Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 21, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Saturday, September 21, 1907
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YOL. IX. So. m Whole \o. 6268. sa PAGE I S. lOLA, KAKSAS, SEPTEMBEB, 31, lW7r-^ATl'lU>A¥ ETESIK6. ' SIX PAGES. ON 37 .LLEGAL SALES DU, VOEGTLE CHARGED WITH TIOLATING DHCGGIST PEKMIT. i,f44 SALES MADE LAST MONTH OFlR'tUS CONFISCATE 8 UAUBELS OF BEEU AMI WHISKEY. lUford uf the i^ah^ ludlcale That -. Uuiubold'- In u Yt'o rnbfttUiy As tile ri suit of a raiJ iimik' by the (!puuty olIlciTs on his drug stors this Uiorniug, Dr. Karl Vougtle of Hum- lx>lUi cliurged with maintaining u uuisauce aiiiJ with having made thirty-seven illegal sales. The raid das conducted hy County Attorney Carl Jjetersou, Sheriff C. O. Bollinger and Jailor H\)ov..n- Kerr. ; Dr. Vdcgtle has held a drugglsia litiuor permit for years and is at pres- • tint the only person in tho county to hold such a peimiit.. Complaints have ivowever bi-en coming in to the county aUorney that he was selling liquor illegally. Mr, Peterson therefore though it beat to malie an investigati nation. This morning with tha sheriff and jailor, he made an early morning- trip to Humboldt. In the Voe^- tje drug store were found two barrels of beer and one barrel of i whiskey. Tbese were confiscated by the officers and brought to the county jail. Tlie most damaging evidence against Dr. Voegtle. however, is hi.s' record of sales. Under the terms of the permit, the dru;?gist must keep a record of the names of .the parties lo whom he> sells liquor and the com- piaint or disease for which the liquor i.s sold. The purchaser i .s required to nil out a blank affidavit stating the disease for which he wants the liquor and swear to the truth uf the affidavit. Tiie druggist is not permitted to sell iKinor as a beverage and Is not allowed to sell to any one addicted to drink. 'Dr. Voeatle's monthly record of sales as filed with the probate judge's office has been quite large, at least large enough to arouse the suspicion of the officers that he was selling fl- legally. His books show that he made 1,144 sales for the month of August aiid o^'er TOO thus far this month. Mr. Reterson said today that he hud talked to a number of men who had iiurchas- ed liquor from Dr. '/oeptlo on a i)pr- mitand all said tha' thev had not been required to snejip to the affidavit a.s to what coniiilaiiit the liquor ^'as for. >ir. Peter .siin al-o found names of Humboldt men in the list who an' known to be addicted to drink which is in violation of the permit. Tp tfi date Mr. Peterson has chargtid Mi'. Voegtle with thirty-seven sales. Dr. Voegtle came up today with the officers to arrange for bond. He says thai he .sold the linuor legally. Dr. Voegtle's record of sal?s indicates that Hunibolrtt is a vei'y iie liealhy place. • li also indicates tha' whiskey is a remedy for nt.'irly aK diseases. On:-- I 'lembei; of the Humboldt base ball team played;- ably well last month considering the different ailments h" suffered from during that time. Colds, fever, con sumption. Cfdic. malaria, pervous prof-- tratlon and diarrhoea flourished In that toniraunlty. I-Dr. Voetgle is a vei-y unique eharac ter. He Is n German, highly educated and still clings to some extent a.• *aKt to the customs and dress of his native land. He hav a very-striljini jappsarance and attracLs attention wherever he goes. THE WEATHEK. Forecast for ^.Kansas—Fair tonight apd Saturday. Data recorded at local office, U. S. Weather Bureau, yesterday, today and a year ago: , Yesterday. Yr. .\go 2 p. m 67 79 4 p. m C6 78 6 p. m 70/ 78 8 p. ui t ;s 72 10 p. lU i;.'. 67 12 midnight ... i;;; 1 )7 .Max. Temp 70 81 Mln. Temp <;•_• 61 Preclp. 7 p. m. .. OS 0 Today. Vr. Ago 3 a. Ill (•-<;•;•; 6.') 1 a. m. fi:! C a. m . .(12 62 .s a. m. 01 i "i7 10 a. ra 66 71 12 noon 7ti .SI Preclp. 