Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 30, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1908
Page 3
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na loii 8 NEWS OFUHARPE THE FIKST UA«;o> I.OAl) OK NKH ( t>H\ WAS SOI.n VKSTKUIIAV. IT ER3UGHT A HIGH PRICE LKCTlHi: (OIHSK niMMITTKK IS SEI.I.I\«; SKiSOV THKKTS. Thr L «Mal lli-.-h School Mill Ki> Ki-prr- stntrd in rhf < cnlnil Trark >frtt —To Ua^r Bii «ir Train, and Mr- lla>> |{<'<(Hrrol. M<<;ii; \\^'^ .-•.n MI .1. K. MiLKl «!;.. PI rr>i1 ar .'i »;': • i.n .11:.; niinl! v\|-.;!r I— :(>•-•.• r. r:;: i ii. - lii"!;Th .util iMit •.U.r \ ^1 II!.I - - il.II Vh<- TV. POST « VIMts. ^ • :;!:!•;•)- !' U iilt'ls A niiii|i >rll( • <-.i!a Kir'>t rorii. | fir.-! ;:'» o'ci \v.i~ ^..>'i| fin trif ;hi? viar. Uo sa.\ ':oid a ;."i !t «-hioh ••••!i>!i1cv. «"••!•!!••• n. I A farma: d I 'l!'' M)^<;^ -ad . i 'r.::: j.. ;.- d ;t;a: his '<-i'r!i « ::i . ].. r .ifO .•d LI-MI .n-'.-idf-t ;ir- a IV in:;. < "< • Thpv will bp the piests of friends for the tipvt two weeks. Mr. Mrs. C. F. Il.iker. of NP- vaila, .M".. came In yesterday for a fevv.da.vs vi.-il willi relatives.^ H, llodsos. of Ti^iitfka. K:i:-.i was In the city .\c.-ionla.v <'ii (uiti.'nes/. .laiiie.-' Mitelndl. of K.>ns;i.s ri;y, was ill ilic <i;i icsfcnia.v. MCKNIGHT AT FORT SCOTT. Humboldt Man Makes Strong Anti Cigarette Speech. TKC f'ort Scott Triliiine* Says: Atj the l-'irst Pr<^si>y t>'i jan chtirr."! la-t « v<-niii^. Charli's .\trKiiieht of Itiinijidldt. a wiirkor amnnc ixiys and yoiin,'; iinMi. d-livt-n-.i a I'owTfiil la.v- tiirriji d <>fi 'tisr of tlio riiri.'^tj.iD r.dip- ion and an app-'al for ilu- riirlit livini: .l!n<>rr_' Joy.-; and .::irl< .\ larfii audi- ' tic'i was j.ri si -nt. .Mrs. Kniina .lohn- Cai! li'-n ad\>riisi-d lo p!av th'- t'i.itio aid 'iiaiiy cnm- in coinidinii't:? '11 i!iis lul'ir.'^! ladv. sdav.-d '-x- q.ui.-iJt ly. , In hi-- .Mr. .MrKnist.t d--••lap d t!iat '.'a i.'-i'. (•••nt of liny- •ind-r \-' v-'ars of ai;>^ v.ho iiad tiii- i-ai 'i h.nldt wmild ii" and sua!. II" IM!I 1 a iniiiil'"r of ins'ancfs of how III" \i!" w >-t ,1 ll•••^lro^s a voiini; man';! wiV |.ci \v.i lon"> hnii to li"<oui" d' ••• irful and a thi. t'. II" lirccd par "Ills al in :>Mi. • < lO' o li.. ,inor" nil tli"ir 1'dat.ion:^ laiiniiii; Iliat mat" and !i"r:-oii- with thidi chi! !• 1" faraway lov" tli-'li soil or dauchlM \"ry niaiiv 1 nn>> iMiisi-.- a wiojK in iln- lite of Ml" \o!.:i:; II" iri;i d pat"iits lo allow ih'i.'' iliildt"!! !i. coriaiii portion of tun.- for op"ii air ,i >\"riis.> and '.aid a. <di;M -lionid I'" ja'iuln larlv. Mow 'O plav .l^ W'V ,is ijiiiw lo WOljl,, HI" d' nonii"".! Ill" iiwtjhod tii":-! \ p"oide ;i.i\" ol ,-. ii'lint; a idiill lo ».)r;> t" • \ ^\ '>"liool != o'li ifi' ill" -.I'lhii;. and ia\' i: .1! ;oni" i.Jsk i\it\ day nii • d lioo' lir'Uill> ;nd Th" addiiss wa d i|Hit" iniorejstiii.;:. WAS THE B'EST EVER. Humboldt's Fifty-fijst Anniversary Decided Success. I ( Hiiiii'oldt'.- .M.-i '.\!Th th" best sn.Ti ion Til" town ha^i w.arht r was a!l th Th" rain of ;h :n:i<i" it possild" fo nt. It laiil thi- i\i IP' Th H"iald^ aimiv "I .-ar\ met ss of a!iy cohdira- "V "r hail. Thf it could li" d"sir' day liofo'o oitiv liiori' to hf pros :it and pi;' <-vor>in .