Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 30, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1908
Page 4
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TMt lOLA DAILY BEGISTEB, WEDXESDAT EVEXIXS, SEFTEXBER 30, 1908. tie lOU DiaY lEilSTEl CHi& F. 8C0IX. fcteredvat lola, Kansas, FostotBce, as Second-Class Matter. MTertlslns Rates Hade Known on Application. \ 817BSCBIFT10N BATES. it Cmht In loiB, Gas City, Laajoa. TiUe or LaUarpK ~ Ine-'Week..... 10 cents dne Month ^..44 cenU One Vearv »5.00 By MalL OBt> ymr Inside coBntjr. I&OO §•« year ontsMe eeaaty HM tht— Months, in advance 11 .00 One Month. In advance 44 fTFlClAL PAPEB, VITX OP BA8. SET. Telqthonet : business Offlce - - > ^ . . Editorial Room - - - ^ - i TEDDYTO THE STUMP IT IS SAID PRESIDENT WILL MAKE A L<»>G TOIR. Sherman >Vill <'oini>ui*:ii in Trolley ! Car—People Who Hear Taff at Toficka fo G P J Photo. jWashington. Sopt. :{n._in all proh- attliity President Roosevelt will take Uxe stump for William TI. Taft. Should he decide (o do so he will make an ocean to ocean tri|). In October there • will be a Trans ->tisKissipiii congress Ini San Kraneisco and tne president has been invited. He hail not so far declined this invitation and from good sources the information comes thai he will accept. U has been charged by Mr. Uryan and others artvocalinp the l>eniocvacy that the chief executive of the Tnited States had nii riKht to interfere in thl.'^ campaign. Kiieiids of Uie presidont Insist that he has a iierfect right to bring to thejininils of the pco |>le tht fact that shoiild the |>olitics of the gov ernoient be chnn.ned they would suffer He feels that: It i.>* his duty to do every thine within his intlneuce or power to conllnuc what he believes i.^ the prop er form of government. A few days ago a \V<'sierii man call ed on the president and invited him ; to" this Trans-.Mis-sissiiM'i i-ongress The I president hesitated. lie asked • that his answer be iKistpiuied. Today . when he was asked whether fir not lu would make this traiis-coutinental •touvi he replied ibal he would do any thing which he lulieved nece.-.'sary ti aid in the e.ection of Mr. Taft. From Tr<dk'j ("ar. Chicago. Sei )t. '.W. —^^..V somewhat lun- el • cfimpaign specchmakins lour by trolley through many lllinoi.; towns was begun today by .lames S. Sherman, Republic-an vice |in*sirtential ^iiom . inee, who left here for 'tVai.scka. 111. •• where he delivered an address. . vruh ilr. She.rman's party was COii- . Gressman Nicho'as LnngworMi wh( will also make speeche.* at the variijiuf stops. Mrs. Ix)npw-ortb joined he party in Chicago and expects to remain with Mr. Sherman as I ODK as he • Btays in Illinois. Fioni Walseka the party went to n.invill". K()eaker Joseph Cannons home, for an evening meeting. It was said today in po litlcal circles that Mr. Sherman's trip to Speaker Caiuion"s district was being made for the express purpose ol ' aiding the speaker's re-election. .