The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on January 15, 1963 · Page 8
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 8

Ottawa, Kansas
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Tuesday, January 15, 1963
Page 8
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----:kj.*^*vV.M»>.^M«i«^«^ fffis, OTTAWA HERALD Tuesday, January 15, 1963 News Briefs Mr. and Mrs. I. R. Keagy, 830 W. 5th, talked one evening with their son, R. D. Keagy, Sacramento, Calif., an attorney for the state. He is a member of the California legislature which will be in session until June. Ellis Piano Tuning. Phone CH 2-443L Adv. Total carloads moved over Santa Fe System lines for the week ending Jan. 12, 1963, were 29,986, compared with 29,687 for the same week a year ago. On-line loadings were 20,400 compared with 20,234 for the corresponding week last year. Cars received from connections totaled 9,586 compared with 9,453 for the same week a year ago. Electrolux Salesman in Ottawa is Fred Meador CH 2-5570. Adv. For Eight Guardsmen Eight National Guardsmen of Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 1st Rocket-Howitzer Battalion, 127th Artilery unit here have received promotions. They are: Sp-4 Bobby E. Crawford, Pomona; Sp-4 Frederick R. Ferguson, 510 N. Oak; Sp-4 William E. Guenther, Baldwin; PFC Eugene G. Erickson, Wellsville; PFC Duane H. Hall, 822 S. Mulberry; PFC Floyd Heckman, 419 W. 3rd; PFC Larry D. Lemon, 815 N. Oak, and PFC Loren D. Mid- dlebusher, RFD 4, Ottawa. The three specialists were promoted from tiie rank of private first class, and the five other guardsmen promoted had been privates. The Liberty Community Club's monthly meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 18. Dr. Sylva Lofgreen will show colored slides. Doughnuts will be served. Dr. D. L. Young, 222 E. 3rd, was in Kansas City today on professional business. Mrs. Dean Teeter, Kansas City, Mo., entered Trinity Lutheran Hospital and underwent spinal surgery on Jan. 8. Her condition is satisfactory at the present time. Cold Wave clearance sale, two $6.50 waves for $10.00. Limited time. Ella's, CH 2-4198. Adv. Harold I. Gumm, Ottawa, was charged by Ottawa police yesterday with being drunk on the street. He posted $50 bond. A. F. Ponton and Ross Nelson, Franklin County 4-H agent, will attend an automotive leadership training meeting tonight in Lawrence. Something About Those Guery Girls ST. PHILBERT DE VOUAINE France (AP) — Maurice Musse' and Solange Guery were married in this village on July 15, 1952 On Dec. 8, 1954, Musset's broth er Gustave married Solange': sister Yvette. On July 13, 1959, two more Musset brothers, Joseph and Theophile, married two more Guery sisters, Monique and Genevieve. Saturday the fifth Musset brother, Paul, took a bride. She was the fifth Guery sister, Bernadette. Pinet Named Grace Senior Warden Robert L. Pinet Jr., was installed as senior warden of Grace Episcopal Church at the annual parish meeting Sunday night, succeeding Winton A. Winter. Robert B. Anderson was elected junior warden, and Frank Shull, Harry Brink and Dr. J. W. Selby were elected to 3-year terms as vestrymen. Dr. John Hudelson and Loren Latimer were retired from the vestry. Mrs. Howard Duncan and Mrs. R. L. Pinet Sr., were co-chairmen of the parish dinner preceding the meeting. FOOD FOR THE BIRDS -r Carla, Kathy and Judy Russell decided to do something about their concern for birds through duration of snow cover. Girls, daughters of Mrs. Kay Russell, 714 S. Oak, tied slices of bread on outdated Christmas Tree to feed birds. (Herald Photo) parti of ordinances In conflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed and this ordinance shall take effect and be In full force immediately, upon Its adoption and publication as provided by 'law. .. Passed by the City of Ottawa, Kansas, this 38th day of December, 1(62. Approved by the Mayor this 36th day of December,. 1M2. Charles Williamson Mayor ATTEST: Donald R. Capper, City Clerk OED1NANCE NO. S2U AN ORDINANCE, apportioning and levying special assessments to pay the cost of improving a portion of Hickory Street, Tenth Street, and Maple Street, in the City of Ottawa, Kansas, all as respectively provided for by Ordinances Nos. aitf, 2191 and 3185, of said City. