Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 30, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1908
Page 2
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U i. NOBtHBDP. PraMeat. ru F. A. HORTHBUF, Tlee-PruMni D. ^, HOBXHBDF, B U Tle».Pn^1 orriBBSTPAiD m nnpKPOjBn timiticy fir m fitm SUtw ectaUlslwd 1869. SMi fli lamu —— iliiCiaty KiMtlluliii AIMCI. u A. L. BBDMBAUGH, Casklor. $1,200, MXLTUr FBOKS. Atst CUUM. To Have Social Tea. Women of the spcond and fotirth ivtids who attend the rrPsV>ytcrlan ciiurch will assfst at a tea to bo RIV*n on the afternoon of Wednesday. October 14. The affair will occur at the tiome of Mrs. H. V. Dreshach. In the dining room will he Mrs. C. R. Sucher. Mrs. C. H, Shields and Mrs. r James H. Campbell. Mrs. A. A. Richards will direct the business affairs , for women of the fourth' ward and Mrs. L. F. Palmer Is chairman of the second, ward committee. + •> • At Home Club. Mrs. George Taylor. 302 South Ken- tuclty street, will be hostess of the At Home club on Thursday afternoon. + * • Board Meeting. The board of directors of the Or- pbans' Home" will have a . business meeting on Monday of next wecl< at the court house rest room. + * • —Children's Bear Skin Cnats and a tplendid showing of cloth coals in , TI 1 the new colors so fairly priced, you " find at Richardson's. + • + In.College Debate. Friends of Harvey Heller, who is at Baker university, wllf t>p-interest-' . ed Jh the news that he will t «ke part in the Freshman Sophomore debate nMt' sprinR. Harvey was chosen with • son of ej-Oorernor Stanley and a baldwin boy to represent the Freshmen, • • <• Were In Ottawa. Mrs. "W. T. Smiley and daughter Al Ice returned last evening to their home in Tola after spending Sunday with Mrs. B. F. Shumaker.—Republic 4- • —The splendid showing of Fall Millinery Is meeting with much favor at Richardson's. * •:• "I* . p. E. O. Cljanter. Mrs. A. L. Bnmibaiigh of South Oak Street had as her guests yesterday members of the P. E. O. chopter. This it the beglnninr of the year's work and several helpful plans were suggested. The social hour was made pleasant by the recital of events of the summer and mnsir. Mrs. Brum baugh and Mrs. W. R. Heylmun play• •'im a'very beautiful piano duett and the afternoon closed with a very pretty luncheon. 4. Committee Meeting. Mrs. A. W. Beck entertained the program committee of the l^Mles' Mnsic club yesterday afternoon. The -lists of work chosen by the various members were submitted for the ap- - prOTal Of the committee and the flrst woi'k on grouping the numbers Into - programs was done. <• •!• * Butlneas Meeting, There was a businoHs meeting of the Working soeletv of the preshy -tertau church yesterdaf at the home of Mra. Lee MaasenRale. on ISHMI Mnd- .lion »ti»et. Several social events for the winter were panially derided lip on. • ' —^TWr» • + • F'om Yate« Center. Mra. J. M. Mason and MISR McPoy hive returned from Vates Center whore they went to attend a ronvcn' ti6D of the Missionary society. + + * —Artistic Millinery at prices to suit tBf purse. Richardson's. . •Cheerful Circle. Mrs. J6hn Devlin is entertaining faj^niiatlly today \ for ladies of the •ttVeffiil Circle. Art Club. There was a brief l )U8ine .<«s meet Ing of the Art club yesterday at the l;ome of Mrs. Sadie Thompson. These officers were elected: President—Miss Mary Chamberlain Vice President—Mrs. I^oyd. Second Vice President—Miss Flop ine WTieelor. Secretary Treasurer — Mrs. Sadie Thompson. The club will have fortniuhtly meet InRK during the winter, the next sesS' ion to occur in two weeks. The hos tosses will be chosen alphabetIcally • + ~ —The Richardson Dry (;oo(ls store have the largest line of ladies' and misses coats thev have ever shown Prices ranging from t'i't.m down to $ii .00 per garment. • For Miss Mitchell. MJss .Bosalla Charles charmingly ent 'Tiaiu'ii .-it dinner last evening in compliment to Miss Imogene Mitchell of .lefferson City. Mo., who Is a guest of .Mr. and Mrs. \V. S. Goodwin. The table was graced with a large boquet of carnations with smilax and places w,->re laid for these ctiests: 'Mr. and .Mrs. W. S. Goodwin. .Mrs. I.eigh Hunt Miss Neva Funk. Miss Imogene .MIf chell and Miss Charles. • + Rehearse Playelte. The .