Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 1, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1908
Page 4
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•1 :-• 5 T- THE lOLA PAILY BECggTEB. THrBSDAY ETEXIXC, OCTOBEft IJ 1908. l^lUilUILriEilSTEl r ,'• CHA&F. 8C0TK . „' I ,•, • Vatend «t loia. Kansas. Postofflce. u I ' SecondrGIasB Matter. Adrvcttotns Bates Hade Known on 1 : ' Application. ' , > BUBSCBiFTlON RATES. I - 'Curler fa loin, 6aa CItj, Laajen ' ^ TlUe or LaBarpe. mei Week 10 centa tMi-lfontli 44 cenU Oa«:Tear 16 .00 Hj MalL OBfrTeu* Inside connty ..12.00 •njjear entside^coant;........M.0O t;hr«9 Months, in adrance $1.00 O^t Month, in advance ...44 tlnroataiid Lmifs WFICiAL PAPER, CITX OF BASSET. Telephone t ^ bnainess Office 18 ! Bdltorial Boom - - W - - - 223 PRESIDENT'SiAPPEAL HB URGES ELECTIQN OF A RE­ PUBLICAN CONGRESS. Says it Would Be Folly to Elect Congress That Was Hostile to Mr. Taft. Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, N: Y., Sejiteinbcr n, 1908. My Dear Sir:— I have received your letter ot Aiis- ust 2SUi. I agree with all that you say as to the amount of affirmative and constrictive legislation for the social and economic benefit of our people 'which has been accomplished by the Congress during the last seven years. The law establishing a national system of irrigation was of vital import ance, ami stands in its line as second onlj' to' the homestead law. The in terstate commerce law has been amended so as to make it a new law. with threefold efficiency of the old law. The enactment of the pure food law was of almost or quite equal im portance. The creation of the Department^ of Commerce and Labor, togeth er with the creation of a Durcnu of CortH>rations. which marks the begin ning of Federal control over the huge corporations doin^ an interstate business, the employers' liability law. the safety appliance law. the .denatured alcohol law. the law limiting the working hours of railway employees, the meat inspection law, the denatured alcohol law. the" anti-rebate law. the laws inceasing the powers of the Department of Justice in dealing with those, regardless of wealth and i>ow- er. who infract the law. the law mak Ing the Government liable for injuries to its employees, thJ» "laws under which the Panama Canal was acquired and is being built, the Philippine.? administered, and the navy developed, the laws creating a permanent Census/Bureau and reforming the consal ar service and the system of natural z- ation. the law forbidding child Mm in the District of Colnnibia. the U w 'providing a commission under whirli our'currency system can be put nnja thoroughly satisfactory basis, the la*> for' the proper administration of tie for^t service, the laws for the ad mission of Oklahoma and the development of Alaska, the great appropria tions for the development of acri- culture, the legal prohlljition of campaign contributions from corporations —all these represent but a portion of what has been done by Congress, and form a record of subytantial legislative achievement in harmony with the be^t And progressive t) ought of OUB people. tt is urgently nece.s.ssary. from th" BtaindiHtint of the public interest, to elect Mr. Taft. iind a Uepubllcnn Congress which will stip|)ort hint: and iBtPSwtCaRtadurudi whil/il it (rah. «)MD • for doM tanr. Ple«««ltota*e. j FneJi tvixa ud buaiga b«MSaU>. At an dni«B»l>'.i28 et.. OLD GOLDEN COFFEE Every one who «{>prcciatcs wffcc of ihc DcUer sort is caf)li- vatcd by ihc mcHow ridt- ness, the refreshing Hayxtx and the substantial aood- ness of OLD GOmEN —superb qualities resulting from a skillful blending of' "OldCrop-coSces. OLD GOLDEN is truly im- usual—as good as coffee con -be made •—lar better dum most of they seek election on a platform which si>e<;iflcajly pledges the party