Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 1, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1908
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILT REGISTEK THrBSDAT ETE !n5G. OCTOBER I. 1908. AnnoiknGBment Beginning October 1st, we will have solicitors call on the citizens of lola, in the interest of our SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. They will be authorized to receive and receipt for deposits, and will also be sttpplied with SAYINGS BANKS, which'will be eiven FREE to any and all depositors who open an account to the amount of ONE DOLLAR or more. Afrs. Frank Keifer arrlred tUt a^ moon from lola fpr a visit with Mrs. <i(eorge Paler.—Chanute Sun. depps All counts with u£ will be delivered itors who have already opened savings ac- are entitled to one of these new banks, which upon presentation of your Pass Book. We simply ask that our solicitors be given an o^or- tunity to present to you the many good features of our Savings Department, and when thoroughly understood, we know the result will be lurtually beneficial. StBte Savings Bank lola, Kmnmmm Open from 7 to S p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights Use No. 7 Flour Good as any—brttor than most. Pon"t Korpet Oiir MEAT MARKET We hantllr iinly llio lirsi of Fresh Meat:;. Sniokt-il aii<1 Salt Mr.iti;. W P \V«i\t Your PRODl'CE farmery, atid will | IH > the liiRht'st market I'rtop in cuh of tr.nliv- «'onie In and spe u.- We are soic apent^ for J. M Bom".COFFEES and TEAS If you will iztvc thi.- line a trial you will use no other. . Fryer Bros. Phonp SOI, SOS. . lola. Kansa.«. Evans Bros. Of* mtamk Book* milmm. Off lorn Mmmmtimm Wher* qnallty la mate eoncM- •ratlon w« buy Uia IwaU Wliara demand!, will ]artlfr. «• carry all grtdaa and prloM. »nA IMc •qiara. lata. Kama. Your Choice From a larpr \M of farms ln| kansaii, .Viiiiionri, Oniron and Kpntnri} at ' \ THE «0L1>E> WEST L\>D TO'S. OFFICE. O^er Iowa Storri J. O. TMOM Estimates cheerfully given'on all work COLOJtlST B.4TES ralifomii. Arizona, Etr. Dailj nntil October 81. IMS. fiSO.OO from lola, Kas. Uberal stopover privileges. Personally conducted excursions. Tickets acepted in- tourist sleepers on payment of I Pullman rate, and in chair car. Noj better way of becoming ac- qtiaintedj with the Great Southwest. Where ."inpall farms yield a competence, tban by iraveling bver the Santa Fe. Let me send you some literature •bout California'. JArizona. etc W. E. R.\LST0N. ; " A^ent, I ! lola. Kansas. Give your Subscriptions' for MIGAZIA'ES A\D PEBI0DICAL8 TO J. E. Hendemon who deals with the publishers and furnishes th»m at the lowest price possible. Phone 98. 414 N. Gluckere "" T' _ i = Sb^ort Stories lob Hapipeniiigs —Dr. J. R. Pepper. Dnillst. Phoae I6S. Filed Abtitrart. Tilt' abstract of judcniont in the rase 'M \. \V llerK vs. c W. Wncht ha.:[o.'n tili 'd'in diL =frirt court Th«» case imc fr>>ni .Tusticp Potter'.- court. The |ni<Mini of the judcnipnt wa .i J.'«i -Frank S. Beattle. V. S. Phone 139. Pollinsr the Wards. Thp Bepublic.nns arc now pollinc the different wards of the fity The lioll today indicates a bis Fl''iml >lir ,i!i majority. —R. }[. Cunningham, 6 prr cent money. Received Credentials. T. S. Ball yesterday received hi.