The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on January 12, 1963 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 3

Ottawa, Kansas
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Saturday, January 12, 1963
Page 3
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These No Routine Recipes *1 like cooking very much," •ay* Mrs. Joe Stephenson, 819 S. Hickory, "but tire of the unimaginative, routine sort of meals— •o I experiment with new recipes.'' This cook says she likes to browse through food sections of magazines and is always clipping new recipes. She can't resist cook books and has just acquired two new'ones, for her birthday and Christmas. Mrs. Stephenson says she usually tries the recipes out on her family, and finds her husband very easy to cook for, her children sometimes more critical. However, everyone is required to taste a dish and often is pleasantly surprised. The daughters, Peg, 14, and Gris, 10, assist with many of the family meals and are learning to use seasonings and gaining other experience. If they take over cook- Big a meal, they are required to wash up afterward. Mrs. Stephenson does not believe in last minute shopping but likes to buy food well in advance of meal preparation. She considers this an important part of meal preparation. Pork is a best buy at many seasons of the year and contains many valuable food properties. However, the taste of the following dish would be enough to recommend it to any cook. It was one of the gourmet foods served at the Grace Episcopal tasting tea. Sweet-Sour Pork \ l /i Ib. lean pork shoulder, cut in 2xVa inch strips 2% c. small pineapple chunks V4 c. brown sugar 2 tbsp. cornstarch Vt c. vinegar 2 to 8 tbsp. soy sauce % tsp. salt. 1 small green pepper, cut in thin strips % c. thinly sliced onion 1 can sliced water chestnuts 2 tsp. chopped candied ginger Brown pork in small amount hot fat. Add Vt, c. water; cover and simmer (do not boil) until tender, about 1 hour. Drain pineapple, reserving syrup. Combine sugar and cornstarch; add pineapple syrup, vinegar, soy sauce and salt. Add to pork; cook and stir until sauce thickens. Add pineapple, green pepper, onion, water chestnuts and candied ginger. Cook two or three minutes. Serve over hot fluffy rice or Chinese noodles and pass extra soy sauce. Makes 7 servings. For a company meal, Mrs. Stephenson often serves the Sweet- Sour Pork with hot rolls and the following green salad. The. flavors of the foods complement each other. German Spinach Salad 1 Ib. small, fresh spinach leaves % c. mayonnaise % c. sour cream 6 anchovies, minced iy* tbsp. chopped green onion Club Forecast Monday ZIOZAO CLUB, MM. CUr* Davti, Paola MPM Club PAST MATRONS, Mrs. F. A. Doman Hints From Heloise THE OTTAWA HERALD Saturday, Jan. 12, IMS BETA GAMMA, Mrs. Bruce Spears B ft PW Club, dinner ENTRE NOUS, Mra. Tom Oleaion PEO Founder's Day dinner FAITH CHAPTER, Gold Star Mother* OARFIELD GARDENERS, Mn. Clarence Nauman JAYCEE JAYNE8, Mrs. Terry Cox FRIENDSHIP CRICLE, Mrs. Walter Pohl WOMAN'S ASSOCIATION, First U. P. Church FAITH LUTHERAN GUILD, at church, 7:30 p.m. UNION CHAPEL W8C8, prayer circle JOB'S DAUGHTERS HAWKINS ORANGE PROMENADER8 Square Dance Club Wednesday RICHMOND Scissor Club, Mrs. Harriet Johnson WESTMINSTER CIRCLES, Dorcas, Mrs. Max Ward; Martha, Mrs. W. B. Smith; Lydla, Mrs. John Finder WOMEN'S Fellowship, Missionary Meeting, Church of the Brethren FIRST BAPTIST WMS Circles. Esther Greenmun, Mrs. Wilmer Reynolds; Eileen James, Mrs. C. W. Hegberg; Eleanor Stlmson, Mrs. R. N. Bundy FIRST METHODIST WSCS Circles, Deborah, Mrs. Lloyd Carr; Dorcas, church library; Esther. Mrs, E. O. Stlth; Martha, Mrs. H. V. Worthlngton; Rebekah, Mra. Guy Brlscoe; Ruth, small dining room, at church CWF Circles, Ruth, Mrs. Don Way mire; Lydla, Mrs. O. E. Dawklns EARNEST WORKERS EASTERN STAR Thursday BAXTER SOCIAL HOUR, Mrs. Lewis Stewart FLA, Gordon Daugharthy home, Mrs. A. S. Allen, hostess PEORIA LADIES AID N. BAPTIST WMS RECRUIT CLASS. Mrs. Floyd Perkins HELPFUL SERVICE Class, Mrs. V. C. McDowell RICHTER WSCS EAGLES AUXILIARY Friday SENIOR CLUB, Youth Center NAOMI Club, Mrs. George Starbuck EMERY GREEN Community, potluck supper, election WYCOFF Community, potluck Newspaper Wrap Keeps Moth Out from By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Heloise: May I put in my two cents worth and let you know about some of the things I have learned from my mother, way over in the old country? Mother used to wrap her woolens, etc. in newspaper. She never had to worry about finding them with holes caused moths. Rinse your crystal glassware in a vinegar solution. Drip dry and they will sparkle. Rubber should never come in contac with silver. Never put a rubber Helots* band around any silverware or you will get a permanent stain. Put a strip of plastic under the band