alike in its executive and legislative branches, to continue and develop the policies which have been not merely professed but acted upon during these i;even years. These policies can be successfully carried through only by the hearty cooperation of the President and Congress in both its branches, and it is therefore peculiarly important that there should obtain such harmony between them. ** To fail to elect Mr. Taft would be a calamity to the country: and It would be folly, while electing him, yet at thq. same time to elect a Con hostile to him. a Congress which under the Influence of partisan lead orsbip would be certain to thwart and baffle him on every possible occasion. To elect Mr. Taft, and at the same time elect a Congress pledged to sui>port bim, is the. only way in which to perpetuate the policy of the Government as now carried on. I feel that ail the aid that can be given to this policy by every good citizen should bo given; for this is far more than a merely partisan matter. Both .vour Committee, and the National Coniir.lftee, of which Mr. Hitchcock is Chairman, are endeavoring to srcu're the active co-operation on the stump oC Senators and Congressmen, party leaders and independent eiti- z<'ns gen^rall.v. l most heartily join in urging the importance of such cooperation- I hope that every disinterested private citizen, whose sole concern in politics is to have the right kind of a man carry out the fight kind of policy, will join in backing up your Committee as well as the National Committee in Ibis movement. No service is as effective, as valuable, as the disinterested service given in such manner by men whose one concern is for the triumph of the principles in which they believe; and I appeal with all thi» strength there is in me to give such s;ip|mrt. Sincerely yonrs. THEOnORE nOOSBV 'El.T. Hon. Wni. B. McKinley. Chairman He- publican Congressional Committee. St. James Building. Ne.w York. N. Y. '•Tah Day" next Saturday promlKes to be la memorable day in Kansas. If the plans of Chairman Dolley. of the Repu dican Stale committeb, carry, and they no doubt will, the Taft meet ing Iti Topeha will be the largest political gathering ever held in the state The recent big Bryan meeting will look like a sideshow compared to if Invitations have Iwen sent to I0,ono Repul^licans in the state and special train^i will be run from all adjacent territorj-. The Taft meeting will be preceded by a torch light procession and fireworks. In |iddition to the Topeka meeting the people along the Santa 'Fe will assemble at the different large towns to heiir Taft from thctaii end of his sped! 1 train and to participate in the all dijy rallies that are being arrang ed. Chairman Dolley will take charge of the Taft train at Den\-er on the night of Ocloher 2 and will make ( effort to have the Santa Fe Tho<ie Delirions l.rmon P IPS. The kind that' "niake your nmuth water" are ea.sily made with no fuss- itig iind at tbe.Ienst |>ossible expense if ,vou use "OrRTPIK" Preparation. It is jiiit up in air-tight t)ackages and oontains the rigfit proportions of the fhoicest ingredient-:. Guaranteed under the Pure Food Ijiws. Don't hesitate. Try •OI 'R-PIK" today and then toll your frieiids. .\t grocers. 10 rents. Karti parltage makes two pie.s: Three Uiiids, l^ern'm. Clioc"!;ite and rustard. THE .VODEKN KE1'»KTE«. .MiKicm Keportinc Is ChurarU-rixed by Extreme (iiution \«w, !M days iif liliel .suits against iirwsiiaper.? the lejiortcr is cautioned t'l I 'p p.vtreniely" cautious regarding li 's Ktaii'Mients in the paiicr and to in:".ke no positive sialeineul. Kvcry- liiiiii; iuii !-t be hearsay or upon stmie I I'H I V'S's authority, t'aution is the word of the Iiu^iticss (.(lire and (he stockholders are, not lo be siuiig for 'i iiuupc'^ This is ilic way a. story l;e v .rillcn up I 'owada.vs lo pass !:iii.slcr at the bujincs.