Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 30, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1908
Page 6
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Charmin§ New Gifts In Sjlver Foji the Fall Bride. FUT SILVER ACCEPTABLIH An lnt«r*$ting Assortment of, "'|n^ dividual Casters For Tumbler* an* Bottle* — A Bride'* Capacity Fit Berry Spoons and Salad Forks. When eelecting a gift for the /(itui« mistress of a home it Is well to rcmea'» l>er that unless she is uousuall) wealthy she must depend upon bci wedding gifts for the beautiful IJttlt, pieces of silver nnd glass that add set much to the attractiveness of her oer^ / BOLDEB roll FO\n>KRES Kr «AR. home. Very feif brides would feel that It/was possible! fo include these littl- luxuries in the list of furnishings to bt purchased. Tht* proverbial Grlddloland a lartlc. A sklUqt and a cr»dlp, which ar«; incident to "marrj-Ing Mary Ann", make pufl^cient inroads upon thf -iqfxiest hoard of tho average bride and i groom to lenVe ^Ittle for luxuries. •-For this reason flat silver—that Js, spooiiB. knives and forks —aro nlvrays acceptable gifts. The fact th .Tt tlii'S have' been popular Tredding prpsen\'s for many yc:^rs is no nrgiinient again:*) them.', A bride would have to luiv'c a feood many 'doxen teasj»oons befo.-t there would |be any danger of thee ^ being too many. I '• The shops aire showing an interesting ' assortbient of casters of silver and .. ilaas.; These are of two kinds, the In dividual casters for tumblers, whiob are small holders.with niirrow rims pi ; pierced silver which ak -e just largt enough for 4; tumbler to'slin info, and ' the larger casters, which are pcrfectlj flat ain 'd are used to protect the table linen Ifrom tlie moisture on the outside ibf .a ginger ale bottle or pitcher of Icf water. These flat casters come in al. Gizes, !froD< those which arc Isar^^-ly large enongh to accommodate a bottle to the -large itwelve or fifteen inch affairs, wUch ma.v 1 )e used as- centerpieces nnder bowl? of flowers. Thc.v are exceedingly attractive, as tbey are matip of disks of cleur KIJISS covcrwl witL pierced silver in beantiftil iloral designs. That they combine utility with *ttractivene.s.«; is known by every house; keeper, who has cxiKTienced the vesa- j tlon of having an ugly ring left on a clean luncheon cloth from a pitcher ol , i lemonade or iced tea. I Another prettj- little silver gift •wMchi woiAd be nppreciato .l by any 'likes beafitlful things for i bride who ek .of silver. The i A SILVEK TOAST RACK. oae sb^wn here is a r.ith«'r small one. '^hlch -would be admirable for use on -a bceakfasl tra.v. i A Hltle more i-ostly than some of the •ttrer iioveltses. but exquisite in design. Is a. holder for powdered sugar made of rilver and glas.';. -Of course there is the usual array of berry epoons aiid salad forks, but It must be rememli^ed that a bride's 'capacity for berrV;'spoons is somewhat limited and thafiwiib these, as with 'many other good things, "enough Is as good as a feast." LUCK Buying soda erackef s that are not Uneeda Biscuit is buying by guess-work and trusting to luck. To i>e sure of good luck andl good baking buy no ;?oda crackers but Sold only in Noisture Troof Taekages j NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY HELP IMRS. VIC CARTER. Plan to Assist Aged Colored Woman in Rebuilding Home. NEW PiSTAt RULING A number of ladie.