-! cno.i • nini-i;- for c-lolirat-n:; lifi" shower t !d, Thursday att<^r- iioon ;'i'!'- \o ( onia::ionx .IM^ea^cs Ucre. The ri-v h^-airli uPAr. ia.i '-h.T iK'ar .a ci.:.;,! V, a • this Jia\ " think. .'in>. if l•oU^;.,I'•^ . ••it;es' -ii: Ml- 1,1 a' . Ciild (i;.-' a ;d. I-'" . .-a; it-ar; >" :i I:d 1- W. • .1 Ha- O.STfOrATHT— inc. W M. AI.KKHJIIT. KPiti"if:'r« d «'>••••! .i-!i." Tin :cian. Sta:?«» it.riU T-ld.: I'ho;;.- M'.. On';. I i..,!h :': I.a Haijo la Harpc- In. t- l'«'r<(Mi«l>. - l<ew!s r\r"ii 'id'' >(;'"iday TVichiia. Has ••<, .\ v-s vis:' Junies II Ma :i :;i. M Iwrillce. KaS •was here Vfisierday on a ^^lsl^^ess visit. Mr. and Mrs. M.Hthias left >osterda.v for Nevada*. AIo., their former home. not oven T;-"y siIIft'^v .•: d vvai:T"ji .-.vs Iwpr. all iond. f, Thursday |s"iid the crowd to put lip 'heir until it was Will attend eiran shows. Wi .-^pa ;-.s. th" inina2"r fulfilled his •oritract very nic-d irr- ;.s that h^ was 'o lo.~. one of hi- Til" ascensions ti"; v.-rv :;ood at-.d th' •1 -id- a v- ry t.r. :t^ T' in.~.ia\ :iio'ciivu il;. • iim in t :it'y atp! b;. j. and everyone rose) ':nfnrtiin-ate lial'oon? fiV" • w. r" mad" ^er" :it;:hi ascensioi::; .arai)"' . crowd !."!:nt! 'h" Tim" th" at i-ii'' -atl a' jnini' o'clo l; tin-:" was a tdi; crov.c'. or th" s?-"' ts Til" ]•.••:•<'.•• was • v"!! !<• rt"r 'han '].•• on. of last y. a7. HAS $15,128,210 IN BONDS. Kansas State Treasury Makes Inventory of Its Vaults. T..p"K.i .1 "11 v"i-i;i- lo •>r.• "•'} - \ti ifiV' ti'orv of vail'' inj'h' -'at. tfasnrv .1. u'.| .^iiic.v-; an ai;l:: ••=at.- ol " •<! I"o: '> .in-! "'iupnns h" I t )i.' .vt ;i j:i :•, ,1'lj -iinp!'. .-••iirj jilold- a-; nd- Ti;. ..-!•".! lo 'h.' < and .-^'Ttiti. 1 :t. .! • V ins-:: '• '--o !ij f r ?' •MS i-^ oil 1 :i!;.l . ieit •i]..>: id i • I s 'a'.- d.txi Tht •.V. I" al •w hirh iis'o 11 in in.-'iid"s ..... .)..;,o-i ..f 1' "oiiipan ' iiar;:" of t'.l ill f-a-h. ; th.' tr- .IS=s !s'-pr or •o;-. i.,,n";:s ALOCT ADVERTISIX' The Periunbulating Showcase .1 • . By Herbert Kaufman. The newspaper is a huge shop window, tarried about the city and delivered daily into hundreds of thousand s of homes, to be examined at the leisure of the reader. This shop window is unlike the actual plate glass showcase only jin one resp(rct—it makes display of descriptions instead c f articles. You have often been impressed by the difference between the decorations of two window-trimmers, each of whom employed the same materials for his work. The one drew your attention and held it by the grace and cleverness and art manifested in his display. The other realized so little of the possibilities in the materials placed at his dispiosal that unless some one callejl your attention to his bungling you would have gone on unconscious of its existence. An advertiser must know that he gets his results in accordance' with the skilf exercised in preparing his verbal displays. He must make peoille stop and pause. His copy has to stand out. He m,ust not only make a show of things that are attractive to to the people*s needs the eye but are attractive as well. I The vandow-trimmer must not maki the mistake of thinking that the showiest stocks are the most salable, 'i'he advertiser must not make the mistake ci thinking that the showiest words are the most clinching. Windows are tpo few