-'orosis club Is lueellng wtlli Mrs, S, 1,. Holmes today for a n henrsiil of the playelte, ••.v Gcntl .lury," The playctte will l>c an event of tbo convention time. + * * • —The nre.>;s Goods section in Mi Richard,>ion dry gfwds store Is treminc over with all that is new and prett for fall and winter IWS. '•^ + •> Progressive Club, . A meeting of the Progre.^sive club of Gas City has been called for the "vening of Wednesday, October Tth This will be the first program meet ing and there will be several papers of interest, also musical niimlirrs Mrs. M. Gobie will entertain the clnh *•!••> Visit Parents. .Mrs. P. H. Caldwell and two child ren of Centralia. 111., are visiting Mrs Caldwell's parents. Mr. and Mrs. .1 W. Primmer. • •:• • —The Richardson dry goods siore carry the T,andlsman Hirscbheimer 'ine of ladies, misses and '-hildren's "oat.^ This is:rounted one of the very jticst iline.« made. It will pay you to visit this department. ' Mr. and Mrs. Russel Home. Yesterday afternoon Mr. and Mrs .Charles K. Riisse] whos" wedding was solemnized at Long Beach, Call fornal. arrived here and will make Tola their home. The lateness of the train In arriving here prevented a party of liuslness im -n and ^olher friends of the couple . in welcoming iheni home. The party went to th" Simla Fe station at \)\r\ noon hour with iiuineroUK parrelK whleji niighl have reveiiled rlre if ihe bystnnders hiid IMII known, but only n few re Ihlllned to Mhower the couple with the iMublem of lirldnt hue. Mrs. RUN- He) formerly ||vi -d In lidn nml has vlHiiod here Heveral I lines so tlini a large nuniher of friends will give iter n cordial we |(;oin<' ^o their social circles. .Mr. and .Mrs. Russel will lie at home at the S. iieller residence for short time before establishing a new home. * * • —Richardson's are showing some splendid values In infant's and children's coats, prices ranging from 11.25 to flO.OO. Thufsday Night, Oct 1 GEORGE DUGGAN IS. GEORGE SIX six jraccd throtigh the Oklahoma Jcirciiit last year and everybody here knows that Duggan isj fast. The ,rink will be open on Sat- urdaysii hereafter for schoo' chl'dren and beginners and any 'others 'wh<i desire to come. ditorium he WhMr Falare." Miss ChamiMrii|in' Here. Miss Mary Chamberlain, of Hum* boljdt. was a guest ot friends hers yesterday. Miss Ctiamberlain ' Is president of the Art club here and was in town for the meeting. * * *. Miss Horwitz Home. Miss Belie Horwitz has returned from a vacation of several weeks at places of interest in .Colorado. * * + To Bart'lesville. Mrs. Arthur Cox and small daughter, returned to Bartlesville yesterday after a visit with friends and rcl atlvcs here. WIFE FOLLOWED HIM FRUIT GROWERS MEET. )! Auto Party. Mrs. l.elch Hunt entertained several frlendsj! yesterday with a motor party. The honor guest was Miss Imogene Mitchell who Is spending two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Goodwin. • <- <• V. p. C. U. Meeting. The program for the meeting of the Young Pfjoples" Christian I'nion of the v. n. church last night was unusu.illy Interesting. .Mrs. Chas. C ourtner directed the devotionals and other parts of the work and there were several short experience talks. The general subject was city mi.'ssioniwork and a number of mem hers, amoiig them Mrs. R. H. Bennett, told of heir work in the Interest of charitable Institutions. The attendance of friends and members was exceptionally large. nnml)ering forty, and the interest was noticeable in many ways. • • • Celebrated Anniversary. Chief w' yesterday lliam Gates and .Mrs. Gates elebrated the forty-first anniversary of their marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Gatesj have as their house guefjt. a niece, Mrs.Hope White, of Chicago. I- ' and several other relatives enjo.ved their hospitality yesterday. Mr. arid Mrs. Gates received several handsome presents in imemory-of the occasion. <' <' -> Auto Parties. Several .young married couples are .Trrancinc to have two motor parties to Yates Tenter tomorrow to attend the fair. Tlie day will be spent In vis Iting the viarious amusement.-; thero 200 Men From All States are In Kansas City. Kansas City, Mo.. Sept. ,70.