Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 29, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1908
Page 8
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THE roll PAUT BEfllSTEK. TCESPAT ETgmft SCTTBOIEB 8i.«> Ma8. A MILEAGE BUREAU lOLA MERCHIMS HATE PLAX TO FATOR SHOPPERS. WILL PAY FARE TO lOU DISCOrXT 0> sens PAID FOR aiERCHAXDISE. Rooster Club Held Busfuess Meeting Last >iglit to Adopt Plans. . Last night many of the leading business men of lolai met In Booster Hall arid completed airrangemeuts for the mileage bureau system. Officers were elected for sis months as follows: E. D. Shields, jircsldeu!. C. E. Reynolds, secretary.tijeasurer. . T. P. McHugh. Corresijoiidiiij; sec"y. '. After adding sonte new members Who wish to join the bureau will be ready for business. It Is a jiUui whereby the merchants of lolw win eiicouruKe peiijilt' from li .distance to come here lo trade. The Instructions and names of iliose who bflonK follow: i Uetore entering a store. beU 'ertuln that It Is u memlier of (li*- hila BtiBlness Mini's MlU-agt^ 'itiireatji otherwise you may he dlsaiiptiimed; in collecting .vonr mllenge. | \Vl»»n you have ilnishi'd trHiliuj: Itt any of these stovjs, hand this mllease book to the salesman, lie will enti-r the total amount of your purchases together with the dale and the firm signature, and reitirn the book to you. Do the same at each store you trade with. That is all. Wben your trading is all finished take this Mileage Book to E. C. Reynolds, secretary-treasurer and present it precisely as if It were a check. Merely show your return cash fare receipt, etc., or other evidence of dis^ tance tiaveled by vehicle, railroad, or electric car. No otner identification, no red tape, and no explanation is necessary. The secretary will know the rlgbt amount to pay j'oii without being informed. Do not hesitate to ask any member of the Mileage qnpau foi" any infurm- ation you may desire. It is i)art of his business, his obligation and his iileas- ure to extend to .von every courtesy and to make your visit pleasant, a.^rel- able a^d profitable to you. ' While in lola. every member of the Mileage Biyeau is as much iiiit 'rested in protecting your interests as you yourself can possibly be. Knle.s Regardintr Payment of .>lilea!re. Any non-residyit, who has dom- business with or purchay^-d goods from any member of ilie lola Hii>i- tiess Men's, Mibwgc Iturt 'iMi wiione names apjiear in this book is oniiilud" to the return of his or her niil(>:m(.' upon the surrender of this book to IC. C. Reynolds (drug store) who is the .•secretary-treasurer of the .^^lIea^;c llii- reau. Show .vonr return trip tjekei. or conductor's cash fare receipt or evidence of distance traveled. Then for every dollars worth of goods pur- cha««>d or every dollar's worth of business done with any member of Mileage rfureau. you will be allowed one mile of transportation coming and going, which allowance will be the same as when traveled by rail. ^ ^ Remeitiber you may ride, drive or walk. Mileage will be allowed for ac- jtuai distatice traveled. \ in order to treat every one |ilike. we have arranged to pay mileage to those who find it more convenient to drive than to come by r» It is not necessary be bought of any one sum total of all the bought, or all the buslu' any of the member? listef will be taken and fare accordingly. Xo person will be rei than the full amount of All fares are paid by E, and not by the merchant^ give the secretary satis dence of distance traveletj you colect your mileage livery progressive merjchant aside a certain percentage of bis annual gross receipts, for the purpose of advertising. This payr|eni of mil* age does not discount t )e price \p.t the goods ore, bnt.ttae merchandise done with here below livill be paid iinded more the mileage. C. Reynolds You simply ^ctory evl- at the time l^llowance. sets goods, but the sum paid to the advertising account dividual store, thus you re reel benefit of this methd 1 of adver; tising and the merchants aid members 'let i)Ositlve nt in this is charged of each In- eive the fi:- in mind collected Ue. s a mem- the busl- Co. of this Mileage bureau returns for the money sj manner. Xo mileage will be allojiived unless application is made at the |ime of j»ur chase, and you should bellr that he mileage must b the day the purchase Is nui 1 hereby enter my name ber of the lola Ruslness .Meal 's .Mileage llureau. and 1 agree and iiromlse to be governed by the rules luid regulations made by the tuemb*\VR theretif for the proper conduct of ness of said mileage burea|?t. A. \V. Ueck. ji .Model Shoe Store, by R. VV. Reynolds' Drug Store. M. .1. Frishman. .1. 