Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 1, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1908
Page 6
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MiibEAGOOD TALK s f Al ri6t«B«e Talked to Fair Crowd ,^ lUpBblleaii Headquarters Last . Al Florence piddressed a fair hou af the Republican headquarters last eTeaing. The meeting was arrangied on short notice and it was not expect ed that'a large crowd would be present.] However there .was much enthu stasia among those who were there. Mr. Florence talked along the line of why; the present party should be con tinue^in power. He took up the work ot the . present administration, told What it had done cspeclaily for the )aboring man and dwelt on the general prosperltj" of the country. Reviewing thejprogress the country had made «n der' Republican, rule, he brought home the question to the voter as .to whether • he would asaiii support the party which was resiK>nsible for ihe happy prosperous homes- and the marvelous ' but substantial growth of the country or whether he would place in power a j»rty that was untried and inex perienced. Mr. Florence'.s remarks were heart lly applauded. A colored quartette comiKised of Crooks Lune. "Hoc'Toy," Art" John eon and Henry Garner which was engaged for the evening, were late in arriving but made a decided hit once there. A llAItD STRrtJdLE. Many an Tola fiUien Flndx the Struggle Hard. With a bark constantly iichiiiK. Wth distressing uriniiry disorders Dally existence Is but n struggle. No iieed to keep It up. DoauH Ktiluey IMIIH will euro you lolu people endorse this clalui: - 8. K. VHUKIUI . retired farmer. Ilvlns at° (HU Ktuilh street, lolu., KuH., say "f llrst ieiuued of Doan's Kiilney Pill* some leu yeurs ago. I hud be* troubled for rome time with kidney complaint ntiil at (Ui<-e diabetes set and my condliliui bueaine serious. Tli< kidney secretions were of an uiinatu al appearance, scanty at times and profuse at others. There were severe attacks of pain in my back and sliari catches would lake me so that 1 could liardly get about. 1 suffered from backache so that I could hardly rest ^/wasi also nervous and any unexpected noise almost distracted me. Dizziness 80 Rubied me that, at times my wife -'-Bad !to lead me for fear I would fall. : tfled a number of remedieis but onl obtained slight relief if any at all. un til r learned of Doan's Kidney Pills The benefit I derived from their use was' so great lhat after taking three boxes I • was • like a different person They absolutely .cured me of diabetes the nervousnesb and dizziness left, the my badtwas relieved, and ni whole system toned up. I have used Doan's Kidney Pills on a number of occasions since and they never failed to give prompt and sati.sfactory relief Mrs. Vaughn has also used them foi backache and kidney trouble and she values them as highly as 1 do. We procured them at Chas. B. Speicer & Co.'s drugistore. For said sole agenti Remembjer the take- no other. by. all dealers. Price 50c Foster-Milburn Co.. Bufielo, New "Vork for the United States. name—Doan's—and VOTERS MUST REGISTER. Registration Books Will Close for the Election October-24. The ref^Btratlon is again a para i^ount Issiio, and (here nro a number iof viiters in loin, who are not roRlBler- l^ed fpr the Novem^)er election. It re- qulrea aix niontha residencn In the atatt and thirty dnya rcHldenco in the prec net to be cltgiblu to volo at the general election to bo held November 