7 a. m. 0 .32 BEGINS PLANS FOR lOLA Gvvrrnuieut Hntn ^tsmaB Will Com- nieoce Work on Plans for Pottt- office »xt We«?k. / Chati. F. PKEFEK KANSAS CITV. K. V. Student-'s Talk uf ItujeoU If Game Goe^ (u Jupliu. .I.awreuce. Kas.. Sept. 21. —Kan!:a.^ aud Missouri Universities may clash Thanksgiving day at Joplin. Mo., ut- the. K. U. manager of athletics left "here tonight for Jonlin whera he will look or^r the ground. It seems that athletic authorities at the l.'niversity ', of, Missouri refuse to stand for the g)ime at Lawrence. N<ither do ihoy want the game ta Columbia. Thvy w ^nt to play at Kansas City, but Gee. Ti^beau seems to .stand in the way. The lead and zinc town bellevts , that nothing will boo mihe town be,t. ttir than this football game. They will probably guarantee the athletic maii- aincuts enough to In.iure a fair jirofli on the game. If it is takeii to Jop- .liu there vill be a most unholy uproar rallied by the student body liers. Talk Qf boycotting the game under those cfrcumstaiiceB Is already heard. The students want the gauie playt-d Iti Kansas City. They think almost as much of tbe^ trip to Kansau City and the gatherings in the hotels aud cafes as they do of winning the game. For Sale We have (16) lots in Highland Place all smooth, that we are selling for $10 cash, and $5 each month. Have sold five of these Jots this week. Buy one before they ire gone. You can pay fgr them easy. Prices range from $75 to $1$0. WhUalcer & Donnell. Frwts la |labrwk». Omaha. N^r.. Septal—Ught frosts tell in dUEereat poftioos ot Nebraska last ali^t. . . iX90in - girl at Scott returned this morning from Washington' where he has been to get bis family settled for the winter. He reports that in the matter of our new (lostoffice building the authorities assurediilm lola was the Rext on the listXThis means that w-Tfliin a week the draughismau in the architect's office will begin work on the plans aud as soon as they arc com pleted and approved the government will advertise for bids for the construction of the building. Contractors will be asked to bid on at least tliree different classes of material, brick, stone and terra eotia. It is another illustration of the slowness with which anything done by the government proceeds, that it will probably be nlnet.v days before the jilans are completed and the advertisement for bids published. Jlr. Scott had the assurance of the authorities, however, •what no unnecessary delay would oc- r-ur aud that the building would be ine which would be an ornament to the town. t(».VPA.\y F TO -MEKT llEltE. Xost Annual Meetiufr to Ue Held at Cain Houic The nest anniial meeting of compa- ly F of tha Sth Kansas Volunteer In- ianiry. is to be held ne.\t year in loin Jt the horn-., of I';d Cain. This company closed a very successful ro- uulou at Urb^na. Kansas and Mr Thomas Kutledge of this city, a men'- bcr of that con)|)any, was solectort ;s secretary and Mr. Cain's hom2 was ohoscn for the next reniyon. .Mr. Rutl(.dge reports an e.\celleiit 'ime at the meeting and the old com i -ades had an enjoyable time iClatini: iiories of the war. The Secretary In his report adds* "A shade of sadness was cast ovev the. group of membeis wl.en mentlor, was made of the fact that two of lt> membsrs. comrades .Vckley of loL-i and Day of Colony. Kansa;--, had bcflu called to the U'-orld bciond, sine- their last meeting. Which serves as a silent remindco- tliat (bou;:h w^ !iiay survive the battles with nations. W3 are sure to fall sooner or later in the battle with timo. BEGIN NEW PIPE LINE ElevfU Car.<« of Pipe Unloudeil at Gas —Line From Here tCfCleTeland, Ok. „, , . , received at the Kansas CUy stc Eleven cars of gas pipe are. being ^.^^j, U j^^g j 232 today unloaded at the Missouri. Kansas and j^^,^^ v.e3^-B receipts tre largest Texts railway depot at Gtis City this ^^^^^,1 The biggest single week's Jftf^J^n'L'd aSg'of wo^^^^^^^ ^'^^ The biggest single week-s wSr "o begin ISfcSLmictkmora '""^'"^ h>retofore were 92,862 In the newSfpe nne twStyTC^^^^^ '7 :\'e'flr «r !wf f^'T'^r T'" the Kansas Portland Cemant plant. J" r" " 'J^.