1). .Mundis & Co. •Kaiiious" Shoo & Cloth ill HarcUiy-S.l*ields C!o. Co. J. V. .Merchant .Jewelry Ci J. V. Roberts .Music Co. Olobe Shoe & Clo. Co. W. L. Crabb. O.- R. Bushfield. Xew York Store. Ramsay Uros. D. G. Co. I... Sleeper & Son. J. W. Coffey & Son. furniture. J. W. Coffeyfc Sons. Jewelers. K. C. Plumbing Co. I G. A. I.effler. [ J. G. .Mittlebach, "The Paiace. Harry Davis. '^l Fryer Bros., by C. II. Fr.ver. C. H. Shields Shoe Co. 1 C. M: Cole. I \V. H. Itool. I S. K. Burrell. ii II.'.A. Brown. F. W. Anierinaii. r.iii. I). liri^hi & Co. I-:. C. McClain. A. L. Mooreliead. .\rthiir .Morrison. Reini.soh & liott. B. .M. Couiant. Chas. B. Spencer & Co. Milne Tailoring Co. Carrie Uo;::;eit. !i A. fi. Miinini:i. j Taylor Bros. (Our Way.) Smith & Ti-avi.';. ' Briv'liaiii llanlware Co. j' Cram II. .Miller. i .1. K. I'owell. ' ICwing i- Burdlek. I'.r.n Ton Bakery. ' Cheap Charley. Dr .-i. Uitlirop & Unthrop. Kvatis Bros. The lola Daily lleKl.Mev. The 'o'u Record. II« inlerstni Healthy Coinpany.i AKliison .Mllllner.v. I Abrams Bought Clotiies.|i Poor Commissioner Al Abi;ank!s this morning flttod a small boy out with a cap and a pair of shoes that he'jhiight attend school. His parents are nearly blind and wore unable to jclothe him. All appeal was made the county and the boy is now in- .•••fjhool. Try a Register want ad. Just a Word III regard t« the Regiiiter'* Job DepaHiurnt. IVe have a rompletely equipped Job Department, and are prepared to turn out the be ^t grade of work on short notice. >Ye print everything from tile eheapeNt that's good to (he itent that is made. Nothing is >io essential to the modern buxinegs mun'.s equip- nient as neat, attrurtivi;, up-to-the-minute Htatlonery— and that is tJie Itlnd we can turn out for hiui. It serves as ,a wnlliing ad- vertlKpnieut to his haitiue .HS— It let 's people know] that he is in existeuce and wliat excuKe; he has for it. And we are always wiiilog (u help or suggest In the preparing of sue > work as will be a boon to your biisiiiptiM . O^r list of the printing neeessllies that we luru out Includes Oflirn Stattourry, Society Ntatlouer.v, .\nouureinen(.s. Window Cardif, HusinesM CardN, Sale UIIIs, I'nsters, etc. un^l we make H N |M >rla)t.v of Hluuk Books. Our liook-bliidery IK prepared to hub. dlv uiir kind of work you may have In that llnr. Km KEMK.MHKR—Our PrlccB are very reBsouIile as roiisls. tent iilili tirst-rIUN.s workuiuiislifp and material. Telephone your wautx (o >'o. 18, and n roarieons solirilor will nill for your orders. J.E.FALm SKIPPED? THE LESSEE OF XAJESTIC THEATER QlIT TOWX LAST MCHT. HE LEFT MANY BILLS BEHIND .STRAXDED ACTORS GIVING SHOWS TO PAY TRAVELING EXPENSES. Mr. Conlej. Owner of the Majestic Theater, a lleavy Loser—A New Management. J. E. Faltys. lessee of the Majestic theatre, is missing today. He neglected to settle up some bills with Reln- Isch & Bott, a plumbing firm, Bert Potter and Frank Kelly, contractors, .Mr. Gonley, owner of the >fajestlc buidling, four or five local musicians, six actors an<I possibly others, and consequently they are considerably interested in his whereabouts. Mr..'Faltys came here several >^eeks ago and announced that he had leased the Majestic and wotild run a theatre there this winter. The building which is owned by Mr. Conley. was made Into an up -to -date theatre. Local musicians were employ<'d and shows have been put on for the past two or three weeks. Last night, after the vaudeville show. Mrs. Faltys. wife of the miss- ins theatre man. and Gcor.ce Gillian, who has been more or less connected with Mr. Faltys since his arrival in lola. appeared at the Coburn rooming house on I5a8t street, and announced that they were going away. They said that Mr. Faltys had already left town, where, they said they iliil not know. A trunk belonging to the Faltys' was In the attic of the Coburn liiiilding and could not be taken from the store room without the help of Mr. Coburn. and the latter was called in to help them take it down on the porch. Mr. Falty.