Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 29, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1908
Page 7
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Scarf and Stool GIVEN^ With each Piauo Pui chase at the Robsrts Piano House 12 X. Washington HAVE A [GOOD YEAR Total luroiiic I 'roiti i'olich-s to liisiir- auct t omiiaiiirs' \Vas .S4.i;i'»^02 T !iN V<:ir. Ttipcka. j;'.—I.ilt> i.'iiiu:!iiee conifanies hail a iJii ^.-in-roiis >eur in Kansas'. accorJiiit,' la ihe annual :o- l>ort ii( lusuraiici' Su;iei:nte:!ji>:ii Bainep. made imlilic tcdiiv. Their total iucunu- ill Ka :is;i> f<.r year was $4 .i;ii;.;;i.i:;. •.vhilf ili.-> naiil lurises a-r- greeatin?; only $1 .:;t;U -'.2". Tiu-y stili owe SHU.sot; on i-olici.-.-;. Iiat lliesf are ia ti;'^ (oiir.-t' i.f tidjasinient. During tl!<' ;v(»ar liu-i varimis iife con; nanitjs wrotf .'.0 ;i7:; |i (iii:it> in Kansa.- wi!h :u::i] ;:is 'ira '.ic>.»; r f ?:;::>'•;;. 47::. The to;a! anioiKU of life insuranre ii; foici- ill i!ie .-rai>- af.'gro;:ares JUT.Ji.".- Auieiican fire iiisiiraiicp i 'i)!ii!>a :::e.- last year wrote $."v;'..Nt ;7 ."L'T in lite ia- SMranci- and re< eived iiremuinis in the "anioiiiu of $:!.:;•;;*.42it. Thty had !i>~-e.- aniirftajinc $lj :;4 .ii .'.7. Fire itisuranre c-;ni .tKi!i :e« "f fur- ci!;ii ^finMitrit--; v.riitt- in Kansas $}:'..- Itsraate aad received tin.oiintin;; Ui $.'.ti7,- isses to the aiiioiin: Ol;-.!!;:* in the ia^ therejor i-ieniiiini IS ::. TI:-y ; aid vi $-M:..:.HI. Tlie tntti' I v. n:;i:a:.- paid to'<-asna!-.'• «t)ini»aii !i-.- I 1 k:r.<;s an:••••-'ated $^l^7.•.;^.'. whi . •!'.. ;o?.-.'s sustained h\ !iio.-e r<;.i).at:;i- a:;^':fua"-.' JIMI Thei,> :>•«• v.-iw. al. ti.M. C:^.i.;'41 t!^k- ia fir<'- ia l:.:'i::;.ii smirtit- 'in the state wti'.i a ia-araiifV ..f $:::;s.- ii^ii 7iii; The tii!;;. '.•sse.^ jiaUI during, the wi! i $J.4:''.."1'l. As- Si -.-.^lljenrs :<.••••• !»\ d :•> -he aili"''!:.' Of s ;;.::;,7 .;.i;i. FIX TAFT |\VILL AKRHE I\ TOPEKA JlT 6:30 (JX SATIRDAT. J (!!ey hftduliV msas tia; Mr TEE lOtA PAltY BEC18T]BB .ilTESDAY EYEXlXp, StPTEMBEB 1908. yyai Stty in Topeta Over Mjrht and Go Kansas City Early Sunday Morning. Toiieka. Sept. 2tt.—Chairman .1. ,N (.vesterday E ;ave out the flnal lor "the Tnft train through !<jii the Santa Fe. and it shows Taft will arrive in Tojjeka at ;3tt ue t Saturday atternoon. an hour irlier han first -planned. The stops : town where Taft is to make speech (4-: are I's follows: .\rriv iiiirden I'itv 7:4i>. leave (iar- «^tn Ci .• 7:4.'': arrive I)od.:;e City R i^iotiiita Ji time, leave Dod^e City Ii>:l' ratrai time: arrive K:ii>lev llniK. •avi- ; arrive Stalford V2.1'' •ave 1 arrive IlutchiiiMin I:".'") •ave liMil; arrive Newton L'::.'.'-. leave :4ii: ajrive Florence :::!:.. -leave ajrive Stroui; City leave i:\T.: aiiive Enip'-ria 4:::". ie.ive 4:4.". .irriv-> I sa;;e Cit.% .".:l'7. leave ."