The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 22, 1951
Page 3
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1951 White House Says Little Chance Clark to Be Appointed in Recess U' A OUTKf/l'P^M t~\..l rtr. ,_ - .. Obituaries W* 8 * 1 ^ 0 ' 10 "- Ott - 22. «»_ bill lo Congress to exempt, him from *««*!« "lttJe e i!k S Sod of'" ""^l"" 181 ° law Proh'bW.Ing AmTy offT- apponume^for^Gon. Mark^w! | gowmm"nt!° Wmg ClMltn P ° sU ln Congress adjourned without ao- Clark as United States ambassador _to the Vatican. •^ In the absence of a recess appointment—that is one made while Congress is In recess—Clark could not. take over the ambassadorial post until his appointment was approved by the Senate. That may mean the whole matter of actually sending an ambassador to the Roman Catholic Chinch Stale will be held up for months. 2 Negroes Hurt In Accidents Oh Highway 61 ~ •. — ••^• vi "M iur months. Wa't'orTano^h? w^ ""' lhe "^ ™ NfSr ° mcn wcre »"*'««« Srthrwave^MJroJes^che-? ?'. l _' ta :.'?»- '» «P"»l« «*h s oucne of! by President Truman'., rt< , cision to establish regular diplomatic re. .t £,,.,,,!, UL|Ji(J[H latlons with the Vatican Informants who .said a „,,,„ pointment fo doubtful way 61 traffic accidents in North Mississippi County over the weekend. James McMullon, 21, of Memphis, tion on either the nomination or the proposed exemption. over Sunday, there was a welling storm of protests from proloslant churchmen and groups—some of them from the pulpit—against establishing formal diplomatic relations with the Vatican. i n the main this was based on the argument that It would violate the constitutional injunction that church and state shall be separate. The U. S. has never had a full ambassador at Ihe Vatican although Myron C. Taylor served there as personal representative of Presidents Roosevelt and Truman from 1940 until last Jan. 18 when he resigned. Late Saturday Mr. Truman announced that he had selected Clark an Episcopalian who now is com- I the mieslion is a legal on AnnT'omcer °' a '' k ' S Sl3tUS 3S " - - -.••".*^.>, ii, t ,j ;vi(jui[)nis, an r-piscopanan Who now is - ••><- i s'l'iwed a fractured leg yesterday mander of Armv Field Forces i extremely | afternoon when the motorcycle he I ambassador. A "white Horn ', however, i was rini.ij; left the highway and I ment said the President ' IlritISP is I Struck fl rvarlfprl /^a>- at r^nr.., 1 f mi^ nn _» _i!_i_._ ". that so far 7s the Wh ' " owcvcr ' j '?" " 01I1K '""• the Highway and concernednh, ±f, w h ' (e . " n "? c is s 'f" ck a » arl « d car at D °s*ood The " Ridce. The other Injured man was Identified as Jessie McWilliams. He was U. administration circles Clark could not be given , M ! 5 JOSS1!! ^Williams. He , Cl '"i ClU «l'i»i"n 'njurcd slightly in an accident tioii CUV PC i c ti,,. * I'^ri-iTiff „ ___ _~ j _ is that a recess ppointment unless he retired from s a car and a trailer truck on North Hiahway 01 near the Bly- tlievillc Country Club Saturday _.,.... »..^ ~ i ^.nmt-ji^ iejt tne purposes of diplomacy and humanl- tarianism will be served" and added that direct relations with the Vati can will help coordinate a common tight against communism The White House statement noted hat 37 other nations maintain diplomatic representatives at the Vatican. no intention of re- } McMullcn told state Trooper ""official comment from the Vat- hen President Trnmin ,„ • ! Clyde Darker and Deputy Sheriff ! Ican Indicated delight at Mr. T.u- _ esaent Iruman nomi- Charles Short that his motorcycle j "«"* """'"• Thai was the reaction """ '""""' '"" -"-••• "' "-"-••"- -•-- • in this ..