Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 2, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1908
Page 1
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'he Rm^lmi^ HLm fbmLmrgmmt Oir^utatica Sa AMm Cmunty of Amy Mmwmpmper Publlmhed In thm Gouaty* TOLUXE X. Xr.V ""R 298. ' • 'I. LIVED A DUAL LIFE ALLEGED .VUKDEREK OF PEARL MAXN WEST rXDER ALIAS. MR. MINGLE IN WICHITA HKi MAS MAKKIEIl ONLY SIMtlXii. LAST U {"mX and ('nlUTltHi, Kill IVITJ >"W TUHH—Will Bf KiliirniHl ill Oklu- konia (lly fur Tilu). Dpvelopments in ih«« anost of For rwt Mingle of Wichita, jillas Harrv Parker, tor the murUor of Sirs. Pearl .Manu Pearson, formerly of lola, Indl- 4:ale that' the accused man has been Hvine the life of Dr. .Ielc>;I and Mr. Hyde. Parker will be returned to Oklahoma City for trial. The following is from the Wichita Elagle: Forrest Mingle, as the man is known here In Wichita, has lived bere seven years. Advice to arrest him was re- .ceived by Officer Thompson from a brother-ln-law^ in Oklahoma City. Mingle was positvely identified by Pearson last night as the man who had visited his hom^ numerous times with in the last year,; and who was with his wife' previous to- the murder. Pearson arrived in the city at 10:20 o'clock on the Santa Fe railroad and proceeded at once to the police station. Pearson, accompanied by Officer Mc Candless and Desk Sergeant Baker, went, to the ceil occupied by Mingle JjiB was brought cut to the lighted hall. "That's the .man who was at our ' house on the afternoon of the murder, said Pearson, "I'd know him in a thous and yeara." Ait the appearance of Pearson. Mln- wHted, so say the officers and Pear souV\Froin the erect bearing of a few mow^uta before he slunk to ihe wall fcr supjKirt, I . "CiM\ ypiLAonh me In (ho and tell tnHAW^OH dl.ln'i miirUer my wife?" queried Poaranii. | .uJWMlA^-oply dropped! his Ktwf lo- wi^raa (h*door, reinuliiod Htlll for a while, and then muilfrft) low. "1 didn't do n." MrH. Pfftrl PourMin, \v||o of Hurry PttamoiKt wu» uiiirdKred W<<diii<«i(t4iy uf' ii «nu )oii, fltfp '.KinbKr lit, HI I 'litnnin piirk. Jiiiit (»itiddt> of Uklnhomn City, . S |i<* druHKfil h«M'Hi.<lf ihi 'KitMiuiu'ti'iii of a uilli> lo lh«) roHldoiu'K of ii rrl (<iid. Hli« wn« lnki>n lo ii lionjittHl in Okln Jibtiia City, whiM-i* Khi< itlod on iho npor altnit tiibi**. Hlio hnd iiTondy iiiiidn n wrlllpu Htatcnicnl, IOIIUIK who hud ahnt her. lieHldoN lallliift her liiiHli .tiid, l.wn pliy»loltuiN niid iiurvr.^i .PcarKohV uccouni uf the iifriilr px- oneratCN hlu wife from ilny rlmrKi-M of rohduct that inlKht htivi' been lirouKlil QKalniit h»r. -lie nalli: •'My wife i>i;nt met I'nrker at lolu. when vlaltluK; her imrentH. That man wa« keeping oomiiany with her sUfer. Ptatsy Mann. He called at our house 8«veral timeswhile in Oklahoma Cil .V; never Maying: more than lialf nn hour. He reprtsenled himwlf as a grain ' buyer. "Two weeks ago loday he called at our house In the afternoon. He walked right Into'the house. I was sitting fn the parlor when he said: "Hel!o, , Harry.' I returned, 'Hello.' "My wife, came into the room and asked me for a cigarette paper to clean the diamonds on her fingers. He noticed the diamonds and asked to see them. '"What did thl.