•:.".7. ar..V.' T'. leka •:::". Ti!.- ''aft sieeiai ;r.iin wil! stay it i'l-i-eka Jf.ver nicht. and Mr. Taft atu! hi.- pa. J- will v:o at once to the trait. .U'vr t! i' iiis; Aaditoriuni nieetini;. .\t intifiie aiorni;'."- the train wii! he jiulied /jfiie aii.rniv.v the train wii! In ni> Kansas C'.ty. a.riviti^ iheii a: ":::" will addH i;aiii/ati Topeka Suiiday ii;..raiii:,'. .Mr. Tait wil! .-pe^d the da:- in Kansa.-; City, anil ess thcie the Y. M. C .\. "or- In ol the twi. Kani-a-j Citys. NOW) LOSINtJ KA(E HATKKI* LScliooI Childreii Arc K(-.rili- ii Ml if to Ketnru to Slitdj. Sept. :; H —The sihoi.! sitn- opeka. which hai lie^n dis- last few days on account of ee in? iietween the white and :dren. is much improved to- it is expected that !)ef.:r< thf .:er a:I of the yntinir striker^ ibck ia school. |fnun the poli.-e .staiiua were e schooi this niornina. and dren who did hot ea'er th^ the Call of the he'.! were iiy the jiulice. There were i;f children at eat-h r)f the who went for the par|>tjse ot er children to join the .striK- |he po!:.''e succeeded in keep- separated. Ltucoln ward school there •ahiy ten r^f the strikers who into the lii\iid;iij: witiv tne \i" children, and who have (efiil the rest of the day. Con prnved ia the same way at 1<> ( hanire .Mectiiis Hour. A: ilii' ni-c: ;:,-.r i.f C. .\. It. next Saturday n;;;l.i Mii- tiiLitiei nf clr.ii;-.;i::",: he me.i-titi;; of the ixjs? fr.iia iiiah: to souie hour in tl^- day will lie tak.»n tip a.t;aiii. Tlu -i proposition w'a.' ma<ie at the ia.-;t meeting. Of IntaresI To Women. 9*0 such women as are not seriously out healihVbut who have exacting duUes Mji 'perforriL either In the way of house- hqld caresXor In social duties and func- iJiijh\serlously tax their strength, i \urstng mothers. Dr. Pierce's ravunw: nc^iption has proved a most vafuabli; su^rtlng tonic and Invigorating ner>-Ihe. By lt<»_tlniely use, much forlous sickness arnjftirfering may be Of tc Hi as we Favorite yvQi^yl. The ogeratlng table and the surgeons' knife, would. It is t^iiBvt><r tpldom hav-e. to be employed If this most Vitluable woman'jTremetlY w «>re rpsnrteit to In coodtlnie. TheTavorlte Prescrip­ tion'lias proven a great boon to expectant mothers by preparing the system lor the coming of baby, thereby rendering childbirth safe, easy, and almost palule$.s. Bear In mind, plexsa that Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription Is not & secret or patent medicine. ^B'*lnst which the most InteUiiteiit pi-oplo are quite naturally averse, liecauso of the uncertainty as to their com{>osition and harmless character, but Is a MEIUCl.NE OF KXOWN coxrosi- TioJT, a full list of all Its Ingredlenu being prlDted, In plaio Hngli.