The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 8, 1986 · Page 28
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 28

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1986
Page 28
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Fun The Salina Journal Wednesday, January 8,1986 Page 23 Brown paper bags face oblivion The Far Side Crossword By Eugene Sheffer By ERMA BOMBECK Los Angeles Times Forget the whales. Can your ban on nuclear power. And knock it off with the honking if you love anything. This is serious. The brown paper bag is under attack. That's right. The big brown sack that for 103 years has gone on living long after it has left the supermarket is facing extinction. It is being replaced by (ugh) plastic! This is more than a simple matter of change. It pits the city against the suburbs, youth against old age, tradition against questionable progress. It threatens the very fiber of our existence. My children would never have enjoyed the fruits of Halloween without the brown bag. For years, cutting holes for the eyes and mouth was my only shot at creativity. Not only is a plastic bag unsafe when worn over the head, the handles dangle, giving the wearer the mentality of a crook who wore pantyhose over his head to rob a bank. The brown bag covered schoolbooks, stored my throwaways and Tank McNamara was possibly the only matched luggage we ever had on family vacations. I used them to clean my iron by sprinkling-them with salt and turning the iron to high. My kids threw up in them. We packed them for picnics, put garbage in them and I don't want to think how people with transport urine specimens to their doctor without a big brown bag. More important, for years the brown bag has served as a barometer of how much of the food I cook turns into garbage. Say I bring in five brown bags of food a week. If I reach the end of the week and have no bags left that means I'm getting a little sloppy in the kitchen and I'm throwing away more garbage than the food I'm bringing in. One the other hand, if I have two brown bags left, it's a good week and I reward myself by going out to dinner. The plastic bag is only 7 years old, but already it has captured the imagination of shoppers everywhere. City dwellers love the convenience of the handles as they transport their food by 'bus ... not by car. They defend them by pointing out they are waterproof and can be used as beach bags and diaper bags. (Who saves diapers anymore?) I say the plastic bag bruises your avacados and pinches your melons when they don't want to be pinched. They don't stand up but spread like a woman who has just taken off her pantyhose. I never trust the handles. The growth of the plastic bag has been phenomenal. In 1982, only 5 percent of the bags being used were plastic. By 1988, it is predicted 60 to 70 percent of all grocery bags will be plastic. At the moment, there are only a few militants championing the cause of the brown bag. Some have bumper stickers, "Paper Bags Have Sacks Appeal," but that isn't enough. We stiU have a choice and must exercise it. Most grocers will give you brown bags if you ask for them. They're under the counter. Why am I not surprised? ACROSS 1 Anagram for soda 5 Hundredweight: abbr. 8 French town 12 Engrossed 43 Naval officers: abbr. 45 Roof- features 47 Arranges in folds 51 Buddhist sacred Call or mail your news tip to The Salina Journal; up to $45 in cash awarded weekly. "And the next thing I knew, the whole ship just sunk right out from under me. So what's the deal with you? ... You been here long or what?" The Family Circus 15 Asiatic birds 17 Lease 18 Seat in the chancel 19 Beliefs 21 Convent dweller 22 Actor Guinness 23 Deep hole 26 Pig's digs 28 Stable division 31 "God's Little —" 33 — Harbor, N.Y. 35 Portico 36 Prolonged attack 38 Deface 40 Indian 41 Alleviate 58 Thing, in law 59 Shine's partner DOWN 1 Table scraps 2 Challenge 3 Mimicked 4 Beer mug 5 Patrons 6 Sadness 7 Puccini heroine 8 Thoroughfares 11 Chooses 16 Math sign 20 "Kidnapped" author's inits. 23 Dance step 24 This time, in Paris 25 Raccoon 17 Sweet potato 29 Mauna — 30 Resinous substance 32 Equality, to Edouard 13 Card game mountain 14 Stumble 52 Tropical plant 54 " — the Clock" 55 Eternity 56 Great Lake port 9 Palm civets 34 Covent and 57 Letter 10 Opera's Madison phrase Jenny Square „. . 37 Chemical Avg. solution time: 24 mm. su fflx 39 Unusual 42 Animal fat 44 More secure 45 Asian desert 46 So he it! 48 Prefix for scope or meter 49 Sister of Ares 50 Dagger 53 Future fish iqurnsBuAP, EPASBA.BA , .|OiX.E;L D'EEJ ^Bffil" p^r Ana. to yesterday's puzzle TOPAY5& REVEALS EeU RUWMIKJG B Me GOT 1Vfe MUSCLE CAR AKJP OJU6KJ 1 1URNJQ? TM& COgKJGR ,-ffWas WA& THIS For Better or for Worse MRKES HE- HOU)6)OIET SEE RLLTBOSB PUT EH iH THERE RLL By 1-8 CRYPTOQUIP TRWFGP AIJVDS IA YJGP DVMLD: Y.ICD USMMCM LWF M HELPING-MRSH you, DON'T you, SRRMPMR I wouldn't want to be a fish. Their whole life is one long bath. ARVM UVLUTMVC. Yesterday's Cryptoquip: SELF-DEPRECATING ELECTRICIAN MADE LIGHT OF HIS ACCOMPLISH MENTS. Today's Cryptoquip clue: U equals C 19B6 King Features Syndicate. Inc. The Lockhorns AND60NETOMOKFW Hagar the Horrible LORETTA'S FULL OF 6OUNP ADVICE"' 99% SOUNP ANP 1% APVICE.' 1 HOW MUCH POI WEIGH, RX-2? SHE SAYS SHE LL ALWAYS REMEMBER MOW HER WHO KNOWS? ALL SHE REMEMBERS 15 THE WHITE GLOVES! MY 6RANPMOTHER SAYS HER FIRST PATE UJA5 AN MOW ABOUT HER PATE? WHO WAS THE BOY 7 MOTHER IN5ISTEP THAT EVENING AT THE OPERA... SHE WEAR WHITE GLOVES PO VOO REALLV WANT TO KNOW? Hi and Lois Wizard of id SOMEPAY, A PRINCE MAV COME ANP SWEEP YOU OFF V0LIR FEET NJOT IF ~i SWEEP HIM FIRST// YOU MEW, UKE. A VlNlTfleE 6RflPE ? . THAT'S THE OF THE Rex Morgan M.D. Beetle Bailey KAY, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN POIKI TO YOURSELF'? YOU LOO< FANTASTIC .' i\ HELLO, MRS- CAMWOW WE'D BETTER CHANGE THE -SUBJECT > HERE —=r SHE COMES '. NO--AWP J DOKl'T A<5Kf -SHE'S A VERY PRIVATE PERSOW/ ALL I KKIOW IS THAT SHE'S GOOP AT HER WORK AMD ALL THE CUSTOMERS LIKE HER/ CALL THE PSYCHIATRIST WE WERE ONLY TAKlNS A HIKE FOR FUN CALLTHE AAP'S I FOUMP THESE PEOPLE TRESPASSING OKI ©OVERNME-NT PROPERTV PI PUT KAY EVER TELL YOU WHO •SHE'S- PATIW6. Born Loser AND WHEN THE BOX \S FULL I MOVE TO ANOTHER CITY - 1 EACH WONTH I PUT ALL MY BILLS IN A BOX IT'S SO TOUGH TO MAKE ENDS MEET ) 5 THESE DAYS 5/ OWN SYSTEM SOU WOIH-PW'T LIKE "SOME

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