Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 30, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1908
Page 5
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m TOLA DAILY MjglgTBB. WEPyiSDAY ETEXPfC. SEPTEMBER M. IWS. Hah ft is a Pari of Each fl/fan's ExfstenoB It is natural for the thrifty person to save for the fu- ttire; he enjoys to provide for himself and family. THE HABIT OF SAVING MONEY, if begun in youth, will never wear off. On the other hand, it giows stronger. You can begin to save now—it is never too late. But the sooner you start, the better. AT XO TIME were there as many conveniences offered to persons who wishi to save small accounts. We pay '7 per cent on Time and Savings Accounts. StaiB Savfngs Banfi MB, Kmnma^m Opeu from 7 «o S p ui, t^aturdays and Pay Nights U^e No. 7 Flour Oood an:- —bcttfr than most. Pon't Forcet t!)ur MEAT MARKET We handle only the best of Fresh Meats. Sniokpd ami Salt Meats. Wei Want Vniir PRODUCE farmers, and wiii \<,\y tlip hiphest market prk" i" • <-h "r tr.i<1»> I'ome in and see \\:-. We are sole iiccnt.- for .1. M Bom'.; COFF EIE S and TEAS will gilo this line a tiial ymi will use no oth^r. Fryer Bros. Phone SOI. Sns lola. KHn<ia'«. Short Stories BBSSSSBO -• lola -Dr. J. B. Pepper. Dentlsk Phoaf 161 About the Boosters. The Booster rlub of [ola rame down Friday and had a p.»rade. They Wf're joinod rby the Humboldt (land. Rryan <-l'ib, and the two prize-win- nine flcats. Thwy brouphf th» lola Hard with them and made a very hand-^ome iliaplay—Humboldt Herald —Frank S. Beattle. V. S. Pbone 139. Evans Bros. MMf «f«M Mahiwl Mmmmlimm nfmmwr'Hmr WmP^imm, \ Otftmm CMmMTM Wher« qoKllty It mala eonili- •ratioo we buy tli* l>««t Wliar* dunandt will lusUfj. wt oarrr I all trtit and prioM. •••Ik tM* fqaara. Ula, Ins. Your Choice Kmni a Urwt- IM of fNrniH tn Haiftav Mloiiourl. Onnron and krntnrk} «l THt -<;0I .I»f> »KM ( irs. IlKKH K. {UvT I"«a SItm'. I..\>D D.tHOM Pmimimr mmd Pmpmr HmmgBt Estimates cheerfuiiy given on all work Phone 610. Re .<i. J09 S. Snckeje. COLONIST BATES California. Arizona. Etc. DaU.r nnni October 31.1»S, WiJ.OO from lola, Kas Liberal stopover privilejces. Per- scnally conducted excursions. Ti^cketc at opted in tourist sleepers on pay- Dceat of Palfman rate, and in chalt ctr. " No better way cf beconjine ac- q«ainted with the Great Southwest. Where sma'I farms yieid a coinpetence. tten by traveling over the Sa.nta Fe. Let me send you some literature about California. Arizona, etc. W. E. RALSTON. . Agent. Ida. Kansas. • Give your Subscriptions for MAGAZINES AND PEBIODICALS L • J. E. HendprsoR 4 !so deals with the publishers and ft.TnI»hes the pnssibie. 1 Phone J»S. in at the lowest pricf 414 N. Buckeye Thorite & HoDgh Cvatrartora, Engineers, SarrpjarB. FttllT equipped for all idnds of iaarreyiDS. estimating, patent draw;Ias. blue prints, mapa, sideK -alks, jcarmng. and farm drainage. Ofice brer «FaaoBa." An AM Arounrt Man. F. W Frevert was down from Ga? Fniijy. petfinp acmsfnmed to rrowd- Frevert is the whole push in Gas. He has tie only real estate offire in the town and holds all the local offices not controlled by Cary Shaffer.—Hunv boldt Herald. Sells Prom .into. ff r> Oliver h.).' purrn3::ed the autr hrqught here l)y nrooks Hosf'ird. imi wj;i use it in takinsr hi- re-il e-- •^t'^ customers oiif in !#.i.>k at proper- y j .\n auto i= ,\ necessity for re.ii es'Hte men a.