-; ofliie of a news All al.eped IIK'U wlio.>.e name was rr- li.Hed lo be .l <)hu .loin's. iiiid who, HccordiiiK to the'direrlory had his sup posed biune at !'!'!• Hrown street, and. as his neighbors whisper, was a can- V 'l .^M 'r tiM" iillegtd limiks. Is saltl to li.ivi- lneu Mrretit»«<l iht-.i niomiiiK <m .1>' jillf ^rd ehiirsfe of iO|ioited a .^sault ii 'id r "iui ;rid li'iiirrv on hi:- «lle «iMl \.tle Tbi- woman noitMdlnn m the police, told I.m «l!ei'id story of rii- liiored Hbusi^ at the alle .isvd liandb ot her suiUH'S 'Ki biisttaud. Jones, ns hits ninie was itiven. was di .<oov ,>red. the douraian s;t|t-s. b^ngiUK in his cell by n siip |nis «><l rojie which. It is belicvt>d. he made of his alleged »hirt. He was. lis the story goes, cut down, but the rily (diysician says, was already dead. Dr. Koblnson. eiaiming to be county physician, was notified and ordered the alleged remains taken in charge by Stiff & Co., who gave their occupation as undertakers. If no alleged relatives claim the supiKiscd corpse, it will, the authorities declare, be buried at the alleged exi)enes of the so -called city. ' . POUTICAL GOSSIP bring it through Kansas on time.. Thc^ Democratic campaign managers Hiiw admit they made a mistake when they tried to line up the rural carridrs against Bristow. Some one told them that Bristow had tried to cut the salaries of rural carriers when he was Foiirth assistant poslniaHte general and the Democrats without invcslgating the story becan to scat ter iti over the state. Now the gov- ernropnt reports disclose the fact that Bristow^ recommended that the salaries (^f niral carriers lie raised to $750,00 a year and that their routes be shortened to 24 miles. Congr^ss did not go ^he full length urged by Bristow but raised salaries to $720.00 and sliortehed the routes to 2."> miles. Th r Democratic managers are considerably e.xercised over the with wlilc t Col. W'aterbury secured the 2. 500 signers to petitions necessary to get |the Hearst National and State tickcjt on the oificial ballot. The signers |f ere all proctired in practically fourjtowns: AXlchita. Toi)eka. l>eaven worth and Kansas City. Kas., and they are chiefly laboring men with Democratic tendencies. The Democratic managers had counted on all of them for Bryan. Btit it develops that they preftjr Hearst to Bryan. How wide spread is the feeling among Democratic laboring men no one can tell. Ci.l. stani Waterbury says that it is general ighout the labor centers of the and that be could have obtained 2i<>.000, signers, if ne«>d be. without any trouble. With the farmers lining up for Taft anda continuation of good prices for their products, and the laboring men witti Democratic tendencies flocking from Bryan to Heai^l. Ihe Democratic managers ljav<| rea.son to lielieve that Kansas is hopfless. J.irry Botkin. the IV-mocratlc caudi date; for governor, sayp that \V. R Stiilibs is a rank- iugrate for l-iriiiug acaipst the ntilrSnads after be hati made all of his money out of tlieni This leads ex-Lieutenant Governor Harvey lo ob.serve; "How much rrea rn ingrate is Rev. Botkin. Alter eing cured by Periina. as he is loudly boasted in the newsi>ai )erK be had been, he now turns fm his benefac 11 tor and runs for office on a prohibi- ion, platform."' ma proi "J !Hir greatest handicap in this catn- pal^n." said one of the peniocratlc liagers. "is the high price of farm lliiels Never in the history of Kansas have ail farm products comma ided a higher level of prices. Dol lar wheat, with a big crop just bar vcs:ed: KO c«-nt corn wUh a bum|)er cro) at hand: six cent cattle and 7 cent hoes anil all other i>roducts bring ing itrires in proi>orfion. These are tl:e things Bryan is titi against in Kansas^!, No won-ter the farmers smile and wliHk the other eye when they li ^ar our sbisaii. 