8. The. regtstrntlon books arc now open lor this election. If you have changed your residence, even in the saa ^e precinct, since the spring olcc tlon, or If you did not vote in that election. It will be necessary to register. It was not necessary to vote In the primary in order to keep a voter 's registration alive without registering again. jThose who have moved, but are Still residents of the same precinct, jr -wlw have moved into another pre- <jiict,| must ; register before October i*.. jThe registration for the general electioD will close on that date., OSIEirT TO THE TEXAS LINE. J/L Streteh of SM MOes South of >VIcb. fta jConpIeted by the Railroad. 'VQdilta. Kas., Qct 1.—The Kansas ijtt^'ilezlco & Orient railway is now i^ompll^ from Wichita to Chillicothe, , Texaa; k distance of 290 miles. Sev* - "and oonnty officials and offic- j'tOrlent Jeft tMs morning .trip of the line be- i.tbe Texas line; The ^^OOO^orth jitTJia ADDS $50,000 TAXES THEIOLADi.\ILT REGISTER, THrRSDAT EVEM.XG. (N'TOI 15WS. The KaNas .Natural's Pipe Line Laid in Neosho County. , I The Parsons Eclipse says: A large'force of men Is engaged in tjio Santa Fe freight yards at Chiin- ute tmluading the first shipmenta of monster gas pipe for the ten-inch main of the Kansas Natural Gas company, through the eastern-field. Forty car loads of the pipe will be required to lay the nine-mile extension, about six of which are now standing in the freight yards awaiting the unload ing gang. > . * "V ' A\Tiile it is being extended along the Neosho-AUon counties line, it will be laid on the Neosho county side and an additional taxation valuation of $60,000 added to tho county's t.axation rolls. The Petrolia branch of the line is in Allen county, but because the field which the new main taps is in this county the officials of the Kansas^ Natural concluded to cross the road with the line. The neyf line is the extension of the ten inch Petrolia mains and commencing at the Thurston farm, northeast will penetrate the newly developed fields four miles cast of Leanna. The entire lengthj of the lino is nine miles, all ot ten -inch material. All tho available Keamsters in town wore placed at hauling tho-piixi to the route and actual coinstniction -vyorfc will he commenced this week, just as soon as trench diggers can be secured. Superintendent Jf. G. McCaslin will have charge of the work. EASTERN rOOTBALL GAIVIES. Harvard, Yale. Dartmouth, Pennsyl vania and Carlisle Today. for foMhm IfYouPmy SIS ,00 or Ovor It New York. Sept. :10.—Tin- foolhall schijdule for today Is short but It con taiuH games that involve llarvan Valil and Dartmouth for the first time this year. Harvard will measun Hlreiigth ngnluRl nowdtun In the opi lug lest, and Yale will break open t season with Wesloyun as an oppnneni Both of thi< big t <>ams have bit up th speed a bit the last iliiy or two preparation for the curtain raisers, The schedule follows: llarvard vs. Bowdoin at ramhridce Yale vs. \yesleyan at New Haven Pennsylvania vs. Ursinus at Phila delphla. Dartmouth vs. Vermont at Hanover. Carlisle vs .Mount St. Mary's Carlisle. •-^^ Brown vs. Bates at Provideii .^i'. Kxeter vs. Brewst<>r .n -.-i • ny Sxeter. Andover v.";. Lowell Trxlil*- ;ii An over. A FIRE COST A MILLION A DAY That Is an Estimate of the Damage f Done by Forest Blazes. ol Washington, Sept. ;!0.