The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1966 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 26, 1966
Page 8
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<Aifc.) Cwttar Hm ~ Mdiy. AupHt». W - *M» Nazi Leader Says He Lead in Race War r By TOM TIEDE Newspaper Enterprise Assn. ' AriUNTON, Va. - (fJEJA) Jh'e 'headquarters of the Ameri- i an-Nazi party is located, as teorge 'Lincoln-Rockwell says, ftjust' a nigger's rifle shot" from £Yll' ; . , _«J iUyi ^"7 *lnn» nM Violence "fuehrer' and; the 47-year-old excitedly predicts tfiaj : the shooting will start any either.. "'-"Every . . . .. 'not' just in, his direction, white man in Kie country is a target," the cult leader, insists. "The coons are bent on. -killing, looting and raping.'.-.They've declared a full- sqale war!" ; .Hockwell's reference is to the increased rumblings of "Black Power".'.emitting• from some Negro circles; He sees .the term! the,,beginning" and juses every inflammabl exam- '•ple'-'of ;'racia; tension to. stoke make no bones about their in- ent. The day will come when hey will go swarming by the ;housands- into- white', neighborhood e- spreading death, destruction and terror. "They have given up on nonviolence. They .-are plotting to break out in a hundred places at. the same • time. They a re crying, 'Get Whitey!" And they will get us, too .;. unless we prepare now to defend ourselves in every way." Never 'one -to turn the other cheek (he presents Adolf Hitler medals to his. men for' stirring up violence), Rockwell is adequately prepared. Says he, anyway: .' People? -"!' have of his own, admittedly carnivorous, cause. ^'- s "You tliirik I'm imagining -'jffiirigs?" he asks.''"Every day -bla'cks are being told how to ihlinobilize police cars, how to "'Sabotage power plants,'how to ^ake' gasoline bombs',' how to tJestroy rria'jbr' communication networks and how to 'poison reservoirs. «;'."They-are almost ready now 500 stormtroopers around the nation!" Weapons? •': "We're' all heavily arme'd with what we need." Training? "I'm not running a school for bo^s. My men are soldiers:" '.Despite his questionable boasts of Nazi strength, Rockwell confesses he could never stand alone against a Negro up rising. Thus he has initiated a new. move m-e n t among "pa triots" which he claims will savi the country from "black apes' and the white race from "dirty He calls the movement hi* White Guard. "I'm asking every decent, red ilooded American to stand and ight for his own neighborhood," he says, "and I am willing to each them how to do it. I am establishing training schools around the nation to instruct volunteers in combat arms. "If there are enough people who are not afraid to do what ask them, enough who still lave the guts our forefathers iad when they whipped the Indians, those black animals will je piled-up like cord wood if ;hey ever .attack us." ..• None of this is surprising verbiage for Rockwell, an insatiable race - baiter who spends his energies furthering bias with such .the "Committee to .Gas' Martin Nigger Coon" and .the writing of hate propaganda which.promulgates a "final solution" for his many and varied enemies. One of the latter is a'leafle which advertises, for Negroes "a fre ticket to Africa . on a boat shaped like a Cadillac with fins. All the bananas and choice .cuts of. missionaries desired. Plenty.of wine^ marijuana, heroin .and other refreshments," . But .though he has preached 8ie noxious noise for the seven years of his party's existence, Rockwell admits that people have only recently begun to listen. Now, he claims, "The whites are frightened;and -look- ng for a leader with some courage." : He nominates himself as that leader, 5 -'-of coiirse. "And when the time comes," he believes, "millions .of- -Americans" will fight with him under, the sign of :the swastika. As he puts it: "Every .nigger hater- is a Nazi at heart." • (NEXT: The Armed Klan) If detected;early, a sure is possibly by telecobalt radiation therapy in 90 out of 100 cases of vocal, cord cancer. "Hoosegow," used to mean ilj originally derives from the Latin "judicare," meaning to "judge," :. ; Arak is a rum produced from Javanese molasses. : NEW YORK (AP) - Tfce «v- eng« AmwiCM is, above all else, « man ef belief. Rifht or wronf, he will often cling loyally to a belief despite any or all evidence to the contrary. When the mast of people decide a thing ii to, all the scientists and educator! in tht world can't change their minds. In the last analysis, people believe what they. want to, because-in some mysterious way it makes them more comfortable. . ...