Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 1, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1908
Page 1
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w Th9 R&^tmimr Hmm iM.Lmrgtmt GireuimUoaJa Allen Gouniy of Any Mewmpmpmr Pubtlmhrntl In tbm Gommiym VOL! ME X. MSTBEK 21«. SIX PAGES. nil LA. IJAXSVS, mTOIIEK I. imK -TIII KSDAY EVEM.>H. SIX PAGC8. FRIGl TWO CBimi SMELTERS TO OPEN i: 0. itiUMJEits iii<i \(js imw) Wmw FIIOM THE EAST. FOUR BLOCKS IN TEN DAYS MMBEK ONE WII.I.JIE THE FIKST TO STAKT. Mrans Etniilo} nirnt in Two HundreA •r More LRborinx: Men—News % Is* M'elroiucd. • James O- Rodgers, president of the lAnyon Zinc Smelter" company who come in this morning: from,an extended trip through the East, stated that within the next week or ten days the smelters herb would be started. "How arc smelter conditions?' Mr. Rodgers was asked. !''It's hard to get ore-. However, we will have enough here within a week or ten days to start four blocks. It is arriving daily. "Pour blocks of pur smelters will bp started first and as soon enough ore arrives we will run eight. Num ber three smolter will be included when we run eight blocks." continued Mr. Rodgers. In answer to nn Inquiry as to when number two works which have been down for the past several months, would be started, .Mr. Kodgers said: "We will not do anything wll*h our number two works until after the first of the year." • • The starting of the eight blocks will give empjoynieni to" two liundn<d or nion» men. The return of Mr. lloilg- era has beoii watched byjhe Inborlnv men f<|r the past sevcNil days ns good ni-ws was' exi'ectect, "Alt iough we are buying some or« throuRii th'> Anierionn Lead & Xliic company wc are practically running Independently'" roninrked Mr. Rodgers when asked about tTio renewal of the contract his company had with the American Le.-»d & Zinc compan.v. Upon being asked about the gas proposition which ho and several eastern capitalists are ' promoting, Mr. Rodgers said: "The matter ^f franchise is still tied np In house committees but things continue to liok good for us. Mr. Rodgers and the eastern Capitalists have asked .'he city or St. Louis for a franchise to furnish natural ga=. They propose to pipe the fas from Oklahoma. | COMMITTEE MET TODAY. nopubllcans Conildarino* the' Detalta of Bio Rally Octobor ISth] Al a meeting of Ihe exeeutlvo com uilH«'«< of the -Repulillenn county con tnti cninmlttoe today HOUJO of the de tulls of the rally October 1.1, were IIIMCUKHIMI . I'artleH were np|mliiti>d seiMire the linnds nt llnniboldt, Mornn and ICUmore to play hi-re during the rntly. The eounuilleo also began plans for holding school bouse tneetlnsn over the county. The schedule of tbi'se meetings will be re.-idy for announcement as Foon as i> Is found what dates are suitable to. the different places where they are to be held. QUIT THE DEEP WELL Tools'Lodging at Bottom Prompt Im- ED AFTER INVESTIGATION. Tols Lodging at Bottom Prompted Im­ mediate Action.—$21,000 Is Ap­ proximate Cost. ^ 1 lefi..'i BE READY BY KreiiS Bnlldine on the East Side of the Square Kapidly NearlDff Completion. The new building Kress & Co Js •erecting on the east side of the .squpitp ;win be complleted and ready for-oi^- cupancy by Nf^veniber ilst. Contracltjr See Is pushing the work as fast j(s I possible and now if nothing hapiiens -will have the building ready by tiie time promised, Nbveml)er .1st. This will be the sixty-second store Krcps and company has In the Tnited States. WILL ASK FOR CHILDREN- Mr*. Haini't. Attorneys to File Monday Application for Order. New York. Oct. 1.—Counsel for tjie wife of Capt. P. r. Ilalns. .1r.. wh(^ ktll- ert William Ei Aniils.. was expected jtfl file in the supreme court in Hroij<kljn today an application for an* order granting to licr the custody of Ker three children, but It was announced that the filing was postponed until next Monday. . Mrs. Hains's affidavit of 300h woijds supporting her petition for the cjis- toAy of her children, was not presented. to the court. The children are isai 'a to be in the custody of General P. C. Hains. their grandfather, at Ft. Hancock. Sandy Hook. yo STBIKE CHANGES. Sitnatiou in I nion Pacific Affairs Ke. mains Same. i Montreal, OcL 1.