-Clark Saturday for the dip- ImnahcjJos^Uie^PentaBon sent a EGYPTIAN (Continued from Page 1) sanizalion of communications. The Egyptian nole, originally delivered last Thursday, demanded that British troops "evacuate all Places they have occupied iinright- "Hly and without reason in cities Zone° th<!r a " aS ° f th<! Sl ' ez Canal The British have off the Canal Zone. They guard the two entrances to it and control key «uots along the waterway. The note also cited cases fn *Inch British soldiers were accused of ••murder, cruelty and robbery" • nd declared Egypt will hold Britain responsible for any-grave re- Briifsh Ships at' Canal British officials acknowledged last "ight that the 8,ooo-t on cruiser Gambia Ls at Port Said, on the Mediterranean end of the Canal They declined, however, to talk shout two warships that arrived from the Persian Gulf last week at .jar canal's south erul. *Tin Associated Press reporlcr in wie Canal Zone saw two British destroyers there Saturday Two British Royal Air Force antiaircraft squadrons—also trained as riflemen-were due by plane from London to back up the thousands of British troor, 5 on the alert alon was forced from the highwav when of Catholic churchmen a Dlytheville taxi he was following coun try. " Es5 ' Illla " government „ said a British transport, attempted to pass another car but had to swerve back into it.s lane of, traffic to avoid an oncoming auto, i No arrests were made but investigation of the accident is continuing. Trooper Barker said. McWilliams suffered minor shock when the car In which he was a passenger crashed into the rear of a Kimbel trailer-trunk Saturday night. Both Robert Williams, Bly- fheville Negro who was driving the car. and Earnest Domback of Cape Girardenii. Mo., driver of the truck escaped injury. No arrests were made. Deputy Sheriff Holland Aiken investigated. Academy Names Blythevilfc Boys Six Blytheville boys attending Columbia Military Academy at Columbia. Tenn.. have received permanent appointments oj rank in the cadet corps. W. o. Battis, superintendent of the academy, said today. The following appointments were made: William Wunderiich, son of Mr. loon leader. Company rj. with the rank of second lieutenant. Joe Walls, son of Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Walls, platoon leader, in the band with the rank of second lieutenant. Flippen Whitner, son of F. W. Whltner. Sr., first sergeant In the funds for miscellaneous purposes. Truman Signs Tax Hill As Congress was closing up shop Mr. Truman signed the $5.691000000 .tax-increase bill which the 'law- maters sent to him Friday The President had asked for at' least 510,000.000,000. and he said In a statement that the half loat he got was not enough. Indicating he may seek an additional increase. Mr. Truman said that when Congress returns in January he will ask for legislation "improving our lax laws." In the next session spending may run even higher than it did during the one Just closed. Mobilization officials have made It clear they feel the crest Is yet to come. Budget Not Balanced With the new »5.691, tax .,. boost unlikely to balance the budge " ..... And the lawmakers undoubtedly will have lew time lo devote to them In 1932. that's, a presidential , —. iv,o,i Lirtubnort brought frash troops to Suez yesterday. ' i'lHiament Ended Treaty King Faronfc's government acted Mrs nin last week to oust the British after leader in tne Egyptian parliament abrogated corporal. Eeypts treaties with Britain on the canal and the cotton growing Sunan. The act set off bloody Egyptian nonmj last week in the Suez Canal. Violence also came to the Sudan .where Egypt also wants to kick the British out and end joint rule. Sudanese police at Khartoum used ^r gas Saturday night to break Sjp, an anti-British student rally Kieven were arrested, snme 450 students, virtually the entire student body of the university college at Khartoum, took part in the demonstration. Negro Deaths Mary Haraway Dies in Hayti Funeral services for Mary McCain Haraway. who was lX home demonstration agent in Mis- SLSsippi County for approximately 20 years, will be held Wednesday at 1 am. at First, Baptist