--. - — And who is to say they are unwise? Myth often serves mankind, as well as fact. Superstition has its uses as well as truth. For.example, it isn't really unlucky to walk under a ladder — but it .may show poor judgment to do so. ,. Here are a few popular American: beliefs, widely held by many ( that nothing seems able to put down: That it was Mark Twain who said, "Everybody talks about the -weather, but nobody does anything about it." This was written by Twain's friend Charles Dudley Warner, but 95 per eent of the public doten't nmembtr him, •» M*rk get* the credit. That a large head is a sign of ntclligenc*. About the biggest head ever recorded belonged to an idiot. That an honest man always ooks you squarely (n the eye. Most veteran cops will tell you hat it it the bold and unreen- :ant criminal who is more likely to do this. Tf eowwor MUMM1PPI COUNTY, KANSAS, CHICKASAV.-BA DI8- TWCT •'-:;•>: "•:.:• " W THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF VBN05 LORREN, DECEASED, «l*>. 77« NOTICE Last known address of decedend: Route 1, Manila, Arkansas. Date of Death: July 18, 1966. The undersigned was appoint- this theory Is that nobody ever gets too much money. That charity begin* at home. It should, but too often that's where It never shows itself. That men are afraid of brainy women. Actually, most men are more afraid of a dumb woman, That eating fish will make you because she can get them in more' brainy. If this is so, why worse trouble, didn't an Eskimo beat Einstein | That any ambitious American to the theory of relativity? That eating oysters makes men more virile. Can't be true, else middle-aged men would have made the oyster extinct long, long ago. That outlaw Jesse James habitually robbed the rich to give to the poor. Sheriffs in his area never had that idea. That a diamond is the hardest substance on earth. It's not as hard as the heart of a wife who makes her husband work himself to death so she can have diamonds. That too much money is inevitably a curse. The trouble with boy can grow up to be a U.S. president. Ask Norman Thomas, Jim Farley or Tom Dewey. •4 e4mW*trttrt* ef the utato of the above-named decedent on the Ifth day of August, 1968. All persons having claims a- galnit the e»Ute mutt exhibit them, duly verified, to the UB- denlfned wltnta six month! from the date of the first publication of thif notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published M day of August, 1966. Lillian Downing i 116 West Rose . Blythevllle, Arkansas Ralph E. Wilson, Attorney Osceola, Arkansas 8-26, 9-2 Marbury vs. Madison is the first case in which the Supreme Court exercised its power to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional. Blytheville Commission Sales FINALLY! — A MARKET PLACE WHERE YOU CAN SELL - BUY or TRADE— Can- Trucks - Tractors - All Farm Equip. WE ARE YOUR AGENTS What You Need to Selt-We Know Someone Who Needs to Buy 941 S. Division PO 3-6810 Johnson Blackwell Adrian Russel ' •>•' • ' <> - f^' ' . ' ** ' »; K. ,* -."'''**"'' ^ &• '^ ,\' '• . '-: '>. , 4 *»,: :..';»:^ll^.^-' •.. -?,-«.%.< Lincoln HockweU's so-called American Nazi party is a his ever-present corncob pipe. The United States, which once produced 60 per cent of the world'* cotton* now produces only about 39 per cent. Continued, acreage, control and price support, established during the d* . pression, have been a factor in a shift in world production. These price supports have encouraged other countries to produce more.cotton and compete in the world cotton market. e Ineyctonriia SrlWnntea HERMON JONES BUSINESS MEN'S ASSOBANCE C». 1430 Dnloo Are P&one 274-MOO Memphis 1, TemuMOT OftU cor fret Consultation, insurance Cor Estate Planning Key Man. »artnersmp an Corporation Group, Pension. Ratlra. ment *nd Our year-end inventory of models and colors is stil! good. And our deals are even better. Right now,you can own a full-size Chrysler for just a few dollars a month more than the most popular smaller cars, comparably equipped. That includes power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission, radio, heater, seat belts front and rear, and a big V-S. See us how. AUTHORIZED DEALER CHRYSLER MOTORS CORPORATION "6V 1 Motor Co.. Highway 61 - North, Blytheville, Ark. 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