'Lets have a chanEC "' Shadvjrick Return*. " ' ha has be«n (j'linirmnu l"»«illey Is ninnlnc the I5e publican canipaign on nn entirel\ dll- ferpnl |d«n than that used in the pant. He Is financing no sidi'shnws nor la- no tug rt>unty nrganixalious. He is •It tply making n slralgkt. clean cut campaign, presenting Republican is SUM in a forceful way i^nd avoiding ank- mud-stlnging. In the field he is o|M>rating directly through the county organtzattotKi. He is deiiendinc upon th|»m to do the local work and is hobl- 0 Cure JARRHOEA MMrtwy, OwUn MoriNW or ClMlm WAKEFIELD'S lackberry Balsam uT« it i«b qtiick and positiva cure for ai'rhoea. byscintarjr and Ch<dera Infan- n ,itdoM iMteoos&pate. ..^n 62 yaara It. K» wad jtheBwof thonsand* of men, ~ 'oahriWak*- V II I I I I 1 11 I I I I I t 1 1 I I i j._ ' I 1 " •'! i 1 I ! I i I T I _l "I r 1 r r I I I I J __i I r I II I I I I i I "I r 1 I "T r I I I I I I I I I ' I T 'l I I I You Are Remding This Ad. Juil so will the thousands of other dally readers of T HE R KGISTBK read your advertisements—cither Want or Display—if placed within its coliinins. T HK R K<;ISTER goes into mort: homes in Allcu County than any olher paper in the ctmnly. Hence, it you w.ant to Rent, Sell, Bny, Kx-rhange, or want Help, a smaH. capital inve:^fcd in the Kegi.ster'.s \ V. T !U Colnmns will bring h.-isty retHrns, Phone iS. I I I ! f I I I I _l i I i ; 1 1^1" "1" i I. I ing them responsible. He believes that the function of a state, committee is to be the director general of a campaign, furnishing speakers and litera- ure. advising county committees ami ironing out troubles that cannot be handled locally. But the field work e insists should be done by the coun- y committees. That his plan has met with popular favor Is evidenced by the energetic and effective work being lone by the county committees everywhere in the state. NEWS OF GAS CITY BREAK LESLIE CARTER'S WILL. The Son Will Sue. the Actress's New Husband Announces . (.\. K. THO|{\n»> VESTEKDAV TK.inEn K»K (.AS I'RIH'EKTY. IVginning this week the state committee will bill <;ovemor Hoch, Senator Curtis and Senator l>ong for the rest of the campaign. Governor Hoch has been up to this time with official business. Senator Curtis has been cami>aicning in Indiana and other states. Senator l.,ong has been de- oting bis time to private affairs but from now on these three big guns will be at the disposal of the state committee and will whoop things up for the entire Republican ticket from Taft down. \ Word Was Kirei^ed llrrir Yesterday Tlial -Peg" .Vlleii Was Kebbvd of mm at Wichita. Trades for Property. ,\. IJ. Thornton of lola. yeMerday afternoim closi-d a deal whereby he trades stock in the I'nion PortUina element company for Gas City t'f"P- erty. The stock was valued at S^.O"''. The deal was made .ns an investment. j .N.w York. Oct. I. -Leslie Dudley j Carter, sou of tlie actress. Mrs. Les- I lie Carter I'ayne. wl .o niakes his ilioni"- with his iirotli--.- an«l stetvfath- jer at Tarp.v'iowi^. aiiiioiiMced today I that will eoule^l tli.- will of his [father. I.e,slie Carter, of ("nicago, who jdied last Friday, anil whose will, filed ; yesterday, cut his son off witht>iit a ; penny. i \V. L. Payne, husliiud of Mr.^. jlie Carter. s.iid wlu -n tiie proviKioi :s •jof the Carter will w.-re made known ', to liim: I I6th National IRRIGATION The Rejuddican state eomniitt .-e is seniling out nil an average of a ton of lit'Tafure a day now~and ir expect:; o kei'p it up for .several days. The iferatiire deals chiefly with national ffair.