not, you tibould try it. Chi- N.tmel is the best lloor and fiittii- turc paint on the lunrket. Aslc ui about it. THE IOLA KiX AND COLD STORAGE CO. MannCactarm. wkdasol* •ad RcUB Pa^ira And Distilled Water Hew C«M Utngt \mtmi$ Ht KaiiMta. n «mUCv

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