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE GOVERNING BODY OP THE CITY OP OTTAWA, KANSAS: Section 1. That the Governing Body of the City of Ottawa, Kansas having provided for the improvement of Hickory Street, Powhattan to Logan; Tenth Street, Locust to Willow; and Maple Street, Ninth to Tenth; and having contracted therefore and the WantAds Phone CH 2-4700 Save 10%-PayCash 10 per cent Discount on Local ads paid by S p.m. following day. CLASSIFIED DEADLINE 11 a.m. Daily Except Saturday - 10 a.m. WANT AD PER WORD RATES 1 insertion per word •••••• 6c 3 insertions per word 15c 6 .insertions per word 24c 12 insertions per word ...... 45c insertions per word 90c Cash minimum 48c Special Discount Contract Rates Available Legate Anderson Would Lighten Property Tax Burden Funerals J. S. HILTON Services for J. S. "Sherm" Hilton, who died Jan. 11, were at Derigel & Son Mortuary Jan. 14. Rev. Wes James and Rev. Guy Casey officiated. Pallbearers were E. F. Gilbert, Hugh Cramer, Ray Brecheisen, Gordon Hughes, J. W. Tomlinson and Carl Warnock. C. J. Milton sang hymns accompanied by Mrs. R. L. Stevens. Burial was in Hope Cemetery. Military services were conducted by Louis H. Hanson Post 194, American Legion, Commander J. W. Tomlinson and Chaplain Homer Ganong official- ing. MRS. HATT1E M. BOIICEK Services for Mrs. Hattie M. Boucek, who died Jan. 10, were at First Baptist Church Jan. 14. Dr. Raymond P. Jennings officiated. Pallbearers were Lee Hughs, Glenn Willhite, Floyd Hamner, Adam F. Wicke, H. 0. Snodgrass and 0. L. Breckenridge. C. J. Milton sang hymns accompanied by Mrs. Edgar D. Kerr. Burial was in Highland Cemetery. Attending in groups were Hazel Rebekah Lodge, Gold Star Mothers, VFW Auxilary, Army Mothers and Rock Creek HDU. (Continued from Page 1) more effectively in other locations, he said. In addition to implementation of the Kerr-Mills bill, Anderson's welfare recommendations included: 1. Implement a federal provision for aid to dependent children of unemployed parents. 2. Take advantage of federal funds authorizing aid to dependent children placed in licensed foster care homes. 4. Adoption of a provision which allows the first $10 of earned income and one-half of the amount between $10 and $50 to be disregarded in determining the need for old age assistance. 5. A one-cent increase in the maximum welfare tax levy. Anderson said the creation of a department of economic develop- officer were taken under advise- j ment should be bolstered by ere- Pleads Guilty To Burglary Elvin Ellen Malburg Jr., entered a plea of guilty yesterday in District Court to a charge of burglary in the second degree and was sentenced to the Kansas Industrial Reformatory. His application for probation and a report of the state parole ment by District Judge Floyd Coffman. Fufther hearing will be held Jan. 23. Malburg was charged with ation of an office of economic analysis. He said this could utili- lize the services and facilities of the center for business research at the University of Kansas. Anderson recommended consolidation of the functions and staff of the Division of Water Resources of the State Board of Agriculture and the state Water Resources Board to bring water planning, policy formulation and administration under a single agency. The governor said there is need for state agencies to provide leadership in the promotion of the watershed program which he said offers opportunities for development of an important segment of resources that is not achieved by major reservoirs. Other recommendations by Anderson included: Enactment of a law authorizing the state to enter into agreement with the atomic energy commis' sion whereby the state can assume jurisdiction over users ol certain nuclear materials as a step in the state's development oi a nuclear related industry. Enactment of abandoned prop- erly legislation to allow the state to recover unclaimed property. Reorganization