in number to be used with indiscretion. The good merchant puts those goods back of his plate glass which nine people out of ten will want after they have seen them. ' ' 1 j The good advertiser tells about,goods which nine readers out of ten will buy it they can be convinced. { Newspaper space itself is only the window, just as the showcase is but a frame for merchandise pictures. A window on a crowded street in the best neighborhood, where prosperous persons pass continually, is more desirable than one! in a cheap, sparsely settled neighborhood. An! advertisement in a newspaper with the most readers and the most prosperous ones possesses a great advantage over the same cop>| in a medium circulating among persons who possess less means. It would be foolish fo|r a shop to build its windows in the al]eywa|--and just as much so to put its advertising into newspapers which are 'Ijstributcd among 'lalby-dwcHcrs." .-.SCI ho r. • .lo; Here from Minnesota. diti P Mr a.;;i( I .; ot \fari! am. \[ t:i: a. wa.- li";.' >"s'":d.»v tor a !t'w 'jtr,s an.f v^' i:t on to [ola l{> i« il." irn n'.\' w.."k an.', will sE-iil .i ;ns wrr'h 'h" t;ir!i:lv of i.j «», YOUNG TEDDYS BIG SALARY. For Waihing Wool the President's Son Will Get $5 a Week. i BEVERIDGE TO VISIT KANSAS. Will Soend Two Days There in the 1 Middle of October. Top. :-:i S'-:-'. ';".—'"hainnan fvd!" •I;.' i;. ii-i'dic-an >'at" roni:ni't "i r>-f-tv.-.f a t'-I"{;ra;ti from rbi'-asoj h'ad'pjHit'Ts toiiay sa>inu' that S'na- •cr M-v<-id:;.^ '.vni;!,! lio ii; Kansas for wo d:i>s aiioitf Ocloti. r l -'i on his r"- ':rn f oni th" I':iiMfie "oast. It is Inin:: I lanp. >! 'o 11^0 Hovcrid-'" in the •owl's "ith'j- .lions 'h" I'nvin I's'-ifi" or . TIOI-'K Island; II^'' will prohahly tnal-.f 01).• of l;is ni;:!it speeches at "^'•"1 • • i From Ottawa. M-.-i .t .V. Hiirriian of n"ar Ottawa 'V "nt .1 Ida Tuesday fof-a ' HO neek.s" I'.vi'!; r'-!ati\e¥.—Biirlinpton Rei:.': .an Ha-tfoMi. Conn., ."^ept. .".1 .—.A Ivin s:.'ef-'.—()tt;;iAa H; Hi:;iin.-. iiresid-n: anil con^-r- coii-'ant droi.pinj; wafer w»'ar.s ;;Way the hardest stone. The 'coiistatir unaw of Tow'.=er mastl- cnte..* tie toughest hone. The eotistant wooInK Ipver carrle? away the blushinn maid.. .\nd the Constant .Advertiser Is the maa wbo GETS the trade- CAUMOM BRAND Their high ijuilitv begins with the soil itsrlt • thej-are 5p *cially iciectrd Irv cxjicrf.; and come from tht: prowinc Cenl'T;; ground and ; scaled w ith exacting care. | i Brrt in flavor, highest in ptJiitj, • C 'Mt ..-»t iaitrenirth ; still in fault- ; les-s conilit 'on. they come to yru ' rrotci :ted by the air-tight pacl^- ; age, ftrcLTMnf; intact tht: fitiei fiaxorinij- |>ro {*ni <?s hulk ^p'":es| li.-k. Alwayl uniform ; try cue —you'll uu: a!!. '• >; !i;.it..i-"r i>; tip- }Iar:.'o:(I ' Cariiet .orpor.ttion .1' Tiiiimi.-oinill'. lias no '!..ii Th.-odore ItiMisi-v.-lf, jr.. i; r. ipiir " !\ '.ears to master the n'icacie< of tiii- lii|sin«-ss .Mr. Hic- NEWS OF GAS CITY THE REGISTK.VTION ROOKS WERE OPE>ED HERE YESTERDAY. BIG REGISTRATION EXPECTED r .AS rm MAY HAVE A YOFSG .MEN'S THHISTIAX AS.SO(IATIO.