Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 1, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1908
Page 2
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1\" L Ii; XOBTHBIIP, PraMwL F. A. HOBTHBUP, Tlee-PrnMnrt. t D. XOBIHBU?, tmi Tl 1. OTEBSSTFIID n TmSKPOSIXl limliicy fir fkk MHi Stotw BsUbllched 1S69. Stattrflmu — llbCMnty mill lilt k AIM b. A. L. BBOMBAUCm. Cnktar. HELTOr FBOKS. Aa ^'Culte H 'N $1,200,000 —^Artistic Millinery ut prices to suit any purse, Richardson's. + * * Mr. Wood Here. iir. C L. Wood of Bartlcsvlllo. was h^re yesterday tor a visit' witli friends . < * + For Visitor. ifr. Herbert Allen has lieen Pnlejrtalnlng: M. Clare Bancff. of Summijl Tine. Ind.. for a few days. THo Tolin^; men mere schoolniatos whrn ' Mr. Allen lived in Summitvllle. Ijist V evening Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Allen cn- I tertained with a six o 'cloclt dinner i ud Mr. and Mrs. James O. Allen TgaTe an informal party later in the cv ; enihg with Mr. Baneff as the honor : Ktieat. I Wedded Last Night. Miss Gertrude Slieairy was given in marriage last nifebt' to Mr. Albert Eickman. The wedding was solcmni^- JBdlat the home of Mij. and Mrs.. Gabje "MdAlister. 820 East Jackson street, ip the presence of a small ^number olf •friends. Jit. and Mrs. Sickraan will live at 301 North Second street. + + * —Children's Rear Skin Coats and a Aniendid showinc of rioih coats in all the new colors all so fairly priced, you will And at Richard8f >n's. : + * * Have Vacation, r Miss ; Craigie McDowell will enjoy I a turo Peeks' vacation from the North mp bank. She win leave next week for a visit out of town. * <-'<' Miss Black Married. Cards have l>een .received here an nouocing the marriage of Miss Sarah Black of Ciaremore. Oklahoma, to Mr.! Robert C. Ralston; of Nebraska. The wedding was solemnized on the evening of September 2R at Claremore, wl )ere Mr. and Mrs. Ralston will be at home for a time. Mrs. Rals,ton iis a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Black of thi^s city and has spent the i>a8t few months in Ciaremore. • - ^ • , 4- * * Spend Winter Here, Archie Hottenstein has returned to lolaand will spend the winter here. { * * * ;;-~-The splendid showing of Fall Millinery is meeting with much favor at nidardson's. • I * + -> . i , Missionary Society. Tljhe Missionary Society of the First I^Bbyterlan church and the Mothers" duh; of Builders' chapel were entertained yesterday afternoon by .Mrs. A I. Beam. 816 lA)rth street. The pro ^ t^0neral Demand ef'^M.Wdl-Informed of tbe World has aiw^ya been for a simple, pleasant and jOUmMStvaA laxative remedy of known jMlue;-:*! iMcative wUeh pbysidaus oonld I 4lamw ior family use because its com- ^^enUijt pvta ate known to them to be iJi^iMBwa^Mnd tndy beneficial in effect. ^oa^^ltSii^tdthe qrrtem and gentle, yet |i>'o^i^TiPiiie«on.. »nMniiw*7^ demand with Its ex. 'ji^i^lioBibhntion of Syrup of Figs and •flHafk^fem. tiie California Fig iSyrup "'*'VlI<mg etbicaJ line, and reUea i of the laxative for ifii remark* 0^. .of nany reasons why aiMl.Eliidr of. Senna is given tlU tVeU-tnfotmed. ^^^HMft ^i .«Secta always buy 'lufaetund by the Cali- Co., only, and for sale PriM fifty cenU grnni was given t)y members of both socipties and tho idovotional hour was especially interostlng. Five now incniliers were added to the roll ot| the society and Mesdanu-ii Jones. Kin ne. Green. Dickorsoii. Irving are to a.ssunie active duties. After the diversions of the afternoon and the business meeting Mrs. Beam served a five o'clock luncheon. • • • —Richardson'.s are showing some splendid valiip.<: in infant's and child rcn'.s coats, prices ranging from $1.2 to $10.00. •:• •:• • On Extended Visit. Miss Bthei Morton is visiting with friends in independence. Sapulpa and other towns. ^ To Pittsburg. Mrs. W. R. Crangie. is a guest of rel atives in Pittsburg for a few days. •:• >:• Junior Daugters. ' Miss Louise Hyde will ^nlertain theji Junior Daughters of the! King for R business meeting on Saturday. • • •:• ] f Cheerful Circle. There was a very happy afternoon party for the Cheerful Circle yesterday at the home of Mrs. John Devlin The Kue.sfs occupied an hour Infer- riially with needlework and refresh liienls were served. • V To Chanute. Mrs. \V. K. Chatham of Drexcl. Mo. who been visiting her mother, .Mrs. A. I. Ream will spend .