Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 29, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1908
Page 5
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THB lOU BAILt MOISTEB. TrESDAY ETEmO. HabMlsaPa^ ofEaoh —nbgcniU 8toiHC» ud Tmafer Co. Ho«sek*M phao moTfag; largest and.betl store room la the ei^. Fhone 85C tdre Man's Exlsienioe It is natural for tbe thrifty perspn to save for the fu; he enjoys to provide for himself and family. THE HABIT OF SAVING MONEY, if begun in youth, will never wear oil. On the other hand, it grows stronger. You can begin to save now-j-it is never too late. But the sooner you start, the betten \^ AT NO TIME were there as fered to persons who wish to save smal We pay 3 per cent on Time and mainy conveniences. of- accounts. State SBviiiffs iaiB, Kaiimmm Savings Accounts. Bank Sail In Two W«eks. A Girard man who was in town recently told a reporter that the motors for the Glrardl airship had arrived and mechanics uiouKI commence ntting them to the frame of the flying ma cliine soon. About ten days will he required to properly attach the nicrt ors and test thejr working ability. It ;is expi'Cted thai a test fi ght of the ship will be made within two week.-. Practically everyone in Girard has stock in the airshiii. and the greate:;! interest is.exhibited in the succt-ss of the ship as it n>-ars compl»-tioii. Open from 7 to S p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights Use Slo. 7 Flour titxid as any—better ili.ui mo. I. Don't Ki>i(;ei Our MEAT MARKET WV handle «>nly ihtj lust of I'n :,h Meats. Smoked ami S:ill .M.:tlji. We .Want Yuiir PRODUCE fanners, and uill p.i.v li:!-,he?t mankt-i price in ra-h >ir tiaile. ; C<inie in and see UE. I We are sole a^eniE for J. .\1. jHuni'.: COFFEES and TEAS If you will give this line a trial you will use no other. Fryer Bros. Phone 301» 308. lola« Kaiiisas. Evans Bros. Bookm, Mtattonmry. OUm Btmmir Bookm mitdaimmm <cfcbo/ X »ppf /M ryitmmr$tmr StiPittImm, 'Where qoaUty Is main eonsld- eraUon wo bay Ute best. Where demands will Justify, we carry all (rades and prlcea. i •oatk IMe Iqiaro, lela, laiii. Shc^rt Stories Ida Happenings Ji -Dr. J. K. Prppcr. Dei^UsL Pbeae 1«1 i Jo Lecture Here. Will Krw'ooil. leciuil-r n;i spiiitial- ism. w.-nt |i> InUi t!ii-- after".-n .-!i. Il-r ::i.<jh • ill tie roni": uar.'eii y«».-i ,:.iy ;if t.-nioon ami last ieveniiii;' and will return to flianute lau-r in the wi-ek.— t'haiiuie Tribune. —It. M. Cnnnlngbam, C per cent A Peculiar Accident. .\ very periiliar accident happened on the Misjiouii Pacific last Tuesday aftermtdu li'-ar .Veodesha, wh«-n the trucks of tlie engine tank on a south bounil frei.jj^.t jumped the track, ran aloii'^ the ties V.i'd yards and thi-n jumped bacik on. The train crew ilid not know flie accident had happened until after ; the broken ties and demoralized track had been found by the section foreman.—Chanine Sun. Lecture on Spiriluali^•m. the pro?.:res sive phiii>so(diy. by Will J. Krwiiod. on .S«'p'ember IjS. Zi'- and "0 at 7:4". p m. Your Choice Frum a hu'Ke IM <>f fiirniv In KaiiMix, MIH<«IIUII, tiDvtiii itnd Ki'iitiickj III Till; «Joi.iu;\ wvsv i vvn nis. <inn i:. (her \\>WA Slore. 