- credentials from Frank t' of To- poka. authorizinp him tf> re!!cct fund'^ for the state Republican campaign Mr. HaH received word of his appointment as collector several days aco The finest and freshest line of candies in town is at Mundis's. Investors Here. \ crowd of ten investor.> was in the city Ia;:t nipht while enroiite from Wirhii.i to Humboldt where they are to l (H >k over some land tonipht. An'nonnremenl. Pr. SiitclifTe wi>hes to inform his f;iiiiier patrons .nnd the public that he has rtstim'eil the Renernl practice of medicine, ctmibininp If with surjrcrj Office hours Irt to 11 a. ro, 1 to 3 and T to s p. m. South S)ramore Done. The paving on South ' Sycamore street havme been completed, the workmen have proceeiled to Ea.-' Lincoln where the maeadam i.i to hr pur In. —Anto Oarace and Repair Shop for all klnd» of repairing. Antomobllc lirerj. Pbon* Sitt. >on Really On. l! naiv now be said that the campaign is really on. Little ^oups of men can be seen around on the street f ncac ITObal the ra d in heated areument? over the lie outcome and the is.^ue? of -lii«Ut OB bavine "V. 8." near. Pctraes Retnme*. C V. Petraes has returned from To- 'fka where h* went some time ano for II '^ipra'ion. He 1.=-. much improved lad hi.i friend.-- hope for hi^ ultin\ate recovery. —Dri. Laihrep. Osteopaths, Phooe MS. To Have a Band. Tie high .^-hool may have a band !t has been found that there are about wenty students who desire to play In I band, somej nf whom are already able to i>iay. |It is hoped to have the and organized in a .<h"r: time. —Merchant"? Lunch at Our Way. Thorpe & HoD^h Cvitlictors, Enyliiem, Stfteyars. Fully equipped (or alt itinda ot snrreyinc. eatimaulns. patent draw-' IBS. bine prints. ,maps. aldeirallu, curMnc and farm dntnasaJ Warner lo MI"»v»nrL James Warner, proprietor of the Warner cafe oii the east side, has cone to Nodaway coimtv where h" will invoice a new stock of hardware he recently traded for. He expects to t.tke charge of the .More as soon as the new owner of the restaurant cafe fakes possession. —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. .Dee CaBoen Here. Ex-Pollceman Ike Cannon wa» in the city yesterday on bustness. He m now lin uie real estate business In Cbaiwt*. —Always time to eat at Our Wjiy. On Gas Business. l..ut.e Stover and Roy Funk were $ wn"from lola today on pas matters. Chanutr Sim.' —Be a Booster—Home Industry- >teosbo Rlrer Cat at Our Way. Jaj Rli^o is Here. "Jay Bliss, formerly in charge of fhe physical nilture at the Y. M. C X. here Ij^nt now secretary of the association at Mumbo!d». was in the city ycster- lay He Is pleased with his new i>o- sJltion. — Soda W.iter. fhe Our Way kind. To Visit Brother. I Mrs. K J. .Mlison ami .Mr« r.eorce Tlhompson arrived at noon from lola t|o visit their brother. H. G. Ilidce- (ay.—Thanuie Sun. —Our. Oysfer.i. Way. Geo. Trombold Here. George Troml>old. chenii-t for the L>h Grove l.ime anil Portland Cement ljmpan>. went to Tola .this afternoon f^r a shott s «a>. He was accompan- i"id by his brother. C .A Tromliold. x^ho Is h-re from Dallas. Tex, visit I|np him.—<"hanufe Tribune. I. New post cards. Mundls drtiR store. Little Litigation. Ther-' a ill be liiication to be illspost'i! of at rominB term of dis frict court in thi,; county than at any i|t.her term which has beep held in ars Tti'' p'-into'f do<-i,"t will .on |iin bvit sixty-four ra.s''s In fv-t'-«ber f Inst y^ar th>ir<> w.r^ fi't". cas*--- on tjie do'kef. more than half as many niore as there nre on the docijef for lie same i.