of the State Library and the Traveb'ng Libraries Commission into a single state agency. Providing some degree of flexibility in the public employes retirement provision for mandatory retirement at a fixed age. Provide administrative remedies in the public accommodations provision of the state civil rights law. Transfer to the Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control the administration and supervision of licensing and standards for taverns and other retail beer outlets. Enactment of mandatory jail sentences for drunken driving. Enactment of the so - called model anti-gambling law. With respect to highways, Anderson pledged his cooperation with respect such portions of a recently completed highway needs and financing study "that will meet the public interest." breaking and entering a storage shed, owned by Dr. Fred Henning and located three miles west of Ottawa, on the night of October 19. Nab Suspect In KU Theft LOS ANGELES (AP)-The FBI has arrested a bowling alley handyman in connection with the Methodist Church. Choose Others For UN Tour Three other Ottawa youngsters have been chosen for the UN study tour conducted by the theft of a 19th century French painting from the University of Kansas last August. The oil sketch by impressionist Edouard Manet is valued between $40,000 and $70,000 and is titled "Portrait of Line Compineanu." Agents picked up William R. Basham, 31, Monday on a federal warrant charging him with receiving the stolen painting. The painting was recovered in apparently good condition. CLINTON H. PETERSON Services for Clinton H. Peterson, who died Jan. 10, were at Towner's Chapel, Jan. 14. Rev. Gilford Olmstedt officiated. Honorary pallbearers were William Dunlap, J. M. Kilgore, Walter Woods, Dr. Harry Webster, Carl Cayot, George Jones, Walter Rodgers and Grant Stephenson. Active pallbearers were J. C. Briles, Glen Happy, Harry Keller, Ben Gibson, Randolph Bundy and Floyd Parkhurst. Dean Zook sang hymns accompanied by Mrs. J. M. Kilgore. Burial was in Highland Cemetery. The New Century group attended. Tot Chokes To Death On Pill INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (AP) — Five-year-old Diana Lynn Bartles choked to death Monday night on a vitamin pill she was given at her home. Her mother, Mrs. Damon Barties said she tried to get the pill out of Diana's throat when the child began choking. A neighbor gave mouth-to-mouth respiration until an ambulance arrived and further resuscitation was tried at the Independence Hospital. They are John Stark, son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Stark, Ottawa RFD 1; Terry Wollen, son of Dr. and Mrs. Olin Wollen, 805 W. 5th, and Fred Irwin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Irwin, 1421 S. Cedar. All are of Ottawa's First Methodist Church. Three other youngsters, Donna Nitcher, Rick Wood and Ann Casida, earlier were announced as participants in the tour. The group will visit Washington, D. C., New York City and the United Nations Building during a March 31-April 6 tour. Hospital Notes Admissions Mrs. Mary Harlan, 1121 N. Main; William Fowler, 709 King, Monday. Dismissals BUI Ray Campbell, 1039 N. Cherry; Mrs. Minnie Guy, Cedar House nursing home, Monday. Patricia VanDonge, RFD 2, Wellsville; Mrs. Leo Criqui and baby daughter, 320 E. 2nd; Mrs. Walter Potter and baby son, 509 N. Mulberry, Tuesday. See Quick Action On Tax Cut ORDINANCE NO. 3220 AN ORDINANCE PERTAINING TO HEALTH AND SANITATION, REGULATING THE PRODUCTION, TRANSPORTATION, PROCESSING, HANDLING, SAMPLING, EXAMINATION, GRADING, LABELING, RE-GRADING, AND SALE OP MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS, THE INSPECTION OF DAIRY HERDS, DAIRY FARMS AND MILK PLANTS, THE ISSUANCE AND REVOCATION OF PERMITS OF MILK PRODUCERS, MILK HAULERS, MILK DISTRIBUTORS, MILK PLANTS, AND PRODUCER-DISTRIBUTORS AND THE FIXING OF PENALTIES; INCOR. PORATING BY REFERENCE THE REGULATIONS, STANDARDS AND MODEL CODE FOR GRADE A MILK AND GRADE A MILK PRODUCTS FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION OF THE KANSAS STATE BOARD OF AGRICULTURE AS ADOPTED ON