Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 30, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1908
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Tim R9^mimr Hmm ihm: Imrgmmi GirouimiSQH Im Allmd Qouaiy of Amy PutUmkmdIm ikm Ooumty, TOI.rME X. MMRKK flU. SIX PAGES. lOLA, KANSAS, SEPTEMBER 30. 19<K~W EDXESDAT EVEMMJ. SIX PAGES. PBioK TWO cam. TORCH LIGHTiPARADE WILL ktE A FKATIKK OF TIIK SKC KE'^AKY WIIuSOX HALLY. STUBBS IS TO COME, TOO CANDIDATE F(»K (iOVEVKNOK TO SPEAK HEKE IN THE EVENING. i ^ _ All County Bands Will «P Hon^—C«ini. niittei- Coi iplrtinfr V\»\\s for Ri); A marchiuB lino of l«>(in volcrs. car rying torchps and shooting Roman can dies, will be i feature of the big rally here on the evening of October 13 w Octol ^cr _i;ith is to be the occasioij Ifof the \)i?gest rally ever lield here. Hon. Jahies Wilson, secretary of the Department of Agrictiltnro, is to make the address of the afternoon. Allen county is honored in reccivinp; a visit from a cabinet offloer, especially from one who is so much in the |)ublic eye Hs Secretary >Vilson nnd it Is expected that an Immense crewd will l>o in iola to hear him a'peaU. Mr. Wilson is an unuiiually sti-ong speaker nnd Is con tributlnir ynuch tn the speakhiR cam paign of the party, tn so much us he is necretary rtf the department of AK Ticultnre the ienlire farming cnmmnn Ity of Allen c <mnty will lie In aitenl ance at the rally. Mr. Wilson, how over, will driaw ' from the adjoining rountleo. It lis known that large del pgallops ar<< c <inilng fniui the towuB which have good railway access to tola. It is imssible hut nothing defln ite Is known as yet. that excursions will J)f inin here. Congressman IJrnesI M. Pollard of Nt^braska. Is to be here with .Mr. Wilson. Ho is one of the strongcit men in the House. Steps have been taken to secure the bands in Humlioldt. Moran, Elsnloro and all the surrounding towns to take part in the rally togellicr with the local bands. In the eveniui: of the l.ith Hon. W. R. Stubb«. of Lawrence, the Repul)li- can candidate for governor, will si>pak. Efforts have been made for some time to get Mr Stubbs for Iola on the K'.th. but not iintil today was it known po.s- itively that he would come. This morning a i)l-.oue me.^sago w.i.s recoiv- Pd from Topeka. stating that Mr. Stubbs would 1)0 bore. As Mr. Stubbs Is In great demand over the state, possibly more .so; than any other siato candidate. Allen rouuty has boon es pecialy favored in s<viiring hini. .Mr. Stubbs's political addresses have c.-ir- ried mu'ifi weight thus far in the caui- paicn and tho influonre of-his visit to IclJ will Iie f.?lt. Tlhere (as b(M'n some talk of havin? qarbecue hen- in connection with ralty. However, after delllu'ralins he prnpositliin it was deejiled thiit tiorch llRhl proci'ssion woiilrl lie mo^e flitlnf. anil the couitnittee will plate an order nt once for .'uii inr -he« from one ; supplv bouse. Other doui-ceK will hi- d;ii»n from, liowever, HO jhat there will be luuii t(MclieH'in file pBr«i ,1e., The couilultter' will lay in i stork of HDUIIIII candles.; This menus tluii till- pariide on ilie flight ol file i:!(h wltj he a gorgeous and lus|>lriug affair.. FroraJiow on Hie cnt^inilltee will de- vole flue and eueipy toward making fhlsiallv one ^o'be lone rememtiered In Allen coitnly. ' BONDED INDEBTKDNE.SS WfifiwIMI. Sti r is SiHte .Vu<i (4 >r l.ssnc .