- ««-IJ .j.- li-.w-ti.rj —Hum- bol/df HeraM —R. M. CnnoioKbam. monej. 6 per cent Better iri Kansas. B'^n Feery and family were up f'om Chauute Friday. Mr Peery returned r'?cently frorn i California where he had A prosper] where the rlin him Ho feels >«s fruit ranch, biit [ate was too hard on better since coming to Kansas—Htimboldt Herald Old Settler Dies. Mr-: PtehJ. of Humboldt, the moth er of .M-s Joe Keifer. with whom she Hj.iiie her hotne. died \e.-.ieiday morn inu .at. T l.'i o'clock .»(ier «n illnesr. «!iic!i h .id contlncil ht»r to her tied I'or the p.-tst ttt(» \e,(rs,--She hail llv i;\ h>-re Mnct> IS7S The fln<-st »nd fn'sficst Une-o( can- litcs iit to«n l» Ht .Mun(ll«>. Pound P*rty for Cunningham. It':, nice to ('«• ,in editiM ;iOtneMmi'»i. Vfti r f!i'- f.irP"r. 'Xhibtt Frid,i> ;t nun'b'T •>( tho;;e who had nrtirles OP di..!i'ay r.ive thctr to ih- HeraM a- the h--^: v.A\ f'l c'f ri'l of them .Ian .Vy.-r;; cav.' hiin nineteoti hip potatoes ear'' cood for ihr-'-^ ni-'als. boiled, fri ed. and ha-h fh" Ji'xt morning. an<i ->. hie i"impkin fhaf wj/l make p(e; 'ill New V'ar.- Tom Van Nice left enouci! apples 'o Ii.";' until Chri.'tma.- and \fr-,. Hin-'i*' I'-ft soni" p°3rs that rf:d rr> }.i;t at a!!. They loo.ked too soO'l.L-HuirbcHt Hera'd AnnnuncpHjenL Dr Sutcliffe wishes to inform his farmer iMtrons and the public that be has rerunied the peneral practice of medicine, conibinlnc- it with surgery. Office hours 1<> to 11 a. m . 1 to 3 and to S p. ra. V(-ifed Here. .t T Hamil'nn of Council Bluff.s. fo«a. is hTp fnr a ."hort visit with his ni-r«>. Mrs. L. L. Dav. Mr. Hamilton fonn»rly Uved in this county and is known by many of th" older r"^ti'^'urs. . He h^s be^n visiting at Kinraid. ''"nfrville and lola.—Gar- nett News. —Always lirne to eat at Our 'Wajr. Visit Mrs. Day. Mrs I.iz7i- Hamilton '•ame up try da-.- from lola to* her sister-in-law. .Mr- I.. L. Day —Garnett News. —SIT per cent money: no commia- -lon: no delay.—Smith A: T aTia. To anrt From Nevada. M R .\merman. of lola. Kas.. is a Nevada visitor today. ... W. M Kinc made a business trip to lola. Kan./this afternoon.—Nevada Mail. I • , Real Estate Traasfers. . P. Shaffer of Ftord. Ks.. to Claude Stewart, east half of southeast quar- 26-24-1". less railvrajr right of way coj^taining SO acres. laude Stewart to G. P. Shaffer. lot block 12, Brooklyn park. ;. E. Bennett to Claude Stewart 11..block 12. Brooklyn Park. ^ Louise Smith to Chas. Haramel, t half; southeast quarter 12-24'ilJ». taining SO acres Consideration $2,|00. 1 enry Pickart and wife to .lobannah Ra 5h. ."6 feet off. west side of lot bl<*k at Humboldt city. Consideration! $S00. If you want the latest and nicest po^t carils on the market, get them at JMundls drug store. Cowan at Chanute. iV". ,\. Cowan of lola. clerk of the i)oduian camp t^ere. attended the odman bantjuet h^re last evening. He was accompanied by his wife — Chanute Tribune. ' Mundls now has the Lowney's chocolates. agency for John TbDlen Knilds. iround was broken this morning a two story buildinp which .lohn !en is to etecton th" vacant lot iininp hi.-i rest.iurant. Thi-.- bui'd- wi;t fi!l up thi' only v.irani place b> the fire two y^ars aco and will e a solid blocH of handroni«> :-f>>re •Ijns on the north! side of Itridge for] Th idj mp '.eft' ma rof stnlef —Her; 1 Oi-^Mi any .^t-yle at Our-Way. VI^HeU Her Incle, r? Pert Potter and smal! >'<n vi,-her uncle. .1 It Tibt-itt.