-; one cast?" he inquired. " 'One hundred and s!.vty-nve dollars," I replied. " 'I think the small one is more valuable,' he said, e.vamining them. "He told my wife that he was contemplating buying several lots in Okia boma'City'and asked her to show him some lots near Putnam park. He i>rom Ised her a coihmisslon in case he bought. "I was waiting to po to the baM game when I was told my wife was injured. I got in an automobile and when I arrived my wife was Just being taken from the scene in an ambulance. I l>oarded the ambulance and my wife told me that, her rin^s had been taken from her. i " 'Who took them?' 1 asked. "'Harry Parker;" she rejilled. "He shot me and then took the rings from my fiuBers." Pearson is a man of prosperous np pearance. He looks to be about 30 year* of age luid wdighs about 170 pound*. He wore crepe on htii brown derby hat Invt niKht. The local ofllcer* have another clew (hat U almokt certain 'to form a big l>art In the evidence In the trial. They are now workliiR on it and expect lo have it ready for presentation by to- llht. -Mra. Pearson was shot while in a park In that city. Her rlnga were take|i from her fiogera. One of these waa a half-carat diamond ring and th» otber a full carat diamond ring. TJui- aroman was not Instantly killed, aHi .1l >n teld the officera that it waa I^Ai^^ftrker, a man vbo had been In taartibaBipaiur. vbo had abot and rob- bad^kar. A reward of f200 Is offered (oip .iiMiiraiaii'a xaptnre., fti^nt iUn ^e U a represfnutive of'ierepaivgralii agengles of Kanaaa EIGHT PAGES. I0L.4, KAXSAS, OCTOBER 2, 1908.—FRIDAY ^EMXG. I8S MARTHA. WILL Colored Woma^ Keepa the Jail Tidy a lid Clean. Martha WiUiims, the colored woman who was convicted of manslaughter In the fourt i degree In connection with the death |>f Bud Sclplo her paramour, is a m )del of Industry. For this reason t je sheriff and Jailer rather regret tl at she must leave the Jail Monday to old darky keei tidy aa the nj^^ licrinli. She 8<) \« nllowtMl to (|uently rails d iiM and even t^i leave and dirt be taken to ljl her sentence the penitentiary. The the Jail as cleaiii and I* of the building wi.> i >a to It that no rt>fu8o iccutniilate. and tn»- wn the other prison- e officers when th««y II the floor She will ing .Monday to begin from one to two years. She laiiients very much that she must go to the state prison. AN ENGINE MUFFLED BUT IT TOOKll FfFTY BUCKS TO BALANCE THE GUY-BOBBIN Council Com littee Makes An and vestigatlon Files Report— "She's Muffled," They Say. Ever try to muffle a volcano, a Fourth of July celebration or simmering It down to the meek and lowly cai>aUlities of mjan—a mere mule? No? Then you do n' culean task this Ing to muffle a there's no squarifj they balk uud tli faint and fierce by turns when i sine that refu.^ea Well, down oi niarhino ^t know what a Herman has had In tr.y- 45 -horse power gas engine. If you elyer dealt with: a gas engine of any ki^d or kin, yo<i know deal In tjiem when iat strong men grow jand pray and curse ey tackle a gaa en to •"tote fair." South ativet, in a Kho|i, th|>rc'» a 't.Vluirstt puw or enBln<> KIIH eikliu'. It hiuns along Uko n whirlwind |ni| till doy long It's IMiMHip and rhuslrhiiK. .lunrka ilmo to the f«m: r«>volvlti|t Khafts. It didn't bnlk. It didn't H||I U|I. but It made TD LIGHT THE PARK AN IMPROVEXEXt AT THE Mors MINERAL WELL FA. CITY TO FURNISH THE GAS THE PARK. WELL, AXI> HOI'SE WILL HE LHillTEI) FREE. Mr. Veres (irauU lilj Rlirlil-«f-Waj for «a» Pipe Lla<>—Will (unnecl , Wt-lls With lily Mains. Hit btomed niiirli imltl Ihey roiild otxe Ihui nclghhorH lol Mieep-'nni i«vi >n lilttiU when the ikiiud man <nin»e—nn<l they nnlted the ijliuncll to nbnte the nulHaiici'. Tlieri' was the iinmi' of SocrnteH a unmlcliuil body nuisance? But. al . ilemanded that a^ j Investigation be made and three conn [Oilmen who were willing to be Kniglht! for'a Day were found and asslgncfl to the task of palling ,upon the i alleged reSr&etory gas engine—with ts| snorting, bellow- rub. How in the hud N. Wclwter can . Ojliate a Teaallr.ed ild^rm'anic courtesy Ing. nerve-racking exhaust. ^\^th manner meek and mild, the nl dermanic roromitti e anteed up to the engine. It didn't liok so bad. tljat gas engine, but, eracioiis, reports saftd that the blamed thing