The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1966 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 26, 1966
Page 9
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jP»tsyJ.Cole Home; Demonstration Agent to the cleaner, which means that the solution is of proper All reilient flooed to be •tripped; of old wax periodical. more arnmon . As a |y to simplify cleaning and P"'e- general rule, it ^ Is advisable to vent "yellowing." Stripping re- 5 se as mile ammdnia as moves the accumulation Of dirt jb le In: On strg soluUon has been grounu hito s j nce too strong a concentration «n be^armful to some resilient which jnates the buildup of wax itself -. noors. ;-if a wax d which is a major cause of floor j off the 1 floor with a reasonably discoloration, strong ammonia - detergent sol- Many • hqmemakers have the j ution — say 1-2 cups of deter- mistaken notion that it is neces-lgent and 11-2 cups of ammonia ( ary to perform a stripping op-; to a gallon of water - it is ex- er'alion ;pefore each hew appli- ceedingly difficult to remove cation of wax, This is not only and probably should be avoided a'waste!: of time but may be in the future. •: harmful to the flooring material I S^harst''ca» S S ; Her l is tte ^"mended ^J±tin??: P0 ™±'-.P roced P,!'> f°»™ then strip- can FARM NEWS Review and Forecast On Missco Farms By Keith Bilbrey, County Agent ,, ^ .flooring: floor appearance Most resilient i t Swe the ,, 00 thoroughlv ^ n ^ ai ±S .£*?: ttrremovS 'all"W dust 'and mend only occasional stripping two OTjhree times a year de- pending'on. traffic conditions' and frequen£y"6f waxing. Between stripping operations, floors should be damp mopped or washed with a dilute detergent solution to remove surface soil I dirt. -.-2-. -Apply a liberal amount- of cleaning solution to s portion of the floor with a sponge mop, and allow the solution to remain undisturbed for about 3-5 minutes. and waxed as needed. 0 n 1 yl- 3 - Scrub the are a thoroughly when these, procedures fail -to| wlth a stiff brus h> fine steel achiever satisfactory level of:-l wool > or electric ^floor scrubber cleanliness,'or fail to restore the untl1 the old wax film is loosen true color' oPihe flooring ma- ! ed - lf a P Qwer scrubber is used, teriaV'SiouId complete wax re-. vel 'y fine steel . w -° o1 P ads ro av - movaljbft contemplated. ' l- be used u n der it to hasten the A whei gtripii tf"'"wav r -tb determine I removal ac - tion ' (Do not u?e ^-S £ i^S 1 ^ P* d s en extremely smooth, high- a : floor is. in need of ,—,-..„ is to perform a test removal operation in a "small, inconsp|ciious. area of the room end compare results against-the surrounding. floor area. If ihe surrounding floor is .noticeably yellower' in appearance, or, if the pg(jtern.--'csJnr.s are dull by compamson, chances are -that a thorough wax stripping is in order. | . •: • ..:'-• '... « * . * * -'•'; UnliKp ordinary cleaning procedures, the object of wax strip- gloss vinyl floors. These.floors' can. be. scratched by even the 'finest cleaning pads.) 4, Take, up the cleaning solution and old wax wi!h a sponge mop, cloth, or wet vacuum. Proceed with the job area by area until the entire floor is stripped. 5. Rinse the floor thoroughly with clear cool water. If some wax film remains, repeat the 1113,200 acres. "The U. S. surplus stocks of wheat are gone. We have just about enough to last until the 1867 harvest." —This is a direct quotation from L. H. Simerl, Extension Economist, University of Illinois. This should be some of the best -and biggest news to reach Mississippi County farmers in I years. Agricultural editors are having a field day writing about the disappearance .of our wheat i surplus, — and other small grains too... : Karl HobsoiV, Extension Economist, Washington State University; - writes,- "The world shortage of wheat that I warned about in Farm Journal two and a half .'ears ago is now here — and it will likely last a good many; years." Population explosion is chief cause, he says. Also, 'world income and buying power has increased. Secretary of Agriculture has increased farmers wheat acreage .allotments .15 percent on two'occasions recently, - making a total of 3D percent for next years crop. The market is strong. Our farmers like to grow wheat. As far back as 1960, I had - a record of 1373 farmers in North "Mississippi