—An aggre ?ate of 1 million dollars a day iuring the months when forest fires have been prevailing in various parts of the United States is estimated b \V. J. McGee. the erosion expert he Department of A?riculture. The forestry bureau in a statement say today that probably in every instance the devastating rorest fires might have been prevented if the various states had provided an adequate nuni ber of men to patrol the woods and irresl the fires in tluir incipieney ind if lumbermen aiid others users tL Most Valuable Agent. The glycerine employed In. Dr. Pleree'i itedlcinns greatly enhance!* the raedlcinaJ properties which It extracts from native medicinal roots and holds In lolutinn much Ixitter than alcohol would. It airo po»»o«iu» niMllcinal properties of It* own, bclnR a valuable demulcent, nutritive, antlfteptlc and anlifcriiieut. It adds (jrootly to the offlcacy of tho |ilack Cherry- bark, uloodroot, Golden Seal root. Stone root and Queen's root, contained In •Golden Medical Discovery * in subduing chronic, or lin^rlng coughs, bronchial, throat and lung affections, for al! of which these agents are recommended by standard medical authorities, i In-all ca!«s where there Is a wasting away of flesh, loss of appetite, with weak 'i, as ID the early stages of coo* n, there can be no doubt that gly- "'- as a valuable nutritive and ilden Seal root. Stone root, t and Black Cberrybark In igestlon and building up the ^ri^il^ >le stoi sum cerlne aids- Qu proi flesh andr;L.. of the not bee; not cure ength. controlling the cough I abor' • • • >ut a healthy condition 'Stem, or course, it must to work miracles. It will isumptlon except In Itsearlier will riirA ygi-g SAVPFP . nhctl. iii>i:iC7nirai stages. ^ nate. hang- a,ndiBrVninf-. .n....HP.>. ^n.^ «-tirnp;r Mjim tfiriiiit wim noarseness. In acutecougna llisnotsoetfecuve. xrls In the lingering hang-on conghs, or those of long standing, even when accompanied by bleeding from limgs, that it has perforined its most marvelous cures. • Prof. Finley Elllngwood, M. D., of Bennett Med. College, Chicago, says of glycerine: • In dyspepsia it terres an excellent pa rpoae. Holdins a nzed quantity of the peroxide of brdiocen in solution. It is one of the best muinfactnred products ot the present time in Its acUOD upon enfeebled, disordered stom- •dis, especially U there Is utcer«tlon or ca- taiTfasl nstritis (cstarrfasJ inflammation ot •tomsch). it Is a mosjC efficient preparatloo. Oiycerine will leliOTD many cases of pyrosis (beartlMun) and ezoestiva aastiio (stomacii) acidity." •G^den Medical DiaooTeiy" enricbes and partite the Idood curias blotches; pimples. eruDtlooa. aaotuloas swelUncs sod oU soTM C «)pjrrig'ht 190X l>y H>xt S .hj ;in.-t & Mirx Superb DImplay of FBIISuits, Top Coats, Rain Coats and Overcoats M ADE expressly for us by HART. 5HAFFNER. & MARX and STEIN BLOCH. is no^ at its best. It is well and it is to your own interest] to select your Suit early. Shed your light weights and come to us to see our new models in Suits—straight from where FASHION is bom. Suits from . . . $15.00 to $30.00 Top Coats, from $10.00 io ^18.00 Rain Co^ts, from $10.00 to $25.00 Overcoats from $10.001(^ $30.00 m f..r":-hr >'i-;8 hr Hjtt Schjtrr.rt (c« A Word About Our Boys' CiothG9 Every value here is unmatchable. We can offer you a greater variety of styles and patterns to be found anywhere outside of the largest cities, and save you from $1.00 to $3.00 Ion a suit. Have Your Soy FlUoil Up In a How FaU Suit ^Knickerbocker Suits, $2.50 to $10.00 Long Pants Suits for Boys $5.00 to $l5^00 itnperiat and John 0- Sioiaon Hats ] Both soft and Istiff HATS for fall. Every Im­ perial and J. B. Stetson Hat is jbest in quality i land style. $5 00 to {5.50 A u. \ ^ansing Union SuUs for Men and Boys Best^nderwear In the Country \}SHO£^.CLOWtNt Cq^ NEW FALL SHOES \ for , Men and Boys Largest OMMmg Store In Allen Oouniy of the pose cijf preven E.