Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 2, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1908
Page 2
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i L. L NOBTIIBDP. PrMltai KOBTilRpP, Tle«.7mMeai D. r. HQBXBBUP, tui YJee-FMrt DTptKESTPAID TOIXDBPOSItS A. L. BSUXBAUCtH. CMkler. MZLTUT FBOSK, OmMm jonal Bairk Mfiiitirj hr tli OiiM Stitti SUtiiif linu illMCMlity EftabllBhed 1869. WMt lut li ilkiU. Assets $1, OCTOBER. The lilUs are cliaiiKPa to ami'llivpt, The viilps arc chnnpcil to ko M. The dawn is volloil in frosty inlFf. The wlml Is fiiowlns boltl. No bird wakes up the mornlns now With matin from the doll. The empty nest stari's from the liourh Which hill Jl lonK so well. The flowers that we held so d.-ar Are withered now and gone. The scented petals all are sere And down the wind are blown; But one alone Is flashins bright— The torch of .eoldenrod. TJIfe. one star in a stormy nislit.. Still points to hope and Ood. • —K. C. Times. • * Was a Cousin of IHers. . Two Tola girls are tellinR this one in their brother: Keeently he was in an adjoining town and having an evening to while away remembered that he had a girl friend there and promptly decided to call upon her. On :«rrivinK at herlfiome he found the young lady's steady there and both hostess and guest realized that it vrould require tact to avert a small teirpest. The Tola boy was almost decided to disappear beneath a sofa or table when he heard the girl say- inr. "Mr. B—, this is my cousin from Tola." Of:course the two young men at'^once began a mutually Interesting conversation and on several occasions when the young tnen met the town bov referred to the visitor .is "my girl's cousin •' •^ * • Mr. Vaness Leaves. Mr. Clarence Vauess of Summit•ville. Ind.. who was n guest of Mr. Herbert Allen fiir a few days, has returned home. Mr. Vanes?: is a frav­ eling salesman for a feed company at Independence. Town, and was a schoolmate of >Tr. Allen in Summit- vHle several years ago. • .> Change Club Game. The Thursday Kucbre club which was organixed s<>veral seasons nco and which pave pariiies fortnightly during the past winter, has derided to change the club game and this season whist will be pl;iy«>,i at all entertainments. The cluT) name will be changed also to the Thursday WTiist club! There was a btisiness meeting yesterday at the home nf Mr.s. C. H. Shields and these officers were ehoBen: President—Mrs. F. A. Xorthrup. Vice Pri'sldent—Miss Clara Second Vice President—Mrs. John F'oust. Secretary-Treasurer—•'Mrs. .T. A Wheeler. Tfce first of the parties will occn on the approaching Monday at the /»ome of Mr.s. E. C. ^rcCIain. The membership is as follows: Mrs. C. H Spencer. Mrs. flieorge Fry. Mrs. Osca- Poust. Mrs. .Tohn Foust. Mrs. P. .1. Horton. Mrs. H. Ilobart. Mrs. C. TT. Shields. Mrs. T. S. Stover. Mrs. .1 r,. Mlltlebach. Mrs F. A. Northnip. Mrs. D. P. Norlhrup. Mrs. J. A. Wheoler. Mrs. C. h. Wiitaker. Mrs. W. C. Teats. .Mrs. IT. C.i .MrClaiu.^ .Mrs. H. r". Uolilnson. Mrs.{ A. H. Campbell. .Miss Kva Brett. Miss 'Clara Foust uii.l .Miss llosalia jCharles. <• f * Lawrence Garrett Here. l.awr<noi> C.arretl. who formerly liv- .>d In lola. bu: win In Tulsa is a las recently l)een U('S|t of lola friendr. • 'I* Aid Society. Tlfe Aid .society | of the First Baptist church met yeslt-rday to complete some needlework to be dispos- eil (if during the a,'pproachlng winter. t Set Date ^or Social. The "dollar" .social which the Aid .society of the Bapt .U church will give will occur on OftiMier "Jit. The date was decided upon ind announced yesterday. ' A • •> To Pittsburg. Mrs. E. B. Keys] Mrs. E. .1. McKee and .Mrs. Plielip Heigele lave gone to Pitt.sburg to be pi-esent at a conven tion of Second District \V. C. T. U"s A jf. In Yates Center. These ladies were in Yates Center yesterday: Mrs. W. C. Teats. Mrs. J V. Iloberts, Mrs. W. S. rioodwin. Mrs J. II. Brown. Mrs! W. E. Redfeam Mrs. I/^igh Hunt. Mrs. Roy Irwin. Mrs Fred Gerbltz. Mrs.i Jom -B. Mrs. R. C Brown. .Mrs .A. K. Balliet. Miss Ro salia Charles. Miss Freda Pickerson Miss Iniogene Mitchell. Miss Dorothy Foust and Miss .Vgncs Munson. •:• •:- •:• Move to Kansas City. Early in Xoveiuber .Mr. and .Mrs Chas. J. Poxseo Tvill go to Kansas City niid will m.tkje