ji||a8!a plum terror. "Can't you do fiomething to make the thing let off a little less n»" a councilman katowed and meekly Inquired. !, "Not a thing." the propfietrtr said boldly. "See here!" And he i»ointed to a lot of contraptions to hold; down he "guvner." the i"Kuy-bobbfri." and reveral other little J'dlng-fods.f "Seethe shrieked almost fiercely, "Fifty bucks of real caleji I've whoop«^ off to make that thin^ run more noiselessly. Now. it's ilo.nded down with mufflers so it won't hardly run at all. The s«dution of the problem of getting a convenient and accessible right-of-way for a city gas pipe line, connecting the many city gas wella on the Purdom. Servey and other loases. west of the river, with the city mains, has been reached and an agreement embodying the terms approved by all concerned will be drawn up at once and the work may proceed as soon thereafter as desired. All of the property owners along whose land, the line will pass, have been ver>- fair, the council committee reports ami' there will be no obstacles to encounter and surmount later on. The building of the line through Acres' park, better known as Mineral park, will result in an improvement in the park, both to the benefit of the owner and to the public. In consideration of the right-of-way to be granted to the city by the owner of the park, the city is to place an electric arc light in the park and furnish free sas and light for the park well aiid house. This expense, Mr. Acres has been bearing, though the public, at least many, have enjoyed fr«'edoui of the beautiful grounds and water for a lung time. In addition to the right of-wny through the l^ind, .Mr. Acros will grant the city the i^lghf' to plaro a regulator In tin' park liit a point tie city may doHlgnnte. The nddltlfliinl IlKhthig Hervlo^ In the park will nerve to make It convenient for thoi«t> who visit the well In the evening and at the HMine time will farllltnte innlters for th<' offlcerii wliiMi they are called to the park to chnMK out hoboeit or objectlonnl char- nrlers. True not many of tlieni visit Ihe park, lint the beautiful tract of land with its pretty shade trees /ind well Is «o near the Santa Fe railway that keeping out a bunch of <lioes who appear seml-occaslonally is Well niph impossible. The light will help the police do this and .make the park look better and more comfortable for visitors. The agreement for the right-of-way was submitted to the council at a meeting last night and It was ordered that a foriual -agreement be drawn and made ready for signature at once. EIGHT PAGES. PRICB TWO CaVL BUILD A NEW DAM lOLA MIST IMPROVE WATER F.l- IILITIES .IT XEOSHO. CONCRETE IS PROPOSED THE WEATHER. WHILE ONLY REPAIRS WILL BE MADi:. XEW MI.ST rOMK SOOX. Old Dam Will r4i!>t < outpamtiiel) Short Ttiue. a Cuunrilman .Sa><s Conuuillif lns |M -rls Tuinurniw. Ganie 'Warden Coiteer does not look with Tavor on the interview Deputy State Game Warden I):i!i McGowan of Kra|)uria. put-'out h >'re recently in whK~h he said many of the gauK- wardens in Ibis section w.-re not doing their duty and ni<-ntipn<-d .Mr. C 'oiige.- as an example. .Mr. Conger says he has couiplifd with all tlie laws governing his office. 3 DAYS ON TRDLLEY Any more means a shut down." Tt was an open and shut case. The council con mlttee solemnly declared the bflllige-tnt engine muPned according to their best knowledge and belief and 'twas so spread on the niln- iiteg at a council nieeting last night. WIFE SPENDS THC NIGHT OUT. Alltgatlon of T. )H. Green In a Divorce Action. Alleging that his wife, Ella Green. JAMES S: SIIER.M.VX COMPLETES A TOIR OF II.I.INOI.S. Will Visit Twrhe Towns in Two Re­ maining Days of Program-At .Mollne Xow. wont auy at home |at night with the children and wont fallow him to come home. T. W. Green began ault for •t'-'-ce In the district court today. in 189.? and have Green feays that a practdce to go The couple married three children. Mrj his wife makes It out at sigbt and remain 'until the next 'momlng. leariiig the children at home. He alao.sajra that she drivea htm away from the' (or caatody of the cjiUdren. » seetiMi< He asks Green ia Peoria. UU . OiX. 