\f- ter the Danville itierting Congiessman William B. .McKinley will place at the disposel of Mr. Sherman a iirivate car which will carry tiie party over various, trolley lines connectiim Cliam- Iiaign. Moniicello and other towns. Prom the rear platform of tlie :trolle> car Mr. Sherman vvi'l niaki- short speeches. Uhr Them l>hot(i>. Topeka. Kas . Sejo Kveryl»>dy who "attends the iTali si-tech at t^e Aluditorium on October :'. will be |)re- -sented with a Unc photosravure' pic- ttjre of taft. the same kind '>f l ''c- ture that is being distributed from the Taft special train. Chairman Doll'\v of the state, committee has arranged with the' local committee for the location of a iKXJth . near the Auditoriutti eiTrance where thpTaft pictures, Taft butons and Re. publican canijtaign litei;atuie will be distributed to any who apply. For the benefit of out-of-town visitors and delegations of Rej)ublicans who want to march in the jiarade, an 'information bureau will belopened at i the Copeland hotel on the morning of Taft day. , _ It Is announced that .''OO Rei)ub!i- cans are coming from: Waubaunsee county, and wilj march in the iijirade. •The state committee has purchaser; SQOO flambeau in Independence, and is ^ie^tiatlDS for 500 more in Kansas atjr. AN ATTRACTIVE CRAFT/ Many Women Are Taking Up Metal Work as a Trade. SIctnl offers hew problems to the woman seeking a craft, not the least being her own physical stivngth and the good will of her neighbors. It takes a strong arm to l)eat up n copper or silver bowl and strong ner^-cs to stand the din if yon arc not the one who is making it Heavy forming Is far from l)clng a parlor acconipllshnient. yet those who have sUccccilcd in U.arc WHEAT IS SELLING Jian: BAKDSOXB SlZiVZit BrCKLSS. its jealjius adherents, nnd the ready sale tb<y find for their work wo\ild seem U Justify; fhcm. "VVhIlc othet metal v^orV. Is noisy, there are iibascs of It w ilch-are less so than others. Jewelry is comparatively quiet, asj well as the r inklnj; of small ol>jocts \yhlcli can be shaped with the saw and tUcs or formed on wood. Copper I.S the favorite metal with beginners. It Is a little easier to work than brass, is cheaper than silver and lends Itself admirably to small de si^ns, su<'h ns pajier knives, candle anil lamp shades, swm-es and desk fittings. Copper buckles, clasps and similar articles of personal ndnrnnient are iwpiilar just now, nnd. while pen- er.ill.v reiiulring a knowledge of jewelry to make tlieni wholly snccessfitl, they may be contrlveil \vlihi>iit it. For small outlay this sheet metal work yields very satisfactory results, not only. In tlie designs It prmliices. but in combination with the other crafts nnd as a preparation for the mlvaiicwl processei* of metal work, jewelry or enameling. The fascination! found In making things that are purely iirnamental has l>een the Itn)ielling motive to women to take U|> jewelry. Those wli<> can draw ttiul have a nice appreciation ol proportiiui, line and color have the neivssary leipilnnuents to suc .«H >d In this most delightful craft. B'lt the large and expensive outtit. much of which has to be frequently repleuish- ed, the Inacce.ssibility of materials and Tools pla<-c It beyond the r"acb of the general hotne worker. Unless one Is going Into it seriously jewelry is an exjietisivc experiment, and even then th<? f\ne:«t'on of finding a market may not permit the exception.