in your husband's new hat and no perspiration stains will ever go through! Was anyone unkind enough to Miscellany M. S. •' Most women find their friends Now, it seems, a junior high \ l /t tbsp. minced parsley 1% tbsp. vinegar 1% tbsp. lemon juice . % clove garlic, minced cheddar cheese cubes or garlic croutons Wash and dry spinach. Mix remaining ingredients, except cheese, and add to spinach. Mix lightly with cheese or croutons. Very much t favorite of Mrs. Stephenson is mis recipe for a good substantial meat dish. The name signifies a pot roast soaked HI vinegar. Especially nice with hot noodles, mashed potatoes or dumplings. Saurbraten S Ib. pice of round steak 1% Whtn you insure 2 or more con with FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP you off oxtra discounts on major covtragts for each 1 Remove steak from marinade, dry with paper toweling. Reserve marinade. 8. In large Dutch oven heat salad oil and brown meat in it, well on both sides, then remove. 3. To drippings in Dutch oven, add flour and sugar, brown lightly, scraping bottom of pan well; stir in reserved marinade. Bring to a boil, stirring. Add steak and simmer, covered, three hours, or until fork-tender. 4. Remove steak to board and carefully remove surface fat from gravey. Stir in gingersnaps then simmer for a few minutes. 5. Meanwhile cut meat into Vr inch-thick slices and arrange on a heated serving dish. Pour part of gravy over sides, pass rest in gravy boat. The following chicken recipe is easy as well as delicious. The flavors bring the dish well up in the "imaginative" cooking class Glazed Chicken Breasts 6-8 chicken breasts, split 1 bottle Italian dressing % small can frozen orange juice % c. orange marmalade */4 tsp. crushed rosemary Remove skin from chicken. Ar Ann Landers Please Be Nicer To Little Annette GOURMET DISH — Mn. Joe Stephenson prepares to serve Sweet-Sour Pork at the Grace Episcopal tasting tea. (Herald Photo by Lois Smith) inches thick 1 tbsp. salt Vi tsp. pepper, freshly ground 4 whole cloves 8 peppercorns 2 bay leaves 2 medium onions, sliced 1 medium carrot, sliced % c. chopped celery 1 c. red wine vinegar 4 c. cold water 3 tbsp. salad oil Vt c, all purpose flour 1 tbsp. granulated sugar 10 gingersnaps, crushed Three to four days before serving, place steak into a shallow enamel pan or glass dish. Combine salt, pepper, cloves, peppercorns, bay leaves, sliced onions carrot, celery vinegar and water. Pour over meat cover and refrigerate to marinate. About 3% hours before serv- Dear Readers: Many people who write to me are not seeking advice. They write to unburden themselves. The letter below just arrived. It was carefully written in penmanship typical of an eight-year-old. Dear Ann Landers: I was insulted by my parents. I wish they were more nicer to me.—SIGNED ANNETTE So, good readers, if any of you happen to have a little Annette in the family — you can start being more nicer. Dear Ann Landers: I've read you for years and I nev- last letter. I don't know what to say. Ana er dreamed I'd ever be writing for advice. But then, everybody says that. I'm 19 and going steady with a boy who is in the army. George asked me to marry him in his range pieces in a single layer in a baking dish. Pour dressing over chicken so all sides are coated. Let stand overnight in refrigerator. About 1% hours before serving, remove from refrigerator. Drain dressing into a bowl. Stir in orange juice and marmalade. Brush thick coating of mixture over each piece of chicken. Sprinkle rosemary leaves over each piece of chicken. Bake uncovered in 325-degree oven about one hour, until tender and glazed. Baste frequently. Call today for dttails Atk about Farmer* new Pit- matte Payment Plan that ktt you pay for «H. your iaturanM in monthly payment*. NEIL BULLOCK "Insurance Is Our only Business" 121 3. Main LEARN PROFESSIONAL HAIR STYLING .. .from one of midwest's finest schools of cosmetology Fully accredited 6 month course. G.I. Approved ENROLL NOW — Next Class starting February 4, 1963 Write or call for free brochure Hays Hairdressing School, Inc. 5855 Beverly Mission, Kans. Hedrick 2-1111 How can a person tell when he is in love? When George kisses me I feel no emotion. I can't truthfully say I miss him although he has been gone since August. I enjoy his letters but they don't thrill me. Maybe I am not capable of deep emotion. Some of my girl friends tell me they get all rubber-kneed and goose-bumps when their boy friends are near. This has never happened to me. A few fellows at work would like to date me but I feel this would not be fair to George. I need some of your solid advice.