that place their future honn>. Mis-| Ooxsee Ims been there for some tini her course at St. I and is com inning ,uk«''s, hosplta'. ' Both Mr. and Mrs. Doxsee lave an excei-dingly wide | circle of friends who will rt'gret tb<-ir d";i ,Trture ji.s will the several and clubs in whic ed meiubersbips. church auxiliaries i tlii-y h.iv." .'ujiiv At Home Club. Mrs. Reor.e Taylor. ?,iV2 South Ken tucVy str<«'t. wa.sltbo liostess of the .4t Home rliib ol f)e First AI. E church yoster 'l.Tv \ ifternnon. TVirinp the fimp devoted tr| thi' program Rev .1. M. Mason who was present made s short address and a letter from Mrs. If. H. .Tones, who f^irmerly taught the cla<:s was read. Mrs. Taylor served refreshments to th'ese pjuosts at the c'oso of ' the aftl'rnooii: Mesdaihes ua'n. Stijl Mjinners. T.ock^^ood.' ernooi in. St< bbin^^JVard. S. T,ock^( Khowlton. Rev. and I.. Henderson have Springs, Mo., to 6RADUAIE OPTICIAN KYES TESTED FREE O^tsses F tted JSi and up SatlsfaclIpB GnarantM>d U*. Par, XRMta Ft and Xi K. * T. >Vatc& Uipecton.] Teats. Fife. Curfmpi'! Beard Barnes. >forrow. Bixler. Mrs. .T. M. Masoti. Rev. and Mrs ICnowles. .Mrs. T.o^-dernilik. • » * To Eldoratlo Springs. .Mr. at<d .Mrs. fj. gone to Eldorado spend two week's. •> + -«• Meted if e-Waite. Tlie marriage of Miss Sarah Met ealfe and Mr. fJedrge Waite of this city, w.-is soli'mni/jed at Ottawa yesterday. The Republic says: A quiet wedding was celebrated at Grace Episcoiial churc'.' this morning when Oeorge Waite aiid Miss Sarah Motcalfe of lola. «(ere united In mar riage by the Rev. Dr. Krum Is the Dr. J. D. Krum. minister In charge of the Episcopal <|hurch at Tola and because they wanted no display Mr Wlalte and Mia."* - Metca'fe chose to have the cere nonji performed In 01 tawh rather tlian llola. Roth Mr. aid Mf.s. Wuilte are web known here. MIs.s| t)loved at the We* tral montba ^nd Met.calfe waa em lYork- «lnrt» for auv Mr ^mlttf liHi i. large class of music pupil.'? here. They will uinke their liom<- in loin. • •:• •:• Music for Convention. The couiniiltee ap |H >inlcd to select music for the convention of federated clubs this month arranjged numbers for the several sessions. Tliere was a meeting with the clmir- man. Mrs. (). T. I.a{!range yesterday aft< rnoou and these .musicians chosen to assist with tlie entertainment at the times stated below: WICD.VE.^DAY AFTEm .NOOX. Organ Solo—.Miss Clara Crangle. Baritone Solo—Edwin Hunter. Ladies" Quartette—Mrs. W. T. Wat son. .Mrs. C. ^I. Cole. Mi-s. W. R. Crangle. Mrs. .1. W. Bolton. \S -RD\ESDAY EVENM.N'O. Piano Duett— .losephine Riiidle. .Mis.-! Florence Ilobart. Vocal Solo—.Miss Katlierine .Tones. Violin Solo—Mrs. C. I.. Evans. (.Mrs Waujih at piano.) .Male quartette. Playetfe—.-V Gentle \^.lury—Sorosis •• Club. Contralto Solo—Mrs. O. T. I.aGrange Ladie.s" Quartette— Katherine .Tones. Mrs. A. V. I.emasters. Mrs. O. T. LaGrange. Miss .Tulla McClure. Soprano Solo—Mrs. F. Bennette Smith THT^RSDAY MORNl.N'G. Ladie.s Quartette. Piano Solo—Miss Florence Hobart. THrRSDAY AFTIvRNOOX. Organ Solo— Florence Hobart. Mixeil Quartette—"Rece.ssional"—Kip­ ling. Piano Solo—Evelyn Howland. These numbers will intersperse papers, readings, adilresses by club of ficials and other things w! ich will be a part of the convention work and The days proriiise to be full of pleasure for both hostesses and guests. To Kansaa City. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. BaUIet will go to Kansas City to visit friends during the Carnival tlnite. * * ^ Y Meeting. The Y society will meet tonight at the Jackson street headquarters. • * * Praise Service. The Y. W. C. A. will be open on Snndav afternoon for the praise ser- wpjekly event devotional vice ,which will be a during the winter. The part of the afternoon will te especial Iv pleasant. * • •> Chi Omega Meeting. The Chi Omega literary society of the high school gave the'flist program yesterday. A number of nusical selections and readings wiH i>e given. • •:• •:• Missionary Meetino. Tte Missionary Society of the Reformed church was entertained by Mrs. Herman Klaitmann yesterday afternoon. Work which will be accomplished in the near future was dis- cu.ssed. Announcement, j The ladies of St. John's Church will give a chicken supper in^)<'lmonico cafe, north side of square. Saturday, evening. October 3rd. 5 to S p. m. CHILDREN TO THE HOME. Mrs. Green is Restrained During Pending of Divorce Suit. order this Builders Thep- was J. Social. an especially merry social for ihel,young peopb' of Build•IS Chapel last evening. The par- •irirants enjoyed numerous merry •!.imei5 .