<i .Stiitrrnedt for Ml Counties. A stijiement' issued by State Auditor J. M.Natinii shows that the municipal Iwnttd indebtedness of Ajlen conn ty is $56B.5tin. The tntal ix>nded in- debtedne.'s of all of.Ihe counties, ciiip;- townshipi and school districts of Hi;state is ;:5'.,6."ii'.S44.. The first county this reppct; as usual; is Wyandotte county. It has a total bonded indebtedness oj $4.20o.3ur». Shawnee county Is second with |2.'lSu.8iJ7. which represents all iebts; including county.cittps school dit^ricts. etc. The pounty having the siiallest,bonded indelnedness Is Gove, fiilh i only |2,200. Wallace oouhty follows with only $6,600. The Items maling up this total bonded indebtedness ar^ as follows: • County -Indebtedness; J10,763,682; township ^d icity indebtedness, |20,161,835; tf^ooj au4 district ladebted- ness, $4j7 7,827. ARE OFF TOMORROW BDOSTlKlt.S LEAiTE AT 9:0i ,1. .M FOR VATES CENTER. Iola Clnh Will Have H Parade and Spend Day Visiting Among Busi­ ness Men. Over a hundred have already stat ed their intention of going to Yates Center in the morning. The train will stop just long enough in TiciUa to allow the Elooslers time to give the people of that town the Rooster yell and a selection by the Roberts Concert Band. Almost every merchant, business and professional man in Iola will be on hand. This trfp is sure to be a most en joyilile .one. The stocl; show is an an annual feature at Yates Confer, and Inlans have long promised themselves a visit on this account. Now that the Booster club with their ox- celleuf band will be an added feature. It Is. safe to say only the most pressing business will prevent any-one fr<'in attending. The parade at Yates Center will bt <i!i.> In which eyery one will be wel coniei! to tnk*> part. . This is the last railrtutd trip of the season and the n «H>sfers collectively ami indlvldunlly can be truslod to devise «)non!;h amusing features In keep ev(,»ry tnie In good humor. Manv long standing cases of the blues have been cured by the Booster p;-«<scrlption. So let each sunny member of the family bring along the worry laden and bnnl.-xli grouchluoss frniu the household. Yon will lie furnished with a Boosl- r ear,! of greeting and the pass word and the Booster .sign. Thi.< conibiua- tioi! secures a warm welcome to the fortunate hobler. and if y iij ;<--e not ti Booster before you make this 'rip you v>II want to join them when you =et i'.nol; and .uid tell your fr'onsd of the iinod time you lu-l in Yafes Center. LESS CHOLERA NOW Number of Cases at St. Pctejrsburg Lowest Since Epidemic Began. St. Petersburg. Sept. r.u.—the cholera epidemic continues to decrease in he number of victims and mortality. The report issneri for the municipal hospitals for the iwouiy-foiirs ending al \\n(\n in fay cive.;: 222 c;isos. ninety- uiue deaths and i:'.7 re-nveries. The new cases and dealt s reported are the owesi since the climax of the fipi- deniic. The nnnilior of deaths and latieiits •liscliarced ciirot] is begiii- ir- lr> exceeil the ^lew cases. ^^•ll ^:e reports in »-ircuIa)ion among e lower classes of the ill treatment of piitients at the hospitals have ilono m,iicli 1(1 enitiarrass the work of the loelors. The relatives of persons lelii'ii with llie cholera often en- leavor to previ-nl the cases being retorted, and this Increases greatly th<' jiiiKer (if Infection. 30.000 Die From Cholera. I'eMim. Sept. ;:M.There li;ive been en deiillis r "(fiu 'he lillbnilie plague at Toim SliM. sixiv nillc-«' northeast of riini .<lii. since the outbreak of the epl- eiiile. N'o alarin is fell, however, and It is iiDt bell.•veil that tlii- will sprr-ad. Tie clinleia in the Yatigtse valle.v s abaiinc but the toll of deaths this soa.son has been very heavy. Tn Hanow :!0 .