The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on October 27, 1964 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1964
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE f H»f ON DAILY TRIBUNE Presidential , -••*•( Coftjruifcd "frp «rp *9*> i2) b^wilfg ;i Tii ^Marj'iand 'between incumbent' KspubHcjurvSen. J. Glenn' Beall and Democrat Joseph. Tydings, the. son of former : U.S. Sen. Millard Tydings. DELAWARE ', —Delaware" D e m o c r ats smiled this week when the results of three spearate polls— one by radio stations, one by a leading newspaper and one by the Democratic party — were made public. All three polls agreed Johnson holds a comfortable and perhaps even an overwhelming majority. Adult Girl 'Contf"t'eH from page 3) Bangle, Hadkell J. Doss, Max Fetters, all of Tipton; Anthony Haveline, Jesse Van Horn, Ray Redman, all of Elwood; Robert Ballenger and Willard Richard, of Alexandra. . - VOTE ? i Mrs. Holler 'Continued from page 3) Garrett Gossard, Robert Haller, 0 A. Kemp, John Simmons, J. D. Stroup and 0. F. Wheatley. The next club meeting will be Friday, November 6, at the home of Mrs. Garrett Gossard, Kemptoh. Mrs. M. L. Gossard will present the program, "While America Slept" b y James Daniel. ON THE FARM FRONT 'By GAYLORD P. GODWIN United Press International . WASHINGTON (UPI) — The 'head of the Farm Credit Administration said today that city people ' are ' getting much |more than interest back von their investments' in American agriculture. , ' . '" ; "They are also reaping huge dividends by way of a continuing supply of food and fiber at reasonable prices," said Rob- iert B. Tootell, governor of the :FCA, an independent agency. The FCA supervises a system of farmer-owner banks and associations which help feed cap^ ital into rural America. Tootell said the capital is supplied largely-by city investors and is being used • by farmers to finance the efficient operation of their farms and co-operatives, i Tootell said farmers and their i co-operatives will borrow more [than $6 billion this year from ibanks and associations making jp the farm credit system. The i system in turn will get their 'loan funds through the sale of securities to city investors. Tootell said the availability m ii^<; oi "has envied farmers to increase efficiency 'through mechanization and the application of science and technology on the farm, normally i involving the substitution of capital for labor." Tootell said that, as a result of the extension of credit to farmers, "output per man in agriculture is more efficient here than that of any other country in the world. Productivity per agricultural worker in the last 10 years has increased an average of 6V£ per cent a year, while the productivity of non-agricultural workers has increased at a rate of only 2 per cent a? year." ||| If you're a BBtGH with a plan A friendly alliance with your' bank and an established credit rating make a good foundation for future success and financial security. Stop in soon and get acquainted, we consider it a privilege to contribute our advice, knowledge and assistance! CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF , TIPTON «*..«•«• ». 0. I. C. . PRINCESS GARDNER 4 aniand" FRENCH PURSE STAOO JLvf. plus tax;, Charming pastel flower* embroidered on Matt LustrV Cowhide. Colors, light blue, pure white. Matching pieces from $3.50 letoeler League (Continued from page 4) a .312 mark. Although sidelined for the latter stages of the season, Koufax had a 19-5 record and a brilliant 1.74 earned run average. He also struck out 223 batters in 223 innings and pitched the third rio-hitter of his career. pa VOTE So Club Meets (Continued from page 3) coming year. The annual Christ mas party ' was discussed and reservations are being made. Mrs. Joan Kelley sent a letter to the secretary staling her resignation from the club' and \ expressed the joy she had being a member.. Mrs. William -Peters previews'' the November meeting, which will'be the annual carry-in supper at the home of Mrs. Paul West. The meeting was closed with the club creed repeated in unison. During the social hour a contest was conducted with Mrs. Dillon Traxler and Mrs. West winning prizes. The attendance gift was won by Mrs. John Shuck. Mrs. West also received a gift from her secret pal. Eighteen members were in attendance. C-a VOTE Pa Inside Indiana (Continued from page 1) R., and G. Remy Bierly, Decatur, and Russell W. Smith, LaPorte, D (Kelley and Pfaff incumbents). | In addition to the major parties, there are two others on the I national and state ballots—he Prohibition and Socialist Labor. Both have nominees for president and vice president. The Prohibitionists have nominees for all state offices except