^' r*'''??!'' northeast of Gas CItv to a now cu, Kansas City s r..cclpts of cattle nS This ts SUP S ed "o be he C f J AV'"" .inulng-of the phlHlnes which Is lo be Xs7uV"uSTrX ^2 ^^^eX constructed from this city to Cleve- ri. .Z„ •„ ry.i;i^^^^ d Oyahoma, .The cars of casing '^^T T S "nfove 'rHeS 'Tcattlo to vere billed from Yomler, lnd!ai:a. One hundred and thlrty-iiiue more carB of '1:1s casing will be unloaded n{ Gas L'lty bt.foVe the shipment Is eomplete'd Th? eating which Is being unloa'ded today is twelve Inches In diameter, the size generally used in the con stnictlon of pipe Hn?s, Walter Cockrau has been given the contract for the construct lou of this line. The workmen wiio arc busy today unloading the pipe ar« quoted as saying th3 work will begin at once. It has also been rumored that this line is to be connected with the^ Cherokee smelters In Gas City and that they are ^oing to erect saven more blocks. No definite infomiatiou could be secured, however. ' KA.NSAS FLOt'R TO WISCONSIN .. A Case of 'H'nXv to XewcasUe" Ow- inp to a Northwest Shortage.. Abilene. Kaiis.. Sept. 19.—.\n example of the demaad for cars to ship Kansas wheat is seen in the case of an .Abilene mill which has shipped 61 cars since August I and has orders for fifty cars ahead. \. W. l^ogan. general .sales manager, says that the indications are that the .Vorthwei.t will i!se more Kansas flour than in many years. .Much of the shipment from mills here has been to W.sconsin and other portions of the territory normal- l.v cornered by the Minnesota mills. There is a shortage of Hour here. TO SAVE MOTHER'S LIFE. IJo.v Prevented a Suicide mid KccelTed Ballet in Head. ^'cw. York. Sept. 21.—In attempting tn prevent his mother from siiooting herself. Curt Kl'.-'n. aged sixteen year riHielved a bullet wound lii h s own head early today. Ho will probably die and the mother Is locked up charged with a felonious assault.. Mr^. Klein and her husband quarrduj. and the woman attempted to shoot herself. In the struggle to wrest the revolver from -his mother's hand, the bo /'Wuo shot. I BAIN .VT FOKT UlLEV. .Soldier Boys Were I'rtjimbly lu a Downpour. Where is my wandering boy tonight? This is doubtless what inauy of the a.others, wivt« and friends of the iitmbers qf Company .\l were osk- itig themselves last night iniiuediatel- ifler the big downpour. The correct iiiswer to the question would be "He Is lip at Fort Riby, lying In a wet ;anii) and trying to keep warm with just a biauket as a covering and a liitie straw, underneath. .Mr. Sc-hopiie . the lola Weather station .says the rain of twenty-four hours, ending last night, was general all over the stale and that there is little doubt but that rained hard at Fort Riley. If such Is the case the lola boys are doubtlest; experiencing many linrd.ships in caitip wi\ are not envied by their frifuds it'. loia. WHITES MAKE JAPS 60 es'thanks to the local officer.s. Sheriff appeared to light their battles. Bollinger. County Attorney Peterson, , , , Hoover Kerr and Mr. Uoatright for l'"^'''' records have been --ood. 1 think their treatment of him while a pris- ii ' ' ' ' ' •' oiicr here. O'Connell .says that he •! wdiuld write to his mother for ussist- an|ce In getting a parole but does liot wint her to know of his being in the £*"lon pijnitentlar.v. " " • Mlnero Who Lauded in ItHKhlu ^on Cump Were Sent to Aiu»>ku. Seattje. Wusli.. Sold. 21. —Seventy- seven .lapanuse miners yrrlving at Atla Thursday night to work In the niiues were escorted to the river steamer Gleaner by three hundred whites yesterday and started back toward Vancouver. The white miners served notice u|)on the Japanese that if they don't stay away violence will be shown In protecting the diggings against Asiatic labor. The Japanese !are almost destitute and will be turned loose in Skageway, Alaska. IKS. EVAJrS -MAY; NOT BECOVEK. Pb}$Ichtn!i Entertain LItUe Hope for Her Life. Mre. Jane Evans who was stricken with paralysis day before yesterday, is reported as in about the same.con- ditiim today as yesterday erenlng. She is still unable to | speak and the at- tendlog physician jentortalns very little ^bop« of her rMovery on aecount of ber «dr»^*4 n^e. L.