'J—James S Sher man left this rit\ for Kock l:tluiid after three days' vigorous cai|ipait;nlnK via trolley in ilie <-orn bew district. Ilut two days m ire remairt of Sherman's itinerary in the state: He will visit twelve towns, one being Salem, Bryan's birthplacie. Kock Island was reached by the party at noon where a Republican day was planned at the exposition grounds. Later the party will visit Mollne. From Mollne the party will prcx^ed to Sterling, arriving there late In the evening. ; For Beat tml Qvitfteat Besalts Tse JlMrt IMUUM. Mnulcipalilies as well as individuals dislike to peer into the fiiture. teeming as it usually Is with onerous duties, expensive obligations and distasteful grooves of fate. Hut. as in the ease with the individual .su it is with ib>^' municipality—inevitable. Within tw'o years—iiossibly less, the dam at the lola city water power house must- be rebuilt, it must be repaired In the absolute near future— from this there Is no escape. Part of the dam is now so rickety that it might give way at tiie very next torrent of high water and with the dam so an essentia! an adjunct to the power plant, it becomes a matter of utmost importance. Tomorrow morning. C. V. Dennis. Vezle andt;. C. Glynn, aldermen composing the water committee of the city council, will make a trip to the Neosho to Investigate the dam. They know before going that something must be done. How much and how we!l for the immediate present is the gi^est!on^o be determined. .Xted a Concrete Hum. "The ewire daqi should be rebuilt." an alderman said ili!.^ murni:ig. "But to du that,** onm is iiniMi&slble under prtsent rtmditions. it-Is not llnan- clally feasible. But. ai any rate, and la any e;i >;i-. the defective- parts of tbi- dtini iiiusi be streniitlu'iied at once So Inipori.tiii a lualier ciinnoi be left 16 peiid until tlineii or nuidlilons are belter, U'e oiighi lo have u brand now concrete dam and It woiilil pleniie me lt> itee one erected If l! Were posslb'e. but It proeni we iuii"t In' willstled Willi ilie next bvHi thing " . Work While Wnler Is Low. "Wi- iiiui'l do Ihe repair work now while llie wnler I? low WJille \vi- will reuili iic» decl.ilon an to the work illiili iifler the comnilltie visits the river tnini.rrow. il is iny opinion, that we will have lo use native lumber and rocks lo bolster up the v .eakeiieii pans of ilie dam. This in itself will be quile a Job. b\it It can be best done now. I don't know Just bow much of the dam will have ti> l>e repaired but I am told that a considerable part of it demands attention at once.' Newliy Is Kinidy to Kezin Work. "I am reiiily to be;;in the work as soon as the council decide.*' what it wants done." .Mr. .N'ewbv. teu-ierinten- dent of Ilie water service said this morning. "S«miethlng must certainly be done while the water is low as it is now berau.'ie it gives us Ihe best op- IMirtunity to woric on the d:ini thai we will liav.-. 1 dont know bow much work will liave to be done Immediately but i\ will be i|uite a job ti> reimir it. as tlieie are several .