Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 1, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1908
Page 3
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.1 sumtner in Colocado, returned tojier hom^ Sunday. M Woodside candidate for county'; uperintendent, was in onr, city ThH -sdiiy. the guest of Mr. and Mrs. ;n tsicka. K< (1 Itilcy was in tola Monday. .Mijis .lp.>s.«io Liind lias returnp<i from Mended vi.^it with relatives at lliitojiin.scn. , ami -Mrs. tyiii 0.<horne attended fjlir at Iluni'x'l.Ii Kriiiay. K. Draper and family spent the [i .irt <if ihe week with relatives ri'.'. anrl eiijoved the Iowa picnic. (;OLDK> T.tLLET. I »i=an. niore and rtanphter and |KV »'. \V;i!Ker were the cucofs of jCiiile'.!. Liif^.lii Murriv niui .lenet Sfvniour <m:1p( I <>n .Mr.-, .\rrhie S tmuels. K.'aril tt;is thij !! Miller'.^ rliil.lrc ii! Itie (Jiplhrria.. (• W.-iIk 'T ami -vvjifai lii.-^t wcfkj '. Kolilrr'.s new li.ihi k'ok.s cutiil Jl.v •Itcfkcn iiiii.-li.-d [i .iiiitiiul K 1 ji. ^-^!^^ i.s Working for .1. Hronk.-. .1. \V. Ciili.'tt a<<'nipanie<l a ciir ol 1 !,!>» Kaiu-u:; City M'milay. Thrj wcr.- .4hipl »-'l from Moran. .'I;. lill'Jiirv .\l !irphy lt:is .>^cil.| hi- j .'.ifi' f" Orh.) I 'ord >•( Oklali"iii;i. S'll 111 rli.ii viriniiy in hi-; 'Mil) Itul hi.- .!!«:•>.•; had a dfjiri- to Ifii'-k. h<- .-.'lid his :arni in <)k- iyi ?.•>". an acre and ntiiriied . Mr M>.ri'hy •.sli >-IU';ilin-.; a<«- is ;'. >'ud< i;uoll STO.M Vf'H guest of ('. II of Kl.snv're Tip WTIlianis tx>ii;;ht for $i' will ui" ;o :<iwti hi> d:>'.i;h;er.< nt in loll. ; farm t -i .'chii (•:tr for hiih" follow .T. 1 H«-«"^ «l<tfd lleultli. < hnriul«f -s. Vni- liilidB. r<r>i-ti-ncy and Snru">». w : " .•!;r" voiir d'- i ••< -•I'lr.K !i •• I .I liiiMi 'ii -. .irid m;ik!ii- •! • ,-c. •\i,\< r tt;;! di.;-.-. HI !•!'»::•. o: otli .r .i-T;;i. ..i no:-!-.. 'Mi-.--i:,i <•).'. - d>.. (.- jl. S i --..•<:• rl;.- .i;;. nr f'>! i , ll: I" .< and h- -.i>? i<' ovry .•t! v\ )•,<>,,. -roiii;iih i-- w.vik 1,1 |l r J:-'":) 'T •!> .'ip^T'.-; I. 'hit .;'...»r.ui!» p 1 to riir>' f" iii'j!'- - .til >ori .1 I•. .•! .!!•• '.1, :h j ' rio-; jl) f<ir Mi-o-n 1 f li' h'-." d '-ri" n}<<t<- f'rr ni'- :r :i d'-'*i.r- }i;>v- fo; .J htvo h^fn iindT th^i: »->ri :•• rc '-oiii- (ritr.d^ Y '-n ''«ti :iT.-.<' [1 wiiir ad. if voti Ii'K« h.iti .;o ;d To T1I-. ! i -rn .•ii.fii nm aMf tr • '! •• .- f'.r rh' t.r-r t:in'- .tr "- W A KIKl\^. dill II V.::-. S V iTHE OTHER SIDE. Moro jiroof that Ljilia K. Pink- i . ,1. 'liatii"* \ I 'lri'ialiifi •oiii|K>uiiiI !>n\<'.<i vvoiiiitii \i>mi Mir ^iial i>|i<T;itioiis. A. W :'.;:.i!i:-, of (iaroirior,'.'^ Much Fun to Empty Cars of Rice a" to Throw It. Th" f'tlannr- Tn'-nti*' .^avs: \ i!la:"i! r^it-iip^ .'^omewh >Tf down !•• Of t'>' .'^.irit.j f> railroail evi •r:'iv hfiiil .1 Mi: fiiii- today far>-'.\'^II .1 t>t|(la' lair Wh-n th'- north piiT'd In thi .i af'-rtio-in • • Iroiii/'h'' 'lacca^-' 'f ir p'.ntfoijii of ilip. \\1ii >l« or-" than lint r(<>- iiiid ••on >ratt.r'tt i!i'«ii;h th<' imi^ >t>!i III'-, pa^.s••tll ;I ! ^ tool .il-l '-Uii> .1 lolllpntiii' I t.