attorney general and two of the six court seats. The Socialist Labor party has candidates for governor, senator, secretary of state, treasurer and attorney general. Pa VOTE *a Record Landing (Continued from page ]) 000 men. Another 2,000 Spanish marines landed safely at an adjacent beach along this atlantic coastal area. Details of the swift - moving tragedy which hit the 22 Marines in the two Sikorsky H34 helicopters were difficult to get because the survivors and the bodies of the dead were flown from the crash scene immediately. Both helicopters caught iire and burned. .The one in which the nine men died caught fire on .impact. The other did ,nejt catch fire until all aboard were out. .Observers of the landings six miles from the crash scene narrowly escaped injury when a grandstand collapsed just as Sen. Richard B. Russell, D-Ga., chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, "was climbing the steps. About 25 persons were in the grandstand at the time.. The purpose of Steel Pike I is to demonstrate how U.S. Navy and Marine Corps forces could reinforce America's allies in Europe in war. Hospital Notes MONDAY ADMISSIONS: Violet Smith, Atlanta; Ira Massengill, "Kirklin; Clifford 'Pennock, Tipton; Robert Qhaudion, Cicero;' Linda Miller, Tioton; Bessie .Thompson, Arcadia; Willie Key, Tipton; Guy Sharock, 'Forest- Frieda. Dick, Cicero; Bonita Long, Windfall; Walter Pennington. Tipton: 'Maude Ramage, Tipton; George Adams, Tir.'.nn; Sharon Dick. Arcadia; Carol Merida, Anderson; ..Joseph Bannon, Tipton; Harry •ox, Tipton: Velma Carter, Kempton; Rachel Huff er, Sharps ville; Larry Woods, Kokomo; Josephine Brogan, Tipton. DISMISSALS: Ruth Pore, Cicero; Charles Walker, Atlanta; Steven Cage, Kokmo; Tommy Coffin, Windfall; Robert i ip-h?m. Tiptcn; Kathy Roadruck, Tipton; Agnes Head, Tipton; Samuel Sexton, Arcadia; Marguerite Shuck, Goldsmith; Joseph Bannon, Tipton; Doris Pruitt, Windfall; Terry Raquet Jr., Tipton; Frances and Beth ^a^nci Vir.tin; E'gene Jackson, Kempton; Maude Edwards, Kempton; Orlean Nipper, Anderson; Delora Boes,, i'ip:on; Marie Hvlet, Windfall; Ann Gordon, Nobles ville; Velma Carter, Kempton; Patricia Tebbe, Tipton; Etta Griffin, Tipton: Ed Dodson. Tiptpn'; Glenna Powell, Windfall; Jack Rosenheimer, Greentown; Larry Woods, Kokomo; Walter Pennington, Tipton; Bonita Long, Windfall. BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Merida, Anderson, boy, 8:14 a. m., October 24. Mr. and Mrs. Alva Long, Windfall, boy, 8:22 a. m., October 25. P-a VOTE Pa KILLED IN FALL WARSAW, Ind. (UPI)—Gerald L. Brenneman, 38, Marion, was killed Sunday when he fell 70 feet from the top of a hickory tree while shaking nuts to the ground at a Church of God camp on Yellow Creek Lake near here. " Brenneman, his wife and two friends spent the weekend at the camp. The others in the party were gathering nuts be-- neath the tree when Brenneman decided to climb to the, top and replenish the supply. He was dead on arrival,at Murphy Medical Center from numerous bone fractures and internal injuries. . . Pa VOTE Pa SEEKS NEW POST WASHINGTON. (UPI) — The JLS. Chamber of Commerce has asked President Johnson to create a new post of coordinator of civil rights under the law passed by Congress this year,,. The organization suggested either Commerce Secretary Luther Hodges or former (Florida Gov. Leroy Collins for the job. The recommendation was made in a letter to Johnson Monday Tjy chamber President Walter F. Caijey. He urged the coordinator be empowered to resolve conflicts between gov-, ernment agencies in administrating the law. SCIENCE AND 4- Tuesday, Ocf. 27, T964 By DELOS SMITH : UPI Science Editor NEW YORK (UPI) — Scientists don't find rats attractive because of any hidden chatirris rats may have. Most, of them, never would bother with rats if | they didn't think rats could give them some facts to apply to people. This. explains why Dr. Mary R. Anderson set up her month-long intimate experiences with 48 rats. What she had in mind basically was the astonishing fact that though millions of people are exposed daily to cancer- causing chemical compounds relatively few of them ever develop a cancer. These compounds are in polluted atmospheres, for example, to s a y nothing of their presence in to- 1 bacco smoke. Daily" Dr. Anderson took 12 rats from, their cages and held each one on her lap for five minutes, stroking it sensuously from head to tail. These 12 — six males and six females ' — were her "contented" group. To add to rat contentment, two.of the females were kept in a cage with five males and one sterilized male was caged with the other four females. Has Alerted Rats She also had a group of 12 "alerted" rats. They lived entirely in an electrically