- d'lrinc celebration Mi.- Totter was I"'tn lumt>oldf but li- non liviiip in I"!ri itel heif —Humbol.Jt Herald ;-pPaper Hanging Fhli-ne liZS. Fred Roaderi IP coi: Marshal Rn«}. Ohn Marshal, attorney for the State Tenperance union and who spoke at a temperance j rally here alxjii' a year has filed motions in I'herokee niy to put padlock.^ "n fifty-sever buijidings now beinp u.-ed by allesed ioin'ists. -brs. Lattaropl Ostcopathii. Fhoae 468. i Like Allen Connty. ir the October term of dtsfrtct c^urt whJch convenes-i(ow in a few days, it inferestinp to note that there t ^n't iinple whiskey c .i .e tlockefcd for .\t former .ieiisious.. especially iuitini: the p .isi thrtN» ye .irs. specia! vcflli e iif J 'lrors h .ive iieen Mimtuoned (he puipo .^e of ir.xInK ll <iiior .^ilKs I Scott Tribune fj Soda Water. th«» Our Way kind. / To *mi From Chanute. Nirs Ko\ t;rls\voM .ind cMldren rc ne.l to lola at "noun, after r.pendliijl: Sunday with Mrs J. I, Stew.irt. • r .Mrs. .1 E Spencer of lola. wont toij Re*t at noon, after visitinc with Mb L. Wln~—Chinute Pun. r^bute to Dr. Barker. Speaking of the M. W. A. banquet at Chanute night before last, the Sun say^: G. "W. Adams, district deputy spoke at length on the history of the ordpr. going back to its foundini; on .lariuary with twenty-one meinbers. He told of the first head camp which assembled on June 28 the following year, at which only fif teeji delegates, representing five camps, were present. Last summer at I he head ramp there w,is 625 dele If's. representing over a million members. He told of the thousand 3cres In Colorado's mountain climate on which a vojuntary in-cent rontribu tioii from Woodmen had erected s model sanitarium for the care of the consumptive members. In closing he paid a pIowinR tribiie to I>r. Barker. charact «»rt7 :inB him a.<; a ceaseles.* worker, a worthy physician, a loyal brother. , —Dr. P. R. Ifaarb, Dentist. Phoae 12. Freeborn Gets Contract. Th" constriic'ion conunitt.'o of (he H'lml'oM- Portland C^ni-ni romp.^ny last w.'ck award-'d rh<> cnritr.tcf for biMldin.p th" foundations of the nui" btiildinps offh"' <r> ?h.- K •••I'or'- Enein'-ennc and Con-trn<-f ctini pan^ Wo.'k tl»-can on th-- ;>!an' tti = mornii .'c and will b^ rushed a.: rapid Iv as i-ossil'l*! I' will taVe abo'it three months to complete th«» work.— Humboldt Herald —It—Our Way Soda Wafer. Miss Kaller at Parson*. .Ml- Pe.irl Fisller 'if lol.i who ha- 't-n the pu-sr .«f fii.>Tid< in thi.-; city f'>r the |i;j.-.t several do<. Ifft ye^tor- day for P.Tr.^on.- wher«" --h" \\ ill l>f the 2iio;t of friend :—F'Tt .<rtu K^piib- if-an. -FlUrrrald Storaee and Transfer Co. HaaiwIiaM and piano morlne: lanrenf and best store room lo the citj. Phone K9.' To Locate Here. \V R Hanl^inn. of Hopkins. Mo. is in 'he city Iookin~ for a .<maU tract of land to. be us"d for truck pj inp and chicken rair-itic Mr H has had a number of y. arr- of <txp«Ti pee in fhi= line of b'lsim^ c-l'v-! that tola presents the b.-l arden nkiii:- s and ;t on I.ortiini'ies of any town in tie west. — Our (Jysters. Way. New post cards. Mundis drug store. has ' Buys Novel Machine. The H A Richardson -Jto^e pu'ohaned a weiphing maeMne which Is a novel thing in its lin- The machine not only weiph.-; tti-- -.oods b«» computes the cost Th- • !• rk ha.