4- D. THOM Pmtaimrmml Papor Hanger Estimates cheerfully siveii on v.ork FhoDi' CIO. Ki'N. 40!» S. HiH'lii-3e. COLOSIST lUTES Califomkt, Arhoiia. £tc. Haily until October SiL 1908. $30.00 from tola, has. liiberal [stopover privileges. Personally conducted excursions. Tickets acepted in tourist sleepers on jay- ment of Fullmau rate, and in chair car. No better way of becoming acquainted With the Great Southwest, Where small farms yield a competence, than by traveling over the Santa Ke. lA-'t me send you some literature «buut California. Arizona, etc. W. E. RALSTO.N, Agent: lola, Kansas. Give jyour Subscriptions for MAUAZINES AND I'KKIODICALS TO • J. E. Henderson who deals with the publishers and furnishes them at the lowest price l>ossrole. Fhoue 9». 4H N. Huckeye Conliaeton, Enflueers, Sarvejors. Piiily equipped for all kinds of iiurVeyins, estimating, patent draw- log.' blue prints, map^, sidewalk^, carbioK, and farm drainage. I OHee Orer Timou." . at G .\. R. each' leeturif. hall Mes.<ap.» wrtrk after .\ll are invited. The rhaiiut this mornin (he\ pl:iy Diamonds Played Yesterday. Itlack Diamonds left for liulepeiidenc.' wher.> • Hainbler's. that city's rnlore.i lea 1. The riianute !iu.;rei:a ili^ii l.-< I'liiill leiii (if \iriory, and If con lld<'ll<'e .'llll^iUlltM to aiixthiiii; they dyiuM bill ^ back an adiliiloniil iro p'iv lo ('ha| uie (i> add to the already l.trre list vi i\\ by lite willow iind liel le^ - Clianiwe Sun Miiiiilli t I.l|ttne\V r| —Soda Water, the Our Way kind, Ilflulliiir Sand. Fred .Mider and John HIair are ni- tiuK up a sand bari;e ii) haul sand from Horse Shoe Ileiid to ilie laiidiii i at the |K :.wer hrm.-e f .ir local contractors. —I)rs. Mllirop, (NIeapslhs, I'bone Ift^t. lie "ll..<.f«l II." .1. y KeMudds. a seve!il.\-year-old oiti-.eii ol lola. walke>I a distance of fourteen miles la>I l\itk lo see his wife x\ lio had taken ill as NeosU>> l-'lills. When he rei-< iv,"! the iiiessa.i'i Imth the :^.inia Ke aiiil Katy uaiii-; ba'! pone ;:nd ^o h.- t.«.k • Shanks niakin:t the trip in Ilnie and aiie. hall hours. —Our. Oysters. |ray. Watson at jParsons. John Q. Royce, staije bank examiner was in Parsons Satttrday nighl, coiur ing ht re from Oswegip, v.-here he went on ofiicial business. Iianied by .Assistant] f He was accom- Bank Commissi loner Watson, and thVy remained ov er liigbt. leaving for Emporia Sunday morning.—Parsons Sim. —.\Iways time to eiit at Our Way. Mr. Scott in Franklin Co. Courle.s.sman Chus|; F. Scott, and Henry F. Ganse. calndidate for the stifle senate, will spend the latter part of the week in Franklin county. Their schedule calls jj for a stop at Homewood Friday aftifrnoon. speech.-s in Williamsburg Friday eveniiij.', in Wellsville Saturday a!fternoon and in Pomona Saturday i-^vening—l)t'awa HeraM. —.into Garage and Kepalr Miiop for all kinds of repalrlnif. Antomultlle livery, rhone J«93. —-Oysiers any style .it ()ur-W*y. The lllai-k (at Aeaiu. .•\ busine.-is man tells thi." one: One ni:'hi itCfiirlj a tr .t \i-lii:?: sal.-sinan visiltd Ins place .if liiisiliess until elo.^lTi:.' lini'v .-V.-- they stepped out <.!' ihe diM,;- a black cat r;in pa;;l aiiil dmlai-d in between two biiildin.i^s. .\t- :.r the lju.-ines.- m.-in ttiriied his .ke.v in tile door and siaried to join his friend he noticed that hi- latter had i-'oiiedown the walk and cir.-led iTie point, wheie the c;i' di.-<;ippeareij. .