«b. on every txittle wripper. Anexaminationiof this lUt of lDgk >idlent« will disclose the fact that It U Doij-alcobolic in its composition, chemically pure, triple-refined glycerine takiha the) place of the commonly u^ed alcohol. In its make-up. In this rounei -t!on it mak not be out of place to state that the •Fivorite Prescription" of Dr. I'ierce is tbuonlv medtciae put up for the cure of womas s peculiar weaKuesaes arid ailments, and sold through druggists, all tiiy Ingredients of yrhich have the un- anlioous endorsement of all the leading medical writers and teacher^ of all tlie several schools of practice, aad that too as remedies for tha ailments for which •Favorite Prescription' Is recommended. A little Ixjok of these endorsements will ' be sent to any .addre&<, post-paid, and • absolutely free If yon requ<'si same by posul card, or letter, of Dr. R. V. Piereei Buffalo. a.Y. Dr.i Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cere eon- sttpatloo. Coitstiifation is the cause of many diseases. Cure the causa and. you —t tht iHn >fi Buy tot4kaue*iiay. HK -n MHKK \VASIII>r .TO\ -DKY.' Chirairo I '.-Te.f it.r-lll.. ji^. • h.nfln Calls New York, and the Capital Inrulmt«r> of Crime. ' it.. Se-.?. —"New rk \\';Jiihitm:o:i ;ind Chi .ajK. are ih, ^a:d Kud^eae \\". Chafin. I 'rohibition candidal. a;iiii'>nce the eaco fie ill till' I pit on c the s(i-<] spreads lleial liK' four ho.ui •If 1 .a| thi:::; I Washin;: York am aliy pu( traffic.- t HE( The lli>« Sewn Topek:. state iv announce iI;^,' coun «iuaranti: ti.lier I Kill.-. Ki^ Ti.i.-; lea tl;-.- Westi der iiuari .-prinj; tl nientsj st|irte<l ease. d. h f.f crime in this coaat-y." for president, before a lartte here night. •"Through ragenieni of the lliiuur trif- e place.-; the oincial stamp i.- ime. It is from there that jilled while slave traffic' firoujihout the countr.v. tjf- les show that every tv.enty- ; tills tralfic claim.s 17'| t;irl.- n elected president llif- !ir.-; iii.M work for will he m. Then I'll clean o; Chica:,'o. That vyili |.'.aci:f- an en'd to the vvi:ite .-lave a ilr> : Ne« Kl.\t; t ATTLK .MAXiK. ji.-^e Has liei-n Kradirated In Mextern Kaiiou >i Coai.ti*-^. Sept. .i<;hn I! Itaker s -iick sai Cdiiiaiis .-i.iiier ;1 ye-terduy tin' the r,.;;ow- e^ will lie reUa'^eil fri >iii the • au'ain.-t cattl.- nian:;e v)c- I>ecutnr. IIoi|senia:i. Ness •li. l 'awi:ee ami IMward.-^ es t'vent\ ei .i:.!j! coiiirie.- fn 111 part of the st.ile siili un- niiin- for this iliseas.- Last •> .-tale and federal VU MTV I- tii eradicate tliis dls- THE SCHEDULE|MAR7HA'S APPEAL/ COLORED WOMAN TOLD COURT WHY SHE KILLED SCIPIO. i I I But Jury Did Not Recommend Len­ iency in the Verdict and Judge Foutt's Duty Was Plain. L. E. nORYlLLE, ! President. 