<? had. however, paid the Cobums his rent bill. Mrs. Faltys and Mr. Gillian left on the early morning train for Kansas City. \V. E. Wortman and R. E. Holland, two of the actors at the Maje.stic this week, were at the Register office this morning and istated that Mr. Faltys left, they tbotlght. on the nine oVlock train last rtiglit and that he took the receipts of th/; evening. There is coming to the six actors at the Majestic from Mr. Faltys about 5"SiO in salaries. Mr. Conley. owner of the Majestic building, says Faltys sot Into his good graces for several hundred dollars. This amount is largely for bills Mr. C*onley agreed to make good in case y r. Falf.vs failed to pay them. Pott 'r and Kelly this week bi?gan suit in district court to a iiieeliaiilc's lien. In this action the property will make good the claim. Several local musicians were i-m- ployed to furnish music at the tlieatrt and Mr. Falt.vs overlooked them in making his hurried \ireparatlons to lenvi> town. It was said today that thm- was a deal on for another party to take charge of the theatre nhd give shows there this keason. The actors who were iincertemoniously left (lere hy Mr. Faltys ^vill continue to give vaudeville shows at the theatre thi.s week, beginning tonight, to pick up enough change to le.tve town in good form. Phone No. 498 Sontfi Side Sqnore Iieo.ai5r-1;o«%?Veair Sept ion. Smart »uit» lailored $13.73 t<^ The Suits we are now shoviing at $1.3.75 to $25.00 are the best we have ever seen at the prices. They all $25.00 hich are lined thfoughout The skirts are beau- u. have the new long Jackets \\ with guaranteed silk and sat tifuUy tailored and havi a different "hang" to what the usual run of Ready-mad in this line cf Suits we can! They come in all the desirable shades We ask to examine them while the a.ssortment is at its and while the prices range from $25.00 down to garments have, besides, you a perfect fit. give you best Wednesday's Coat Special Wednesday we will offer you an extra value in Ladies' new Fall and Winter Coats, io blacks and colcrs, a garment usually priced at Si2.50, your choice Wedn.sday. ..$8.95 i SWrt Special \ Wednesday we place «j>ii sal^ <)ne *plendi<l lot ol Ladies' new Walking Skirls, all popular shades.with silk and button ttimmiujj, some are coat style, the very special price of ....$5.00 $13.?5 They are worth from $|3.00 to $5.00 more Children's New Fall Coats J t is here you will probably f :nd the largest assortment in ] ola to select from,for all ages and at prices ranging from Io.CO down to......$I.9& • KETIKXS T« TIIK WIHILD. Original of .Slevenson's "The Wild Srotcbman" Visits Kris-o. San Francisco. Sept. 2D. —Atrer a (|uarter of a century spent in voluntary e.xile in the South Seas Thomas Fleming, the original of Stevenson 's character "The Wild Scotchman." arrived here on the schooner Aerolns and today, arrayed In garments of a fashion he has scarcely seen before, he proceeded to get acquainted with electric cars and other evidences of an advancing civilization. Fleming is a trading agent at Arne Island, one of the .Marshall group, located 150 miles from the nearest white neighbor. WTien a boy of IT.-he left his home In I 'ais !ey, Scotland, to sail the seas and eventually be settled at Arne. where he h3 .s remained for i*.'> years. He made the acqiinlniance of Robert l^uis Stevenson years ago. when thp author visited the islands Fleming is accompanied l>y his wlte He has announced his determination reiufn vjhen he shall have -.Ired of aightseeing. sa.ving: •Perhaps the life out thi^re is lonely. Iviit somehow It gets Into a man's bliitid and he stays there." TO PLAY FOOT BALL 1 llis-'h S<-ho <iI .Students .\sk Board «" .'.iliitv the UuMc Here- Aifui.n. effort in l)eing made to' reiiistaic- fo(.t liail in the high s <;lioo!. A coiii- niit;ee from the boys of the bigii school is said to (le calling on the different iii'-nibers ib«; board of education asking their KU|i |iorl when the (jnestion is broiiglit up :il the iie .xt reR- uliir meeting. Three yea:.-: aw UHJI ball was ruled out of the high s^chooi. I'll to tli;ti lime each ,v «'ar i.he local high school had a foot UiiU team which, met the different high SCIUHII teams in the slu'.e. Twice the li ;ca! team won the slate champioui^hlp. If the board .-iliould con .s'ent Io allow foot ball again there may In- aiLo :her'|| cliani!iio!)«:iiip team. There will Pe from three in seveii candidates fur every |!o.