\\\ of which iMes to show tlial superstition still ha.s :i sironj,' hold upon people not in the lower w;ijjrs of life. If you want the latest and nieest on the market, get them at .Mumlis dm-.; store. Mrs. ('has. Osborn-- is iiere from lola visiting her par«-nts. J. W. Park er and wife.—Garii'tl N-.'V.s. The.finest an.! fr .si ^est line of cm- die.s in town is at Mundis's. ow hn-t the n«ency for iocolales. Wins Over HumVoldt. biile hiftli school Second ii vici.iry over a picked Sundav playing I a score of 111 to 0. The ^day .'il thi-ou",h a constant r rain. C. H. R The Cha team x^nn le.'iiii from fofitball. l«y j-aiae was •lo|»-iipoiir d —Paiier HaniiinK. Fr.-d I?c,wdpn. Phnne H:'>t;| ' For Hunt Company. W. S }i\Uh left today for New Yotk. when- he npr-s.nts the Hunt Ki.'sjine.'rinj^ company In rein.^deling a phait in that section.—f'han- u!'i Sun. 1 — Six per cent money: no cnmmls- "fon: no delay.—<5mi»b * Travis. I ln_l.ess Than Six Weeks. ."Siv w< el^'R from yesterday will be a notabl.- time in this conntr>-. Six we. ks froia day before yest.Tday the election wl 'I be'h .-lil. and of course the day fojlowinir the country will be In ;i tiimutt tetiing next to how the iic|ets raij; --He a jlPooster—Home Industry— N'ocUho Riv'er Cat a» Our Way. More Cars H Use. s evidence of the railroads re- pai|inK thtlir cars at this time Is^the^ niort thtijt on September 10 t^ere Wen- tl .S .II re wer. the are sId wil .Xuinst ih« sOil slu repalriiiK all cars which have Ix-en' tr:ckei In anticipation that they' nc ded Since the middle bf. Italtlmor.> & Ohio has put it (die 'freiglit cars Into Comuils-' I.—Cha luiis Sun. \ setle. \\l more cars in use thanj on August 111. The roads. TOP COATS And CRAVANETTS >(> >hon a ronipleie line uf tti'w Fall (herniate nnd Craten- etto. lu all the uen <>(}.les »ud roiur>. The new -Aulo" Coal, the uen patch purket coat \\ ith Inlaid nillsr. the nen -rinb" coal and Ihe *•! Ia*sniale." A full line of uen st)le<<. Cruten. elles in all si)Irs. Sow Is Mheu yuu nant tlutt uen rua(. Slpn^,.[ p.iintin.K. Fred Rowden, l.hdne 142; . J[|.ss Ivojta Robinson of lola. is vis-l Itlng at trije home of Mr. J. P. Wilbur and Mrs. a. T. WHber.—Lawrence Ga-| Che BatctayiShi)slds. Clothini^ Ci •m BOOSB OF QUAUn." Mrs, Decker Returns. MIS. .M. L . Decker, Jr. of .Mchison. Went to lo!a today after visitiiii? her lirotheriii law. Walter IX'Cker. who lives near i..'anna. iv'ist of the city II.r sist.riii law. .Mr.^. W.tlter IWk er. of l.'-anna, accompa:"'d her to lida.—rhannte TribuiKi. •—Kreh O.Vflers—Our W.ny. , Barcrofts Return. .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Barcioft of Car til.lJie, Mo., who have l>e.1l the suesis of .Mr. and .Mrs. C. K. Williams and th-ir .laiitiiter, return>r-d to lola tl is aft-riioon. .Mrs. K. W". Thompson of this citv. accompanied Iheui I.) lot'? —Chanute Tribune. —luiilst on havlntf "I". .S." Hoar. Dr. Rennick's Father III. Miss Oia Rennick received a message late Saturday evening annoiinc- iin; the serious illness of her. fatlier. .M. F. iteiinick. who. with his wife, i:; visitiiis; at the home of i:er brofh.-r in Covington. Ind. His son. Dr. Charle.*.' Kennick came in last eveninp from Wellington, enroiite to Covinvton, to I'are ffir his faih.-r.—Cherry vale JJe- piiblican. — Dr. P. E. Wauirh. Itentlst. Phone .12. Ileniaud for Sloves. Til.- viXA wave of the past f.-w da* . ti.i.- cause.l liie h.