\cl fleers in the year ( which y If.s ays tl n nil Ij) losses 1 'orests had been careful In ilis-j brush after logginj; .so a? to! the spread of fires. 1 ilsive of salaries of forestry of i Md SOME NEW PLANS! Tojieka & Santa depot .ind BASED ON TAFT'S DECISION. I will nian-h ; IK !;OOU as the Taft train ' ;)• .s. Fiff«-en motor cars will b»' jin ih" parail'^ rarryiirs the Taft par le work in putting fown firo^ Latest Idea? of Republican tvianageisjiv Th^r- are Jo b'- inofi torches and national forests in lh<- I.KI to Give People An Opportunity worth iif ^re works will be shot St the povorniuent $.; O/MI(I. to Hear Taft. olf on the.uiareh. rThe doors of the .\:irti:orliim an- not to be op<-n<'d un- Tor.'k;i. Ort. I - Till- niri'-i.ii tiieans proti -eting approxinuite. luillion aeri 'S. The st.-iti-ini-nt !«' loss from tlinber destniyi-d will IK ; larui-r tliiHi last .v<'ar, t It is d<iuliirul if till- I 'xaet Hvill i -ver III" known. RAN IS THE FAVORITE. n tho |S0 Round Bout Tonight With Handon at Frisco. Mo ran. rent 1 San K rounds Ins opi: favori 1(1 to !». but the ith the favor 5l against when tfte win a to be s men entji ight w;i Moran c •'raiielsco. irhnuiiiioii ritlaii and ainr: Cy^iis I.eland and the repnsi-n- an«-lsro will fisht twftily: f;itives through whose di.strlet.s tie onlghl ill the Coliseum, nei-lirain will run: Maiii.son. Munloc-k. .Mil- lied to.lay with .Moran a 2 tojlcr and .Vnthony. e. w Sept. Owen fi -aib 'Twripht of Kdill<> Ilanloii of lip. kii. on. I - Till- niTi'-i.-il party to an-ompMiiy William 11. Taft throii;:li Kansas Sal unlay has been made lip. .1. N". Uollcy, rhairnian of tlx Iff iiilit<-i -ni;in. will ini'fi ili«' train at Den vi -r. The iiilii -rs wi'l nii -i't tin- train at (ia'nli -ii City or lloilm' City. Tlios>- iiivit'-il arr: Si-iiato 'r l /fiim, S «'nator Ciirlls. W. It. Siiil»l>s. r.-indiil.-iti' for «ov.>rnor-. lioverimr lloeli.. .1. I,. |?ris- low, r-andldate for I'nlleil Stati-s s <'ii. A week apo the odds w <Te In addition to tlii-s'* soiin- of ili<- oth- b Moran on the long «\nd. fr siaK- otlieers and stump speaking price has cradually pjfteiuled j cannidates will meot the train at appearance of siiporters wholO'idKe City. Si -v«'ral of the towns ;»raii hecanso of his sihowliiK^alontr th'- lino-havf arranRf-d for l>iu l .\be Atti-ll on two oe( aslon-sj political ralif>s that day. After lh'> was un; lile fo!T.ift .speech there will; be other lil llif paiarK- 'r<-aehes tlii> biiildinc This was done in order to protect the m.-irehins delepalion. AiToriliii); t>> th'- information at U<-piililiean Mal«- ei -ntral rommil-ij^l;,!,. h«-a;|iiuart(-rs today Sctiator l)ol iind I). U'. .Miilvan.'. national roni-1ij,,,,. „f Iowa.- will be on the liaiii with T.-.fl. Immediately after the iiar- nth' Ihdllvi-r will so to the op(>ra lioiis)' and spi-nk for an Irmr or more. As srioii as Taft IlnlitheK his adilress at the Amlitoriuin he will he taken to the opi-ra hoiisd In a motor ear and will make a short speech. In the lei-antiiiif anoth<r speaker will entor- tain the crowd .it the Aiiilitorium until .Si-naior Dolliver can be taken from tbe|thpaler to the Auditorium and he wilt sp»-ak to the first Taft meetlnp .wliilo Taft is addrfssliig the Dolliver ineelinK- The Brief in the Shawnee County, Kas., Harvseter Case is Filed. champion •ilecision. me what r t!ie rliis- Haiilon i.