wired cage. In its top a 60 watt bulb went on for five minutes of every hour and when it went off the rats were given an electric shock from the cage floor. Presumably this kept them con- jstantly keyed up — constantly ' anticipating the unpleasant. A third group of 12 was "stressed" daily, by injecting enough epinephrine into them to produce the "stress response." This is the hormone of the adrenal glands which prepares people and rats and other creatures to 'respond physically to seemingly impending dangers. The .fourth grouping of 12 were merely caged with ample food and water, to live in the normal humdrum way of laboratory rats. Into all 48 rats Dr. Anderson put a cancer-causing amount of the cancer-causing amount of the powerful cancer-causer, methycholanthrene. One could expect all of them to develop cancer at the site of the implantation, and almost all of them did within two weeks. Six Not Affected But at the end of 40 weeks, which is a large portion of the normal rat life-span six of the 48 rats were entirely free of cancer. They had been given no anti-cancer drugs or other treatment. Their beginning cancers had gone only so far and then they receded and were ..IF I WERE THE DEVIL.. (An excerpt from a sermon entitled, "Four Foundations of Freedom," by Reverend Kenneth W. Sollit, minister of the First Baptist Church, Midland, Michigan.) February 1961. "If I were the devil and wanted to turn America into a communist hell, I think I would go about it something like this: I would cultivate among the people the idea that the individual is nothing, the indiscriminate mass of people everything. I would also seek to convince Americans that God and Christians ethics and an honest desire to make one's own way in the world are old-fashioned. I would get elected to off ice, on the promise of helping everybody at someone else's expense. 1 . Then I'd treat the Constitution as a sort of handbook on the philosophy of government to be referred to only if it served my purpose. I would increase the size and scope of government in every way possible, going into every conceivable business in competition with established enterprises, paying the state's business losses out of the treasury. I would try to keep hidden how this could lead at the right time to the nationalization of industry. I would create a government strong enough to give its citizens everything they want. Thus I could create a government strong enough to take from them everything, they have. By a combination of inflation and taxes I-would rob the very people I pretend to help until, if they ever should want to return to freedom, they couldn't but would be completely dependent on the state. Next, I would gradually raise taxes to 100 pier cent of .income (we are one-third of the way there now) so that the.State could have it all. Then I'd give back to the people enough to keep them alive and little enough to keep them enslaved. In the meantime.I would take'from those who have and give to those who want until I killed the incentive^of the presently ambitious man and satisfied the meager needs ; of the The police State would then be required to mak anybody work, and the transformation of America from a republic to a second rate communist nation would be complete. Do you see in this any similarities to what we have been'doing for thirty years?" . , RITZ AGENCY 115 N. Main St. Tipton, Ind. OS 5-7417 Club Calendar TUESDAY Tri Chi sorority—7:30 p.m., Mrs. Boyd Heath, route 2. A.A.U.W. — 7:30 p.m., Miss Mary K. Ryan, route 4. Psi Iota Xi sorority — 8 p.m., Presbyterian church. CWF East Union — 7:30 p.m., East Union Christian church. WEDNESDAY Business and Professional club —6:30 p.m., Tom's cafeteria. Ash Street Pik club — 1:30 p. m., Mrs. Audna Riebeling, 2123 North C street, Elwood. WSCS — 1:30 p.m., Kemp Methodist church. ' DIANA Ends Tonight Shows at 7 and 9:20 p .m. Wed. Thru Sat. • 2 BIG HITS 1-1 ipy ^coi-pitscorB Plus ^'Thunder Island" Sun. Thru Wed. ooucra of Special Saturday MIDNIGHT SHOW "REPTILICUS" color "sloughed off.V. :'. fi Not one of them was arrjong those which Dr. Anderson thad petted daily, to relieve of Jany sense !of stress on danger. Nor did any come from the "con- troll" rats which had lived the normal lives of caged rats. Two of • the six — both females — came from .the group; which had been chemically ^''stressed" daily with the adrenal hormone, epinephrine. The other four-came from--the "alerted" ones—— those which had lived in a : : caged world where a light went on hourly and then went off, signaling an electrical shock was coming which would be unavoidable.'