\ I'l' ll'iii: of !(<••• iind<tf<M)f Til' I '-i'"!; from It li. ft j'-.- ttatti .1- >t )on a* It j.til' w.ii' o'l' on Ihr Kmi-'rl.! I 111 ihati rn .icti ;i-i(ii'iiiiiii' . Ii.ii-' , of •!„• r., : MM t!|. M l^ !«>:i 'ti'II 111. fli.- ^ II l '>>iaii\ > ;ih a slio >*i: jcin Mitr tin;!' for th- train 111- \ii-tiins waitinz tinti! • h-!p - no- I. ]• .nr. 0-o in '.^ \M \ «I I.I >. o f*"T!.ile t • .1- : ; • .;:a f.. i":Crfii:!;::': '.si r ^' Ti-d mi- I'l iifailii •A-'i.-. ;,".T my physii'i .-^n ; al .1! • i>t,'rat.oa was ai>bO- tii. !a.-r ii.ii 'Ui- w !i .-n ti.'V mak«> a I'ln Ni' H. Tli' 11 tli<' <.ir co«»s on to Kan !- I 'i-N !.. fori^ ir is .-|-aii<d Th'"*- '• :,\:- Mt'-tioM i !>alifrs— -jir-'om I rr- s.-i:::; rii.iihifiis rliaf draw all of th'" roiifi il'i. whi'-h a hrooin won't Mr--;. .\!vt :!;l "^iJi-rliriir. of 1M CiCy-, air out of llh<^ marn-s. and a:l th-i I'.):;::!.- .\v.-.. (..•i;"-;ti,M, I!!., 1,.,^, ,\.,\^, wirh if. That z^tn ri,i ••I .-i.r^-.-i': f '.ia; f'-::;.-!;'.- tpiubit-.s. « t;:fiv>- a' d :;iu'h iiifiariimHt; >n. 'J'wo <ii,. >.•-• <• .tors in < ii 'icaeo liecided touch. I'l '.v.-i-- nr?<-p >.'-arv to .-are i a r'. I 'jfikliatns Wjrvtai'Ie ; CL ;red lae with'jut I : i\ an ••' yl\{: Iv' iiiiP'';r': • =a''!ia. rar of Oo'i Vifrnnn in SaliDu. thli t8i<» f;.mi, »f;, FACTS FOR SICK WOMEN. joi t," i;t\ years I.ydia E. I'ink- h;-t;':> \'>ri -Ti' le i .nriiiJ -KiiKi, mmle •'<-••' -Motida-- 5;. —, ri -viti aint ht,-r!>.s, lias li»'en the ihai;. .\ti .f I i .iV'i: iriii-iiy i-.ty female illi. fimn a i 'i c !y<nir('<l tU'i 'isaiidsoi ... j, . •v.rrr.ii v. Li > li.ivi- ln-.'il t.roUt^letl With : h hi ; lieru. to mak rst»i-". ' 'f tnd prod Ttemocra's h .tv; ! ; ' ^ ;• lariuer they ?\an-. a ohaii.m 7 —\V T Virnon r<c- Cnired Statis trpas'irV. Ripiihiran . r.tmp^ien ', Oi -folit -r at convpntlon ort wil! a!. so be made to •n t'.»v.-ridee of Indiana for a t«>n-miniite spPTh «> a more lengthy faik or. i.ssiie.*. NEOSHO V.\U.KY. <ii>t!:i'- <:;>':u.-, iiirfaiumatitin, ulfera-• t:':i, r,; Di'i unm -irs. irrejpilarities, p lio'ii'- ]*;\in-:. lia'kache, that bear- — !;:-'-<: .v. Ti I, .•;i:.a:,iiatulencv, indices- The con.-.tant. dropping water wears t:-.!i,,";; .•.-•ass .or nervous pfostrationu,.^ I"'^' h.-.raesr stone. Uhvd.itrt viitl rrviry ' jTheicon -stani Mrs. Plakham invites all .Ick ;The"o".tan* ^^MIHETY-TltllE!" The Story of m ¥*mmt9 Name and How It OrigiBatH. The foremost dermatologist in France, Dr. Sabuiirand, of Paris, and Prof, jl'nna. Hanibnr.i;. (iertnan.v. discovered that a nilerolir caused baldness. To jirove their theory. Pr. Sa- iioiiraml. infected a guinea pip with s<ime of these microhes and in a comparatively short time the animal wa? denuded of every hair that was on its iKKly. Some eniinent- histolopisis and chem isfs wen- emptiyed hy the I'nited Oru? Co.. H <i .ston. to find the means of destroying these microbes and a remedy that would create a new growth of hair where the hair roots had not been entirely destroyed. .