-^ including Mrs. Sadie Thnnipson. Mrs. A. X. Mitchell and Mrs. Earl Cliastain are taking jiart iu vi'iy i;-ouimendal>le cliarit- ablP movf-mcnt and are assisting in ro-(-stablipl)ing the' homo of Mrs. Vic Carter, an apod colored woman, who has lived iii lola for many yen- ;. Re-1 coiitly fire destroyed Mrs. ' rler's home and boiis <>hold effects, and those who (-mployc(I her arc bofriondinc hf»r in this tinif- of need. Mrs. Seymour, colored, is circulat­ ing.a lilt it ion among the colored people, land it is hopo (l that within a ."-rhort timo »'iiotmh monp.v will hf .se- cnroVl to purchase a .small dwelling :ind movo it onto tho foundation on which the n'd home stood. Anyone havin? donations for this purpose may communicato with one of tho above named persons. Two Cent Postanc to England isj Effective Tomorrow. Virginia QUELL BLACK HAND. Aid From Appeals for Troops. BOOSTING CANNON JERRY AND PERUNA. .JjuHc«i ...S. .Sherman I'ajs Trihnle to Spralicr IVhtn In Illinois T»H us. OUT OF COURTESY TO TAFT. Bryan Lithographs to Corhe Down at Lincoln During Opponent's Stay. Lincoln. S-pt. Ji'.—William X Ilry. an has askod ihi> IVmoi'rats of Lincoln to piiiovo littioKrajihs of him.>;o|f from- stort- and rrsidt-ni-i' windows during th.> visit of William U. Taft (o Lincoln W<'«lnosday. pic tuns Will.- th ;;trni of an exhibition <>f intense |i -'riisanship early In the can<pai$:it. Tlte telegram follow.s: "C. W. Rryan. Lincoln. Ncbr. "Please a.-^k the Democrats of Lincoln to lake my pictiiro down while Mr. Taft is in town. Have thorn show him every i>ossiblo conrtos.v. *W. .1. liRY.\N ••. nociniiing tomorrow when the ijew postal convoWion with Groat Bvitjvin goes into eff ct. residents of the Upit- ed States ca i senrl letter.^ to the l"n itcd King<lotri at duniostic rates of postaip. th:it is 2 cenii; for eaeh ounce or fraction iti;orenf. j .\ postal rnrd with writing nn it other than the .-id dress will eoit as nmeh as a h-tter. 2 ceiits. ..\- pi:|ttiro prist card, havinu only the adtjress written j;oes for 1 cent. This''is tho second rf duel ion in letter ra|<s liotwooii the riii '^-d States and ^Iroat Britain within a year. Tiio first, effective last Ortober •c!|>p!ie<l to all countries in tho international i>osi;al union and established a rate on lotior.s of ."> cents for the first ounce aiid cents for «'afli addi- - lional oiii\cc. J The rate for ye,ir.>; had been 5 cents The postm offlces in thf^ ci>'«se in tlic e\rhangeil 1>« and (;.<at Hr or each half onnee -•iter.;; a» all thf larger , country expect in amount of letter tuai! ,\voen the rniloit State.^ t;iiu as a re.-'iilt of the lediieed postal:!", but a much srenier iiiToase in i>i lircels mail as re.stilt of tlM i» new paiji-els post arrangement with a nutnl"' p of the principal Kiirop can coiintrie.>4: wliicli also ^:oc^9 into effect lomnrn will W. is counted on. Tiii.