(iiMi natives and a score of foreigners have died of the malady. FOR THE CAMPAIGN REPIBLICAV CO.MMITTIiE AR. RANl^ED DETAILS LAST NKillT. SCHOOL HOUSE MEETINGS WILL BE A FEATI RE CA.MPAI«N. OF THE Not a Lnrality IN to <Jo I 'nTlKlted hy I Rrpnliliran Orators—Quartrtte and "Canned" Spewlieti. At aj meeting of the executive committee of the Republican county central committee ^and tkc candidates .if the hckdquarters last night, plans were iVerfected for Ihe conduct of the campaign In AHen county this fall. After a lengthy discussion in which much interest was manifested, it was decided to make the old fashioned school house campaign. Not a locality In the connf." will be overlooke<t and lioi. a single stone will bo left nutiiriujd to |H}11 a record-breakinc Republican majority in the county in Novem|ier, The commit toe recently asked tor suggest Ions from Republi enns n|i fo the manner of the ••am palgn. e«t in«i THE WEATHER. for Kansas: Fair htnight and TharNday; nw\n toni-^iil nith prolNililjr frost. FLORENCE SPEAKS MKETINti HKLII IN RLPI BLICAN IIEADQIARTERS TONIfiHT. Qnurlrlte Will .sfnpc Utr Cani|mign Songs Furjonr IniilrJ to .\llind. . NORTON CO. LEAVES Concrete Comnany Will IMove Plant to Kansa* City—Saving in Freight an Inducement. The plant of the Horton Concrete company is being torn down preparatory to moving to Kansa? City. r". J. Doxsee. local manager of the coiu- pan.v. stated this morning that the company had decided to go to Kansas CItiy owing to the great saving In freigii:. A large part of the material usod in making concrete blocks Is bhi[>ped to this point and the largest market for the .finished block is in Ivayisas. The offices of the company will bo mov«^ about O^^ober Uth,, The sentiment strongly favor- orgnnming or Uepubltcan clubs 4nd the holding of m«M>llucr. In every scti>ol house in the mwn- ty and to that eml the commlffoo last night decided to arrange a srbod ulo of meetings over ll i- rouuty and to desicnati> b-ailers to instiluli> at •nice the (irganlzatiim of Kepuldi-an clubs, in every voting preiiuci of the county. .\ lis" of I i .-al ..p.-ake : will (•.• luade up .soon and liilled for the different localltio.s. over the county. .\ qnar- letie has already been secureil to accompany th.' sjieakers and furnish some good sineing. The qiiartello i^-. now practicing campaign sou;;s "I'an- uod" speerhes will Jilso be a feature of these meetings. The couiinlllo" lias seep-'^il a qrapbapbonf' with a niin>l>er! of ilio s|>eecl e.> of .Mr Taft iiiii oTh'T noted RiMMihlican header:; 'in the issues of the I ..-1 -it ov •uiiii; rh'- "caniied" .speerln-i ent.'r- i • aiued ibi- committee for about an lioiir and will no doubt prove ri cr.-af I j succi's.s. ! .\n>oiiK thi' f?epu!>Iican Ieadi-t.< of he county are man.v effective talkers and' they have yobintarilv offereii heir sorvicils to the' committeo. The ' of tle^ school! hous«- meetjni;^ •.vill_ probably be held th" laiior pari of the week. .At the oommi'Te meeting las' ni::h' L. .Vo'thnip. rbairiiia.n of the Rr- publican couniv central 00^101111"?. ipr>oin»ed .1 Vi. Henderson. W. J. Ihrig ami \V 41. .McCliire as a cimniit- eo to stdicit funds, for the cauii\ai-n. The committee had harilly IM-OH aiv pointeii when cnniribtttions w.'n- ot fered This 'ominiMee will call on he |{e|iiiblicaiiH to I 'xpn'ss tliejr lo\ liy and good will by l-elpinK to tn'.-ir be llnaiicial luirder of the catnpaiuii. A large coaslgniueiit of camiiaign lieraiure It .Ts been reeilved and this will lie |d:ici'd on the tabb >s in tl 'e i'-:iilfliiarters fo - .lisiriliiiliou. W. II Aiideison will lie In charce of the 'u-Md<|Uarlers and will wait on all who all there for liloraluri> or iiiforiiia- (ui eonceriiiiig lb" Jcauipaian. The n'atter of placinc a lar;;'- lian- uer or sign bearinc I be word.