\fter months of study, experinient- ins and research work, they discovered what they claimed would do what was demanded. To uni|uestionably ortive their theory. l"o leadins drus- cisi .s. locate*! in a.-? many different titles, were reqiie.sted to each fttrni .sh tho name of a resjionsible per .son snf- ferinp from fallins hair and baldness. L'arh of the .^e lim persons were fiirn i>hrd three bottles of the preparation with a rerjiiest to i.'ive it a' ihorriiiph an<l refKirt results. Five of these persons failed to r.-- povi Two declared they had Ifren baal for >ears: that llieir hair follicles hail '.one been elosfd and thvir sealps wi 'i o .-tiiofirh and :;l'>ssy. .Ninety-three of the l'>0 sent in en- thtisiastie reports, rtated that ih^v 'wi;i' tlellchteij with thf hear-restorini; •lualities of th»' l>rfp.iration. .and e\- |ires=e«l .sincere thanks f»>r the wonderful henttits bnmpht about b> its iis" In rominemoration of this, the notv pr'iiaratinii was natned Rexall ".«.'." Hair Tonic. \\v -en this rt -medv with the dis- tinit iintl.rstandini: that it is friv o! 10-" to the user in everv ca.-j" wht-re t tlor-i not compjoti-!y remove dand- !ii :f. .-timiilate th- h.i'^r fo!:trle>. re vjr.i i .'i- tbe hatr rix'ts. stop the hair 'Yom f.ii'mc oe.t. sro» new hair and Tii.iki- Th>' s ,-.ilp free from irritation. R'\aii M .Tir Tonic comes in two s!z ><s. prices, ."."c and Jl •>•' S. R ••'tiirrei: Th- Rexall Store. West Side ^•Hnri> WE«^ OFUHARPE AlCTIQX S.IIE TO BE THE FEA- TIBE OF FARMER'ii EXHIBIT. EVER SEE A MILLION DOLLARS? An Interesting Feature to Be Shown at the Alaska Exposition. enaw of Towser mastf- wooin? lorer carries Ht .-t ;ry CrtXjk and .Mra. K. H. Cri >ok WUk."^A^Irf!Ii^/vIJ^^l^**iAnd the Cotkstant Advertiser Is the bealtli. Addre**, Lynn. Maas. [ CETS the trade. Srattl". Orf I. — How m.iny people hav- .vi -r s<'»'n Oiiii in coM a' or- tini'"^ I» is doubtful if on- p -r •>on in a t^ollsand has -v.r s-»>n that .itnoiiti' of th- pr-cious mftal in eith '•r "oin or tie.Hion form and e-rtainly not ir. its er':de natural stat/' aS ft '•orn -s from th- ground and ro »-ks. Yet aerordinc tn a dispatch from Wash- iitcton. D C. the gMvemm'-nt projui: -s as a fature of the .Alaska <»xhibit .It th- .MastiaVnkon Pacific Exposi tion n-xt >rar to niak- a display of cold coin, bullion, dust and cold b-ar in=^ =rav-l and nufcef.s' of a total vain- of $1 .2.'." .Just think of that amount of money! One tenth of it would satisfv most men a.s a lif>> time aeeumulation and not on- man in t-n thousand -v>-r { <he sum of Jiuo .iiiin ' S'iii- lu-n out of -v "i\ t .-ii ti< v.r n 'lak- in a llf-ffm- of hard work li- sum of | l'u."<iii und f-w peopl- I 'V-r pos .sfss In actual coin a' ON" fltne ih- sum of |l"wi. Aud I 'ti •'*- Sa.ttt (tfopos -s to show at on- sit 'iiii: a inillioii ntid a Quart-r (n ac ••'la' Kold This 1 xliildt ulll o <-riipv th- —nt-t of th- .Mihka buildlni: .-it lli- -\|>ott| •ion It ft III ll- Mirroiind-d In a thlr|» t It ar Klasx r.iue. oul >ld- of which will 111- h <a\\ si —l liatK and simie ibr -i. flit uutsiti.. „f that will he a 'i -a\'' s'—[ rai 'lnc I" pr -v -nt p-rt|d< 'loiii K-ttiiic tiMi ni ar aud y-f cIos<' -iioi ;yj; to li.iv- a civiil vii -w .