>. The Flr»t Game of Tennis Brtneen the Hlch Srhiiol Will Re PlajH Here \ext KriUay Afternoon. Rreistratinn Books 0 |M >ne(| Yeslerda .T. The reijistration l.nioks here wei-e opiaeil yesterilay and at any time he- tween now and October L'Jth. ten days prior to the elpction vetpr.s may reg ister. .At ihe primary only alx^ut half the legal voters here re^iistered. Thi would indicate that the registration ttii; he iarser this fa.I than if has for mati.v months. .Ml who did not vol at the last election and fho-.,- who have moved out of their wanls will have to register again this fall heforc liclnR ellBitile to vole jit the tdertlon. THIS. H. BOWLUSj President. J. F. SCOTT, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 i DIRECTORS A. W. Beck. L. C. Beatty. A. J. Fulton. W, J. Evans. J. O. Rodgcri^ W. L. Bartlea. Tbos. H. Bowlus. mretMsuE ami own ottArrs on MIL tumi^mpomn SArETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM $2 TO 95 PER YEAN. INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. POLITICAL GOSSIP Maj Hau- Y. M. «. A. An effort is lieinu inade to locate a Voiinc .Men's Christian .\ssocl.ition headijiiarters In this cit> However nothing detinue has lieen tleeideij Key \V. .N. l.eeper. pastor of the I'nlled f'resliyterian church is agitating th plan and it will in a|I prohaMlity he consiiiiiniated. Is Much Better. Kari. the son of .Mr. and Mrs .toe Kastwi'od who ran a nail in his foot last Kritlay. is reported as being much beter Inflammation set in and for time he was thought to he in a ser ioas cindilion-. Elerled Oftirers tiso, .At the nie<'tinK of the men of the M"thodist Kpisijopal church Sunday which was called for the purpose of organizing a hrotherho«id. the follow ing officers were elected: .1 W: Hiirn prrsidfni: O. i-. Foster, firsi vice pre ident; Krank Dennis.jjccond vice pre ident; Kent Shacklett. third vice pre ident; I.. I>. (Jih.son. fourth-vice piesi deni: Wni. Rogers, secretary and treas urer: (' P. hiikln. chaplain. i'laj First Game Fridaj. The first tiani.s came wi;l he [dai ed here ne.xt Friday afternoon. Th local tennis courts are being r.-paire this werk and everything put in readi ness for p'ayins. There are a ntini her of c .H >d players among the l.oy- rhe local high school. (lames wi:i be :irranged with the ditTerent schoo;.- ihe county. 'However, the game FrI day will liA between lix-al players. . Attended M. Y.. Conferenrr. Rev. I» M Canipbell and Kmm Kemnierer were the d«->Rafe> from the local Methodi.-f l\pi.-ctipal church To the conference held in Vafe.-; Center K;i.-i . 'his week They returned from the conference this morning. .A good conferenc»> is reported. ::ins sai'i today iliat he expi-cted his j \i^f{,.;j .stfeet Personal*. .1 T Bls.=ef: was in Ft Sc" v »j t»rday on business Mr. and Mrs. .loe Poling pre the ciiest> of relatives in Pitt.-,burg. Kas 'his week; K. v.. l.ogiie left ve .-tcrday for .^l .riTigfie 'd. .Mo. on a short btisincss vi-it : C I> Eakin returned iast evening froni KanFas City where he has been On l.tisineiis .1. .-5 Ken.\f >n of Kmporia. Kas. was here yesnirday on business. He is the owner of ;the Vaughn hotel on South a I [irentic.- next Thursda\ and f^at t*-. V 'Aoi>!<i \<;\\ him a weekly salary •d i:> or J.; This will l». increased as his e iviees oecoine more valuable. Tile fii.i" ta.~k of young Roo.sevelt wil' bo washing, bleaching, and spin- Jning raw wool. an.