Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 2, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1908
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MOHDAYAMD TUESDAY Every day during this Autumin season we expect to do special price maliing on soms merchalndisc here and there throughout the store. No matter what day you go shopping you'll be sure to find a bargain awaiting you here. We shall leaVe no doubt in the mind of any discriminating customer that this is tola's one best pia'jie to trade. ' Two Thousand Dollars Worth of Ladies', Misses and Children's Coats. Special for Saturday, Monday and Tuesday I I oliiiiildirt iiiiacini' au; <>tor(' noiild offtr such a liniiilsome lini> of Joafs as Xhvsv at the wry lhri>!ihi>lil itt the ••Mixtu at so low u |»rl<"e, »aM <»ur clerk«t is n«'ie iilaniiiiie thN (ireat Cltiak Sale. Kut hfre, you know. «'»«TJ sa^iiii; l» >hari-«i nith our ru«loui- «Ts. The tlistinrthiHiess of the niodils will ap|H'al to >i>u iustauti}. Krery attrihnte of ineiit; is luror- poraled iu them. >enii.littetl Coats in eiery ficw vt}le new collars, new slciies. plain tallore<i a^id faury I !<at{u and hraid trinniied effects. | 7 .."v .t li;idics' C');!! :iiii.nnil in in'-'iy ^^Hk iJi.-iid siik velvit ai.d biittoiis Siit'i for Ihl ^ ^.l.iM) i.'o:it«. rririiv t .>.;.ii'..-j of MILLlNEtJY tlif iKiudsgnieit coals u.< iiiup .^vor .-Sl-e. ial toi th :i tale . i $i: I.'" Uaili.- li:.i;i^..iiip'.y lii' rlil.-d'\v iili f»n -kisi.i: if I 1.11. 1. Vfl '.t; and I al".iii<. IC '.i this s..;.' i;i .i> 1 1 S^J.riO 1 j I-Milies' l -'ll'.e Hroudoldth (\at-. F.itiM j :i •.iiiinoil, •.uaitf w iti<;i> i'iii;iire ?tv!,-. I.^uid'^. nui) luaiilnl lii tl;.<: \ i!t!» tl«'-;!fM-: V-u » H; •-.r; i lifa|> Ii.r $:•',.,. S;..>ial t.illh.^ ^ I "i.^O 't 'I'.i< ti."n. ;ai<- J." I'"' ^!>,'ri\ ':\'.\ til Ml till- »;u'ai .>l'ti'Ui Na'«' liir ii.(.> a.!v:-%' tu r.^iue ••:«! !v li;.at !hi'-i' >lnrKi' iiiif .i ilii.v «:i!"iioI witli us a -i w >• s. ilic W.\ s '>i.- a'«a\ go ih-t H<'ur • Skin (Vat:. ^•^ chlldivi. at .il. i . .>. N«»rr ha>e sho«ii. •>•• handsome Hats, inrrr has <iiir iisillini r« ii'«-t V. ith so murh fator. »e!. iiir.« sadnus. indird, tliiht at the Letinninit of t:.;- \ni-fie Hak s(,|,.s ..raM.!«r than e»er. rhie and ni> t" the minute Hilh sl>|i-. W."^>. *>.lMi an dup ?i;.-".<» sail an? puise and Letter ^tjlis «e are ttdd than \»\\ will find iii larci r eil liiindled this line fi .r •.'.'i jears: hate itrown riitlil n;> in liiis lHi >ii«sv uiid j .ui>« the rorrert thiua tiie maiorit* of the p«i.ple want. Ue want jout" come a-id lintei :iv :,,nj: as «••" iki : >"n sur, 1, arenel.ome. lij Last Hadison RtCHARDSOM'S •III will liitd arti^tir hats to lies. <.inip!