-- onU to place the pood^ on th" pint torni and the sc;iles doe:; the rest -Mcrrhanf." Lunch »t Our Way. U-Frcsh Oysters—Our Way. To Rosebud Opening. r '. .f Pfo'int? left this afternoon Manden. N. D Mr Pfountz made f^e trip «o pet a'-quainted with land of the Dakotas and to attend the I|6sebud Indian resfvation opening. The opening occurs on or about the rst of November and'> acres f the land will be opened to the p'ub- ir on the well known homesteaders* plan. In the drawine. however, it is inderstood t^at fh" drawee can pur- p»?e the land for a nominal sum. and th^n he will he free from all ohMea- tipn to the eovemment. excpt thf reptilar tax.—Chanlite Sun. —laslst «B tuTlni; 8." floar.' Visit at Cherryvate. I Mr? G. W. Endicott '•ame down om lola this afternrton. to spend a ^w days at the home of her sister law. Mrs. J. W. E^idleott. on East urth.—Ch»rryvale Republican. Returned to lola. Mrs. J. Irick and Miss Edna Thomas have returned to lola after a visit- over Sunday with Mrs. G. G. Con\ —Chanate Tribune. : —Be a Booster—Home Indo^trr— Neosho Rirer Cat at Oar War. I pton. Bollinger at Chanute. Sheriff Bollinger was down from S la this morning conferring with ifef Whitehead regarding the loca on of an offender wanted In A'len junty.—Chanute Stin. -Aato nnraxe and Kepalr Shop for I kinda of repairtni;. Aitomeblle if ery. Phoae 8tJ. Cored by Cow. There were two aecldents in the yilcinity of I^anna e| of Chanute tioday. Ms. Scai»tlin was gored by a jjow and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Snod IjresR was struck In the eye by a ball bat. Mrs. Scantlln was quite badly Hurt and bfTilsed. The accident to he Snodgrass boy happened at school, {e received!a very painful bruise, and kis forehead; was hurt. Me is 13 years ild.—Chanute Tribune. FERGUSON DIED AT GAS. Chief Gate* Flnrt* That Lott Brother l« Burled Here, It b-ai-iie.i this niorninc by Chief of Foltce William Gatea that .Arthur B Ferguson, concerning whose whereabouts a sister ha.' been inqmr inp. died .''even years ago in Gas City and was buried in the lola cemet-^ry Chi»'f Ctate.5 receivo,! a letter yester ilav morninp from Fercuson's sister. Mrs. .lennie L. »ff. of .Ancort^s. Washington, inquinng about her b-o th^r. .\rthur B. Ferguson, raying tha» there was an •'state, from t^oir moth cr which could no» b*' .--^ttUrd until h" was heard from. It Is said that wh<^n F-^rruson -rame to lola he wa? quite well to do. He purchased much property but at the time of his dea'h he did not have mon<»y ennuph to pay for his burial. He wa,< cons'antlv in trouble for the alleped violation of the prohibitory law.i of this Stat". Notinog Efoaf^ ?mm For Senoiis ISdoey Troafile. So Writes Joim N. Watkfns, St. Lotos, Ho. Read What Mr. Oow, tA Colorado, Sars. A Eaa 0?cr ScTcnty Years MR.W.F.CLOW hMney Affection. Asthma. Mr. W. F. Clow, t> K.>t. VrMnSt..rolora<lo^"prtn--. r--I.. a ftired real .^-:t'» m.tfjj write?: ••I am a roan of over i^evniT Toar* and feel that I nv pr»-#- Feruna e «r ago Me. and ve not eat goo-i health entirely to' I beg&n n=ini: it at.ou' a f"r ai^thmaaD'l kidney tr •! took s^vt-ral »"'ttW. frll b..tier for y. .irs. ••OifT 'T '-nt pi-tnU ri..f i-'v f»rnlly ha*" u-i«Ml it ai-., and li.(\» •••'"y -. VITM» of praiM- t'>-;»nU f>-» Ferun?." Attributes Headh to Pr-ru-na. MR.JOHN N .VferKiN5. brterwdl Catarrti. Mr. .lohn N. Watktn.*. ."I.TiJ Shenan rtoah Avo.. St. I/oii?. Mo., write?": Wil!i-,n, |:ail-r..-.i I St.. \ K.. Wa^;.-' "Ainonv: ail tho creatly advertiiset .niiion. I., r.. ...I. r„,.,,,-..f r.vdicine.