-frdware men r.i l..vk ..v.:r their supply of ^t^.ves with a v..-w !•( pieparin:; I'or the fail trade. N.-w post cards. Mundis drug store. Fred Harris at Garnett. .\ttorney F. .M. Harris w.nt to Gai- nett Saturday on prof>-.ssional busi iie .-s. .Mr. Harris reiiris.-nts the Santa Fe in a s.iit which it succe .is :"ul'\ brt>ii?;hi asalnst ih.- i-idbciiou i>f ta\ .s iin.ler the Mann high school law. Ill .\ii.t< IMUI <-oiiiit>. oil Ihi- claim thai 111.' law was not 1. K.allv a>l .ipl>.| in the itiiinty - Ottawa Herald — 11 t)ur Way Soda Water. \ M<isi|Ullues After Jlin. Mail lial .llm l 'ie,|..rti:k>.iii i.i It.i .'I. li- ei.p.>i lall.x thai .nr .l W.MIII . i ba.. c.iiii.' oil it.'' 111.' \< .'.illlir : .•! Ill ill ..f llie mo. <|ililo<' ill .11 l|ei" 'illtl.-d .Illll .•!!• a -i a lai'Mt. .\s a i.--iilt his f...-.- ii<.\t !ipiikrl liK.' be Wj;, re.'oV'iM'iai' fl.'lll 111..•ff. .1-; . f ;iiiallpo>: Sine.- ihe elialic- ill t.-iiiperaliire ih.- m..-..|iiii.M-^ have be.u iiili.-riiatiii;;. The sen.sihie. serviei-aWe, satisfactory, perfect filtinir, popular priced kind: loutr. .short or no sleetes; knee or ankle len^h, in one or two piece inirnients. If j«u don't care to change liirht weight an- dernear to the whiltT weiclil. try the fall Mcisriit 3Iunsln!r I'nlon Suit.s. priced at S^I.IW; Just a little heavier than the summer weight bill li!;h<er thau the ntuler uudertvear. Satisfaction in every tliread. Lauiiderintr cannot remote Ihe til oi >luusiu--' t Hdirnear. Siihly oiu y .,ur iinder- Wear wani^ for the child­ ren. Ilifll e..llie to the Mii:i:::;iu- :ri.:e It. i ( hil.lren'-; iiiii.m suits at ^^>.•. T.'.c and $1 '»>. The ies:- expensive kliul aiM !5c. !•..!.> S!..' i .-. i..r I... : 1 ;M •ill Ii '.'.I, .! . ; h ^ \s. ..;! ! If \.iu • • le-;•;!."; -'...-kil;:; ii.r b..; . . !.-r ;..i. l..ii> I'... . . T. > ibi-.' I'l. \'<. and ; •-• .-. . r.o Spotless ON OIR DUPLEX ' Machine wblcb all Idnda olF, Perfe; SKt Jici*-:. Tlie r.-;.o THi: lOl TiJAT TELLS L 4> .:. mm Hosiery ONLY 3 CF..MS .4 YARD — Merchant 's I.unch at Our Way. Ilepul.licans Want a hesk. \V. H. .\nJerson who fs in ehar'.:e ..l III.- I:, piibilian headi|Uari .-r.-- is l".ik ia - !'..r a roiVr top desk ainl a tal .l.•11 w iiii-b to pla< - a M |,.-\\ ril-r If !i< la:!; ;•> I'et III'- lixiiir.- - in a lew d :t> li.- I :'i ;;i::'. to look aroiili.i anion-.: ili<- <iiid;da'es ami if be fiinls wbal he wants, will lake and < r«-.lil ibein Willi a>s.ssnieiil to l.'.e c.mpai^ii fund. Announrenient. l>r Siileliffe wi;lies to iiifi.rni Iti.^ Iai!i!.-r patrons and the piibiii- that lie Jia.-, ie.-,;iii;e<l the i;«-neral prai-Iice of I .)iiibinin<: it with siir:'ery Ofliei- l..-i:^ ill I.. II a. m. 1 to :: and to > i> III :' Justifies His Laziness. i -r .Iiioi Ciiiiniiii^liain of the lb raUI. at liuii>bo!,|i. jiistiti.-s his la.:iii«ss He did liol hoe Lis polatoes tins yi-.ii- and harveste.l a fine cnip. Tli<- w.-e.!s absorlx-il the extra moisture this wet .*ear. while hi.i neij'hI.Mirs' potaio.-s. whi.-h were kept cb-au. all rotte.l. Pointers. • —Frank 9. Renttle. V. S. Phone 139. .Mrs CO. Pet .T .;on. l^i| i-^asi Spruce str.-ei entertained at dinner lust night for .Mr. H. W. Chuiiey of Mount Hope ami .Mrs. S. 0. Oxerinan of this'city. They Hit "Old Morg.