*?aturday and Sunday with Chanute friends. • •:• + - The Rlrliardson pry (JficHls store have ilip largest line of ladles' and tnlssei; cnnis they have ever shown Prices ranging from $.'^.'•.00 down to K'on per garment. + •:• • • Business Meeting. There will be a business meeting of the Wednesday Euchre club tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Howland on South Walnut street. Have CJub Luncheons. The Sorosis club is to put into use an exceptionally practical idea this season In ronnoction with fh«> social events and tJie pre.<;entation of their programs. Prcviou*; .to thi.'^ season it has been customary for each hostess to serve a small luncheon when entertaining the cluh for its fortnishtly study meet ins hut this year there will bo four large luncheons at intervals of several months with several women to entertain. The first Inneln'on will orcur on Wednesday October 11 and similar events will follow nu December I>. February 17 atid May 2fi. On Octol)- er 14 the liostess will he Mrs. W. D. Wolfe and assisting her will be Mrs. S. L. Holmes. Mrs. Jasper. Mrs. W. H. Garfield. .Mrs. Wiliam Bickford and Mrs. C. J. iDoxsee. j It is the; purpose of the club women to develope the domestic art ^hlle giving some time to literary subjects. The lunHieon dates are placed'SO that the market will afford a widely different line of edibles for each menu and it is the purpose of the four groups of women to make the cookery of 5 »8ch luncheon representative o( ccohonilCHl Ideas and recipea and at thejsnrao lime repreaent the newest designn In table dncorations. carniturea and (he grouping of them into courses with !a regard for the acientlAc plan as welt as wholesome- nesB. The luncheon committees have never before been appointed in lola clubs and the work haa been Introdud- big Race Hrhurtday Night, Ocf 1 OEORGE DUGGAN GEORGE SIX six raced through the Okla-^ nma circuit last year and ev-' irybody here knows that Dug-' fjan is fast. The rink will be open on Sat-. 1 rdays hereafter for ' school (hiidren and beginners and any t thers who desire to come. JVuditorium -The WhWci Palace." Rich over Ml (:ity ed bfr Mrs. W. D. Wolfe, whose eitper- ienci with the work in towns where she rcviously resided made hertfam iliar with its bcnefitsl I * * * he Dress iJoofis section in the jirdsnn dry goods store is teeming with all that is new and pretty for Ijjtll and winter I'108. ; To Kansas City. j:s Faye .M'Dowe^l went to Kansas today. !>he will be a guest of friends during the Priest of Pallas carnival. ' * • + Rehearsed r>layette. S. I., jlolmes entertained the Soros al of similti ThI Bapti united Sn-liJ club y|eBterday for a rehears- heir plav. "A Centle Jury." A r meeting will occur next week. •J. .5. + §mith-Ray. I morning al, ll o'clock at the It parsonage. Rev. F. R. Beery in marriage. Miss Rachel of Bush City and Mr. B. L. Ray oi lola. The ceremony was. performeji in the presef'ce 6f only a few of the immedl ate nlatives of the liride and groom Mis I Smith is the daughter of B Smith j and wife, of tear Bush City She isl very highly esteemed by all who k low her and is.^a general favorite of jthe young people in the cr munit: in which she, resides. Mr. Ray is also well known over the cd'unty and ihoy have the best wlshpf of a host of frl';nds f«ir a liai< py life' .Mr. jml .Mrs. Ray will visit her parents ftiear Busn City before going to lola to make their home.—Gamett '.News. Mr. Ray is a son of S. O. Ray of this city. • • + —The Richardson dry goods store carry the Landisman Hirschheimer line of ladies, misse^ and children's coats. This is counted one of the very best lines made. 11 will pay you to visit this department. + * • Mr. and Mrs. Russel. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bixby will en tertain a few relatives at dinner on Saturday evening for Mr. and M.S. Charles Russel who arrived Tuesday from Colorado and California. T + • In Yatea Center. '.Mr. and Mrs. A. U Moorehcad and Mr. and .Mrs. A. E. Balliet arc among those who are spending-the day in Yates Center. The trip was made in an automobile and the, day will be spent In etijoying the entertainments for the Booster club. • + + + Sewing Cluli. .Miss Barbara Fry entertained her Sewing cluh with an informal party yesterday afternoon. Miss Simpson who is a guest of her sister Mrs. L. W. Mayberry was the guest of honor. • + + . At Home Club. .Mrs. George Taylor of South Third street is hostess of the At Home club of the Methodist church today. • * • Home From Yates Center. Miss McCoy, deaconess of the First .Methodist church, has returned from a trip to Yates Center where she at tended a conference of church'aux- illaries. • • * Miss McGlashan Home. Friends of Miss FJoy McGlashan of will be interested in knowing that she has returned to her homi; after an extended stay in Illinois and Indiana. Miss McGlashan is a musician of much talent and has spent sev eral months in playing for Chautau qua programs in the above mentioned states. + + + Visit Sister. .Mrs. George Teats. 306 South First street, is expectiiig her sister. Mrs. George McNeil, of Colorado Springs, to arrive tonight for a month's visit here. • •!• * Badgley-Eakin. One of the weddings of the fall which will interest lola people is that of Miss I3dna Radglcy to Mr. Rupert Elakin. The marriage occurred at Rogersvllle. Mo., on September 27, at the home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Eakin formerly lived in lola and were students inthe high school here when the acquaintance which culminated In marriage was formed The couple have been in lola for the past few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Eakin and left this morning for Buffalo, this state where they win live. + + * Exchange Sale. .adIcE of the Trinity church will have an exchange sale of cooked food on Saturday at the Brigham hard ware store. LIBBEY CUT GUSS We lljiTe Jnsf received a qnantlty of cat da s, very Iteaullfnl pieces in the snperb design and brilliancy of Lih. bey's g nds, The ttiorld's Best Thest include Sandwich Trays, Nap pers, V .les, lion Is and rarkins other pleres ] artlcolariy In demand Jast now. I ricf'S raage Iron ILSS np. Irlct' ITa. ratjl*^ "Mta Fe a^nti M. K. A T. iritek' lupcetari. o 00 o o o o o o o o o o o o o c Y. W. ('. A. O 00000000OQOOOOOOC . On Sunday. October 4th. the Vesper series of the Young Women's Christian Association will begin. There is to be a service each Sunday afternoon here after, the rooms being open all afternoon and the hour from three until four o'clock given to singing, gettine acquainted aiid the presentation ol .some special subject applicable to the lirescnt day life of women and girls. The women of the city are the iead- ei-s in these services and next Sunday .Miss Seyle, general secretary ol the the as.sociation. will speak on "The Question of the Times." To Entertain Us. C. G. Brady has been employed by the Comiherciai club to look after the securing of sleeping quarters for the Anti-Horse Thief delegates, who will l)e here during the week after the Odd Fellows meeting. He is working with the committee who Is working for the Odd fellows and thinks that he will be able to secure the same rooms for two days for the following week.—^lina Journal. A HISTORIC PARADE Indians Tool< Part In Celebration on Moncngehela River.—Many Boats - ' in Line. J Pittsburg. Octl 1.— The feature ta day of Pittsburg's sesqui-centennlal exhibition was the great marine parade on the riverl Led by a tribe of Com Planter Indians, brought here from Western New York for the occasion, who'paddled canoes, the pas eant moved down the Monongehela river to the Ohio river and' thence to Davis Island dam. where addresses were delivered by Mayor Macon and many prominent persons. Following the Indians came a re production of the New 0)rleans. the first sleamtmat. canal boat, coal flats rafts, tugs, houselwats. dredge Iniats sand diggers, and a fleet of over 200 up-to-date motor boats. The panorama also include<l repr>! senlations of some of the great Hg- ures in the early history of Pittsburg OCTUBEK WEATHER DATA. Tells What October Has Been in Past Years. The following data, covering a iier- iod of three years, have been compiled from the WJeather Bureau records at lola, Kansas They are issued to show the conditions that have prevailed luring the month in question, for the ibove period of years, but must not be construed as a forecast of the weather conditions for the coming month. Month of October for three years. \ Teraperainrp. Mean or normal temperature. 