—G IHH I Housekeeping. A NEW WRINKLE. Ferns as a Preventive In Keeping Food Fresh. The housekee|>er who Is ever on tbo alert for new wrinkles in keeping food fresh aud sweet should test for herself the power of fcru leaves as a preservative. ' Tlie consul general at Frankfort i» responsible for the statomeiit that ferns keei> meat, fruit, butter and fish in a good condition longer tliati grapi- le.ives, straw or any other packing medium. They are nju<h nscd to bring proil- uce to the. English markets, and the Manxmen u.>^.- them entirely to '.lacU fresh herring for shlpidng. The high percent.-tgc of salt Iti the ferns apiiears to I K > responsible for their pn-servalive rpi!i|itii>.s. and th. strong odor of t'oe leaves wards off maggots and jirevents early ile(.-jiy. This Is a good time for the house-! keeper who livi 'S in the country, where fern's are plenty and where fofKl must be stored in qtiantities. to try this rem- c<lv forbcrseir. rotatoes and ajiples pai-ki.M In ferns ar? said to keep n>auy uiontbs longer tb.jn If stored in any oth'-r way. The 8 Crop DIspotted of Kapidly —Xo Car Shortage Jiow. Toiipka. Kas.. Se|it. ?M. —Xo wheat croji li recent years has been moved- easier than the big crop this year In Kanjuis. There has been no ctnn|>l»int again!« car.shortages nor any trouble In gel iiig niiiney to move the wheal. Riiiln id men and flnuiii-iers all $ay that t le wheat crop Is the most ditfl- culi o all Kansas crops to handle siil- Isfactwtly. This year - the railroads were i|i giMxI shape to handle the big wheat I crop. H^-cause of Iho lack of inoveni^'ni of other kinds of freight, they had plenty of cars handy. Wlihl conies was a upon I croi»s. the niovcineni of the cr«»p bn increase In bank depo.slts and bahk reserves in Kansas. There time when Kansas had to call j tie east for money to move the | ljut 4hat lime is passed. Iisj big wheat, crops then didn"t always] mean i icrcased bank deposits and reserves. ThI' farmers owed morlgages • and delbls. and it look their wheal j money frioney the fani are no gages, now ins wheal t U-ist more August ust iinti That w: This ye: will alsr |Ca 11 ^an er Royci yet the :ist call the total 0 meet ihi-m. .Most of lhis| cnt out of the slate. Hut tiow ers have money to burn. They longer burdened \ylth iiiort- They arc buying mortgage.^ ead of giving Ibcin. and their iOney goes into the liankK. car the deitosils increa.«ed $fi.(tfMi.O(io from May till jnd nearly as much from .Vtig 1 the panic came in October, i.s the wheat moving |>eriod. r the deposits-and reserves show an increase for the cor rcii|K)nding i >erl (Hi. Hank Commission is not aide to give delinitely H'Tease in deposits oyer lii.< Mis clerks arc now iii:iking The inforniiilion will be at and in si few days. \\\n the commis- ioner Si jvs he has seen enough individual reports from banks to indi- •ate thai j a bealiliy increas<» will be hown lu:h in deimslts and reserves Wlu'.t' jhc bankers havel put out much luifliey in ibe movenietii of the all back Cobiirn wheat ciJip they have got it and then placed th DO)) bush cents to $ a bushel. If it. were all .sold It would ono.Otin ci one-half milling inkinstries. The rest go.js out of the St sti, banks have only to fnrhish the mil- iiiercantilp can keep 1 It has some. Secrc.tar.y ^ year's croii at about 7;! I'li'i is. It is selling from :'i> ike from jr.o .iiiHi.tiitii to $T'>.