-;cfliims .vliicb net'il attention." THRMTENINQ for Kansas: Fair tonight and .SalaT^ay lieronilmr uusellled Saturday nigfal: narmrr lonhrht and In east portion Saturday. IN 3 STATES TODAY WILL MAKE SPECHES l\ XEBK .4 .S- KA. WYOMING A.ND CtU.ORABO. At llajbreui When Trjin Slopped for Water a Villaue Band Serenaded • Their Favorile. FDR LDG ROLLING PLANS BEING MADE TODAY FOR BIG WOOD.MAN CELEBRATION. TEKY PICNIC AT RIVERSIDE THE WOODMEN TAKE ADVA.NTAGE t»F IT TO PLAN LOG ROLLINtJl Big Feast and Fiut> Speerheii Today MttU} Aniusenieuls—County; Beprt-senled. WANT NAVAL BASE At.lTATORS IN CHINA SAY AMER­ ICA IS AFTER iftlOY. Tno Hate Been ArresU>d and Pun­ ished .Seven-ly for CircnlatiuK Runiorii. North Platte. Nebr.. Oct. 2.—The tenth day of .ludge.Tafts canvass of the west is to be a day of loni; reaches and few siict-vhes.- N« liraska. Wyoming and Colorado v.ii! be traversed and before' tomorrow morning, me Taft's si -i -call will he in Kansas. Cheyeiyie this afternoon und Denver tonight are to be the princi|Wl meetings of the day. .\ir. Tati l«f' bebind him a much d!sai>pi.-int«<l .N 'l -iiraskn village early ibis ninrniiii.-. The peo pie of Gothenliur^ wen- at Ihe sli.tioii knowing the <iii-.I.U wi.uld '-M' 'or water. The\ bad wiih llielii a l>a:id and w «Hi- |iifpari-d lo riic .-r. Ilul .Mi Tuft was no! iiji. Colniiil iJaiiMli !| i'Xplaiued I lull .IIIIIK<- Tiil't bad been working viiiv hard 'riii' ivl deliri'd ih<>lr dUpleusiiri' ti> niaklnii a fi -w deiiiaiidx fur llr.vaii. YESTERDAY'S • TRIP Boosters Boosted and Ho^ a Good Time in the Woodton County Town. Amoy. China, Oct 2.—Local agitators iiave l»een circulating a re|)ort that (he American bnlt^'shlp fleet whicli will visit this |N:rt at the end of October |iro|M >ses to seize Amoy as the of operations in the forthcoming war against Japan. Two agitators have been arrested and punished with - severe whippings of fifteen hundred blows each. SherifTa Mother Quite III. Sheriff C. O. BoUinger returned last evening from Bourbon county, where he visited, hia mother yesterday who la quite IB. He left bla mother unlm- piOT«d. • The tola Boost i >rs maib- another ad- vertlsiiiK sally y<-»terday and II was Just as HUCciKsfcil as the ones before have been. Yat's Center jvas the city vislteil and that gmid o'd town was given a touch of real liveliness that made th<-ni take notice. The .Mi.s.soiiri Paciflc contrary to its regular custom furnished the Boosters with a coach and the trip both ways was one of pleasure insteail of iliscomfort. The crowd from here filled the coach in good shape and headed by The Booster Band it was a noisy and cheerful one.; Many ladies were in the crowd and they addrd a touch of relini'inent that; helped a great deal. The crowd which went over on tbi- train in adtli- I'on to thosf thai v.-t-nt via automobile number«-d pr'ob.ibly I.".o At Yates Center the auio.s met ti.e train an». the cro«d niarciied up behind the band ladies an.I all. U wa.s an mi- posing procssiori and camt- v.-ry nt-ar stopping (Tie Kfoi -x sale. Tlie Boosters w»-re met at the train by d large delegation consisting of "Dick'* Trueblood. editor of tb- Yates Ceni»-r ews. The sizi- of tb.- recep^ tion comniitt>>>' did not daze tbi- Boosters however, as th<^y l^ave .i gooil time whenever they go whether anybod.v takes an interest in theni or not. Mr. Truebloo<l esr-orti-d I fie jirocesslon around the square and adjournment waa then taken until two o'clock when the Boosters Band, the only one in UgHl\. Wgnn a general serenaile. playing on all the corm-rs of the sipinr*! and In some of ilie centers. Then awoy to the ball game where a few spasms were spun. The ball game proving uninteresting ailjoumment was taken to the stock sain and the merry-go-round and the supper table. The stock sale held at the Center was a surprise to ever>-body connected with it. It was the first effort and the-town people did not think much abput It and took no Interest in it. Inatead, however. It proved a tremen- duoua success and next year it wUI be better taken care of. Some of the finest stock one has ever seen was on exhibit and the peop]^ of Woodaon eavaKT: riioiild be prgnft of it -At the WiHidman picnic which Is being lield at Kiverside park Ibis afternoon, plans will be discussed for the big iog rolling celebration here next year. The officers of the lodges in .