<. ""Re publican' Ile;idquarters." in front of the i;eadnunrters was con.;ider- ed. Tlie committee will decide dr-fin- itely atsjio the nature of the bannpr ili a few days. Ther»i was much enthusiasm at the meeting List nUht. indicatinc «hat the campaign will bo fjarried on by the parly with much vigor and with unusual: snccoss. .Attorney A K Kloreuc wlil a political lucniinu tn the Republican hradquarlers .<n We.-t Mailisou .sirecl ti>iiii:hl. Thi!. will IM < the tir.vt home lalcnt rallv the Itepublicau!^ have put on in lida diMini: i^" 4 ':imi>:ii^:n l>ut it will !>•• .in cniliii>i:i.-i .t.- on.' Mr Florence i.» it .i aiiial«-nr in e:iiii|iiii:iiiilig. K .T r.i.itn M-!i.~ he wav. >iti'- .1 the e |in-r Kepulili. .in oratort; in \Vi>< d .-iui ci >uiil>. hi.- aibiie -tes alw.-i;..< beiii;; well ie ,t .i\,.,| Se\erai i >f Ihe eandi- d.ilr «ii lie i >i »>elii .1! the lueotinp. .S .1U1.' if lli .-m will hki ly IH - cjillod up- nii III tell why .\Ili-n county should :;ive an unusually large Republican m:ii'irtly ibis fall Tin- eiiniuiiilee li:).- al .-i. arrauced for :iiine .special nnisic \\\ .|n;trle!te Thi' i-iiiger.-^ aie we! snpplieil with late t '.-iiiip:il;:ri S'in::s ;uid iheir p.iit in the i.i <i -.:rani will 1 <• i-.m- "f tli«' b'*.-;! reaiuie.< Tod.iy eli;iirs are \» mi; piii In the hall ti .r iho.-e -.vbo an .'tid I 'mislit Kv- c i -yotie is invited in .-iit .-nil this nieef- ing which.will lumu .it IINTIL TEN O'CLOCK MADE TEN SPEECHES SECRETARY TAFT WAS BISV ALL D.\V YESTERDAY. HE MENTIONED BRYAN AND THEN THE AIDIENCE CLAM­ ORED FOR THE REAL THING. In Brjan 's Home State Ihe Sentj- nirni Is Strongly Rrpuli- Ih-an. SANTA'S MAN HERE AIJENT FOR CHRI.ST.1IAS TOYS CALLS tIN LtM'AL MEKCHANT.S. DLsthirtivr Fnitarr of Tojs This Year Is rj^e of Elect riral Power iu .Mechanical Inientionii. (ANT M.VRRY WITHIN A YEAR. The Su|)rfnie Court in Wi^-on-sin Re- sirirts Diiorrrtl Person*. .Madison. \Vis.. Sept. ;'.0—By a decision of the su ireme court yesterday, divorcefl persons in Wisconsin are prohihiiTed from piarryio^ again within one pear. Any such marriage within a ye |ir after divorce is declared null and \-oid. Kellej -riGot JndKmenL J. Rl| Kelley has been granted a Jud8;oie|l>t for |339 against the Webster R< CHANCE IN OPEN HOURS FOR STAMP WINDOW AT POST OFFICE. Ruling Made to Accomodate Patrons. —Mail Collected at t a. m. From Boxes on the Square. l!"Sii)iiuii; 'oiiini 1 iiw. HcKiber Isl. :lie •..••'tjeral ibliv. |-\ wiiidnw at Ihi- lo :il i.n.itolbe.. wi'l (..• 1 .-i.' open until III n'cltiel \i III \l this windojK- .>-l.ilii|'.>! will !)•• >')M and li'tt.-i.-.; and p.icl:a;;V. -!••!< •! AlsiiiiM Miii 'r 111 ai 'i 'oiiiodal.- the I>aiiiins; o| ilie InraV | citnc" ('has. B .<ti"iie.r. po.'-inias ;i r. li ;is or lere.I Hal a colleciion of mail on ih" Imxes ariiiitid III.' sqiiar.' be taken a* I o'clock a ui. H.-n-lofor.' the I;i;^l colb-c linn was ttiaib- between fi: |u an<l 6 :00 [>'e!ork in ili.'- evi-nin«. In order to inalv.-- Ih" cli.-in-o it was n-'.>sar> in i.iu l-'r:i"k Tanner on the deliv "i -r;. wiie 'ovi- in I 'le ev.-niuc. .fa-s. O. Brown will' a>.kuni" bis duties a.- ca-fier of rmiie No. I .mil .lames Horr will r;irry Mr. Brown".- former route No. .<;. This change is not due 10 any order froni beadqiMri.-rs b'lt comes from Po.stmas'^r Cbas. B Spfiirer. who wishes to acromodate tbe people. PROF.INNES IS ILL Famous Band .Har<tcr Snfferinc from Attack of Fe>er in a Seattle Hot4 >l. Sioux City. la.. Sept "a.