1. \f. BECK, Vice-President. E. Horville. A. \V. Beck. J. A. Roblnsop- Geo. E. Nicholson. H. L. Henderson. Frank RiddU. J. H. Campbell. ! \ id -'c Foiist jto the evl- ra -efiKly. I inve Is there any good reason why I should not, pass .sentence on" you for manslatjKhter in tie fourth de.:;reeT' asked .liidsf Foiist this morning, of ^ f .Martha Williams, colored. as shej^^^ stood before him to receive sentence|^^^ for stabhlne Bud Scipio to death last^' May' "Yes. sir. I think thiVre is," said the woman. | » i, 'Tn the first Jilace." she continued. I struck him w|ih the knife becau?"' I had to. He would have killed mi' if, I hadn't hit him. There was no wavj out. of "it for iiw if I sav. d my own j — life. More than jthat I didt t mean to kill him. MunJer was 7101 in my hi'ar't. \ •'Then there is | another r'>ason." she I -aid with treml'lip,? voice.pi have sot t little l>a!>>- Tr I go to t: i> penitent! fv there is no oi..-- r.o 01 •• at all bnt — tust ate—to "o.jk after 1 iai. .I-'dt-' Here she broke down p irtia!;-.- ar .d the tears Btreamed dowi^ her black face." WTi-n sae ha 1 •:a:>-h .d s.-jid: "I hav.' listened d<nce in your ca:- lisfened tn the pathetic appe.nls of vf ar attorneys to Live you the least sentence under tlie law. But the jury which heard tU" evid4nc" simply found you guilty of manalaushter in the fourth d'^er-'e. They ilhl not rec- ommerid lent''-ncy in thelp verdict. It ha" been the tin'.>roIc-n rtilr- of this court when a. Jury recomm'-:! led len- ency to exfond it. But in this case no leniency was recommeniled. My duty Is plain, painfal jhotich it . b". it is' painful cspeci- ally in your ca*e. You are sen- ence,] to the peii;t-:itia-y for a p'^r- io-i not less than onf y^ar nr.r over two years." The passinz of :h" sentence followed eloquent appeals by Co'. .\rrhi?on and F. .T. Dyler for trercv fnr their cl'i^nt. Both of ih" -at'ornev.r saii! they wfre int-resrine themselves In iter behalf at that time withnttt hope ot r»ward. They said the*.- believed that, taking •vrything into consideration, the surroundings. • and the character of Scipin the court woal-i !o rifrht in giving the woman the nsin- tmtini "sentence, six mont'-v in .fni! cm. Atchison sail that he had tall""d with soa:«^ of rh" j'tr"-? nnd Thee; w »re in favor of Tenien y b-ex-" tended the wcT .an •.vhen •-re -i.e -^c- w .'>s pas.«ed. Cnl. ..\fch:son said tiie j-tror- old him 'h-^ re.ison th.-v .IM r.or recommend leniency fn t't" v.-riiicr was because ti-n- tho -i^hr :!;<• ct»t:r; wotild take that into ion. .Tudce Foust during hi.~ rf-ntari-s preceding the pnsslng of s'-ntence Intimated that the jurors recommended leniency it would have hen granted. INTEREST PAHI ON TI.11E DKIMISITS Safety I>eiM»sit Itoxcs for rent. J. H. CAXPBELL, Cashier. L. C. ROBIXSOX, Ass't Cashier. Stockholders. L. K. Hor\ne. A. \V. Beck. Frauk Riddle. H. U Henderson. J. Uoblnson, !.. I.. I'oasler, Ceo. K .Nicholson. L C. Itobinson. L.. .