\ND1S NA.HES THE SIKETIES. Rorkrfeller. Arrhbold and Flayer Good on Supersedeas Bonds. Chicago. Sept. 21.—^Jndge Grooscup ... the United States circuit court, announced today that lieVould accept John D. and W-iMam Rocl.efsller, .lohn D. Archbold and Henry .M. Flag Icr as sureties on the nvo bonds for supersedeas to be filed by the Standard Oil company of Indiana befor? any proceeding In error can be had in the ciiml)aiiy's effort to obtain a s?>ttlng aside of the finr. Imposed by Judge Landis in the district court. The bonds are for $4,000,000 and $-.OiK>.00'( ami two sureties are rs- quired ou each. HE WANTS A PAROLE Depot Robber ClaiuLs to H UTC Been Converted. -BIG MOVEMENT OF CATTLE. Ksnsa.<« CUy's Receipts for Seren Weeks Larger Than Chicago's. of ^thrwS %2^^\;^\;^ ^•""•'^^ ''^"^ stock to Kansas City havs been dun to attrac tlve iirlces, dry sttots in Oklahoma territory and Kansas and Uie ability of the railroads to furnish cars more raadlly than for several years iiast at this season. Some shipments have come from Northwest Idaho, nearly l '..';oo milts and from New .Mexico, a distancti of 1,050 miles. WILL SLEEP IN PRISON Goieruor llocb lo Lire Three Days at Lansinir. Topeka, Sept. 21— Twtuty-flve prisoners in the siate^ penitentiary may receive clemency and freedom at the iiands of Governor Hoch. Tomorrow the governor will go to till, prison for a slay over next Monday, and iu the three days he will iiivestlgate the records and history of two-score inmates. . It is in reallt.v au errand of mercy. These twenty- live prisoners are. tnere for various offenses. Their offenses, trials, and incarceration attracted no attention the jmbilc. There was no commotion at the beginning and no obscurity has completely burled thefli. But they have won the confidence and respect of the prison authorities, so far as their prison conduct has been concerned. They havi. lived up to the obligations and discipline imposed upon them. Beyond that there are extenuating circumstances. There is a story" in conntctlon with each one of the twenty-five. None of people has ever had an;one to intercede or to plead for him with the governor or the board of pardons. Either they have been without friends out- s'de, or have been without courage to m-'ike a fight. In short. Governor Hoch Is going to sej for himself, the "frlendlcHs" prisoner, who deserves clemency. Since early summer the Governor has had this trip in mind. He planned to go in June, but at that time had but seven cases under consideration. They had be«n called lo his mind in MET IN AN ASYLUM BKIDE IS DECLARED SANE. ARE OECENOANTS OF SCOT KIN6S WIN TWO YEARS' FIGHT FOR LOVE, CASH AND LIBEUTV. Girl Who Claims Macl>etb a.H an An* cestor Su^eti by Muu in Direct Line From Robert Briice. Chicago, Sept. 21.—A modern knight errant, who waged real battles against real people with great odds, was wed by his fair lady in Chicago last night after winning many victories . while tilting under her colors. Helen S. MacBean, who for years has been hurried from one sanitarium to another, who claims that her cousin had her adjudged insane so that he might continue in control of the fortune her father left her. was given her liberty and wealth by the courts yesterday. This was brought about by Eben S. Martin. 