< expected; speakers. Those speak<-rs will be hea .ior when tlicltaken on the train and ^will ilrop off wiM o\ miMrMTY. His weifiht last s given as \\',2 itounds. while I limed to weigh but 127. TO ViXlST TOWV OKFUIALS. .More Sri cral Topek sas supr .It the ^various towns where lher< be iiii-etinKK. . ' The Taft myelin? here Saturday j!ii?ht promises to be the biggest iiolit- I Iral meeting ever held in Kansas. iSix special trains will bring crowds to is hj Kan!>a|i .\Uoniey <'«*n-JTojieka. in addition to those coming (A Enforce filquor Law. Jon the regular trains. All of the railroads have ordered extra equipment for all trains coming to Topeka that fiilrreollng l^apers Reail at International Tuliercnin.sis Congrrx T"<Iaj. I Kas., Oct. I.—Three more ouster sljits for faiiune to enforce ihej proliibitc ,\y law were filed in the Ka«- 1 J"*' f ^^-^ ^•'^'^ me court yesterday by Fred ^'"^l^^^ directiona to 'take the crowds home. Delegations Jacltsdb, attorney general. One of the cases! wood. In against was against the city of ] Barton, ahd the otberji- « pfficfals and the are coming from as far West as Great Bend and i Norton and from the south line of the state. On each of the special trains there will j l>e a hand to \Va-ihin-..-ioii. Oc' I—That any .suc- t-cssfiil iiiiiiiiinity from the dr»-ad white pld ^rnr i!i :isi he afeoniplisliHil through the list- of livin-.; iiiliercule liaeilli wa.s till- nove! theory today advanced before the .se-ticn on "Inimunlly" at the InternaMonal Congress on Tutierculo.-? is. in a paper 't»!ad f«;r I'rof. M. A. Baker of the rniversily of Kansas, and Doctors W. W. ^lilams and Gerald Webb, of Colorad-» Springs. Colo. The paner was entitled "Inimunlly Production by tho Innoculation of Increasing Numlwrs of; Bacteria" iahd ai- Top'-Ka. Oi-t. I'- The l ^'-f in the (-riininal fast- ,-ig:ijiisi th'- Intfrnai ion-, al Harvester roniiuitiy wa.-^ romiilet- i-d loil .iy I>y th<> aimriH-y gr-n <>ral. Four lawy< rs ami six stt-nocrapluTs work'-d on this hri'-f in <irdiT to com- plcti- it ill time. 'I 'll- aMoriiMys for thi- eomiiany si-ryi-il only on<- ropy of tiK -ir l>ri>-r anil alistrai-t on the attorney gi-ii <-ral and all of the fot-i-e hail to use this oni- <-opy in ilolli? the work. This is the ease brought by tli<> attorney general in the ili.-itrlet r'nurt of Shawnee rounty for violation jof the aiiti-trtist laws of the slate. The i-oni- |iaiiy was ronvicteil on fortV-lhrec! counts and fined $:!*iO on each rount. In the brief of the state' ni 'ieh stress is given to the deri.'jion of .Iiidce \\1IIiaiii II. Taf i." the !.\dilys ton Pipe and Steel comiiany anli-trnst case, decided while .Iiidge Taft;was a judge of tlie United States circuit court of appeals, "in the Addystoin ea :-ie .Iud?c Taft held tha' cxehisiv" contracts were permissible in order to protert the iuaniifa |Ctiirer and the agent, hut when this! exclusive contract acted as a restraiilt of tradeXand to the building up of a monopol.y. that such contracts were illegal. This is the real contention of the state in th»' harvester rase and the district court held to thi.i liOe of argument. It Is charged that the Harvester company limited the business and price of harvesting machines to agents so that a monoiioly was built up by the company, the asents being pro- bibited from handling any other make of machine than tbat furnished by the international and being restricted as to the price at which they could be sold and the territory the agents were to canTass. > I. GIANTS IN THE LEAD IMTTSIiriMJ .MtlVED INTO SE('0>D ri..U E AM> CiBS .