Church in . Haytl. I She died Saturday in Hayti where ' she had been a home economics ' teacher. She is survived by her hustmnrl, C, c. Haraway. Burial will be in Rand. Okla. Stanley Zellner. son of Mr anrt , ' lhnt ' s '» Pr«identia Mrs. Morris Zellner. squad leader elect ' on - vear an d the nomlnathif Company D, with the rank of scree- conve " llor « ° f 'he two major par- Manley Feinberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Platt, assistant squad leader in the band with the rank of John Halsell, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Halsell. assistant squad leader ties are scheduled in the early summer. Also, all House seats and a third of the Senate will be at stake in the election. DoubleRitesHeld For Auto Victims Services Conducted For Virginia Ray And Dorothy Hughes Double funeral services for Miss Virclnia Ray. 21. and Miss Dorothy HiiRhes. 25. cousins from Huffman who were killed In an aulo accident Saturday morning near Osceo- PAGE noon la, were today Church. CONGRESS fContimied from Page n priations for Ihe Army, Navy Air Force and Marines to approximately $ The othpr hill ^^r , , ried $1,675.000,000 in supplemental J . lmmie Ra - v ' Johnn S' Rl »'. Roy liar funds for ™ e " ta ' mon a " d °"<"d Cassidy. be conducted at 2 p.m. the Huffman Baptist The Rev. Byron Epps, pastor and the Rev. M. R. Griffin officiated. Burial was to be in Etmwood Cemetery with Cobb Funeral Home in charge. Miss Ray, a graduate of Baptist Hospital School of Nursing in Memphis, had been superintendent of nurses at Walls Hospital for the past 15 months. She is survived by her pnrems Mr. and Mrs. Max Ray, Sr.. of Huff-1 man; three broihers. William Ray of Charleston. Mo., and Max Ray. Jr.. and Raymond Ray. both of Huffman; and a sister, Mrs. Louise Williams of San Diego, Calif. Miss Hughes is survived by her mother. Mrs. Florence Hughes of Huffman; a brother, John Hushes of Huffman; and five sisters. Mis Chester Caldwell of Blyth'cvillei Mrs. Moss Moore of Elaine. Ark' Mrs. Donald Fleming of Blnghamp-' fon. N.Y., Mrs. Oe\vey Davis of Dar- linlEon. S.C.. and Miss Pcg.'v Hughes of Huffman. Pallbearers for Miss Hughes were Charles Nance. David McPenk. Malcolm Grcemvay. Joe Sieberl, B W White and Prultt Harrison. For Miss nay, pallbearers uc-ro James Henson. Lymon Henson Commodity And Stock Markets- Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS lit Oct. 22. (AP)—tUSDAl-Hogs 16500: barrows and gilts 40 to 50 lower than Friday; active at decline; Imlk choice 190-240 Ibs 20.10-15' morler.ile sprinkling 20.25; mosl lots 250-300 Ibs 19.-10-90; occasionally 20.00 on 250 Ibs; bulk 150-170 Ibs j 1925-20.00; 120-140 Ibs 17.15-1875' 'sows 25 to 50 lower; bulk BOWS 400 Ibs down 17.50-18.00; few light sows 18,25; over 400 Ibs 16.25-17.50: no change stags or boars; most sales 13.50-16.50. Cattle 6,500, calves 1,200: opening moderately active and fully steady on all classes; high choice yearling steers 36.50; other commercial and i good steers and heifers 28.00-32.60; hlRh choice mixed .yearlings 3S75- utility nnd commercial cows aa'so- 27.50; canners and cutters 170022.00. Baptists to Hold Annual Banquet The annual Btowwdshlp Banquet lor all members of Hie Fij s < Baptist Church h«r« will be held at 1 p m tomorrow to the church dining room. 'Kvey Baptist a Tllher" win be the theme of the program. Phases or the program will b« "Voice of the Local Church," by Mrs, H. H Brooks »nd Alvin Huffman, Jr • 'Voice of Opportunity;" by Hays Sullivan; and "Voice of Missions " i strip film on foreign missions iarrat<d by Mrs. Grady Mngee. E. D. swarm- will serve as toast- naster and Mr. Sullivan as pro!ram chairman. Mrs. Sullivan will be in charg* of decorations and Mrs. Charles Hay Kewcomb and Mrs. Brooks will be in charge of the food. New York Stocks Brother of Manila Man Dies in New York MAiVlLA, Oct. 22-Serviccs for Harold- W. Townsend