\. Itoldnson, il. T. Kyaus. John r. Watklas. Frank Wood. J. U. CampbelL YOUR STOMACHS SAKE TAKE H. D. Nielson. of Cassidv Kan^a-?. came in last evening and "nrolleii in the Tola Rusii |es.s_ for th'- winter term. A Fearful Cost to Pay For Lack \ of Grit. HE FOOLED TOPEKA MASHERS. Photoprabher Arrested for Highly Suc^es^ful Woman Impersonation. Sept. 2:*. —Oeorge .Allridge, phtotographer. was arrest- iaht for wearin.g women's 'clothes tJ)on the street. Hf> was togged out ^ 1 the height of woman fash- strolled down the streets doing other Topekm a Topek 'ed last ion and L today he not to hISjSklrts and attract attention. He had swishln things t< several Ifjopeka "mashers" wild. When was arrested two of them were hanging on h*B arms trying to| make engagements. In police court ^ Ifras :di«:barg«d npon promise tke maifaeni asala. Hi If he Vho' hesi tates if lojt. As some- old sage has writ. It surely ia a fearful cost *v To pay for lack of grit •% Don't hesitate if yon wonldlwiii; To save yourself is beit Just fit jifour AdvertiieiaeatsiiB (Bates Fuiusliei OB Seq^(Bt)> est Ever for Constipation. Jndigcstion and Dyspepsia PREPARED OKLY BY J. H. WAGNEK COMPANY. FORT MADISON. K amnntf^S VnOrr Food and Dro»« Ac« Baking Powder A Berelatloa ol Efficiencf '2SMaCM(er 11 Firs: i 'u<>:i.-he 'l Se'-teatlier lo. l-feK., SIIKIMKF'S SAI.f:. ' Th--' ?"a-e of .\ilen Cn|in:y. .'-s in ri -e r >istr;.-: CoarT. Tliirr.v-tfe-."-I i:th .i'li:i-i:il District. SitT:;;^ ;n aid ;:.r :\ Ctcir^ty. S-n'e of K;.n=a-. ] The .'-.•orthruii .\'a-:o:ia: Ba: k. .•. ct,-r- ; ;or.:::..i;. F:.iiat:ff. vs. C... .1. Meai.s :j:d-.\:a:i L. .Means. l)eferi .i.;::"s. ' : 1 ; II-. vi ::-,:e r.f a:i «>rder e!" .-^.iie issa<-d j '^v :>;:. ("Itrk if the Thirrv-Sev. nta 1 SAW AN OCTOPUS l>;»er Bat-li-d With .Hon>ter in Sank* en Shiu in I 'aritir t>eean. <.ia F-aiuisio. iseji 2 :f.—Wrapped the ten.ic'.es I 'f a .ijiant devil fish. .Judicial l )i .-:r:ct i";iTirt ia and t '.r i M ;;;tin l.'fad. a diver employed by the . len Cn'iTity S:a -e <>: Kans3>. m '^-s | f.,,;,,, v,r.(king ct.nipany. fiiight for ..v.- e::ri :ed cause, ai .d tu me di- 1 ;:fe AUOnctn in the hold of the wrecked r- luor.a whiih li-s in thirty A CONTEMPT CASE ;rec -ti; aiii! de.iveied. I wi:! HT. Ocrol-er ! 1'. ."1. il . Tf"!-. 3" 1"_ ocluck a. 111. I s'-:ir;i> .-.f d.iy. at rhe :::: .1. • r of the-j f..,., ..f vaier in For: Ro.^s Cove, of •C-. i:: h. ;:-^e :h" fny .,r [..i.i. A:>: I county coats. Land arrived 'atid s" ". to the hiuhes: ladder. ;or cash i ::i li-.nd. the. to", w-.r.p d. sc ritei! real is cmies to le'* inea. and he will en- esr.i -.M, r..-w:;: I.. - .v.. 'rive i". 1 . F'.iock i vncatic.n before asain donning T-.V.: .:.•>. i;. iir . :-.n Pa'k Add:-: - ^. . „ • 'I:v.-; s dless. .- tl • < city a::e: an r>;perieace such Court. to A Goldberg Claims B. S. Barnard Has Kansas.'aci^rd;:'^ nl' ;!;^ " "re: o^e^I ' Violated the Ortler of the ; pia; ihereof. Siii L .r .ds a:;.' -f r .ef "-»nts ;«:!'! i ,e sold with>".;; apprair sa-i-fv said Order ot J-a'e. • r »> H .iM.irri .F .lt. Sh>-:;frof \;:e-. r, :;n;y K .iT ;s ;i ;:v A I. \:U\~\V.>:\-~. V-:.<\ T S:.eri •-::-:;i-!