Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 2, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1908
Page 4
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7VE lOLA DAILY BEfilSTEB, FRIDAY rTOflXG. OCTOBER 2.1908 Tbe lOU DilLY lEiiSTE) , CHAg. F. SCOTT. •otered at lola, Kansaa. PostoOca. a- Second-Clasa Matter. AdTerttaing, Ratea Made Known OK ' Application. SDBSCBIPTION RATES. fy CuTl«r In Ion, Gas City, Lanyn Tllle or Lallarpe. )ne Week 10 centt 4oe Month 44 cenu Uup Year! $5.0f- [ ByUalL Ooi rear Inside connty tSJMi Md« /earlontside eonnty i'Utf fbrde Moktas. in advance ll .OC One Hont|i. jin advance 44 l»FFlCIA'li ¥APEK, CITI OF BA8 I SET. . Telephone t Business pffice Bdltorlal Boom - - - 22: POLITICAL GOSSIP Pri'Kidoiit. Iliiosi'vt'li's bout with Bryan ami Uovfrnor UasUi-U has iloiu- Judgo Taft much good In Kans;is. , it . has calU'd attention to tht' fact that Bryan has uiailo lu-jico with all the corrupt Democrats of the natioii whom he frequently lU-nounced in tlu past and that through Governor Has kell he , has got in close touch will She standard Oil tnist and other gi gantic corporations. On tlio othci| hand Taft has spurned all offers to compromise with the trusts or ihei allies. Kansas gave Roosevelt 120.! 000 majority for years ago.. Her people believe in Roosevelt and his imll- cies withj all their heart and soul, and now thai he has exposed the Democratic scheme;'they will rally to his call and vote for Taft as they would for him were he rui^ning himself. • Where arc the Democrats of Kansas gettiiig all the money they are burning lip in this campaign? They are maintaining luxurious offices in the most expensive office building in Topeka and employinir a force of clerks five times as great as they e'ver had before. Their dollar subscription scheme peitered out some time ago. It was a jCOmplete fizzle. However, for the piirpose of pulling the wool over the people's eyes they are making a slight pretense of keeping it tip. Since Pre.sldent Roosevelt ohowcd up the close i connections of the Democratic national committee with the Standard Oil trust, hais been aroused that po.sslbly the l!>em ocratic committee is getting a slice of tru<it contributions. ' C!iairmaij\ DoUey of the Republican state 1 committee calls attention to th<> fact that it takes money even to ccnduct an economical campaign and fhat he stands ready to accept any donations that they nil.uht care to send in for use in the good cause. He,is depending in a measure upon popular donations from the rank and file: from business men and far mers, laboring men and mechanics, who are interested in the success of the national and state Republican tickets. He is conducting an open, stralghforward campaign ami any money given him will be used in a legftlmate' way to boost the Reiinbli- can ticket to victor.v. Contributions can be sent direct to him and he. will issue a receipt for the same. The Republican slate committee is scattering thousands of this cxiraci from Judge'Taffs Sandusky spoer^h: "If I am fleeted President I ]»ropose to devote all the ability that isv in me to the constructive work of sug.sie.stlng- to Congress the nu-ans by which 11 e Roosevelt policies shall be clinched." Below are two observations which Judge Taft made in reg.ard to Senator Foraker. One was made a year or so ago in a letter to his campaign manager. Arthur I. Vorys, when tho Ohio Republicans, had up a proposition for a compromise. The other was made after Hearst connected Foraki-r up with the Standard Oil Trust. TO Vorys