—"The «I(taaUon-ln regard to the Canadian Pakflc Rail- Way atrUce remains unchaaeod and we ; took for no derelopments today," an; pounoed Jam^ O'ConnaUi.iifeBiden^ot the International Awijaic^atiott of! At a meeling of tho IVep Well company last night, it was decided to almndon drillin?:. This decision was prompted because some of the tools were lost in the well and could not be gotten out without a great deal of trouble and expense. Moreover the well has reached a depth which It Is believed settles any doubt as to striking any gas. oil or mineral. The well Is now down ;ii:it feet, and is therefore, the deepest wi:ll In tills secllotj of the country. ThI' progress of the Irlllliig has been watched all over Up .lo (late lliere has been expend,1 on i;:<' Will something like 121.- II" ti. •,';!(• ti.ial eoht- wll! piooabty reacli |2:!.00n. However the plants and business enterprises which furnished the niouey to drill the well have one satisfaction—they have made a thor ouch '<»nd careful Investigation of the strata .underlying this vlclnlt.v. The city of lola put In alio'it J-'.onrt on ttie project, while Cns City, the two cement plants, the Prime Western S])elter company, the Lauyon /luc company, the Acid Works. A. R. Cockrill, the United Iron Works, to.gethor with other Iiuslness institutions made large contributions. C. H. DeSaulIca who was in charge of the drilling, watched the work carefully and his interest and is highly appreciated by all directly concerned in the project. 150 BOOSTERS VfENT WYVW Fi.viMJ it\.\>Eits ri.rii STAHTS n» YATES t'ENTEK. TOOK THE BAND WITH THEM \\\U. TAKE IN THE HKJ STOIK SHOW ;T0I»AY. THE WEATHEU. |To Tell Woodson County What^ Kind of a Town Ida Is— Coniplrles tiu> CirrnlL BOrtJHT .\UNE TODAY. Two Cent Postal Hjite to England Not Piipular. S .\. Ellis, .efanip clerk at ihe local IKwtoJrire. says that s<) far no |iatron of the office has taken advantage of the two-cent postal rate to Rngland which went into effect this inornlng. He say.s that a rush is anticipated during the next few days from those who have estates Vft jheni In the old country by grandfather's uncle's cousin. DISMISS 2 GRADES niphthrrla Creales n Scare In .MrKln- lej School- Only Two CBKC.'*. DIphlluMia lias been ilLscovned aiiKitiK the I'hDili'cn oi ihi,> McKiiilcy school, ^o fMr as cdu'd In- learned to- dity ilieie are only two cai-es of any consequence. Some of the children in the' lower grades have lifen exposed. Thse grades have been dt^nilssed and ho rooms are being thonuighly fumigated. With these precautionary ineasures taken It Is not anticipated that the disease will become iirevalent anionf the scholar.^. Charge for Heaters'Now. Beginning today charges will be made for beating stoves. When heating stoves are left up the year around charges are made for only six months. When the stoves are taken down the regular charge'of Jl.OO per month Is made for every month It stands regardless of whether it is used or not. A W. C .^T. U. Leetarer. Mrs. Wlntringei-, one of the national lecturers o fthe W. C. T. U., wUl give a chalk talk in the audUorinm of the WHth a selection by the Roberts' iiand and a hundred and fifty, voices !».'iving the Booster yell, banners flying and loaded with placards galore. Ihe lola Booster club left on the a :ii5 pMIssouri Paciifc Ibis morning for i'ates Center to attend the big live Uock show of the Woodson County Breeder 's association, which Is an an- jnual event at that place. The trip this morning completes th. circuit of the neighboring; towns of Importance, north, east, south ani west which the Boosters have visited since heir organizatloii six weekSj ago. The crowds at the Old Settlers' picnic, the