The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 15, 1971 · Page 21
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 21

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 15, 1971
Page 21
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Transcript Hospitals NORTH HOSPITAL BIRTHS Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. AAon- Isndon, 727 West <tt>, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Fenwick, 1003 North Jackson, Monday. Mr, and S\rs. Harold A. Day, 1417 North Main, Tuesday. Kansas May Set Aside a Voter Registration Day The Courts MAGISTRATE Tratfle — William F. WIechen. Ellsworth, speeding, $10. Noel F. Morgan, Kansas City, speeding, S13. Laverne R. Friescn, Buhler, speeding, S21. Kenneth R. Reichuber, Wichita, disobeying a stop sign, 65. Gerald L. Steele, 1314 Fast 7th, no driver's license, $5. Michael D. Galloway, 3118 North Hendricks, speeding, S16. Francis W. Ludlow, Sterling, speeding .«3. William R. Moore, Lyons, unsafe equipment or> vehicle, S5, Illegal usa and display of license plate, $5. William N Bowles, Nickerson, no red lights on load extending more than four feet to the rear, $5. William F. Harper, 1010 North Main, illegal display" of tag, is. Shirley S. Hall, Mt. Hope, speeding, $11. Harry E. Jones, 1(12 East 5th, disobeying a stop sign, $5. Charles A. Reitberger, RFD 4, no red flag on load extending more than four feet to the rear, $5. Louis R. Patrick, Nickerson, speeding, $12. Clyde Martin, 70S West 5lh, Illegal u-turn on curve, $5, no driver's liconse, S5. Gary D. Vllteloe, 409 Roberts, no'driver's license, $5. Robert O'Neal, 317 East D, South Hutchinson, speeding, 616. Charles M. Graham, 230 Forest, South Hutchinson, speeding, $10. Earl J. Geddes, 318 William, no safety equipment, $5. William C. Graham, 1203 West 31st, failure to display current lag, $5. Richard W. Manwarren, Sylvia, no driver's license, S5. Larry C. Marcum, 725 Duffy, parking on roadway without lights, $5, Felix VIck, 29 East F, no driver's license, S5. Criminal — Ricky Blackburn, 1612 West 4lh, arraigned on grand larceny. He is accused of stealing a tool box and tools from Complon J. Complon. Preliminary hearing scheduled Scpl, 71 Ollicr — Jack E. Henry, Wichil.i, hunting doves wiih an unplugged gun, S5. Richard D. Sinclair, Wichila, operating a motor boat in a non-boating area, $5. Civil - L. J. Beullcr vs. Clark Hether- Inglon Sr., suit for $15,0CO aclual damages and $15,000 punitive damages, dimissed. Plaintiff alleged he purchased stock from the defendant In Seven Knights International, and the defendant failed to transfer securities to him. DIVORCES Granted — Ann Leo Davis from Dennis Leroy Davis. Robert J. Windsor from Sally H. Windsor. Marriage Licenses Gilbert L. Hutchinson, 35, Cherokee, Okla., and Virginia Leo Slubby, 30, 621 North Carey. John Caster, 60, Wichita, and Lucille B. Cox, 61, Wichita. Kenneth W. Wood, 34, Inman, and Barbara L. Valentine, 24, 207 West lllh. Cowing and Cyoinf> Arriving — Agnes Hinlz trom Nickerson to 213 Kansas. Larry D. Wlllorif from Inman to 2727 North Adams. Norman D. Schariz from Great Bend to 1419 East 30(h. George Sanders from Excelsior Springs, Mo., to 90! East 12th. Richard L. Young from Haven to 924 East 10th. Glenn E. Showers from Dallas, Tox., to 2214 East 4lh. Joan Thieme from Em poria to 414 East A. John G. Rodriguez from Fredericksburg, Tex., to 12 North Maplo. Jim A. Coady from Frecport to 14 Soulh Pershing. Douglas D. Graobnor from Garden City to 1707 Blanchard. Michael Bora from WIchlla to 300 East A. Danny Southard from Enid, Okla., to 222 Chemical. Steve R. Helm trom Attica to 224'/! East 3rd. Loo A. Davis from Elkhart to 713 15th Circle. Frank Walker Irom Inman to 818 West 19lh. Leaving — Robert Duseoase from 3007 Sierra lo Bartlcsvllle, Okla. Allen Wedel from 1409 Huxman to Federal Heights, Colo. Phyllis Ragland from 1519 East 26lh to Buhler. TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - The secretary of state, Mrs. Elwill Shanahan, said Tuesday Kansas probably will set aside a day next spring in most counties to promote statewide voter registration. She said