The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 9, 1986 · Page 16
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 16

Salina, Kansas
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Thursday, January 9, 1986
Page 16
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Three-figure statue of 'the King' unveiled The Salina Journal Thursday, January 9,1986 Page 16 MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) Wednesday was singer Elvis Presley's 51st birthday, but sculptor Bill Rains of Billings, Mont., was the guest of honor. Rains brought a 510-pound bronze triple-figure statue of "the King of Rock 'n' Roll" that will be on permanent display at Graceland, the Agency Manager Terry Burger ANNOUNCES THE APPOINTMENT OF MIKE LOSIK III SPECIAL AGENT IN SALINE COUNTY FOR FARM BUREAU INSURANCE 328 N. Ohio, Salina 827-4426 Insurance mansion where Presley lived before his death in 1977. An unveiling was scheduled Wednesday as part of the observances of the anniversary of Presley's birth. "One of my greatest dreams was to do a sculpture of Elvis Presley," said Rains, a one-time barber whose work is on display in the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tenn., and in museums throughout the West. "Elvis, to me, was a real inspiration," Rains said. "I was touched by his commitment to his music. Elvis was the greatest entertainer in the world." Rains, 49, spent more than two years working on his statue, "Journey to Graceland." It has three figures, joined at the back, showing the three stages of Presley's career. The first two figures show Presley as a young man just beginning his ca-* reer and at the height of his popularity. "The third view is Elvis as a mature legend, shortly before he died," Rains said. "He's wearing the same sunburst jumpsuit he wore at his last concert in Indianapolis just before he died." Rains credited songwriter Mae Boren Axton with putting him on the road toward the Presley sculpture. Axton, along with Tommy Durden, wrote Presley's first big hit,' "Heartbreak Hotel," which was released 30 years ago this year. "If it wasn't for Mae, none of this would have been possible," Rains said. Mid-America Inn Restaurant MONDAY NIGHT SPECIAL BBQ PORK RIB DINNER Choice ol Potato Baked £ M C f\ Beans. Cole Slaw. Roll'Buller. «P ^^ 5 W Free Sundae Drink Extra "*/ 1842 N. 9th Salina, Ks. Boy who donated heart to girl buried PATTERSON, Calif. (AP) -Relativessobbed and linked arms Wednesday around the open casket of a teen-age boy whose gift of his heart to his ailing girlfriend was hailed by a minister as proof that "all of us have the power to give." "Today, we have a concrete example of a heart being left behind," the Rev. Thomas Cargo said in his sermon for Felipe Garza Jr. "Let this death, let any death that touches us be just as much a hope to let life continue." After a blood vessel burst Saturday in the brain of the 15-year-old Garza, his heart was transplanted into Donna Ashlock, 14. Before the funeral Mass, conducted in both Spanish and English, Felipe's half-brother, John Sanchez, leaned on the white coffin and moaned, "No, no, no. They can't take you away from me." Mourners, many crying, overflowed Sacred Heart Catholic Church, still decorated with poinsettias, wreaths and five Christmas trees. "We celebrate a moment that is both joyful and sad; we celebrate a moment that is life- giving and life-threatening," Cargo said. "Felipe's passing shows all of us have the power to give, now and even in our own deaths." Felipe's uncle, Eusebio Maldonado, told a reporter he felt strange knowing that part of his nephew still lives. "It hurts very much to see him go so young, but it's a wonderful thing he did to save that girl's life," Maldonado said. "I say he's a hero. To me he is." "He saved her life," Sanchez said. "It's making us think that every time she's around, something of him will be around." Felipe and Donna attended high school in this farming community 75 miles southeast of San Francisco. His parents said the two dated a few times last summer. After he learned three weeks ago that Donna needed a heart transplant because of car- diomyopathy, a degeneration of the heart muscle, Felipe told his mother that "when I die, I want to give my girlfriend my heart," according to Sanchez, 20. "Maybe he had a feeling; I don't know," the boy's father, Felipe Garza Sr., said at a press conference Tuesday. Felipe had not told his parents about blackouts and headaches he was having, Sanchez said. His friends informed them after Felipe died. "He was my baby boy," Felipe's mother, Maria Garza, said. "He always used to make us laugh." The elder Garza said he grieved over the loss of his son, but "I'm proud of what he did and the way he went — to give his heart to his girlfriend." The Garzas said they were relieved that Donna remained calm when her father, Raymond Ashlock, told