\RE THIRD. In the .Inirrican I.eaarur Drtrnit .Still Ha> a *->"«>e" Lead Oirr rii-fcland. TtNlay 's '(.amrs. .\AT10X.\L LK.MUK Chirai;" at Cincinnati. .\. u Vork at l*.hilade!|'liia. r .i '.-ton a! Hri 'Hikiyn. AMKKICAX 1.KA«;iK. i :...-ii>ii at l'liiladel|>hia. Wa>liin .:;ii >n ah New Ynik. .siandini! of the Tj -anis. NA IH>.\AL LKAl'.IK W. L fVt. .\e\v Yi >rk !•;; .>;::7 Pitt-r>iir-.; .. t .. !*r» r.:. Chic-as" • .. ...;tt r..-. 1 Phiiadeiphia ...... 7*^ i;s Cinetnnati T.v .4SII Itosioii ...... K:; SU .ti't; Mrooklyii .. ..... t;» •IS .:;:',:{ St. Ixjiiis ...»;» I'll .'-VZi' AMKRICA.N LK.VC.IK W. 1^ Pet. Del roil >i7 1 .1 .:.s.s Cievelainl .s7 Chicauo ...... -^r, ..".7S St. Ixiiis . . :.s'.' .r.r .s llo.slon Til .473 Phiiadeiphia Tl.'. Sil .448 Wa.-^liiiiS'o" . t'.I .427 New. York IS ;'7 .3:u .New. York i.-. again in I IK- lead for the jiettnaiil rae... as the result of ye .s- lerdii.i|il :'.v in tir- Naii'onal league Tlii-;! .<eii «atii>i)al |»>s^ilil|ilies of tlie rucif are well exeniplilUil by the fai -t thai;-ihis morninguiot one of thethree leading clubs Is In the position which it i>cciipied before yesterday's games were played. Chieago. n the lead yes- .terday. is today in third place, lis drop I" 'hi--' point is liut- to the %-i<-fory of I 'iiisl'iir;; over St. I.,<iiiis and of New Yerk over Ph'I.-ideii>hi.-i. while the rbaiiipiiiiis wp-r.- losing to Cineinnati. Chieaiio is now two imints heliind Piiis^liiir^. which is four imints re- move.l froni New York The rhaneps for ihe last named 'rluli to land the flag einblematie of the It -ague rhaiu- pio!l^:hip are vastly betttTcd hy yes- terday'i^ 'urn of events. It is still anylioily's pennant, however, the |>osi- lions i-t all three eliii >s potentially hinging on a sin^Me day 's play. In the Anierican league only two of the leading rhilis. Cleveland and De- roil, took part in games. Iloth won ;ind ilie relative standius of the three leaders was not rhan ^efl, except that he winning clubs eaeh drew three [wiinfs fur '.her away from Chieago. not scheduled to play. METHODIST MINISTERS HERE Were Returning Frorii Christian Conference at Yates Center. A number of Methodist ministera were in the city today enroute from district conference at Yates Center m their homes over the state. .Among he mwere Rev. H. A. Uordoti, of lyliiniboldt. Rev. T. K. Chandler of Paola. Rev. .1. V. .lenness of Baldwin and R<-v. K. W. Spencer of Waverly. Rev. .Ma.son and Rev. Knowles of lola also attended the conference. Stresigthen^ Your Lungs 1 A coach or a banging-on cold weakens your lungs, and tb» •train put upon them often bears serious results lateron. Ifyouaresuf feting !rom a cough, congested cold ;or pain in the chest, relieve the strain on yonr lungs to' day —got a bottleof « j^ILD.JAYNE'S mECTORANT This old and • well-lcnown remedy relieves Coughs, C o 1 d s^ a n d ira^ C onseations, and tones and W strengthens the tongs. ' Jsyne 's Expectorant has been the tecogalzed remedy. fat Coughs, Colds, Crooi%| Whooping CoQgh, Broncbitdi* and similar disrates for77 yearfc Sold by «U diuggtusinthree aiae bottles. llJX^ S >&»3Sc. i Js9M^T«McTeaiM

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