of New York. brother of Louis E. Townsend of Manila, will he conducted in Jonesboro Wednesday by Ihe Rev. N. ]>e Gate, pastor of the Manila Methodist Church. Mr. Townsend died Saturday afternoon' in Ken- York. A former Jonesboro resident, he is survived by his wife, Mrs. Allene Townsend of New York; a sister, Mis.? Halene Townsend of Memphis; three other brothers, Richard Townsend of Jonesboro. Glenn Townsend of Middletown, N. V., and Robert II. , . ., . Townsend of New York city; his ' 1:15 quotations: A T and T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper . Belli Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola On Electric Gc>n Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester j J. C. Penney . Republic Steel Radio ','.'.,'.'. Socony vacuum Studcljaker ; Standard of N J j Texas Corp . j Scars U S Steel '.'.'.'.'.'. Sou. Pac PATROL in the band with the rank of corporal, (Continued from Page 1) Mexicans are in that area. The Blv- theville station became permanent j last May 1. I Nine Mexican contract jumpers were transported to a Black Oak, Ark., fanner today for deportation to Mexico at th? farmer's expense. .. 156 5-8 , . 46 3-8 .. 51 5-8 .. 70 1-8 .. 102 3-8 .. 54 7-8 .. 50 1-4 .. 71 1-4 .. 183-8 . . 33 1-4 .. 72 .. 41 3-8 .. 21 7-8 . . 31 3-4 .. 25,1-2 .. 6G 3-4 . . 51 1-2 .. 55 1-8 .. 41 1-2 .. 61 3-8 New York Cotton Dec Mr.h Mny July Open High Low 1:15 , 3700 3700 3072 3685 , 3080 3680 3550 3651 , 3670 3670 3639 3650 • 3621 3627 3536 3G03 N. 0. Cotton Open High Low 1:15 Dec 3697 3700 3666 3679 • v 'ar 3680 3683 3648 3663 May 3673 3674 3640 3650 July 3625 3625 3596 3601 To Fix Official's Bonds LITTLE ROCK. Oct. 22. IIP)— The Arkansas Fiscal Control Board will meet at 10 a.m. tomorrow to fix' surety bonds for state and county officials. Members of Ihe board are nine constitutional^ and appointive officers of the state. Governor McMath serves as chairman. Casualty List Released WASHINGTON. Oct. 22. (O-i— The Defense Department today identified 269 more battle casualties In Korea. A new list (No. 424) reported 55 killed, 184 wounded, 11 missing in action and 19 injured In combat accidents. Vatican to Hove Fleet CITY. Oct 22 |,TV l. 1 ^ Valicnn-with no seaport or 8'r field— plans to have a fleet and maybe an air flotilla. The Holy See in a decree yesterday announced its participation In an international ..onvcntion covering ocean fleets for states which have no seaports. 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The Farmers liank & Trust Co. invites you (o reap the benefits of Safety and Service. THE FARMERS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Th« Oldest Bank in Mississippi County "Time Tried—Panfc Tested" f.D.I.C—ill.Wt Edch Dtp.jil Member Cedfr.l Ke«rT« Sjjlt: Continued from page I estimated 500 Chinese were killed by artillery firing over flaming Kumsong into Red troop concentrations in the hills to the north. A U.N. lank patrol entered the former Reel strong-hold briefly Saturday. Another patrol pushed to within 600 mites of the city Monday without finding a single Chinese. Allied Infantrymen swept unopposed over a mass of log .shrouded hills five to seven miles southeast, of the city. AP Correspondent Sam Summerlin rejiorted grccn-clonkcil doughboys pushed out In tuo separate columns. One moved east along a J'idgeline about two miles lonR. The other column swept the southern slopes of the hills. , Allied forces directly south of Kumsong held their positions although an officer said "the may have withdrawn." At this point the U.N. line is about a mile to a mile and a hall from the Kunjsoiiff River, which skirts the southern edge of the city. The town, to the cast of the Reds former Iron Triangle, is 30 miles north of the 38th Parallel. Elsewhere along the front only patrol actions were reported. S|x brief but sharp skirmishes broke out in the low rolling