Taft wrote last year: "I don't care for the presidency if it has to come by compromls*? with Senator Foraker or any one else in a matter of principle." In commenting upon the Hearst ojC- pose of Foraker. Judge Taft said: ''it it would win me every vote- in the United Statjes T cannot hit a mdn when he 1^ down." j Senator liaFollete presided at tjie Taft meetln'g at Madison, Wis., the other night. In introducing .Indie Taft this Is the Indorsement Senator LaPollette ^ave him. first quotli g from the Bible:"That Shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as God fear, men of truth, hating covetousness" and then adding: I "SUcb Is the great leader -that «e |iave vlth us today. Nature g^re b% temperament, great in a peculiar sense ajtr. Taft will be !er, tenacity] of pur-' his representative because of the very I fact that he has the same scorn for ^n the public service Uie demagogue that be has for the |for Its mari <ed abll-'corruptionist.' its pat' poise. Judicial 'orce of cr.aracl pose. His long life Is di-stinsuished ity, its wisdom, riotism. He ground upon the „ gage the profonhdest ihongljt of the;®"".*® Formed by the Skating people of this j^eat cpuntr>i He is; Section, progressive In p jinclple. He ped most wond« rfully htts ts Integrity, taken gileat issues' advanced that en A RACING LEAGUE. • The employes stitutlons, who certain per cent caniipaign purposji contribute to tli unless they fee| now^ protects it service rules, a good deal thev used to be. '^^^''""-i: It is v. , . very probable that in the near y by ex:perience..j(j^^^^^ pairons of the local rink , , ^ 1 , 'l^' h« given an opportunity of seen all of the state In- ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ used to" be assessed a „ , . , , ' ^ , J . , talk of a racnig league between Cha- of ther salanes for_„„^^. ^^^^^^^ T^^-rence. Ft. Scott, ps. will notjhave to Ottawa and lola. The Chanute and present jampaign p^^^„^ mana«e,-s Have already ex like It. I^he state ^^^^ ^ emploves bv civil , , , ^ x. cult formed and a meeting has- been a.;d the employes are ^^„^.,, mote independhit than President Roo4 ter. paid Judge "The honest honest and Inw-u can foel safe in the very fact tha|t if great wealth, lies or robs hisj so much as dare doin? In Mr. honest wage wor ing man. the hoi est iiu'chanic or man °of small jwwk. Kach rink will » racer jand the racer will be at home thr nights of each week and away three veU in a rfcent let- „jg,„s. The stundins: will b.j kept Just tTaft this tribute: j-ame us in l>a.seb,nil and there will iian of mej:uis. the ijjjj.ij. i„. ., Hieihil put up to go to the iding business nian.'raVer haviiii: Hi.- Iii^he.m standing at Is h.-inds because of ,i„. ,.,„| ,>f the s.n;:c.n. the disbone^jt man' xhe scbeme i.-; a ;;o...l one .-ind if fhe man wiuJ swin- p.,ineil outwill give skatinjc rink pat i fellows, woi^id not ro„s some exeell.nt entertainment. Tiift to defend his evil-j s presence; The' Tl < er. the honest,' labor- state transrrlpt of the case of th< vs. T. W. Piltseiilii'i-gfr who is est farmer, tlje hon- chart'i d with fi>rA;.ry W.TS Rbd today, small trader, jor the lie waived inelimlnarv hearing in i<ieans. can feel that Justi.-e court at I.all:tri'«* re<-.