her that Felipe had died and that she had gotten his heart. trvik- WASHINGTON (AP) - The Food and Drug Administration, responding to concerns about strokes and internal bleeding among artificial heart recipients, said Wednesday it has adopted new rules for permanent implants of the Jarvik-7 heart that include heightened scrutiny of patient care. At the same time, it said it has forbidden further emergency use of a smaller, unapproved version of the Jarvik-7 until the agency can review the safety of the device. A 40-year-old Minnesota woman received the unapproved heart in an emergency operation last month. Both statements were questioned by Dr. Robert Jarvik, developer of the heart, who said he hoped the FDA announcements misstated the situation. 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The panel instead recommended new restrictions on the Jarvik-7, including case-by-case approval of further Jarvik-7 implants, new procedures for treating patients and periodic reports to the government on patient status. The FDA said Wednesday it has adopted the panel's recommendations and asked Symbion Inc. of Salt Lake City, the heart's manufacturer, for a revised research protocol. The protocol specifies the steps that will be followed in a research program. "FDA is requiring that it approve the revised protocol before the next potential candidate for a permanent artificial heart is evaluated for possible implantation," the agency said. That interpretation was questioned on Wednesday by Jarvik, who said it went beyond the recommendation of the advisory panel. Jarvik, in a telephone interview from his Salt Lake City office, said the panel clearly did not recommend a moratorium on implants pending approval of the protocol. "If an emergency arose, DeVries is fully legally able to implant the next patient today," he said, referring to Dr. William DeVries. Jarvik declined further comment, saying he was unsure whether the FDA statement was an accurate account of the FDA position. After last month's panel meeting, Jarvik said the advisory committee's recommendations would pose no problems to the artificial program and that he would cooperate with the information reporting requirements. The new rules involve only permanent implants of the full-sized Jarvik-7 heart. They do not cover so- called "bridge" implants of the Jarvik-7, in which the device temporarily is used to bridge the gap between removal, of an irreparably damaged heart and transplant of a natural heart. Voyager finds moon near Uranus PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - The Voyager 2 spacecraft has discovered a tiny, sixth moon orbiting Uranus, and it probably will find many more moons as it speeds toward its close encounter with the gaseous planet, NASA said Wednesday. "We expect to see up to 18 tiny moons shepherding the nine known rings" that circle the solar system's third-largest planet, said Ellis Miner, deputy Voyager project scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. First hints of the tiny, newly discovered moon, temporarily designated as 1985 Ul until it is formally named, were detected in long- exposure photographs taken in late December by Voyager's super- telephoto television camera, NASA said. "Conclusive evidence of the satellite's orbit was seen in pictures taken Dec. 31, 1985, when the spacecraft was 19 million miles from Uranus," the agency added. The moon is about 45 miles in diameter and orbits about 37,500 miles from the top of Uranus' atmosphere, making it "the innermost moon and certainly the smallest," said JPL spokeswoman Mary Beth Murrill. Voyager 2 was launched in 1977, explored Jupiter in 1979 and Saturn in 1981 and will fly within 50,600 miles of Uranus' cloud tops Jan. 24. The planet, seventh from the sun, is 1.86 billion miles from Earth. Because the charcoal-black rings surrounding Uranus are so narrow, scientists have long believed the gravity of yet-undiscovered moons must be confining the rings so they don't spread out like the much wider rings circling Saturn, Miner said. So the sixth moon's discovery was "certainly not unexpected," he said. "We thought that when we got this close, we'd start to see objects that cannot be seen from the Earth." The moon is located between the orbit of the Uranian moon Miranda and the outermost of the planet's known rings, the epsilon ring, and orbits Uranus every 18 hours, 17 minutes and nine seconds, NASA said. MurriU said the space agency wouldn't release the photos showing the new moon because "it's just a blip" on the photographic image. "We might be able to get a (good) picture of it when we get in closer," she said. The five other known moons of Uranus are Miranda, estimated at 310 miles in diameter; Ariel, about 825 miles; Umbriel, about 690 miles; Titania, about 995 miles; and Oberon, about 1,010 miles. All were photographed previously by