—Trailing in the path taken by Bryan yesferda^ the Taft special train covered long distances in ISastern South Dakota today, reaching estem Iowa tonight. He made fen speeches today. A monster meeting here was the climax of a successful day which links tocethcr South Dakota and Iowa. Incidehtally there has been an opportunity to com pare Bryan and Taft crowds. The Democratic candidate was the draw iUR canl at the corn carnival held In Milchell. S. P.. .vesferday. .Mr. Taft WHS Ihe cojiter of nitractiou in thai cily today. .And lioth IV-mocrnls and Itepnhlicans iiniled in saying the Taft audiences were nearly twice as targe as fhosi" addressed by Bryan. Apparently, the .Mitcliell audience, easily |.'».uoo. was an Inspiration to Mr- Taft. for he made the most, logi cal an.l nmst effective spee<-h of hia •our. Before Mr. Taft had hei-n speaking (Ive iiiinui>n< it became apparent that thi- crowd want.'d him to "po alter' Bryan, and as he was in' good voice he did not shrink from the task. "That's right, .soak him." call •d several men. Speaking of Mr. Bryan's government ownership of railroad declaration on his return from the trip amund the world. Mr. Taft said. His friends said his view has been broadened and he's coming homo safe and sane. That made Mr. Bryan sevi- sitive and he rofijtos it as a sland- or. There was another wave of onfhii siasm when .Mr. Taft said: "If Mr. Bryan is parent, son and heir of the Roosevelt rolicjos it is unfortunate that the man most res ponsilile for those iwilicios can recognize neither the ancestry nor the heir­ ship." S«»utb Dakota has jitst gone throiich .•» bitter factional fi:hf iu which Senator (;ambl<- and Senator" Kittrodge were the contending leaders. Governor Coe I. Crawford who defoalod Kitt­ rodge for the Senate; the two .senator::, the representative.^ in Congress, state officer.s and oihor Republican l«-adors. who accomnanicl the Taft party, assiire.i the Republiean nomi nee that he was the rhoic of botil wines of the (larfy and that .South Dakota would cive him .'I'l.miu pliiral- ii.* SiM -akiiii; of .Mr. Br .xan Taft said: "The diniculty about .Mr Bryan, my distliigiiisbed op|ionent. Is that he Is encaged in trvins to avoiil his record and ibi- Republican pa'-ty and its cau- ilidai.-s are tryitm to stand by its record. .Mr Br .\an. I lieliev.-. inviteil my consideration to a iiiiinl »or of issues yester.lav. but I doiit think that !e dn.di. u-iili that intense er.iphasis of wliieli he capab!". mi lh<- condition the faiii.'Ts Wi >ri- in when be was. so to speak, at the helm I ion't think lie called your attenlion lo tt.e effect on the niarket. price of farmers' products under the Gorman-Wl'son tariff bill, of which he was one of the chief advocates. He did not refer to the faer with any de^iroo of si^nifi- c-diice that wheat under the influence of that srreat tariff measure went down below fifty cents. He did not call your attention to the fact that corn wa.-; at twenty-one cents, and oats at ten cents; nor .lid he dwell on the fact that after the Democratic parry, under his leadership, had brought about such a condition of affairs, thai then in order to help us all out of difficulty he propfised a method Dy which we should repudiate half onr debts and in that way stagger back to prosperity. Seattle. Wash.. Sept oU.—Frederick Innes. the well known eastern bandmaster and musical director of the Alaska-Yukon exposition, is lying dan gerously ill in the Savoy bot^l. suffering from ferer. Mrs. Innes is with GIVE HIM GLAD HAND CONGRESS.WAN BUBTON WARMLT WELCOMED IN KANSAS CITY. WANY TRIBUTES TO TAFT OHIO REPCRLICAN GIVES HAKT REASONS FOR ELECTION. DLtmlssed Case. The case of A. S. White vs. D. W. RItter. aa action to foreclose, has been dismissed in district court. The advance agent of good St. .Nicholas, (lop'ularly known as Santa Claus is in town, though Christmas is over three months away. He has Teddy Bears and Teddy Bear doils. which are the latest development of the Teddy bear: Noah's arl>s; the gandy-coloreid tin soldiers of our childhood: the rut>- ber dolls which are goo«l for babies- tootsies; and-all the wonderful things •Ahirh for a' century—perhaps tw«| ce::- luries—have delightetl l)oys and girls the world over. I'.iil, a.