-?. Not much stuff on state mat rs is being shipped. Chairman Dol ley sa.vs the people of Kansas are horoughly posted on slate issues and hat it is needless lo burden them with literature of that character. "The people know who our state candidates re and what they stand fon." said he. The state ticket Is absolutely safe. Therefore we are devoting our ener- cicK to give Taft and Sherman a huge majority." Will Move Grocery Stock. H. Kus-sell is today movinc his grocery .sri>eK in the big brick building on South .Main street torni 'Tly occupied by OUrieu's store. The buildins is lM-it !S titt'-d up purnosely lor the ciocerv business. .Vntomobilc.s. High grade used automobiles, all makes, at lowest prices. All cars in A-I condition. I shiji you any make of car. you pay for the car when you get it Write today for price and specify make of car you want. Now is the time lo liuy. H. S YrtMUiian. IMS Fisher lliiilding. Chicago. UIISEHII) I.AMI KILE. SiilterinlrudeMt of Opening Issues an lm|Mirtanl Order. I»itll;<.-., S D., Oct I -Jiulge Jauiex W". Wtlten ..oUIHM 'inteudeni ot the open ing of Ihe Rohcbud Indian laiuU In ripp cttuniy. has slven out the fo'- owing iiHleniebt; •'tlnlers have lieen issued- that nti pplicatlon for registration be ex«>eul- ed at any of the alCidavti iniints other ban Dallas and liregorv after K "dock p. m., on the 16th of October The affidavits executed at either Pre- ho or Chamberlain on the Itth, l.'>th. and Hith and at O'Neill and Valentine on the ir.ih and 16ih. should not: be placed in the malls, but must be delivered to the officer by whom the blanks are distributed and will be "con veyed by sjiecial messenger to Dallas before the close of registration at 4:30 'clock on the 17th of Qctol)er. Thi^ action has Ijeeii taken in rkrder to insure the timely deliver}- at the registration points ot alii alfldavita ezecnt- ad durins the last j days of registra- Lost $300. Word «;..•; reci-ivi -d iiT" y .-steri !ay to the «-ff.>ct Ilia' "Peg" .\lleu; formerly of this «-ity. leit i!<)W of ("haiitin'. was roiib.d of at W'i<hi <a y-rster day. No pariieulats of the rrihbery W4-re b .-atned. Personals. Cha.s. Candl'- of Travis addition i.-. reported on the sick list. J. R. Hunter has workmen tfMlay papering his residence on North Mc R.-ie street. .lohn Skinner who ha.s been v(-ry ill for the pasi several weoks was up town yesterday foi< 11. '• first time since his illiifss. Jes.-'.e Galey returneii yesterday from Wichita and oth>'r points lir central part of the state. . Mr. and .Mrs. Patt.r.sou c.f (;al'na. Kas., were the guest.s-of relative^ hen- yesterday. " Satn .Malhewsoii of N<'o>lesha .was a biKsine .ss visitor here yesterday. laiHIIan Here .\cain. I! S Giinilan bus r.iuine.l lo Ht 'ter ItMikiug uft«-r the woiK here U'l 1 Khort. lieie Mr IMIJa'i h.i-^ t:u foutl.iu-t tor inuu.v I'leek-- ol j-M .-e' paving tu I O I H, ami .-pendr; iinieli m his time there —h. Set<i! IJepul 'le «l|««i .n "I't «iirt»£ ihli t'lur I 11...I <.. iKxi OB PjM-f III ,.f i« ktin ^»trr na..» ^x-n U li'.Mf. I- f.f. rouM l-^r.. itu ».~ti«.n i.'t aiv 1- ..i,. li.i.:-p.:v i .ri »it <:«..-ar>-t^. »ti.| I'xlAT \ ^1 i \ xU4kS >RrT. J n.iitf y^r* J "ff-- I .....I i «utf*r^l iint-.'l-l mi.-,r>- .» II. It.:, ri-ul» >.>ii I km tlv« fr -.'i9 hii t'<ii( Ol'. It: -rn -in. Voc •«0 «»' taw Itl ti«u«U ..( . ,n. rlcs l;.:ir«i.-.i.." 5e&t For I ^ TheSo/rels ^ r OkVonrcAntARTtc. .PlMwant. P«lat«bte.Pnwoi.Tut9avi .1 OoGood »•»« &irtn; <ruk«a «r <:r<p... Wc. »=. -fcc i.'**M old tB kulk. Tiie ctaatnn iMn >tMnt>«I COC JMBCTalMtl to ««n <ir yuur OH-uri- b«ct. , 8terHa(«wiadyCa..CMc«f(»orTf .r. eo; ••-Mrs. Payne >.iyv; ilia; sou -made his elioirr \eais .ic.i. ati.I {to her. He lin.-w \\, a'loit-' and has never lia>i n-rasii-:i .'o rvur--; that choice, bin he will c-<>iit- -t tlie will,- ncE ni »n.<> SH«H:S. .ISany <as«-s of UrnLrn Arches in Vfi <>f Women. .Viw Y<>. k. :j>: I -t ..! !.r..l.-li avelie:j of the ; ot wom. a ;ir.- iii- ••••••;ij.|ii-.; • in iifjiiil"! i.r tli^>i'-'lie siirKfi)n>. for rh" iiiii :r ;i -.i- two li-'ve !)• I<.