\lUn county, hoping ibis celebration will be placed on such a large basis as to attract lodges from all over southeastern JCansas, desire to begin early and for that reason take advantage of the picnic today to instl- tiiit- the movement. This afternoon dei »-iuiies from all over the county aie licri-, oftering an excellent opportunity to gei Ihe celebratioi plans iiiid.-r way. One of the things to be .seitied is the jiiace of the celebration. .As Ida is the central point in the county and offers good railway connections for lodges in other counties, ii is ike!;-- that it will be her|;. It ts expected, however, that liumboidt will a -'-'k for the celebration. The jiicnlc today is well attended. The d .ny being an ideal one for Vut- dfHir entertainment every Woodman in town and good delegations from ov- ' er Ihe county are enltagiug in the rii:i.' Tbf I'flebration began this morn iii;' \;\\\\ several solecjioni by Koberis band In front of ihe'lodKe hull, au:n.,Hiring tluit the paraile Ui the (lark was nil 'M'f WiHidiiK II are eiijo.vlng two fi .i ^i 4. nil- a III); spread ot viands and till' I'MiiM all illlelliTliial feast. Aiiiung. the x |ii '.ik<'Vs wlio will inniUli ihe lat­ in .lie llnii I'liiiik j-'orrejii of Ihls <ii.>. and .MiH K ,\ Knrlahi of Kansas Cliy. The liiiier s|H >Mks especial:> lo Ilie B N A. «I W. AdniiiH of this ili\. will also make a short talk. Ilr. Iliiilier. of Cliniiule, said he would .('otiii' If i »>sHlble and the Woodmen are < xpi'i'iliii: him on tlie i>rierniH >n train. riie .itinii-fnienls Hchedille<l are novel :ii:d Inieresllng. among Which are a iiii ;-<'f war needle threading contest, a iiili driving contisl. a contest In gill .-siiii; at Ihe length ot a piece of iiiiilier. ail Hgg and 8 |>oon contest and otht -r .s ei|iia!ly as exciting. .•\ nieiry-ivi-roiiad Is at.«,o set up on the ground and a steam launch has lu-en placed on the river for those who care to boat ride. This afternoon Ihe cr.iwd was certainly having a big Tiiiif. i START, REST'S EASY Ainiiure But a Few .More Details and Tiu n Kansas .Sontbern Dirt Will Flj, President Say.s. "1: will take us liut two months to Iiavi- cars running. from here to Hum- ixildt after we once ^tart." remarked I-". V. Crouch, president of the Kansas .Soiiiliern Kloctric Kail way company, which proposes the laying of an electric line between this city and Plits- liurg. Kas.. touching all of the Import- int cities enroute. This company has liiiri-based llie lola Electric'Railway ^•oini'.tiiy line in this city. The line to lias .-eil will be extended on to Humboldt as Soon as iKissible. ; President Croucii this morning re- ceiviii three actual photographs of en itlnes, like those to be used on the Kansas S<)uthern lines and those used .in all up-to-date electric lines. One shows a steam turbine generator similar lo those to be used In the power house to be constructed by the Kansas Southern. Another shows the electric engine which Is constructed so that It will pull lone trains of cars similar' to trains run im steam car lines. The other shows jhe modern motor car with Its nev/ trolley pole held up by compressed air. These pictures which same framed are 20x30 inches. They will be placed on the walls of the Kansas ^utbern [offices in this city. Distributing Small Banka. The State Savings bank is now dltf^ tributlng a large ahtpinent of smaO aavlnsa baaks toi tbein. patrons. .

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