| for this he will have to don overalls and jumper. He will follow ah,~olurely all the mill's regulations an.i will he ref|tiired- to re- fiort for work a' 7 o'clock in the morning and work har#l fen and a half hours evi.ry day. .Mr. and Mrs. I>?wt:s. of Independ- • nee. werie the gtiests of frionds here yesterday. Al Ellis is Home. .\I Kills, stamp olerk at the local postoffl'ci. returned tp work this morning after a two woek.- vacation , — ^^7^;^^-- rFirst iPublished Sept. KJ. 1908) PI-BLirATIOX XOTIf-E. State of Kansas. .VUen rdunty.j gs In the Dij^frirt .Court for said County N'ellietiainey. Plaintiff, vs. Charles M. Galne.if. Defendant. Said defendant. Charles .M. flainey. will take notice that he has been sued in the ab^vp named Court for divorce and in h^r peliiion. plaintiff allege? a.>= cause jfor divbrce, gross neglect of duty, extreme cruelty, habitual driiiik- enness aiid abandonment for more than one I year, and must answer the petition filed therein br said plaintiff on or before the 28th day of October. A. D. or said petition will be jKoiithein Missouri, j Mr. Ellis say8[,iff ,„ gptj„n for divorce will be that during his stay in Missouri be rendered'accordingly, TOM DM iMlMw.lJtw. gathered a number of large sized "fish storie.s' which he Is willing to put to his friimds at greatly induced rates. Rcsiater Want Ads brins r««iilts. EWIX6. CARD * CARD, Attornevs for Plaintiff. \ttest: C\ K. AD.\MS. | 9-16-J3-30 Clerk of 8*td Court Register £ Want Ads brine results. ft is announced that f^overnor Hoch will not return fo Marion after bi.s tertii a.s governor -expires, but will remain in Topeka. While there are man.v surmises as to what disposition he will make of Th" Marion ijtecor.l I Ladies!, paint with Again we ask, do yott II not. you should try it. CW- Namel is the best floor and fnrni- tnre paint on the market. Ask tis about it. it is more than likely that he give it to "our son Homer." will Wm. R. Hearst declares that he i.^ not through with Foraker yet It is presum«"d that he has not niii.ih- ed with liaskell. either. The people of Sauk Center. .Minn . are h'aking meriy over what the-. r»'gn'd as a line Joke on, .ludge Tafl. I;le to'd them the ()n>'siion for the \nt tjrs lo determine was whether they wniifeij to continue a party of action In power or place at the heal of th<' governtneni a party whi<-h ilid noth ing. but made misleading fihophesics regarding economic (jiie.sfions. "Wo don't want to fry it." sai-i a elderly woman in the audi ence. "I hope not. madam: I have no doubt that you are the heart of a famil.v of sturdy men. whom you control, and I rely on such intelligent ladies as you fo carry out your views." wa.s' .Judge Taffs smiling' rejoind'^r. When the train had started. .Mr Taft was informed by one of the local statesmen aboard that it was Mi?.Sylvia Townsen.I with whom he had the colloquy. "If } am electeii." says Bryan, "the public can tell immodiatelv wl^af fo cxp«-ct' .And that's just the reason he won't he elected. .1. W. Afoore. of Marion county says that Chairman Hendorson of the Democrats is a Santa Fe attorney and rides on an annual pass. The in- fortration has been sent to Willie Heart who will probably burn Henrler- son up as ho did one Mr. Haskell. Stiibbs an.I Botkin. rival candidates for governor, will speak