-rni this ynr.—C^anute Ttribune. — Paper Hancinc Fred Rowden Flhone H2S. With the Rank > OIT. i .Xrrbie Hottenstein has accept e<l a .•<sifion with the State Savrncs e will have charce of the .'..ilicitinc i'nd advertisinc work —Six per rent money- no rommUIon: no delay.—Smith ft Travis. After Hlrkorr >'ul.«. A party of loians r'^turned ia.=t ev- 'jnine from a trip six miles south ot Piqua where fhev spent a couple of lays patherine walnut? and hickory •jiut:; They say there is a cood jie'.d "his year. —Oy.sfers any sfvle at Our-Way. Hot nrlnk« \on. The IV. Id weather has put a damper n\ the Ice cream and so<Ia trade and rlruc stores and restaurants are i:et- huB out their hof drinks. —It—Our Way Soda Wafer. Fell in Clinker Pit. Georce Watte was injured yc.ster- iav at the .Ash (Irove Mnje & Porf- lo hear Taft from fhe fail end of his tibwn by fallinc .':everal feet into the jllinker pit. He was bniised about he head, arms and shoulders, huf is i;c:ttinc alone nicely. It \-. a winder »e was not more seriously injured — Thanufe Tribune. Last erenins «as ithe first regular meeting of the Y. M. C. .\.3ible class this season at which lunch was served previous to fhe class meeting. There were thirty-five meml)ers jiresent At the first meetini; last season there were only I .T members present. Tht? two Bible classes of the association now have 19«> names on the ro.~ter. Come as Far as lola. Mrs Stacy Gonlou Ifft this morn inp for Wichita. She will po to .\n thony from there. Mr Gordon accompanied h' r to I"la He refurn»-d thi.=; afternoon —Chanute Tribun" —nr. p. E. Wanph, Dentist Pbone 12. A Crtiei iniiiDnatinn. When a reporter showe<i up m Pro )ite Judce Smith'i office wi»h a new jvercoat. the jud^e Intimated that the lews chaser had been to the La Harpe re of last Sunday A W ffowland j\as le.=.> considerate and 'wondered nhether r>r not there was any connec- ;ion between the rrwr and the recent lurplary at \^ Harpe. MnndiR now has the agency for S.owne^v's chocolates. Brnlher-in-I -Sn Desd. ! P n D Sme'tzer has received word (f the. death of hi.- brother-in-law. D |(l. Harca'e. a prominent busines.^ man jn Frederick~ ronnty. .Maryland The Jeceased was well known here Death Kas due t»> pneumonia. —Sten paintinc • F'red Rowden. I pone H: S. HAJESTIC T H EAT K E T05ICHT '^Athitic Barlesqaers" GOOD xrsic GOOD sctGnrc ro «ie4y iRd DsliclBg One Show each Night 8:15 ; Chanffe ef FrefcaM TMf^ Prim , • • • Meaadaie^ Chanutc's Oiled Streets. • .lake Ujer.-: comp|et<^(| th" oihue on South Lincoln aveimt. this raominc On this four block sfetch "f mar.nil- am he has now sprink'ed in two appH- cations seventy-two barrel.; of h<'a\y ••rude oil. a cort of resifluutn- This affernonn fhe street sweprr was driven "v« r th" street .tpveral times and fie erit and chats thoroughly worked into the oil This ni"thoi| was fitund hiihly : .riofactory on Soi|lh Steuben avenue, and the application of rnid^- iiil will improve the binder qualities of the previously applied tarvia and make jt mor" elastic and a better dust arrester. \ s .'cond applKatioii of oil was aL -o Ki\en West S >'Cond stre< t. b>-tween SteiibMi and Forest avenues, this morninc This is a eommon dirt street hut if was ihorouphly drappe.j ^in\ ,, COOJ I .foundation for th«> oil made. Since the first appliration of the cntde P»'troTenm the surface of the street has parked down soli-l and firm, .ind Is almost e«jiial to a maeadam roadway —S'm. Stvie Now in its Second Week, Correct Claihes Made in New mg. Balloonist Was Here. Prof Duch-':ne the Ottawa baToon i.