results of a poll of county election commissioners her office conducted during a two-day election seminar whiicli wound up here Tuesday showed a wide majority of the commissioners supix>rted the idea. Kansas' new statewide voter registration law passed by the 1971 legislature goes into effect next Jan. 1. It provides for no special registration period, stating that voters may register up until primary election day — the first Tuesday in August —or general election day — the first Tuesday in November. Most Favor It Mrs. Shanahan said 69 of 90 comity election officials participating in her poU favored publicizing one day in the spring as "statewide voter registration day." Eight more wanted a one- week period, one wanted three days and 12 wanted no such registration promotion, she said. She said her office would take the recommendation of promoting one day for registration under consideration, and that it is probable one such day will be designated for late April or early May. Not Compulsory Mrs. Shanahan said the counties' participation would not be compulsory, because, "we can't force it on them when the statue is very clear that they may register voters up to primary or general election day." She said some smaller counties with relatively few potential voters felt it would be more convenient for them to register their voters on election day. Kansas has had voter regis­ tration in the more populous counties and cities for years, but 39 of the 105 counties have never had any voter registration. Two Scholarships Mrs. Shanahan wa,<3 the recipient Tuesday of two $500 scholarship certificates from Robert Flaherty, New York, of News Election Service, the national organization established in 1964 by the three major television networks and two major wire services to collect and compile election returns. Flaherty said Kansas had been selected to receive NES' first scholarships because of the cooperation of Mrs. Shana- hand and local election officials in a pilot project in 1970. Precinct election judges in nine state counties were used to telephone election results directly to NES before county election headquarters had tallied them. Jury Acquits Motorcyclist A 23-year-old motorcyclist who claimed he committed two traffic violations out of fear was acquitted by a district court jury Tuesday morning. .Jack Argo, 1003 West 18th, appealed convictions from magistrate court of riding a motorcycle % mph in a fiO mph zone and di-sobcying a stop sign. He wa.s fined .$40 .July 2. The jurors, three women and nine men, received the case at 3:15 p.m. Monday, but were dismissed for the evening at 5 p.m. when the foreman reported a deadlock. Argo admitted he committed the violations, but he maintained he did so because he was in fear of bodily harm death. He was ticketed in the early morning hours of June 13 after Douglas Dick, an off-duty sheriff's captain, and Leroy Gehring, deputy city marshal at Buhler, forced him off the road west of Buhler. Argo testified he was frightened when the two unmarked vehicles chased him. Hutchinson News Wednesday, Sept. 15, 1971 Page 24 Grade A Thursday Night 6-9 P.M. SPECIAL C With each $3.00 Purchase) Deeds Recorded Cecil and Kathleen Morris to Jo9 and Suzanne Prevlfera, a trad about throe miles cast and four miles norlh of central Hutchinson. Harold E. and Ruth J. Grablll to Wll- Ham C. and Irene G. Gllmore, part of a lot In Haven. Ruth Day to Terry F. and Gloria M. Mossing, part of four lots on southwest corner of 24lh and Harrison. Terry F. and Gloria M. Mossing to Randall L. and VIckl L. DIx, one lot on soulh side of 6th between Baker and Gre gory. Dorothy Kolman, admlnlslrolrix, to Al bert R, and Rosmaria C. Koeslel, two lots In Arlington. Virginia F. and Raymond E. Gray lo Steven Gray",, ons lot and part of anothc-r on south side of 12th between Jolforson and Madison and Iv^o lots on norlh side of 9tb bchveen Cleveland and Porshlno. Charles L. and Elaino L. Bcdinghaus to Norihgato National Bank, two lots on south) sido of Bannock Burn Road end west of Pama Lou. Bessia Hadloy to Herman Marquez c al., part of two lots on southeast corner of Uf