hills 15 miles north of Munsan and cast of Panmunjom, new site for Armistice talks. WAR CEASE-FIRE (Continued from Pa«e » at Kaesong and the U.N. truce team at Munsan. and a quarter m j| e corridor center on the road linking Munsan, Panmunjom and Kaesong It guarantees against hostile acts against any of these ioncs. Both delegations arc provided free, access to the conference site with the. head of each delegation deciding the sit€ and composition of his own par- In preparation for renewed negotiations. Reds removed the few Korean families from the thatched roofed huts in Panmunjom. Joint military police forces will police Panmunjom under the agreement,. The MP force will consist o( two officers and 15 men from each side when the conference is in session; one officer and five men from each side at other times. Ml"s Carry Small Armi "The military police." the agreement stipulates, "shall carry only small arms, namely pistols, rifles nnrt carbines," Last point to be Ironed out was whether Allied planes should be permitted to fly over the protected areas. A compromise was reached providing Allied planes would avoid the nrens "insornr as praclicable." The U.N. command said it would install WMCOI! searchlights and anchored balloons as navigation aids to keep Allied pilots away from the protected zones. Just how many will be installed had not be™ announced. The bailoons are expected to be bright yrltow or orange, about 20 feet In diameter. Drunk Driving Costly to Pair Charles Wilson forfeited a MM * cash bond anci H. J. Bohannon WM fined $100 and costs and senUnced to a day In J 3 )| ta Municipal Court this morning on charges of driving while under the Influence of alcoho? In other action, Antonio Martin! Garcia was fined J25 and cost* Kid sentenced to a dar In Jail on i charge of pellt larceny. He was arrested Saturday night for the theft of a scarf from Kress' store Clyde o. Laslint forfeited . 471.15 cash bond on ». charg. at reckless driving. *^ Read Courier News Classified Ads Free Book on Arthritis And Rheumatism How Tn Avolil CrljiiilliiK Ilcformilirs An nuinzlng newly etilarsed 14- page book entitled ••Rheumatism" will be soul free to anyone who will write for It. It reveals why drugs and medicines give only temporary relief and tail to remove the causes of the trouble; explains a proven specialized non-stlrgicni, non-medical treatment. You incur no obligation in .sending for this instructive book, U may be the means or saving you years of untold misery. Write today to The Ball clinic. Dcpt. 4204, Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Dell Cotton Picker Held in Shooting I.EPANTO, Ark., Dot 22—A 2< year-old cotton picker who gave his home as Dell, Ark., is being held In jail here on an open charg« following a shooting scrape near Rlvcrvale yesterday which resulted in the wounding of another cotton picker. Lepanlo officers said they ar« holding James Rollins In connection with the shooting. He U charged with shooting Garnett Pitt 37, Dccalurville, Ala., cotton picker. Pitt was shot In the back with & .410 gauge shotgun. He is reported in a critical condition at Kennedy General Hospital In Memphis According to arresting officers, Rollins admitted shooting Pitt after the two had quarreled. Officers said it was not learned what the two men were arguing about. STILL HOT BRIGHT Puts Up with Fussy SfaiMth Ahtf *«Ji Knows all about atomic energy, but doesn't know about foods that ex- R lodc in his stomach. Pud up with eartburn, gas nnd fullness after mculs. Should cat I or 2 TUMS, th« modern anti-acid, and feel fine quick. At Hubbard & Hoke Hubbard & Hoke Closest guesses win oriiei. , Nov. 30, Contest closes - WIN ONE OF THC FOLLOWING PRIZES Pr '*e ; GE Toaster with 2nd Prize Universal Stroke Sorer 3rd Prize . . Set Stainless Steel Fry Pant 4th Prize 52 PC. 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