> lietansr we ha»e Fall Dress Goods For Three Days KtVri thtae that's styllsli in I)re>s (•oods. Silks and Satins will t*4- found here in this newest and most up- tu-dale Hres.s i ;uv4s store. More drrss iroods tiiao we bate rirr siioHD liefore all ifo in ureal pay day sale. .\ew Kail Suitiui:^ in pretl» new rherron. ziir-zae. herrinehoue and shadow stripes, with self colored ((•rdrd effects, all pure WIN> I and cheap at and 7^ cents, iu a full assortment of new shades, chose from tills matrhless rullection of newest fail fahrlcs .it jard r^tc ••-MI;'! .*!."• •.'.'i;"- (harniiiii: f.;!! : ov,.;r:.-, in a t ii; 1 .in-.:.'cf .o, :!i<' and n:'j-t war.reil ru!ors fur tal: w.^r. v..:.; SjJI.fM)- i";;.- In.i.r.rTMl W'.-o; !; ack Vdiic, ;j inci'.f-- •«;,!.-. •:<h if' itiark finn »-v. ;:!v •AU-.C;: The chr!-;."' V.'.tui. th:. and in.:.- rim: ..i: Wf a-k i-. ' .(M) •;.\iitiim!i >i!k-' an.I .-si'ir..- a l»r .ill.ii.? sjiicviiii: Y <<"1 .•vi.*>r[.-i| r.fii.- i:i.,-a'..-: >i .-ilk .-:.,:»= h> .-^h'.-.v :h>? !;;!•«•-.-• varietif.- <if nfji I::]', ^i^k.•. lii;r' VDII will !.<.r I..- (Ji.^ai'i.ointf.l <<,ii..' fi.r rl:;- .-i;.- a;..l v;»-» rti'li. at v«,ii:- .Hjj.irt- ".•"I I'.-ui; >if IJ .-mkrV- fl..IU ir*e I" si;8.oo Staple Department .:;.i.-:ai:..i I. I. .MM-liii. .-.IMI V '^i- . . 11-av •• !"i ' i'.iiits H.-r Cir.I..! I':;nt> s i::.- r!i.-ck Ciin^han! IU- !•..•<.a T.A\. .>«s .\'.--.\ i:..!-. Ha:..;, fiul.ii.-. 1 laliil 'K.'! <(il>'f^ and .!.*• '<• \-'.• i>--= if.'.:\-il ;r<iiii N> A V<iik S-.• '1;:; !• .-r.vl •! :ii.> a;; >i. ni<i'l»';at. "v iiri" ••(! W.ii .v.r l^•r-.•I^•. l.H <t iij lUf land k t":ii Ho !• r.^ i-.iatai.:*•.••! -A/.M \\ :•.[ H .-vi.» l'i.t».T!ir- i .-.otiiin>-i .i 'it at'.'c a! .rl;. . .V-k ni .irti T|i.-ii. 113 East Moclison JAG, A "JOB"-!AIL FKA.Xk SlHUifJS. IMdXK \Ti:i!. TfKXEn THU K «HKH l/SltVU l\ JUL. ALBERT CRAIG WAS ROBBED tOI.OKEU MAN BElRlK.NHtD ilV.H- BtK or HUL AND (iLTS STl'MJ. Act uses Spriiafs of Breaking Open Trauk and Stealintr *3.'i Therefrom - ( jaii: Ti «ws Spriirss to r .ilice. liaill tlulr^. y. If! f<; i.'.e r.:;.!::--. ililrf of ih.'i <.il\ coa>;;it.- ' arr> >•! and -tai.h. l| On hi .-it ;•:•! 1: l.iuks rroiii !.ad>- a va: >. < rl -iry .-.l vji 'h i.;;K;-:i:i ; i a~ lar .1- ki:.'wn il .i -ii li:rii:m ' Or.- l':',:: ! oht.. i.-i: k i()i:;-'!it lioniKt and Hose. • tiii.. :.. lias..; li. VIOLATED FOOD LAW I f 111 :iif of f^'iair SM;1IOII: li.;-i. tv.. .1 auth'il !• • I :h>'r.-Ior .Vi-jcjt < ;..t::v : «ho.