stock show and fairs have been lu- Icreased from two to three hundred y the Booster club. Besides a large l^iiniber of persons have been attract- il toward these gatberiui;s by the jHoosteis and their band. In return he club has received the glad hand if welcome and goodfellowlship from be rili/.euK of every town iwhlcb has ()cen visited. The stock sho\y which is belli; h <'ld It Yales Center toilay and tomorrow is an annual evetit and brines to that 'ity the best ilisplay of livestock liowii 111 nny rity In sontheiistern 'Kansas. Dne of ijie ini|>o|rtant fi-a- tures 111 connection with the annual l>Xblbits is the sale of reglster <>i| and Ibnrnughbred nnini.ils. Farmers wanil |i <tockralsers from all parts of soulh- astern Knnas make Vales Center a iiiarket for high gn"''' -^^'o^k. Vesfer- tlay lumn every stock pen in the city ivas filled and an army, of car|ienters v.-ere put at work on- new jx'us. At 4ii:idoxyn last evening the city was (crowded with visitors aiid It is ex- |Pecte,i that; today's attendance will ])f tr.e largest in the history of the lissociation. I As a diversion for the visitor.-: n ,bai;e ball game between Orldley and S '.ates Center will be (ilaycd in the iafternoon of each day.' There is jiuite a rivalry between these two owns and good games are assured for loth days. Farecast for Kaiif^as: Fnir and warmer tonight and Frid.iy. ; J.D. ARNEH RESIGNS B. J. ROHA IS THE LOCAL MAN­ AGER OF THE BELL SYSTEM iCAN'T FIND FLEET |PrncrrNs oi American Batllr .Hhips \o| Known—Wlnlrss at Fault. Manila. Oct. I.—\\'hile the pi.jr.r. -:- )f the American bali |e .>iblp (l-yl is pre- [iuniert !o have carried It Ihroiigli the {.'isilinu cbannel sonie time duriim tlie :ite .•ifleiiiciin. and while there is ev- ry expectation that the warf:h*ii.s will rrive late Friday, the inlerrupiioii i>t le wireless telcgraiib :;ervfce has iwe enled any definite iiilormalioil relating til. the location of llie warship;It Is riinr .'Mltlv CXpeei;..| Ib -ll llie Itallotis al Manila and t 'iivite will ble to reach' the veshcli; o| llie itp- loaihlUK fket late today. ItrlKiidlcr tSeneral'. T. H IHii -y. in 'oniniand <if the innips In ihe°l.-i a :id. las arranged for a water carnival iiu-l general reception when the fleet asses, Zaniboanga. Hollo filans :ifl- Ither event of the same character lor llonioirow. SEE CO .MErS TAIL liiundrrdit Y'iew a PiM -noraFnon - in Montana—Visible for an Hour and a Half. Butte. .Mont.v Oct. 1.—What afipar- ^tiy was the tail of a comet, very dist. was witnessed in the heavens of is city from about 9 o'clock until 0:30 last night, when clouds obscured I irther obseryalloo. The phenomenon Iras viewed hy hundreds of iieople. It f rst appeared as a slender white reak, gradually widening and lengthens, extending, 8C .ross the senith like Bilveo!: ||tol^tntj-:T3%». •*r«"*,..!»?K»w- Mr. Arnctt Founded the Local Sys­ tem.—Will Take Position With State Savings Bank. Pus .Vriieit lias resigned his position ^ as ' local manauer of the Bell phoiie system lo a<("e|)t a position wftli the Slate S:ivin^s bank and Mr. B. .1: lioba of Pleasant Hill. Mo., is the new mnnaser. .Mr. .\rneit lian<|eil in bis resignation the first of last month to take ef feet today. .Mr. Uolia came In yesterday aiii! began his duties this morning, i Twelve years ago Mr. .Arneii first be<Miiie roniiecfi'il with the phone in loin, founding the system now operated lien- and which br-longs lo liie llell iifdpl.'. Mr. .\nieH oper aled the s>:;teni for five years alone when Harmon llobnri purchased a half Interest, thi- two rtiiiductini; il until three \ears ago last .May when they .«o!fl our to the Bell peoplo. Both M:- .\rnett and Mr. Hobarf remained with lie company. Mr. Holiart resign ing almiit a y<'ar aso. Mr. Arnett made a zvut success of the business, building it up from »>l phones to a coiid jiaying institution. Mr. Arnett is interested in the State Savings bank and resigns that he may give more of his attention to his banking business. .Mr. Roha. his siicee.sjior. has been with the Itr-ll (M-iiiife for six or seven years, liavin;: (i-en manager for the company al different places. Hi.