—UNDECIDED Dear Un: Perhaps you'll never be able to get rubber-kneed or goose-bumps over any man, but to decide this at 19 would be a big mistake. Going steady with a fellow in the service is also a big mistake. You should date others, and George should, too. Your lukewarm attitude and indecision does not add up to the great love of the 20th century. Dear Ann Landers: So you don't approve of wife-spanking? Well, if you knew all the facts in my case you'd sing a different tune. I married an 18-year-old spoiled brat. She never did a thing at home and didn't see why she had to change her ways simply because she got married. She never cooked a meal from the beginning. Everything was frozen, canned or prepared in the delicatessen. The house was always a mess. She read cheap magazines all day and went to the movies four afternoons a week. I bought her a washer- dryer for the clothes but she couldn't learn how to operate it so I had to do the laundry on Sunday. When she took the dentist's money and got her hair dyed, I turned her over my knee and spanked her like the child she was. Since then, things have sure been different around our house. The little girl is all grown up now. Children should be spanekd—re- gardless of age.—HUSBAND OF A TAMED SHREW Dear Husband: 1 have no good conduct medals for men who marry children and "grow them up" with spankings. You both have my sympathy. and family members are not much help to them in shopping for a dress, for they won't come right out and say if they think the garment is, or is not, becoming to the shopper. For this reason, one Ottawa woman will really miss Mrs. Art h u r Brink, who retired a week ago froir Edmiston's. Mrs. Brink considered it one of her nicest compliments when this woman said to her. "Whatever will I do? I always depended on you to tell me what you really thought about the becomingness of a dress I was considering buying." It seems that women begin to be clothes conscious and suffer pangs of doubt about junior high school age. We heard several mothers of girls that age discussing the changes since their girlhood. Lois Many Attend Senior Club A good attendance was present for the Senior Club meeting Friday afternoon at Youth Center with Mrs. Myrtle Graham presiding. Opening numbers were the song, "America," and the flag salute, by the group. For devotions Mrs. Flora Sherman gave, "My Lesson," By Billy Graham followed by a prayer. Several members gave readings and discussed problems of community and country. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Margaret Williams and Mrs. Madge Marcell. girl may wear the same dress or skirt two days in the same week — but not on two consecutive days. Also, she is particular about her sweaters. She sometimes precipitates a family crisis when she comes down for school in the morning in her brother's sweater rather than the lovely one which she got for Christmas. Sometimes a mother's only con solation during this period in her daughter's life is that the next day will bring some different crisis It may be better, more likely worse, but at least different. Some of the mothers recallec that during their girlhood days i was the cystom to wear a dress to school for a week, carefully changing to an "everyday" dress upon arriving home from school It was necessary before the ad vent of synthetic fabrics and au tomatic washers. Note to librarians: If you hav some over-due books, don't giv up hope about their return. Mrs Hester Lortscher, Ottawa Hig School librarian, has just receive( a book which turned up at th University of Kansas library af er some years It was a single volume clas sics, "Silas Marner," copyrigh ed in 1895, and appeared to be text used by a teacher. Some names of former Ottawan in it are Thelma Williams, E win Anderson, Cleo Moore an Milford Monroe. An appropriate bit of advic right now is, "Don't fall on th ice." We add a little more, you are going to fall, don't ligh on an extended thumb." We di Friday morning and not on] broke the thumb nail way bac into the thumb, but fractured th small bone at the end of th thumb. We seem to recall th doctor called the bone a dist phalanx but it would be just a jave a burning cigarette on one >f your china saucers? To remove the nicotine spot, just dip cork into some moist salt and he spot will come right off after ubbing. Gretchen )car Hciorsc: I have been annoyed countless mes by having to discard one ubber glove because I have worn hole in the other glove. It always seems to be the same hand lat wears out first. Matching id seem impossible until. . . . One day, quite by accident, I emedied the problem by turn- ng the glove with the hole in it nside out when removing it. When I tried to put it on later thought I had two gloves for he same hand. I then discovered what had happened and re ilized that in the future I could ust turn the "left'over" glove in- ide out and match it with anther "left-over" one and have a new pair! Nancy Maxwell )ear Heloise: If one is using cooked pump- tin or sweet potatoes