Voyager 2, which also has detected most of the planet's rings and hints of weather patterns in its atmosphere. Miner said the discovery of the sixth moon caused excitement at the laboratory, where television monitors display images transmitted by Voyager 2. "We always have people looking over our shoulders at the television monitors trying to see something new that hasn't been known before," he said. A formal name for the newly found moon eventually must be chosen by the International Astronomical Union, he added. NASA has said Uranus' moons have icy surfaces, although the amount of rock inside is unknown. (First Published in The Salino Journal January 9, 1986) NOTICE Notice is hereby given to the legal electors of the City of Brookville, Kansas, that the governing body of said city proposes to pass on ordinance granting an electric franchise to The Kansas Power and light Company, said ordinance being in form as follows- ORDINANCE NO AN ORDINANCE, granting to The Kansas Power and Light Company, a Kansas corporation, its successors and assigns, an electric franchise, prescribing the terms thereof and relating thereto, and repealing all ordinances or parts of ordinances inconsistent with or in conflict with the terms hereof. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE GOVERNING BODY OF THE CITY OF BROOKVILLE KANSAS: SECTION 1. That in consideration of the benefits to be derived by the City of Brookville, Kansas, and its inhabitants, there is hereby granted The Kansas Power and Light Company, a Kansas corporation, hereinafter sometimes designated as "Company", said Company being a Corporation operating a system for the transmission of electric current between two or more incorporated cities in the State of Kansas, into and through which it has built transmission lines, the right, privilege, and authority for a period of twenty (20) years from the day of , 19 . to occupy and use the several streets, avenues, alleys, bridges, parks, parking and public places of said City, for the placing and maintaining of equipment and property necessary to carry on the business of selling and distributing electricity for all purposes to the City ol Brookville, Kansas, and its inhabitanti, and through said city and beyond the limits thereof; to obtain said electricity from any source available; and to do all things necessary or proper to carry on said business in the City ol Brookville, Kansas. SECTION 2. As further consideration for the granting of this franchise, and in lieu of any city occupation, license or revenue taxes, the Company shall pay to the City during the term of this franchise three percent (3%) of its gross revenue from all sales of electric energy within the corporate limits of said City, such payment to be made monthly for the preceding monthly period. SECTION 3. That the Company, its successors and assigns, in the construction, maintenance, and operation of Its electric transmission, distribution and street lighting syitem, shall use all reasonable and proper precaution to aviod damage or inlury to persons or property, and shall hold and save harmless the City of Brookville, Kansas, from any and all damage, injury and expense caused by the sole negligence of said Company, Its successors and assigns, or Its or their agents or servants. SECTION 4. That within sixty (60) days from and after the passage and approval of this ordinance, said Company shall file with the City Clerk of said City of Brookville, Kansas, Its unconditioned written acceptance of this ordinance. SECTION 5. That any and all ordinances in conflict with the terms hereof are hereby repealed. SECTION 6. That this ordinance shall became effective and be In force and shall be and become a binding contract between the parties hereto, their successors and assigns, from and after Its passage, approval, publication as required by law, and acceptance by Company. SECTION 7. That this ordinance, when accepted as above provided, shall constitute the entire agreement between the City and the Company relating to this franchise and the same shall supercede and cancel any prior understandings, agreements or representations regarding the subject matter hereof, or involved in negotiations pertaining thereto, whether oral or written. SECTION B. this franchise is granted pursuant to the provisions of K.S.A. 12624. SECTION 9. Should the State Corporation Commission take any action with respect to this franchise ordinance, which would or may preclude The Kansas Power and Light Company from recovering from Its customers any cost provided for hereunder, the parties hereto shall renegotiate this ordinance in accordance with the Corporation Commission's ruling. PASSED and APPROVED this — day of , 19 Mayor City Clerk This notice executed at the City of Brookville, Kansas, this 6th day of January, 1986. AUDREY WIRES, Mayor (4tsp) (First Published in the Salina