-^ ! Th. :. !;;i;:>-li\. ,..a* »• ir. •iii.' : • :t>. V. <<iilina trill;!;.- tai.- of \>..f \\:;:;f ;: hap|.<-n. >l I Here's (^ratiinde. X.i.t-n l!i liv.-.j a! ."••is S OT- h ;iv ;;.!r a'.lioil.. :1 .;!. -alli ». liiiuu h..^ !inat> a;i o;j';o! yhajf aioi .1;! ! ,Uk ah'.::.:, his l..a:.l. 'wl;iKk .v .1:; li .ow <: ::..!••; .r. • ; i .i iai-;r :ii ia:-;. u -.jr. :..:li.tli;;.i. u.ak.- tu - ij. c- a:ii'j!ili.- a.joai: ( r.iiK marl.!, s. car.!.- I -«.-.:iti<'! ' •.. Kin a: rh^ j ;i" f. iMvlo and wa= ::J so •.•...icU ili>-''. ^\arrant ( h.-inres Felon.i. C .v -irty .\::.:r,r (-r-r-.-n - il' thl-- I D. Schomerus Paid Fin^ bf 51.-0.'.ly; v, .0 ; i,.^:on. 0<r. Kiiial s-ssions 'nf ih.- M >-vi-n <f-(tion.s of tht- inte.-nat-; i.iiial r.i :i .roirt;si.s congress W(-r>- be-; •''."'"'*•'-•'•'• I v:iii :> i.- lu.iriiin:; in t!;> national m'.i-| i.!.-.i.;.d B'-o -j:..11:11. Thf ili.-ftn-.sions will havt- a; ir- lu<: >-.>n- :> .-ichin? «ff"Pt in solvini thf if. ;.;i-- f<nM! world problem of eradicating tuber-' ii .l i.'..s:s roiii- C. ]'.:••. the,.:,!;; .-v.-iiiiisr the day will have h—n; >r. • il>'|on^ „f t»i,. most eventful of the w>ek-' M; -..'II! Ha-; Dr. Ro!>.-rt Koch, the German sci ' tu.=s ih.iT K':.::-r-: come int il!u' hoii.^.- am: Tiu- Krf«-n !i;t> ;WII;K> Thiit .<;.;oii' ii; !hr -'i;:n»; ri.e .!.:.'-k Mr Sj.rifV- Tt.f- >;.-i:i .M: Craii; U h.. 11'-. I'd, 1:. "lit-'. .•\nd M.t (..aok the #wai: -Air a !i ;« tl. Ca>f. Th. "Iio nu.-;-: ;!..' T-A...:: ^• . ;' T!:e alvVt- (1. .-Ktia; '.. '!!.• • ,1 ilut tv.i .i .»s may y,i ' lit ;>" from the f.-l'ou- iiii; d ;3g :aia on :he (..ui,. «o;:* 'jiu'Xrr: l ^!i<oner—Fr:ink j!i >riL-i.>. Exir.i.-- 'ioii. Baiuiana Laml. Toior. .Xiiprt.pri- ate. Occi:|«n:"^n. IVwirJ.-; at nii !i;.» P.-rnian. tit. .\d.ire>s. South . f M and i) liv.f riiari:.-. I^arc-ny .\rr.>.-;te«l \r.- \Vi!;;a::i iJate.--. ('. of IV I'.u.-ecuti::--; \Vitij..>s. Allicrt Cr:t::-. Piiys :t ;:r,c- iral .Analysis a:? to Cau.-e <,f CrJH '.i.'. R'ltr^n Whiskey and an K!a :Mc T..;!ii- peraaien:. It will t>e observed that the twi^iis which sprout in the siirini; are sch.-d- uled ti> buri?! forth in all their lieairy atom "iiteen times before .Mr. Sprig^s i| Hchediiled to iron the wrinkles our cf his turbulent career, "ne .\ibert Cia!.:; betap the complainir /t; wities': what :<ppears to be a conclusive case against the prisoner. . ^Spriggs was towed to police farad- carters about Ecren o'clock last night' ' il '.' n;:;i . ni..i lilrii; ;li.i; h. s^leep it off. jw:':i.,:!' .iciain.-' wa.- -:<i«.-.l .iu.n 11:1 a -o .vi |io:i:!._' ;i;<la'. !h.-:e ;.) jj. : \Ior |l!.:i wr.-stie with: The .,i -.v. 1: .i'i-.'>.