* for kidney and bladdei .No. I-nion Wt, ran L -i li aiid trontd.-Ih^r- nothing which equal promiii-ntlv idenliti-d WMI. many 'f ''"">n^- • >«rter-i for s«v-ral year the cr-at lahor pr-t. .-liv- i.^*.-iat;o„- ^'<^ 'r-'uM^, -pent hundreds O' in <hicaKO and New Y,.k. and .•^--r. ^"«'^"raedicJn.. and ml tary of on- of tl,« h,r-.--t a— • iatior:= .n purpoje, until 1 tot-k Feruna. th" form.-r • itv. had f- r n-arly i.'iir'y' "<'ne bottle did me more good that yeari;l>eenaftliete(I'»it|i kidn-y troubI«'»;. all the otli'T-! pu* together. a< they onlj Within .1 short p»>riod h" h:i.^ lieen |<l niy •'y.svem. Peruna cnrtW me por-uaded to try I'eruna, an-I hi- present ' I used it for fonr months before a com- liealthy e.,ndJtioi7 l.-t a>tri)>iil>'i) to hi-i plete cure w»« accomplished, bnt am Judiclou-: nse of (hat gr«>at rem-dy. Ho truly grateful to yon. The Iea«t 1 can cousiderfi himi^lf now quite cured and!do in return Is to acknowledge the in excellent physical condition. ' merits of Penina." People Who Object to Liquid Medicines Sttould Buy Peruna Tablets VOTE tt\ HElMiE L.\W. (joctinn .Ma* Be Snhmitttd in Bonr- l»on Connty.! The Fort Scott R^pul'-u a'> .iv, • What 1-. coninion'y known a; 'he litdfie ',jw. r>'miir;:ic all htdse.- m the ,»iti'> t> trimmed I'Ur tc' m htij;ht. wiil l-e vi-fi'd on m the rcsu'irj "lectuni '•• be h-ld lu Nov-inbvr if' •iiiMoti:. art- |.-«ci\''d tMuiiihe tru -i ' ' . o. .iny iiM.rc of ti.c - .unhip.. ..r;ll"»»> IH> »T«.per1) bj thousht there will be no troube ir s'-c'irinp th" passap'^ of the law. The law i,- in creat demand wher» auention is paid to dirt roads, as roat" trader.; say it i- almost impossibu to keep pood t'wd where the sun cannot .^hine on .them i<> •Iry them out :n wet weather. CORPSES IN TREES FIIMMI > in India -TboHvinU<i of lltiu ^cH U'ajtltrd .\Wa;> lie roiin;> .M.iii.* h.i\e llioiii,li; Miiil he liiw v\.i. ;t|t>'.i.|v 111 .n,-.-i h •MII tbl- «.l ;l nii.l.ike s, ol the' - pioMiion> in 111.' l.tu li.i.l .1. v .-r I.,-, M ' ltoti,t.n\. .^.p' ,••> Th -.u:-iiid.. < •oiupifrd «ifh f.< ni.i.k- II -ftcili.- |;x.- h ..ii.-.-.. >i.ue ti.-,-n wiii-hed .iwa* Ihe l.ivv th.ii ii.-ror.'' the'i-'' l"^"" "f ''f' hcdt'- I.t»« •Mti u.f-.| oti .() ..ti Cf.. ;in ti-.e l|>der.ib:iil and l>''cc,in ,|i;.iricr- ion It tii'i.t I'c i"'itioti-I for b> ;,i'»•>••"" ""f "'""l f"i'"^^*' If i-r t«o-third~ <<< the »o» iiBhlp :••> "'>i ''"t '"'?il'?ni«>d ralnfaU. b;.«ardi of the ciciity hi !^ourb->n j The river .Mu-i ro .-e l^ft. all th- count;- ,ire ••:•>-.••••• t-.w/iihlp; ibridce,^ w»re carried away and thi ind .lir-.iiiv pention.. luvi- be-n le- curry was devastated for-inany mile- ived fioni tiv" of them .\> ^h -r nicvt- :n either direction Coi p.-e? are srrew: of rh- ? fowiiifii,. !.,..ard ye.--- -vervwher" and seore.- of brMies havf Td.i'- that bo.iJv petitioned the .-oun-:''-"i found in the branche,^ of tree • '•oninii.-?ionei> to have rb-' l.iA ' where they were lodged b.» the JwoHer otrd on thi= ta'I. It i- knovvn thitiwater The native hospital at Hyder .niular acri-.n wtil be taken Ui othtr '-^b-id was und»rmined bv the wat»rs •'•ard.- A' their rc-u!ar iii'^e'ia^s c-)"ap.="d and aU the inmaf^- wer' ADAMS ON VACATION. Clerk of the Court to Go to South Dakota. 1 •vhich a'H I'e h?!d within the i^^xt few days .As 'inly 'hree niore tetiN'-n ars required it is known that the law will be placed on the ballot. As the law is- now T niaJorit-, of tho.