JANUARY 11, 1956, EFFECTIVE APRIL 1, 1956, FILED WITH THE REVISOR OF STATUTES UNDER REGULATIONS No. 4-7-50; AND REPEALING ORDINANCES NO. 1984, 1985, 2112, AND 2151, AND ALL OTHER ORDINANCES IN CONLICT HEREWITH, NOW THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED by the Governing Body of the City of Ottawa, Kansas: Section 1. The production, transportation, processing, handling, sampling examination, grading, labeling, re- grading and sale of Grade A Pasteurized Milk and Grade A Pasteurized Milk Products for human consumption within the City of Ottawa, Kansas, or its police jurisdiction, and.the inspection of dairy herds, dairy farms, and milk plants shall be governed and controlled by the Regulations, Standards and Model Code for Grade A Milk and Grade A Milk Products for human consumption produced or sold in the State of Kansas as adopted by the Kansas State Board of Agriculture, (Regulations No. 4-7-50) on January 11, 1956, effective on April 1, 1956, to the same extent and same effect as if embodied herein, except as otherwise provided in this ordinance; and such Regulations, Standards and Model Code of the Kansas State Board of Agriculture are herewith incorporated by reference and made a part and parcel of this ordinance to the same extent as if fully set forth herein, but with exceptions, ommissions and modifications clearly and specifically otherwise described and declared in this ordinance. Section 2. Three copies of such Regulations Stanards and Model Code of the Kansas State Board of Agricul. ture, (4-7-50), have been marked "Official Copy as Adopted by Ordinance No. 2220," and a copy of this ordinanc has been thereto attached and the same have been filed with the City Clerk. Section 3. The Regulations, Standards and Model Code of the Kansas State Board of Agricluture pertaining to Grade A Milk and Grade A Milk | Products, (4-7-50), incorporated total cost of such Improvements having been ascertained to be in the sum of $40,372.92 that is chargeable to ipecific property; and the appraisers ippolnted to appraise the comparative /alue of the lots, tracts and pieces of ground, for each block separately, 11- ible for the cost thereof, having re- urned to the Governing Body of said City their appraisement reports; and he said Governing Body, at a special meeting held for such purpose, due notice of which having been given as provided . by law, having equalized, ap- >roved and confirmed said appraise- nent reports; there is hereby appor- loned, assessed and levied for each block separately, upon the following described lots, tracts and pieces of ground, the following amounts, the same being the total assessment apportioned to each, towit: Bowles, Sheldon ft Topping Addition: Block E: W. 70' Lots 1, 3, 5, $204.11 each; E. 50* of Lots 1 3, 5, $136.07 each; Lots 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 16, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33 & 35, $340.17, each. , Bowles, Sheldon ft Topping Addition: Block 25: W« of Lots , 3, 5, E% of Lots 1 3, 5, $127.56 each; Lots 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, $170.09 each; Lots 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, $136.08 each; W 35' of Lots 31, 33 & 35, E. 35' of W. 70' of Lots 33 ,& 35, $34.03 each; E 75' of Lots 31, $62.93; E. 80' of Lots 33 & 35, $68.32, each; University Addition: Block 1: Lots 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, $165.47, each; University Addition: Block 8: Lots 2, 4 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 24 $165.47, each; Com. 340' S. of N.E cor. of SW«/, of NEVi 2-17-19, thence S. 300' to N. line 10th St., th. W. 191'/2 r , th. N. 110' th. W. 143%', th. N. 190', th. E. 335' to P.O.B., $2,895.69; ..^ Com at a point on N. line of loth St 210' W. of E. line of SWV. of NEV4 2-17-19 th. N. 110', th. E. 78%, th. 5 110', th. W. 78%' to P.O.B., $455.03; Com. at a pt. on N. line of 10th St. 335 'W. of the E. line of the SWV« of NE</4 2-17-19, th. N. 110', th. E. 65', th S. 110', th. W. 65* to P.O.B., $372.