-i| - |;i::.':; ..n'- < i| ;i.--u -h.^.l!*!!! !-eri;ari;.d if '\.'- vi^j'i.f rr'ia'ij, 'i!!/ Itin r.':;vii':-.: . . iir.iuir.^ flh.-:-.:: i:. ::--i:n.l :• \\'.< M: ^ |-;!!;-. :.• .1: • > : land .Ml- (I'.-a -.i; .-.(r.-ii ...r .i-- ,i>n;« -,.•.: •.•A ••• ;|!::ie li'i.-i:;.-;>i ;h.-\ •';'>':^li: '(ik;.-:'.•;••:! li:d Spria::* ! - ~.•:!'.! i -!:•- a -ta"-- ."^j !;:.'_••; :'',^nii' 'iai- '• ^«'n :.h Ml-.- ;.ri-"oner •at t ;.-s a ! u - J. '• ... iu i •.. .••.ii;:!:.: 1:. Technicaly Cuii Says n .-^ fiir. h.. h.i •J"! .\..!th Kif^' St! t- In li.ili;-'s rij| i!i4 • ' vii :;i:ini; t ; l:iv. i\ A a-- fin. •! $.1 • a ;.la:ii' '.M.? ir.a;! > bv irito :..I:i or: "l. :.-.f ;r -.. ••• r<i:i^. t; ir;.-^,! , .!.lo;:=. <• ib!..'t'-:.s ar.I > l;..;!'. r : • i--^:;- • r i!;."h..' - ..hov til.' «a!k ai= jrrovi !•-.• Sohoin.'r*:-; -'.T^-; n-' n :r' ri i-. i t.> r- •. • ::;•?•••• tia-h-. "li" iM--. !>i ^w-v-r. il-- 1: i -i . •imniis- naii;;h- .f >:.-:i.l!a';T ' I I 1 I •, i-!i.- 1.^ i 1. i.»';ini: t:;>' - u:i. h- fho-.ll -bau ';;:i. 'brir Fleming Soeederiso Here? ;a:e, wilt MT-r::..! f: i-.;ii; v.- Tl:e i-o in n>. :t .> .Hid : ! -..K,;:;: . d::!;.-.i r .-. . . .::•--.• !..- n. ^; ilej.a: -•. v .i:.-. an>; M !-V S .r.-- 5;-'r triii. !•.. n H;-T TKOS- LYONS TO SPJ-AK. Ok'ahoma Democrat Will Take Stump • in Scuih .Dakota. I 'r- wor- n.iTttie I a-.d C:.,'.e j watch .\".ni: it: ;Ue e\..n- ;ni; S;irii:[i<. '...d-:i[ --v :ii ; 'jrrii:- • i".-' • had niad^. wen: |;ack 1.. t;..? hotiie ti> te- a iKi -r -1: /.e -aid. that hf hjjd Irfr tHere.j ' roniiitly tnck; <!in;.— ..f Tu" :i f'l.a I'.- —'nuitiia-; I> I..'.i;^. :i •^:..:i;::.-r- lawv.-r !».•:-;- o,-ra; of Tiiya. :---!v..; an apr*-.;:!: If. I,- :."'.a\ A- -;>••:.J.-r o: th- National IVrao.^n- -;.-a^.rs b'lr-aii li-' wi'i". l.>av.> T-!.s::i-- •<> s'lnnri So-:'!i r »ikota. .\ ru:i:0'- b'-fan-t •• : p.i.n. that or-•»Ii" .>. .•;i'>ird ^n aut! • 1!. . :> : a::.: VW.-.i 1 < !i>* Mor.'Iav. r.a 1 : rit\' I..T" this aft--: :;o -v. rifiO-Wam olt Travis Will Spejak. Too. Frnr'.< !.. Tr.iv.";. CM: «"i;a;or •T t:.- R ->ji 'i".; he on- or" :":.- stsra 'K- Crais I man ^ . iiiiii to Ih jC.tite.; 1.::^ t.'r a .-.•alith. Si riiviirs| :n a j .-eil in rl- I He wa bought h i robberv. •Til 'ail fore I'll WILKINS CASE IS ON h.- had b,-fr|.-:;.i.-:i an I -o-.k ^ y,,,,, ,„ j^,^ This Evening.—Judge |,..:i;e <;at:..k Ther.- Chief i Hough Presiding, .^d hini 'li:i!:.-r .arre-:. \{- ' v.^. O,..-. Wil- Carl Ohif. .-f. or.ih.ilf •' f;-i:;v:. >:i--:r.:Av !• :- :,.'-.-.i •• t- = sh ^ W": t. :-• - --li '••-.n.nM.-;?:-'". '? »M> in4 aforipa'i.T: • v> ill !— t hi- a';:-i.;r Beard Makes Th.