-iuly. ABOUT ADVERTISINC^XO. i The Dollar That Can*t Be Spent By Herbert Kaufman Evefy dollar spent in advertising is not only a se zd dollar which grows a profit for the merchant but is actually retained by him even after he has paid it to the publisher. Advertising creates a good will worth the cost of the publicity. It actually costs noticing. While ;V uses funds it iocs not use them up. It helps the founder of a business to grow rich and at the same time keeps his business from not dying when he does. J-' It etiminates the personal equation. It perpetuates - confidence in the store and makes it possible :or a merchant to withdraw from business without having the profits of the business withdrawn from him. It changes a name to an institution —an institution that will survive after the death of its builder. . It is really an insurance policy which costs nothing— pays a premium each year instead of calling for one, and renders it possible to change tne entire personnel of a business without disturbing its prosperity. Advertising renders the business stronger than the man —independent of his presence. It permanentizes systems of merchandising, the track of vj'hich is left for others to follow. A business which is not advertised must rely upon the personality of its proprietor, and personalitr in business is a decreasing factor. The public does not want to know the man who owns the utore—it isn't interested in /i/V«, but in his gocds. When an unadvertiSed business is sold it is only worth as much as its stock of goods and \fixtures. "ii^hcre is no good will to be paid fojr—// does not exist —it has not been created. The name over the door means nothing except to the limited stream of people from the immediate neighborhood, any of whom coiild tell you more about some store ten miles slway vvhich has regularly delivered its shop n( W8 to their breakfast tables. It is is shortsighted for a man to build a business vhich,;rf^^j with his death or ceases with his ijjiaction as it is unfair for him not for the continuance of its income to Phone No. 498 Sooth Sqtiare Smart Tailored $93.?S I0 $25.00 The Suits \ve arc n6\v .sliowimr :,t 5i:^. 7 "i 56 ^2.'».()0 are tl;e wo liave t^vcr secu at tlu: jjricc:;. They all have tlie new i;>iig Jackel>» v .liiih .irv lir.cil ihnri-rh'.iif with {Tuaruuteiitl aiul .s:«lin. Tlir ..kirts aiv Inrati- tifnliy laii'.rt.; ami I MV ** a tiiUvns.l "Iriii;!" In what llie ijr.i;al nii: < f Re ;iilyiii 'Ic ••.inufnts liave, bfc."»i<lc.-<, in thi.s line if Snits \\c laii ••ive JMU a peifect fit. They Ci -ine in all tiie il»- iialile •liadr's We a:k yon to examiuM them while ll;e a'.r .i .rtnietit is at its heat and while the niict.'; raiii-e V^. from $25.Ua dowu to $13.75 They are worth from $3.00 to $5.00 more Wednesday's Coat Special Wedutf.'lay wc will can extra value in i'all atjd Winter; lilaeks aid colcr.-:,'a usually priced at ^12. choice Wediirsday.. ler you les' new s, in }>arment . your $8.95 Cckt Skirt Special Wednesday we place 011 s.-ile one splendid lot of I,iiiH.>:' new Walking Skirts, all (.ovular shades, with silk and l>ut- ton trimmiug, some are i -o.>t style, the very speciaL price of :....$5.oo Children's New Fail Coats It IS here you will ptobably find llie larj;e.'>t assortment in lola to ^elect fiom.fur all aj'.«-s ami at prices ratiging from Jiooodowi: to $1.98 HI.STOKir FOKKST VlViKS. Thr tcirihle ivurk of the lu-s that liavi- linni<-(l over and tli-.s:in; e<l huii- drt -.1 .s.<if ih<)ns:u:its of ;icr< s < { and proiini.V in the valiii' in niillidiis in tlif Lalti' st;tti-s. ii-calls to iiicniory iithi : .L'roat I'onrsi liri-.-; which liavi- ai- hi.-^niric ini]i(;r!;tiici*. <):ii- i;f iliti farl*i<'.;| of UH-M- was ilie i;i«-ai .\!iruii:ii-hi lire Ii !.«•- ;aii it-: !;ii'aI»-.-l (it'.si IIHI.'HM a loiit one ii'i-liicli ill liic aftcrniion of (•••inltfr Vlli iif llial vi-ar. a! a |ilai-i' am 111 .