and Ford. Railmg Kills Youth KANSAS CITY (AP) — Christopher Dale Irwin, 9, Kan sas City, was killed Monday night when a 200-pound window railing fell upon him and companion. Two other boys were using the railing for a handhold as they walked along a ledge under a first-floor window. Working At Home MUNICH, Germany (AP) — Cottage industries still arc very much a going concern in economically advanced West Germany, the federal employment bureau reports. Figures released show that 220,000 West Germans still work at home, of which 203,000 are women. These mostly do subcontract electrical assembly, weaving or dress making. Li^RGE Dox. ALL HUTCHINSON DILLON STORES NOW IMPROVED! LUXURIOUS iW ^Itien Crotnn Trust .INSTANT NO UCUl SIngIt $I2,V3 Doublt Cwl, wiilubit 3-piy miracit fitileililtl Un. •uilliil relitf and comlott, Mjustiblf. , ftiiAii fDim rubber groin pli), Faddid IM »t(i(i. Ho flt1ln^ for rtducHili. Iniutnil feKnii. Nt lKw-«diuiU ifflth pullitripi Firsf to Fitzgerald's Then to the U.S.D.A. Aged Mature Beef ROUND STEAK 99 Sirloin Steak lb. $1.29 T-Bone Steak lb. $1.49 Porterhouse Steak lb. $1.59 Chuck Steak lb. 65c Fresh Ground Chuck ••••• lb. 79c Rump Roast lb. 89c Pike's Peak Roast lb. 89c Center Cut Pork Chops lb. 69c Loin Cut Pork Chops lb. 79c Country Style Spareribs lb. 59c Loin End Pork Roast lb. 49c Bar-S All-Meat Wieners ^ 49c Cudahy Thrifty Sliced Bacon 33c Armour Star Sliced Bacon Lb. 59c Randy's 5 Varieties Breaded PatfieSea 69c starting Thurs,, Sept. 16 HAM Sandwiches Each 10 Sta-Krisp POTATO CHIPS Snack Size Pkg. 5' Fountain Coca - Cola Only 5* Cup Large Bologna Texas Carrots U.S. No. 1 Russet Potatoes ....B^a^'glO^ Calif. Pascal Celery stalk Solid Head Green Cabbage Lb. Thompson Seedless Grapes Lb. 23^ Winchester's Picnic Pac • • • • • • lb. 69c Kraft's Snack Squeeze • • • • 8-oz. 39c Colby Longhorn Cheese 12 oz. Pkg. 69e Kraft's Half Moon Cheddar Cheese 'c^^c.-. i12-oz< 696 29c Eliis Spaghetti* Meat Balls.. Ellis Chili with Beans Ellis Beef Stew Ellis White Beans i Ham Ellis Vienna Sausage caa ^ SOOCan 37c 300 Can 09• .Re|{.42<i mean 33^. Nabisco Saltine Crackers HEINZ SOUPS 6 Box $ 1 • Beef Noodle • Chicken Noodle • Turkey Noodle ConS • Chicken & Rice i Ho Crackers 3-oz. Pkg. 6 cl $1.00 39c 10c 5 Z S1.00 Reg. $1.29 Twice As Nice Shampoo btl. 89c Reg. 89c GUlette Stainless Blades pkg. 69c Reg. $1.00 Listerine Mint Breath Spray pkg. 79c Reg. 79c Listerine Toothpaste 2 Tubes 59c JCRAFfI ICRAFT! Reg. 49c Barbecue Sauce 39c Reg. 45c Chicken Ndl Dinners Jell-0 Gelatins Mile High Cut Green Beans .... Rogers'Tomatoes Wilderness Cherry Pie Filling ^"c^ 39c Shurfine Frozen Orange Juice 3 ^'ctns SI.00 Shurfine Broccoli Spears Tkg, 29c Pet Ritz Pie Shells p^g. 39c Betty Crocker Frostings can 49c Always Good Potato Chips 39c Liquid Plumr B'I. 4?c 1^ •^'.^.'1^^ Betty Crocker Cake Mixes .'Sx 35c Salad Mustard ^ti, 21c Ice Cream Ass't Toppings ""^I; 29c $1.00 Pkgs. $ 1 Apple Base Ass't Jellies 3 18-oz. Jars 89c KRAFT. .KRAFf .KRAFT Tasty Loaf Cheese Spread 2 Box Macaroni & Clieese Dinners 'V^. 20c Miniature Marshmallows '""S l^c Reg. 53c Parkay Corn Oil Margarine 3 *. $1.00 Reg. 73c Salad Oil ""T.; 53c with this coupon. Good only at Frltzgerald'i through Satj Sept. 18, 1971. Cash valua 1/20 of 1c. _ • Batter-Nut • I Coffee ^ H, $9 %3 can ^ 29 I I I with this coupon. Good only at Frltzgerald's through Sat,, I Sept. 18, 1971. Cash valua 1/2o of 1c. I Gold Medal Flour KRAFT/ Dressings • lOOO Island • Coleslaw • Low Calorie Italian • Low Calorie French 3 8-oz. $1 Btls I Ballard Cinnamon Rolls 9</2-oz, Tube Reg. 35c ^''^ m.-miima with this coupon. Good only at Fitzgerald's through Sat., Sept. 18, 1971. Cash value 1/20 of Ic. 10-oz. Jar $229 Open 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 Days a Weelt. • Folger's Instant • I Coffee • with this coupon. • Good only at Fritzger _ Sept. 18, 1971. Cash value 1/JO of Ic. I I Nu Soft I J L Fabric I EF\ Softener 8th and Plum 27th and Mam Reg. 11.59 . Btl. With this coupon. ~ Good only at Frltzgerald-i througlf sat., • Sepi, 18, 1971. Cash valua 1/20 of ic. I

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