- board arip^iinre, i'! .r :.. .Mrs f>!::fes:. rcruniy j.i.. aske.l to boc.ze and he was piiiMy •Ha id H .-*d Ho he.-e in this eil where I Th- e .i-- .-.f -h- Stat. i International Tuberculosis Congress FLEET AT MANILA Havir.o Last Session.—^Talks on j 1 Hygiene. iAMKHKA.N BATTLESHIl'S ARE SAFELY AM HORED .\0W. GOING TO JAPAN NEXT WEEK MILL LEAVE IIARBtIR FOR A\- ci:lo-;is. i{..-:<)r.- th- .•i.' :. Ijo.iri- ; • OTHEi: JtH R.\EY OX Ot't. 9. oiii- !M.r:it.-. s. a'-'aiu fi-ur-ii today in a dia- !.>ii: :n :;irr.: ',. ,>;,,i: .,: tu ;,.T <-ulus:.,- b-for- th.- in- r.'it •.rii?»"rt t,.rna;:onaI congress OB tuberculo .-ir. t\'' c-T -rac of i >v i.! r-er- :ha: thii.-; law. ilr. [;,r n.u.-st of th.- e.'.r.cational •-fforl.-; : .,r !t— .:-."ids rl..- lampaicn to stamp on: t'i!.-r- :he t ha'.>- made unit.- r.>r.!iii • ii^! :.-t • •!,. 1^ al-l-s. H.' -u-./.KiA.:- I :r. •';: •—t I:"" I in!i.o:;aiKe of t.-aehin^ hy:i.n- f. •r. 'o rii .:-.t • ohi!.ir.»n. b.-caus-. he .<»aid. ther a-.- ;i ;-d J ;:'.'y. qiiick-»r to U-am th" hygienic Uws than are the alults. M" call.-d at'.-r.- tion to the dttty which ;mi>o.~.'.i ir. s-lf ':po:i the teach.-r.-! to ini-t-ir: th-ir scholars in al! of th- sai.itary ri;»-.v:r-s and iv-.*cai!tinn.> to be taken in coiiilrating :i:hercuIo>is and a!'i-il that both i>-ach.-rs an.! .scholars m'lst p .ii :ce ;j.orotii:h!y an.i con;i>et.-r.;lv :a v.-.:.'n: tr.i.-j af- !.' yo'tnir m.'n )n'.ob'ii- whic'a in Katisa-s •nr»'d in 'h- ,l^->n iF:.'.--: P'i;.:;-he<l Se|.?emi..T !•>. ISOS., ^.ida:.. 'r.r *-a;-> SHER1FK*S SALE. s at !he raUy ^^-H .r;i,j;c;a: I>:.--.-:cr. Sirrin? in and ;.rh' Mr. Trav- for .\;:-n County. S-a:e of Katisa?. ir.fTina'ion on ff^" Nor-h-up Nationa! Har.k. a ."or- pora-;on. I'air.tiff. vs. flen .; .Me.m.-; a.:a;r.?r tP.-- ^^^^^ j ^eans. Defendan-.-; •.it ::t ..,i and this Uy vir-'ir- of aa Order nf Sa.e is-ti^'i :ch-.! iirion in by the rvrk of 'he Thirt v-?ovf :i'r Judicial District fourt. in and for .\!^ len County. Stare of Kansas, in tnej Report. above entitled cause, and to R2e di- by the eonrt to reeled and deiiveretl. I will on October jwife of t:.e late 12th. A. D. 1J«>.S. at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day. at the foatb door of the llifirers and Island Officials Goard- ini; .iniinst Cholera—Shore ^ Leare Restrict^; .\Iai.:la. Oct. j.—Fre-h from a tri.;^.iiin: :tcej)ti.,n in Australian ;.orls .lud ^»;:i^ a t-ru;jt- around the world :wu-th:rd:» a(ci>ni;>!i =hrd. sixtren bat- . •:.-:-hi; •> of th." .\mer:can l..-et. which ^tart-'d tJainpton Koads last U'- <-:ii!-r. .:;>.• anchort -d iu double co!