9 Oakland crescvit, who met her in a sanitarium. The two were married a few hours after Judge Cutting lianded down his decision iu the probate court. Both the bride, who is 21 years old, and the bridegroom, 28 years old, have in their veins the blood of fighting kltilgs of Scotland. Both Descend From Kin?s. Mrs. jMartin claims descent from .Macbeth, while Martifl is a credited descenaant of that Scottish king who, aside from the battles he waged, w^on immortality by the determination Icnred from a spider—Robert Bruce. The romance had its beginuiug a year ago last spring. Martin, after sustaining severe injuries in a railroad wreck, was taken to the Pen- aoyer sanitarium at Kenosha, Wis. -Miss MacBean was at the sanitarium, where she had been sent by her cousin. George B. MacBean. 220G Prairie avenue. Mr. MacBean was made the guardian of his cousin at the death of Miss MacBean's father, D. S. MacBean, a wealthy contractor, six. years ago. - ConfMs Lore in .isjlnm.— Throughout his stay at the.caiiitar- tuin Martin often saw .Miss MacBean. When he left he told ter of his love, and that he Intended to fight to get her freedom. This he did by filing papers llrst before the .\merican consul at Cornwell, Out., when the girl was In Canada and later bringing the case to a successful termination In the Chicago courts. The light for the girl's liberty was filled with thrilling .vperiences. "There were attempts made to balk me at every turn." said Martin. "The relatives of the girl attempted to pre- ent me from filing a petition of res- - THE VARKETS. Kansas City. Sept. 21.—Cattlei r^. ceipts three thousand. Unchanged. Hogs, receipts three thousand. ^Te Igehhr. Heavy $6.90 @ 6.06; Packers $5.00 e 6.20; P -gS; light, $6.20 & 6.30. . ' • Wbeat—Unchanged to higher. Dec. 95%: .May $1.01%: .No. 2 hard 92 ~ 97%, No. 2 red 94%@97V2. Corn—Unchanged to one lower. Dec. .-.0%: .May 53%: So. 2 mixed 5G®o7; .So. 2 white 07(fi.'>7Vi. Oats—.\o. 2 white 4S @49. Rye, hay, eggs butter, uucliaiigcd. TAFT'S LEAD IN WEST A Big Majority for the Ohloau lii the MaU Vote. chances for study of the prisoners iipplled the remainder. Other matters have engrossed the governor's atten tion, and he has delayed making, the trip until this time. He expects to ;pend today. Sunday and Monday at the prison, and longer if the investi gutlous ask for more time. He will •at and sleep at the prison. The governor has a completo history of each of the twenty-five cases which be will consider. He refused Chester O'Connell who was sent to I" make them public today because h? Lansing to ser\e au indeterminate sen does not wish to buoy up the hopes teuce of from one to five years for rob - - . bing the .Moran depot has written a various wavs. "V\Tarden Haskell has toratlon. and when 1 succeeded in supplied a number more, and the pen- ^eating tbemjhere r -as^shot^at^. On Itentiary chaplain, who has close f the prisoners themselves, or people ritfer'fo' CTrVer.vT Srl^t "utside who may J -erstC, a, in which he says he has reformed. -Vc- tl' cording to his letter he has been con- h verted and Is now a close student of the Bible. His letter intimates tliat he expects to make an effort to secure ' ough little or no manifestatlou of It las been made. '•1 feel as if these obscure prison rs." .said the governor todav. •"should ne expects lo IUUKC UU truun. s3t».u .«i ' a parole In a short time. Hlf express- be .^ivl.n due consideration. .N'o one right lo give p »Kjple a chance it ey deservi. it. For that reason 1 shall personally conduct the investi- J.iVS TO ENTEif HIGH .S( HOOL. Bit Chii^KO Board Will Bur Adults From Granunar Grades. Chicago. Sept. 21.—The school management committee of the Chicago school board has decided to admit three adult Japanese who applied for admission to public Bcho<j|s. to high SC K OO I M. but lu no case to permit them to enter the schools occupied by the .voung pupils. Rebels Stormed Yo Chow. Hong Kong. Sept. 21.