<c voting on a proposition ar* all that is required to pass it. it U : rr.Ted in the wrockasre. Judge HeyJmiin Returns. Judpe H^ylmun who bar been visiting his son. Or. W. R. Heylmun of this city, retiirnefi to his home in Kanj .•sas City yesterday. i f K Adams cl^rk of tJ-e di-trtct court is planning lo take his vacation He will go to South Dakota and visit relaiivns. .Mthoiich a candidate for re-eieetion and with opposition Mr. .\daras will not givo any of his vacation tn rustling among th" voters ke is not the least worried a.= to his election in November .Mr. .\dam.s practically spent no tini" in .•securing thej nomination. RICHARDSON SHIPS HATS. The lola Mercoantu t< Setid'ro Mil linery Abroad. That the lola merchants are rapidly becoming recocnized over th" state as producer of the best in their linen is .shown hv that tY" fact that Rich- ard.son's Dry Goods Company this rooming received order-s to ship hats One goes to Independence. Kas.. two to Oladrock. Xebr.. and the other to Eldorado Springs. Other Io!a merchants receiTe orders daily from out of town people. Just a Word In rezard to the Keci<>trr*$ .loh Departmrnt. We have a completely eiinipprd Jo»> Departmrnt. and are prepa,red to torn ont the be>t sradc of work on sliort notice. We print PTerythlne from the rhea|iest tbat'.s S'tttd t'> the best that Is made. >othinc is so e«>ienlial tn the modem bnisine ^K nuin> eqoip. raent us nr :it, attrartifr, op-(><-thr.(ninute .>ttatioDPr<--and that ii the kind ne ran tnra ont for him. It !>ertes as a iialkinir ad- TrrtKemrnt to hi> liq »ine»>—it lel't people know that he is In exlstewp and whal ••\cn>e lie h.-ik for it- .\od we are always willinr In help <ir Miscot in t]i» preparini; of snrh work as will Ite a Iwon lo jonr . tinr IKt of Ihe oriniiiig nrres»i»ip-s that we turn ont inclndes Oftire .siafionrrj. Soeietj .SJationer .T. Anonnrements, Window Cards Business Cards. Sale Bills. Posters, etc. and we make a s|>eciall.r of Blank Books. Onr Rook -bindery is prepared to handle any kind of work jon may hafc In that line. .\nd' REXEXBEU—Onr Prices are Tery reasonble as consistent with first-rlass workmanship and material. Telephone your wants to >'o. IS, and a conrteons .sollriter will call for yonr orders. WANT NOISY i -ocal Footwear Dealer Says Ererji tbin^r TVitb Ta« «r fied in 3Iake. Bp SeUs WeU. "Beats the world/' said a shoe ma? .'uesday. "the numl>er of loud shoei i-e are selling this fall. E>rerytliin: t 3 selling well that has tan or red nixed in its makeup. "Any time l>efore this year or pos- iibly before last year, all of this kind >f combination colored stuff wonll 'lave been dead stock., A man simpl.' ?ouldu't select. Many times betor > this year we have bought perbax» i half dozen pairs of shoes with: tan Colored uppers or with large eyes o straps and wc had to finally piit ther: on the bargain counter with a pric which was less thai they cost us ht fore they would sell. •People said they were "too loua ' They wanted 'something in plain blacl . either in a. Vici. kangartw or paten leather. Something which, as they sai' looked dressy." "They' were right, though, whe: tbey said that the plain black. sho^ looked the-best. The black shoes wll look dressy any time and at any placi , and they are easier to take care. of. "Bat this year we can hardly gel enoosb of the loud class of stuff, es-' pecially for the youngsters. Neartj every young man in the city hais won a pair of tan oxfords this Rummer ant they are wanting the same thing ii shoes. Not in tans alone, but ^nne- thing on a swing last ttiat has som< fancy top* "The gray and brown nhfini8he< leather top."; will be a winner this fiU. as will also a black top fojF- |a,d|e^^ shoe. All tana wUdi an this fall are not wb?'