56. The warmest month was that of 1907. with an average of 58. The coldest month was that of 1906 with an average of 5a degrees. The highest temperature was 88 on October 2 .ilflio7. The low^est temperature was ^8 on October-10. 1906. The eariiest date on which first •killing" frost occurred in autumn. October 10th. Average date on which first "killing" frost occurred iii autumn. October 14. Average date on which last; "killing " frost occurred in spring. April 12th. Tbe latest date on which iasti "killing " frost occurred in pring. May 4th. ! Precipitation. Rain or melted snow. Average for the month. 2-83 inches. \verage number of days with .01 of an Inch or more. 8. The greatest monthly precipitation was 5.04 inches In 1907. The last monthly precipitation was 0 '74 inches in 1906. The greatest amount of precipitation recorded in 'any 24 consecutive hours was 2.14 inches on October 3. 1907. The greatest amount of snowfall recorded In iany 24 consecutive hours (recorded extending to wjnier or 19055 only) was 8.2 Itiches on October 3, 1907. The greatest amount of snowfall recorded in any] 24 consecutive hours frecord extending to winter of 19056 only) was 8J2 inches on October 28;9, 1905. RelailTe HnmidHy. Average 17:00 a. m.. S.T per cent. Clends and .Weather. Average number of clear da.v.«. 12 partly ctoudy days. 10; cloudy days. 9. j Wfnd- The prevailing winds are from the •loiithwest. Tlie average hourly velocity of the wind Is 7.2 miles. The highest velocity of the wind was 43 WANTED—lol^ property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola. Kas. WANTED—Housekeeper for small family: middle aged woman preferred. Address H. W.. this office. WANTED—Man and wife or two girls to cook and wash dishes, hotel and cafe, steady work, gobd wages. Call at South Side Hotel ;aHd Cafe. HumtKtldt. Kas. Wm. Bailey. Prop. WANTED—A wrsl class salesman to sell our teas, coffer.'; and specialties direct to the consumer in and around lola. A good paying business to right parties. Write or call on the Grand t'nion Tea Co.. 704 Kansa^ Avenue. Topeka. Kas. SALESMI-LN* & AGENTS-» $ $ $50 00 p.>r week and over can be made selling Sew Campaign Novelties from now until election. Sells to Stores. County. Paira^ Picnics and Private l-'amilies. Complete line of samples, charges prepaid for BOc. Order toda.v. CHICAGO .N'O'/ELTY CO.. 60 Wabash Ave., Chicago. fOR SALE-mimomUmifoua FOR SALB:—.^07 feet 2x10x20: cheap See O. O. Woods, teiei.hone 1214. FOR RENT. SALE OR TRADiS— Eighty acres improved. 5 mile.'; west of lola. Will trade for rental i.roperty. Address or call at Cataract hotel, lola. FOR RENT—Six room house with or without barn. Close in. Phone 249. FOR RENT—Six room house: good location and neighborhood; at 704 North street. FOR RE.NT—Furnished rooms; 604 North Jefferson. sleeping FOR RE.\'T—Furnished South Jefferson. rooms; .'.08 FOR exoHAMee jo LOAN— $5,000 private money on farm land at 6 per cent.—tola Land Co. lOSW mmt FOUMD LOST—Back comb, .\methysiK set in green gold. Reward. Return to 417 East Madison. FOU.N'D—Stray shoat. Owner can have same iiy paying for keep and this adveAlsement. lOOIt South State St. 000000000 00 000000 O O O II. r. WKAR. O O Wicbiln. KanHSs. O O WESTERN LAMKS St RA.M'HES O O Vt ^T Sale or Trade. O $3.00 an Acre. Up. O O 06000000000000000 Bfismess Difectory. DR. MILDRED CURTIS • Fhjslcjan and Surgeon. • Office over Bu-reli's Drug Store • Office Phone 654. • Residence 214 E. Jackson • Phone 569. DRS. REID & BED), • Pfeyslclana and Sugeoni. • • X-Ray and Electrical Appliances. • • Eye. Ear. Nose and ThroaL • • Office Phone 357; Ree. 398. • DB. HcMILLEN. Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. , Telephones: Office 32. Res. 233. Office over Durreli's' Drug. Sidre West Madison. Phone 687. Res.! 701. DR. 0. L. {A}\, t Eye. Ear, Nose and ThroaL Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. BIdg. Offlcs Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 408 • DR. B. O. CHBI8TIAN ' Physician and Sorgeea Rooms 7.and 8. Evans BIdg. P F. H. 3IABTIIT, i Surgery and Diseases of * I Women. • Office and Residence Phone 578 • Office 7 North Jeffei-soa. • JBWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, 110' East Street. Lodge Dffectofy KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS.—Neoshe L<odge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. VlsIUng bro- Ihers invited. W. S. Thompson. B. C. Chris Hitter, K. of R. and 8. miles front thq 17. 1905. southwest on October HIS LAST CHIP GOME. Lord Rosslyn's System for Breaking the Bank Fails. Sickly to See His Farm. County Treasurer M. F. Sickly went to Toronto today to look at the farm he and Geo. Fox of La'Harpe traded for last fail. A Blac«( Rabbit. Janitor McPhee of the court house, has added a black rabbit to the county's menagerie. The animal was given to the rt^nty by an lola citUen last jrenlng. OUR TELEPHONE I3 constantly ringing these days. September, you know, is the time to have the summer dust cleaned out of carpets. KNIGHTS OF MACCABEES.- KnighU of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hail, second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. J. W. Postwall. commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. (>. W.—Camp No. 101 meets In K. of P. flail every Friday night. W. T. Steele. C. A. H. Davis, Clerk Visitors cordially invited. M. W7 A.-T!ho M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night in M. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. F. C. Coffleld, V. C. W. A. Cowan. Clerk. ROTAI. NEIQHBOB8.-Iola Camp No. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oraclSk Mrs. Mary Button, 413 West StreeL Recorder. FBATERNAL BROTHERHOOD.-' Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Thursday of each month In A. O. U. W. Hail. Visiting members cordially Invited. W. H. An- We are busy, but your order TOIII .'derson, preeldent; Golda lEaam. iecre- receive prompt and careful attentii^n Phone us today. lOU RUG FACTORY Phone Kit. tarr. T. L. MORSE HAS RESIGNED. |-le Goes to Chicago in Atiout "Three Weeks. I>indon. Oct. 1. —Lord Rosslyn's effort to prove the Infallibility of his system for winning money at roulette hy means of niathematically calculated progressions has failed. Sir Hir- \ia Maxim smiled as he raked in Ross iyn's last chip., representing the last of a $50,000 roll of stage money. Rosslyn went "broke" after playing 3.382 times. Si Hiram Said: "I arranged j the test merely to show the folly of gambling. I showed the folly ofj syatems to heat the hank at Monte Carlo. No percentage game can be beaten." \jnrA Bosslyn has lone had a "system" to beat Monte Carlo. FIna'ly he and .Maxim mU a bet on the prac-1 ,^ p I _U«,re llcablllty of the plan. Sir Hiram bet rvM||„r tL VrZ .i , .u-;. .1. . I ''r«*'"^h aeroplane promo- Mrs. T. f.. .Morse and children left ^esterday for Bloomington. iii. .Mr. •lorse who has resigned his position in the auditing department of the United Kansas Portland Cement company oltfces will follow In two or three weeks. From Bloomington Mr. and Mrs. Morse will goi to Chicago where they will make their future home. Since they moved here about a year ago Mr. and Mrs. Morse have made mayn friends who extend best wishes to them in their new location. ORDERS FIFTY AIR.SHIP.H. A Frenchman Makes 1100,000 rnntrart WHh WUbnr Wright LOW CC^LONrST RATES TO CALIFORNIA OLD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST : AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA that the roulett^. percentage can hot be cvercome. while Rosslyn backed his system. Horton at Independence. F. J. Horton and daughter. Miss Ethel, of lola, wejre in the city yesterday aftemooni.-Tlndependence Reporter. tor. announced ycstenlay that he had given an order to Wilbur Wright for the construction of fifty Wright' aero­ planes. The amount, of this contract Is $100,000. and .Mr. Weiiler is convinced that Mr. Wright can carr>- It out. I ;. - t i - . .X fit Ueglster Want Ads bring resulU. ON SALE SIpt. l8ttoOct .3lst \ Ask for Full InfvrmatloB. G. P. Hale, Agt.

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