- ;;nm toiiitht t;if breakwater, close to th-- Lu:it-:a i.r ii.'.io .-^.luaie whi .~h is :h :on :;»-d with tliousanil.-". .. Orders w-re issueil dir-ctin.g that nothinj; be tak.n ;>!)<*ard from on .-'h .^re iiendins f ir ;h .-r t'oKsid-ration of the epidemic I : <h ..:.-:a. Sho;.- r «-uve wiil i.e srant- -.1 tij.- lifficers hut careful instructions were Usued gcjverninR their con .!;ic; whiii- a .-sh .>re toicuard against the renio--it danger t.f lirinslns contagion- aboardth" flee:, .vilmira'' Sperry declares the efficiency- of the ships had been greatiy inrreafed by the cruise. The f:.^t wi'i sail for Japan on the "venitis of 6<::ober Sth. of the prop.-'rty ct»urt house in the City or tola. Allen |V"ns ati.l M .-s- P Port. r. alias Mrs P. ly her husband. fca.= made its re- connty. Sfate'of Kansas, offer for sale te] -.vh ^r.- he wjlkins. is !.«.ini tried in Ju-^tic- ;iort to the probate court. and te 1 to the hiahest bidder, for cash to .s,nf.><.- The eo irr tolav with Justice K. O. A Short Session. fc^-'l- f'-'iowing descrri^-.-.! real First. i Itey." Spr|l «;jrs said. li;iior;ni' the que-s-' state clos'.1 their .jvidence at ?, o'- wen sp<-nt Just two tion relai^jn:; to the i ibbef. I kin clock. .\t the titne The Restlster w.-nt with the problems oil git coin where these n bread." Ijid tben he J. B. Goshom a Witness. The will of the late Dr. John Let- ch-r Dougherty of Hiattville. was fi '-d for probate before Ju-Jge Hudson in probate court yesterday. The wife named as lejtatee and Joe • and J. H- I.iepman of this city, and Ji B. ,r ...:h. preshUn.. • Th.- regular setui-non.hly s..slon' J^^^ Th.- d. f-nlnnts ar- chare. J wirn of t>- ci'y cour.'.-! lirt niiht w>.« one ji^^^ The City of lo'.a. .AUea County.''"* " ^f" necessary for jail and r.t be-' nnlawful co" abit.'.ti:in. The case was of the shortest in th.> r^:^rp-o'. tfie | Kansas. acccr."ling to the recorded i •'•'Posi'ion to be received from Mr. .Kot :ha: whis-'called this mornini; a: 9 o'clock. The present administration. Thi> alder-j P'a[ therecir .«Uicl lands and tenementsi Goshorn before the will can be pro-. hoitrs "rapnlina!*"'' ^ "'I'' aPP"isement to,bated. The amouat of the estate-left . " !.satisfy aaid Order of Sale. ^- r. • . = municipal fnv ggefs kaint Kit to press Mrs. Porter, alias Mrs. Wi!- emment, cronrenLog at 7:1 ^ai^ to sleep kins, was on the stand. Jooming at 9:15.^ and ad- C. O, BOLLLNOER . »»> Donsherty wa-«. not given to Sheritr.of Allen County. Kansas, tl>*' *»1 —Ft. Scott RepubUcan. By. A. L. BOATRIGIiT. Unjder Sherilt. j Resister Want Ads brtng restUts.

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