Journal December 26, 1985) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Marriage ol BETTIE R.RUSSELL and DAVID CRAIG RUSSELL NOTICE OF SUIT Case No. 85 D-439 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO DAVID CRAIG RUSSELL and all other persons who ore or may be concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in the District Court of Saline County by Bettie R. Russelj, praying for a divorce and an equitable division of property, and you are hereby required to plead to the petition on or before February II, 1986, in the above named Court at Salina. Kansas. If you fail to plead, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the petition. Bettie R. Russell Petitioner Wm. Rex Lorson 120 East Iron Ave. P.O. Box 6116 Salina. KS 67401-0116 913-825-8236 Attorney for Petitioner (3tsp) (First Published In The Salina Journal January 9,1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter ol the Estate of WILLIAM C.WEIS, Deceased. Caseno.85P-54 NOTICE OF HEARING THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a Petition has been filed in this court by Frances Weis Jarus, duly appointed qualified and acting Administratrix of the Estate of William C. Wels, deceased, praying that her acts be approved; that the account be settled and allowed; that the Estate be assigned to the persons entitled thereto; that lees and expenses be allowed; that the Administration of the Estate be closed- thai the Administratrix be discharged and that she be released from further liability. You are required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 5th day of February, 1986, at 10.-00 o'clock A.M. of said day, In said Court. In the City ol Salina, in Saline County, Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fall therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the Petition. /s/Francls Weis Jarus Admlnlstrlx JULIE McKENNA 227 North Santa Fe, Suite 302 P.O. Box 1631 Salina, Kansas 67402-1631 (9131827-5199 Attorney for Petitioner (3tsp) (First Published in The Salina Journal December 26, 1985) In the Matter of the Marriage of EUGENE R. LADUKE and' PATRICIA A. LADUKE NOTICE OF SUIT Case No. 85 D-436 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO PATRICIA A. LADUKE and all other persons who are or may be concerned; You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in the District Court of Saline County by Eugene R. Laduke. praying for a divorce and an equitable division of property, and you are hereby required to plead to the petition on or before February 11. 1986, in the above named Court at Salina, Kansas. If you fail to plead, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the petition. EugeneR.Laduke Petitioner Wm. Rex Lorson 120 East Iran Ave. P.O. Box 6116 Salina, KS 67401 -0116 913-825-8234 Attorney for Petitioner (3tsp) (First Published In The Salina Journal January 9. 1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of JENNIE VEE BELL, Deceased NOTICE OF HEARING AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS CaseNo.86P-l THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED- You are hereby notified that on January 2, 1986, a Petition was filed in I Cou j rt by Jomes "iskenberg, as an heir and as one of the devisees and legatees named in the Last Will and Testament of Jennio Vee Bell deceased, dated March 21. 1983, praying that the instrument attached thereto be admitted fo probate and record as the Last Will and Testament of the decedent; and, that Letters Testamentary under the Kansas Simplified Estates Act be Issued to Vernon T. Brodine as Executor to serve without bond You are advised that under the provisions of the Kansas Simplified Estates Act the Court need not supervise administration of the Estate; and that no notice of any action of the Executor or other proceedings in the administration will be given, except for notice of final settlement ol decedent's Estate You are further advised that If written objections to simplified administration are filed with the Court, the Court may order that supervised administration ensue. You are required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 31st day of January, 1986, at 10:15 o'clock A.M. of said day, in said Court, In the City of Salina, in Saline County, Kansas, at which time and place this- cause will be heard. Should you fall therein, judgment and decree will be entered In due course upon the Petition. All creditors are notified to exhibit their demands against the Estate within six months from the date of first publication of this Notice, as provided by law; and, if their demands are not thus exhibited, they shall be forever barred. James Rlekenberg Petitioner ATTEST: John Weckel Associate District Judge ACHTERBERG & NEUSTROM 1185.7th, Box 1697 Sollno, KS 67402-1697 913-827-0344 Attorneys for Petitioner (3tsp)

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