- sh to handle it. IVrhaiis he crop Is used by local . I I I I i • r r" I 11 _ 1 I "I - 1 I I I I I ! I I I I You Are Reading This Ad. Ju3t SO will the thousands of other daily readers of T HE R KGLSTHK read your advcrti.scliicnts—cither Want or Display—If placed within its cplmuns. Its in Allcti R KOISTHR goes into more hoti County than any other paper in ihe coiipty. Hence, if you want lo Rent, Sell, Buy, lixch.-iiigc, or want Help, a .small capital invested in the Register's Want Columns will bring h.nsty returns. Phdne f8. I I I J I the small demand for money would no doubt cause many connlry bankers to oiiii iiaying iniercst on deiHisit.-^. •'They caniioi afford to pay from - to I |«'r cent for lh<' safe ke»'ping of de- liositors" money." he said, "unless ihey have some placi- to put it where it j O will make tb«'m more. .\nd lu^•l now} they can finil no pl;i-e to (iiit it." News of llie County IS HEARING MANILA o I 4- O i rRE.SCENT V .ll.i .ET. I - r - - -O! Amerlrnn Fleift Hill .\nrhi>r on Fri- daj-llave u Water k'arade. a ffw w>'<'ks" all 1 oiiiii (;o!>(; iiitv. Klccllon> in SK| I-«>M rounti «*N nnd fro- hibition lias Won In .\||. Ha«k again aft< seiicc. Stoi'k w.-iti'i- is g'tiiiig si-arc- and; several are hatiling drinkin- watr-r. Then- bav.- ln'fn stm-ral cbanms in [this part siiK 'i- our last. Mr. .1.' K i^iiiimons and family bav. te. Therefore the Kans:i.> with which to buy half llu side banks haif to i.ut up for the purchase of the olli- outside firms. ping local consiiini>tio!i the rs fundfj crop. On the money er half by In final! banker ha ids tli»> money to the miller, who hand! it to the farmflr. who hands it back to the banker in ifhe shapr of a deposit. The outside , banker is drawn iipi ji for wheat that is shipped ."iit. Ther fore the money used by tliq local iiiilb s remains in tjii- state and the state ; ets a lot i .f nev/ nioney fi -r the wheat that is sold oiitsidi'. Having no ni.ortgrlies to lift nor no debt.s i" houses to i)ay, the fariii'-rs leir n\oney. Ireadv become a sj-rious ^ucKtion With the banks of Kansas as ey can use their money. )o great demand for il at he demand for it from com gaklen vi"^etables wliii b are usually covered with str.iw until iieeiled can h.ive fern letives put ovi-r them In- st.':id. Kveu fresh meat can be wnip- px^l in tlietn and kept longer without SI >OilillR. A Red Dinner. -A. woman i .who is alway.<! on the lookout for novellies in the way of entertaining her friends, gave .n red dinner at, ber country liouK- the other day. W, the viands serve;! were red. not such a diflicult achievement as it sounds, for red is a poimlar color among eatables. A blue dinner, now. would be a hard thing to get up. The menu follows: Tomato Soup. Baked Red Snapper, with Cnrdlnal Sauce. SoftShell CrahP. Boeuf Tongue a la Horlpy. Stuffed Tomatoes. - Compote of Red Ctier- rlea. Bibs of Prime Beef. Broiled I.,obater. Kew Beets. Stewed Young Carrots. R»d Sweet Potatoes. Peach Shortcake. Raspberry Ice. • \Yat<srmelon. • Demi Tasse a la Bed Currant. The )Iace cards were printed in red and tiid with red ribbou. The decorations were massed' blossoms of the Iteantifu], salvia, or scarlet sage, as It is somjtlmes called, and crimson gladioli, if preferred, roses could be used, [>r masses of crimson pbioz v-ould t)e very effective. to how r There is home and mercial lioiscs of the east Is not as brisk as it has been. The bankers ex- ;;cctei| to lilt 'Hit considerable money later on ii cattle |ia|>er. biir the higii price t)f (• It.