—The Imperial troops have repulsed an attack made on the city of Yo Chow, province of Hu Nan, by two thousand rebels. The rel >els stormed the city and scaled the walls but after some fighting were driven away. U Is not iinl'kely that there may bs some results of more than far-reachlni; 1 Merest in the way of pardons from till, governor's visit to the penitent'- ury, but he would not discuss ihat^ phase of the trip. • PLANT HIRES DETECTIVES. ' lolu Portland Would Apprehend Junk Thieves. The lo!a Portland 'Ceiiieut company it Is said, has hired detectives to watch the machinery and property of troops nave repuiseo au «iia ...v ^.the plant. The action is taken as a on the cltv of Yo Chow, province of! result of the loss of copper and ma- on uie cii. _ .m.„lchlnery through junk thieves. The company has lost so much by thieves that it feilU It will be repaid by securing the services of detectives. CONSTANTIXE CASE TO JL'RY. J. W. sicFarland will sell at public sale 3 miles south west of Bronson. October i. 1907, 14 head of horses, 8 mules including one large black jack. 1 two-year-old black Perchon stallion. Men WUI Decide Fate of Mrs. Gentry's Mnrierer Monday. Chicago, Sept. ^l-jAstfuiaBnts in the • .— ..— , trial of Frank J. Const^tineVcupied 40 head cattle, 40 head of hogs and a all of the court today. The case will lot of farm implements, not be eiven to the Jury before Hon- ' day. The defenae claimed today to! LOST—A plain gold croas. between have dearly proves that Mrs. Gentry Richardaon'a atore and the comer of conaUtted I suicide, and the state In- Washington and Broadway. Return to rigta it Is •! dwr case at nmrdar. Riehardsoo's store. several occasions my life was attempted." Martin filed papers in the Cook county probate court July 26. 1907. rhe suit came up for hearing today. .Vrcnsed as Kleptomaniac. On the witness stand Jllss .MacBean was examined as to her actions while in the Pcnnoyer sanitarium and in private schools. It was sought to be shown to the court and jury that Miss MacUcuu was a kleptomaniac aud had often been detained and accused of stealing articles. "Yes. 1 did take some small things." declared Miss MacBean. glancing at her cousin. Wui I was forced to because 1 was' given such a scrimpy allowance." Weren't you in a habit of taking things?" she was asked. "So. I was not." she replied. "Wliy ( was only ^vcn an allowance of $2 a month for a time, but when t complained It was increased to $1 a week." • Miss .MacBean was released from the Kenosha sanitarium last December after she had been there confined for thirteen months. She then went to Sarnia. Lancaster, Canada, where she remained with relatives until the suit came up in the Cook county courts. Before she was allowed to come to the United States papers had to be filed in Canada and pasi'cd upon. It was over these that the first and most thrilling fight was made. It was only after the Cook county 'iourtri demanded her (ircsence that she was allowed to come to her uatiye city. "I am very happy now that it is all over," said .Mrs. .Martin last ulght, lust before taking the 10:30 o 'clock train for the Thousand Islantjs and New York. "I don't believe any other girl In the world has had quite such a hard time lu getting her liberty as I have had." Then she added with a different look In her ejes: ".\nd I'ni sure that no man has ever fought harder for the woman he loves than Eben did." WANTS CANTEEN IN CUBA. General Barry Favors the Sale of Beer and Light Wines. Washington, Sept. 19.—Brigadier- General Barry, commanding the army of Cuban padfiicatlon recommends in his annual report increase of pay of officers and enlisted men; 'reorsaiiixa- iion of the mobile army, and immediate Increase of the infantry by. twenty^four regiments; increase of the term of enlistment' from three to live years, and sale of beer and li^tirines |in the post exebances.^ /-.A Chicago, Sept. 21.