- Notices —9 NOT RESPONSIBLE for Debts made by anyone except myself. — Thomas E. A. Walters. NON-GROUP Blue Cross-Blue Shield Enrollment is now open. For further information call CH 2-1779, Ottawa. Union Chapter No. 15, O.E.S. Stated meeting Jan. 16, 7:30 p.m. Initiation. Visiting members welcome. LaVerne Pence, W.M. Vola Phillips, Secy. Ottawa Lodge No. 18 A.F. & A.M. Stated Communication, Tuesday, January 15, 7:30 p.m. Business Meeting. Election of Secretary. Election of one member for Temple Board. George A. Ledom, W. M. Gerald B. Harford, Sec'y. 29* Shlnn's Addition: Block 2: Lots 25, 27 29, 31 33, $165.47 each; Lots 35, 37 39 41, 43, 45, & 47, $148.92 each; Shinn's Addition: Block 1: Lots 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39, 41 43, 45 & 47 $165.47 each; Beg at a pt. 40' E. of the intersection of the center line of Willow St. ft the S. line of 10th St. th. E. along the S line of 10th Street 150' th. S. 75', th. W. 150' to the E. line of Willow St.. th. N. along E. line of said Willow St. to P.O.B. in SWVi of NE'A 217-19, $496.40 Com at a pt. 263.' E. of the intersection of the center line of Willow St. and the S. line of 10th St., th. S. 150', th. E 57', th. N. 150' to the S. line of 10th St., th. W. 57' to P.O.B. in SWV4 Of NE'A 2-17-19, $330.93. Com. at a pt. 320' E. of intersection of center line of Willow St. ft S Itae of 10th St., th. S. 150' th. E 125', th. N. 150', til. W. 125' to P.O.B. in SW'/4 of NE'A 2-17-19, $661.86; Com. at a pt. 700' S.of N.E. cor. of of NE'A 2-17-19, th. S. 358', th a Dt 150' E. of the East line of a"nd I Willow St., th. N. 130', "- "' «"' »" ' " - E. line of Willow, adopted in this ordinance by reference, I---•,—-- -- „, ^ E n . are herewith limited and modified as E- 150 • th. N 76«, w ISO' specifically described and declared in' "0, th E ~, B V,g. ' ^^^JSSSS^SSi i w£lV SVe,!' o 1 ? to Section 7. (Modification of 4-7-50. of loth St.. th. E. 150 , th. 2.4). Male Help Wanted —19 WANTED ENTHUSIASTIC MEN Excellent Future No Experience Necessary Immediate full or part-time, day or eve. Openings for men with a sincere interest in the stock market and the financial world. Future development through merit promotions to full-time sales management careers in our rapidly expanding corp. Intensive product training classes will require attendance Saturdays. 6-week course with con- tinous bi-monthly Sales Meetings. Progressive incentive plan. College helpful, but not a must. Management position open for experienced salesman. Interviews: North American Hotel, Ottawa, Kns., January 15th. 11 a.m.-2 p.m., 6 p.m.-9 p.m. Phone calls not accepted. Mr. Gerald Overton, Vice Pres. The Columbian Securities Corp. Columbian Bldg., Topeka, Kans^ OHS Notes Local Markets Soybeans $2.32 Wheat 2.03 Milo 1.58 Ear Corn 1-05 Shell Corn 1.10 Barley 1-07 Oats 79 Rye 100 Butterfat 47, 42 Eggs 20c Grade Eggs 32c, 25c, 20c Hens .05 Cars Damaged In Collision Icy streets were blamed for another accident yesterday when cars driven by Roger M. Moore, 716 E. llth, and Benjamin M. Seymour, 747 S. Poplar, collided at llth and Mulberry. The Moore car was moving west on llth and the Seymour car south on Mulberry when the accident occurred. Moore told police he could not stop because of the ice and snow on the.street. The Moore car sustained $70 damage to the right front fender and bumper guard, and the Seymour car had $34 damage to the left rear fender. Moore was cited for not having • valid Kansas driver's license. Cold Weather Slow To Go TOPEKA (AP) - Extremely cold weather will hang on in Kansas for the next few days. A new outbreak of cold air reached northwestern Kansas early today. It was not any more severe than earlier but will be enough to hold readings down near their morning level. Monday was the fifth consecutive day at Topeka in which the mercury was zero or below at some time. It had been 23 years since that long a stretch of zero readings had been recorded. KC Markets Singer Weds DURBAN, South Africa (AP)Dolly Hathebe, an African cabaret singer idolized by thousands of nonwhite South Africans, married an American Nego seaman Monday. He is John A. Smith ol New York, a