>t p.isse,!. throueh here .vesterday with his balloon on his way to Par-on.^- Prof. is the man who made the ascension at the last Fourth of J'llv celei.ration in t'haniife. \\f is also workinp on a flying machine. hf> aerial craft beinc mo«lel<<d somewhat on the style of the Wrleht aeroplane —Fftsinrald Storafe aa4 Transfer Co. Iluntiehold and piano morlna: lanrest and beat store room in the city Phoae SM. MrPheeN Biir Job. Janitor McPhee luis a bic j"l' on hir hand:- The late fro.-t.; have reiulted ;n the fallmc of the leave; in 'he covr> hon-e park .McPhee is poinc over the pari; with a [xjinted rod .v;-arinc tht" le^ve.; and puttinp them ip • 'MU. af- er whieh he burns them Pi'kinc Hp the leaves one a' a time i; like tr.\inE o empty a riv"r drop b> drvp If yau want fhe lafeist and nicest post cards on the market, pet th^m at Mnndis drup store. YrMerdajN Transfrrs. Chas S.haffnrr to John­ nches off west si;!le lot 9 bIo<-k JJ. tncliidinp brick wall IS feet hich. i\» feet lonp f S (-"oker to T P Shannon, lots : and 9. Munelis .-second addition to ola. .Mary A. McGee' of Humboldt to Irene Heath of Humboldt. lots i. I. 7. "i. 9. I". 11 and M. Heaths addi- The Council Meets. The city council will meet in res ular semi-monthly session 'his even- Inj;. From 'he present prospects there will be If.--- to do tonight than for sevfrral months Betnmed to Deerfield. Mr- and .Mrs. W H. Hale, of Deerfield. Mo. returned home la.sf eT ,eninp after a .-^hort visit with the family of r P. Hale of thi.'. city. Rev. Harknes* Here. Rev and .Mrs Harkne^s of Kin-aid are vi.-irinc in the city today. Rev Harkne?.-. wa-. fornierlv pastor of th<- Trinitv .M E- church of Ea.-t lola- Gortie here to see imitation, New York styles Perham&SonCo.^^!^ lola, Kansas OATS FOR THE ARMY. \ MEETING AT GENEVA. 13.(XX).000 Pounds Have Been Purchased in Kansas. Jiicitioa fity. K.r;.. O'' I -Thoin- as Dixon of this rji-. h:<> r»c»-ive<l word that he ha- l>e»'n awarded the contract for fiirnishin<- I 'lf:; .for the two army posts. Itiley anil l.eav.n worth. The rontni<-t call.- I<ir I;:.••<"' iiOil pounds of oats—tj.iion.ouo for Riley and ri .O'to.iioo for l,eav <^nw'>rih--to used eonim«-n' iTiE <l<-Toti"r I ari.l "nd- inp Jitlv t .\|r I >i\oti had th>' eoiit r.irt. (..i J ir.t vear. Th"-'- i- i-'iu ,|c {.-rafi|-- jii<-r»'a;;<' in '^e anioiitit now rout r.-i'-teil ftir ovranx pr^vio'i >.a' Tli" faet that 'he contract \r. civ.-^n to a man from this <if: n"'?an.; much the farnfi' of the rotitity. as Mr Dixon will this y .ar. a,- in previous .i-.srs. buy as miii-h of the crain h "r^ in the home market as he can. Of course, tt-e qiial Ity must he of the h»>ct and for tffo" th" hiehe.-t mark* t pric<^ is paid '•• Tafts "Canned" Sneecbes Will be Feature of Rally. Th" first nieetinc of 'he sehool hotis" rampaicn th"- Reputdicans have in3'i«ut«>d in this eounty will be held at Geneva Saturday nSztX. .A prapha- phone with a number of T.nft's "•'an- ncd" speeches will I K - a feature of the mectinp. A quartette will also be tak- etx alonp- It is likely that some of fhe^ local eandida'f.'i nia;- make .short addresses. t ITY DRILL'S TWO .MOKE, Rcpan Drtlline on Purdam Farm ! Today. i The citv bepan today dril'lnp two •ix- wells on the Purdam farm west of 'he river.