-ixly nii !>-:i atii.v.' llu- town 1,1 Xvv .i asi 011 flu- .Mhaiait hi Itiwr i:: .\i v. r .riias- \vi<l:. Kfion- icii n'lSoi k at iiii-ii: it <i iwciiiy iiiiU-.; l*.'l..\v .\i Wfa.--llf. In liiii.' hours it ii:id i!c.-ii-oyi d a licit of for«-.<i (•t;;hly miles Imm .-n tl l\v»-a- ty-livf utiles wii!f. OMT IIK if lliun two atii! oi:i-li:ii|" nii! it -.a acre . alino.~i wry living iliiii.; wa.s kiilt-l. Kwv. Ilif ;'i.:i wiMi- ttfti-rwariis foHlid <li ad i >»riy or various kinds ua.s twenty-five: ONCE MORE, REGISTERED YET? I niiilion doiiars. K.\(eij' ii;r ;!ie in-j roio eondii;:: of locoiiioiive eai-Miiee! s and other rai!r:>:;d ii;"ii the osi .-jf life wi.:;Id he*:! iiiiic;h .i;re,iler. • This lire was ail llie lacre de;i!or.i- i! was wholly iiuriece.s- -sjir.v. i-"or many days hefon- ilie liiuii wind eaiiie and diove it "iL;:» naeoii- iroilalile 1.11:-.. ;; wa.- l.iiniin-4 ::|owly eli!>.e to I lie towti of I liilekj}'. .Uid It 1-oiild li.r.>- l.e«-;: jiiit. i .r't. Ill l-eai'S on i.iie river iiaiik.s. I-'iVe lininiied ami liiiu-iy liuiMiiiLs were lnir::eil. and ;•. :i!i !)iii «r if t. was. iiu- fliiiliii^ Newcastle, i ii-oiiaia. ; iid l>o,t- ;!a;'own. were ile.-i m-. .-d. ( ne liii::- lfe:I tiiid sixty |iei's(ias (M-II.- ted. and nearly ;i thousand head of .-•! irk. Tiie loss lioiii the MIratiiiehi lii.' is i-.-'i- iii.ated ai f.".IIH.IMHI. no; iii'elii UHL : r.n of the linther. Ill Mil- liiaj<!ri:y of sii. It roje.-i tires ihis iJie de.slriielion of lii • liniher s .1 more serloil.s loss, hy ^Iian liial I <.f the rallle :ind liiiildili;.'s. f. ries with il the iiiii.overi.--liniji whole r<-f;i<ii! for telt^: oi* 1 dreds of years afterwa;:i>. of the sMim|ia:'.e valile of t a! Hie liiae i.f ih- lire is Imt to provid^ his fatrMy (Cop rl;:ht. :9 $S. l>y Trlbuce Complnr, CUIcaeo.) OI ihe damage to ilie i hood. The wajies thai woi lie>-ii earned in iijliilieriti;!. ; the valile of the prodaee Iht^t have lieeii |iiircli:ise<l lu sii|dy her canip.s. and rhe i.i\e.i tii; have lieeii plirehaMed losii|i|il> imlilie ini|>roveni» iitV. riiriiisli (riier measure of how nini'h) or la!<-r, il <os:s a 'reKiou fonst.s are des|ro.\iil hy lire. •] he I'eshto^o lire of Oi tol, r. INTI w:i:. sill! more ilian lie .\lira iiiielij. It .•.'•M;eil .-i.-i .ma if more 'liai! iwo llioa^aiiii si|i!aie iiiles in WiMonslti. and iiitolved a lo« ; i:i itni- her ami other |iio|iet!y. of 111 la.i iiiil- li.jii:; of dollars. Itelwu-ii l.v Ive and Mleeii hundred (..T.-OLS (.eri lied, in- i-qidini; iiear..v hall llie |.<>!i1i aiion of l'eshti;;o, al ilial 'inie a (e<\u of tw<, iliDiisnnd iiihaliiiani:' oihei- tin-s of alHiiit the same lime were riio.-<i tle- .'Iriielive in .Mii'iiivaii. .\ .••lili> .ilioilt forty mill's wide and one liun Ire.l and eif;|iiy miles lo-.i.:'. e\ieinl;n;; ai-ro;,- file ee:!iral |iarl of t!;e .-tale, troiii l.:ifce .Miehitmii !!il.;!ke llii ..ii. wa.- lleVaMaled. The eMl;.i.i(ei! iil-s ill 111* liinlMT Wil.s alioiit four hill on feel lioani nieuMire. and in iiioney ovei ten nilliitin doUai'.s. Several liiiinlred l>ersoiis perished. In Ihe «-arly |iarl of Se,,iem ;;ie;'l lirea eovered more ili ti-eii liniidred s.|aiire r.illei lij ;.arls of Mirhi»;un. The i.-:ir! in iiroperty, in addiiion lo 111 d'reii ijionsand acre.-! of vultt her. was more than twi> nii!;i liiindreU ihousand do l:irs. ihonsaiid persons were ma ttite. and the nnniher of livij rariuuisly estimated at frori died lifty {b five hundred. The most de-siruciive fires rerent yeura was, that whif near Hinekl.v. .Minnescia. ,ii 1 IS'M. Whilo Ihe area liVtrned over wa.s less ihan inj MIWH ojher .