-s. iav. >oiii - -itiii jiink deal-r. V.vv".- !. tie- j->rk d-ai -. «-l! a I '.-ariiii: i;a'-.rda,\ in disTi.^r i>;! charU" of <on-';a;.i. .\. Ciiddi'er-. .1 :jva' ;.-o:i^:.t an artin:; ii: .ii.-trie: co!irt. asMng that Carnard r'.=trait>-(! tiotii ;>i.>t-srini; or it:*-'- l-rin- with his ;iatron.; Wr-ile •Xwv w. r- on their -ay to his ; Is.-- of t.u;-"t- ness. The ii:j'inction was .urai;t'-;. Xo".v flol'ilu r^ claims trat Rarnani has violated t and has had h The hearirg n;orn:n-.r ' here sets uri action. Kidtat •H.r v. -.ard :i.-s tii <V\:-- P;:^-ishPd Svpr. llin*: 1 iTKIirVTloN >«HI( K. . S-ite i -,f Kansas. .\'!eti fii;:n "y. ss In tj'e fMstrict Cmirr for. said ''i i;::X. 'ae Caitiey. P;.i:nt!ff. vs.- 'har—^ M. G:t:i:ey. nef^r.dan*. S H : ! defei.dant. Ci-arie- \[ (li::'^'. wii: r.kke no:ice :ha' he ha.^ Ill:"- ^ in tlie above n.m -.ed Ci>;i— f .T ~~c!:-.>.rce •i ?r alle.:.-:. 'e order of the co^srt and in her petition, plviir. in cit.-d for cont-mpt. '^-"^ '•a^'-'e for divorce. gros= rie-rlert of ," . > .!;ry. extreme cnieltv. haiii 'Tta: drtink- s set for ^a.urd.a.,,.„^^,^. '•"''I- than r.;:e year, and mii.=t answer ;h.= of petition filed Therein by '.il.iif.'iff i'ei or before the "-"^th da-." of (»(•• ' ' \. li • I '.eiN. r;r .=a;d petition v.;:: I>e aken as true, and judcnier.t for ;-;ain- • .Imlge Foiist. ibout f.irty ca'tses •iin.listone in a c-oui; lilT iti s ud actiim fe.r divon \tt. .\trori;ey: C F. A HAMS. •,,r I';a;i:iifr ; - •>r .=:>:,i I 'l tirt !Vea.!-.e.1 acci.-rilin.u'y. • !•. of tie- -a Idler. I K.WIXC,. ('.ARD .t (JVRD. Ileo-:;. KiillMe. Will) wMl • u.a'r^.ii .i.' a sSrMI.- > .vaKow- I .! li;s tliiiid.'e. It -.vas utf-Mit-.g ati.l har.l a? a I OI IU- T .\ni| there •.las! I!" !i <>;i.. «!ii -n it I O .I L' ed in !i:- I J M;!. • f; still: h'- is no lon:;"r CALEB POWERS IS BAPTIZED. So here h- li nir.iM-''. T:.i? reno^ae (li -i .rae Ki Six Hundred See Noted Kentuckian Join the Baptist Church. sad.ller-tii. nble." .afor- sai.l - V word, newstia;.-! ietv. 10 )>•. c.-jii-^iiieraM' d'l-' 'y - A ill ad.l "".•\S to t.e ne Tllerr- seems Merv. .Alxiir its. 'i.ti' Bat if tile ;• ai tellt .-tll.ll jlit ^, he Will I..- il! \- r-- ::.>ol Fif- w h-n a I ••' ' .it l-.- Me:M-; :...-;.".,:.:| M.-^-; Carii> ! :>> i oil.; of .-.atiet\ "" -Clttcaeo .f.iurn.::. Know ill-. T-i-.i;. S -f. "--v-Cal-i' power.":, the K-ntackiaii wt'.o s;.ent eiiiht years in a K-i.tucky j.. r.itetiti arv :n:<-onn'-cti..u witis th.- ilo- .el a- a--;Mt!on cas-. !lef .ire \r.:-:\>^'.: I , V rise Ltovernor. "-i;.';.-d if The devil tish had evidently entered •:;e ver-seis hold duritig the night, and I.-iad was at work some lime before h-- l .eean-.e aware of its presence. A -eiiacl^-. tour inches in diameter, tir-; uri; tod one leg. Before Lund ToiiM re.;;;ze what had happened an- eiirirclei; his thigh. The diver e-:.tii to I hop traat'cally at the rubber :k- l-.