« iu most other things, there have boon vast improv(<inents in toys since we wvre Iwys. There have tieen iiiipro%-emcnis in them iu the last two •>r three years. I>D11S now havi- joiuteil limbs, eyebrows and natural hair, and some of iheni can walk with Helsarleaii gr.ico. and ndl iheir eyes Lewlt«hiiiK. .Mau.\ i >t them are cnsiiiincd a la Baris*. with •oi-ilisiant Kelix hats. \V<»rth gowns ;Jiil S<u'(isls footwear—to say nothing ! >f e .vpensive silk and lace lingerie. Then ibere are aiitoniolilles for didls Svith miniature chauffeurs: dolls' inun Iciire anil toilet vets; dolls' breakfast liner and lea s»;s almost as an fait i.i those you see in Varn «'y 's windows h'ei-. ef iins. and paraxds. for reatij lr.-s .-i\ dolls are also on the niiirkel BUI the disiinclivi- feature In toy... or the roiiiiug hiiliday .season is-juo- if. They are utiliiariaii and appeal t< he srey mailer--especial 'y in the e;i e if li(>y"> toys. K.;r instan »e. there an .ariiiti.-^ ie->lrical loy,-. the inelivf lower of wliieb is a dry battery whiei; j Mr. I 'arlei;. representing Kipp Bro.-. ndi-tuapolis. Ind.. who is at iin- .Man- hatan hotel, s.-iys will .-ii (fi <e for 7 L' "lours" eoniiiinoiis ruiiuin^. .\n\ nutii ber of tbo.-ie nierhanical toy.-'- saws •fjiirn.-:. planer.-, laib-s ean cjii- ii'-cied ttietber l >y holts and operated h.v power derived foni a siuri.- b .iilory. Then there are toy ninvitis ^picture ;hr>ws r :ingiii:; in prie<- from $:: to ?lii. Tiiere are the lanterns and the films jus: as in r*^!! shows, but smaller, of course —enough s "<>d. solid, iuietesan-.; aniii>.enieul lo 'r.iM for Ae.'i'e solid months The toy railroads are fine— ui >-to- lar'- .Mi.iniie lyjie locomotives hanlin;: Twou 'ieib. Ceniiiry l -iiiiifd ti ^ain .s. vestibuled ear.<; .-wiiche.^; block sis- .lal apparaiu .s;. freight trains with r-a- br.o.-ei-; round boiise .s; f-icnal lowers. There are even imitation steel liridges. unnelir. iMrniable.; and hand rar.i. The doiil.Ie a :id ;.-i »cle traeks are well ilisned and ibe! train.- Iio'.i to thMu ai 1 liiub rate of speed Tlieie are nieeliHliieili toy .< i;aiore for Ibis nulling ("In i;-tnia.s. many ol h«-ui decided novelti.-s and e;i.(|iientl> llii .straiive o.frbe inueuiiily of itie aae There is even a ihild".- .<^ewin:; nia- hine --,a dainty liilW- thing v.-liieii nan eouid put in his overcoat |n>»-kei If is not alone ;^ toy. for if will stitch ill the dol!"> c'oihes and hem het_ lalidkerebi'-fs a» well. There are child leti".-. .sa. iMSs batiks in fantastic formv —poll»otiien. firemen, 'dil ri >;ored 'niaiiiniic.-"" and urotesnue clown.'* .X .'i w;i,.i s.,ii| «lM.vf. ne .irly all ihr atest predticHoTis in the t"l> world ire uiiliiaiian .-jiid desi?iieil to inter- e .sf children in niechanical a:id e'ec- trical laws, or in ihe adorning of 'he body and mini-stering to its gastronomic needs. f;ermany leads the world in rhe manufacture of toys, thoiisauds of families-in th'.' Slariz and Black moun • ain region working at ihem year in •tad year out and gaining their entire livelihotid l>y ihi.s work. The electric and laie :4t mechancal toys, however, nre made in thi.> country, a great many in Indianapoli,>. Ind. Says S4inir HooA Things Abont Xr. Srotl and His Work bi Congress. "1 .WMiut New PJiiint. A new- cenieni company ha.s lieen established in Allen coqnty. with all sorts of capital back of it. The company has leased S.Ofjn acres for ninety- nine years, and by that time its members will probably have accumulated a comjietence.