-Since it is a district where ;;'>od wells have been found the city 'expects to add two more "iiayers" lo the city's pas supply. First Pulrttshea Oct. 1. WOB; ' OFFICIAL mTEMENT Report or ibe co.idlctoo ot tbe yorthrai* .Vatlunal ' Bank at lola. la tlie State of Kaa-^. al the clo^e o ( business. Sspt. 3S. 19M BE^'CRCES. L<oans and Otscotmts OC Overdrafts, sccared and dnsecored.. 3.J5» A f. S. bond." to secore circulatloo ... 50JUO 00 i: S. Bonds to wcuf; L"; S. Deposit* WjnOOO Premtoms on D. S Bonds -t.KOOO noods. TCCDritles. etc «.nO 00 Due from >'stioaaI Banks, foot reserve apeotsi l!Mt») Due Iroa State Banks and Bankets. JUHO W Dve from approred reserve acenu.. UB ;<71 IS Cbecks and otlier ca!>li iicmsi ^ a.MC,n Notes of Otber National Baigcs. . Uat 'OO Fractional paper currency, alcklea . f ; : and cents: | £• 00 ' -[.awful money reserve m lank, va: ' ^ 11'- Specte . ... aSSt» ! . : ! Leiral tender notes X.m ID Ujmm Kcdempcioo fund wttb U t> Ttes>- . , J ' urer. » per cent of clrenlation.. UOr 00 Due from G..St Treasurer, otkertban I i & percent redetaipUoD (nnd. S;M 1^ -VfiTK FfIR T\Fr'-K\>KI>. K\-TjTa»urfr of .\meriraii FiHlrralInn of IailH>r S |M *aV> at Parson*. Pai-oii.-;. Kas . On. I - .\ C IJankoi Iron'mould' r and e\.trea.-iirer of the \nierii-an Federation of l-al -or. spoke to a lanre a'ldietue here last night. The audunep wa.-. larpelv eoniposed of =h''> and the speaker iirted them ?o vote for Taft. th--" friend of organized , lat -ir R.nhkin hasju-f come frorri c3mp.»'Eninp in Indiana, and .'"-ays that iTaft iwtll carry '.I 'e Pick* the «;iant.. Add Br«'nnan. the Sprinrfi'^! ' ?o-!'.i- :>dw wh'i i.- -ipeodii = fhe re.' cd 'h° •easori at hii home in La M.'.r;"- pick.; •he New York Glint.; to wiij the .Va- :ona! Leaeue pennant ll* ftgurei Uia: the fa-.- that tht Giar.ti have •ncre game;- to piay than the Cub= 2nd Pira'e; wi!! help then; He a!.-o --:i-s that the Giant; are goin? ripht now and jthat iinlei-, .Ma'hew?on .-rive; •••uf from ovtrwcrk. Mc<;raw>. m-n tand a EOO< I rhanre to rarrv a»a-.he rai; 1 Returned From Yaration. Dr R. O. Chri.<iian returned this morninc from a we-k's vaeation which he spent with frienils and relatives in K<"osaqua. Iowa. Fishi-d Hatch Onl- .\ prominent younp laiJ.v was pass:ii^ out of the southeast corner of the coiiri hoiiKe yard tixlay when shf dropped her watch. It f.-;i through t manhole into the sew»-r and .-ilie fearec' for a moment it wa.^^ lo.-t for all time A man who happened alone, offered his assistance and fished the watch out. Married Today. R P. Peninger. of Piqua. and Miss Ida E Blakely of .Veosho Falls, both of whom are known i;o many loians were married by Probate Judge-Smith thi.; afttrnwn Two yonnp ladies io the court house witne.;.;ed the cere- moaev. Raided .Vbotft S70. The parties who have been circulat inz subscription paper to raise funds to rebuild the home of Old Aunt Vlcj which was rerpn'ly burned to the jiironnd. report that the total amount raised is approxsmatelv $7". .Sheriff" Mother III. Sheriff c O Bollinger went tr Bourbon coun'y 'hisj raominp to see hi.- mother who has been quite (11 for .-a^me time. j inisr F»a.«t to .speak. Judce Oscar Fou.M went to Humboldt thi.= afternoon where he wil' deliver an Mdress at aa open in--talla- tion of offirers In the order of fh« KniphT.': and Ladle.