—T.wi hundred fruit growers, coming from nea'ly every slate in the Union, with one from I/>ndon, Bug., and three from Canada, nltended the first con ventlon of the California Fruit Grow ••rs' exchange, which l>egari; here to day. California sent 9h members, who came from the coast on a special train. ~ The California Fruit Growers' ex change Is a co-operative compan.r that represents four thousand growers. Tip to fourteen years ago the only men who found mu-h prom In the frulf business In California were the com mission brokers. Prices Anally were •ut to pieces by the brokers in the! struggle for orders and from this con llfion evolved the growers' exchange low meeting here for a three days • e.-srsion. "Today's session was executive, and iside from Mayor T. T. Crittendon rho welcomed the delegates, no out I ider was present. The meeting as leen called for the, discussion of (he I rowers' buisiness and it will be in session till Thursday evening. BFROLARS 15 rLOTK. IjecsUar Thef^ Orcnnrd In Wkhiln Some Days A«[«. Wichita, Sepl. .10—The clock on th court house w!as •burglarized" .ve.<te d ly. The partirlpants probably in ttnded It as a joke, hut the destruc tl >n of proiM -rty was anything but Jtke^o the man who hid to repair the d: mage. Mr. Wilson ofjthe VII Jewelry con ti; ny. who has t^ie job of keeping the ••l -K -k In order, said that the interior o; •he clock had been reached by taklnr « cold chisel aiid cutting the staple ni two locks Ihta guarded the doors to the clock room. After gaining admission to the w >rks an Iron bar had i>een used and Ihp mechanism Controlling the strik in: had been l>ent and liattered. .Mr Wilson has had two men working r.v th; clock all day and If will cost al>ou $2"> to put It in repair again. Th works are of the best. They wen m|inufactured by the Howard companj a cost of $7.00n. The clock bad been ticking away for twenty .vears previous to this offense wl h very little repair work being re qu red. at $UES FOR INSURANCE MONEY. Mr]s. Mollle Smith Wants $118 From. Metropolitan. We lisTe jjiint melted • i|nsn1il)- of rut irliiNS i*^y lieaotlful plercs In fhr Nuperl* dcNlf^ and lirilllanry of Lib. •icyV BOIHIS, riie World's Best. Thme Ind de .*<«ndnlrh Tnyn, Snp pers, Vaxes, llnwls and iMrlons other pieces iiHrtii^larly In denund Just now. frlces .Mrs. .Mollle Smith began suit In dk- triit court today to recover JllR from the .Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. wh ch she says is due her as the pol icy on the life of her husband. Chas Sitaith. who died about a year ago Shf says she is entitled to the amount of the policy hut the company refuses or neglects to pa.v. and hence goe>- Into court. 2d rantre from fI .S« up. Mttla Fe ud M. K. A T. ira|e> Inspeefon. J. w east To Rebuild Home. Piartles who started the subscrip tlon to raise funds to rebuild the home of Old Aunt Vic. the well known col- pre<i woman, whose only propr rty was destroyed by lire recently. rei»ort that clllzens are responding liberally peared today that enough nione) material would be subscribed to lid the home. ,000 MEN WORK strife of ('•nudian ParlHc Xerbnnk-s { I>pcl«red off Today Alter a Conferenee^ nni|>efi. .Man... Sept. SO.—The strlkle of the Canadian Pacific me:han Ics T 'hich started on Ausust~4th. was declj red off early today. Abo\it twenty tl ousand men were affected. The term! of the settlement are not yet meed. The strike was declared off i I the west flrst and will be followed by a similar declaration in the 0. S. vrilklus lii C'lmrgred IVtth Lklng | With n Woman ?SOt His Wifc^ Stands TrtaL WAMTSt O. S. Wilkins and .Mrs. P. Pottei. alias .Mrs. P. \l1lkin8 are being tried In .lustice Potter's court this afternoon on charge of unlawful cohabitation. Complaint was made by the wife of O. S. Wilkins. She came here from Kansas dity this morning. Mr. 0. S. Wilkins and Mrs. Porter. WANTED—lola properly to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Ijuid Co. OBicc over Iowa Store, lola. Kas. . WA.NTED—Housekeeper for smal^' alias Mrs. P. Wilkins, have been, so If family: middle aged woman preferred. Is alleged, living at 41.'. South Wal- Address H. W., thi.s office. nut street as man and wife for the _+ past month. They have with them two WANTErU-Housekeeper. Infinite children, one 12 years old and the oth- ""3 Kast Lincoln. Phone MS. er l.'i .vear.<. According lo Ihe nllrgalions of the complaining witness O. S^ Wilkins Is a wealthy man,, being worth about $50.