\tt-nd ints ini-liidtiiu a ::i nts of th- s -er-t .s -rvii- d -p .irtiii-nt. nill b- on cijrd •'v-rv tiuuiiiiif th- fair Is op-n. Th-^ Koid will b- s—und from th<« tiiin-s an-l banks of .-Maska throiuh loan.s of th- y-llow m-fal and the only cost to th- sov-rnment »IM Iw the transportation and the cuardln? of the fabulous sura. K. r. BA>D Ttl PLAV FOB TAFT. Many Ijiwrenrf Stadent« Will lllend Taft .Hrrtlnir In Tnpeka. I _Twrence. Kas. Oct. i —The Ciii- versity of Kan.«as band, comjiosed of thirty-five members, and the Varsit.v Republican club will combine with the iLawrence Republican club Sarur- tay afternoon, wheti if will po to To- •>eka in a special train to attend the Taft m-etlnjr The band win be n iinUorm and wri head the i»arad*>. The student members of the Repnb- 'iran club will lie provided.with some sort of banners. The state central cotnmiftee will nay the expensei of the K r. band. PERSONS WANTINO hoy nr ?lrl to work for board vfalle atteadinK schoo! at>nl}- at lola Rasiness CoIleKe. Phone Is!hejoyb^ihehDiisehoId,tef withoat it no happinessomrbe complete. Angels sra3e ';at, and commend the thoti^ts; and aspirations of the mother bending over the cnuUe. The cinfeair^hrbufi^ #hich tf*e expectant mother must pass is such that i she loi6ks fbpirard with dreadfto the hour when she shall feel the thrill TA 6ri I -r^i- i-.Bui-n<.fixn«.«»' mOtherhjiod. Every woman should know Aal the cbnger and pain TP SEI.L THE FARMERSIGOODS, of cbOd -biiiircan be avoided by the use of ITotlier'ifFriead, which renders pliable all the parts, ji " ' — " '' ' assisting nature in its work,-i| By its aid i thousands women have passed tl crisisinsafety. ^S^vaSSSi baokariaramatina towancn mnXfnti TRB BRAiniELO RECntATOR CO.' ~ AtIaata.Ca. r. F. XOn^EHEAD YESTERDAY SOLD] THE RAtKET. L. E. Bnrrh Yesterday Pnrchased of «. «. Bales, tlie t Ity Bakery— It* Es- periencell In tJie Boslness. Blrtb. A daufihicr i was liorn yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. John Rodle, of .A'len Center. Uistrii.-t s«>iilh ot the city. "Lend Me Your W ife." •'I>end Mr your Wife." a diania in five acts is bil'led to appear in FVetV opera hfui,-e ^rtober ijth. it irome.^ hichly reeommended by both the ptih- lic anrl press. ' POST fAKP-S. Thp-mc.-t iinii|u- line of Post Cards m display in the city can be found ai Waters \ Daniorth Uru-^s ;vnd Jewelry. Will Elert niiireni. OIRcers will be elected at the meeting of the Ladies" Aid Society of the Metliodist K^iisc >pai church which will .'>e h<dd Friday Ltterno»)n at the home of .Mrs. J. K. I'tiy. There will be other things of importanee to be considered and It I-. hop-d that th-re win l)e a fiiil attendance. Burlrh in Bakery Bu^ine>s. I.. K. r >tir:ch y«>st-rd .iv put -based the City Tmjivry of il. W I'-ales w |io has condurt-d it for Mie pa.-t s-vera months. .Mr. Iturti-h has b» en con- necte<l with the lsiker> b!i >tne >s t "i the past ^-^eral years- and ni'l dotibt- less make a s«rce,-s of the h <!^ine •vs Mr. Hales has not as y-t d-cide«l what he wi;; do in the future. Appraised Ohifot K>tale. .lobn Wooilin. .1. .