-r-'ls and at the >anie time slg- na'>! to -h- I>ar ?;e above that he wish -ri -11 a.;c.»:iii ('nai -ie to free himself ..I i;:!;-. two teaacle.- .si |uirnied out of d.trktiess ai.d one taut twined . i.i'iit :!i> neek. Tiie efforts of the men n the surface to ct nn >:y with his •Igna! threatened to [>u"l his helmet 'off iiid he was forcV-d t -o signal them to :ies !-t. Wtih on!-, his left arm free he hacked ar 'he tenacles until they wer^ partially crippied. l;ut he was uein^ drawn toward'the deadly beak, uh -a he saw the outline of the derlT ?;shs :.(;dy. I 'ltinging suddenly to- u.i;d- it he drove the knife with all his tore- into the head. ri-;eatiua the blow " I 'Kil he had s:a,-hed! if into sectlons. I'l de.iih thr.-es the ncfopns tight- n.-.l i-s tenacles until the diver was a '.nio-.' crushed in its embrace. Lund tlo 'a cii* himself free and was brought tile :-iiiia <e in a fainting condition. .Xtio-!:- .'diver brouaht -sonie of the :e ...-red tenac '.es to The surface and it s hfit >pd to rais.- tiie body and bring : :i lit this city tor e\iii ".;tii .n. , •:. Uai .Tist > ' ef.iiia i!i ;ae li'ir.-a at pr-seac, I Rehearsal" t'> Hi-;:iit. r.'it^i: i •;>. i 1: i:i,-.-: i: .• 'V'-\ \. It:...:-;^:.: « :<• the i'i :ri >l;.i:! "rid. : 1:1 .1 ri:ti;,-i!. |5 U love chi! Jf en, and HQ home can te without tv"^- yet the crJJa! throu;.a wi-.idi the i^.vthcr init'^t pJ^^ u.>ua::-/ is Ijll of s -jr :tr ;;u A J«>KK i»\ MK. IIITCHtmii. Ki-piiMiran lliiine-f- fnr Campal^a i •lutribuliotio >ei!l to Democrats. .-••.r.. 1 : !•;• - ("hairmaa Hitch- J iie.H, .lulex i4 voters - 'o l.ive U't - awr- . .\nyway, .-e;.:e -l.;:::; has liappel.ed to his liStS t.r .V-a Ki::;;;.a.l ^vA as ti result hun •i-ej^ :? r...' hou-ai;.!- of .good Dem...rats :a Maine and Conecticat are gettiag personal appeals in the shap« of circular betters from the executive committee asking theru "as good Re- pub'icati.-j' to ante ap to the good cause. Tbe general iniprrssioa is that some of .Mr. Hitchcock's lieutenants in Sew warJ to ihtr h ur with apr .'t- hension. Mother's Frientf, by its penetrating and sootiittiL? proper;.c-. allays nat:.-iea, nervousness, unpleasant ieeiin|s, ar :d so prc-parcs th^ 5\ si\-m lor the ordeal thai she passes through tne event with but little sutrering, as numbers have ~ ~ testified and said, "it is \yoiXh its weight infold." i Xak BKADFISU) KEGULAXOSCa , Ath^taj Ga. and dread that .'^he liX'k^ for- ii^j5 „,.jud have been -"striaging him." ilthouuh the inai-naat Republican eadrrs [.oint out that it would be just he kind of a trick that the "rascaUy democratwould pull off. 1 Hunt's Machine Canje In. Leigh Hunt's While Steamer auto came In last evening from Cleveland. Ohio. Mr. Hunt drove the machine back East some time ago and decided to baTe it overhauled at the factory. : I-

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