- Ottawa won-from liaker this afternoon by a score of 5 to 2. Morgan, teh ex-KansaS City Bla<i pitcher, was freely. batted by Ottawa-— OtU 'sra Herald. Twiilpd IAISI-;. I 'lai - -I .III lie- il'.tii •>! .1 .1 .1. '..I III II Wriii, .-.ii,! \\A\ I.. ^'il•|l ..a a ..mnir-. l.ii.- in \.-w !• rs«-. |.-- I 'i'.iiii an.I r .ii.l •••I .\li.\. I \.l in a ...iiiiU;. i-.i:-- t ii; [•••iii"\l Vaai.f • 'A:il;!-"1. t'.\.. ...i l .>f In- 1. .>!> W.1...1. I 'all .l.iliii I: it.ii l.n.aii. • •r drop it in Ii r'e' i-.. : i>:!ii-. \ \ ill a l:..-T.-ii r:--« - i -.i... : 'Want ed. a ihir.l. •.!..!. fr..:.; b> Iv... ,\oiiliir 11.. '1 ill ...1 c.a (tl Si;-.i i;; S. i:i I'.i : •. r. pan •••! in i i • " \>\ i iia I: il'l.ili. M-'.i: :i:ipT r: Want • il. a -Iron-. si ..i .t ' H .. in a :;ri).. rv :tor. . 1'. >'•: H : •.. av : I • l"r.>iii .1 .-.i-.! ;:!!:..h-. I !.> all .x;!;!. it in a .Ma.lisDii. Wis,, niniiiii; Th.:, co.-»t was worn <"iii lli'- ;.'.ill.i»:. i>> .lotin Ii.r ri:: ; i is iiio'.:.;,' I I 111 1 r..i.!i !i. .1 .^e|,i iyo8.) I Noiiie of Appiiinlnieut Administrator. S: it- .^1 Kaii -,1-. .\!!eii County, -88. ill. II .ill.- e.state of Phoebia I; li .riiitr .;•.!. Li-. of \lleii County, r..iiT ,1 Netii e of .Vpi-ointmcnt. I . IM ..!., ••i-.eii, that on the . ii;.h • i 1: .\ It. 1908, the !ii:. 1-. ;.'.-d ..a.^ !.. ;!:.- Probate Court i .if \:>ii «'.-ii:!iy. Kan,;as. duly ap- ;. .:i;;.-d .iu.i iti-'l as .Administrator • I 111. 1 I-t.- I'llxi.ia K. Hammond, ,ii \:-ii C..ii:ii>. .leceased. All !•.;::•..•.- t.d ui said estate Will •.lU.- ;uid ••....»iu themselves .1.-. . T N Ft N3TO.\. ;i r- •'• -\d:ninlstrator. To Cure DIARRHOEA Dyientery, Cholera Morbu* or Chaieni loiFftntum take WAKEFIELD'S Blackberry Balsam Wiiilu It is a c,!ii k ar.J to'''"c cure for D-.:ri'u L^:;. V-/-:< •.-.r^.ind C^:'.e -a |pf.t:i- iLiii. It V..- . I t... .US' l;i '..2 ycaii i'.. lius ;. 1 t. •-• 1 .t;. c; I. • uiar.d; of men. wjmen i i A- epl .-.--ly Wa'-c— fields. Fu.i it-ii iKjttic iai ev«.rii.cre. 4 \ Gem City Business College QIIINCY. ILL. Anaaal atlf-nitanct IMi. Lnai .-ntv .,t »tjei-.-«. Occll- J piea Its 41-An MW,MI KUScUIly OB- aOOw i>iK»-U. iiatl vvial].?^ bttUOInv. P «niHI «i «mr- i.-T3<liutc>s._Tbor- W INplUOiiai (.-uKli ia Saort* irllre,'?»mmSJl^i£j IOBMUICB . Wt:lefnr uar •' i" ; -t-i. ! |-u;i'.sli. .1 S. ;.t. 22. 1908.) . Notice .if Apjiointmeut Administrator. i S'.tt.- .f K-Titi.-.i- .\ii-i' CcurJty. ss. Mil 111.- ti,ir;er'o;' Ih.- e.-.late of William IK llaiMiii.'ie'. iai.- <.i .Ml-n County. iK.iiias ' \ii}i:c III Appointment. V j S,>:w 1 li- r.-b> •ueii. that on the jiih .la.v ..f .-;.-;.!.^i :i;..-r. .\. U. 1908. the iia.i. : r im:. d war !«.• the ITobate Court ..f .M'eii Coiiiiiv. Kaiisu.-i. duly ap- i point, d a'l.l (in Hi--I a-; .\dministrator 'with tin- -.viil aiii:.-\.-il. of tbe estate Of iWilIiaiii I" ll .ip .a late of .A.llen jc.-iiiiiy. .l.-.-.-.i .• I parlies, inter- i.•.!,-.! ill ai .l .-I,.!.- will take notice .iiid i-i.\irii Ih.-li. .-He accordingly. r .N- FINSTON. y .xdintHlstrator. ^ . A Spiritual Talk. j Win .1; Kiwooil i^. delivering a se- rle.-^ ot l .S'iiirt -s on ^piriiualism at the |<; .\. 1! luol this week, the first talk ; being i !iven last night. Au Knifiueer Here, I V. Uitner. engineer for the Lumber' man's Portland Cement company 'which is to build a plant at Carlyle, jwas ill the city ye£terday. Hia wUa land daughter were with him.

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