\. Robinson. M. 1. 'I-nderson and tluy Pe-.-. of I.>:.i. \er- •erdrtv appraised the ((h:Jf-.-! esr ;,!e rhey wpr- apjHiinted The appraiser? bv the court. Condnrtnr Bniin>(ead Hnrt. While workinc; vesrerdav af '^rT 'ocp Condu-tor «if rhe .\!i-.soiir; Pacific switrh rrew sustained a qui-t 4iainfu:iy bruised left l-s. Ilowev-r his ef)rid;tiiin is pot serious it i- heliev-d that h- fiirn to work ai next we-k. I wil be ab!- to ain by th- first riranhie I'p. S T. flreen. manacer of the Hiaek- er Lumlter cnmpanv. and a fnrre ot workmen wer<» i yesterday ciparinc away the ashes fn<m the fire la.-t Sunday mornin?. wWk will be started a-s s «K >n po.-s bl«> r^buildinc the ;heds which were »lamns-d by the fire O.STEOPATHY— DR. AV .H. ALBRinHT. Reclstered Osteiipaihle Phv^lciiin SiJie riank Midi Phou" 11% Only Osteopath Iti La llarpe. Aiirlion .Sal*- h KealDrr. On- of the f»'atitU>-. of the l-"iriiii-j~ Kxhlbit whtt'h will III- liold III this • )etobi'r •*> .ind !' ttill I* th- auction .-.lie on the tii<iftilnu of i|i- Miotid dii). Kiliiiei.- of 111- eoniit.i may l.iKe ,id \aniHi :e of the lari:- rro«d that wIN I m ' in III- cH> and .-«• 1 at aurtion whal thev have to s«U. The only in.-t will b«> on- cent whirh so-- to pav th- auc- ;loiie-r 111- fomniil 'ie ot th- Kaitii- i -is' Kxhibit liiis si -cur-il th- servi-e- if Co ' .1 H Iwrir.-oii. all auctionter of Itnuison. . to conduct the .>ale. It IS desired that those havin?: st«H-k or anything to sell list it at once that it may be published. Mother Is anch BHtw. Tom Loving came in yesterday af- -rnoon iroiu Nevada, Mo., where he was called scevral dsys ago on ac- onnt of the serious illncss'of his tnorher. He rejtoris that she is much bett-r. She became ill several weeks ago. Tom wa.- caled btit when she ^cemed to be improving be returned. He bad hardly reached this city when he received a rclepho'ne mestia!;e that she was niu'-h worse and for hini to ome at once. .Uakini; Elahorale Preparations. , The membiTS of the Ijdiei' .Aid Society of the .Methodi.':! Kpis-opa! (I-Trat Puiin -hed September 10, 1908.) SHERIFF'S SALE. The State of Kansas. Allen County, ss. In the District Court. Thirty-Seventh Judicial Di.-trict.- Sitting in and for .Allen County. State of Kansas. The Northrup .N'ational Bank, a cor- jporation. Plaintiff, vs. Geo. J. Means and Anna L. Means. Defendants. By virtue of an Order of Sale Isnded by the Clerk of the Thlrty-Seventli Judicial District Court. In and for Allen County State of Kansas. In tna alKive entitled cau.-e. and to tne di- r-rreil and deliv-red. I will on October -hurch are makins elaiiorate prepara- i ^ „ ,r,ny ,„ o'clock a. m. tioas for the dinners they will serve !„f .-aid d.iy. at ih- south door of tbe •Jctob-r s^b and ruh, the davs of th-; court ho>i.=- in th- city of lola. Allen .-'arniers Kxhibit. An effort is i.^jn-.; i<''••"'.'> of Kan.