-<-t:le!; fie link. 1 < f ..pp- eijtl .-ii 'M-.-; t»:i.->; u irr) iirii»'r-> Slraime a.. \' iiiav is!. ii:>- irmi- lile i;-. trareil ii'>t r-> ib^- l.-:;li ( fiiiii^jeai. wliirli h,!;. fioirt 'iiii:. in t !iii» iif.-n :-o ?cv«-r'>-y alt.-i--!;. it 1>\- <-;:ii -j;. tin! 10 itu" rooiiij . e;jsv.f.'d >i,••<:-. :|i<> couiforlali!'" .-^lippi-r.-^ and th' .!i'"i!>--s riibb>'r.-="led "sneaker.-"' 'it nioMiiiain •i«!d e;itiip. "it <-ouid hai'lrV t)e '-iilird an t -M- deniir." said .Or. Virgii f." (l\>ii:ry a wi -ll known ortho|>edie t .nr ^t -'iii. "I 'lr the of tlie trouii!- v.-na-;- iri individuals. If the ra'V "'-/ir i>:ij'-ii-"t-'t ihere woiil'l lie no liro'ri'-ii arehe.s f-ii lial'ire ••au.-ies ilie \i»t' 10 iiiaiiUaiii tin' .ireij. The Frencli ;;|,ioes wliii-|i lirin;; the leet imvanl the middle of tti.- .-!.>> (mi a<-l as a stipiiorr. mv<- ih- of France a gi:od c .uri.i.;.- wliu-h 1.-. id>serveil evil in the 1-ciii I !i. •• ^ do not have Imikeii arehe-- . | ""Kas.\ od >hi«--', >-s|ifeui'. 11 ;'ii-v were liadiv uinde m it:iiia!lv. .i;ai ii-if : >Iipl«-rs iii<- 1;tiu<':> n >| ..ii.-OiN- t-n llall :<M »l. loi wli.i) i!if* 111. wi 'Mi ilie llS^Utieiits :ilnl fi iMc!'-. lei.iN 11 > I <•• collie weaki-iieil '" ; MA III; K: 1 «>N\ EuiN. Inlrrsliile Indnslfial lApo^iilion aod .\ew JfexiVo 'rernfuriai Eair ALL AT Albuquerque. N. M. SEP. *J to nn. ti> . Come and s'-'> ih.- I'l'osp'-rou;! S.ii!ta l-'e SoutSv.. ! I - \r !i .r» .I'l [the way froi'i ro:..i,i(lo !•• Caii- fonii.i water is l-i:.;;. "the. 1". S i:i ")\,-i -:i!n'-u' i.; aew .-iiiendii!:: tniiiifin- of •l-illtr;; to =:ei .-• wai.-r .-.uii|«'ly for Ihe .-• nii 1: al Lit, I.-. I: ir-^:i::.^ ini'ii-'iis <if ;iii»-s m.i'l'^ :ii :il.> .-'a'i ti! f->- it'^ai-;; .\ tiatair.-il «'•.•• Tit. wort!; • lo.-s- ii--- '•i.Tiiiii-r:' to . i". K 'lr '-iirn •Jit >''^fi !a'.-=. <;o-. .>: rtn 'eJit orJi'.;:i:.<. irri -'ji 'ii'i. ••\:i'r'.-i a:id ('.ii':;iin5 of iiiili :.<i! vy :••:'•) iiteuii .S ^r-at txjios;!;>.u "f S -^Hith- we-r. f .-i:ni.s. riin<-:i, ti.::;.-s anil iii.iiist rie.-;. Iiiaiaii.-. i — i. and cowboy: —-r. Cavalry. Ti'-kef.^ o;i :.! .• .S.-|.t "j.", to Dit tin:?! I'-tMr:! iinnt Dtl lyiS. U 'f-.^.-c-d a;i|iiie.itio:, t'.» a;:'^:ir .Mlai iieriiu*-. li<-k''ts will t>e i !-'!i >rf'l for i-riirn vri" Clovis. N. M. and AaiiMllo. Tex,: Allrarfive sMc-irips »o 1. .S. Ke- rlatualiiin Project* and tirand Can.Kin «i" .\rizona. W. E. B.AL.ST(>N. AgenL I 'da. han!». Ask for'iot. ii 'n .kbt. The llet. Vn<nrh Oliver SHcri»»ntl at Phiillp^Uurg MciMluc. • PhiUipsbUrK. K:i». (><i. 1 -Tf<- Ion French K. O'ivet- el>>M -i| an «'\ tlc meeting heve whii'h has i'e-ii ".'! procres:» since ;;i> .V.-; a r>-- siill of hi;- work tXT convert-* wi re made .\ volmitarv-off^rtn'; of ,5y:ti; m; was rjTcived lo jiav the e\i.«:i -"s of the meeting, and il.m^.N:: was contributed Sunday ti> i-ay the evangeJlst and his thiee assistant.-'. Northrup Took Leases. F. i\. .\orthrui> and Frank Drake, of lola.jwere in Cherryvale last night enroute home. They were returning from Wilson county where they had been securing leases on oil and gas lands for the Portland Pipeline Co., a snbsldiar}- of the Kansas Portland Cement Co.—Cherry vale Repoblican. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Hanufoctinren. Wholttioi* and Retail Deolcre CRYSTAL ICE Asd Distilled Water Svw €ol« 8tonM(» X««4j Ur SvstnvMi. rhOM lit. FRA^aC RIIiDLE, Msr. KXruAvia: SELL. List .le.iir t'l'or'r'y- *l'h me. I ha^- .1 lar.;'^ li .^t to match fr"i!i. No csiHis^c unless a d".i! i.' (ontt /l for you. I h-ive L 'lt' acres iti Neosho county. Kas. lo e.vchangc for good; lo'la property. J. T. .MILES. ! Boom 10, Old L'oort iionse. Ceneral Contractor. FlagBtone and Cement Sidewalk^ and Cnrbing a Specialty. OMee ll»Ea4t Jadkaon kit.

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