^ f.iinily will move ! ere slio'tly. A Good Story. Till.- pood :;tory i.-; liein? told over 'he |;f,ite just now: After a certain Jury had lieen nu' an extraordinary lone time cm a ratlwr siuifile case, the members fi'erl inio the eourt room and the foreu'an told the jlldce they w-ere iiiiat'I-'" lo arrive •,\\ a verdict. The court rehiiKed tliein. snyinir the case W.,.. a < one. .ind remanded them to the jir V room for.a serond attemjit, nddins '"If you are there tocS long I w'll have to senif you in twelve siifi- pers,'' The fiireinaii. in n rather.irrl- l.'iie.f tone. sp"'<e nil and salil: ".May it jiltnse vcMir honor, you might send in eleven siippi.-rs .-(Md one liundle of b:iy.-i BRYAN HOME AGAIN If \s; HMsHin \ Ton: OK SOME : or ViniH.K STVTES. \ TafCl Sjirrial l.cnWng Mhrn He Ar- rii«d Ilium'—Ceiebnillug .Marriage Auni\er>ary Todaj. Lincoln. Nehr. Oct. I.—W. .1. Bryan arrived in Lincolnilhis morning after camiiaigniiig nearly a month In the east, iiiiddle we-st and northwest, AS the train bearing him'hoine pulled into the station. .Mr. Taft's sficciul was on the sidetrack ready to continue its journey a couple of hours later. Mri Bryan announced that there probably would be little news from Fair\|iew today. It l>elng the twenty- fourth anniversary of his marriage he pro|x|aed to give much of his time to Pdration of the evtnu All mem- the family.iare bere and vUI WOODMAN PICNIC I.OIMIE OE AI.LEN 101 NTV HAVE WW TIME TOMOKKOW. WILL PARADE TO THE PARK HOO.STEK BAND TO I.EAO MAKCH- IMi OKDEKS TO KIVEIt.SIDE. .Mr !i. Enrighl. Frank Forrent and Pos­ sibly Dr. Barker, the Orators— Plan for Log llolliug. CANT LOCATE HONDUKAS. Meal ImiHirlm .Say That .Stale la In Nnrlh America. .\ew Or'eans, Oct. 1—The hical liiileherH who are lr>liig to liiipor'? Ilonduras catile for ibis market hnvi si ruck 'a snag Iti a lerhulcallty as lo ttli.elher lloiiiliiras may fuoiirrly In- said lo IM ' In .North Aiiierlra. If II Is cl|is.-«e«l lis being ill CCfitral .\uierlcri. and Central .-Vnierica Is held lo be distinct from .North America. Ihe meal impqrting scheme is expected lo fail, bccamlc federal regtilations im l>or-e a ninely-day quarantine upon ail catle imported, except from . North America. Great Britain, Ireland and the Channel islands. II tie [inual this Tomorrow Riverside fiark will be the scene f»f "one continual round of fdeasurc ' for the .M. W. .\.. the R. X. A.. Ihe Forrester drill team, their fam ilies and friends of the order. This Is the annual picnic of the Woollmen Io<Iges of this county. Plans w talked over tomorrow for the a; log rolling which will be held it] city next year. , The committee on entertainment has ai ranged an cxcelleui firograni foi- this occasion. The vari«>iis orders! will meet ?t the W<H)<lnien hiili at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning and headed by the Bwi.'^ler band will march t«> Riverside park. Frank Forrest will make ,tlie iirincipal addres.s forrthe WiKidiiien and Mrs. 10. .\. Knright of Kansas City. Kas.. wilt make the Royal .Neighbor address. O. W. .\danis who s w^irklng with the Humboldt local his week will be here and make .a few remarks for the ^ooii of ihe older. Dr. Barker, of Chaniile. who re- centl> received. the aiifiolniiueirt of head phy^<lclan for this stal<>. has a.s- siired the coiiiiulttre thai be will make an effort to lie here but could n«>t at his time give them a definite answer. At 11''o'clock a picnic.dinner will lie seiveil In the grove. .\ large number if concessions have secured " stand riubts and there will be a iiierry-go- roiiiid for the little fo k. The rninnilt- ee have ai.-io iinjde arrai'gemenis for I nniiiber of eontesis with a juize for he winner of each, .\nioim the inost :iinii .-itig of liie.