—Emporia Gazette. Formerly Here. Isaac Chase. | who has been visit- friends here for several days, left oday forjiouni Hope. Mr. Chase ng The .lournal says: Kansas (Mty. Sept. .lO.—Congreiss man Theodore E. Burton of Ohio opi ened the Republican national!; caim- paicn in W^yandottc county last night; before an audience of 2.500 people assembled In the big wigwam erected on Huron place. Kansas City. Kaa. The Ohio statesman is the flnit ot the speakers sent out by (he national committee to' pay respects to ! th» Kansas metropolis during the present i campaign. When Kx-.Mayor C.. .M. Gray, proai* ! dent of the meeting. Intrtwluced Congressman _ Burton tho big audiene* tens, llbornl with applaiiao. After, brief preliminary remarks Ihe 6hla speaker started out with a comparl. son of the two presidential cnndidatea Wininiu H. Taft nnd William J. Bryan. "The former has contributed to thn uphiilldinc of the .American nation," said ho. •both at homo and abroad^ br his wlsilom. abllily nnd diplomacy aa nn adniinisirafor. .Mr. Taft is better •quipped for the presidential ^.optea .i. ban a>-.> one yet chosen for that ftigh oosition. both by exiH«rience and in' the rinalitles of an executive oflScer." 1 Dn the other hand. Mr. Bryan has proven hiro.self. however unobjeclion- afile his character and ,however exalted his patrioti.-sm may be. a theorist. Every one of his predictions upon creat national fpiostions has prov-. en wrong and his theories, if adopted, would prove destructive to the whole country. His candidacy would not bo po.ssible except for the conditlcMiS , of the times. This era is characterized i>y feverish activity and .nnpar- illoloii crowth in material wealth. Mr. Bryan can be justly termed "The Apostle of Discontent.' He" has greater fa- • eility than any other one of our public men in thi.s i)oriod in appealing to the elements of society. 'The record of the two parties shows tho .same contrast. In 1892 the Democrats declared for the destruction of our protective tariff 8y»- - tetn. .Not only were their theories ' wronr. resulted: a depression of untold st -verity lasted until IKNT when .M<-Kinlej was inaugurated -. •IS president, and tho Dingley bill was passed. Good Words for Scott. f'ongressman Burton referred briefly to f'ongressman Scott's efforts In liolialf of fho Kaw river and stated/ • hat it was novo- his custom as chair•'^. man of the river and harbor commU- to make any promises as regards Improvements sought by the' people. The r.^siwmsibility of making appro" pflaf ions nmst be met j in the same manner that a case is decided byr a judge. He said, however, that Mr. Scoff had been a constant advocate of the itnprovement of the Kaw rlrer- and had thade all possible arguments In its favor. Your homo congressman is -quite fa_miliar with the situation." said Mr. Burton."and the committee will give the most careful consideration to tlie demands of this locality for rlyer iih- provements. He has the courage of his convictions and has always sop- ported the progressive Ideas of President Roosevelt and is also k man df clear cut. intellectual type, who has gained the confidence of bis fellow members by his tmswervins^ integrity and by h|s ability." He referred to Mr. Scott's position as chairman of .• the committee on agricnlture as one | of the jnost Influential positions, in t Congress; that he was chosen for this | place over others wlib were his seniors on the committee by reason of his exceptional qualifications. No,po- sitlon in congress could be: more helpful to the citizens of Kansas tiian the chairmanship which' Mr. .^^t iow.:; holds.

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