crew member of the Farrell Lines freighter African Moon. KANSAS CITY (AP)—Hogs 4,500; barrows and gilts steady to 25 lower; sows steady; 1-3 200245 Ib barrows and gilts 16.501-3 185-260 Ib 15.75-16.25; sows 1.3 275-400 Ib 13.75-14.50. Sheep 1,600; 25-50 higher; choice and prime wooled lambs 19.25-50; good and choice 18.0tt-19.00; choice to prime fed shorn lambs No 1 and 2 pelts 19.76; ewew 5.00-7.50. Cattle 5,000; calves 50; steady to 25 lower; hiefers steady to 25 lower; high choice and prime steers 27.75; choice 26.50-27.60; high good and low choice 26.00-50; mixed steers and heifers 26.75; cows 14.00-16.50; good and choice vealers Basketball and final exams are in the spotlight this week at Ottawa High. The basketball, which will include a donkey game Saturday night, opened today with two junior high games this afternoon at Lawrence Central. Senior high teams will play tonight at Olathe, the opening game at 6. Final examinations will be given in junior and senior high Thursday and Friday, with the first semester ending Friday. Examinations will be given in three hour-long, morning sessions, beginning at 8:50 Thursday and Friday. On Friday afternoon, the junior high team will play Turner in the Ottawa junior high gym, the first game beginning at 3:30. The junior varsity will play Turner in the junior high gym here at 6:30, and the varsity EKL game will follow. The Ottawa High girls drill team will perform at the halftime of the varsity game. The donkey basketball game will be at 7:30 p.m. Saturday in the junior high gym, sponsored by the Pep Club. WASHINGTON (AP)-President Kennedy's proposals for the biggest tax slash in history may start through the congressional mill in less than a month if he reveals the details promptly. Capitol Hill expects that he will —perhaps as early as Jan. 24—in a special message. The President drew the general outlines for the program in his State of the Union message Monday. He called for a $13.5-billion reduction to take effect in three annual steps between now and 1965. For a first-stage tax reduction to take effect this year, Congress not only would have to agree on a bill certain to be complicated, but agree with unusual speed. Kennedy emphasized again that, he considers a reduction this year vital to the health of the economy. The House Ways and Means Committee, where tax bills start, has promised top priority to Kennedy's proposal. But it intends to give witnesses two weeks to study the details before testifying. The committee's hearings are expected to last for about six weeks. Then it will lock its doors to begin drafting the actual bill the House will debate. If past experience is any guide, the writing job may take two months and the product may have only a general resemblance to Kennedy's proposals. Then the question will be whether Congress wants a tax cut and wants it early enough to keep the 1963 session going until one is enacted. (b) Grade A. Pasteurized Milk and Grade A Pasteurized Milk Products, only, may be sold or offered for sale in the City of Ottawa Kansas, except •s otherwise stated in Section 5. (c) Grade A. Pasteurized Milk and 0/rade A Pasteurized Milk Products from points beyond the limits of routine inspection of the City of Ottawa, Kansas, may not be sold in said City, or its police jurisdiction, unless produced and pasteurized, under provisions which are substantially equivalent to the requirements of Regula- w . , t ' 0 of the center tion 10). 4-7-50. (Modification of 4-7-50. . Section 4. It shall be unlawful for any person who does not have a permit from the City of Ottawa, Kansas, to deliver or to receive within the said of Willow St., th. N. 130' to P.O.B. in NEV4 2-17-19, $579.13; Shinn's Addition: Block 1: Lots 2, 4, «, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 30 32, 34, 38, 38, 40, 42, ft 44, 46 ft 48 $208.30 each. Shinn's Addition: Block 2: Lots 1^3, ft 5, $208.30 each; N. 15' Lot 7, $12499; S. 10 Lot 7, $83.33; Lots 9, 11, 13 15 17, W." 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31. 