>»» are: The nail driv- iv^ etiniesi. ;t iiecHi.. ;ind thread con! an?i an e^;; ami ti«)on contest. The contents will al! take (liaee in the ifirrnoon. A steam laiiiieh wi!l make xcursitin trips on the river during the mire da.v. Invitations have been sent out >o a niiniiier of the neighborinc orders, and most of them have sent word that they will te here in'a Imdv. The W-odnien e.Tpect to entertain the largest crowd oni'iriow that ha.i ever been entertained at a f-iniiiar occasion in this roiirit:'. TO BETRIEDBYJORY Wilkins Cass is Set for Tomorrow Morninq.—Out on a $300 Bond. The Wilkins ca ;;e which was irongbl before .luslice C. S. Potter esterday afienioon ani! was later alien before .Iiistice E. fJ. Housh on a change of venue, has been continued until 3 o'clock tomorrow morning. The defendants In the case gave bond in the Niim of $:;MI > each and were released. Th- cases will be ried before a jury as requested by he defendants. Mrs. Wilkins staled to the ofllcers- yesterday that her former husband had left her nlmut two years ago and luce that time he had been boarding Kansas City at the home' of the woman with whom he was arrested In answer to the question as to why she brought suit here rather than in Kansas City. Mrs. Wilkins stated that the Kansas taws relative to cases of his kind were mii?h more strict than those of Missouri. PARKER IS CAUGHT ALLEGED SI.AYEK OF PEARL MANN IN JAIL AT WICHITA. Denies His Idintily But i. D. Mann Says There Is No Mis­ take. IN ENEMY'S CAMP JliMJK TAET IM (A.VPAI<ilNI >(i IK NEBKA.HKA TODAT. WAS WELCOMED AT tlNCOLN IN BKVAN'S HOME TOWN jAUDI. ENCE WAS ENTHUSIASTic. ' u' to Defended Roosrtelt's FositioB Campaign Policies— "Xnj Speeckes Today. ! Beatrice. .Nebr. Oct. I.— Refreshed, in better voice and gratified iat the immensity of the reception and bearing accorded him in Lincoln lastinij^t, .liidge Taft began the second day in .'Nebraska this morning with a speech' to the people of Creete." The Iscbpbl children carried tlags. At Beatrice tbei largest meeting to be held jbefpra Omaha is reached tonight took! placeJ The candidate re.'t the traiii here and sfioke from a raised platformi The itinerary toiIay includes short speeches at Wymore. Pawnee.j Falls; City. .Auburn, Nebraska City, PIatt»- burg. arriving at Omaha foi- the 6ig demonstration tonight. Accepting the challenge of William .1. Bryan right in the home city of the .Nebraskan, William H. Taft while in Lincoln not only Indorsed President Roosevelt's position on the ques- • tlon uf the publicity of campaign con- - irlbiulons. but defended It with' arguments calciilate<l to establish that position as sound fr^n the standpoint of public good and to show that the Bryan iiositlon was one simply for pro election sensationallsin. \ .Mr. Taft made eleycn s |)eecheB in Nebniska before reaching Uncoln, and Harry Parker, the al|e,i;id .slayer or Pearl .Mann Pe:ir:-on, ofiOklahoma Ciiy. li.umliter of .Mr. and 'Mrs.' .1. n. .Mann of this <dly. i.s under arrest at Wichi'a. Parkfr. It seems. was caught I bere by the officers while .going under an assumed name. The biishand of the murdered woman was c;il>»| from Oklahoma City and .while he had not known Parker Intiimitely. iboiight the iiiaii umler arrest at Wiclilla. was he. .Mr. Peiir.'ou phoned .Mr. .Manii last ni;:lit and this morning !he latli-r with his son-in-law. C. C. Liiccock. wejjt to Wiehii:i lo adenlifv the prisoner. Both know Parker well. This afternoon .Mr.s. Liicco«-k received a leleKram from her hii.sband In xVl^icb he .said Ihe man was Parker. I.ii: ihal «i'eeclics in that city. Hia au- siill denied his identliy. jdiences throughout were largejand en-__ ihusias^tic. and his receiition la Un- ; ,\ ilis|>alch says: Wichita. Kas.. Oc I.—.\ nraii pivinp Ihe name of F. 1). .