County alone who grew some wheat. In'the past 10 years the county wheat acreage has ranged 'and - increased • from 10,610 to from 23.3 bushels up to 37,1 bushels per acre. So, two wheat short - course meetings will be held in North Mississipi County, -Blytheville REA building, on Thursday afternoon, Setember 1, and at Leachville school on Friday morning, September 2. We have niucn good information for anybody interested in wheat. I have obtained several specialist and informed .people to help- present the story. They include Ruel Nester, Extension Agronomist; Dr. Al Woodard, Extension Marketing Specialist George Morris, Area -Chemical Specialist; Harry McDaniel, County A.S.C. Office Manager, and our Own staff. There will oe three hour meetings, with two "coffee and ,donut breaks" on the hour. I asked the sixteen (16) wheat buyers in North Mississippi County to furnish the. refreshments. They agreed. • . .. Some subjects include:<(1) Outlook, demand, markets, population changes. .(2) Wheat allotment s, increases, support price, cross compliance and planting wheat on 1966 diverted acres.: (3) Varieties, research, planting dates, rates and methods'of planting. (4) Where safe, or not safe, to plant wheat following chemical uses .such as treflan, Kar- mex', etc. stripping operation where needed and rinse. 6, Let the floor dry thoroughly ping is |o dissolve'and complete-1 before applying a new coat of wax. Older or highly porous floors may require two initial coats of wax after-stripping-for Satisfactory gloss. ly renftve - the. protective .wax film, leaving the wearing surface of the floor -fully exposed. Wax removers are available in most food stores, or you can- prepare your own stripping sol- A South American expresses ution by combining-one-half to|admiratiOn -of a beautifulwp- one cup of ambmonL and .one I man by opening one eye wide cup of detergent m one gallon with his thumb and forefinger, of wariji water. Test the solu- Until 1900, tropical America produced more than 80 per cent The average yield .has ranged Boll Blythtvilfo (Ark,) Courier Ntwi - Friday, Aufttt fl. MM- worm Jim Wallace Assistant County Ajent We hope the MUworm population and damage was at a peak last week. The latter part of the Week and first of the egg and larvae counts were down. There was some poisoning on heavily infested fields last week. Our scouts reported tw.elve fields poisoned in the Leachville area. These were out of 156 fields scouted. It seems that the farther west we go in the county the greater the bollworm activity. This is something unusual for Mississipi County. This outbreak was partly due to the beneficial insect activity being slowed or stopped by weather conditions. But now, the beneficials are back on the job. On Tuesday of this week ants consumed more bolworm eggs at Dr. Whitcomb's lab in Manila than at any other time during the year. Scout .your fields carefully this week. Poison if necessary, but don't upset this beneficial insect activity by poisoning fields that really don't need it. Small populations of bollworms have been found in some early planted 1 soybeans. If you suspect their presence : in your fields, go'into the field, shake 1-feet of row on each side of the middle over the middle, count the bollworms, repeat this in 10 random selected places, It Would be better if a 3' wide cloth was used to shake the insects so they won't fall in cracks or hide in-trash. When: 10 or more worms- are found on 30 feet of row, poisoning is justified. Foliage feeders such as. green clover worms and cabbage loop- ers should not be confused with the bollworm. The cabbage loop ers humps up in the back as it crawls (like a measuring worm). The clover worm will do flip-flops >Vhen touched. Boll tion first on a small section of flooring! to see if it affects the built-up' wax film. Most waxes Cotton Acres Down Quarter (5) Use wheat.for .cyst nema-: worms * K m ° re robust and tode controls. : " when touched rolls up and (6) Value of wheat as first "plays dead." : ,. . Insecticides cleared for use on soybeans include: Methyl paragon, Sevin, TDK,', arid' Toxa phene and DDT. All of these insecticides except Sevin require some .waiting, period, until harvest. If you want rates and waiting periods check with us. Bo Gibson Associate County Agent " The July crop report indicates that U. S. cotton