(>00. When the defendants wcer arraigned this atfernoon they pleaded not V WANTED—Man and wife or two cirls lo c<wk and wash dishes, hotel .ind cafe, steady work, gmni wages. Call at S<iulh Side Hotel and Cafe, Humboldt, l<as. Wm. Hailcy, I'roi WANTED-^A urst class salesman to III. ,^ .k„ ..k ....T» ...iinrf f..r se" our teas, coffees and speciallie.^ guilty to the charge and called or consumer In and around an attorney. After consulting with ^ gp„,, paying buslner.s to right tl^elr lawyer. Col. J. B. Atchison, a parties. Write or call on the Grand hiry trial was called for. A change Union Tea t.'o.. 704 Kansas Avenue, it venue was asked and .lustice E. G. Topeka, Kas. 'lough was called to tr jS.' Potter's j court. Mrs. Wilkins also began suit today in district court for allmon.v. WANTED—To buy a light surrey.— lola Land-Co. HACK IS TOMORROW MMHT. DngKan and Sicks io Put on Ihe First Contest ' SAL^MEIN & AGENT£^—J I $ I50..00 p-'.r week and over can be made sellibg V.jw t'ampaign Novelties from now until election. Sells to Stores, County Kairis. Picriics and Private Families. Complete line of samples, charges prepaid for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO N07ELTY CO., 60 Wabash Ave.. foil SALE'mimomllmmmout The first roller skating race of lhe|C^gagO- season will occur at the Auditorium tr- morrow night, the contestants belnr Geo. Duggan and Geo. Sicks. Duggan . FOR SALE—SO" feet 2xi0x2n; cheap is a local racer who has a pretty good See O. O. Woods, telephone 1214. reputation for speed while Sicks is an FOR RENT. SALE 7 >K TRADK- unknown, quantity. He raced last yeai Eighty acres improved, r. miles west through the Oklahoma circuit and of lola. Will trade for rental property, claims to be fast. He says he will Addressor call^at Cataract hotel, lola make Happy Richardson sit up and Uke notice before the season gets fairly started. The race will take place promptly at nine o'clock. FOR Ran' MtmomUmmmouB riT WHILE SHAYI >0. O. L. Allrn .Injured Today. FOR RENT—Six room house with |or without barn. Close In. Phone 249. FOR RENT—Six room house: gofMl location and neighborhfKKl; at T**' With Razor FOR sleeping O. L. Allen, of 216 South Tennessee street, suffered a severe razor cut on the right hand about 2 o'clock this afternoon. Allen has jttst completed the llask of shaving himself when he acci lentally struck the back of his right I TO IX)AN— $r >.O00 private money on land lietween the first two knuckles j farm land at 6 per cent.—tola Xjund Co. kith the heel of the r«zor. Inflicting u " RE.NT—Furnished I rooms: G04 North .lefferson. FOR RENT—Furnished rooms: .'J^S South JeiTerson. fOR BXOHMHBt ^ »ut about three quariers of an Inch deep. A physician was summoned who dressed the wound and no serious results are anticipated. MOTLNCI THE SHOPS. I-"Ol\N'D—Pair of nose glasses. Inquire this office. IX>ST—Itack comb. Amethysts set in green gold. Reward. Return to 417 East Madison. Bffsiness Difectorfw DR. MILDRED CURTIS • • Physician and Surgeon. • • Olllce over BuTell's Drug Store • • Office Phone 5.i4. • • Resilience 214 B, Jackson • • • Phone .iCa. • DRS. BEID * REID, • • Physicians and Surgeons. • • X-Ray and Electrical Appllancas. • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat • Office Phoue 357: Res. 396. * • • • • DR. MrMlLLEN, • Special attention given to the * treatment of all Chronic Dlseas- • es and Diseases of. Children. * Telephones: Office H}2. Res. 232. * Office over Burrellts Drug Stor* • West Madison. • Phoino 687. Res. 701. DB. O. L. COX, ^ Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. BIdg. 9p* •••••• • • • 0fflc3 Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 408 DR. R.