-jnd Mrs. ,E. N. .lones and. a •niii'ber of young ladies served re- 're.?hments. The i)upils f>f the Chapel look for ward to these social affairs and the •deasures aiil in increasing interest =n tlie sf'idv ^tnd devotional parts of the Institution. J. • A Miss Wheeler IIL Miss Florie WTieeier is quite III at her home in Wheeler Heights. She is sli'.'htly improved today. Return to Kansas City. Miss Nellie Moore nn.l Miss Nellie Rurgess of Kansas City will return home tomorrow after a visit with Miss Tressa + * •> Visit Relatives. Mrs. 1.. 1.1 Dennis. lOO:: .^oiith State street, is lixpecting her aunt. Mrs. C. Black.stone. of Madison, and Mrs. Robert Gink of Denver. Colorado, to «rrlve today for a visit at her home. •> + Miss Cooley Here. Miss l.ora Cooley las returned from •I visit with her parents in Western Kansas. Cveryboilyi Rollor Skat0s Judge Foust made an morning placing the three |-hlldren of T. W. Green.- who has brought suit for divorce from his wife. Ella, In the Orphans* Home, and restraining the wife from interfering in the possession of-the children, pendijig the di Torce action. Mr. Green asked for the injunction this morning inj filing his suit for separation. A BROTHERHOOD BANQUET. Methodists to Have Big Jime This Month. e M. E. la banqnet The Brotherhood of tlj church is planning to hold sodie time the latter p«jrt of the month. At the regular mtjetlng last night plans for the banquet cussed. The details will be at the next meeting. The jlan under consideration is for a feaiit and a number of short speeches. STILL NO RUSH. England Two Cent Rate Sfiows Little Demand. ,The two cent postal rate t > Endandlg may prove ;a drawing card Sam's establishments later ( to early this afternoon, no Correspondence with Eiigland is .|o however, heavier than- any other foreign country and business iij this line Is sure to pick up soon. For Be<>t and Qalrkrjit Rriults I'se the KerlsterN Want rolQBU<>. WANTED TO EXCHANGE—A $3000 livery barn and stock fur an St> or 1t ;u of eqhal value. J. T. Miles, room lo. old court hou>e. lola. Kas. . W.\NTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola, Kas. W.ANTED—Housekeeper for .small family; middle aged woman preferred. .Address H. W., this office. WANTED—Man and wife or two girls to cook and wash dishes, hotel and cafe, .steady work, good wages. Call at South Side Hotel and Cafe. Humboldt. Kas. W'm. Bailey, Prop. WANTED—A iirst class salesman to sell our teas, coffees and specialties direct to the consumer iu and around loliu .A good paying business to right partie.s. Write or call on the Grand Union Tea Co., 704 Kansas Avenue, Topeka, Kas. SALES.MEN & AGENTS—S $ $ $30.00 por week and over can be made seliir4g New Campaign Novelties from now until election. Sells to Stores. County Fair.^, Piciiics and Private Vlamllies. Complete line of samples, charges prepaid for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO., 60 Wabash Ave.. Cblsagq. FOR SALE -mimomHmmmoum FOR RENT, SALE OR TRADE— Eighty acres improved. G miles west of lola. Will trade for rental property. Address or call at Cataract hotel,-lola. FOR RENT—Six room house, good location and neighborhood, at 821 North Sycamore. Inquire 704 North St. were disarranged FOR RE.\T— s;s room house with or without barn. Close in. Phone 249. Btfsiness Directory. • DR. MILDRED CDBTIS • • Physician and Snrgeon. • • Office over Bu'i^irs Drug Store • • Office Phone 554. • • Residence 214 B. Jackson • • Phone 569. • • • DR8. BEID ft REID, • • Pbyslclans and Snrgeona. * • X-Ray and Electrical Appliancea. • • Eye. Ear. Nose and Tbroat. • • Office Phone 357; Res. 396. * 6S DR. McMILLEN. Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telerhones: Office 32. Res. 233. Office over Burrell's Drug Stor» West Madison. • Phone 687. Res. 701. • DR. 0. L. COX, • Bye, Ear. Nose and Threat. • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • Office A. O. U.jW. Bids. * Offica Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 406 DR. R. 0. cnRismx Physician andj SHrfeon Rooms 7 and 8. I Evans Bldg. FOR RENT—Furnished rooms; C04 North Jefferson. sleeping FOR MMOMMROE TO LOAN—$5,000 private money on farm land at 6 per cent.