-iifi(iii. IMMH-IN WILL STAY. <Julhi!e Headiiuarlci^ Denies l!is R***- iunatiiiu Uus Aiiununced. I'liicauo. Sept. 'Z'.>. —.\ (e!ei;rarti stating ibai .1. ». Doolan. assi.-i.nii, treasurer of the Deiiioeralic n.riional com- miltee. would resldii. WH .-; ileliied at 'he l)-'mo<:ratie headi|U:>iteis at (lUth- rie today. i PAY THE TRIBES Jurk Frost Again Tonigiit. Although it was not nuite as cold this morning as yesterday morning, the mercury dropiied to 3t degrees There w^as a light frost. The tempera Itnre yeatei -day was 32. :J.WM» Indians Are Assembled at Lawton fttr I'a.v I»aj and Tribal Conucil. Lnwton. Okla.. Sejit. L*!».— Over throe thousand Indians. Kiowa. Comanclie. .•Vpache and alliliated tribes are assembled near here for the Inter-Trlba! council and anhiial payment of lea .ise mone.%' to the Indians having lands leased. to CALIFORNIA Arizona and New Mexico Every day iuring ^'pleiuber anc^ ; Octoi)er j'ou can buj one-way Colonist tickets to California ami iti- termedialc jxjint.s at ibout half the usual fares. Proptrtionally low rates to the North Wc st and Mexico THROUGH TOURIST SLEEPER to Sail Frai :ciiCo vi.i and El Paso leaves Tuesdays of em-h -Kaly in>er" Sah Antonio , Bt. Louis on ft ,veek on ll\e Sse Katy AsenC. or Writ^ Me for Pardctilars W. S. ST. GEORGE General Passenser Asenl|« M K. (BrT.RY. Woinwright Bldg.. St. Louis.lMo. A SlKl'HISED illMSTEH. "For many years I have been il sufferer from bronchial catarrh, and h'ad despaired of anything like a cure. Judge of my pleasant surprise when 1 first used Hjomei, which hroiighf complete relief. Hyomei has been a veritable godsend."—Uev. Charles Hartle.v. Sardinia. Ohio. Thousands of catarrh sufferer.s haVe •liveu up in despair. They have tried stomach dosing, snuff, sprays and Jonches without pucces.s. and now believe catarrh to tie insurable. Hut Chas. it. Spencer & Co. tne Iruggist. holds out hoi'e lo all di.s- •ressed. He sells a remedy called Hy- nrael which Is guaranteed for catarrh: '.olds cou^hH. bronchiti.';. asthma and ^roup. Hyomei (pronounced HiKh-o-met Is medicated air. fui\ of the .healthy vlr- :ues of the nnuiatahi ipiues. You Itreuthejin the delightful anti.<ieptic a!r. ind as ft passes over the ipflamed au^ ^erm ridden membrane. i| al'ays the Intlamniaiion. kills the germs, aiiii Irives out the disease. 1 A complete Hyomei outfit, iucludinip a hard rubber inhaler, costs but Jl,0«. and an extra bottle of lly^mel. if afterwards needed, costs but 50 cents. See thu. B. Spencer & Co. about n. THOS. H. BOWLUS, President. J. F. SCOTT, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30 .1 : * DIRECTOR^ A. W. Beck. L. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton. W. L. Barttes, Thbs. H. Bowlus. WE ISSUE OUR OWM DRAFTS OM SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. 00.00 W. J. Evans. J. O. ROd^tf, ALL tUROPEAM POtMTS FROM »2 TO $5 PER YEAa APPOINTS T. S. BALL. the stue in collecting money. They , 'a.-e as follows: T. S. Ball, lola; P. T. To Solicit Funds Here for National C eetnam. Fredonfa: John J. Parker, Republican Committee. .Harper: C. L. Davidson.. Wichita: J. . F. De: 1. Grenola: ;Ralph Faxon. Gar- T. S. Ball of this city has been ap- den City: Homer R Henderson. Attl- pointed by Frank Grimes of Topeka. ca: A. to solloit funds here for the national W. Miller. Republican committee. Mr. Ball r»- Dodge ceived Iword from Mr. Grimes a day i>imon or two [ago that he wished him to so-;.Manka R. l..asley, Scott City: Joefre:^ St. Marys; Carl Miller, '. City: S. L. Upton, Conrtlandj [Shaffer. Kinsley; E. D. George, o; F. C. Price. A.shland: M. weara licit fubds here and stated that he W. Can|ey, Hill City, would sbnd instructions later. j The 1oj>eka Journal sa.^^s: jThe ctbjstant Frank Grimes is not at. alt dismay-', ed In hi s campaign for ninds for thtr j national Republican comntittee br th» I The colnstant wooing lover carries' "sklnniiig- which was haiided to hlm« a*s y the bhistaing maid. ,i by his ^Id friend. D. O. McCray. Mr. i And th^ Consjtint Advertiser l^the dropping water hardest stone. The cobstant gnaw of Towser mastl- cat ?s the toughest bone.- . _ • :[ Republican comnslttee bv th»,The co|nstant wooing lover Grimes today appointed fifteen morel assistants in tha various counties ofi , .If mai^ who GISTS the trade. \ TIT Besbter mat a4.

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