- is hurling that line of trade, ("a liemen are no; inclined to ifced ."ill c <i t corn. "It takes iibout sixty bushels of corn to |)ijt :'.'iil iiounds on a steer." said .lohn JfJakor. live stock coinmts- isioner.* wh <i is a h'>avy caitb- feeder hinisPlf. :;|Vt .Ml cents a bii .shel that makes the I'ld pounds cos' at the r .iie of 10 centij a [lonnd. That is more than cattle len can afford to" pay for the ;iiiO po inds." .\ T6|iek:| banker stati-d today that Cleveland. O . Sept. ;',il.—Ohio is going after the s;ilo()ns with a vengeance. .\lready .sixteen ctmnlies haVe h'sd eiec'ions under the Rose local op lion law :ind i-very one of the sixteen counties have gone "dry." driving several hiiailred sali:on.-i out ot business. It is picdictcd now that when the cle- lions are over mon- lh:in nine-tenths of the counties in ()hio wiMbe "dry." It is |)lanned to have e'ections in nios; of the counties bi-I'ore the |iresidenlial fiection.. -Others will wait until afier- wjird for fear of the elTeci of voting may have on the ri-gul;ir election. Saturday and ye.-iefday elec- tipns were held in four counties and "•licli votfil "liry" by good majoritifs. Today twelvi- counties with the follow ing majorities tor the "di-ys." • Repiiiilicalis see in llii.-; sweeiiing victory of anli-saloon forces the reelection ni •bivf'rnor Harris by a big majority. .Iiidge Harmon. th<- Or-nni- cratic candidatf. ha.-< the backing of he more libertil.element. .Manila. S> MI '" :;'», -It is prrstini'd ib'-if III, II ?li'' \i l.ititi • 11. li .i.-. ri 'Klifd 'lie- .Ma:-iltii rbannel bt;\n-(ii ibf island of .\Ia^ilill .iiid till- :'i II i icxiti'tnlty of .MjiKhiiiaii. Im; no umdj I to tbi- «-lTi-ct b,i.~ lict 'ti iriciv .Nl Iriiuij Itiie wirfle:-s .-talidii.-; Tin- l !<t i will i jrriv.- h.-re I- rulav. Ixingmont. ('olorado. .\Ix. and .Mrs.' - ,, , , i .Manna is preparing .111 claboiaic ipio i Simmons have livd in this ,iart f".j„,.^,,„„,,. „,e Vat.r' parad.. with | M-vente.-n years, and are greatly miss-. ^^.j, „,^, \ cd by all who km-w tli..„,. s..v..r.,! T,arb.,r vs-^ Ml iOI{> IIA.MAUi: ItFI'OKTEII, .Mr. (obiirn \l»s. .\o| Heard of .\ny Ilarni liy FroM in Kansas. Topeka . Kas . Sept. •.'.ii - K. D. Coburn, secreiaiv ot agili-iil;ii:e. said hist night. wh«-ii asked wheihi'r the fros! of Sunday atid M'in<li«y nigbts has injured the late <-'orn. that lu> ha<l not heard of any damage to tin- corn nor had he heaid that ii had not I K-IMI di'inagi-d. •| have no !iie;in.- of knouilii: jusi n<iw." said SiTii'iai> I'obiirii. " wiiat th<' eij'c.-i of the trosi has Iifcn. ' Register Want .\ds bring results. .Mr. and .Mrs. Walter Wilhif bavr nnived on the place vacaft-d by .Mr. Simmons. Several from this |ia'i .-iit'-nd'-d the fair and carnival at Hiinibnidt last week, and all wen- greatly plca.s- ed. The farm |irodii:-ts wire Hiii-. aii.l th<' pa'adc also was the lu-st i-ver. T^<• .M. H. .\. Iadi<s ihe.t at Mrs. C. D. Wrights Thursday October I. .Mr. ami .Mrs. R<<d R<iss visile.1 at .Mr. .lohn Haxley's Sunday. On account of ill health the doctors have, advised .Mr. I'atc!'i-tt to b-av this Country and go to wbi-ri* tlierf- i" a higher altitude. H" will lia%" a (iiib lie sab- at his pl:rce two and oiu'-hai niili'.s norii: of iliimbiddt Tu-sday 0«-iober C. Theri- was a laig" .