—-Raymond, writing for the Chicago Tribune on Secretary Taft's support for the i)residency In the west, says: The tables of the mail vote sho*, as usual, an extraordinary lead for^Sec- i-etary Taft on the Pacific slope. There as in New England. In the centraL belt of states, and in the south, he is fai- and away ahead of all other candidates. Counting the ballots for first.^ second and third choice, he has been men tioned favorably by approximately 85 l)er cent of all those who have sent In their answers in response to letter. .\s a matter of course he swallowed up all of the other candidates for first, second and third choice. \Vliere Taft is put dpwn as second and third choice it is almost invariably the case that Roosevelt is named to precede him. The First BaUot Figures. ; On the first choice ballot Taft has 307, Hughes Go, Fairbanks 21, Citnnon 19jpnd Knox only 6 votes iu the far western states of California, Nevada. Utah. Colorado, Washington. Wyoming- Idaho. Oregon and Montana, -^hey are states which are more or le^ deficient In delegate strength in the national convention; but. on the,;other hand, the representatives of. thfe Pacific slope are of a strenuous ;kind, and generally manage to make themselves felt In any political gathering without much regard to their actual numbers. Coupled with this extraordlnarj strength of Taft. there is manitestef" a general approval of the Roosevel- tian policy, the total showing +25 fo- and..27. against -the president's pro­ gramme with eight not voting througl JBadvertenee of iBdigeipuLe.—-— As to ihe Pmfdeht 's Policy. On the other hand, a good nuDy '•' the correspondents declare that: while they are satisfied with the president's policy.up to date, with certain exceptions like his treatment of the Chinese question and of the closing of the foi>- est reserve, they believe the time ha? come for the adoption, if not of a.more conservative policy, at least of a conservative candidate to carry out thr policies initiated by the presldetit. As a result of this there Is a strong tendency toward Secretary Root which is noticeable up and down thf Pacific slope. He Is credited witt twenty-two votes in the actual returns but this by no means measures the eX: tent of this popularity, because man? of the papers follow out the iirintet^ blank in expressing preferences and then say a good word for the" Secre; tary of State. Senator LaFlollette of Wisconsin comes in for a similar tribute to his personal popularity. H< receives twenty-seveu votes, besides-r large number of friendly refereiices tc him by way of foot note?. BUUDOG BIT A WOMAN Objected to the Chastisement of y Child—Dog Was Vicious, Chauute. Sept. 20.—-While .Mrs. Er nest Olson, who lives eight :.^mllef northwest of Chauute was chistisln; a child for misbehavior, she M 'as set upon by a bull dog belonging to th* family and bittiu three times. Tht animal kept up its attack until- It was beaten ;Oft by Mr. Olson. Mrs. Olson had made supi>er read} and called her husband from his work When she went back into the^ bouse she found that the child had been dls cbedir.ut. She hustled it out of doort and taking a small switch, proceeded to discipline It. The dog was with Mr. Olson and was following him home. As soon a» he saw the child being switched, hlf mane bristled with fury and utterlnfi. a low. menacing growl, he darted^ to' ward the^ woman. His demeanor wan so full of threat that Mr. Olson Intervened. The dog to show that it was not trifling, turned and snapped at him. biting him on the thigh anc .then sprang at Mrs. Olson, Mr. Olson was unable to beat bin; off by kicking him and ran to get ^ stool. In the meantime the animal hac bitten Mrs. Olson three'times, once, in the arm once in the side and oner in the thigh. Mr. Olson qo^ed thr dog after getting a stool as a iTeapo! The dog was abont a yearli^. It haf beeakiUed. Mr. and Mrs! Olson summoued f physician from Channte^ vho attcina ea their injuries. They ara settii^ along very welk and nnlesa lllfec tia|| seU in will havn no -serkma-Afatm^ The laftictioir,. if there is aatyi^^ itaiv RsM this week. ' \ ^ -7-.