. yoo a dressy shoe. Iwt they . arej fcv; ind that Is in them. Most of them are'' ?alf and made with a heavy doable 5ole. The business has changed more luring the last two years tkfn any' Kher business that 1 koow Ofl" ? >0 .HHEATH GOWir FOit^^HEB. Vrs. lionewortb Does K «kr £Bce the: 5ew FaU ^ikd . endrr Chicago. Sept. 30.—Lena fatilrestingi o Mrs. Alice Roosei^lt J^wiiri^th arei hanges in administratloo; ainpf rentay; han are the reToIutiooacr 'tiqiiieaTals • the fall styles. At I «Mt thlp Is tha mpression she gave ye•las4K |^U aha iat in her suite at tha, led by the current mi nfcreed by the box»of titiMfMifXt*. a9 nevitable as a stage ^nm^lir (o ^ nelodrania. where tb* «rt«M:{0( j .t^ lattonal poUtldMiS And this. too. in tmi>ortaDt member 1at,li •arty here assembled. I • They are_dreadfully .'li«^MC|Ointaffi* hrt remarked in the pr«ati9C« ol Jif. .oncx»orrh, .laine^i 8ch6oi«raft Shwt- i\xn and on<* or two other poUtlelanit »ho had come together ih her tultt lB» "at on the i^ubject* of the day. Shfo vsK not refcrrinit to them, howevtn. mr their raiment, but to that otht' lafional i.-^Mie. the sheath sktj;^. "Cnless they are made b.v i^meonfe *ho knows mighty well what she"* loinc they make you look a fright, yon itnow." She spoke with something liStk , he spirit of her father. And to re- nforce her own lack of sympathy with he new style she had on one of the aaost attractive of the season 's : tailon- made dresses, much more ainple Ifn ot than those of the current styles, md'with a skirt elaborately plaited. | No. I'm not going with my bosbanil & his campaign ttjur." she laiiglied. No poUtiics and no campaigning b>r' jne this jfear You may say thatlfr^.' l^ongworth will go to Washington to remain with her parents while her husband is on the campaigning--tonr^ I wanted to make the whole trip, but tde season has been such. a 'Vfeait- ing one. and Im not so fondiof one- nlght st .and5 as I used to be—sigas of age. you know. The trip throoib! Yellowstone this summer tired' nucT]? be sure, ifs a tiring trip— 150 Wles vj by stage—but I never felt it (>efore. Politics gets a little tiring wlien || you have been in it for years. No, T should think I wasn't going to make a | peech. .And I haven't begun to ttaloj |E -i about the inauguration yet I'doaljit^, if I am there. I have met Mrs. Tatt and I think her charming. 1 can iiq- agine no more attractive mistress t»f .j the White honse than she." But of other matters political Mra. Longworth did not speak. , NO NOTARIES UNbER 21- Governor Hoch ReTuaes to Usua Conn mission to Young Girl. Topeka. Sept. 30.— Can a -wonUUt over IS years old but under 21, a notary public. This questkm a$l^'} been checked up for .settlement. -As-.; Bistant Attorney General Dawson ^i^.* Ueves that she can. Govunor HOtt^^ isn 't so certain about it. as the issnance of notarial. Ions is a dUeretlonarr, power: goTemo^ he iaa decided to Is jcpmmlaatoaa to womoi nndar ia: o£ «fB.':^ \ : t • " i

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