—Tola Land Co. Foumo LOST—Back comb. Amethysts set in green gold. Reward. Return to 417 East .Madison. roCND—Stray shoat. Owner can have same by paying for: keep and this advertisement. 1003 South State St. ooooooooooooooodo o o o in Uncle © H- C. WEAR, in. but np O Wichita, Kandas. one had O WESTER.\ LAXDS ft'HAXfllE.S O taken advantage of the red iced rate.J^ ^!oO aii Acre.™ p*! O Holed Out ai^d Pulled the \ ole In After T lem. Up to oboat 1809 the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky was widely adr r: iaed by Its owner. But the owner died that year and left the cave to thir ei -u beira scattered over the country. ' 'be lucky thirteen devoted themselves o dreams of spendlns the big income rhicb the c&ve iiad lieen 'earnine for m luy years bcoaase it bad been advcrti led. Biit tliey forgot to Iceep up tlie a<! rertising. Nuw the cave Is visited by cumpara- tirely few persons Instead of by many thousands aniinallj. as In be daya when it waa advertised. But the great care conveya a lesaon to every business man. If rou quit adrertising, your ptace will b< ignored by the public afren more than llam- moth Care is Ignored. -becauae| you are not even a natonl cariosity. Bee Uie point? ooooooooooooooooo OUR TEL£l>HONE L<« constantly ringing these days. Sei»- tember. you know, is the time to have the summer dust cleaned out uf carpets. We are busy, but your order wl.l receive promnf and careful attention. Phone us today. iOU RUG FACTORY Phene filC F. H, MARTnr, • ' Surgery and Diseases of * Women. • Office and Residence Phone 676 • Office 7 North Jefferson. • • V" JEIWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, 110 East Street. Lodge! Directory ' KNI0UT9 0(F PTTHI&g^Neoahe fxHige No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of! P. Hail. VislUng brothers invited. W. S. Thompson. B. C. Chris-R'tter. KJ of K. &nd 8; KMGUTS OF KACCABEE&r- Knights of Maccabees of the World mieets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. J. W. Post wait, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. W,-Camp No. 1^1 meeta in K. of P. Hall every Friday night. W. T. Steele, C. a. A. H. Davis, Clerit Visitors cordially Invited.; M. W. A.-The M. Wj A. Lodge raeeii! every Friday night In M. W. A. Hall- Visiting brothers invited. P. C Coffield. V. C. W. A. Cowan. Clerk. BOT .iL XEIGHBOBS ^Iola Camp No. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of sack month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oradek Mrs. Mary Mutton. 413 West Street. Recorder. FRATEB.XAL; BBOTUEBUOOD.— Fraternal Brotherhood Na 380 meeta s<K!ond and fourth Thursday of sack monthm O. U. W. Hail. Visltinc members curdlally invited. W. H. AA- d<irson, preddent; Qolda Elara. eeer*. lairy. .era from .'enter V \mong n. of • ' Pa- IN POLL TAXES, $1,421.50. This My Record So Far, J. S. Walker, Street Commiasiener, Says, i "To amount previously .reported, $1T0." This was the laconic report of J. S. Walker, street commissioner to the city council last night, relative to the collection of poll taxes. With the amount previously reported. Commissioner Walker shoWs $1.421..W. the entire amount collected to'date. There are a few persons who have as yet failed to respond to the last call of the commissioner and be proposed to have the iiolice call on the tardy ones as fast as they can be located. TAFT DAY TOMORROW. Allen County Republicans Go to Topeka. Tomorrow la Taft day ot Topeka, and a number of Aljen County Republicans will be In attendance. Scfveral lolana are talking of'going If tliiey can so arrange their duties to permit them to leave. A party of Humboldt Repuli- licans. headed by W. .T. McRlroy, tor 9f the Union, and Captain S. J. Stewart.'expeet to attend. LOW COLONIST RATES TO CALIPORNIA OLD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA ON SAUB Sept. 1st to Oct.3 lit Ask for Full Inf^rmattoa. CP. Half, Ast, VHE lOLA DAILY BEflJgTEB. FRIDAY ETEXraC. OCTOBER 2.1«Q8

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