^ of Security to­ nipht Toniorrow he will take in the stcck .show at Ya'ei Center . Court ha.-i t)een adjourned until S.vurday. I Real Estate Transfers. K j M. Works of Humboldt to Har Ian n Rider of Humboldt, lots T>. 4. : and f>. all In block S In city of Hum boldi. consideration IISOO. Ellen B. Adamii. of l.aHarpe to Thomas Stanley of I>^oai. lot,IS. block II. Fox's addition to Lailarpe. John Chatfleld to Amelia Gates, lot 2. block »3. consideration $550. H. Clajr Adama. of LaHarpe to Thos. Staaler. of Leoti weat fonr-flftha of lot T. blodc 4. liOarpe. F OR the benefit of ibe Farmer.'; of Allen County, we will bold a .t ^eiirs of Mark'n .'^^len in lola. at Ihe Griffith I ecd Yard. .Vo»th Jrffer'^on St At this sale we will sell HoriJc-. Mnl-s. C-»ttI-. Uvz-^. Impletnent* and House- btold Grjo«l>. L'.-t pr.»f>€rt / vf.ii have to sell at once with M. Criffi'h, that it i:i'»v- be adv rii&eJ on tbe general sale bill which will be ptiotcl r.oiin Farmers, brinj; in your siiock as we will hiv ^' VK ! bn- cts for bor.>es and mules at this <ialc. WANTED—Stock and kinds of property to sell at I he Matket Sale. ---- Total Capital stock paid'in ..... Surras fond..L Undirlded 9lNIIB.1a««ZSi tasex I"" ^ • Kational ^ Due to oi „ Uue to Stato^BMks IndiTldamldspMtsl Demand cartmeates . Time Certlfleates ot Deposit Certified Ctoeks , .1 ashler's Checks OaUtaodlDg .t tefterred for Taxes Letters ot Credit _ Total : ST ATE OF KANSAS < _ coc ^TT or AIXBS . f I. A. L. Bramlnnidi. cuhler of the abeir*. umed bank, do •olemnly swear I that )tM >t>oTe statement is true to tbe iMst ot my inowledtce and belief. .1 A. [...BauMBatrGB. cashier. Subscribed sod sworn to before ma. tUs .1 day of Oct. IMS. : . „ (sKAL) OraltrtsJ. HeDow «n.| NotaiT PabBo. M .T commLiKlon ex;]<ie< Aot Mth. 1910; CORRECT. Arrasr: F. A.'NOBTHRrP./ L. L. NoirtilKUP; O. P. NOETHBCP Dtreetoia. HU6HES IX WEST TIB6mU. . Xew York Gorernor Sckedaled for Fire Speeches Tkercb Grafton W. Va. Oct. 1.—Governor rharles E. Hughes of New York ji- .aded West Virginia y^erday for a hasty trip across the state to Baltimore, where he well deliver a fonnjal address. The special train (aririns he governor and party entered tbar mounuin state at Benwood. and B |^e its flrst scheduled stop at CSartortytg at ^;20 this morning, where;:a<]aii|ie- crowd and a band greeted IUm./.Go|ir- ernor Hughes arose from a h^-«om- pleted breakfast to make a .tea-min- nte speech, which was freqaently cheered. i The special train was met at Clarka burg by Pnited States Senator S<cott. W. B. Glasscock. Repabllcan candidate for governor, and Gongreasman W. P. Hubbard. With tbe exception, of Mr. Hubbard the party accompanied Governor Hnghcfs through the state. MAY FORCE A TAX SUIT. -L. The Western Union Ataesament In' Kansas Subject to Litigatidn. j Topeka. Oct 1.—An effort Is to be made by tbe state ttepartraent VoAft to get the suit of the Western Union telegraph company, against tbe |l|ax commission called in tie Unitinl States drcntt court and sectirel Ijui early dedaion. The tax assessed the company's, more than 3 million and tbe mmipany braii |Mim!U^ pel a redocUon o? thJte"" The.commission |matntelni jaj^i fa the aetnai valoe oit t>^:i^|^ b«s been taj-ttei, •eifertl months, anA Volrb It tried') tiwi praceed'Wltftt

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