-; lie in fnl'ce with all of Kunipe • xreptiiic Krai' and with siiiin; it iner .Nises a parrel fnmi re and th>> .Netherlands other countries, lie limit of w* isht for pounds ntmces to 11 pounds and rojnnves the limit of val- ; Bs Gracious. . It la ai easy matter to cultivate a gradonsiiesB that' holds one'^ friends In thrall throtjgh the coming and go- ins of one's whole existence and is a I ebarming prerogative of | womanhood timt aboiild extend to all alike. It is Imjpossible for the woman who is gen- '.nlnely polite and well bred to be discriminating. If these qualities be in- tlinm It is just as natural for her to be eoorteouE and i^acious to the lowest •errant In her household as it Is when la tbe society of the greatest magnate jbairttia laiid^ r pbe aellt aisaerllve woman Is too ego- tistleal to) conalder either the feelings :tl)*'Coinfort of othen, and the cou- 'iDtKce abe la always offending or lilmUKllnsi , even when not Inteudiug i^ilt i» oae'a bahlis, whether coltl- or .Inborn, that loll their own in liotli won and woniou, from :|tJ(iat It i» aimoat luponuablo to Quumert a> one would ftti of 4uto ooouloaa. .\ntoninItiles. High grade used auiomobilo.s. all makes, at lowest prices. .Ml cai's in A-1 condition. J ship .vou any make of) !rar. you pay for tbe car when you get it. WritOj today for price and .specify make of cinr yon want. Now is the time to bu.v. ii. S. Vrooman. IIIS Fisher Building, jchicago. lie. which has 11' rents a |«^ of. Dutiable parcels post. There is no been jr.rt. The rate is |nnd or fraction ihore- jftides may bo sent by repLstration of parcels to Oreat. BritaJh. Kraiioe nr th<; N'oth- <'rlands. Tlio frir the I'nitpJ < e!l(i:. '.>VA.>T TOKIGHT COOD SI.\GIX(i Cutueii)' and llaoriuK One Show e^ch Night 8:15 10c nnd 90e recLstry fee nn lot tors Kin;:doni remains at S Kiihniotnl. Va.. .S.pi. —.\.^ a i . iili of the slodtiiig of .\. .\I. Ci -.'Ci .r. 1 a prominent ci(i/en of Hii'-kinchaiii j county, an appeal has ln-en made to. Covenior Swansiiii to aid in lire.-Hiinrf up an alleged '•Ulack Hand gans. .., , ' • I reeejitinn eimitiiittee and S|i conini'iiiioation leceived bv the Ci.-v-i , , .„ i :nin. who ranic ii|> from Hanville to prisor t<>(|;iv friitii .Xrveno reads: , ^.i - . i - j- . • . w<!e<,iiie .Mr. Sh-rtiian inio his di.-;tricl. ••t'.HHli.ioiis here are n.lo|er.-„.le.! ai.t.,n.ol..|e parade, led l.v a san:; of assassins stron;:ly i.itreneh-i,., ^^.^^ f..:,.,ire. e-l tilt', mill-:; ;iwnv: tirie eitiz'^p .s'mi I ,. . ., , ,., *^ I (-'iiifiwitr: tif paiade. .Mr. Shenmni in the |,a..u. others .lir.-:.te,i,.,|; r„„u,y>^ ^.^^^.^ g.,.,^ a.i.hovili.s appear powerb-ss. We • „ ;„ „,o curt The Emporia Gazette Tells of Botkin's Cur«. CUBS ARE LEADING .\\'iit>eka. III.. .Sept. :.:o. -.lames a. "^jSliennaii was met at l!i^ statimi by a Ireeeptinn eiiiiitnittee and Speaker Tan- nei4| (Ie;.-etivt>s and blnndhoniuis.' It is repre;;.iit.Ml that :i viuilaiic cnmniitlee is beii,-.; formed. iKlr.-i riitili.--lii'd Sept. s^. i:>ii'< ) ! i.v.iril. • i ;• .Mr. Sh( rni :!'i paid a liisli triliM 'e In i.'-ijrt -aker Canii'iri atid his services t >i tile <-e!iiitrv. Ifis hearers- viirnroii.'^.'y jappaiideil It. Thi' i.s .siiess of the cnni- Nidire ol" .\ppointinrnt \dniini»lrali>r.' I' li"" iben wen- l.riifly ( .Mr. St.iio of Kiinr:ir.. .Mbri Coiinty. r"« i •"""•i'"''n rf< <iiitiiiii:; the various :iris III ilie i >i:iMer i.f tin- e t.iie 111 Willi.irn ' '> 'lie Keiiiiblie.iii party dnriii-; ili- K. IlatiiiiKui .i. lat- of .\l !en ComiiM. '-'s; half eenruiy .unl askin-.: that the Kati.-a.-, .\(.t'-i- ,-t • HI it that ilio party i.^ v -tn- Nidirc of Appoiiilntf-aL ;t i;i-d >ii pnv.rt. NijtM'^ t.-; Iieret.y -.livea, Hi.-,' "w tbe! ''••livi' ;> .ui I i >n;; innil-. a I 1th d.n I .f .