\!ingie. siisiircted of iieing Harry Parker, who murdered .Mrs. Pearl Pearson the night of Sep- emtier IK ip Oklahoma City, has been .irres-ed here and is held awaiting the arrival of officers from Oklahoma TO fdeniify him. The iioliee here were notified that I*. D. .Mingle was the man 'wanted wA were told that he was at 2ool North Washington stn-et. They bad a 4ood descrijjtiim of the man and hi? pliotitgrafth. When they arrived at the house they were ordered away by j:r Heath, the man who Mve.^ there, and he threatened to i-hoot them. The> entered in suite of his resistance and found .Mingle, who answers the de- liiificn of Parker. .Mingle said the-photo was hii and all mer'stirenient.-; agree. He denies being Pfrker and says he wa.s not In Oklahoma City the niebt of the niiir- der. but was in Wiehlta. He adraits- i>eing in Fnid the next day. Minsle's descrifilion and jihoto were seciircti from his sister in l«da. where Pitrker said he liveir. The prisoner wa.s- niarrled lo .Mis- .May Heath of this city last May and say;< he has lived here seven ye^rs. Habeas corjiiis proceeillngs were insli- tiittHl for his relea.<e and the he.irinp !s .set for today. Harry PcaV.'^en. bii.sband of the iiiur- leri'd woman, will reach WIrbita at iiild!:.'.~'lit fo see If the |)rl.soner is Parker. HE CORED LEPROSY OPPOSES EMI'GRATION. Austrian Government Issues Warning Against Travel to America. Vienna. Oct l.-pThe Austrian government Is Issuing repeated warnings against the emigration of 1 its subjects to America, and particularly to Pennsylvania. . It. points out that reports received from the Austro-Huagarian ambassador at. Washington, B«ron .fleng^lfnaUer. describe cbndltloni.. lo Honidiilu Doctors Hate Treatment With Snrre!''*. I >p«l NaMir < J rent Honolulu. Of'l.,1.—Doctors Brincker hoff and Wayson of this city announce that they have cured a case of leprosy by the Xastin treatment. The treatment consists in the iise'ot a pretiaraiion discovered by Dr. Deycke Pasha, director of the Imperial Medical school at Constantinople, and Reschad Bey. senior physician of the same institution. Us composition and the method of treatment followed in connection with the remedy:have not been made public. TisltM at WrilsTHle. Miss Laura Gladmore, of loU, after spending a week with the family; of Aipiin>i Wxightirf tniacm street. I'jett coin was made iiarticularly gra^lfyiqK to him by the enthusiasm and friendliness exhibited by the Immense crowds which greeted him at all •loint.-;. t:.\ciirsion tralBs came to lii^ coin from many plapea In -fJxi '"S during the day and the *" with bands, marching clubs atttS eral cami>aign e.Thiliration and excitement. SEE WHEELS^ President Roosevelt Has Sent Friend to New York to See How CMB- palgn Is Being Coodaeted. Washington. Oct. ;I.— It was learned^ here that President Roosevelt has seJQt. ^ a confidential friend to New Tork ^o investigate the workings of the Republican natirinal committee at. the headquarters there.; Mr. Hitchcock is exfiected at Washington tomorrow fOr. .» conference with the president; It Is rejKirted that the older men resent the way the younger men at the national he.idquarters are running the apim- l>aign. i ROSEBUD AFFIDAVITS IN EIARUY An Or^er Is5ued to Insure Timely D» livery of the Registration' Blanks; t>alla .H. S. D.. Sept. 30.-j-Judge James W. WJtten. superintendent of the opening of tho Rosebud i Indian lands In Tripp coimty, gave out the, following , offlciul statement last night: ) ; Orders have been issuet) thati no ap- . plication for registration bo executed at any of the affidavit i>olnts other than at Dallas and Gregory after 6 o'clock tbb evening of October 16. The affidavits executed at either Pr^. sho or Chamberlain. October |14. 16 and 16. and at O'NeU and ValentinjO- October 15 and le.s'hould *ot be placjil- cd In the mails, but must be deliyjijpi^i^ ed to the officer by whom the'blanlHI are distributed, and wUl be cxmwsj ^.J T j by special messenger to DallaaJbeftW^"' ™^ the close of registration at| o'clock October IT. This been taken ,in order to timely deUvery at the polnta ofi all ;affldayiU ing the last days of

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