=as offer for sale , , ,, ^ I and sell to the hizh-st bidder, for cash able to feed all who may fofio ^ins described real [estate, ro-wit: Lot Sn. Five (5). Block j ;N o. T wo ia !?r<x>klyn Psrlt A^l- lai llarpe Karket Sold. tion to The City of lola. .Allen County. C y. .Mi -.rehead. proprietor of the Kansas, aceordin? to the recorded „ , , , , plat thereof. Said lands and tenements .a,.e Racket, ye.-terday do.setl a ^.5,^,,,,, .appraisement to whereby he trades his racket satisfy said Order of Sale. :tore here for a farm in Fnink coun-! C. O. BOLLINGER. :y. Oklahoma. The >toi-k is betnp niadc to be .onte. -hipped today to Cleo. Okla. Mr. Mo.>reh-;ol who is traveling a. toad salesman for a St. Paul. .Mina . -eed comiiaiiy. wil retain h":s re.-id-nee here lor Ihe iirest-m at :ea-t. Per>onai>. • Ceor:;- B Hanna was 'in HiiniboMr. vi --;irda\ on a hi.• vi.-ii. H- is - for propert.v. •; Prank .\rfhu: cant-' 111 fiom Cif» when- li-on a business visit for the era! d.ays. Mrs. John Molt cam- in aft-rniwn from a trip to be :n-:=:" l.Iilulbii .'dT .»-s:cii|.i\ h...-, i .—:i p.i.-t >c\- >e .-Tf rday 'Chtea'.;o >r\ \ is'ins . {• the •.vh-r<- ?he ha- b» past >• vera' "l.i> s. Mr, and .Mr*. W ,1 Wat- r.. and Kd Danforth Ui' today for [.anur .\|" . for a tew d.iys vi ^It. .Mr. Wat-r.- has ;iroii-rr.v th-re that he wil! Irwik airtr while away. .Mrs. Dora .^^taffOrd. of .Moran. r .i • the ciiest of l.a llarpe fri-nd.- ye.-;> r Jay. W. C S-ars return-d last ^^vrnln'; from a ''U ^iness visit in Kansas Ci'. • The six-yt-ar-tdd daughter ui Mrs O. K .Min-ar i.- n-pori-d as beinp (ii!i- .s.-riousj> ill. .Mr-. I-ittamer. of Lon- Ksu. was trie cti-st of Icf-a! friends >esterday .Mrs. L. Robins and -son of K-ni were iiuests yesterday at the W Rollins home. John Rice «ame in jesti-rda> (roai Rice. Kas.. where he has a [Hjisttton In I grocery store. He will rf-turn to Rice aft-r a few da\.s visit hero with relatives. y. H 'Irin. trav-linr .sat-snian for the International I»ru;: coinpan\wa • In the yf'-terday Mr aui; .Mrs I.»«nls .Mitrh"!! of Vat-., C-iiter. Kao . w-r- vUltiii:; at he hi'iu- of filend.H h »Te x-.^tcnin ifli-l IlfNlfl, UI R I HAI LEXa;. Sheriff of Al!-n County. Kansas. Bv. .V. U BO.VTRIC.IIT. Under SherUL y-lO-lT-lM-L-S. 9carf and fttool GIVEN I lia«. H. S|»enrer A to. D^lare* ^Tbat llrm>Roid Will I'nrr tii> (nir of rii.-% aulliiirit> of lir. J l..<-onbiirdl Chas. B. Spcnee.r & Co. Kuarantin- thai U-ni-Jtoid. an int-inal tald-i r-iii edy. will cure any kind ot i-tl--. ni matter how Iwd, Dr. l.-onhardt th- specialist wlxo discover»d iliat the «-:iu of piles is internal, and in tivlnit his remedy to the publir. .s;iid; • H-iii- Roid will, be s»»ld only under a eiiai- antee'that it will cure any case." $1 for IM days' treatment. Dr. I^on- hardl Co. Station B. Buffalo. .\'. V. prop. Write for iMK>k!et. TREE With each Piano Putchue at the Robsrts Piano House 11; N. Washington Ladies! Agahi paint with wc ask. do you Ii not, you should try it. Chl- Namel is the best fljor and form-, tore paint on the market. Ask as about it. : YOUR STOMACH'S SAKE TAKE £vcr'f6r'Comtrpafioa^iidig0sffon~and1b>)^^ rUPAREO OKLY Vt I. H. WAGNBH COMPANY. ffORT MADBON. V

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