-^••pi .'pilier. ,\ |> iivc |l".|.t ^•M<< • in wlucli li'> .•!.•> |e.ii :fd ind -'l • !i;lle't va- In MM- PI M |,,|t e ( -.••U t i .'I-' «lver C't.-eiir.. refold III '-(.nsress "f .Mien Cnunn, K.«II>M>, iliily a p-;< e,;sMiaii Uil .m. after as-kinc piiliitetl .•iiiil; i|iia'if 'vd as .\i|i>iiiii.-ii ra'or • 111 .1 Tii. le .lee" ('aniiini be letiirned with llii' will aiiiie\ei|, I .f ih" i^tate o| I I'l nemr'--: l>'. li:.-< eonslitueiic.v. William K. I ;;iiii 'ii '«i!'l I.iie i.f .\n< n J !:iiieeli .Ml lai" .i il:.-ei !.-^.-ioii of the tar- Couiilv. d ..>ed \y p:iri!e< itiler-' i'V <|iie>ti .iii CoJoiiel Riiekiiiiihan: ested in .-J.-iid e.ti.:.- ull liiko I'oiiie, .-poke ne \t on <-;itiiiiaiv:ti issue.-;, not .•nd .:;i .>vertl IbelllM-ive-; ;ieiordilli;ly. ; lieL-ieiliii:;. !io\v.-\fi. •'» .-^illlid tier. .\". .n .WSTOX. ! i:.i!>. 1,1 MI Canii.ui. '.i-'J--:::'-'' .\druini.-traior. | "i"!.-- pa- ;!ie let! for DanviKe. K--..isfr W;MH Ads lirhis; T '-i^n5 :j«. T'-v a r .ocistor want -A. -MOKK TIME. I Wright iBndherii Want fnlil Jnne 2S, ' l!«ia }. Try .\irshlp. Washington, give Orville \\1 from th<!' injnri M.ver rercnijy, have made aM |?e]'l. :;t>.— In ruder to riglit time to recover :!K he received at Fort the Wright brotberti ''Jication to the isignal corps for an extBnsion of nine months' time or until .liiiie "28 noxi in which to make th<> ofliciilLl tests on ihoir machine. 'I'he api licalion. which is signed by Catherine Wright, a nisier. who has been HI O -ville's bedside since shortly dftcr tli(< accident, bus been ,lefcrted to StJcrftary Wright, with the thdl It III' approved, le lust day in which Id 10. deliver bU ma- ehtooj Vo the tof emment under the oout reiMHiimendallun Ypsiurday was Orville WrlKht I Cramps Tliousands of ladies suffer agonies every iriontE. If you do, stop and thinlv. Is it natural? Emphatically aiid positively—^XO! Then make up your mind to prevent or cure this needless suffering^! tEmporia t;azottc. i .lerry Botkin was called upon while at lola the ot'.cr evening, by a representative of the Paola Spirit, and asked to make a statement as to whether ho was really ciiretl of bo? spavin by the use of Pornna. .Mr. Brft- kin wept bitterly when: that family u'edicino was mentioned; "but do not I deem I'im weak, for dauntless was the j.^o'diers heart, though tears W'^ro nn hi.-; clieek." Ho saiii in effect that his life bad boon ombitteroil by tho Pe> rnna advertising ho received. When jlie first went to Washington ho fell • siol;. He was. confined to his room, and it worriofl him a great deal tl;at he could not attend the so.ssions of ' eoi.^rress. .\t that time the philanthropic Dr. Harfman. who manufactures the celebrated do|H'. sent sample bottles to all the consroiJsmen. and .I'-rry sot one. The mc.lieine the |doi-tor was civins hipi didn't serni to bi» the st>ot. so. after!reading the jnist- er.-s and otl or literature wliirh accom- p.inieil the ()atent mcdieine. Jie decid- • •d to sample it Atler lakini; n few doses be fell like a cirrus actor, .lust then a reporter eame In bis room and asked bini if he had used the snniplo l >ott !e of I'eruna that had been sent liiiii He nM'lied in the alllrmalive. aiiil lold how cood lie f <dt and turn e.