•ilteiidan<-" out to .Siinlay school Sutiday. Tli" wi-a thi-r was so i!lsagr>'fab!" w»- did :iot look for many. The p'cent frost <-aus<-d ••vi-ryoiio to cut their kaffir corn earlier- fliaii tln-y had expecf^d. O When wastiiDg floors or cleaning windows, always pnt a Cew drops ot fiuv, affin Ii^ ttie water, and this sway 4ieB, moilu nd that is where Calumet Baking Powder prove; its superiority; its wonderful raising power; its never-failinj; ability to produce the most delicious baking —and its econoffl'y. In the balung that is. the mly way you can successfully test it and compare j with the high price kinds. Yoa caanot discrc lit these statements imtil you have tried i CALUllI the only Ueh gade bsking ixr nier COM. fl,000.00 u ofiercd to txace of.tmpority, in the bakii%, Asfc Gimr—iwist that' tAvlrlWi : atamodcnta the least ilumet. .Mrs. S. <"ha.-e is spi-nding Mimi- tiim visiting iclativfs in .Mjssniiii. .lack S<-iitt. of Kiaiikliii <-iiiiiily. Ii.i.- be.-ti spending 'In- pa.-i w< ck -lumg tariif gia.^s and oihern..-f .-et-ing alter his larm int<>r«\-is .Mr.-< 1 .M' IJov.iT aird l:itl.- daimb- r. vvere in ibis ticigiiborhoofi cal in;; on friends Tliur.-dav i.f last \'l...-k. .M IS T. \V. .lones and .Mrs l>aii:.I.- of l.;i llal ;|ir came ti .it .-.iifl sp.-iit tire day with Levi Kulipi.^on ri-c»-n;!> The Ijidies' Aid tu<-' TliiM>day af- 'I'-rnofin and (•'••d.-d tli.> fiin.iwiii-; oflid'ls: .Mrs K. .Newlnti. pr.-:-i '(i -ni; .Mrs. (• l>ni ;;oo. vl<-<- presiibn;;' .Mi S.-titl. >e<-ici:»r> ; .Mi- Stniih. lii-as- lU'-r. Siiiirday [..•in;; .Mis Kli/a .\ad!ers birihda .i. her family. locfihrr witli \\PX fri'-nd.-'. ,iiranged a siirjirise party which wa .K vei> well lairled on;. The coni|>any Uief at ibt- liom«> of .Mrs. .Vj:d|li 1" in << biidy. cnmpU-ti'h .-urprts- ingjlier .She liowivcr. itt her "u.^iia! bfs|].i!ali'>- iir.Tiin 'T. made ev»»rv nw welcome. Her mauled children all were pr<--«'tit execpi Charlie, who livt"- in Qklahtinia, and .Mrs. Annie Schleni nierj of Hedfleld. Kas. Kvery one brought well filled l>askets and a I HIUII titiilj dinner was served. The hours pa.si4ed very rapidly with music and pteakant conversation, and every one returned home feeling that they had enjoyed the day hugely. Lodge Meeting. N. A. JNo. 1281 win have the r^g- ht.; si-'s will stean; nut to Corrivuiibir is­ land, a' 'he nionth of lli-- b.-irlmr. '.wA tivvail 111',, ciiiiiirm n!" th'- vi -^itor.- !!i«ii- vvliilc oliiir laiger ,-:'-:i'iii: wil! rin. <Io \viL the <'oast of I .ii/n'i I'l nn—i lie.' ;i: .-ea .•ind fsi-'-r; ii TO :li.' I: :r Inn Wisi 'U thf| (b-<;: l :a.- i.ik'"i ir.-; :>.• .-.•liMii ai the .iiifiinraV" a.-isi-iacl :.i i- a li'-et of fifty :-ie ;'.i ;ii:. aii'i l .;inii hf - (•:irr .\ing ;is ni .-iny .-ip"c :itorr. as (-in crowd alio.'iril. wii! run oir tn ili.- i-bor;ige. sti-.'iiiiii:g in le-'ul .-ir tnrin,!- licn and circle abinr ..lie anchored Vessi'i.'. !{ .\diiiiia! Ilarlii -r. <-oiiiii';.iid'r.". till- .\siaii'- iriiiser s 'liMdn.'!. ulij 'di i- nncliored off the na'.;!l station ai Cavi:<-. h^i-; iss ^^iifd oidiT.-- kci-|>!ri:; ail in.-n .iiid officers abo.ird ili'-ir vessel.