-— .-.-tr -;J; ii*; ^ .J./ HASKEU'BY 21 KSrUfATSO MLUORITT WHEKtOF -i^^ FICIAL COO^^T. 18 1U9E. THE LECISlATUfUi IS OEi^l REPUBLICANS CONCEDED It JUEP «rJ BESENTATITES, ft SENATOBK County Lkiaor Dlspeasary PnpMttfM\|^ AUaeked as a;8eliem»to B MI I^'TE Oemoertrtle Caspalgv FofL r^v%| Guthrie. O. T., Septi 21.-^It Is eatUnj ^^f ated that Haskell's najority In thWq^^' state on an official coint will be abn^^-"^' 25,000. Jtepubilpans allege, hofrei ' that if tills 'showing Is made It wUt ^ J by boosting the; figures in coohtMi^^ v-here the Democrats; control ti|^ 6llNir| lion machtnei?. 'They claim that 4^^% absolutely hobest| eoiint would zedlHW' Haskell's mi^rl^ below 6,000. ^ ' Unofficial lettirns show that BL Fulton, Democrat; is elected in'the Sec 3nd Congressional dlstrfct over T. K IT^' Ferguson] Rei^bllcan. Chalna9ii%{ Thompson claims' Fulton's electfoa :byV' .:-00 inajoritr. iRepublicans claliaVv i:pwever^that^.FilIton may be th|otn| out in a contest: . The re,sul^ta^UtB Third congresafon;'^ 31 aistrict^giplll ^onbt. Indtcattoiis^^^ are ihait Oklalbtng^ lirill send n;ofcmor(| ban two 9eMlt |U ^a|| congressmen: to^ Washington ind the Demooratr/ will send the jojt ^ithree. '. ^ The Reptibftcaug':!Sre not likely to.'.^^ hsve over ten out-^of the forty-foUFi J enators-fir tbe.sfaflff legislatore, wO'i^ of th^ one huKt! more drcd and nine Representatives. Dtiiuik- crats claim that they will have nlnetyl'l representatives, and concede th© Ito-J? uibllcans but five senators. It Is evt^^l.^^ lent that the Democrats will liave an; 'J overwhelming, majority in both hiHseR/ -t- Repumoaaa-^agar-yiintlng out: that | Haskell is fo^ prohibition because It: ;vill give him a politi^l maielii)i|h- Ahich will continue the DeniOCTaW:l«;:|^ power in'deanitely.. The! prohlWtl^ ' P'-ovision stipulates that! there.^hidl'l^ bo a liquor dispensary in every town- )f over 2,^0^aB^yn% in every eoatt!ty0- .-vhere there is obt'frjbwn of that pop--a» iry^ governor.. Ll>^ the dlapeo-;:-, from a-P^ij^ flgnra>.tluiti; do littte-bBt i so mnch2;pcx;' out' of thie swell th^^ RepnblliQiuis.^^ rocrats eafon^ :lation. Tlie *9r =il c be appointed by: luor can be secured { >ar only upon pr jician, and luany physiciaui write i>rescrlptiaim^ -naking a gol^^: pensary.^ whch •ndcratJc^ eamviiga^ ieclare'ttot bqr tS^^tj - , , .^-^ , 'ng prohibition, the lousiness ot~tlM^^^ Jispensarles will bej increased lapw^^ they a^e huge liqiior houses. The /committecBS- of Oidahoq)a.~ -eal estate dealeis which visited' sas City, Kans.. to bbserva the •>igs of the prohibitory law, oday that pr^iibltion is a 'biiip''^/. 'business iostead of a detriment .Tta^v repot states tJiat after the.,^nfar^^'v3 nent of prohibition-In Kansaae Cft9t> vas.. that city wcixt right ahead^-l^^^ louse building, utd Is more prasper*:^ )us than before the law was eaftwead^*^ Xay «• late Cewt " J - Oklahoma Cftyv Sept — '^'a hat he is in pbesession of no affidavits alleging in^nlaritiea- /l^-^ election bootfa,. especially hi ^rfii^^^ lian territory, where the DeoMffi^;^ lad the election machbienr'ea^i«ICV^f E their hands. Chairman Chariea']!^'^ Hunter of the Reonbllcaii state ««B-^^ 'ral committee; will pKxieed ia,> :wurts if necessary to get an inclusion of thejiKmtest for ai(ov^| tor. Assistant Attorney GenenI fkc^t'i .,^lkin came dowh from Q ^thlto' lay and will remain In vith Chairman Hnnter in Tith alleged vloUtttons o( the < 'iw. Chairman Httnter haa , -Jill for a meeting; of the state- «aii$|||1 :»mmittee ln~ thla '£Hy on 6»Bi»mm^r ?5th. . ,, rC The Democrats: "U»ci|^t^:c3 L. I^ultoft Daittoera^^tolJtir^ oon^ress in the geeond < T .B. FergnsoB, ieleeted najorlty; JohiB .>fidier 7erguaon> aMmMlga arrive at aJa^ ij^/t ^iot.

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