| a couple of haiidsprincs just to denioiistnite- tt .at he was as snod as lieu- The next oveniniT he was shork- ed and bnmillaU'd b> seeing in an ev- enijic paper a larso illuminated adver- ti.soinetit. with his picturi- in tho center, telling how he had b<-on rescued from Pii untimely grave by Periina. "Then the .story wont to tho country, and flio unfortunate man has Iwon os­ tracised by his friends and roforrod to as a horrible ojcample by pulpit orators, and things have eomo to such a pass that hCs afraid to bo .-jeen coming out of a livery .stable. Is it any wonder that ho bursts into tears whenevT Pornna is mentioned? It Wm Help You JS *'I suffered 9 years" writes Mi-s. Sarah J. Hoskins, of Gary, Ky. **I had ft 'inale t rouble and would! nearly cran^p to death. My back and side would nearly kill mo with pain. I'tricd everything to got relief, but failed, and at last began to take Oardui. Now I can (lo my housework with case and I give Clordui the praise for tbe health I enjoy." Try. Giants Lose One in Double Header and Drop Down a Notch.— Pirates Coming. Standing of the Teams. NATIO.N'ALr LEAOUE. I W. L. rhirago ... New York . Pitt.vbiirg ... Philadelphia rincinnati .. Boston ... Brooklyn ... St. lx)nis ... ......9i 54 ......i32 53 94 5r, 78 67 ......71 78 B:I S4 4S 98 , 49 100 .\MEKIC.\N LEAGUE. Detroit nevi.Iand ... . Chicaco , St. .I.oiiis ' Boston Philadolphiii ... Washington .. New York W. RK L. fil s«; R2 ..'. s.t 70 ;K.n r.i ...7 62 64 76 79 St 9S Pet. .6:15 634 .631 .5.18 .477 .429 .329 .323 PcL .r,85 .aSl .578 .566 .479 .451 .430 Where They Play Today. •N.VTION.M. LEiHGUB. t'hieago at rfncinnaff. St. I.<niis at Pittsburg, Phil tdelphia at New York. Brooklyn at Boston. AMERK'.VN LE.AtU'K New Yi>rk at St I.onis. W.aslington nt Potmit. Philadelphia .it rioveland. Boston at Phicagn. J ^T ALL (First Published Sept. 22. l;K>.-i.> Notirr of Appointment .Xdniinistrator. State of Kansa.< Allen County, ss. In the matter of the o.-tate of Phoebta K. Hammond, lat^ of Allen County. Kansas. Notice of .Vppoiiitment. Notice is hereby given, that on the nth day of September, .\. D. 1908. the undersigned was by the Probate Courf nf Allen County. Kan.ias, duly a|>- polnted and ipiH*lll<>d as Adnilni.-itrator of the Esiaii* of Phoebiu E. Hammond lHt« <i( AUon ('imniy. fleceased. All purtlcs interested In' s«ld estnte will luke notice and K«tveTn theinsetvea nccardlngly. I T. N. FUN8TOS. Atlmlnistrator. .••Iv.,:- Results -Yesterday. NATIO.VAL LEAGCE. rjiiraco fi. Cincinnati 2. Boston .'>. Brooklyn'^. .New York «-<(. Philadelphia 2 7. Pittsbnrc 7-6, \St. bonis fhn. A.MERld'AN LEAGUE, firicago .'.-2. Boston 1-0. rioveiand .^-9. Philadelphia 4-0. Potrpit 4-7. Wa-sbington 1-3. St. Louis 6-2. .New York 0-1. ANOTHER CHANCE TO REGISTER Oklahoma Election Board Will Ri. open Books in October. Guthrie. Ok.. Sept. 30.— The state supremo election board today ruled that every man in the state of legaj voting a«e who did not register ii July, will be given an opportunity to ; register dtiring the last week in Octfv ! ber. This Is an Important ruling aa many of tho voters of the statn wqul'l have been barred frinu votlnj?. for presidential electors ami other offlo era If the goneraf election law had been strictly construed by tho board, mtlo the rcRUtraUoa. In) Jtily waa heavy In acme CIUM . In other* \i«t more than half of the quallRed voter* r«gUit*red. at that time, • t

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