^ MM account of The cb >>ic ,-;i ui !li>- Tv -elVf ii»-\v ia««'.-: of cliiiii r.i lr .i\- lieen r'p'.iricd in th- city loi ;h- at twenty -lour bonis, and Ii.-- dv.tibs h;{vc loulted CLAIMS SCHNECK REWARD. The Douglas County Sheriff V /anlc '- ' the Money. (Ottawa Rcp'lblir i .Sli.'riif .1 K. Woo^ard. -if I)iiti.; coiititv. was in flttawa todav. Ill- aiiiioutic.-d I hat hi-- visit was of a s|iccial character .\s a matter of fact le- cam'- to M''" bill with cniltity cbrk for tl^'- reward of $:;<io offcn-.i by »h,^ ci.imtv cojiiniissioners for th'- am st ai:>l con victioti of the munler.-r of .l;mi' Schnei'k and h'-r children. I Sheriff Woodard bas-'s his cl.iim .ml the fact that ht- made Mu- actii;i; a rest of Frank Schu'-ck and ha.l also lone more or b-ss preliminary woiU in following up the clues. There will be other Vlaiinaiits. tfheriff Tody will advance the proposition that he is entitle,! to tbe reward. So. dou biles..;, will other.';, at least for a share of if. The rewaril of f:.''"! offered by the governor, has lapsed, li was oiilv for rci days. The tihie limit expired be fore the arrest. There i.s a 'question as to -AiieNh'^r the reward is.-nctiially due at t^is stage; il Is liMd that .Sf-hneck has not been convicted" until the higher court called on shall have pas.sed on the . ease. I I6tfi National IRRIGATION CONGRESS Iiilerolale Indu-^trial Fxposilion' and New .Me.xiro Territuriut i 'alr .-M.l, AT Albuquerque. N. M. .SHI'. d> to <M T. 1» Clime ami see the jirosperons Santa Ke Sontiiwesi—where' all tl'.e way from CoJoradti to Ciali- foriiia waliT is king. ! The r. S. fli.veriimeiil i.> now siieridjiis iiii!lio:i^, i>i dollars to g'.-r .1 periiiaii't!' water su| ply •for ttif s-enii-arid laiid.^. \' iii'-aiis iniMlnns of acres made ii!a"!ii'- and tt for hones. .\ n.iiioiMiI event, worth crijss-- iuu a cduliiienc t.J .-co. J-'oveligil dipl<lIll:!^-. <lovertiiiii-nt olliciais, .irriuatt'.ii cvp-rt.^ and Captdins rif jiidii.--tiy v.i;i .-itii'iid. \ \ gnat fxpo.-iiiiiii of Sonth- v.e.-i f:irnis. ranches, mines and iadiisiries. Indian.-. t <K», ind euwl.oy.-^—r. K. C.r.alry. j Tickets on .sale Sept. -ir.Wo Oct. r., liiiiil renirii Uniit 0«-t.|:U, Hiiix. If de::ired ;iri application to ageii; .\;i:ii.|iier<i .:i-. tickpts wilt be lioriorfd for ri'iirn i'ia Clovis. .v. ?.I. and .\miril!o. T^jx. Atlrarfive side-trip.s to C. .S. Re- chiniation l'rojeel> and (•ran^ Can}on ot Arizona. W. E. K.VLSTO>i, Agent. lohi, fcins. .\.-k for Irrigation Ilookiet. Fo«iter Cane Continued. The Foster assault case which canie up for hearing In Justice E. G. linii^h'i^ court yesterday afternoon »ra9 continued until Ttiesdav. October 6. THE. lOLA iC£ AND CdLPSTORAGjCCO. ^farinfactm^, Whotasata and Retail Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Woter New Cold Stora^ Keady far BksfaiesB. Pbeifi lit, FRAI^ RIDDLE. Mgr. KXniANiiE in: SELL. Ki.>t_ your property-, v ith . IMC. I have ,1 larue list to " match, from. No rxpen.-e iin- le.=;.s a deal i-^ ffi'ind for .'lU. , I hsve airc.^ in .•.'••o- sho ctjumy. Kasi to exChi.n^e for gfiod tola propertv. J. T. .MILES. I Kuom 10. Old Court U «uiie. General Coatraetor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks aad . Cnrbiag a] oaie« us Spedaltr^ -

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