^reut lires. the less of ijfe and lifo " very heavj. Hinokly and si niearliy were destroyed, at hiindrod lii'es were lost, m r it lar- nl of a <-n. hiin- Vlie loss tiiniier a sina'l eifjhlKir- ii! liavt ided II WO'llll lite Iniil- 1 woiiUi the liim- a mneli .-oollel \^-lien ii^ In propyl two thousatad persoux werejlfeft deaU- ler. tSSl n eishlt vari. 11.' I'ltt J lo^.^ \u\ iiiin- i,!e tini- in. three )v.-i tiv« de-i . lO.-^l i^ >:ie hiin if nuui siariej liieinbe: ^jery was k towns |:nt Ave ire than .'i SriM'KI.SKD MIM.STKK. •"l-'or many years I iiav.- lii ti a •iif- ferer from hroiiehiai ea.t.-.rrh. a!id.!i;e! despaired of anyiliiau Ii n- a i -.:r.-. .riid:;e of niy plea.s.iat Miri-ii-e when I fiivt ll.s.ed llyoiiiei. whiili conip'f-ie relief. Ilyoinei h .i: I'.e'i a Veritalile ^o:l.-e::i|."- Kiv. i"!i:!r:es Hartley. t?:.rdinia. Ohio. Tlioiis.mds of catarrh sarfi-rers 'i:ive .riven lip i:i despair. They have tried •••loin.u-h diisitiK. snnff. sprays and douches \vil!;ei;i siucess. and now he- lieve .atafli to lie insiira'ile. Mil! riias. I!. Speticir .M- I'o. t!ie .Iriisr.^isi. holds out hope ;.» a!! <!is- rre.ssed. lie sells a reiii.ily called lly- oniei which is .!;r,a;."it;-d eat.i;:!i. cold.s. <oi;.^h.--. liroiieliiM;., a.-tioii.i atiil croup. Ilyoinei I pioai/iinced 11-lih-o-iiie 1 is inedirated air. full of i!ie lifillliy virtues (d' the moiiniaia |iiiies. Ydii Ijioathe in ihe d.liulitfal aiiti-.cptic tiir. :«nd as il passes over ihe iMlaiiii d aii>l <erm ridden liieiiilira::e. ii a.l'a).; :!ie Inil.'iniinatioii. kills i!i<- •:< riiis. ai:i! Irives out llie di.-easp. . .\ cii'illilele ll.oniei oiltnt. inc!:;dhr; I liari! inlia'er. (o:-.- i.iii i\ mi. tnd at: extra hi.iile of ll>o;itei. if al- ' needed, ro.ts hill .'.n 't.-ll:;. -ee ("has. It. Speiner JC- Co. ahoiil It todav. I The Time at Hand for the Same Old I Warning in the Same Old Way I Voters s;.')iilil r'-ineniiier that reg- listratioii liook.s for the oomi-ig election ar<- now open in tin- office of the city clerk and any who Ivtive not qual- iflcii to e.\ their frtiiichise may du Ko iiiilil Oeloher 'lA. when the books will l»- cios'd. It sc-ilis lUed- Ij'Ss lo I'oiisi.-tiiil;. call thi!> to the liiiiid of the \ot'-r Iiiit the fact that iiia.iy fail to ri-^i.^ter and ihereliv dis- unalify lliemsi-lvcs to \ot»' each elec-. lion is ample cause for the continual waniiiii: to the voter, to heed while yet there is time. Uiit few are resis- terin.^ now. and tli»^re are only a com- i>araiive few who need to do so. Hiit those who should re;;ister and do not are .s'.irkiiiir a duty imposed iipt >n tlii-!ii :i,s eiti/.eii.^. I Old Friends Met. • .Malcolm Ciay ol Leavenwortii and . Iti rt r .arr. ;it. of I'.aldnin, traveling- sales:*" n. Willi an- in ili-v cit.v today, had a pli asaiil m< ••liiiu at Colony yes- .leriiay. .\ few yiars a«o hotli were ; atteiidiiii; L'liker rniver.sity. .-\fter \ h-aviufr school tli> y lo.'-t. track of one 'aiioili.r. V.-:.ti r.!a.. ll;.v iiiet in Col' oiiy and each siirpris'-d to learn ;llial llie ol'.i-r was in the .same line jof hiisiness. .Mr. Cray- represents a ; hook (-oriei-rn in l.ea\eiiworth, while -Mr. Ilarretl is with a dry ^ood.s house of Ttipeka. >^OUVENIR Saturday "JUST TO REMIND YOU" SUGARS REFINER'S PRICES OCTOBER 3 CHINA OATMEAL DISH IN AnniTroN Tt> I'SIIAI.CHKCKS WITH Spices. Extracts. Ctiocolaiie, Cocoa, Tapioca. Cornstarch. Tea,•Coffee. Etc. PHONE 336

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