acreage is ply. in recent years, this will have at least twu effects important to Arkansas farmers: (1) The use of substitute protein down about 25 percent from j sources will be encouraged in will soften and-or turn cloudy | years, the center of production after several minutes' exposure'; had shifted to West Africa. of the world's cacao; But in 25 | last year. This means less cot- livestock feeding especia '""™ " "" "' --- J -"-- ton will be available for mar- j (2) Prices for protein meal and kets, but it also means a reduc- oil should remain fairly high r New Bulletins i Are The following new. publications are available, :free of charge from tMe Bulletin Office, Agricultural Experiment'Statio'n, Uri- iversitjf! of Arkansas.' "Fayette- vilie, o£ from County Extension agents:','. .' Bulletin' 711 — Biology of. the Brown Recluse Spider Bulletiri;712'—'Factors Affecting the Estimated Future Foreign Demijid for Soybeans Bulletins. 713 — Spacing Studies with tee Soybeans . Bulletin'.714 r- Conditioning and Storage of Soybeans Bulletin^ 715 ; .- Alfalfa Fertiia- tion j Rpt. Series .148 — 'Performance in Arkansas of Nova 66 and Other" Medium - Grain Rice Varieties, 1960 to 1965 Rpt. Series 149 — Performance of Winter Small Grain Varie. lies, J96U965 Rpt. Series 150 — Steer Gains on Bermuda grass in Eastern Arkansas tion in. oil .and protein, .meal. (This is one of the reasons the soybean price outlook is.50 good). The 1965 cotton crop provided about 1,925 million pounds of oil and 2,725,000 tons of cottonseed meal. By reducing the cotton crop 25 percent, .we can anticipate a reduction of 481 million pounds of oil and 680,000 tons Pastures of meal. How do we replaced the oil Rpt. Series 151. — Relation between Fecal Egg Counts and 'Parasite'Counts in Sheep-Infected by the Nematode, Hae- monchus contortus. Guard against leaking or overflowing gutters by regular inspection and cleaning and protein lost from the cotton acreage reduction? • In soybean 'acres. equivalent (28 : bushels national yield) it will take the soybean meaj from 1,033*400 acres "to replace the protein lost. On trie same basis, it will require the soybean oil from 1,561,600 acres, or roughly the soybean meal and oil from Vk million acres will be required to replace the cottonseed. The July crop estimate shows a soybean acreage- increase of 2,338,00 acres over last year. This is about the- normal annual 6 to 8 percent increase experienced, in the last few years. About 2-3 of this increase will be required to replace the cottonseed oil and meal, leaving the remainder expansion. With'demand for soybeans growing faster than sup- .and will probably be more sta- step in Johnsongrass'-control's. (7) Panel of authorities to an- s^yer any questions. (8) 25 reasons for growing wheat. Mark your calendars for Se- tember 1 at Blytheyille or Se- tember 2 for Leachville. Go to the wheat meetings. They will help you decide whether or not you should grow ble than in the past 12 months. I wheat, and how much. IT'S C. B. D. DAYS At Equipment Center Inc. That's "Combine Bargain Days" You owe it to yourself to come by ond check our NEW MACHINES and get your BEST BUY. 2-Way Radio - Better Customer Service Gene Hood Flying Service . DIPENDABLt — fXMFft'fNCfD — fMSUftffD 8lyrh«vill« — Phone PO 3-3410, PO 3-4242 Manila — Phone 561-4532 FOR INSTANCE: ALL NEW 403 BEAN SPECIAL COMBINE • 40' CYLINDER \ 22" IN DIAMETER 14, 16, or 15 ft. PLATFORM 90 H.P. ENGINE (tractor) ON-THE-GO 'CONCAVE ADJUSTMENT DEEP LEDGE PLATFORM CUTTER BAR 3518 Sq. In. CLEANING AREA • 5244 Sq. In SEPARATING AREA "YOUR COMBINE HEADQUARTERS" Equipment Center Inc. So. 61 Highway |3. Blytheville U| m ' Ph. PO 3-6863 ' Rtntt • BtMwtmiullt P!«n» to N little M . Try before you buy! SKIDMORE PIANO CO. 101 E. Main St. Phone PO 3-7971 INSECT SCOUTS-Gary Don-McWilliams, Phillip Koonce and Mike Bellinger, Arkansas State-College .students,-, have this sum- ,,jner been scouting cotton fields in North Mississippi County. (Photo by Wallace). Stop Hunting... .. Look In Your Newsppr for: Local, State, National and International News Social Happenings and Fashion Tips Interesting Accounts and Pictures of Happenings in the Sports Field Bargains and Special Services Offered in the Classified and Display Ads BLYTIl&VILLE COURIER NEWS

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