and sees hat they are going to 'stringy," cheer up ... Put them in a large bowl and use your electric mixer at high speed and beat for a few seconds then reduce the speed to ow. Lift up the beater and hold it over the sink, and spray rinse t. You will be amazed at how many strings are on those beaters! Repeat the beating process Costs $5.50 To See 6 Cleo' NEW YORK (AP) - The film "Cleopatra" will have the highest box office scale ever set for a movie—a $5.50 top. The movie—starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Rex Harrison—will have a simultaneous premiere in 70 cities in the United States and Canada starting June 12, 20th Century Fox announced Friday. uncomfortable with any othe name. dorant, drop a little water Into the jar and close the top for S few hours and presto! It's soft and usable again. I found this out quite by accident Mrs. Alice Bright Letter of Laughter Dear Heloise: I have found that if I wash my pots and pans the first thing when cleaning up the kitchen, and get them out of the way. that I do not mind washing th* rest of the dishes at all! This may be a psychological factor. . . but who in this day and time does not need something psychological to keep US going? Sally Oherro again and believe me. this gets your potatoes and pumpkin smooth as butter. Mrs. Berlin Bowles Quilting By Club Members Fair-mount Birthday Club mem* bers worked on a quilt following a basket dinner yesterday at the Russell Dyer home. Mrs. Chester Ferguson was in charge of business. The kitchen committee included Mrs. Harley Hume and Mrs. Edward Ferguson. Mrs. Clifford Carey and Mrs. Leah Smith presented a program. Visitors were Mrs. Ivan Stree- bin, Mrs. Maude Dyer, Carl Reams, Harley Hume and Edward Ferguson, and one child. Brad Ferguson. Dear Heloise: To soften dried cream deo- Anniversary Plans Made At the meeting Thursday evening, VFW Auxiliary members discussed plans for an anniversary party next month, with the post. It was voted to hold a food sale Jan. 16, for the chair fund. It was announced that Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Johnson donated a refrigerator to the clubhouse. Mrs. Ed Curby, cancer chairman, announced that she and Mrs. Leona Husted have made 17 Johnny coats for patients and that a sewing meeting will be at her home, Jan. 17, at 2 p.m. It was announced the VFW Auxiliary bowling team composed of Mrs. Victor Sowers, Mrs. F. C. Wise, Mrs. Clarence McFadden, Mrs. Marie Hull and Mrs. Warner Lutz will, participate in the annual bowling tournament in Lawrence the 13th and 14th. Mrs. Bob Robinson and Mrs. Rose Abot served refreshments. WSCS Meets In Princeton Mrs. Cecil Dunn gave devotions for Princeton WSCS Thursday and Mrs. Otto Siegele the lesson, assisted by Mrs. Goldie Walden and Mrs. Dunn. Mrs. Byron Robison presided at the business session. Mrs. A. B. Taylor announced that the second study course will begin Jan. 15, the subject ,"Th« Rim of Asia." The first lesson will be with Mrs. Taylor, starting at 10 a.m. Members will take sack lunches and spend part of the time making cancer dressings. Mrs. Dale Dieterich and Mn. Arthur Atchison served refresh* ments to the 17 present. 94th Birthday Alex Fisher, Williamsburg, celebrated his 94th birthday yesterday. The three of his seven children calling at the home were Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kissinger and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beasley, Ottawa; and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Miskimon, Williamsburg. The Baby Has Been Named The daughter born Jan. 9 to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Anthony Queppet, 627 S. Mulberry, has been named Kevin Christopher. She weighed 6 Ib., 6*/& oz. YOUR REDWOOD INN OPEN 6:00 am. to 11:30 p.m. Chicken and Steaks Short Orders and Carryouts 1 mile North on Hi-way 59 Irene Bellefeuille, Mgr. Juanita Gregg, Asst. Mgr. CH 2-9781 Take a LONG LOOK at your INCOME TAX Ar* you claiming maximum deductions? Will th« long form «av« you mar* than th» thort form? Will you »p«nd mar* _____.. than t hour, of your valuabl* FEDERAL firm on your lax return? If you'r* not iur«, Ma BLOCK! Fait, accurate, guaranteed t»n- ic*. Com* In tonight BOTH AND STATE 201 Vi S. Main 346 Offices Across the United States Week Days and Sat. 9 A.M.-6 P.M. — CH 2-4224 Appointment Necessary i FREEDOM WEEK JAN. 14-19 The Elks of America salute those who, in large measure, are responsible for our continued freedoms of speech, religion and the press. Also our libraries, schools and courts of law play an important part in these freedoms. The Ottawa Elks Lodge win present daily programs during Freedom Week on K.O.F.O. Radio by Ottawa citizens. We ask that all Americans display our Flag each day during Freedom Week. Adv. ++»»»

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