33, $208.30; Lots 35, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45 ft 47, $1 Sec5on 8 2 h 'That the City Clerk of said City shall mail to the owner of each lot tract and piece of ground described to Section One (1) of this Ordinance a written statement of the amount of the Special assessment against eacn such lot tract and piece of ground so owned and the owner may, witWn days from and after the A'"pa"steur!z~ed"MUk- Products, or to j pay such asscissment «» ftfll to tt» sell or offer for sale such products or . Treasurer of said Vty , «d^uch pr^ of said City ha™ issued'To roTthe amount of IB unpaid assessments at the end pi aid thirty (30) days, and such unpaid ssessTents shall be collected annual- y in ten (10) equal annual installments, nd the City Clerk of said X3ity shall hereafter certify annually at the time jther taxes are certified to the Coun- y Clerk, a full list of the property H- Me for the cost of said improvements ixcept such property assessment has been paid in full, -i-ether with the reipectlve amounts tme Ipon said, lots, tracts and pieces of •Found, which amounts shall incluue he annual installment and the interest on alT unpaid balances for one year at he rate of interest such bonds may ^Section 4. That this Ordinance shall take effect and be in force from arid after its passage, approval and publication as provided by law. Passed by the Governing Body of the City of Ottawa, Kansas this 5th day of December. 1882, and approved by the Mayor of said City this 5th day of December, 1962. Attest: Donald R. Capper City Clerk Charles Williamson Mayor Probation After Guilty Plea Morris D. Kiser was placed on probation yesterday in District Court after being sentenced to the state penitentiary on a second degree forgery charge. Kiser entered a plea of guilty to the third of eight counts after the state moved to dismiss the other seven counts. He was arrested Jan. 7 on a bench warrant when he failed to appear for preliminary hearing. He was originally charged Jan. 26, 1962. Traffic Toll TOPEKA (AP)-Kansas traffic death log: 24 hours to 9 a.m. Tuesday—0 For January—12 Comparable 1962 period—19 en \IM:I 1 \ \\ V K Marriage License Roger N. Brockus, 21, Rantoul, and Beverly Jean Caylor, 19, Rantoul. Blanche Lamb-Bob Roberts Lamb Funeral Home OC11 <•** V4.1W* iw* B*»*U uuwi* j" .»,. — — — , , *Un»ttnfTI»T» hfl llftDIG fOf to have in storage where milk ormUk : erty shall n <* s ^^Vr the cost of improvement orator the bonds that Pasteurized Milk Products (as defined in Regulation 4-7-50); Provided: that this requirement shall not apply to persons operating grocery stores, restaurants and soda fountains and selling or serving only Grade A. Pas- tuerlzed Milk and Grade A Pasteurized Milk Products purchased from a permit holder and bearing the label of the holder of the permit. Each milk plant processing and distributing Grade A Pasturlzed Milk and Grade A Pasteurized Milk Products within the City of Ottawa, Kansas, shall secure and hold a milk plant permit. Said milk plant permit may be purchased from the City Clerk for $150.00. Each producer-distributor of Grade A. Pasteurized Milk and Grade A Pasteurized Milk Products within the City of Ottawa, Kansas, shall secure and hold a producer • distributor's permit. Bald producer - distributor's permit may be purchased from the City Clerk for $85.00. Each distributor of Grade A Pasteurized Milk and Grade A Pasteurized Milk Products within the City of Ottawa, Kansas shall secure and hold a distributor's permit. Said distributor's permit may be purchased from the City Clerk for $75.00 Each producer selling Gradei A Milk to a processing plant within the City of Ottawa, Kansas shall secure and hold a producers permit. Said producer's permit may be purchased from the City Clerk for $10.'00. Each hauler hauling Grade A Milk to milk plants within the City of Ottawa, Kansas, shall secure and hold a hauler's permit. Permits shall not be transferable to other persons or companies. Permits may be temporarily suspended by the milk sanitarian when the permit holder fails to comply with the requirements of this ordinance, or may be revoked, after a