. Dr.'Anderson's at the Algernon Firth' Institute of iPathology, Leeds, Eng. She reported to the technical Journal, "Nature," that it seemed clear the rate-by which cancer- causing ' chemicals' actually cause cancers (in rats) is influenced by "the psychological state." M VOTE >a • WEATHER Considerable cloudiness today <3r.i tonight. Shcn^.-rs over 30 percent of the area this afiernooon and evening Wednesday partly sunny and a little warmer. High today ' near 70. Low tonight mid 40si High Wednesday low 70s. VOTE !*» IKE PRAISES BARRY WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Republican National Committee Monday released a campaign letter from former President Dwight D.. Eisenhower . addressed "To all voters; U.S.A." and urging them to ' vote for Sen. Barry M. Goldwater. Headed "Dear friends," the letter said "Liberty is our most precious possession. To keep it, we must have a firm foreign policy, a powerful military defense and a free economy. We must preserve j our moral and ' spiritual heritage, "Barry Goldwater shares these views and is dedicated to keeping the peace and providing the moral leadership we need. "I hope you will join. me in voting for him for president Nov. 3 "Sincerely, Dwight D. Eisenhower, CARD OF THANKS •It is with deep and sincere appreciation that we wish to thank our friends, relatives and neighbors for the kindness, sympathy and beautiful fjoral tributes extended during the .'illness and at the death of our. belpved husband and father, Mf. Lawrence WKisler. " ''We especially, -wish. to. thank Rev. Garland Horiqri: and Rev. Harold. Rush for their.'coniftfrt- ing messages,! MriA' Carl'.' Aldridge: for the 1 beautiful •; music,, all who aclet|:as'ca*ske ,t and 1 flower bearersi'-ajid •tlW.teathe'niia-rt- Morris Funeral •Hqtne for their kind and helpful servicei.. Mrs.' Marje Whisler • Mr. and Mrs! Robert Whisler Mr. and Mrs. Joe Swing : CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank all of my friends, relatives and neighbors for the kindness, sympathy and beautiful floral tributes extended at .the death of my beloved husband, Mr. Charles H. Ehmah. I especially wish to thank Rev. Nobel W. Gre.ene' for )iis comforting message, Mrs. Carl Aldridge for the beautiful .music, alii who acted as casket and flower bearers, and the Leathermaji- Morris Funeral Home for their kind and helpful services. • •Mrs. Marguerite Ehman. IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of James E. Harris who passed away 2 years ago today, October 28, 1962. Today brings memories Of pur loved one gone to rest He will never toe -.forgotten By the ones who.loved-him best. Sadly missed by his wife Chloe B. Harris,, children, grandchildren. IN MEMORIAM In memory of my son, PSF.C. Carl F. Nieman," who passed away October 26, 1945. Loving memories taever die as years roll on and days pass by. In my heart a memory is kept of on© I love and will never forget. By your mother Clara Nieman IN MEMORIAM • In loving memory of my husband, Otha Hendricks, who 'departed this life 2 years ago, October 27; 1962. • I have lost my soul's companion A life linked with my own, And day by day I miss him more As I walk thru life alone. Sadly missed by Us wife. Bessie Hendricks ELK'S STAG This Wednesday Oct. 28 Beef and Noodles ; Supper 6:30 to 7:30 P.M. New Hope Club lA ; Has. Hobo rafty' Each member, of. New Hope Home Demonstration club came dressed as a hobo when they met for a hobo party at the home of Mrs. Ralph Smith, route 1, Atlanta recently. The meeting was opened by presi-. dent. Mrs. Gene Doversberger reading the club motto "An effort ..a' day,- keeps failure away." Mrs. George Fischvogt gave the historv of the song of the month -"Steal Away." Members then sang the song. "Happy Birthday" was sung to Mrs. Vernon Kleyla and Mrs. Robert Cook. '.'Happy Anniversary" vfas sung to 'five of the club •inembers. /'A poem "Magic of Autumn" was given by reading chairman Mrs. Stevens. The club creed and flag salute was led by Mrs. Doversberger.' Devotions w e re given by Mrs. Charles Thomas on "The Lord Is My Light." The lesson was presented by project leaders Mrs. Kleyla and Mrs. George Landseadel. Mrs. Fred Wolverton received a gift f or being dressed most like a hobo. A contest prize was awarded to Mrs. Morris Smith. The social hour was enjoyed by Mesdames Charles Thomas, Frank Meister, Morris Smith, Robert Cook, Wayne Stevens, George rFishc, George Lanseadel, Lawrence Gaiser, Vernon Kleyla, Fred Wolverton, Don Sanders and Ralph Smth. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Lee Gasho, route 2, Atlanta. The lesson on room arrangement verus lighting will be presented. M VOTE Miss Minnie Gasho Presents Lesson At Recent Meeting The lesson on room arrangement verus lighting was presented by Miss Minnie Gasho when members of Helping Hand Home Demonstration club met recently in the - home of Mrs. Arthur Smelser, route 5. Mrs. William Wolford was assisting hostess. The club mee'ting . opened with the pledge to the American flag and Christian flag led by Mrs. Pearl Ebert and Mrs. Glen Paul. Roll call and secretary's report was read by Mrs. Raymond Leininger. A report on the recent council meeting was given by Mrs. Schulenburg. Project leaders for the .coming year were selected,: Mrs. .Don Whisler gave the history of of the month "Steal Away" - and members sang the song led. by Mrs. Durham. -.: Initiation -. service was conducted for Mrs. Larry Garhart Who.'became a member of the club at the meeting. •' Members present at the meeting were -Mesdames Larry Garhart, Ernest Bergman, Otto Dillman, E d Doversberger, Santford Durham, Harry Ebert, Raymond Leininger, Ross McNeal, Clyde Overdorf, Glen Paul, John Schaekel, Melvin Schulenburg, Arthur Smelser, Arthur Swinney, George Thomas, Lewis Wendt, William Wolford, Don Whisler,-. Misses Minne Gasho and Mildred West. ! The November • meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Lewis Wendt, route 1, when the second part of the lesson on room arrangement verus lighting will be given. IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of Owen L. Goff who passed away October 29, 1957. Marie -B. Goff Shqron£ronson Elected President Achievement Club Sharon Bronson was elected president of Achievement 4-H club when they met to elect officers recently. Nominations were made from the floor and- ballots were used in the election. Other officers elected to serve with Sharon are vice president, Helen Day; secretary, Jeanne Cochran; treasurr er, Patty Manlove; news correspondent, Barbara Ressler; helath and safety leader, Camila Hinshaw; song leader, Madonna Enneking, and recreation leader, Sandra Bangle. ^ The club meeting was opened by vice president, Lu Ann A1-. len. Pledges to the 4-H and \merican flags were given by Sharon Bronson. The group voted to give S5 to the 4-H center to help train junior leaders. It was decided at the meeting to have a Christmas party at the home of Mrs. Raymond Rockwell on December 17. Mrs. Edward Quear, of Silver Belles Home Demonstration club was present at the meeting to award each completing member a Kennedy half dollar. Record sheets, calendars and award money was given to members. The meeting was closed by Lu Ann' Allen, vice president, ra VOTE *a FATHER HELD GREENFIELD, Ind. (UPI)— An infant died in her rural home today and her father was charged.with child beating for the second time in a year. Hancock -County Sheriff Edwin Kirkpatrick said Norman Lee Corbin, 22, an unemployed laborer, was scheduled to be arraigned on the charges in City Court - later today. Corbin, who previously served a prison term for child beating, was arrested following the death of his daughter, Anita Lynn. Kirkpatrick said Corbin admitted striking the child late Saturday or early Sunday because she whimpered. "He said he.lost his temper and then didn't know what happened," Kirkpatrick said. The child was rushed to a_ hospital by ambulance this morning but was dead on arrival. Authorities. said her body was badly bruised. An autopsy, was ordered to determine cause of death. Last August, Corbin finished serving a six-month term for beating his 3-year-old son, Steve, Kirkpatrick said. The sheriff said Corbin told him he.tried to reach a doctor before the child died. The Corbins also have a 4- month-old girl and live with Mrs. Corbin's mother. !".?. VOTE ra LEADER AD LONDON (UPI) — Conservative party officials today said they had no idea who put a notice in a' London newspaper advertising for a "leader for the new Conservative party." RETAIL MERCHANTS MEETING 1 P.M. Farmer's Loan And Trust Social Room Wed. Oct. 28 TO THE VOTERS OF TIPTON COUNTY You are invited to attend an open house on Thursday, October 29 K at 7:00 p.m., at the home of Betty Bunch, on Highway 213 in Windfall, to meet Bonnie Lineback, Democratic candidate for Recorder and other Tipton County Democratic candidates. , <I*AII> POLITICAL ADV1:KT1SKMKNT)| FOR MEMORY The finaf tribute to the memory of -1 deputed member of-lhe family is the cemetery memorial. Our years of experience and complete lipowtedge of local cemetery requirements is available when vou are faced with this Important decision. We feature. OUARDIAN memorials, rich in symbolic meaning, made from the finest granites, . and fully guaranteed. .. HAVE YOUR MEMORIAL ERECTED NOW- 1 BEFORE WINTER ARRIVES SEE OUR FINE SELECTION OF MARKERS AND MONUMENTS. GUARANTEED QUALITY GRA'NITES AT BUDGET PRICES. . . " MEMORIALS) i ONE BLOCK SOUTH.OF COURTHOUSE — TIPTON -

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