at the; next annual meeting of the State Temperance I'nion in Topeka. Neither will talk politics but will confine th^-ir re marks to the' prohibition que...fion ^orf aind ^iool GrvE ^f rRcc With each Piano Puichase at the Roberts Piano Hoo^e 12 N. WaPhington ' of noise aliout what he is going to .lo fo President Roosevelt Wm. Rl Hearst and others. But then the goi»- ernor made a lot of noise before. h« ' resigni»d the treasureship to the ef- f»cf that h*- would never i;esieii. :AI- fogethf-r Ha:-kpII seems to be. a pretty noisy individual. '. \ Thf Hughes meeting at Wichita promises fni be one of the bir iioliti •a! events of th" year, second only in Importance ' to th" Taft fiieeting-i Hughes wllC pass through •\"ate.< On rer and a number from lola will go over to gef a look a' the gentleman EXPLOSION IN A KANSAS MINE. Three Men Severely Burtied by Oat Near Pittsburg Yetserday. Pitt .burg. Kas. Sept. .W—mine .if the Piit>t.urc Coal company. 18 miles north of h«-re. was blow.n up bjr Herman Bidder, the new trea.«:iirer of the Oemocrafic National Commit tee. is already busy defending his re<'ord toward laboring men which will make it a pretty interesting job for Mr. fJotiipers r'o d'^liver th" labor vote »« the [Vniocratic party. It is iindersfooil that Harrv Thonip son sa-v-j he did not want the treas iireship 'of the nationa' conimiite.-. bnt is -ifill an avowed^ caiididaf- fo' pOStmaStei:, WTiile that left the RCM clear for Tom JMCU^T ff -at gentleman till seems to have been overlookf.'. gas explofion, yesterday. tiitiTs were I severely bunred. If In n:>f known what caused th« eipjoii- inn.' Th» m^n went into the nine for t\rtV about ^ o'clock in the norninC- rhe explosion occurred soon afte^- •^;ird The mine was damag< Thre* *d. fjovernor Haskell is making a lor Morgan to Ottawa. Morcan. who pitched yesterday'B gam.- for Baker, is an old twirl-r. an.i sure {<nows hoir to put ov-r the goo Is. He has pls^'ed with th.- Kansas fjify Blues. Louisville cad IK-nver. and *as a star pitcfajerin the Kansas |and Texas league daring the past summer - Ottawa Republic. Dm^^ OUT • BLOOD HU thei that! The skin is not simply an outer covering of the body, bnt thousands of pores and glands it performs the great and nee regulating our temperatures, and also assists in di.sposing of waste matters of the system by the con.stant evaporation through these little tubes.; To perform these diities the tissues which -connect and surround the pores and glands must be contini ished by pure blood- Whe?i from any^cause the circulation become, with impurities and humots. it loses its.stiicngthening powers andbesina tb disease and irritate the delicate tissues, and produces Eczema. Acns, Tettieri or some other itching, disfiguring skin trouble. S. S. S. cnres skit TdiaeaMi woik <n 'ns««iid goes idin' lyadliir: infectM irriUtingand inflaming the skin, cwjes and nourishes U by ks k<Mtliiii^ ' healthful qualities. Salves. wa.shes. \6tionii. etc.. mav be used for anv t«iH ponir>' cot^fort or cleanliness they afford, bnt akin' dineMcs cannot be ctired until S. S.iS. has purified the blood. Boo^ on Skjn DiMues aad my ntA* wal ndvice.sent free, - - ~ ~~ THB SWIFT SPECIFIC Ca ICS cannot h !«esaadpir

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