hearing, by the milk sanitarian upon finding of serious or repeated failure to comply with the requirements of this ordinance. Section 5. It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, offer or expose for sale or to deliver or receive any Grade A Pasteurized Milk or Grade A Pas teurized Milk Products, except cottage cheese, and creamed cottage cheese within the City of Ottawa, Kansa that has not been produced and nan died in compliance with the Regula tions, Standards and Model Code of tht Kansas State Board of Agriculture (4 7-50); Provided: that this ordinance shall not apply to milk delivered to a milk plant and sold in accordance with the Kansas State Board of Agricultur Regulation 4-7-60 and used for manu facturlng purposes only. Section 6. It shall be unlawful for an; person to sell or offer for sale an Grade A Pasteurized Milk or Grade A Pasteurized Milk Products within the City of Ottawa, Kansas, that rates less than ninety per cent (W per cent) under the United States Public Health Service rating system. Section 7. This ordinance shall be administered by the milk sanitarian of the City of Ottawa, Kansas, who shall be appointed by the Governing Body of the City of Ottawa, Kansas. Section 8. Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be punished by a fine of not less than twenty-five ($25.00) dollars and not more than two hundred ($200.00) dollars for each offense and costs. . lection B. Ordinances No. 1984, IMS, 3113 and 31D1, and all ordinance* and ADVERTISING' SALESMAN We have an opening for permanent employment within our display advertising department for a man with experience. Excellent opportunity for the right person. Car required. Position carries paid vacation, paid life, medical and hospital insurance, salary and bonus; also profit- sharing retirement plan. Write letter giving resume and experience to Jack Day, Advertising Manager, Ottawa Herald, Ottawa, Kansas. Salesmen —20 PLAN A FUTURE - with Mutual of Omaha — Write to Salesman, 1025 Kansas Ave., Topeka, Kans. PONTIAC—Buick Cadillac — GMC Trucks - Bright opportunity — Choice territory. Experienced Salesmen preferred. Contact Harold Tetwiler — Minnick Motors. Ottawa, Kansas. Men and Women Wanted —23 WANT COOK — Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. Baldwin City, Kans. Female Help Wanted —24 SALE DATES Myers Bros. Phone Centropolis Claude—918 Howard—45. Ottawa RFD 4. Franklin County Sal* Company Every North Ottawa on Highway 5» Jan. 18 — Carl Fisher Jr. Dairy cattle ft Farm Machinery, 1 mil* North H West of Waverly, Kas. Jan. 21 — Special Stocker ft Feeder Sale Franklin County Bale Barn, I mile North Ottawa, Kas., on Highway 59. Jan. 29 — Vernon Fitzgerald closing out Dairy ft Farm Machinery, 3 miles East ft 4 miles South Pomona, Kas. Jack Neiaon Phone 566-3530, Pomona, Kas. Ovwbrook Uveitock Sale, Ovcrbrook. Kansas »v«ry Wednesday •Jvery Friday - *««« Ccunty IAv» ttoek 4dfltioa a«* at*. Kaniai. Printj and Son Ben Printy "Cap" CH 2-1974 CH 2-1201 Community auction «very iueso»> night 7 p.m.. 1136 M. »Uta. Community sale every Ifewad*} uignt. UM H. taain. Harold Stewart * Charles Beatty Harold - CH 2-4836 Charles — Lyndon, Kansas SEWERS WANTED IMMEDIATELY — Work at home doing simple sewing. We supply materials and pay shipping both ways. Good rate of pay. Piece work. — Apply: Dept. AD-657, Box 7010, Adelaide Post Office, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. General Services —29 WISH CLEANING by day. - CH 2-2015. VENETIAN BLINDS Rebuilt, repaired. - CH 2-2817. KNAPP SHOES. Lee Carter CH 2-3659. FOR QUALITY PLUMBING at a Fair Price — Underwood Plbg., CH 2-1264. STEAMING, PAPERING, Painting. — Conrad's Painters. CH 2-3268. DEAD ANIMALS removed, Standard Rendering Co. Call collect Ottawa CH 2-1064. PAPERING - Plaster Repairs, -y Oscar Arnold* 703 S. Mulbenfer. CH 2-2659. SEWING MACHINE REPAIR Any make or model. Clean, oil and adjust. $3.00. — Write Box 126, Ottawa. LET US help your business by advertising your service in the Ottawa Herald General Services section.

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