> o. CHRHHAN Physician and Surgeon Rooms 7 and .8. E^ans Bids. F. H. MARTBf, Surgery and Dlseaaes of Women. Office and Residence PboBe:576 Office 7 North Jefferson. • • • • • • • JBWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, 110 East Street Lodge Dttectofy KKIGHTS OF PXTHIAS^eosh* Lodge No. 43 meets erery Monday night at K. of P. Hall. VislUng brothers Inritcd. W. S. Thompson. B. C. Chris RItter. K. of R. and a KSIGHTS OF XACCABBBS^ Knights of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourtli Saturday nights ot each month. J. W. Postwait. commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. Santa Ke Quietly Shipping .Marhioer} loiChannte and Employees Getting Ready to Li-are. I-X)r.N'D—Stray shoal. Owner can have same by paying for keep and this advertisement. Ifttls South State St Ottawa. Kas., Sept. 30—The removal of tlie Santa Fe shops from Ottawa togOOOOO«>0000000 000 Cbarinte which has been the subject Q JJ _ WEAR. O of rumor for several years, Is now ue- b Wichita. -Kausafi. O Ing iiuletly effected, and local Santa O WESTERX LANDS & RANCHES O Fe .employees expect shop work to be 9 ^""l^'* P"" Trfl"- O entirely discontinued In Ottawa with- g $3.00 an Acre, Up. O in a jmonth or six weeks. A big- ship- OOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOO ment of machinery went out from the ;hops last week, and the statement l .'i made by the machinists that their tools are now being packed, for ship- OUR TELEPHONE ment. About half the shop machinery Is constantly ringing these days. Sep- it is said, has already teen moved out tember, you know. Is the time to have Many of the shop employes are pre- the^summer dust cleaned out of car- paring to move to Chanute. although ^^^e are but your order will their statement that they ha»-e been receive prompt and careful attention. Instructed, to prepare for the change Phone us ^today. Is dispuated by Foreman Craig, who W. O. W.— Camp No. 101 meeU In K-. of P. Hall (xvcry Friday- night ^ W. T. Steele. C. C, A. H. Davis, CTwk Visitors cordially invited. __ . M. W. A.-The M. W. A. Lods* meets every Friday night in M. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. F. C Coffleld. V. C, W. A. Cowan. CHerk. ~ROTAL KEIGHRORS.—Tola Gamp No. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, orad*. Mrs. Mary Hutton. 413 West Street. , Recorder. FRATERNAL RROTHEBBOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fo.urth Thursday of each month In A. O. U. W. Hail. VisltUs members cordially Invited. W. H. Anderson, president; Golda Blam. Mcr*. Ury. states that no orders relative to removal have been received. "We un- desrstand that the new Chanute shop? re being built lo though," add.'; Mr. Craig. The city of Ottawa paid the Santa Fe $80,000. to establish the shops here. lOU RUG FACTORY PkoM sit. A SFRPRISED .MIM.STER. he action of the railroad In removing hem. ' "For many years I have been a suf- • . , _ ». „,lferer from bronchial catarrh, and had .nd there has been much protest at | ^^^^^^^^^ anything like a cure Judge of my pleasant surprise when I first used Hyomel, which lirr>ught 1 complete relief. Hyoinel has been a I veritable goflsend"—Rev. Charle.* Hartley, Sardinia, Ohio. Thousands of cutHrrh sutferevit have given up In despair. They hnve tried stomach dosing, snuff, spruys and douches without SUCCC.HS , and now br­ io COMPLETE A TRADE. Mrs. Denning Brings Suit Against T. A. Harklna Mrs. Georgia Denning has brnuKhtj lleve catarrh to be Insurable ult In district court against T. A. Harkins to compel him to complete a rade which she says he agreed to. Hut Chas. II. Sponcrr ft Co. Ine druggist, holds mil hope to nil distressed. He sells H remedy called Ily- nniel which Is guaranteed for catarrh, rs. Denning says In her petition colds, coughs, bronchitis, asllinia and that she enured Into.a contract with croup. the defendant to trade Gas 'city prop- "y^^l 'l-ronounced HIgh-o-mel Is _ # 11 .w.,... K..t .K-. 11;.,. medicated air, full of the healthy vir crty for lola property but that Har- „f mountain pines. You kins failed to carry out his end of the breathe In the delightful antiseptic air, agreement. She therefore asks the and as it passes over the Inflatned and court to compel him to complete the pi™ membrane. It allays the Inflammation, kills the germs, and o**'- ' drives out the disease. A complete Hyomel outfit. Including Married Today. . a hard rubber Inhaler, costs but $1.00. Judge J.' B. Smith this afternoon an* an extra Ijottle of Hyoniei. if af- Maud I|;;«llar both of lola. - 'today. LOW COLONIST RATES TO. CALIFORNIA OLD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST , AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA ON SALE Sept. Itt to Oct. 31st Ask for Fnll InformatOB. C .P.H«le,Agt.

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